Sarah Rios2013-01-30 18:06:51
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  • Sarah Rios2013-07-17 13:46:02

    So this happened earlier ^_^

    Baby Isaac says hello!

    (hope this doesn't auto enhance and make him look weird, but if it does oh well)
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  • Sarah Rios2013-02-20 23:41:55

    Well hello there! I'm doing a little circle cleaning. First go the inactives... I'm generally tossing anyone that hasn't posted since before New Years. Exceptions are being made for people I'm fond of, though it is possible I might accidentally uncircle you if you are active. I'm using the Uncircle Inactives+ thing (or whatever they renamed it). It's prone to be a little buggy. Let me know if I drop you by accident. It's not personal, it's just that I don't want to individually check all 2600 of you. Ain't nobody got time for that.

    However, part of cleaning out my circles also means hooping some of you that I thought I already had circled but obviously didn't. It happens. I'm a space cadet. If you interact with me on a regular basis and I don't have you circled just poke me.

    Might change my circle names again, or come up with a better system for you Hatchlings (new people I don't know where to put yet). I kept the Hatchlings circles small so that they'd be easier to sort through, but now there's like 8 of them and that's just ridiculous. So yeah. Dunno what I'm doing there. Something.

    Oh, and I'm cleaning out my recommended circles. Those things need to be updated like what. I've already found a few that I'm like dafuq they haven't posted in a year why am I still pointing you minions in their direction? Which reminds me, I need to update that section on my about page. 

    So there you go! Spring cleaning, circle style.
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  • Sarah Rios2013-09-08 02:12:09

    I need assistance fleshing out the villain for this story that I haven't even started writing yet (it's in the brainstorm phase). Ask me random questions about him / her / it so I can be inspired and whatnot.

    This is an effort to both have a stronger story premise and a villain that is more than simple shadowy figure. I don't do good with villains. It's time I fixed that.

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  • Sarah Rios2014-05-26 00:19:43

    Just going to drop this right here.

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  • Sarah Rios2013-02-28 20:09:04

    Okay, so I'd like to add some minty freshness to my "currently watching" list. These need to be active shows, and I need some way to go back and watch previous seasons/episodes to catch up.

    (For instance, I really want to watch Big Bang Theory, but I want to start from season 1 and it isn't on Netflix or anything so I'm just kind of stuck not watching it.)

    There are other things I haven't caught up with yet, but they've already concluded their TV runs so I'm not including them here. A few shows that I was in the middle of watching got ganked from Netflix, so I'm stuck not being able to catch up or watch new episodes (Dexter and True Blood are good examples here). There are also some shows I probably forgot. I'll edit them in as I think of them or as you remind me.

    Things I try to see immediately:
    Doctor Who
    Game of Thrones

    Shows in my Hulu queue:
    Teen Wolf
    New Girl
    Once Upon A Time
    The New Normal
    Go On
    The Neighbors

    Stuff I'm kinda sorta monitoring on Netflix and haven't gotten all the way through yet:
    Being Human (both UK and US)
    Burn Notice
    Warehouse 13
    Breaking Bad
    The Walking Dead

    So...... any suggestions? ;)
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  • Sarah Rios2012-06-19 22:56:11
    Random Post Is Random

    So I see a lot of people complaining about spammers on their posts. I get one every once in a while... like one every few weeks.  One comment.  Maybe.  And then they disappear.

    Why don't I get any fun spammer action?  Is it because I'm not a feminazi or a feminazgul or some other threatening public female figure with strong opinions about controversial things? Should I make more posts about how awesome I am, or how I support fabulousness (read: gay pride), or how I think it's freaking amazing that talks of writing well developed female characters in all mediums is finally in the spotlight?  Should I start talking about how women should get to have a say in how our basic rights are legislated?  Would that help?

    I have 12k+ followers you guys!  I feel so left out.

    Someone spam me.
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  • Sarah Rios2013-02-06 18:33:12

    Gonna give you guys an #OMGPregnant  update whether you want one or not, because I talk a lot on the Plus and I'm feeling especially talkative right now. 8)

    So I'm in the middle of week 16, which is a little bit into the second trimester (seriously, dafuq, where did time go?), and I had my appointment yesterday to confirm all is well etc, etc. Second trimester is usually golden time in any pregnancy. Most people are over the whole morning sickness thing and aren't ballooned into uncomfortableness yet (I declare that a word) so it's basically party time. Minus the actual party. But there should be one. Because parties.


    Little mini person in there (who I've dubbed "she" because I don't even know why) is being super quiet in there. Little Man pretty much made sure I knew he was there at all times during that pregnancy, so this new little mini quietness is freakin' me out. I seriously don't feel pregnant. I'm not uncomfortable sleeping anymore, my appetite is fine (possibly smaller than normal), my energy is up, and I've even lost weight. 13 pounds so far since I got preggers. Feel free to hate me. (Though to be fair I was 50 pounds overweight when I started, so...)

    Basically I am loving life right now. Just thought I should express that to everyone :)

    BTW, if anyone has any good ideas for girl names, let me know. I'm stumped. Don't want anything in the top ten so don't even go there, but I kind of like that "old is new again" thing, so old names are okay by me. I'd even be okay with ancient names. For some reason I'm really not concerned about boys names right now, but I may ask you guys about those later if we figure out it's a boy.
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  • Sarah Rios2012-12-28 19:13:21

    Just got done watching The Snowmen (the Doctor Who Christmas special, in case you've been living under a rock). I would now like to compose a letter to the BBC.

    Dear BBC / Everyone Who Writes and Produces Doctor Who,

    OH MY GOD.

    You end it like that? And then you make us wait until April for new episodes?

    There are no words because exasperate.


    Sarah :)
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  • Sarah Rios2012-07-13 20:12:27
    Circle Maintenance

    My circles, let me add you to them!

    The three (technically 4) circles listed below are opt-in notification circles. If you don't want to be in any of those, but you still want me to circle you, just introduce yourself! Tell me, if you absolutely had to chose, which do you prefer.... chocolate or bacon?

    The circles:

    Goobers - hangout peeps. Tell me if you want the noisy or silent (writing) hangouts. I don't do a lot of talking hangouts, but I try for writing hangouts at least once a week.

    Hypno Toad - TV and Movie discussions. The posts are public, but I notify this circle so they don't miss the discussion. These a few and far between.

    Vala Mal Doran - playfully NSFW, sometimes serious, occasional TMI (the beginning of the post will be labeled appropriately). These posts will not be public! I only post to this circle two to three times a week, so again, there shouldn't be a lot of spam.

    If you're afraid of being spammed, have no fear. I don't like to use notifications often. I know it gets annoying :)
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  • Sarah Rios2013-05-22 18:02:16
    Doctor Who: The Name of the Doctor


    Well okay, except for my initial reaction gifs that I shared here:

    But otherwise, SPOILERS. And a GRATUITOUS CAPS warning ;)




    Not kidding about the spoilers guys. Quit scrolling. 



    Dear Steven Moffat,

    TO BE CONTINUED ON NOVEMBER 23RD? DAFUQ IS THAT? ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL US OVER HERE WITH THE EXCESSIVE DELAYS BETWEEN NEW THINGS? OH MY GOD. Can't even give us a season finale cliffhanger we can live with. Nooooooo. You have to twist the knife just that much, don't you? Jerk.



    The first meeting between River Song and Clara? Awkwaaaard. It took me a while to realize River was in her post-Library timeline, which it shouldn't have, because right there in the meeting she said it's been a while and "he doesn't like endings."

    Really good suspense buildup during this episode. I took this one a lot more seriously than most of the others in this season. The emotion was so raw.


    I just.... feels.gif

    Of course we didn't get to hear the Doctor's name. Well-played, Moffat. Well-played. And I loved the little light show that was the Doctor's remnants. 

    A few nitpicks, which are very Moffat consistent. Firstly, if River is in her post-Library echo status (she doesn't have a body anymore!), how did she even get in on the "conference call" to begin with? Shenanigans. Also, he is very all about messing with the Doctor's timeline. The Great Intelligence goes back to ruin everything, and Clara follows him to fix it all. This doesn't necessarily mean Clara is the one that literally saves him all throughout time and space, she just makes sure to undo whatever it was The Great Intelligence did. I just wonder what little things changed in his timeline and how Moffat is going to twist that for his own uses in the 50th and season 8. And then how does the Doctor manage to enter his own timeline and not, like, destroy all of existence in the paradox? Or rip a hole in the universe? Or something. I feel like that should have had some serious consequences on the outside world. I suppose there could be consequences presented in future episodes, since technically the episode ended with that John Hurt person inside the timeline, but it wouldn't surprise me if Moffat didn't address that at all. Ever.

    Also, erm... what are they going to do with Clara now that we've solved her mystery? All of his companions have so far had their own storylines that were generally resolved when they were due to depart the Doctor, but Clara obviously isn't going to just up and leave right now. So what are they going to do with her next season, story wise? And for shit's sake, are they actually going to be consistent while writing her into these episodes? I feel like she goes from spunky to blank slate to spunky like way too much.

    Any guesses as to what they're doing with these new nicknames for the Doctor? Storm. The Beast. Valyard. (sp?) The Internets tells me the Valyard is a reference to something in earlier Who incarnations, but I'm unfamiliar with anything pre-New Who. You guys will have to fill me in on that.

    We watched this one late at night, which was probably not a good idea as then I was so brain wired I couldn't go to sleep for a bit. What did you minions think? What are your theories?
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  • Sarah Rios2012-09-23 19:14:51
    Circle Maintenance

    Greetings! If you were notified, it's because you expressed interest somewhere in this year's NaNoWriMo shenanigans (aka shenanowrimogans). It could have been on one of my posts, one of your posts, or even in the comments of someone else's post. Either way, I saw your stated or implied interest and snatched you up for the circle. 8)

    If you are not participating, or are not being a cheerleader for those who are, please let me know so I can take you out of the circle. I won't share the circle with anyone except those already in it, so you won't get random spam adds.

    For everyone else: hello there! I need more minions in my circles, so if I haven't hooped you yet come on over and say hi. Who is your favorite Ninja Turtle? How do you like your eggs cooked? Star Wars or Star Trek? Sprinkled donuts or glazed donuts? These are important questions I tell you!

    And, if you just can't get enough, here are my opt-in circles:

    Goobers - hangout notifications! There are two circles for these, talky or writey (silent). Let me know what you want a notification for.
    Hypno Toad - TV and Movie discussions. Mostly TV. Posts are public but you will be notified.
    Vala Mal Doran - playfully NSFW, sometimes serious, occasional TMI (the beginning if the post will bee labeled appropriately). These posts will not be public! I reserve the right not to add you to this one if I don't know you well enough or you don't come recommended by someone else already in the circle.
    Shenanowrimogans - if you're participating or want to cheer on those that are, let me know. The circle will be shared to the people in it (not publicly shared).

    If none of this post applies to you, then oh well. I give you internet hugs, a pat on the head, and a cookie for your trouble. The cookie is a lie. Sorry. Here, have a button instead!
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  • Sarah Rios2012-09-11 17:20:49

    Try number two at posting this... doing it on mobile now because the internet died and doesn't seem like it will be up any time soon. shakesfist

    Been a while since I made one of these Circle Maintenance things, so let's do that :)

    I love meeting new peeps and want to circle the hell out of you (especially if you've been stalking me for a while and I haven't circled you back for some reason but don't realize it yet... because that happens more often than I'd like to admit >.>). If you're new, within the last month our so, introduce yourself! Also, tell me, what's your favorite kind of breakfast food?

    I've also got some opt-in circles... all but one of these gets posted publicly, it's just that I send out notifications so you won't miss the posts. Let me know if you want to jump in any of these hoops:

    Goobers - hangout notifications! There are two circles for these, talky or writey (silent). Let me know what you want a notification for.
    Hypno Toad - TV and Movie discussions. Mostly TV.
    Vala Mal Doran - playfully NSFW, sometimes serious, occasional TMI (the beginning if the post will bee labeled appropriately). These posts will not be public! I reserve the right not to add you to this one if I don't know you well enough or you don't come recommended by someone else already in the circle.

    And, last but not least...

    NaNoWriMo - yep, it's that time again! +Lily Alice reminded me this morning. Let me know if you're participating this year. I want to get this snowballing like we did last year (without the spammers and inactive people). Probably won't be any notifications, but it'll be up to you guys.

    Also, please add me to your NaNoWriMo circles! I want to NaNo all the things! I'm okay with notifications. I like being the cheerleader for you little minions, so don't be afraid to tag me or notify me of your writerly shenanigans.

    Much <3
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  • Sarah Rios2013-04-25 18:41:33

    There are many ways you can be rude to your fellow Pluskins.

    This is one of them.
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  • Sarah Rios2013-01-22 18:58:00

    This is me right now. I can't brain, and the internets at large is failing to entertain me. Clearly it's time to leave the desk in search of lunchings.

    BBS <3

    (Feel free to drop me random links in the comments. Bonus if links are related to absolutely nothing, and triple points if the links start a throwdown in the comments. Yeah, I'm that bored.)
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  • Sarah Rios2012-06-29 19:20:04
    Circle Maintenance

    It's that time again, little minions!  I haven't done this in a while, so here is is: the list of opt-in notification circles. If you'd like to be in any of these please let me know!

    If you're afraid of being spammed, have no fear. I don't like to use notifications often. Besides, I don't always post about these things. The exception would be this week's daily writing hangouts, but that's so far out of the norm it's not even funny.

    Goobers - hangout peeps. Tell me if you want the talky or writey (silent) hangouts. I don't do a lot of talking hangouts, but I try for writing hangouts at least once a week.

    Hypno Toad - TV and Movie discussions. The posts are public, but I notify this circle so they don't miss the discussion. These a few and far between.

    Vala Mal Doran - playfully NSFW, sometimes serious, occasional TMI (the beginning of the post will be labeled appropriately). These posts will not be public! I only post to this circle two to three times a week, so again, there shouldn't be a lot of spam.

    Also, if you're new here, introduce yourself!  I love meeting new people.  And I'm almost embarrassed to type this, but if you interact with me a lot and I still don't have you circled, please speak up. It's not on purpose. In all honestly I probably think I have you circled already =/

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  • Sarah Rios2013-11-11 19:32:40
    Sarah Is Weird

    Guys. I just found a site where you can order toe socks by the case.


    (Problem is you can only buy them by the case... so per pair of socks it's cheap, like $1-2 per pair, but it's like $130+ per case.)

    I just...
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  • Sarah Rios2013-01-30 17:33:34

    Is this a thing? Because I want to make it a thing.

    ...Wait, what was I talking about?
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  • Sarah Rios2013-08-03 02:36:59

    How do you go about apologizing for being those neighbors?

    Now, I'm not suggesting our neighbors are angels to our devil. (See situation later in this post as example.) However, it's painfully obvious our existence offends them, or at least the husband half of them.

    I suspect it's because:

    1) They're the neighbors with an immaculate lawn. We have completely let our backyard go and don't trim the bushes on the side of the house. We didn't have funds for the last three years to keep up with weed killer, fertilizer, etc (and due to the size of the yard and type of weeds, did not have time to keep up with manual weeding, so every year we have 6ft tall weeds to hack away). We also didn't bother to pick up dog poop, so I imagine it smelled with a good breeze. Yeah, we're those neighbors.

    2) Our new dog is overly territorial and barks at everything. Like, doesn't stop barking at his target. For upwards of 30 min. He doesn't have an off switch if he can't get to the thing and smell it (his new trick is to do this with everyone that comes in the house, too, which may end up getting him the boot if we can't train him to stop).

    3) Our roommate is a self-proclaimed "creepy guy in the basement." He looks shady -- like, I'd avoid him if I didn't already know him -- and he had a weird schedule for a while there, which probably made our neighbors think we have a drug dealer living with our family. He shaves his hair short, smokes (outside, always, because yuck), chews, wears black shirts and boots, and carries concealed regularly.

    Why does this all matter?

    For the last two years we've received dirty looks from neighbor guy, though he never confronted us about anything so obviously we can't know what we're doing or how to fix it (or explain it).

    Tonight I let the dog out and left him there for a while. I guess the neighbors must have been outside and Tank must gave been barking at them most of the time. To be honest I tuned out the dog. All the fans are going, the TV was on, I was trying to inhale my salad because the baby was crying, etc. Dog is not even on my radar.

    So the husband comes over and knocks (bangs) on the door. I answer holding the fussy infant.

    First thing out of his mouth: "Can you not hear that dog?!" (I guess a "hello" or "hey" was out of the question.)

    Me, genuinely concerned: "No, actually. I'm sorry. I'll go get him."

    Him: "Jesus." Shakes head in disgust, storms off.

    ... Well fuck you too? =/

    Is there any way to fix this? Do we just go over and ask him what his problem is with us? I really don't know why he appears to hate us that much, since we don't talk to him often and are polite (friendly, even) when we do. His level of hatred is baffling. Since we're going to be here for at least another ten years, I'd like to get our relationship at least to "tolerable."

    I can't do the meatspace socializing thing very well. Anyone have ideas?
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  • Sarah Rios2013-02-18 17:46:54

    Sharing this publicly because, well, what is the problem?

    FYI, if anyone comes at this with "well it might cause someone to attack the woman because lust, lust, lust" I'm going to give you the look and probably ask you to leave the conversation. Honestly. And if I need to explain why, you haven't been hanging around with the right people. "Blame the victim" is downright silly.

    (It's Monday and I'm feeling spunky. Go on. Try something.)

    Reshared text:
    A woman reading a book in Central Park, NYC. Please explain to me how it "corrupts" your children???
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  • Sarah Rios2013-10-30 04:30:54


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  • Sarah Rios2013-02-19 19:29:54

    So i'm curious. How many of you go out of your way to try new foods, or periodically keep trying foods that you previously didn't like to see if your tastes change?

    Do any of you say "I don't like that" when you're faced with a new food you've never tried before just so you don't have to eat it? When you don't like something, do you stop to think about what it is you don't like (perhaps a texture thing rather than taste), or do you just run away screaming?

    The Rios would like to know!
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  • Sarah Rios2012-07-02 23:05:08
    No Makeup Monday

    Hair down, as requested by +Rebecca Blain :)

    (wow, office lighting is horrible)

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  • Sarah Rios2014-02-04 20:17:38

    In case you all hadn't heard, there's a debate going on later today between Bill Nye and Ken Ham. Evolution vs Creationism.

    They like to bill it as religion vs atheism, but it's really young earth creationism vs evolution (even divinely influenced evolution. That's apparently not acceptable here). Never mind all those millions of people that believe evolution is a real thing and (gasp!) still maintain a solid faith that there is a God. Nope. This debate is ignoring that large middle contingent and going with the two extreme world views, because obviously there's no middle ground in faith. Obviously.

    (Sorry. I'll dial back the sarcasm.)

    Imma lay this out to you bluntly. I'm not looking forward to this debate. It's insulting to everyone, faithful and non faithful. No one is going to win it. Science is not going to suddenly become unprovable voodoo, and faith is not going to be (and shouldn't be) killed simply by acknowledging experimental evidence. And I say that as an atheist.

    My prediction: no one's mind is changed. Both sides dig their feet in further. Bickering ensues.

    So. Yeah. Just thought I'd get that off my chest now, because I'm going to do my very best to ignore hateful and ignorant statements (and memes... ugh the memes) from both sides of this debate in the next couple of days. I would also appreciate no poo flinging in the comments here, but it's a volatile subject, so I'll keep an eye out.

    Blah. Happy Tuesday.
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  • Sarah Rios2013-07-08 16:58:07

    Starting off my week with a poke in the hornet's nest. I've seen this a few times and reblogged it myself on Tumblr, but I wanted to post it here too so you all can see it (and so it's easier for me to find again).

    Pro-fetus is not pro-life. There is more to life than being born, and bodily autonomy is an important part of that.
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  • Sarah Rios2013-03-20 16:53:05
    Resulting Convo May Be NSFW
    (Vala Mal Doran notified, but post is public)

    I thought about only sharing this with my Vala Mal Doran circle, but then I thought, you know, this is one of those things that needs to be talked about in a non-private setting specifically because it's one of those uncomfortable topics everyone avoids. I'd highly encourage you to visit the comments on the original post and participate in the discussion there.

    For those of you that haven't had me circled long enough to know, I do not like to shy away from topics just because they're controversial or may make people uncomfortable to acknowledge. Communication is the great equalizer.

    It should also be known that, while I try to be cheerful and welcoming, I do on occasion bust out my I'm-not-putting-up-with-this-shit hat, so please try to keep conversation civil if you decide to comment here. I don't like that hat. It's cumbersome and I'd rather not wear it.

    Floaty hearts from the sparkly pink elephant in the room <3 <3 <3

    Reshared text:
    Speaking the Unspeakable

    I was at a bat mitzvah. There were something like seventy-five young girls and boys. The boys were unremarkable, small, squeaky, awkward. The girls, much less so. Teetering on three- and four-inch heels, wearing revealing dresses, made up (some garishly, some tastefully), and porting breasts and hips to which they hadn’t yet grown accustomed, these girls were, um, eye-catching.

    Now – I’m not a pervert. (Well, ok, maybe I am. But I’m not that kind of pervert.) But I was struck.

    At one point, a 14-year-old, wearing a white dress that I could swear I’d seen on a stripper once or fifteen times, leaned against a glass wall (behind which I happened to be standing, talking on my phone). She had an itch on her ass, which she scratched. In an un-self-conscious, but unskilled way, as befitting her age.

    Her dress rode up her ass, up to her hip, as she scratched herself, revealing her bright red thong (which, honestly, I had noticed when her dress was in its rightful position), and one-and-a-half full, round buttocks. I felt a bit like a voyeur at a wreck: I couldn’t look away, and yet, I knew I should. My eyes weren’t supposed to be drawn to this… this… kid. I wasn’t supposed to have the thoughts I had. At least, not the immediate, reflexive thoughts.

    Because the truth is, I saw those thoughts instantly, and traveled into meta-land: why are these girls dressed this way? How are we supposed to interact with this? What is the impact of our collective simultaneous silence in the moment and tsk-tsk-ing at a distance? A few parents did discuss it, but not in a way that I would describe as intellectually, or emotionally, honest. Instead, the party line is something like, “Can you believe the kids today? But, whatchagonnado? They’re all doing it, so you can’t stop one of them? But it’s awful. Yes, really awful.”

    This is a confusing, and I fear, ultimately dishonest way of (not) engaging with a reality that’s disturbing, and confusing. And, to be clear, what I think is disturbing, what I find disturbing, is not the hyper-sexualization of kids today, the ways in which girls dress, want to dress, are expected to dress in sexually provocative ways at earlier and earlier ages. I mean, it’s not so much that I like that, that I think it’s good. But it is what it is.

    What I find disturbing is our comprehensive, deeply unhealthy unwillingness to engage honestly with the ramifications of what is, indisputably, happening.

    I dare say that there isn’t a straight man at a bat mitzvah who doesn’t have, um, impure thoughts relating to one or more of the girls present.

    Not that he (we, I) would, for a minute, entertain actually doing anything sexual with a young girl.

    But I don’t believe it’s possible to be a straight man, surrounded by scantily clad, provocatively attired, nubile young (yes, very young) women and not think about sex. There. I’ve said it. I’m sorry. I confess: when surrounded by dozens of early and mid-teen girls, wearing short dresses and high heels, my thoughts turn to sex.

    So then, there we are. Standing next to our wives, our friends, our relatives, harboring not just impure thoughts, but truly, genuinely, shameful thoughts. And what we do in that moment is just about the worst thing a person can do in such a situation (trust me – I speak as an addict): we suppress the thought. We deny it, repress it, and internally flagellate ourselves for having had it.

    This is a disaster. A true train wreck. There is nothing worse a person can do with shameful thoughts than tell himself they’re shameful and (try to) shut them down. This is tantamount to ingesting poison.

    So I’m doing the opposite, here. I’m shining light on it. To be clear, I’m not saying I wanted to fuck those little girls. I’m saying that I found myself feeling confusing feelings, thinking confusing thoughts, in their presence. And my experience has taught me that when I think confusing thoughts, when I feel confusing feelings, the best thing for me to do is to talk about them, to write about them.

    I’m not sure where I think this ought to go, what I think ought to happen, what should have been said. As between me and T, for example, I think that what I’m doing with this entry actually is healthy, good, appropriate: I’m acknowledging my feelings and thoughts in her sight, and I’m having (behind the scenes – she read a draft of this and commented thoughtfully, helpfully) a discussion with her about it.

    But as between me and my other friends? I’m less sure. I have one friend, my best friend from childhood. For various reasons, we don’t talk all that much any more, and when we do, we’re far less candid than we once were. AND, his daughters are prime examples of this phenomenon. Twenty years ago (ok, maybe even ten) we would have been able to have a candid, and funny, conversation, beginning with an acknowledgement of the inappropriateness of what we were about to do, followed by a safe objectification of the girls present, and probably ending with a genuinely intellectual and emotional exploration of what had just happened (and what hadn’t). But now, because of the state of our relationship, because of the stage of development of his daughters, this series of conversations is out of reach.

    I hunger for it, though.

    T reacted to a draft of this entry by asking what it would mean to “engage honestly with the ramifications of what is, indisputably, happening.” She asks me what I’m talking about here, what would have been “helpful”. She added, “the conversation about the meaning and function of child (girl) hypersexualization is the one I would have been most interested in having in that context. Not a condemnatory, fire-breathing ‘men are brutes’ conversation but a conversation about how the fact that it is a cultural norm to dress and present in this way interacts with girls’ self-conceptions as both sexual and non-sexual beings.”

    I have two (very different) answers, both somewhat utopian:

    The first, perhaps less utopian answer, is that what would, I think, be “helpful” is precisely what I’m doing here. If all the men who felt confusing, shameful things found a venue that worked for them to talk about those thoughts and feelings, a venue in which they would not be shamed, but rather, heard, understood. Certainly, writing this has been helpful for me. It would be great if all men could know, could feel in their bones, what I’m striving to know and feel here: that it’s not shameful to have these feelings or think these thoughts. What would be shameful would be acting on them. And that the mere having of these feelings and thoughts is, if anything, probably pretty normal.

    The second, perhaps more utopian answer, is that I would love to imagine a world in which adult friends and acquaintances could have such discussions in the moment, to avoid the public transmission of the message that such conversations are or should be taboo. But many of us have discovered something remarkable as a result of the internet, blogs, Twitter, and therapy: it’s often true that the people with whom are lives are most (seemingly) intimately bound in “real life” are not those with whom we necessarily feel most comfortable discussing the more complex corners of our interiors. At least partially because, to the extent that we have secrets, it is often precisely from these people that we keep these secrets. So while I might like to imagine a world in which such conversations could be had between real-life friends and acquaintances, this may just be a bit too much to hope for.



    I haven’t written about, or even considered, what it is to be an adult woman in this setting. Surely, it has its own complexities and challenges. I’d be really curious to hear a woman’s take on all this. Not so much a reaction to what I’ve written as a report of her own feelings and thoughts in the moment and afterward.
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  • Sarah Rios2012-10-16 15:31:28

    Behold the socks of brightness! Shield your eyes lest you go blind! Or something. #sockwars  

    What's everyone up to today? I'm in meeting central the next two days so I don't know what my posting schedule is going to be like. Good news is I may be able to get ahead on my outlining. Plot all the things!

    For all you knew people that have circled me recently, tell me which is better: sausage links or sausage patties? (vegetarians can still answer this question because I know there are meat substitutes out there for these items)

    Then, tell me, do you want to be notified of any of these things? I'm a sucker for good circle maintenance. Organize all the minions!

    Goobers - hangout notifications! There are two circles for these, talky or writey (silent). Let me know what you want a notification for.
    Hypno Toad - TV and Movie discussions. Mostly TV. Posts are public but you will be notified.
    Vala Mal Doran - playfully NSFW, sometimes serious, occasional TMI (the beginning if the post will bee labeled appropriately). These posts will not be public! I reserve the right not to add you to this one if I don't know you well enough or you don't come recommended by someone else already in the circle.

    <3 you all!
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  • Sarah Rios2012-09-16 15:17:37

    Camel Spiders: Because you didn't need to sleep anyway. And yes, those are giant fangs with red tips sticking out in front. 

    Wiki has corrected me. A lot of solifugae are collectively called camel spiders but this is not a true spider. Also, they can "only" run up to 10mph, not 30.

    But they'll still catch you.

    A camel spider can run at 30 mph and they have a very high pitched scream. They are 7 cm in length.

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  • Sarah Rios2012-09-12 17:47:58

    It's officially pre-NaNo freakout season! I have about 26 of you in my growing NaNo Shenanigans circle, but I know there are more out there (last year I had like 1500 of you circled just for NaNo).

    Speak up if you're participating this year, or if you just want to be a cheerleader for other participants.

    Maybe we could have NaNo planning hangouts from now until November? Do some world building, write some character sketches, research how to construct a structurally sound, defensible hideout for when aliens invade... >.>
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  • Sarah Rios2013-03-13 19:03:09

    This quote is full of winning. It's also the reason I don't mind paying taxes. Yes, all right, there are some [big] things I don't like that my taxes are used for, but there are also things I'm more than willing to throw money at if it means less idiocy.

    via +Danial Hallock 

    Reshared text:
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  • Sarah Rios2013-03-06 18:17:31

    Here's an #OMGPregnant  update for you: Little Man discovered yesterday that he's getting a little brother in the summer. ^_^

    (He was fascinated with the "baby sheen" -- baby machine / ultrasound.)

    So of course we went to the store and this little onesie happened. And now we need to come up with baby boy names! (I so thought it was gonna be a girl. I wasn't even looking at boy names.) Gonna be a lot tougher as there isn't as much variety in boy's names, and we're really trying not to name our kids after people we already know, which rules out almost all the most common names.

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  • Sarah Rios2013-01-09 20:37:23

    This is my one and only post on the issue. The first video is pretty much what happens and how I feel every time I listen to, read on the internets, or participate in a discussion about gun control.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    I realize this is a super hot button issue, but please be courteous to each other in the comments. If I think it looks like someone is going to burst a vein I'll ask them to take a break from the post.
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  • Sarah Rios2012-12-12 20:30:36

    I have an 85 Druid and a level 80 Rogue, and I just bought MoP recently.... and instead of going through Northrend, I'm obsessing over battle pets.... but you know. Relevant picture is relevant ;)

    via +Katey Springle Lempka 

    Reshared text:

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  • Sarah Rios2012-10-04 20:30:46

    I'm finally listening to the presidential debate from last night.

    In a nutshell, this is my reaction so far.
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  • Sarah Rios2012-12-03 18:44:39

    I caved in and added a wishlist for the +Secret Santa thing. I loved all the #GPlusSanta  shenanigans I saw last year and I'm hoping a lot of people join in on the fun this year :)

    Mine is a super short list (cheap, too... all under $30, most around $10-15). I need to add some things for the hubby, but I do have something on there for the kiddo that I think he'd really like.

    Go take a peek!

    Also, because I'm lazy and there are 1k wishlists (omg srsly?), if you made a list, link it to me. If nothing else I want to see all the awesome, but I may buy a thing or two come pay day. ^_^

    Reshared text:
    We're so close to 1,000 wishlists! Add yours!
    Or give a gift by browsing all wishlists here:

    We've almost exceeded the number of wishlists we had last year and have had the privilege to trend with #SantaGift  when you've received and with #GPlusSanta  in general! We're so excited to have launched our website and want to encourage you to submit your list if you haven't already!

    It's easy:
    1) Create an Amazon Wishlist in your country's Amazon store
    2) Add your list by filling out this form!
    3) Share your list with #GPlusSanta

    If you're feeling extra generous, be sure to check us out on GitHub to help contribute to our newly launched and crowdsourced site!
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  • Sarah Rios2012-08-20 19:15:43

    So I finally crawled out from that rock I was living under and read The Hunger Games last night (the first book... still gotta get my hands on the other two). 

    You guys. I luff this thing to bits.

    Excellent writing, IMO. Katniss came off as a serious character without crossing that line into bitchy, and while there wasn't a lot of external dialogue for most of the book, I felt right at home in the narration. The characters could have walked right off the page and said hello, though I would have loved to know more about The Capitol. (Do we get to explore that in the other two books? Do we? Huh huh huh?)

    And yeah. I cried my eyeballs out about Rue.

    But uh... the casting choices for the movie don't make a lot of sense to me now. Like, it says right there Katniss has black hair and olive skin. Not brown hair and tanned caucasian skin (yes, yes, old news, I know, but I just now read this and now I get it). The only thing that's matched is the eyes. There are plenty of actresses out there with black hair and olive skin, even a few with lighter eyes. Just toss in a pair of contacts. Seriously.

    Also, having not seen the movie yet, did they get the subtext across somehow? There is a lot of internal dialogue and conflict going on with Katniss that probably doesn't translate well on screen unless she narrates a lot. Subtlety is a hit or miss thing on the big screen.
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  • Sarah Rios2013-05-01 20:56:04

    I'm pondering the wisdom of starting a serial and posting it on my blog. Because I can.

    Quick, internets, talk me out of it.

    Or enable me. That works too.

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  • Sarah Rios2013-02-04 20:14:32
    Random LOLs

    I'm pretty sure I've made someone's eye twitch just now ;)
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  • Sarah Rios2012-08-24 17:53:24

    I read this article and my first thought was: The Doctor already discovered those cracks.

    New Theory: Universe didn’t start with a Big Bang, but with a Big Freeze

    This new idea, which piggybacks off the nascent field of quantum graphity, suggests that the early universe went through a dramatic transformation, or phase shift, in a manner similar to how a liquid turns to a solid.

    ...When liquids turn to ice, they crystallize and form cracks. What Quach and his team need to do now is find the cosmological equivalent of these "cracks," or defects.
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  • Sarah Rios2013-02-08 19:36:58
    Random LOLs

    Guys! Guys! I think we got mail.

    I'm not sure, though. Could just be for +Ned Barnhart.
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  • Sarah Rios2013-04-23 03:56:32

    RIP Sadie girl. You will be missed.


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  • Sarah Rios2012-08-24 16:53:36

    This is relevant to my interests.

    The only thing that doesn't quite seem right is the soup thing. Every time I eat soup I get hungry just as fast, sometimes faster, than if I ate a regular meal. But that could also have something to do with the kind of soup I eat in the cooler seasons. Thick smoothies do stick with me for a long time, so perhaps a soup that's a lot closer to stew in thickness might work and last longer in my stomach than a regular soup.

    I like stew. I could get down with that. Just not during the summer. And actually, chili is quite thick and makes me full forever. Maybe it's time to make more chili...

    Also, I suspect my frequent late nights plus constant elevated stress levels are what is most affecting my weight. If I can get those under control, I should have an easier time of controlling my weight.

    That and exercise. But it kind of feels like sleep and stress levels would be easier to fix than my low levels of motivation for physical activity.
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  • Sarah Rios2012-09-27 15:13:44
    Sarah Is Weird

    It's that time of year again, little minions 8) Unleash the toe socks!

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  • Sarah Rios2012-11-14 20:35:15


    I've watched the first two episodes of Arrow, and I gotta say I'm not all that impressed. It could be decent, except I can't get past these two things:

    1) He's unrealistically healthy for being on an island for 5 years. I could forgive him the muscle definition, but not the bulk. Guy looks like he's been on an athlete's diet.

    2) He was raised in privilege and, it seems, mostly knows about business things. When did he learn those sophisticated fighting moves and become Hawkeye with arrows and blades? (How did he even know how to make a bow in the first place?) I don't imagine there was a personal trainer there on the island with him.

    If that second one is answered at some point I'll shrug through it, because I'm pretty forgiving of most things (like I'm letting go the random set up of his secret lair, and how no one saw him buying or moving said equipment. Really?). His sister is mega irritating, but since she's a side character and not a main focus I can tolerate her brief screen time.

    The one pleasant surprise I had was Mr. Harry Dresden Quentin Lance. I missed that guy on my TV screen. Or computer window. Or whatever.

    How many of you are watching it?
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  • Sarah Rios2013-03-07 18:46:00

    So instead of posting a recipe for you, I'm going to ask...

    What's your favorite alcoholic drink?

    Don't drink alcohol? What's your favorite drink of awesomeness?
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  • Sarah Rios2013-01-08 17:15:35

    Greetings! I think I'm overdue for one of these "tell me about YOU" things, so let's do that today, yes? :D

    If you've circled me in the last few months come say hi. If you've had me circled forever and you're just bored, also come say hi! Do you like pancakes, waffles, or crepes? Is your hair on fire on a regular basis? How do you feel about Loki? Does this cape make me look invincible? Tacos.

    I'm uh.... I'm slightly ADD today. 8)

    Also let me know if you want notifications for my Hypno Toad posts (public, about movies/TV), Writing Hangouts (I should really start doing these again), or Vala Mal Doran shenanigans (limited, NSFW and/or rantypants).

    Floaty hearts <3 <3 <3
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  • Sarah Rios2012-11-28 23:09:25

    Sorry for the silence, little minions. I've been in meeting purgatory all day.

    Haven't done one of these Werewuff things in a while, so let's do this thing :)

    What are some of your favorite (pick 2-3) werewolf cameo or themed:
    -- Movies / TV Shows?
    -- Books / Comics?
    -- Songs?
    -- Artwork?

    I am immediately disappoint if any of you guys bust in here with Twilight love. I realize a lot of people are all Team Jacob, but as far as Twilight goes I'm Team Van Helsing. kthx.

    Picture from:
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  • Sarah Rios2012-10-30 22:37:21
    Random Post Is Random

    Dear Internets,

    I need to rebuild my desktop computer on a tight (basically non-existent) budget. I would love to buy me an awesome gaming laptop but I can't do that unless someone invents a tree that grows money. Right now I just need something that plays WoW so I can stop stealing +Ned Barnhart's laptop to play ;)

    Good news: I can keep the RAM and video card. Saves me lots of money right there. (not that I don't want to upgrade the vid card. I do. But we are broke like what.)

    Bad news: Need new case. Hard drive is shot. Might need new motherboard (gonna test it with new hard drive once we get that).


    I don't need a ridiculous umpteen terabyte hard drive. A smaller case is better. Cool looking if that's an option on a budget (previous experience tells me "cool" won't be in the bargain list, but you never know).
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  • Sarah Rios2012-10-02 19:21:16
    Sarah Is Weird
    and so is Rachel

    Dear Internets,

    The +Rachel Desilets and I have decided we are going to write a book together and make our pen name R.S. Desilios. Book is tentatively titled: Frog Hoof Love.

    That is all,

    Sarah :)
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  • Sarah Rios2013-06-04 19:56:03

    Rumors, but strong ones.

    I 100% ship The Operative Chiwetel Ejiofor (this guy as the 12th. 
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  • Sarah Rios2012-08-23 16:34:30

    So I see we can now "subscribe" to people's posts because of that little slider thing in the circles (

    Stalker mode, engage! 8)

    For those of you who don't realize how much I post, here's how it works:

    -- I usually post around noon east coast US time and 4-5pm east coast US time, with occasional bouts of late night posting.
    -- When I do post, I tend to post a lot of things in a short period of time. Then I'll be silent for half a day and possibly do it again.
    -- There are some days where I only make one or two posts, but that's not normal for me. If you don't like high frequency posts, don't put me in your subscribe circle!

    On the flip side, if you're going to notify me old school style via specialized circles, I would like to be notified of all these things (I don't care if I've already seen or posted them, notify me anyway!):

    -- Loki. Always. Because Loki.
    -- Doctor Who
    -- Food recipes. I need them. NOM ALL THE THINGS!
    -- ebook, publishing, story craft, or other writerly discussions.
    -- Blunt Sex Talk. No, I don't want you to hit on me in a private post. I'll block you into the next galaxy if you try that silliness. But actual discussions on related topics with multiple people? Yes please!

    I already had emails turned on for most notifications, so you won't bother me. Even if you do bother me, I'll let you know about it, but I rarely have to scold people ;)

    Much <3 and happy stalking!
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  • Sarah Rios2013-05-16 01:34:44

    All right, so I don't normally notify you guys twice in one day (or even twice in a month), but uh...

    I gave in to curiosity and watched that episode of Kitchen Nightmares with Amy's Baking Company. (Mostly because Ned already started it before I walked in, so why not?)

    There are no words you guys. None. I can't even.

    Part 1 - Kitchen Nightmares Season 6 Episode 16 Part 1
    Part 2 - Kitchen Nightmares Season 6 Episode 16 Part 2
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  • Sarah Rios2012-12-04 18:03:26

    Well hello there! How are all my little minions today? :)
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  • Sarah Rios2012-10-26 21:22:53

    So.... someone please debunk this. Because as much as I dislike some of the GoP's policies, I would rather not think they're stooping this low (seriously, the possibility scares me). It would actually be a relief to me if one of the other parties was simply lying in order to get more votes away from the GoP.

    via +Lisa Cohen 
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  • Sarah Rios2012-10-15 18:34:07

    Finally took the time to do that thing. Apparently, me and Jill Stein need to get together for drinks. 

    (And I need to do some research on her, because with a 94% match, I should probably know something about her besides her name >.>)
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  • Sarah Rios2012-08-29 20:25:56

    Resurrecting my chili recipe from last year (Oct 14! So cute). It's about that time again, what with the football and the almost-fall-ness and whatnot. Anyway.

    This concoction  happened because I was bored and then got too ambitious with the ingredients. It's a "will feed 10 people full to bursting" kind of recipe. Translation: leftovers forever.

    Very easily translatable into a vegetarian recipe. Just use veggie broth instead of chicken broth, and leave out the ground meat. It'll still be nomtastic.

    Reshared text:
    Foodie Friday

    Since I have no idea what wonderful pre-written recipe I want to share with you guys, I will instead share with you my very own nomtastic meat chili recipe. For those of you that don't eat meat, you can do this without it. There are enough beans in there to keep you happy. I promise. Just substitute veggie broth.

    Here's what you need:

    -- A giant pot. Seriously. Don't try this with a piddly 5 quart pot. You will be in danger of overflow. In fact, bust out that giant crock pot. That might work better.
    -- 2 or 3 pounds of ground meat (your choice - I used ground turkey)
    -- 1 16 oz can of chicken or beef broth
    -- 1 16 oz can each of black, pinto, cannelloni (white kidney), and red kidney beans. You want some other kind of bean in there? Toss it in.
    -- 30 something ounces of salsa verde.
    -- 16-20 ounces of red salsa (your choice on what kind).
    -- 1 or 2 cans of diced tomatoes.
    -- 1 diced red pepper
    -- 1 can of corn
    -- 1 or 2 bigger cans of tomato paste (not the really small ones. get the next size up)
    -- A bunch of green chilies. I'm really not sure how much I dumped in there because I got a Costco sized bag and used like half of it. Leave these out if you can't handle spicy.
    -- Chili powder to your liking. You will probably need a few tablespoons.

    Now What?

    1) Dice that pepper.
    2) Brown the ground meat with the diced pepper. Might be a good idea to put some of the chili powder in the meat while it cooks.
    3) Dump everything else in the pot with the meat and pepper. Season with chili powder.
    4) Heat it up.
    5) Enjoy!
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  • Sarah Rios2013-07-15 01:45:41

    Everyone is taking about Sharknado. Seriously. Like half the people on the Plus and tumblr.

    Does this mean I need to break down and watch the thing in a rerun or something? Is this one of those movies that's better when you're drunk or can I get through it sober? (because obviously drinks aren't happening for me right now. heh)
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  • Sarah Rios2013-02-05 17:20:41

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

    Sarah Rios, Time Lord of Gallifrey, is now known as The Surgeon.

    PS - interesting note, I tried just my first name by itself, and apparently it dubbed me "The Florist." I am not sure which moniker is more terrifying.
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  • Sarah Rios2012-09-04 18:13:45

    In honor of TARDIS Tuesday, I'm sharing my appropriately named TARDIS circle. It's filled with science, tech, and general geekery (with a giant heap of Whovian goodness, of course!).

    ... and me, because now there's a handy little option to "include yourself in a shared circle." I love you, ninja updates!

    Go forth and populate your stream. The circle keeps growing as I clean out my temporary circles, so there's a good chance it'll be shared again in a month or two when I've added fresh meat new people :)

    If you were notified, you're in the circle!
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  • Sarah Rios2012-06-21 16:51:49

    This will be one of my only posts until next Monday. Why? Because we're going away for the weekend, and where we're going will have almost non-existent cell phone coverage.

    I'll be offline for a whole weekend!

    #tacklehugsalltheminions   #clingsfordearlife  

    Not being on here for a few days is like missing months of real world activities.  I'll want to know all about your shenanigans when I get back.  And there best be some good shenanigans.  Don't fail me, little minions!

    Would you plus monsters do something for me?  Could you come back to this post and link me the good stuff, or use the #riosmisseseverything  tag on your post so I can look for it later? (Does the search work if the tag is in the comments and not the original post? I always wondered about that.)

    <3 you all, and see you on Monday!
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  • Sarah Rios2012-11-04 01:48:31

    My email address is showing up next to my name in the hangout window. Why does it do that, and can I fix it?

    +Yonatan Zunger is there someone here in the Plus I can ask? Or should I just feedback it?

    Edit for clarification: EVERYONE in the hangout sees it. They are all in my circles, but they are not in a circle where my email is visible.
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  • Sarah Rios2012-11-02 18:55:25

    I'm wearing dark jeans, a black tank top, purple flip flops, and a neon green zip up hoodie. (shield your eyeballs!)

    First thing to my left... my computer mouse. Look out, Daleks, you can't fend off the might of the wireless laptop mouse >.>

    First thing to the right... my cell phone. I could repair the TARDIS with that, right? Seems legit.

    via +Katey Springle Lempka 

    Reshared text:
    I'd be wearing an Angry Birds T-Shirt, blue jeans, skateboard shoes, and I'd fight a #Dalek  with a pop can, and I'll fix the TARDIS with a book. . . LOL! I'm screwed ;-)

    What about you?! :-)

    J #twt   #DoctorWho  

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  • Sarah Rios2012-09-16 18:11:37
    If you were notified, you're in the circle.

    Ha! I finally remembered to do this circle sharing thing on Sunday!

    Anyway, this is the circle I've dubbed "Neon," because it's a lot of random awesome that can't be contained in any other category.

    Pick through the Plussers and grab up the ones you like. Or add the whole circle. Whatever works best for you :)
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  • Sarah Rios2012-07-19 17:51:14
    Throwback Thursday | The 1980s

    I was trying to be all lurker mode today but...

    I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself.
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  • Sarah Rios2013-10-01 05:09:43

    Dear Congress,

    I, along with millions of other taxpayers, am not amused.

    I'm not surprised, and I can't decide if that's sadder than the fact that you assholes can't even agree to keep yourselves and an entire country functional while you make faces at each other.

    Friendly reminder: we pay your salary. Do your job or GTFO. This is not throw a tantrum until you get your ice cream time. This is act like an adult and don't be a dick time. Consult your nearest elementary schooler on how to play nice.

    I'm going to sleep now. When I get to work tomorrow you guys better be talking about something shiny. Like a working budget. One that has a drastic pay cut for you guys. Because seriously. Ridiculous.
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  • Sarah Rios2013-06-07 15:00:22

    Sharing because book shelves. And space-saving.

    Also, so I don't forget. heh
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  • Sarah Rios2012-11-15 20:41:58

    Because Loki.

    What would you do if a wild Loki appeared? ;)

    (Dear relatively-new followers: I have a slight fixation with this villain. In case you weren't aware.)
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  • Sarah Rios2012-10-23 15:48:24

    For six more days I'll be live on Kilrogg. Look me up under Sassee or Sassinator. Or you could PM me with your email and I'll Real ID friend you. I'll most likely be leveling my pets >.>

    (Curious Wolvar Pup is a freaking beast you guys. At level 1 he was all LOOK AT YOU PUNY LEVEL 3. I EAT YOU FOR BREAKFAST. HA HA. ... seriously though. Winning.)

    In other news, I need to get my butt in gear on my outline. I've decided in order to make this happen that I'm going to use up my lunch hour. Tonight I'll bust out my notebook and pen so I can write things down without the Little Man becoming fascinated with my laptop. (Of course he'll probably want to color all over my notebook, but sacrifices must be made.)

    Probably no writing hangouts during weekdays this week. Too much busy, even without WoW, but I'll try to get one going this weekend.

    What are you all up to today? :)
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  • Sarah Rios2012-10-14 21:41:01

    So uh... my hair is a little bit long. It's wet in this picture or you'd also see how poofy it normally is. ^_^

    Why am I posting this for you? Because I need to ask you something.

    Should I keep growing it for another year (and thus add another 4-5 inches to the donation length), or should I chop it for this winter? If I do chop it for this winter, what style should I go with? Link me all the pretty hairs. I'm indecisive.
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  • Sarah Rios2012-10-10 16:30:15

    I heart you guys. <3

    (reference post:

    +Tejas Richard +Rachel Desilets +Roger Sherman +Dirk Reul .... and anyone else that was all #shenanigans  in my notifications box this morning. rofl
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  • Sarah Rios2012-08-24 15:38:08

    Sometime early this morning the group of you rounded out at 15,000. My plans for world domination are progressing as expected. I'm so proud! sniff, sniff

    To celebrate, let's all sing the Banana song. Go on. You know you want to. I'll even pass out the party favors.

    What are your plans for this weekend? Do you like pancakes or waffles? How much bacon do you plan on eating tomorrow? These are important questions, I tell you!
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  • Sarah Rios2012-08-23 21:00:00
    If you got a notification and don't want one, please let me know.

    Season 2 of Grimm. Anyone watching?

    Story-wise, I feel we get a much better effort at a coherent, long term story line than we did in season 1. It took forever for season 1 to be like "oh yeah, and here's the point of this season." Nick's mom is tricksy evil, definitely some play there for later episodes, and we finally have a name for whatever that police captain is. Which I still don't know how to spell or even pronounce. But still. It's something. And his brief slip in the mirror was a mean tease.

    What do I not like? The new season 2 intro (for reference: NBC's Grimm Intro - Season 1)

    Seriously guys. Ditch that lame intro. Yeah, season 1's intro was a lot shorter, but it also was a lot less cheesy. I hate the new intro. It makes me not want to watch the show live at all, just wait for it to hit my Hulu queue and then let me skip past it.

    What do you guys think so far?
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  • Sarah Rios2012-08-15 16:21:43
    It's an official thing now.

    Fun fact:  My real life personality and my online personality are like a stereo with volume control issues. IRL, I'm the left picture. Volume on mute. Online, I'm the right picture. Too loud! Turn it down! This is regardless of my current mood or what I'm thinking.

    In real life I'm ridiculously quiet. Most of my coworkers forget I exist. I sit at my desk with my headphones on and proceed to not make any noise except the tap, tap, tap of my fingers on the keyboard.  The expression on the left is me at any given moment. (seriously)  Sometimes I dance in my chair to whatever music I'm listening to, maybe some head bobbing, but the expression doesn't change. Even when there's a party going on in my head I look bored. Or angry. lol

    Outside the office I'm a complete space cadet and aspiring hermit. I participate in conversation only when I think it's necessary and I have something of value to add (which is almost never, because oh hi a squirrel). I also don't usually like social events because I don't know what to do with myself at any given moment. I'm the listener... unless conversation happens to touch on something I actually like, and then suddenly I want to tell you about everything I've ever discovered.

    Which is why online I'm all over the place. Online, I become that picture on the right. HI GUYZ. Look at all this cool stuff. Talk to me about it. I'm hyper. I'm bored. Pay attention to meeeeee. (Run away! Run awaaaaaayyyy!)

    So.... in short, I'm weird.

    Hi, how are you? :D
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  • Sarah Rios2014-02-28 03:29:18

    I need writing prompts. Throw something at me. Or tell me what you would throw at me if you were closer. Actually just tell me something you've never thrown before but would like to try.

    Giant stuffed bear is unrelated. I realized it was behind me on Little Man's bed and decided the picture was amusing.

    Also, A.D.D.

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  • Sarah Rios2013-03-15 18:44:01

    I keep seeing this picture on the internets, and each time I think, oh yeah. And then I think, but wasn't he in even more shows than is happening in this picture?

    Guy is sneaky. Just keeps dropping in on random stories like "hey, what's up guys?"
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  • Sarah Rios2013-02-14 19:36:00

    This is too much perfect. I wish I had more Whovian friends in the office. I would print the hell out of this and hand it out to like everyone. lol
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  • Sarah Rios2012-09-10 21:42:59
    If you do / don't want these notifications please let me know.

    Doctor Who: Dinosaurs On A Spaceship





    Did you watch it yet? Hmmmm? 




    No? Didn't watch it? Why not? Want it legally, go here: Not so legally, go here:



    I've seen people go either way with this episode - they loved it or they hated it. I loved it. You know why?


    Right from the start this episode didn't take itself seriously, but when The Doctor's face lit up and he exclaimed "Dinosaurs! On a spaceship!" I squee'd a little bit (a lot) and just went with the flow of ridiculousness.

    That childlike enthusiasm is contagious ^_^

    Then Rory's dad (hello there Mr. Weasely!) accidentally got scooped up into the TARDIS, and oh... "What sort of a man doesn't have a trowel?" gigglesnort Plus, Queen Nefertiti was amazeballs and the triceratops was playing fetch.

    Until someone KILLED IT :-*(

    (Damn it, Moffat!)

    So yeah. Overall not a serious episode (but really, what did you expect from that title?). There was a moment there when the Doctor and Amy were talking to each other, and I think the Doctor realized he wasn't quite prepared for Amy (and Rory) to disappear and not be his companions anymore. The audience is being prepped for the departure. And I'm probably going to bawl my eyes out.

    What did you guys think?
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  • Sarah Rios2012-09-04 19:27:59
    If you don't want these notifications please let me know.

    Post 2 of 2 for today. All done with notifications :)

    Doctor Who: Asylum of the Daleks








    If you haven't watched it, why are you still scrolling? Stop it.




    I'm serious. I will reach through the internets and smack you upside the head.




    Okay fine I give up.

    YOUGUYSYOUGUYSYOUGUYSYOUGUYSYOUGUYS. Oswin appears in episode 1?? And she turns out to be a Dalek? AND THEN SHE DIES?


    Moffat I hate you. I love it, but I hate you.

    And then the prequel to this episode gets leaked? (Doctor Who--Prequel: Asylum of the Daleks) And now I'm even more confused? What is this madness I love it.

    I was going to ball my eyes out while Amy and Rory had their heart to heart, that few minutes they both thought Amy was being converted. Then they realized they loved each other again and all was right with the world.

    EXCEPT OSWiN WAS A DALEK. But somehow not? Girl's got mad skills. I cannot wait until she's the companion.

    You guys. I am so much flail right now. Is it Saturday yet? Why can't we get the next episode now??

    Fun bit: You can already buy this episode on Amazon Instant Video, apparently. So even if you don't live in the UK, and don't have cable here in the States, you can still watch the new season. They've really gone through a lot of effort to make sure it's accessible. You hear that, HBO and Showtime? That's how you do it right. 
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  • Sarah Rios2012-08-13 18:13:06
    Dear Minions,

    Yep, I'm still here.


    Sarah :)
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  • Sarah Rios2012-08-07 00:08:13
    It's about to get all serious up in here.

    Dear People of the Internets,

    I do not care what religious or anti-religious affiliation you claim as part of your identity. I really don't. Your spiritual matters are your own. No one, and I mean no one, can tell you what is right or wrong in regards to your spiritual needs. Sometimes you don't even know what's right for you. And that's okay.

    Some of you set your eyes to the stars and don't feel the need to seek understanding with a higher being (or beings). You are at peace with yourself and the world around you and are content to explore life's mysteries on your own. That's fine. It works for you.

    Some of you prefer to think there is a higher power out there, and you work at understanding said higher power(s) and the universe at large through faith. It helps you stay grounded to know that there is something bigger than you out there, and that you have a connection to it. That's also perfectly fine. It works for you.

    Some of you don't know where you stand in regards to your beliefs. You are not at peace with yourself. This is a natural feeling to have at some point in your life. Maybe you even go through this several times through the years, or for an extended period of time only once in your life. It's okay to question the world and your place in it. Losing faith, or not being able to gain it, does not make you any less of a person. It just means you're working out some personal things with yourself. Accept help if you think you need it, or say thank-you-but-no-thanks if you don't think you need it. Faith and spirituality are very personal things. There is no one size fits all solution in regards to faith and spirituality, and that's okay.

    So what is not okay? A lack of respect.

    Calling someone names or insinuating that they are somehow a bad person based solely on their faith, or lack thereof, is a blatant act of disrespect.

    Those memes with "cute" sayings that are meant to make like minded athiests laugh, and start fights with people who are actively religious? Not respectful.

    Telling someone their entire life philosophy is wrong because they do not identify with your specific branch of religion, or actively seeking to change someone's personal beliefs to match your own? Not respectful.

    Assuming all the loud, angry persons of the internet and traditional media speak for their like-minded groups at large? Not respectful.

    Everyone is not the same. It's highly disrespectful to assume someone with a different set of beliefs is wrong and needs to be "fixed" if they would only listen to reason, or that they will attack you for being different. Do not pity these people because there is nothing to be pitied. What they're doing does not work for you, and what works for you does not work for them. There are probably some individuals who are insecure in their personally held beliefs, and it shakes their foundations to think they might be "wrong." Challenges in faith or lack thereof might produce a fight or flight response, and sometimes insecure individuals will lash out. These are normally the louder individuals in any group. Their insecurity is their own problem, not yours.

    However, it is also not acceptable for anyone to dismiss the feelings of others because "they can't take a joke." Again, that's disrespectful.

    By all means, state your opinions and have lively discussions. But do not do it in such a way as to provoke a fight. There's a difference between disagreeing and picking a fight, and most of you know where that line sits. You're smart people. If you are secure in your personal beliefs, why do you feel the need to fight in the first place? Lead by example. Preferably by a good example.

    Keep it awesome in here, G+. We don't have to hold hands and sing Kumbaya, but we don't have to be at each others' throats, either. It's been getting a little rabid in here.

    Much <3,

    Sarah :)
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  • Sarah Rios2012-06-26 04:11:43

    Late night writing hangout!  Get your butts in here! :)

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  • Sarah Rios2012-06-18 04:12:35
    WHAT THE..?

    Because this isn't silly enough already.

    Inciting incident here:

    There was a follow up thing I read from the Oatmeal but can't find it now (which included a response to some of the Facebook trolls).  If you have that link, please share!  It was pretty epic.

    Reshared text:
    1) Webcomic The Oatmeal complains about site Funnyjunk stealing (and monetizing) their original work.

    2) Over a year later, attorney Charles Carreon sends legal threat to The Oatmeal, threatening lawsuit unless paid $20K.

    3) The Oatmeal instead vows to raise the money, send it instead to American Cancer Society and National Wildlife Association -- and publicly mocks Carreon. Internet notoriety results.

    4) The Oatmeal uses IndieGoGo for the fundraiser, which is wildly successful.


    and now, the embarrased douchebag lawyer has filed suit, on his own behalf (not his client), against The Oatmeal, IndieGoGo... and the fucking charities: American Cancer Society and National Wildlife Association.

    Attention lawyers who hate lawyer-bashing: THIS IS WHY. If you want to clean up your profession's image, this fuck-knuckle would be a good start.
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  • Sarah Rios2013-05-16 21:24:59
    Random Post Is Random

    Dear Internets,

    As-Yet-Unnamed Little Dude (aka, Boy #2) still does not have a name. In a few days I'll be 9 weeks out from the due date. No way is this kid popping out nameless.

    Help me browse some lists? <3

    Feel free to use your naming site of choice. I just figured I would throw some sites out there in case you guys weren't familiar with them, though Nameberry has some particularly funny lists.
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  • Sarah Rios2013-04-12 20:55:41
    Sarah Is Weird

    As is always the pattern when I hit What's Hot, everyone and their brother goes through my photo albums and plusses everything (sorry if your stream got spammed).

    Except this particular profile photo spawned a fun game by +David Arce.

    Complete your own caption: "MFW..."

    Random photo info: This was my profile picture for about 5 minutes before I changed it to the current one. It was meant to be me staring at the weeping angel banner gif ^_^
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  • Sarah Rios2012-10-23 15:52:39

    Oh, one more thing. In case you didn't already see this floating around. You probably did, but I'm linking it again anyway. Because Tony Stark.
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  • Sarah Rios2012-08-26 01:15:01
    Random Post Is Random

    Go to air show: handful of notifications. No prob. I can check them later.

    Get home...


    Granted, 22 of those are because some inconsiderate person decided to plus bomb like every profile photo +Bliss Morgan has ever had, and I'm not sure why subscriptions thinks someone plussing existing photos means new posts which means new notifications.

    Seriously +Google+? Can we stop the new post for every photo that gets plussed thing? It makes no sense.

    Be back in a bit. Gotta sift through these silly things and then imma get my writing on. What did you little minions do today? :)
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  • Sarah Rios2012-08-08 18:22:41

    I'm playing with my circles right now. If you suddenly find yourself uncircled and then re-circled, it's because I accidentally dragged you out of a circle into oblivion (rather than into a different circle as I intended) and then re-added you.

    Because my mouse hates me.

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  • Sarah Rios2012-08-02 16:41:31

    So now that everyone and their brother saw this earlier, I'm going to link it too. Because Daleks. Also, dinosaurs on a space ship.

    OMFG when do I get to watch this?

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  • Sarah Rios2013-04-11 16:27:42

    There is actually some good science here.

    Reshared text:
    Does anyone have an opinion on this?
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  • Sarah Rios2013-03-28 21:02:08

    Be honest now... this is how you see the US, isn't it? ;)

    Now I want to google the American's version of Australia. lol
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  • Sarah Rios2013-01-11 00:01:06

    Still catching up on my shows. Just hit Misfits in my Hulu queue.

    OMG I missed this show.

    Looks like there's 8 episodes this season, yeah? Better than the 6 it used to be! :D

    Anyone else watch it? If not, why not? OMG. You don't know what you're missing.
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  • Sarah Rios2012-09-19 04:45:14


    Her long fingers waved him away, slowly so there was no chance of hitting him.

    The rules:
    Grab the closest book to you, turn to page 54, post the 5th sentence. Don't mention the title.
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  • Sarah Rios2012-07-30 15:45:37

    Crazy bed head, I has it ^_^

    (Also, #nomakeupmonday )

    We got to go rafting over the weekend. It was little man's first time on a raft and he was very excited. Not so excited about the 3 hour drive to get up there, but we stayed for the weekend so at least he didn't have to do 6 hours in the car in one day.

    Of course I'm way behind on plotting for August Camp NaNo, and I really gotta get going on that submission for Under Cover of Darkness, but what else is new? ;)

    What did all my minions do over the weekend? Were you successful in taking over the world having fun? Got some good things planned for this week? Tell me about your awesome :)
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  • Sarah Rios2013-04-17 17:26:35
    Sarah Is Weird

    First, my belly totally looks like the moon in this shirt. I should totes walk by a pool and see if it causes a tidal wave ^_^

    Second -- and the whole reason I took the picture -- you see how my belly is kind of lopsided on the left? The first time I was preggers, Little Man positioned himself in such a way that his butt actually stretched one side of my belly out farther than the other side. Seems the Little Bro is taking advantage of the already-stretched space and doing the exact same thing. lol

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  • Sarah Rios2013-01-02 19:19:08

    Interesting. I have a lot of reading to do... only one of these series has ever graced my bookshelf.

    Several book series came to mind when I saw the title of this article, but I dunno what I'd pick for a full top 10 list. 

    I'm about to dive back into our library's assortment to see what's new, and now that we have two incomes again I might actually be able to buy a book this year! gasp! Any recommendations for me? :)

    Reshared text:
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  • Sarah Rios2012-12-26 20:31:13

    This was me last Friday when I discovered I passed 20,000 followers!

    <3 <3 <3

    (Okay, not literally me. I uh... I don't look like that. Nor did I dance around in my underwear. lol)

    What should I do here in the Plus to celebrate? ^_^
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  • Sarah Rios2012-11-29 20:05:23
    Random Post Is Random

    I could kill for some chocolate right now. Meat and chocolate. Hot, melty chocolate. Okay, not really kill. But OMG. I need it.

    That picture? Is pretty much what I want to do right now.

    This post is brought to you by #omgpregnant . Which I made up. Just now. I feel future shenanigans coming on with that hashtag ^_^

    Picture from:
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  • Sarah Rios2012-11-27 17:01:55

    Hey there new people! Come say hi. I know several of you hooped me last week from a +Danial Hallock share, and I think there was another small group of you from a share before that (but I can't remember who did that one).

    Tell me a little bit about yourself. Do you like milk chocolate or dark chocolate? Pancakes or waffles? Pork bacon or turkey bacon? Are you a Whovian or a Browncoat? Star Wars or Star Trek (or Stargate)? Werewolves or Vampires?

    What brought you over here to my weird little world and then made you stay?

    Lastly, let me know if you want notifications for any of these:

    Goobers - hangout peeps. Tell me if you want the regular or writing hangouts. If you want to be added to writing hangouts, let me know if you prefer late night weekday (US time) or midday (US time) weekend hangouts.

    Hypno Toad - TV and Movie discussions. The posts are public, but I notify this circle so they don't miss the discussion. These a few and far between because I keep forgetting to do them. lol.

    Vala Mal Doran - playfully NSFW, sometimes serious, occasional TMI (the beginning of the post will be labeled appropriately). These posts will not be public! I only post to this circle once or twice a week, so again, there shouldn't be a lot of spam.

    NaNoWriMo - writing this month? Let me know!

    The usual suspects are welcome to come forward and hijack the comments, of course. Because shenanigans. ;)
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  • Sarah Rios2012-11-04 19:01:58

    Time for another writing hangout! 

    From :00 to :15 -- audio and typed chat
    From :15 to :30 -- SILENT word sprints
    From :30 to :45 -- audio and typed chat
    From :45 to :00 -- SILENT word sprints

    Rinse and repeat until I no longer feel like writing :)

    Also, I need a volunteer that is not currently in my circles. Because trouble-shooting.
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