Niamh Brown2012-03-30 20:05:54
Today I Lost My Job...
But there is a silver lining

I have been off sick from work the past 6 weeks due to my #Fibromyalgia getting worse. I received by courier, at 3pm today, a letter of termination from my employer after 3 years and 7 months with them. This was two weeks after we dicussed, on friendly terms, the plan for my return to work.

Although it was a shock, as they were very happy with my work and they said I could apply again once I've recovered, there is a silver lining. I can now work on starting what I have been putting off for far too long: running my own business.

I've always been afraid of finacing the start up process, whilst keeping a roof over my head. If it weren't for the unemployment insurance I would probably be tearing my hair out right about now. The 6 months severance pay doesn't hurt either :D

Is there anyone else out there looking to start up a sole trader business soon? Does anyone have any advice?

#yourefired #unemployment #jobloss #losingyourjob #employmenttermination #employment #businessstartup #selfemployed
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  • Niamh Brown2012-11-22 05:37:25
    Help A Hermit Appeal: Internships & Voluntary Openings In Project Management

    After the recent feedback and general response to our first post about the Help A Hermit Appeal ( we are now looking for several people to volunteer (for now) to help organise the online setup process of The Hermit Studios Project.

    Due to some recent financial issues created by incompetence at the bank and job center (these in themselves are a long story that I plan to write about at some point) I am therefore looking to go back to full time work for a while to help support the studio. This means I will have less time to organise the projects and would like to build a team that we can work with remotely in our spare time to avoid delays in getting these projects out and kick start The Hermit Studios. For more details please see the link below.

    Send your details to: or you can contact us at the same address if you have any further questions.

    Please share this post to help us get the word out there to as many people as we can! 

    (Note: If you got notified it is because you interacted in related posts in the past)

    #HermitStudio   #TheHermitStudios   #TheHermitStudiosProject   #Volunteer   #Volunteers   #Charity   #Internships   #Internship   #OnlineInternship   #OnlineInternships   #InternetInternships   #InternetInternship   #Jobs   #WorkFromHome   #HomeBasedJobs   #ProjectManagement   #PM   #organised   #organization  
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  • Niamh Brown2014-04-09 17:24:49
    +NovoPulp: The Speculative Fiction Anthology
    Our First Anthology Published Exclusively by G+ Authors and Artists

    NovoPulp was conceived by +Ted Ewen in 2012. He saw the individual efforts of struggling writers putting their work out there and thought a volume of work by G+ authors and artists might be worth pursuing. Two years later we have published our first book and plan to publish one anthology a year of the very best speculative fiction G+ can provide.

    In the 2013/2014 anthology we have:

    Stories from:
    +Lacerant Plainer, +Micha Fire +Charles Barouch +H David Blalock +Laston Kirkland, +James Calbraith, +M Stange, +David Grigg, +Michael Matula, +Rich Larson, and myself.

    Afterword by:
    +Ted Ewen and myself.

    Artwork from:
    +Charles Strebor 
    +Jacob Dix 
    +Marc Reynes Ferra 

    Other work by:
    +Daniela Huguet Taylor 
    +Kristopher Marshall 
    +Ted Ewen 

    We are looking to connect with those who love the genre and +Peter Edenist was kind enough to allow us to post in this community. I've included some information below about the NovoPulp project if you are interested in learning more:

    If you would like to hear a reading from the anthology you can watch the NovoPulp 2013/2014 Anthology Launch Party HOA here:

    NovoPulp 2013/2014 Anthology Launch Party HOA

    If you are a G+ writer or an artist and you would like to get involved in the next anthology you can find everything you need to know here:

    G+ is full of talented people deserving of a chance to get their work showcased. So if you just feel like supporting the project by spreading the word you can find images and code for your website here:

    We really hope you enjoy the work we have done and thank you all for your support.

    #SpeculativeFiction   #AmWriting   #SciFi   #BookLovers   #DiscoverIndie  

    Peter asked that I tag all the moderators in this post so here they are:  +Bill Carter +Chris Coomber +Christopher Wieninger +César Bustíos Benites +John Powell +Knut Torgersen +Lacerant Plainer +SciFi Author: Lacerant Plainer +Michelle Quevedo +Roger Stegeby +Sci-Fi on G+ 

    If I didn't tag you it because Google didn't list you in top few results for your name (because you are not in my circles).
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  • Niamh Brown2014-02-15 07:58:07

    Reshared text:
    Looks awesome. Is awesome.
    This sun-tracking glass orb concentrates solar energy onto a small surface of solar panels, becoming 35% more efficient than traditional solar. Inventor André Broessel is trying to raise the capital to get the ball rolling on this project via an Indiegogo campaign.
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  • Niamh Brown2012-11-07 08:11:31
    Help A Hermit Appeal – We Need Your Ideas! How Can We Make The World More Introvert Friendly?

    "What is written below came on the heels of not only Obama’s victory in the 2012 elections, but also of a personal one. After many attempts to gain a degree in IT after decades working with computers (but failing to graduate due to disability and introversion so bad that he often can’t leave the house) it looks like finally +Ted Ewen will get his dream. Teachers at his University have agreed to provide one-on-one tutoring to help him through his Web Development course, most of which can be done at home. To celebrate we think it is only appropriate we released this post we have been working on and ask the world: how else can we make the world hermit friendly?"

    #HermitStudio #TheHermitStudios   #Introverts #Hermits #Introversion #Appeal #CrowdSource  #CrowdSourcing  #Causes #Disabled #Disability #Election2012 #Obama
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  • Niamh Brown2014-02-08 11:21:52

    Reshared text:
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  • Niamh Brown2014-04-12 15:34:10

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  • Niamh Brown2014-04-09 17:55:06

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    "Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live." 

    #programmingquotes   #programminghumor  
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  • Niamh Brown2013-05-29 18:10:38

    Reshared text:
    Interruption Marketing vs. Inbound Marketing!

    This is a great #infographic explaining the difference between traditional and #inboundmarketing

    Read more about #thenewmoz at:

    Via +Rand Fishkin
    #seomoz #interruptionmarketing #marketingtips #seo #onlinemarketing
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  • Niamh Brown2013-01-15 18:43:00
    I Just Got Offered A Job!!! I get a call from HR in the next couple of days :D

    I will be doing IT for the Danish (and hopefully the rest of Scandinavia and beyond) medical research Center.

    I'm very excited :D
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  • Niamh Brown2013-01-12 10:08:59
    Our Sick Cat Picture Taken Before We Took Her To The Vet, Not Knowing If She Would Come Home Again

    This week our cat was seriously ill. She refused nearly all food and water for four days and was throwing up bile several times a day. Yesterday we took her to the vet, and I took this picture just in case we had to put her down as she is 8 years old and maybe past saving.

    The vet gave her a drip to rehydrate her (which then made her look like she had doubled her weight over night) and three shots. I was supposed to pick up some medicine today to see her through the weekend and got up early to collect it. We were told if the medicine was not making her feel better by Monday that they would have to do blood tests to see if she has kidney failure.

    When I got to the pharmacy they said they had no record of the medicine and we have no idea what missing it will do to her, as she had to have by this afternoon. So please send all your good luck and vibes her way, she is going to need it.

    On the bright side she was acting more herself this morning although she still hasn't eaten anything.

    #caturday #sickcats #cats

    For +Ted Ewen
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  • Niamh Brown2013-09-18 12:02:07
    Crease in the Sky

    I woke up this morning to this crease line in the clouds almost circling the house...

    #CloudPhotography #Mobilography #CloudClub
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  • Niamh Brown2014-03-17 19:47:58
    Via +NovoPulp

    Reshared text:
    Well said.
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  • Niamh Brown2013-12-21 09:31:32

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  • Niamh Brown2013-01-07 14:51:37

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  • Niamh Brown2014-02-15 18:57:17

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  • Niamh Brown2013-02-21 17:06:53
    Feeding Your Demons 5 Steps to transforming your obstacles—your addictions, anxieties, and fears

    “Demons are not bloodthirsty ghouls waiting for us in dark places; they are within us, the forces that we find inside ourselves, the core of which is ego-clinging. Demons are our obsessions and fears, feelings of insecurity, chronic illnesses, or common problems like depression, anxiety, and addiction. Feeding our demons rather than fighting them may seem to contradict the conventional approach of attacking and attempting to eliminate that which assails us, but it turns out to be a remarkable alternative and an effective path to liberation...

    Demons are ultimately generated by the mind and, as such, have no independent existence. Nonetheless, we engage with them as though they were real, and we believe in their existence—ask anyone who has fought an addiction or anxiety attacks. Demons show up in our lives whether we provoke them or not, whether we want them or not. Even common parlance refers to demons, such as a veteran who is home “battling his demons” of post-traumatic stress from the war in Iraq. I recently heard a woman say she was fighting her “jealousy demon.” Unfortunately, the habit of fighting our demons only gives them strength. By feeding, not fighting, our demons, we are integrating these energies, rather than rejecting them and attempting to distance ourselves from disowned parts of ourselves, or projecting them onto others...

    When we obsess about weight issues or become drained by a relationship or crave a cigarette, we give our demons strength, because we aren’t really paying attention to the demon. When we understand how to feed the demon’s real need with fearless generosity, the energy tied up in our demon will tend to dissolve and become an ally...

    You will discover what the demon needs by putting yourself in the demon’s place, actually changing places and allowing yourself to see things from the demon’s point of view... Make the distinction between wants and needs, because many demons will want your life force, or everything good in your life, or to control you, but that’s not what they need. Often what they need is hidden beneath what they say they want... The demon of alcoholism might want alcohol but need something quite different, like safety or relaxation. Until we get to the need underlying the craving, the craving will continue...

    The process of acknowledging our collective demons begins with our personal demons—universal fears, paranoia, prejudices, arrogance, and other weaknesses. Families, groups, nations, and even society as a whole can create demons that are the sum of unresolved individual demons. If we do not acknowledge these personal demons, our weaknesses and fears can join those of others to become something monstrous. Through shifting our perspective away from attacking our enemies and defending our territory to feeding our demons, we can learn to stay in dialogue with the enemy and find peaceful solutions. In this way we begin a quiet revolution...” - Tsultrim Allione

    How do you face your demons? Please share your stories...

    #BuddhistCircle #DailyDharma #Tricycle #Buddhist #Buddhism #Dharma #Quotes #Religion #Life #Philosophy #Quotations #Awareness #Mindfulness #Practise #Dalai #Compassion #DalaiLama #Meditation #Zen #Rebirth #Reincarnation #Tibet

    For: +Ted Ewen +Julia Robertson +Sandi Holland +Todd Settimo +Sarai Pahla +Denis Wallez
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  • Niamh Brown2012-10-27 14:31:37
    How To Train A Feral Cat To Come Inside Your Home Now That Winter Is On The Way

    Early in the year, when we were taking the first round of photographs for The Sunflower Project, we had been visited by a feral cat who has been coming back on and off over the rest of the year.

    As the temperature declined over autumn we have tried a couple of times to encourage him inside with food (tuna, ham or leverpostej/liver pate works wonders by the way). Two nights we shut him inside so he would be warm on partially cold nights.

    In the last week the weather has taken a turn for the worse and winter is settling in. We can tell the cold is now getting to him because he came to our house 5 days in a row. Sometimes he would hover outside, not sure whether to come in or not. He would sit up on a fallen bird-box to keep his paws off the cold stone patio. He even figured out the cat flap twice when we found him inside the house when it was closed up...

    #Cats #FeralCats #TrainingCats #CatVideo #HermitStudio #HermitStudioPhotography #Mobilography #Photography #Caturday #CatPhotography

    +Ted Ewen +Julia Robertson +Kim Robertson +Sandi Holland +Jacob Dix
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  • Niamh Brown2014-02-20 17:22:19

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    Just awesome...
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  • Niamh Brown2014-04-13 13:10:01
    via +Ralph H. 

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  • Niamh Brown2014-03-01 14:17:47

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    Happy Saturday G+!
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  • Niamh Brown2013-09-11 04:19:29

    Reshared text:
    Why Old Men Don't Get Hired

    Job Interviewer:  "What is your greatest weakness?"
    Old Man:  "Honesty."
    Job Interviewer:  "I don't think honesty is a weakness."
    Old Man:  "I don't really give a shit what you think."

    (From my awesome 75-year-old dad)
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  • Niamh Brown2014-01-21 19:41:11
    Via +Bob Mulholland

    Reshared text:
    This one just made my day
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  • Niamh Brown2014-03-30 00:06:46
    Did you miss the +NovoPulp Launch Party?
    Watch it on YouTube now!

    #HOA   #hangoutsonair   #hangoutonair  
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  • Niamh Brown2012-12-28 15:56:58

    via +Ted Ewen 

    Reshared text:
    Peanuts & Star Trek
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  • Niamh Brown2014-03-08 14:35:29

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  • Niamh Brown2014-04-15 09:32:26

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    A Tuesday morning #protip  on how to better use Google search...
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  • Niamh Brown2012-08-09 14:18:51
    Our Studio Is Now Registered! It's becoming real now :D

    For those of you who may have seen my previous post when I lost my job a few months ago due to ill health (see: ) you will know I had plans to become self employed once I'm well enough to work again. In the meantime my husband +Ted Ewen has finally registered the business today so things are starting to come together at last!

    If you got notified about this post then it was because you interacted in some way in my previous post about the loss of my job. Of course let me know if you would prefer not to be notified again :)

    Reshared text:
    Hermit Studio News The Studio Has Been Registered As a Business Today!

    From Sept 1st we will be officially open for business! See more at our blog:

    #business   #Smallbusiness #businessregistration #DanishBusiness #Studios #VideoGames #Photography #Geek #Publications  
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  • Niamh Brown2014-01-25 18:16:55

    Reshared text:
    I concur. The older I get, the less afraid I become.

    #power   #language   #education  
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  • Niamh Brown2013-01-26 19:07:56
    Caturday for Mr Rabbit: 26th of January 2013 - Hermit Studio, Denmark Two for the price of one ;-)

    #caturday    #mrrabbitsbigadventure    #CreativeProject366 #Photography #mobileography
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  • Niamh Brown2013-11-01 18:14:42

    Reshared text:
    Take note of this energy paradigm shift. Solar is cheaper than what you think. Like this? VOTE for it in our campaign and WIN a solar backpack.

    SHARE and LIKE this if you believe renewable's future is promising.
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  • Niamh Brown2012-05-08 08:25:40
    Saving Yourself from Anger
    Putting Down The Arrow

    "We don’t realize that if we have a tendency toward aversion and aggression, enemies start appearing everywhere. We find less and less to like about others, and more and more to hate. People begin to avoid us, and we become more isolated and lonely. Sometimes, enraged, we spit out rough, abusive language. The Tibetans have a saying: “Words may not carry weapons, but they wound the heart.” Our words can be extremely harmful both through the damage they do to others and the anger they evoke.

    Very often a cycle develops: one person feels aversion toward another and says something hurtful; the other person reacts by saying something out of line. The two start fuelling each other until they’re waging a battle of angry words. This can be extended, of course, to the national and international levels, where groups of people get caught up in aggression toward other groups, and nations are pitted against nations.

    When you give in to aversion and anger, it’s as though, having decided to kill someone by throwing him into a river, you wrap your arms around his neck, jump into the water with him, and you both drown. In destroying your enemy, you destroy yourself as well..." - Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche

    What experiences have you had with anger and what have you learned from it?

    #dailydharma #tricycle #buddhist #buddhism #dharma #quotations #quotes

    Image via +Johan Horak
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  • Niamh Brown2014-03-13 18:41:02

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  • Niamh Brown2012-05-16 13:45:53
    The Power Of Solitude
    Why do people often have such a negative impression of isolated retreat?

    "We are a very extroverted society. Even though within the Western tradition the practice of seclusion and retreat are very much a part of our own spiritual culture—the contemplative practices of Roman Catholicism, for example—most people are not aware that they are part of our heritage.

    I think the other reason is that not only has the typical Western person spent little or no time alone, but many of us have an underlying fear of solitude. Possibly driving some of the misunderstanding of retreat is a deep-seated fear of being alone without distraction, without entertainment, without “work,” without other people around to constantly confirm our sense of self. We live in a culture driven by consumerism. Many of us feel, perhaps without realizing it, that unless we are “producing” in some sort of external, materialistic way, our legitimacy as a human being is somehow in question. We don’t really see where retreat fits in..." - Ted Rose

    How much time for solitude do you get in your life? How does it affect you?

    #dailydharma #tricycle #buddhist #buddhism #dharma #quotations #quotes #solitude #retreats #buddhistretreats #seclusion #TedRose

    Image via +Suzana Ristic
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  • Niamh Brown2014-03-27 20:51:11

    Reshared text:
    Dogs get it.
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  • Niamh Brown2013-11-08 20:00:59

    Reshared text:
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  • Niamh Brown2013-10-06 13:24:50

    Reshared text:
    Manifestation of Light / Oil on Canvas / 60 x 50 cm / 2013

    Sharing the final version of another painting I had been working on. Had shared the WIP album in another post last week.
    Here is the link to that Album:
    This is also a commissioned painting based on another painting I had done in 2011. Hope you all enjoy!

    #art   #fineart   #oilpainting   #oiloncanvas  
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  • Niamh Brown2014-02-01 07:56:17

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  • Niamh Brown2012-09-01 20:08:01
    #HermitStudio Is Officially Open For Business ...and why this is good news for you! :D

    Today is a special day for +Ted Ewen and I as our business opened it's doors officially. We both have feared making this step for so long that to finally do so has been liberating for the soul. However this process of over coming our self doubts has shown us that our imagination of the unknown, and the work required to run a business, are not the same. We hope in time to help make the barriers to business easier for others in positions like ourselves right now, once we are in a better position to do so.

    I myself have sat behind the desk of someone else's organisation, at someones else's convince for far to long, putting up with developing mediocre ideas that were poorly implemented to start with and a pain to maintain. This is why, in a way, losing my job this year was probably the best thing that could have happened to me ( To know that my ideas will not only be considered but will be acted upon in a way that not only benefits us, but also impacts the wider world for the better, just makes me all warm inside. Amazing what proper motivation will do for you ;-)

    We have written up today days events about our business opening at our blog, so I won't repeat myself here. Go read... :)

    #HermitStudio #DiscoverIndie #InternetStartUps #StartUps #Business #SmallBusiness #SoleTrader #VideoGames #StartingInBusiness #Entrepreneur #Entrepreneurial
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  • Niamh Brown2014-01-12 14:09:47

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    Gato boxeador  
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  • Niamh Brown2012-05-04 22:35:18

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  • Niamh Brown2013-12-31 21:46:01

    Reshared text:
    Hehe. :D
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  • Niamh Brown2013-04-03 12:55:11

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    We've come pretty far.
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  • Niamh Brown2012-10-04 16:23:39
    +#HermitRetreat Begins A Collection of Quotes On Life, The Universe and All Things Dharma

    I've started a Google+ Page to collect all the Buddhist inspired posts I have been quoting for the last few months here on G+. I started these posts mostly as a reminder to myself, to collect the things that move me out of the philisophical literature that passes through my inbox so as not to forget their wisdom. 

    I hoped by sharing these quotes it could serve as a reminder for others as well myself. I'm glad to say that through these posts they have started a  conversation with many wonderful G+ people.

    Therefore I decided to create this page to act as a quick reference, so that I and anyone else who cares to, can quickly find the quotes again when in need of them. That was the whole intent of collecting them in the first place...

    I will post as +#HermitRetreat when I've updated the links list in our About page (  and reshare any new posts as they come in or as they are added. This list is still a work in progress as I have to go through my saved posts on the ipad and make sure I've got them all first, but for now there is enough there to be getting on with :D


    #HermitStudio   #Buddhist   #buddhism   #buddha   #dharma   #tricycle   #quotes   #quote   #quoations   #life   #philosophy   #zen   #meditation   #awareness   #mindfulness   #tibet   #koan  
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  • Niamh Brown2013-08-03 10:31:54
    2013-08-03 #Caturday The Cat and the Chickens

    Ever since we got the chickens Pusama, our cat, has been very wary around them. She doesn't quite know what to make of them, she is nervous around them and doesn't like being in the back yard when they are out.

    This is the first picture of her coming close to relaxing around the chickens...

    #CatPhotography #mobilography #photography #cats #chickens

    +Ted Ewen +#HermitStudio
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  • Niamh Brown2014-02-22 20:27:07

    Reshared text:
    Hello world :/ --R
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  • Niamh Brown2012-09-23 16:00:42
    Overcoming Harmful Habits If you know something to be true, don’t ignore it. Act on it!

    "Rapid technological advances. Increased wealth. Stress. Stable lives and careers come under the pressure of accelerating change. The twenty-first century? No, the sixth century B.C.E.—a time of destructive warfare, economic dislocation, and widespread disruption of established patterns of life, just like today. In conditions similar to ours, the Buddha discovered a path to lasting happiness. His discovery—a step-by-step method of mental training to achieve contentment—is as relevant today as ever...

    Our fragile happiness depends on things happening a certain way. But there is something else: a happiness not dependent on conditions... If you are willing to do whatever it takes to find your way out of suffering—and it means confronting the roots of resistance and craving right here, right now—you can reach complete success...

    When you admit to yourself, 'I must make this change to be more happy'—not because the Buddha said so, but because your heart recognized a deep truth—you must devote all your energy to making the change. You need strong determination to overcome harmful habits..." - Bhante Henepola Gunaratana

    What helps you keep your convictions when the patterns of old are doing their best to work against you?

    #BuddhistCircle #dailydharma #tricycle #buddhist #buddhism #dharma #quotes #religion #life #philosophy #quotations #awareness #mindfulness #practise #dalai #compassion #dalailama #meditation #zen #oldhabits #habits #givingup #renunciation #resolutions
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  • Niamh Brown2013-12-26 01:57:21

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  • Niamh Brown2014-01-27 17:44:25

    Reshared text:
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  • Niamh Brown2013-06-16 20:17:31

    Reshared text:
    Very cool strand of DNA made from humans to recognize the 60th anniversary of the discovery of the structure of DNA! 

    Watson and Crick Submitted the structure to Nature, published April 2, 1953.

    Learned this was an image from 2011...

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  • Niamh Brown2013-12-20 20:50:04
    NovoPulp Gift Store Opens Whilst Anthology is Delayed - Last Day For Christmas Delivery

    Today NovoPulp has launched the first phase of our CafePress gift store in light of recent delays with the anthology. Although it does not contain the full list of products we wanted to launch with this year, it is a good start.

    The original NovoPulp logo was designed by +Ted Ewen when he first conceived of this project in 2012 (then called +#G+SF Anthologies). It then grew to become a part of the new web banner by +Kristopher Marshall and will be part of the anthology book cover by +Daniela Huguet Taylor. The original NovoPulp logo is now available on a new range of gifts from today. All profits are shared amongst the contributors of the NovoPulp anthology  - so support indie this Christmas!

    (Visit Article for an Anthology Update)

    Direct Links to Store:

    #NovoPulp   +#G+SF Anthologies  #ScienceFiction   #SpeculativeFiction   #CafePress   #christmas2013   #giftideas   #discoverindie    +Bob Mulholland +Jed Lloyd 
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  • Niamh Brown2012-06-15 10:20:56
    The Mind of No-Clinging How Amazing

    "...when one looks for awareness, there’s nothing to find. It’s invisible, formless, groundless, and yet there is a cognizant capacity - there’s knowing. In dzogchen, this is the union of awareness and emptiness. The “pointing-out instructions” that a qualified dzogchen master will give in a variety of ways help the student to recognize this nature of their own mind.

    In the dzogchen tradition a distinction is made between fabricated and unfabricated mindfulness. Fabricated mindfulness is the conditioned state of mind that takes note of an object. Unfabricated mindfulness is the nature of mind itself. We can use fabricated mindfulness to bring us back to the recognition of the mind’s empty, aware nature..." - Joseph Goldstein

    What fabrications help you re-establish unfabicated mindfulness?

    #dailydharma #tricycle #buddhist #buddhism #dharma #quotations #quotes #mindful #fabricated #unfabricated #themind #mindfulness #dzogchen #awareness

    Image via +Patrick Schouten
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  • Niamh Brown2014-02-17 17:39:37

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  • Niamh Brown2012-10-19 08:03:40
    Introverts vs. Extroverts In The Work Place How can the best be drawn out of introverts?

    "An estimated 75% of the general population is extroverted (Tieger & Barron-Tieger, 1995) and reward systems and job recognition are generally set up to value extroverts. Extroverts get rewarded because their work is apparent. They talk openly and often about what they’re working on and how busy they are. You see them and they just look like they’re getting things done. Lots of meetings, people to see, places to rush off too. They’re good at marketing themselves. And somehow, I swear they walk louder.

    With extroverts, often “what you see is what you get.” They thrive on the world around them, so the world around them knows what’s going on when them.

    But what about introverts?


    - like working in quiet spaces
    - enjoy working independently
    - are reluctant to delegate, but when do,
    provide little information
    - work well without supervision
    - think and reflect before taking action
    - sometimes share ideas only when prompted
    - listen well
    - appear calm under pressure
    - have good depth of knowledge

    Unfortunately, these introvert characteristics can come off in a negative light. Introverts can appear to not be “team players”. They may seem aloof, slow, serious, secretive or lacking ideas. They seem not busy, not productive or not outwardly stressed enough given the pressured circumstances..." - Trina Isakson

    #Introverts #Extroverts #Hermits #Hermit #HermitStudio #WorkPlace #Work #Employment
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  • Niamh Brown2014-04-02 19:31:33

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  • Niamh Brown2014-03-09 13:32:52

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  • Niamh Brown2012-12-27 21:48:03
    My Christmas Present:  Tiger Adoption Pack For One Year

    My father got me this gift where his donation to Born Free paid for a pack (see image) plus the cost of feeding and caring for the tiger Roque for one year. I think it is a wonderful idea for combining charity with Christmas, the season of goodwill.

    #Christmas   #Christmas2012   #Wildlife   #WildLifeFund   #BornFree   #Tigers   #Tiger   #TigerAdoption   #TigerAdoptions   #AnimalAdoption   #Adoption   #Roque   #RoqueTheTiger   #AnimalWelfare   #Conservation   #Charity   #ConservationCharity  
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  • Niamh Brown2014-03-26 19:16:17

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  • Niamh Brown2014-02-16 08:26:48

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  • Niamh Brown2014-03-07 21:30:25

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  • Niamh Brown2014-01-01 08:55:53

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  • Niamh Brown2013-09-17 07:29:04

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    A guide to procrastinators
    by  twenty pixels
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  • Niamh Brown2014-03-24 17:24:11
    NovoPulp 2013/2014 Anthology IS RELEASED AND ON SALE!
    My first time in print :D

    Yes it is finally here! +NovoPulp, though +#HermitStudio - Press Division, has published their first book: NovoPulp 2013/2014 Anthology.

    To celebrate we are having a Launch Party HOA. See the invite below for further details.

    For images and code you can put on your website visit our Spread the Word page:

    For more details on the NovoPulp Launch:

    Thanks for all the support!

    #SpeculativeFiction   #ScienceFiction   #DiscoverIndie   #AmWriting  
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  • Niamh Brown2014-04-05 12:37:51

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    "Men must live and create. Live to the point of tears." - Albert Camus

    #creativityunleashed   #heartandsoul   #time   #lifequotes  

    h/t +Ivan Cervantes 
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  • Niamh Brown2013-04-28 21:34:13

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    Artist: Erik Johansson
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  • Niamh Brown2013-02-21 17:29:01
    It's natural to experiment as a kid, but making mistakes is so frowned on in the grown up world. No wonder we struggle to encourage people into the science as adults.

    +Ted Ewen

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  • Niamh Brown2012-06-14 12:39:12
    The Politics of Enlightenment A way of life that is peaceful

    'Nobody in politics has come up with the Buddhist view, which is that the purpose of human life is education. The purpose of education is not to give a person skills so they can go out and be productive in somebody's company. The purpose of education is to bring to flower all the abilities of a living individual. People in a civilized society should be spending their whole lives educating themselves because that's what the society is there for. That's what human life is for. So the Buddhist view adds to the idea that "we need education to compete with Japan," or "we need education to have more engineers." It says that education is the real purpose of life. As for society, it's cheaper than prisons and more humane. And we finally get away from the nonsense that it's necessary to have starving people to frighten everyone else into working hard. We talk about good health and food standards because each human life is intensely and immensely valuable. Each one is a great resource and we want to nourish it...' - Robert Thurman

    For me 'when you stop learning, you stop living' comes to mind...

    #dailydharma #tricycle #buddhist #buddhism #dharma #quotations #quotes #education #teaching #politics #enlightenment #educating #humanlife #humanity #humanrace #work

    Image via +Alan Peto Buddhism
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  • Niamh Brown2013-03-14 14:03:16
    For: +Ted Ewen 

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  • Niamh Brown2012-07-14 01:43:24

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    Hidden TV.....
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  • Niamh Brown2014-02-21 18:24:49

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  • Niamh Brown2014-02-18 20:09:02
    Via +Ted Ewen

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    This. Totally this.
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  • Niamh Brown2013-10-10 13:49:48
    Second Corn Harvest

    Pretty much all the corn done now...

    #hermithousehomesteading   #gardening   #corn   #selfsufficiency  
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  • Niamh Brown2013-05-21 22:40:05

    Via +Ted Ewen

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    Mystery solved...

    Thank you. Thank you.
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  • Niamh Brown2014-03-09 13:33:07

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    Tree Swing by t1na
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  • Niamh Brown2012-12-14 21:40:09
    Today, believe it or not, I had my first roast beef sandwich!

    After 18 years of vegetarianism due to stomach complaints as a child after eating meat (which I recanted after I was given a chicken burrito and didn't realise until I was half way through and felt ok) I have been slowly introducing meat back into my diet.

    I quickly got used to eating cold cuts, bacon and a little fish, but still found eating larger chunks of meat difficult, such as chops and steaks. Recently my husband +Ted Ewen and I realised that my problem was that I actually liked my meat rare instead of well done, which was counterintuitive to my veggie mind.

    Since then I have been trying to open my veggie limited palette to new things and today I realised after we cooked this roast beef and made sandwiches that it was my first time eating it with mustard. Now I finally know why they work together hehe
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  • Niamh Brown2014-03-13 18:38:54

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  • Niamh Brown2013-01-12 07:53:42

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  • Niamh Brown2012-12-18 09:44:15

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    When esoteric theory is applied in the real world..
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  • Niamh Brown2012-07-12 12:19:15
    My bhuman Book Arrived Today This is a gift sent out to those for wrote for the anthology

    As some of you may know I wrote a personal story for the +(b)human anthology of stories of courage for those in hard times. (If you have seen it you can still find my story on the front page of their website or directly at Through donations they will print these anthologies and give them away to those are struggling through difficulties. If your able and would like to support the bhuman project then please donate here:

    When I opened the package today I had been expecting to find a copy of the anthology and my words in hard copy for the first time, but I must have misunderstood when I hit the check box when submitting my story that said 'I would like a copy of the book'. Perhaps this is still on its way, but what I found instead was rather wonderful in and of itself.

    I received a beautiful leather bound book (with strap) that had an array of multicoloured pages in it that was filled with comments that came through the website and though other social media outlets about my story! It was wonderful to think someone had sat down and taken the time to ink these comments out for me as a collection and reminder that I really can move people with my words now-a-days.

    I've included a few photos so you can see for your self :D

    #Writing #bhuman #iamawriter #writer #writers #writingsubmissions  
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  • Niamh Brown2014-03-12 17:39:38

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  • Niamh Brown2014-03-09 19:51:01

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  • Niamh Brown2014-02-02 17:12:24

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  • Niamh Brown2013-05-04 17:52:14

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    Back the entire fuck up. 
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  • Niamh Brown2012-12-12 19:30:47
    The Cancer Sci-Fi eBook by Niamh Brown

    I recently updated my eBook 'The Cancer' with a new cover (see below) and a few other details after +Charles Strebor reviewed it on Goggle+ Unfortunately when I updated the project on Lulu I managed to lose my reviews. Therefore I would love to hear what you think of the new cover (which I put together myself) and story as well, if you are kind enough to get it. I would really appreciate your feedback :D

    PS: Lulu is running an extra promotion where you can an extra 20% off if you have a Lulu account before Friday December 14th.

    #SciFi   #eBooks   #ShortStories   #Cancer   #QueenOfEngland   #HermitStudioPress   #HermitStudio  
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  • Niamh Brown2013-12-25 13:25:46
    Empty Boxes Are Presents Too #ChristmasCaturday

    This one is a hot box too - win :D

    #CatPhotography #Christmas2013
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  • Niamh Brown2013-12-15 09:13:28
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  • Niamh Brown2014-01-11 15:05:41

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    I bring you a baby polar bear.

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  • Niamh Brown2013-12-30 19:42:07

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    Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

    #snowman   #letItHum   #punday  
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  • Niamh Brown2013-11-02 08:19:52

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    Somewhat amusing; animals with misleading names.

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  • Niamh Brown2013-09-21 11:02:41
    2013-09-21#Caturday Cupped Paws

    I just love it when cats tuck their paws under themselves like this. It's so cute :D


    #CatPhotography #Mobilography #Cats
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  • Niamh Brown2012-11-09 11:26:41

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  • Niamh Brown2014-04-03 17:45:08

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  • Niamh Brown2014-01-05 18:12:42

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  • Niamh Brown2013-10-05 18:42:30

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    Eyes front my friends.
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  • Niamh Brown2013-09-22 18:49:50

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  • Niamh Brown2013-03-21 14:03:33
    via +Mike Clancy 

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    Interesting art
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  • Niamh Brown2013-09-12 12:49:48

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    'Artificial egg' made from PLANTS backed by Bill Gates set to revolutionize cooking goes on sale at Whole Foods
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  • Niamh Brown2013-05-28 14:04:39
    We are all stardust...
    For: +Ted Ewen 

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  • Niamh Brown2013-09-30 17:56:11

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    Square Donuts? Is that allowed?

    via the Shirk Report
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  • Niamh Brown2013-06-29 19:21:08
    +Ted Ewen

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