boo Jay2014-02-18 19:09:54
Sky River

I swear it was an utterly mundane, mild winter afternoon when this was taken (my younger cousin, +Andrew Nguyen, can attest to that), but after looking at this particular shot more closely, I realized how epic it could be.

The silhouette is of my older cousin, Kevin, who decided to stand at the very edge of the ice along the river despite our warnings. I told him I wasn't going to save him if he fell in.

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  • boo Jay2013-05-19 21:02:11
    June 14th!! You come here NAO!

    #SuperSunday   #ManOfSteel   #Superman  
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  • boo Jay2013-06-25 18:51:43
    When Gods Play Tennis

    While the rest of the world plays tennis, Roger Federer plays something else....

    #Federer #Wimbledon  
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  • boo Jay2014-01-02 04:34:21
    RIP Uncle Phil

    Fresh Prince was one of my most favorite shows growing up. #JamesAvery will be missed...
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  • boo Jay2013-12-24 09:11:01
    Have A Merry Xmas Everyone!

    Merrier than Larry anyway...

    #MerryChristmas #CyanideAndHappiness
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  • boo Jay2013-05-28 16:07:00
    Kryptonian Shield

    via +Kay Shaw aka Kay-Nu

    I am Jay-Ko

    Generate your own @

    #ManOfSteel   #Superman   #Krypton  
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  • boo Jay2013-05-18 20:56:35
    Federer vs Nadal XXX

    Wow, talk about an awkward title, but hey, when in Rome....

    This wasn't supposed to happen anymore, their era was finally over, both men had dropped in the rankings (Federer to No. 3 and Nadal to No. 5), but for the 30th time in their careers, they will square off against each other, and in yet another Championship match.

    While they are no longer the Nos. 1 and 2 players in the world, they are still the masters of their craft. And believe it or not, they may be on the path to reascending and reclaiming their rightful places at the very top of the game against their younger rivals.

    Their years and current career paths at the moment could not be more different, however.

    Roger Federer will be turning 32 soon (previous all-time great, Pete Sampras, retired at 31) and is having his worst start to the year since becoming tennis' best a decade ago. Relatively speaking, his game has been in decline for years, but he still hangs around and is good enough to beat the young guns as evidenced by his ranking and brief stint at No. 1 last year.

    Rafael Nadal, on the other hand, is on a tear and in the prime of his career at 27-years old, having reached 8 consecutive finals in 2013 after taking an extended break to recover from a questionable injury no one with a brain actually believes he had in the first place. As is customary, he's been dominating on his favorite surface during the clay season so far.

    That said, both men are in peak condition at the moment so NO excuses can be made for either. Even at 32, Roger Federer has proven he can still be the best and I expect him to put up a good fight (and win) against his arch-nemesis.

    #RogerFederer   #RafaelNadal
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  • boo Jay2014-02-04 17:13:39
    In Prime Form

    Kevin Durant is having a season for the ages and the clear cut favorite for this year's MVP, but let's not forget who the GOAT is. Today's kiddies need a reminder.

    His Airness, The Slim Reaper, and Queen James are arguably the 3 best players in the past 3 decades of the NBA and each have, respectively at the age of 25, produced what may prove to be their best seasons, statistically speaking.

    #MichaelJordan #KevinDurant #LebronJames #NBA

    Correction: Kevin Durant is averaging 7.6 rebs and 5.3 ast, the graphic has them reversed.
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  • boo Jay2013-12-20 09:08:29
    Disney Recaptures The Magic With FROZEN

    Rating: 8.5 out of 10

    Do you want to build a snowman?

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  • boo Jay2013-08-24 19:22:42
    Tiny Greenhouse Planet

    My first tiny planet. Again, I'm liking how the clouds turned out, it looks like a vortex! But I suppose all tiny planets do.....

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  • boo Jay2013-06-15 05:35:59
    Double Bagel

    +Roger Federer defeats No. 156 Mischa Zverev 6-0, 6-0 on grass who had this to say about the Swiss great:

    His ball when it travels to the air it has so much stuff on it, like it just only goes through the air but it moves like left and right, it moves like a shank but it’s not a shank. You think it’s going to go long but it’s like two feet inside the baseline. His ball is just phenomenal.

    I’m a huge fan of Federer, I watch pretty much every match of his. When he loses, I never have a feeling he loses matches because he’s not good enough, it’s mainly because he’s either a little bit injured or it’s like a mental thing with him.

    #Federer   #tennis  
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  • boo Jay2013-09-19 19:11:44

    +Elaina Zee you sing liek dis fo me, yes?

    #GirlsWhoRock   #GingerThursday   #MusicBomb  
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  • boo Jay2014-02-14 15:56:06
    This Is Valentine

    Happy Her Day

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  • boo Jay2013-09-07 21:43:25
    2020 Tokyo Olympics

    WOOT!! Who wants to go with me?! And more importantly, who wants to pay for me? o.O

    Attention London, this is how you do an Olympics logo, not that ugly ass excuse that you puked up for 2012. The hell were you guys thinking?


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  • boo Jay2013-06-20 05:19:23
    The Last of Us - A 6-Hour Movie

    Yes, I'm watching this right now and it is freaking epic!

    I don't have time to play the game.

    #PS3  #TheLastofUs
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  • boo Jay2014-03-18 17:29:04
    Go Home, Winter

    Nature made me my own personal ice rink overnight. This is what I did to it.

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  • boo Jay2014-01-05 22:38:26
    Before They Were Famous

    Thank you, Internet. I'm not sure how yet, but I'm pretty sure I'm a better person now for having seen this.
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  • boo Jay2014-01-16 16:16:41

    What do you think? Better with or without ears?

    #Kid #Cymera
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  • boo Jay2014-01-03 12:17:44
    5am Stroll

    Just walking around in this winter wonderland in the early morning all by myself...

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  • boo Jay2013-12-02 06:33:03
    Orchestral Chrono Cross Medley


    These aren't tears, I just have something in my--ok, these are tears.

    #ChronoCross #EpicMusic  
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  • boo Jay2013-10-17 03:08:32
    Best Sunset eVAr!

    At least one of the best in recent memory anyway...

    Unfortunately, I wasn't able to capture it in all its glory. I really wanted to stop down by the river to do a full photosphere, but my desire to stuff my face full of sushi outweighed that need.

    I probably wouldn't have made it anyway. By the time I noticed how stunning the skies were, there were only a few minutes left. Even this tail-end photo represents a mere remnant of the spectrum of colors that showered the skies.

    #Saskatoon #Sunset
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  • boo Jay2013-09-08 20:33:58
    Puppy Therapy

    Works like a charm everytime! ;D

    via +Amanda Rachelle Warren 

    Reshared text:
    "Dog Therapy"
    This really is the best kind of therapy, I love it!
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  • boo Jay2013-01-02 04:58:04
    First Puppy Portrait of 2013

    Hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year's. I know my troops are ready for 2013!

    As usual, it's damn near impossible to take a photo of these brats who never stay still. Out of dozens of shots, this was the only one that came out ok.

    Crono, Marley, Kid, Faye, Spike, Schala, and Valentine wish everyone the best in 2013 and beyond. They told me so in Doggyspeak, I swear!!

    #Crono   #Marley   #Kid   #Faye   #Spike   #Schala   #Valentine  
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  • boo Jay2014-02-20 19:04:11
    The Two Towers

    Waaait for it....

    Photo/Title Credit: +Daniel Buhler
    Original Post:
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  • boo Jay2013-10-14 00:25:32
    The Last Outdoor Hit

    I just finished playing tennis outdoors and that will probably be it for this year as it's getting too cold. As I left the courts, I was greeted with this picturesque sunset.

    #Saskatoon #Sunset
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  • boo Jay2013-01-19 16:55:17
    Happy Weekend From booJay's 7

    +Léa Jay +Shaun Thomas +Ami B +Shani Hiraoka are these the puppies you're referring to?

    #Crono   #Marley   #Kid   #Faye   #Spike   #Schala   #Valentine  
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  • boo Jay2014-03-30 10:10:29
    Kid Star

    And this concludes my Doggy A Day series for each day of the past week ;P

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  • boo Jay2014-03-29 19:30:02
    Val is.....Mischief Incarnate

    Don't let dem eyes fool you! Val is trouble!

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  • boo Jay2013-09-02 17:53:16
    Driving With Puppies

    This is what my dad looks like whenever he takes our pups to work +Yas Mean and +April Mitchell ^_^

    #Spike #Faye #Valentine #Snapseed
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  • boo Jay2013-06-08 05:38:29
    Happy Birthday Kiddo!

    She turned 4 today ^_^

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  • boo Jay2014-04-04 05:25:15
    Captain America: The Winter Soldier [NO SPOILERS]

    Rating: 9.5 out of 10

    While the plot itself was rather predictable and there were very few surprises, everything was so well executed that it simply did not matter even if you knew what was coming. The choreography, continuity, and clever dialogue made everything flow so effortlessly that I can say this was the best superhero movie since The Dark Knight.

    The funny bit is I was never a Captain America fan growing up, but he is quickly becoming a favorite. Like the first movie, this one had heart and the superb direction/casting reinforced that. Yes, the action sequences were incredible, but there were also subtle moments scattered throughout that resonated just as much.

    I had always considered myself a bigger DC fan, but to be honest, it's no competition at the moment. Marvel is mopping the floor with their longtime rival and that won't be changing anytime soon. As a result, I'm looking forward to all future Marvel projects, but am dreading the next DC one.

    #CaptainAmerica #movies  
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  • boo Jay2013-05-23 20:59:19
    Schala All Up In Your Stream

    Phrase stol'd from +Kristina B.

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  • boo Jay2013-04-07 23:15:58
    Feeding Time

    Since there are no new episodes tonight of The Walking Dead, I present to you...

    ....The Walking Dog(s).
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  • boo Jay2014-04-13 01:23:29
    Guess How Many Pups?

    I'll give you a hint, that's not a pillow under my head!

    +Shani Hiraoka will get these all wrong btw: #Kid #Faye #Spike #Schala #Valentine
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  • boo Jay2014-03-25 19:05:04
    Schala Boo!

    In the mornings, I often find Schala sleeping by my feet, but once I get up to brush my teeth, this is what I find lying on my pillow when I come back.

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  • boo Jay2013-06-09 03:12:48
    Post-Sushi Promenade

    Mum and I walking off all the foodses we eated.

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  • boo Jay2013-05-13 05:53:28
    My Mom Back In Ancient Times

    These photos were taken pre-1970 during war-torn Vietnam.

    My mom (and dad) were among the boat people who escaped their homeland, part of the Great Exodus in the mid to late 1970s. They arrived in Canada over 30 years ago and eventually a little snot like me came along to cause them more grief ^_^

    #MothersDay #BlastFromThePast #VietnamWar
    #MonochromeMonday #BlackAndWhite  
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  • boo Jay2013-04-22 21:08:54
    Oh Cruel World...

    To make up for my previous post which was apparently depressing (but mostly true)...
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  • boo Jay2013-04-21 20:26:30
    I may suck at bowling, but at least I look good doing it.
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  • boo Jay2013-02-13 00:37:22
    New Island Sushi

    Hey +Shani Hiraoka look...

    RED TUNA!!!
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  • boo Jay2013-01-08 01:23:57
    Sushi in HD

    Taking a sushi pic with my sweetass new camera! Used cam's WiFi feature to transfer photo to my phone.

    And P.S. +Shani Hiraoka we've drastically cut down our sushi intake. This is about half of what we used to order ;P
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  • boo Jay2014-04-11 03:08:23
    Ready To Go Home

    #Schala   #Spike   #Valentine  
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  • boo Jay2014-04-01 19:11:38
    Scarlett Johansson Cast As Queen Elsa

    In lieu of the overwhelming worldwide success of Disney's animated hit, Frozen, the studio has begun preliminary work to bring a live action version to the big screen.

    Stay tuned for further details....

    Source:  Yo mama
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  • boo Jay2014-01-17 20:53:06
    It's A Nose Off!!

    After the ear incident with Kid, I decided Spike's sniffer needed some screen time.

    #Spike   #Aviary  
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  • boo Jay2013-11-25 18:45:42

    Oh FayeFaye, you so funneh!

    #Faye #MercyMonday  
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  • boo Jay2013-10-20 23:22:04
    I Beleaf In You

    #Punday #Snapseed
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  • boo Jay2013-07-25 17:52:28
    Duck ....of Death

    This quacks me up!

    Originally shared by +Alyss Heart 
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  • boo Jay2013-07-05 23:59:43
    Black Swan Pitch

    What?! No.

    Source: Rhythmic gymnast Shin Soo-ji's first pitch
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  • boo Jay2013-07-02 09:55:30
    This Is My Bed

    Well, it used to be mine.....

    #Schala   #Spike   #Faye   #Kid   #Valentine  
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  • boo Jay2013-05-29 21:15:09
    Forehand of DOOM!

    in pajamas.....

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  • boo Jay2013-01-24 17:45:45
    June 14, 1992

    Found another one, this time with my dad.

    I'm in the blue shirt.

    #throwbackthursday #blastfromthepast #memorylane
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  • boo Jay2013-01-09 17:03:59

    Today, my little buddy celebrates his 17th birthday! Needless to say, I am exceedingly lucky and privileged to have had him for so long.

    In this ever growing cynical world, Crono has kept me level and remained my one constant. For 17 years, he's taught me what it means to love, how to cope with life's hardships, and all of my fondest memories involve this little orange-brown ball of fur. I simply could not imagine what I would be without him.

    When we first met him on that fateful day 17 years ago, I don't have to tell you that it was an obvious trap: Instant Love in the making.... I wasn't even a teenager yet, but I recall hearing over and over again about pet owners losing interest in their puppies six months after owning them once the novelty had worn off. I've made sure that wasn't the case with him (or any of my dogs, for that matter).

    For each and every single day of his life, I let him know how much he means to me, that I don't take him for granted, and I'm just as excited to see him everyday as he is to see me. I owe him that much and nothing at the same time, because he would love me anyway, faults and all.

    I wish everyone could understand what it means to be so ridiculously happy and not deserve a single minute of it. There's simply no better feeling in the world.

    He no longer has any teeth, his eyes are cloudy, he walks around gingerly, and I can tell he's not always aware of his surroundings anymore, but Crono still loves me as he always has and I will NEVER EVER forget what that has meant and continues to mean to me. I cannot fully express the gratitude I have nor repay his unwavering loyalty, but I hope I've done a decent job so far.

    You've been the ultimate gift a boy could ever ask for.

    (Holy crap.....WTF is up with all these kleenexes?)

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  • boo Jay2012-08-25 16:19:07
    BATURDAY SUCCESS!!! \(^_^)/

    !!!!! It finally happened +Will Higgins +Pam Ee +Jen Li +Katherine Lewis +Autumn Rayne +Walter Slovotsky!! It came over two months later, but #baturday is finally trending!!!  

    Congrats guys, all that hard work paid off! Told you it would make it someday ;)

    Special thanks to +Shaun Thomas +Matt Lerner +Alejandro Samboy +Angela Mia +Ana Santana +Kay Shaw +Ami Baumgardner  +Brian Gillespie +Matt Phillips +Dirk Reul +Acadia Einstein +Laura Manach +Lizzy Page +Beckstar Cox for helping out the cause when we were making our push, whether you guys knew it or not :D

    I probably left some people out, that's why I usually don't take part in those mention threads.......
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  • boo Jay2014-03-25 01:04:02

    For +Leslie Newton Polci because apparently her stream needs more puppies.

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  • boo Jay2013-12-07 17:52:56
    Disney Princesses Drawn As Anime Characters

    Reshared text:
    Disney Princess anime version X3 

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  • boo Jay2013-06-23 06:11:17
    Night On Broadway

    This is the Broadway Bridge in Saskatoon at night after the Metric concert @ the Jazz Festival.

    #Saskatoon #JazzFest  
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  • boo Jay2013-05-14 00:14:23

    +Laina and her dog....well, her roommate's dog, anyway...

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  • boo Jay2013-02-14 06:08:08
    August 10, 1998

    Two studs for the price of one!

    #ThrowbackThursday   #BlastFromThePast   #MemoryLane  
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  • boo Jay2014-02-08 21:32:37
    See You Space Cowboy

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  • boo Jay2014-01-31 16:58:38
    Sky Torch

    As is the case with most photos I take, this was by accident. I never meant for the building in the distance to be perfectly positioned with the sun. I thought I was taking a picture of a second horizon, so imagine my surprise when I noticed what looked like a ball of light being held up on a pedestal.

    #Saskatoon #Sunrise #Snapseed  
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  • boo Jay2013-11-12 23:57:03
    Frosty Winterland

    A quick shot before I head home from work.

    Cont'd from this post:

    #Saskatoon #Sunset #Snapseed  
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  • boo Jay2013-10-13 22:25:09

    It's good to be the middle little.

    Arguably the most adorable of My Lucky 7, Faye hardly suffers from Middle Child Syndrome, mainly due to her diminutive size, of course. Basically, she's cute and she knows it. At nearly half the size of everyone else, she gets pampered like no tomorrow. When you're the smallest of the lot, more often than not, there's always enough room for you to squeeze your way onto someone's lap. And while I don't play favorites myself, I have a firm belief that my dad most likely would save Faye first from a burning building!

    Actually, he has an interesting theory about Faye. I gave some details a few months prior about one of my pups unfortunately passing away prematurely a couple of days after she was born. She herself was tiny, so naturally my dad believes Faye to be a reincarnation of the one we lost. It's certainly a nice sentiment, but I never suspected that to be the case. Faye is unique enough as it is, and I don't want to burden her with the thought of having to carry her sister's legacy.

    Anyway, much like each and every single one of my canine toys, Faye has provided me with ample joy and comic relief. Being small means her legs can't carry her anywhere near fast enough to avoid the sibling stampede of her larger versions. Even with a head start, she'll get puppy rolled almost every time and I've witnessed this with guilty pleasure far too often. It's absolutely hilarious and would easily go viral if I ever managed to catch it properly on film.

    I guess if there's one fault Faye has, it's that she's incredibly protective. It would be wise NOT to sneak into her territory when she's comfortably snuggled next to one of us (especially my dad) because she will ninja attack and bite you with her mini teeth, ultimately tickling you to death with the kyoot!

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  • boo Jay2012-12-18 17:20:20
    End Of The World

    via +Alyss Heart 

    I feel like being an +Omar Modesto today ^_^

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  • boo Jay2014-03-28 18:53:32
    Marley Is So Dramatic!

    And shiny!

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  • boo Jay2014-03-02 09:37:22
    No One Wants To Be Left Behind

    "Love is just as much a human need for survival as food, air, or water. Whether that love is gay, straight, or platonic is irrelevant."

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  • boo Jay2014-01-09 13:22:44
    We're Getting Old...

    Today is Crono's 18th birthday!!

    And he's still going strong for an old-timer. Also in this photo are my younger cousins, +Andrew Nguyen and +Jenn Nguyen.

    This was taken on Nov. 24th, 1998.

    #Crono #ThrowbackThursday #MemoryLane #BlastFromThePast
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  • boo Jay2013-10-30 19:40:48
    Prince's Island Park

    It's a shame we went when most of the leaves had already fallen and been cleaned away. I'm sure this would have been a more spectacular sight just a few weeks earlier, but it still turned out all right.

    #Calgary #Snapseed  
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  • boo Jay2013-10-22 03:26:05
    All Hallows' Eve Is Nigh....


    Actually, I was just taking out the garbage after work today and took this shot, then processed the bejeezus out of it.

    Thanks +Shaun Thomas for helping me select this photo and putting up with my crazy XD

    #Saskatoon #Halloween #Sunset 
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  • boo Jay2013-09-30 05:44:00
    Goodbye Breaking Bad [NO SPOILERS]

    I'm very content with how it ended. I also can't help but sound like a broken record, but very rarely does a series maintain, let alone improve the quality of its writing show after show after show. This was one for the ages.

            Time to go into rehab.

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  • boo Jay2013-08-17 21:19:36
    The Bebbies

    Not enough puppies in my stream today, so I thought I'd fix that.

    #Kid   #Faye   #Spike   #Valentine   #Schala  

    Edited with #Aviary   
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  • boo Jay2013-08-13 06:43:26
    Kid's Older Sister

    Many of you know, and for those of you who don't, I have 7 little antidepressant packages running around my house all day. In a luckier world, that number would actually have been one better. Don't get me wrong, I'm fortunate enough as it is with the ones I do have. I realize few can handle or even be in a position to care for such a large number of pups. That said, I really do wish we could have kept her....

    All of my puppies (excluding the parents) were born in pairs. The day Kid and her twin sister were born was the first time I had ever witnessed such an event. My mom had called me at five in the morning to let me know Marley was in labor, so I excitedly and hurriedly rushed home from a friend's house--I had just finished watching Roger Federer complete the Career Slam with his French Open win. Adrenaline pumping and with a sudden ignorance of the existence of red traffic lights, what I found upon my arrival was a little black wet thing being carefully licked by its mother. Moments later, a slightly bigger, blacker, but no less wet, second thing popped out.


    It wasn't until things settled down that we began taking stock of the similarities and differences between the two. Firstly, I had no idea if those were microscopic penises I was looking at or not. They weren't. Secondly, the firstborn was much smaller, almost half the size of the younger one. In retrospect, it makes sense that the first one to come out has always been the smaller one--less resistance upon exiting XD. But there was one very important distinguishing feature of the older, frailer looking sister; she had a half-white mane, white-tipped paws and a white-tipped tail. For the record, none of my current dogs have anything close to that color scheme. 

    Even though secretly I was hoping for at least one boy in that litter, I was absolutely ecstatic to have these two. I was already imagining how beautiful and adorable they would be. I was looking forward to caring for them and watching them grow. I still remember their tiny cries and the highly addictive smell of their baby breath. My heart was stolen that day.

    A day later, we began noticing some problems with the older one, which I had decided to name Kid due to her smaller stature. While the younger one fed voraciously, Kid was having troubles latching on to her mother's teat. She seemed weak and struggled to make the climb onto Marley's belly to find her life source. Naturally, this made us worry so we decided to manually feed her. My mom and I took turns bottle feeding her, but even then, something wasn't right. While she eventually was able to start suckling, there were white bubbles forming around her nose. It seemed like she wasn't able to swallow the milk, at least not all of it. Not fully realizing the scope of the situation, we continued feeding her as often as we could, hoping she would gain enough strength in the coming days. In fact, my mom stayed up all night making sure she drank periodically. We thought we were making progress as Kid finally drank her mother's milk on her own, but the leaky nose remained.

    Another 24 hours later, my mom urgently summoned me again. Kid was limp. She was still breathing, although barely. It was at that time I decided to take her to the emergency vet clinic. You can imagine the emotions as we made the seemingly endless drive to the animal hospital. Poor Kid, wrapped up in a small blanket, was hanging on to dear life.

    This story doesn't have a happy ending as you've probably figured out.


    Later that day, I buried her in our garden. I didn't have a gravestone or anything like that, but the one thought that remains with me was that while our time together was short, the memories she left us will last a lifetime. It was then that I re-named her younger sister to Kid to commemorate the one we lost. 

    #Kid   #MissYou   #Marley
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  • boo Jay2013-08-12 06:31:58
    I call it..... THE HEISENBERG....

    +Loc Traine's not the only one who can hide his face!

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  • boo Jay2013-07-21 22:48:51
    Marley is 8!

    Today is Marley's birthday.

    We welcomed her into our family exactly four and a half years ago so we can finally say she's spent most of her life with us. She's given us so many presents during that time! ^_^

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  • boo Jay2013-06-14 07:11:30
    Man of Steel

    Rating: 5.5 out of 10

    Super-Meh is right.

    You know what? I don't even have the energy to go into detail. I finally give up, my childhood dreams are officially over. I no longer have expectations and I'm going to bed.

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  • boo Jay2013-05-16 16:01:58
    New Google+ Look

    Now that I've had a day to acclimate to the #NewLook , here are some of my random thoughts.

    The only thing I'm not digging right now are all the constant menu popups/drop downs. Those are giving me a headache since they accidentally creep up all the time, interrupting my experience.

    Some examples are: 

    [The Left Menu Ribbon] My mouse accidentally wanders over there all the time and I literally have to move it out of the way to see content which it's suddenly blocking.

    [Contact Cards] These attractive cards never used to bother me, but the same issue arises when the right Hangouts tab is open, my mouse accidentally hovers over a contact and a gigantic card blocks something I was reading. Not a problem, I just minimize Hangouts and ignore that feature altogether.

    [The Menu Bar] This thing drops down or disappears as you scroll up and down the stream. I was never a fan of this for the mobile app so you can imagine how ecstatic I was when this showed up on the desktop version. This is incredibly invasive and takes up valuable real estate when trying to view content. A fixed, minimalistic menu is a better solution, but that's just my opinion.

    Anyway, that's all that's really bothered me so far, nothing too major. Everything else looks very pretty and I'll adjust my usage accordingly, so no biggie.
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  • boo Jay2013-02-22 21:39:15

    Reshared text:
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  • boo Jay2013-02-07 17:43:27

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  • boo Jay2014-04-03 01:08:12
    What's Fair?

    One of the more difficult truths to discover in life is that it's not always fair. In fact, that's the reality for a lot of people. On the other hand, it's quite easy to just ignore how lucky you might be right now. It sounds cruel, but often that appreciation isn't felt until you've lost something that takes away what simple pleasures you did have. It can be a challenge in itself to recognize that, but if you're lucky enough to, hold onto whatever it is that does make you happy as best as you can, since you never know when life decides to strike again.

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  • boo Jay2014-03-26 17:10:26
    Supaiku! not impressed...

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  • boo Jay2014-02-27 22:15:32
    F U Winter

    -64°C = -83°F

    #Saskatoon #CanadaSucks  
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  • boo Jay2013-11-10 20:49:29
    Mount Boojay

    I keed. This is a random shot I took during a Sunday afternoon drive around Banff National Park near Johnson Lake two weeks ago. Conditions were not ideal, but I think it turned out ok.

    #Banff #Snapseed  
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  • boo Jay2013-10-25 22:31:19
    The Last Supper Sushi

    I think the good people at Kinjo will remember +Adam Prefontaine and I for a looong time. We finally learned that there is such a thing as too much sushi.

    Will edit this post with more details later...

    #Sushi #Calgary
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  • boo Jay2013-10-05 04:04:33

    Rating: 9.5+ out of 10

    TITANIC!.....In Space! ....but better...

    Just walked out of the theater and WOW. This and the recent conclusion of Breaking Bad have restored my faith in the entertainment industry. I actually wanted to give it a 10, but I can't just hand those out like candy anymore.

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  • boo Jay2013-08-05 04:16:14
    Flavorless Sashimi

    It may look pretty, but this is the most bland sushi I've ever had! It was like eating water-flavored jello....

    My mom bought this for me from Edmonton. It was purchased at the T & T Supermarket at West Ed Mall.

    Never again.

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  • boo Jay2013-07-29 04:15:01
    My 50 Most Relevant People Who Creep On My G+

    There, you happy, +Matt Phillips? Your ginormous head showed up on mine, now quit being such a fuckin' baby!

    Via +Kimberly Elaine & +Bobbi Jo Woods 

    Make your own:

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  • boo Jay2013-04-16 08:53:46
    WAFFLES!! #<(^_^)>#

    To the buttload of people who've added me over the past couple of days:

    WELCOME!! You're going to regret it.....
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  • boo Jay2013-03-30 04:04:40
    AYCE Ribs

    Could only manage a rack and a half, which was better than my cousin's pitiful attempt of only half a rack. He was smitten with the waitress though!
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  • boo Jay2013-02-21 19:02:07
    Did everything taste purple for a second?


    Reshared text:
    Just be yourself.

    Unless you could be Batman. Then, always be Batman.
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  • boo Jay2013-02-11 06:06:13
    Rurouni Kenshin 2012

    +Andrew Nguyen +Ami B +Alyss Heart +Bryon Leggett +Jen Manning +Shaun Thomas +Stb Hernandez +wara zashi 

    If you guys haven't seen this live action movie yet, you totally should. It's very well done!

    It reminded me a lot of Batman Begins/Dredd in that it was grounded, but stayed true to the characters, while not going over the top trying to emulate the source material, as many live actions have a tendency to do.

    The story was good, casting was superb, as was the acting, and the direction/mood of the film fit perfectly. Simply put, they did it right. I can't wait for them to make sequels!

    Oh yeah, the choreography was fantastic as well!
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  • boo Jay2012-12-21 14:33:30
    Happy Doomsday!!




    I hope you're all going out in style! (^_^)/

    Gangnam style....that is....
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  • boo Jay2012-09-10 08:23:14
    15 Things About Me via +Kay Shaw


    1] I'm going to have trouble coming up with 15 things so most of this list will be made up for my and your amusement. I will give prizes to whomever can distinguish what's true from what's false. These prizes are non-refundable and in most, if not all cases, non-existent. Also, I plan on stealing ideas from others and the internet.

    2] Sometimes I like to stand in front of the toaster and try not to flinch when the toast comes out. One time I forgot to plug in the toaster.

    3] Even though I'm Canadian, I don't like hockey.  I also refuse to acknowledge golf as a sport, unless riding Go Carts is considered a sport, in which case, golf still isn't a sport.

    4] I used to watch Aladdin so much as a kid that I could literally sit in class and watch the entire movie in my head, recite every line, imagine every scene, and sing every song. Jasmine is hot.

    5] I had trouble keeping my shoelaces tied in grade school and accidentally on purpose tripped over a classmate while walking down the hall. It was my ingenious way of saying Hi.

    6] I can eat over 70 pieces of AYCE sushi, but I cannot finish a bowl of miso soup.  Don't get me wrong, I like miso soup, but I've gotten it into my head that restaurants put some kind of poison drug into the mix to make customers feel bloated so that they discontinue eating.  This is why I will always drink miso last and think I'm dying afterwards when it takes effect.

    7] I've been clinically diagnosed as mentally unstable in the mornings. For breakfast once, I poured myself some cereal.  I then proceeded to dump the contents into the garbage, put the milk back in the cupboard, cereal inside the fridge, and couldn't figure out what I had just done until moments later when I noticed my bowl was empty.

    8] This list really needs to be just 10 things. I'm only halfway and am already running out of ideas. I'm seriously considering eating this jar of peanut butter.

    9] One time I painstakingly prepared for a debate, but for some reason I had forgotten I was supposed to be Against the subject matter, not For.  Obviously, I lost the debate, but my teacher called me the best Bullshitter he's ever seen considering the circumstances. I was SO happy.

    10] I will do any stunt on Fear Factor no matter how dangerous or foolhardy, except eating goat penises, rotten bull testicles, or expired maggot cheese dipped in discarded liposuction fat, etc. Fuck that shit.  

    11] Speaking of game shows, I would LOVE to take part in one of those crazy Japanese shows where you make an ass of yourself. I already do this on a daily basis and wouldn't mind recognition for my efforts.

    12] Up until grade 3, my teachers kept a notebook on me rating my daily behavior.  On days where there wasn't glaring red ink reading Talks Too Much, I got a gold star.  I didn't get many gold stars.

    13] I thought Dustin Hoffman and Al Pacino were the same person for the longest time. Other celebrities whom I still think are the same person are: Tobey Maguire/Jake Gyllenhaal, Amy Adams/Isla Fisher, Javier Bardem/Jeffrey Dean Martin, Zoe Saldana/Thandie Newton, Willem Dafoe/Denis Leary, Gary Busey/Nick Nolte.

    14] I'm pretty sure my mom didn't drop me as a baby, but I did Superman faceplant into the concrete as a kid.  This probably explains a LOT.
    15] My favorite color is rainbow.

    (Yeah yeah, I ran out of ideas :P)
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  • boo Jay2013-12-21 00:11:46
    Real Canadian Sundog

    Last sundog post, I promise. Probably.

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  • boo Jay2013-09-13 20:40:38
    Yellow Light

    So yesterday I was stopped at a red light (I think) and was waiting for the green left turn signal to come on....had a bit of trouble with my color recognition, you know, what with being completely blinded and all.

    Please note, I'm posting this from my desktop. Never G+ and drive kids! ;P

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  • boo Jay2013-08-30 04:12:10
    Lana "Lizzy Grant" del Rey

    Can't. Stop. Listening....

    I've literally laid on the couch and listened to this in full twice the last couple of days. It's ruining my life.

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  • boo Jay2013-07-25 03:18:46
    Photosphere Sunset

    Sort've... I actually missed it :(

    Hopefully it turned out ok anyway, will try again sometime.

    #Saskatoon #Photosphere  
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  • boo Jay2013-06-02 19:09:31
    +Roger Federer Wins 900th Career Match In Style!!

    Does anyone else need a trip to the emergency room for heart palpitations after witnessing that epic come-from-behind victory against the Frenchman, Gilles Simon??

    #RogerFederer #RF900 #FrenchOpen  
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  • boo Jay2013-04-05 18:10:29
    Fresh Snow Fall

    Go away snow, you whore!
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  • boo Jay2013-02-23 00:44:18
    All Sashimi Diet

    Hey +Dan Brill XD
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  • boo Jay2013-01-28 06:09:52

    Hehe, thanks for tagging me, +Katherine Lewis!

    I'll try my best to teach this to my pack ;D

    Reshared text:
    #gif  Хоровод
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  • boo Jay2014-03-27 16:56:50
    Crono & I Reflect

    Over a bagel...

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