Laurence Hubbard2012-02-08 22:52:45
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-02-04 05:23:41
    I approve.
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-01-28 01:44:39
    Incredible Sand Sculptures
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-01-20 02:18:28
    The inevitable has happened. The company across the lake in Rochester showed some pretty lousy vision as we moved into the digital era.
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-01-13 13:29:18
    Imagination - Just An Illusion

    Via +Konstantin Makov

    Reshared text:

    Impossible object

    Is a type of optical illusion consisting of a two-dimensional figure which is instantly and subconsciously interpreted by the visual system as representing a projection of a three-dimensional object although it is not actually possible for such an object to exist (at least not in the form interpreted by the visual system).In most cases the impossibility becomes apparent after viewing the figure for a few seconds. However, the initial impression of a 3D object remains even after it has been contradicted.

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  • Laurence Hubbard2011-12-13 20:52:11
    What a nice little collection of photos.
    I'm not much of a reader, but that has never stopped me from loving libraries.
    Beautifully designed reservoirs for information, meeting places for people with a hunger for knowledge...what's not to love?

    Via: +Chris Loft

    Reshared text:
    Flavorwire » The 25 Most Beautiful College Libraries in the World

    The college library, whether ornate or modern, digital or dusty, is in many ways the epicenter of the college experience — at least for some students. It is at once a shining emblem of vast, acquirable knowledge, a place for deep discussions and meetings of the mind, and of course, a big building full of books, which, as far as we’re concerned, is exciting enough. Colleges and universities are understandably quite proud of their libraries, which can be a selling point for prospective students and donating alumni alike, and they often become the most well-designed and beautifully adorned buildings on campus. To that end, and perhaps to inspire your studies a bit, we’ve collected a few of the most beautiful college and university libraries in the world, from Portugal to France to Boston. Did your alma mater’s library make the list?
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  • Laurence Hubbard2011-12-09 13:21:38
    Lego Art

    15 sculptures collected from the Internets
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  • Laurence Hubbard2011-12-06 08:28:06
    Some of the wood pixels are stuck, but this is a cool idea!

    Reshared text:
    Wood Mirror
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  • Laurence Hubbard2011-11-29 04:23:59

    Reshared text:
    Matching Matches Mating
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  • Laurence Hubbard2011-11-27 23:29:10
    Update from one hour ago:
    G+ found the owner...Facebook plea received one solitary "Like"
    Ummm yeah, huge surprise.

    Via +Michelle Sparks

    Reshared text:
    Update: The camera owner has been identified - email received from Firefit Canada:

    "Hello Mark,
    Thank you so much for the email.
    Yes I know exactly who the camera belongs to!
    He is a Delta Fire Fighter.
    I will have him contact you.
    Kind Regards,

    Thank you to everyone who responded with ideas (some listed below) - proof that the google+ hive-mind can be utilized to complete a simple gesture like returning someones photos :) Did I mention that I love Google+?

    Pics are posted in the album from the SD card (photos aren't mine, so the child remains anonymous).
    exif data has been looked at.
    Kamloops Fire Rescue and Firefit have been contacted.
    Canon Canada has be contacted re: camera serial number (reply received - no record of the serial number).
    The photos have been dropped into google search and specific websites mentioned in the comments (no luck yet).
    camera serial - canon eos rebel xs: 0520213746
    SD card (for those who inquired): Sandisk Extreme III 20mb/s 2GB (it's not uncommon for SD cards to survive underwater - regardless of brand).

    an interesting comparison: I posted this on facebook early this morning to try my luck there - it received one 'like' - that's it (there's a reason I left).

    Original Post:

    For Sale: Canon EOS 1000D
    Description: only used underwater once, in the Pacific Ocean, for approximately one year.

    Actual story: found off the end of a wharf in Deep Bay, BC while I was diving on a job for the harbour. I removed the SD card, cleaned it up, stuck it in a card reader and after being underwater in a corroding camera since August 2010 - it works! Approximately 50 pictures on the card from a family vacation. If you know a fire fighter from British Columbia whose team won the Pacific Regional Firefit competition, has a lovely wife and (now) 2 year old daughter - let me know. I would love to get them their vacation photos :)

    There are other clues on within the pictures - I think we should be able to track them down (not sure he'll want the camera back tho).
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  • Laurence Hubbard2011-11-21 18:38:43
    Cross service integration of Search, Maps, Places, etc will make your G+ business Page more capable than a Facebook page. Here's some reasons why.
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  • Laurence Hubbard2011-11-16 21:34:23
    The Patriot Act, Internet style?
    My American friends, don't stand by and let special interest groups have their way in Washington...again.
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  • Laurence Hubbard2011-11-08 17:58:43
    Thanks,+Marvin Ryan Vista for putting these together in one handy post!

    Reshared text:
    Know your Google meme.

    Do a barrel roll -
    Google Sphere -
    Epic Google -
    Google Gravity -
    Tilt -
    Google Loco -
    Google Gothic -
    Google Pacman -
    Google Guitar -
    Google Pirate -
    Google Rainbow -
    Google Reverse -

    This has been sitting on my bookmarks folder for a while now. Enjoy.
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  • Laurence Hubbard2011-10-29 20:39:11
    Push button - Receive bacon
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  • Laurence Hubbard2011-10-28 01:10:58
    Occupy Main Street
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  • Laurence Hubbard2011-10-27 22:32:57
    QR codes are so friggin' handy and they're just catching on!

    The other day, I walked by a house that was for sale, and it had a real estate sign with a QR code on it. So I scanned it with my phone and boom, the Web listing for the house, the price, size, etc. Wow No need for someone to be there to answer questions.
    Other interactive uses are super as well.
    So I did an image search and picked out some creative designs that go beyond the black square of squiggles.
    I didn't check if any worked, but here ya go...
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  • Laurence Hubbard2011-10-17 17:33:37
    I'm on a mission.

    YouTube takedowns have become a real problem for some of my friends with legit businesses. Ill-willed competitors are gaming the system and hurting the good guys. YouTube seems to have a different way than their parent, Google, and their behavior is adversely affecting Google's reputation, and my friends' livelihoods.
    I'm working on this in the background, but wanted to know if you have stories of injustice to share.

    Nothing like the power of public opinion on the Internet, to force entities to behave in a fair manner.

    We're G+ dammit, and we can make things happen. :-)
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  • Laurence Hubbard2011-10-13 19:40:50
    I like to know a little about everything, but it makes me an expert at nothing.

    Yesterday, a couple of friends were over. One of them has dedicated lots of time researching and experimenting with ways of getting off the power grid, to add to his deep background in construction. My other friend in the room was complaining about the utility bills at his properties, and was suddenly getting some great advice. It felt great to have hooked them up, and the expert in this case, was right there in the room. But he's only one expert, and that rarely happens in real life.

    Quora is good, FB and Wiki too, but Google+ has been awesome at connecting you to the people with answers, and it's only just begun. General Internet search is fantastic, but a socially-filtered search is even better.

    To me, G+ is, and will increasingly be, the hub of the hive mind, and the best way of connecting you with all the experts out there.
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  • Laurence Hubbard2011-10-06 14:26:33
    Right on.

    Reshared text:
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  • Laurence Hubbard2011-09-03 14:44:53
    Patent Wars

    I'd like to see most software patent suits dismissed, and force the lawyers working those cases to become engineers, or fight to the death in gladiator arenas.
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  • Laurence Hubbard2011-08-29 18:49:14
    Mondays really bug me.
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-10-20 20:36:55
    London Transport ad campaign
    Some awesome working bicycles photographed by Jason Hindley for ad firm M&C Saatchi
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-10-06 22:07:03
    ...and it's half past four and I'm shifting gear... ♫ 
    Golden Earring - Radar Love (Lyrics)
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-09-03 18:02:08
    Happy Labor Day to my friends in the US and Canada!
     It's a holiday here that celebrates the achievements of workers.

    It's also #monkeymonday  so here's a nice picture of a Chinese snub-nosed monkey.

    National Geographic photo by Cyril Ruoso
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-08-26 19:49:31
    Here's last night's +MovieRiff screenshot of The Room.
    A terrifically putrid film with some of the worst acting ever committed to celluloid...perfect for riffing!

    Met +Liz Krane finally, after so many months of text Plussing. Also +Bronwyn McGuckin and +Jake Kern  who turned out to be a very funny folks!

    Thanks for hosting, +Glenn Rogers, see you at the movies!
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-08-25 10:58:46
    I don't stay up all night too often...
    but when I do, I make sure to take sunrise pictures.
    Good morning Plussers!
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-08-05 20:42:46
    Usain Bolt is about to defend his crown as fastest man in the world. The highlight of the games for me!

    Live stream here:
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-08-02 22:06:32
    Very cool gif!

    Reshared text:
    Wildebeests. Lessons in life. • Video:
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-07-26 04:44:21
    Pictures are the new headlines

    Want to optimize your post appeal?

    Look below at the two examples of sharing the same link.
    I nearly always take advantage of the space allotted to us for images, in order to dress up a post to make it more appetizing.

    This strategy is useful for communicating at a glance, particularly for the global, multi-language crowd on Google+.

    So don't take the easy way out and share a link in the usual way, save a picture from the article and upload it as part of your post. If there's no great picture in the article, go find a suitable one on Image Search, one that will draw in your viewer, and increase engagement.

    Then paste the link for the article as part of the body of text in your post. If the link is long, shorten it with a URL shortener like Google's:

    Here's to more compelling posts!

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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-07-24 03:41:13
    Why hashtag and trend #starwarstuesday ?
    To #beatthebieber of course!
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-07-23 21:12:37
    Sorry, no lying :-)

    Reshared text:
    [Fox News banned in Canada because, unlike in America, it's illegal to lie on broadcast news.]

    (More on that here:

    How in the world lying on the news is still legal here in the US is beyond me.  I can't see any rational reason for it. Can someone explain?

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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-07-09 22:39:26
    Cucumber, cream cheese and orange pepper on buttered, toasted sesame whole wheat bread. You could also add garlic to make it Greek.
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-07-06 20:00:58
    The only show in town

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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-07-03 20:44:36
    A place to gather and celebrate "Star Wars Tuesday" every day!
    Add your Star Wars pictures to this Event gallery with the red button at the top. Meet fellow fans, share the Force.
    Party starts end date.
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-06-25 16:03:19
    I promise to cut down on the shameless promotions after this first HOA!

    Reshared text:
    Tea for Ten's first ON AIR Hangout is coming up Monday night 9 pm EDT!
    Anyone can watch live on this Page, and the Tea for Ten YouTube channel.
    It will then be archived for viewing later. 
    Special guests tea superstar +May King Tsang and chef +Larry Fournillier will be joined by other G+ tea lovers in this first ever Tea for Ten live streaming exciting!

    #Tea #HOA 
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-06-11 03:33:44
    Target market age, 30-40
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-06-06 06:03:28
    Wow, there's tons of Venus shots, but this is one of the best images, for sure!

    Reshared text:
    While sorting through my shots of the Transit of Venus I came across this one that also had a bird flying across the face of the sun. I didn't know that I had captured that. The silhouette is from the Bob Kerrey Pedestrain Bridge in Omaha, Nebraska. I am here for an Art show that starts Friday and runs until Sunday. This particular image was cropped quite a bit even though it was shot with the lens at 560mm. F32 at 1/5000 of a second.
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-06-02 02:40:12
    Ginger, apparently too domesticated.

    Reshared text:
    #170 is just outright laziness...
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-05-31 00:30:51
    Holy hopping Chinese vampires Batman!
    Tonight's +Qwipster movie was so stunningly bad. Extra bad because it was filmed in Toronto. Thanks for the laughs guys!
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-05-30 04:41:43

    Reshared text:
    Photo-bombing seal!
    I really laughed at that expression :D
    Thanks +Chuck Moore for this one via
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-05-28 22:31:46
    With my all-time favorite photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, it's usually about the moment, but this one is more about the composition.

    France. Brie. 1968

    Reshared text:
    The Geometry of the Moment

    "To take a photograph is to hold one’s breath when all faculties converge in the face of fleeting reality."

    by Henri Cartier-Bresson ➜
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-05-17 08:12:24

    Reshared text:
    Most Talked About People On Social Networks

    I started noticing a trend throughout the social media sphere. Every social network has slightly different types of conversations that take place. After doing a little research (and seeing folks like +Mike Elgan confirm my suspicion) I decided to create this simple photo that tells the story.

    Enjoy g+niuses. ;)
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-05-14 20:17:06
    Circle for Laura

    This is the first circle of my own that I've ever shared.
    I put it together for a long time friend who just joined Google+.
    People in this circle are kind, intelligent, and interesting.
    They're folks that Laura would probably like.
    These people have enriched my G+ experience, and are highly recommended to follow.
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-05-12 16:32:16
    Bugatti Concept boat by Ben Walsh.
    Love the car, and the boat looks as if it would be just as sweet.
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-05-11 16:17:23
    Tattoo locations, explained.

    Reshared text:
    Good stuff, from my friend +Alexander Fakeri owner of Mojo Web Solutions.
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-04-26 22:31:56
    Holy Atari!
    I could use some 8-BIT pale ale right about now.
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-04-16 23:48:31

    Reshared text:
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-04-09 14:44:55
    How's your force today?

    Reshared text:
    Teacup holding, explained
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-04-04 01:09:03
    Sunrise at the Cobourg beach
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-04-02 20:01:46
    It's like a bro code, yo.
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-03-08 19:36:10
    Coffee stains bad? Not always!

    Amazing 2 minute time-lapse portrait.

    Via +Natalie Shafer
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-03-07 20:46:23
    Haha, I'm a bit of a stickler too.

    Reshared text:
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-03-01 19:43:13
    Heavenly shot by +Christina Dimitriou


    Reshared text:
    SW Galerie
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-02-25 14:36:35
    I have lots of photographers in my stream, but I love it when an amateur takes an amazing shot!
    +Christa Laser is getting pretty good at her hobby.

    Reshared text:
    While I was pruning the rose bushes for the Spring, I found a secret little world. Do you think that the caterpillars think of these as their mountains?
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-02-24 20:29:25
    I know that G+ kicks Facebook ass, but some people around here are new, so +Michelle Marie put a helpful list together for starting off on the good foot.

    Reshared text:
    10 Important Tips for Google+ Beginners

    1. To get the most rewarding experience on Google+ begin by circling at least 300. I picked 300 since it’s a manageable number. Circle too little of a number of people and your stream will be dead, circle too many at the beginning and you might overwhelm yourself with an overload of information, most of all you’ll have a hard time making solid and lasting connections.

    Don’t just circle blindly or you’ll get bored. Do searches for terms you like reading about, if you’re interested in physics do a search for “Einstein”. The search results will bring up a ton of posts relating to your interests. Go through them then click on one that catches your eye. Check the users profile out, do you like their content? If so circle them! Keep doing this until you've got a good amount of people circled.

    2. Pay attention to the What’s Hot posts/section, some of the posts that get in the What’s Hot section come from hightly active engagers. Connect with them! You can learn a lot from watching what goes on in their threads. I haven’t met an active engager who wasn’t friendly, so don't be shy.

    3. Once you’ve started connecting with people who you share the same interests with and begin experiencing just how wonderful the community is you’ll start to realize that it no longer makes a difference if your real life friends and family move over from Facebook.

    Google+ is much different than Facebook in a sense that here you make new friends, friends who you will probably have a lot more in common with than your family or real life friends over on Facebook. Making new friends or connections seems like a daunting task but actually comes quite easily and naturally once you begin engaging with other people and find your place among a group with similar interests. Right now you want your friends and family here to fill a void, once that void is filled you wont give it much thought since you’ll be wrapped up in fun and interesting discussions or sidetracked by all the yummy information that fills your stream.

    4. Everybody wants comments and shares, that’s natural. Give it some time, once you begin actively engaging with other users you’ll notice more action on your posts so long as others find your content interesting. Google+ isn’t Twitter so posts that contain just a sentence or two will probably be overlooked. Look around, find out what other people are commenting on, pay attention to the topics that get attention. Provide users with content that will benefit them in some way. If you’re an expert at something write a post on tips and techniques. Be helpful, people will appreciate you for it!

    5. Post original content. Reshaing posts is a great way to spread something interesting but be interesting yourself and create unique content. People who only reshare the content of others probably won't have many people following them. We want to get to know YOU, not just them.

    6. Over time you’ll begin to make friends with other users by replying to their comments on a regular basis. If you jump all over the place and don’t become a regular commenter to a handful of people you follow then it’s kind of like you’re just passing by. When you become a regular commenter people will notice you, they’ll see that you’re an active engager. Engagers follow other engagers. Post helpful or interesting stuff and you’ll begin seeing an influx of comments and shares on your own posts.

    It takes time to grow your circles and a bit of skill in learning what types of posts get the most action. Don’t give up! Engage, engage, engage!

    7. One of the reasons users follow other users is because they’ve read a comment they wrote that was well thought out, helpful, or inspiring. One of the things I look for in following someone is their sense of humor. I love being around people who will make me laugh! So funny comments tend to grab my attention.

    8. It’s never too late to “click” with a group. Normally “clicks” are considered a bad thing, they remind us of high school. But here clicks are formed by people who share the same interests not people who flock together thinking they’re better than everyone else and don’t care to let anyone else join their “club”. Here everyone is open to connecting with new users, the more the Google+ community brings us, the better. So don’t feel like you can’t find a place to fit it, trust me there are thousands of places for you to fit in. We’re all very accepting here, we love connecting with new people!

    9. If you have questions, ask them! I don’t know one person here who wouldn’t take the time to answer a question from someone who is new. We were all new at one point and had our own questions. Heck... I still have questions! Don’t feel intimidated because you’re just learning when it seems everyone else is already an expert. We’re not, there are new features coming out all the time, we learn new things from people every day. We’re ALL learners. In fact, I think that’s why we’re here, to learn something new!

    10. Have fun! What could be more simpler than that?
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-02-21 03:36:58
    I love artsy audio designs. I've started an album...
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-02-17 04:34:58
    ...and more fun.

    Reshared text:
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-02-10 02:39:57
    I know it's not Caturday, but these are Jedi cats!

    Reshared text:
    #72 has the force...
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-02-07 18:27:59
    Getting to choose all new friends with my current tastes, is just one of many reasons I put Facebook behind me after a couple of weeks on the Plus.

    Via +David Bird

    Reshared text:
    After a couple of months of using G+ and building up my circles both with my profile and my pages I am finding that I am getting a much broader base than say 18 months of the same sort of stuff on facebook. Can't wait for google analytics to merge with G+ so I can get a much better idea of the actual views etc. All in all I find G+ to be the best `Social Media' out.
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-02-02 17:28:17
    Handy tips for those wanting to take full advantage of the awesome G+ photo interface.

    Reshared text:
    Google+ photo management tips and tricks

    Sometimes you want to do something that the standard Google+ photos interface doesn't allow you to do, but fortunately there's work arounds for most of them.

    Do note these aren't necessarily easy to do, so unless you edit your photos before posting them and have something of a portfolio on Google+ these might not be worth it for you.

    Moving photos without losing its comments and +1's

    What happens to me quite often is that I post a photo directly in a post and I have no idea if people will really like it or not - perhaps this is partially inexperience or maybe I'm just to close to the subject matter to judge if it is a really great photo or not.

    However I like having my most viewed photos in a Portfolio album, so the way I moved them if they do get a lot of comments, +1's and views is by:

    - Go to
    - Goto "Photos from posts" and find the photo you want to move there and open it
    - Click 'Actions' > 'Move to another album" and click ok on the warning

    Presto, it will now be in the album and retain all of its social interactions.

    Uploading new edits of a photo

    Sometimes I'll post a photo while I'm on a trip and because of the quick hotel-room-edit I know I need to revisit it at some time - or sometimes it's just a new burst of inspiration on how to process a photo.

    Either way I end up with a better version that I want to replace the original post with, you could post it as a separate photo of course but people tend to get bored if you post the same photo lots of times, so I prefer to replace the original one.

    - Download the desktop Picasa client from
    - 'File' > 'Import Google+ photos' (it will prompt you to login)
    - Find the image you want to replace, right click on it > 'Show in Finder'
    - Then copy the new version of your image over the old Picasa version
    - In Picasa right click on the image again and select:
    'Online actions' > 'Update online Photo'

    Upload directly to your Portfolio and share

    If you do know you want to include an image in an album like your portfolio you can upload it there directly through the G+ photos interface by clicking 'Add more photos', and it will ask you to share that image when its done uploading.

    The benefit of doing this is that it will only share that one image (giving you a nice and large preview), but people will be able to click next / previous to see the other images in your portfolio giving your other work more visibility.

    Ordering your Portfolio by date

    - Go to
    - Open your Portfolio album
    - Select 'Organize' and then use the 'By date (oldest first)' or 'By date (newest first)' options and click done

    Making your Portfolio your first album on your photos tab

    If you look at your photos page you'll see that it only shows 4 albums there, and an option to 'View all albums', since you probably want people to find your best images first and not send them through a wildly chaotic mix of your photos from posts it would be great if your portfolio would be in those first 4 albums right?

    The way you do that is by:

    - Go to
    - Open your portfolio album
    - Select 'Actions' > 'Album properties'
    - In the 'Date' field enter a date far into the future, for instance I've used Jan 1st 2016

    Now it'll always show your portfolio in those first albums on your photos tab
    (see as example)

    Do you have any tips?

    If you have some Google+ photo management tips and tricks you can share with us, let us know in the comments!
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-02-02 17:22:49
    Amazing compilation by G+ super-helper +Johnathan Chung!

    Reshared text:
    Over 200 Free Online Educational Resources (v.2.1)

    Warning: Very long post. Please open in a new browser tab.

    Here is decades' worth of knowledge freely available online for those who love to learn. Links that fit under multiple categories are listed only once.

    What are your favorite sites to learn from? What sites would you add to this list?

    (View the original post for any future updates:


    I. Top Picks
    II. Universities and Higher Education (updated to v.2.0 on 1/27/12)
    III. General Collections (updated to v.2.1 on 2/1/12)
    IV. How-to & DIY
    V. Studying with Peers
    VI. Online Books, eBooks, & Journals
    VII. Computers, Software, & Programming (updated to v.2.1 on 2/1/12)
    VIII. Science & Math (updated to v.2.0 on 1/27/12)
    IX. Logic, Words, & Memory
    X. Languages
    XI. Music (updated to v.1.2 on 1/26/12)
    XII. History
    XIII. Business, Economics, Finance, & Investing (updated to v.1.2 on 1/26/12)
    XIV. Food, Nutrition, & Cooking
    XV. Survival Tips
    XVI. Documentaries & Film Studies (updated to v.2.1 on 2/1/12)
    XVII. Other



    Khan Academy

    Academic Earth - Online courses from the world's top scholars

    TED - Technology, Entertainment, & Design

    MIT Open CourseWare

    Stanford Engineering Everywhere

    Open Yale Courses

    About U. - Collection of free online courses from


    YouTube EDU

    The Open University - Study at the OU

    University of the People

    University of Reddit

    Open Culture - The best free cultural & educational media on the web

    VideoLectures - Exchange ideas & share knowledge

    CosmoLearning - Free educational website with thousands of courses & documentaries



    Lecture Fox - Free university lectures

    Faculty Project - The best professors from the world's leading Universities

    More Open Courses:

    OCW Search - Find free university courses online

    Open Courseware Consortium

    Harvard Extension School - Computer Science & Technology

    Johns Hopkins University

    Kaplan University

    Notre Dame

    Princeton's Institute for Advanced Study


    Utah State

    Google in Education

    ArsDigita University - Computer science and math lectures

    UC Berkeley Webcast - Central service for online video & audio for learners around the globe

    UC Berkeley Video Courses - Free education online

    Capilano University

    Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative

    Delft University of Technology

    Rice University Connexions - A place to view and share educational modules

    Stanford on iTunes U - Stanford-related digital audio content

    UC Irvine

    UC San Diego Podcasts

    University of Chicago's Mind Online - Thought-provoking samples of critical thinking & debate

    University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

    University of Massachusetts

    University of Michigan

    University of Southern Queensland

    University of Sydney - Podcast episodes

    University of Virginia - Podcasts & webcasts

    University of Washington - Computer Science & Engineering

    Utah Valley University - Online courses & open educational resources

    YouTube Channels:


    Stanford Class Central - YouTube summaries of Stanford's online courses

    UC Berkeley

    University of New South Wales


    India's NPTEL



    Udemy - Take and build online courses on any subject

    Free Video Lectures - 800+ Online Courses and 19,000+ Videos from Top 30+ Universities on 35+ Categories

    100 Intro Open Courses on Everything You've Ever Wanted to Learn

    Annotum (formerly Google's Knol)

    IncrediCampus - Lectures and preparation/admission advice for college & graduate schools

    Learners TV - Thousands of downloadable video lectures on liberal arts, science, engineering, and more

    Online Education Database - 200 free online classes to learn anything

    Infoplease - All the knowledge you need

    MERLOT - Multimedia educational resource for learning and online teaching

    Internet Archive

    101 Online Self-improvement Resources

    Alison - 300 free online courses at certificate or diploma level (sign-up required)

    Teaching Resources:

    The Orange Grove Digital Repository - Online library of openly available instructional resources for Florida's educators - Browse teacher resources


    IV. HOW-TO & DIY

    WikiHow - The how-to manual that you can edit

    How Stuff Works

    Wonder How To


    Make Magazine

    How-to Help & Videos for Dummies

    VideoJug - Get good at life

    How to Create a Book in Wikipedia

    Let's Make Robots



    Open Study - Study together

    P2P University - Learn anything with your peers

    Study Blue - Your digital backpack



    Google Books

    WikiBooks - Open-content textbooks collection that anyone can edit

    Project Gutenberg

    Planet eBook - Home of free classic literature

    Open Book Project

    The Free Library

    Many Books - Ad-free eBooks

    WorldCat - Collections & services of more than 10,000 libraries worldwide

    iBiblio - The public's library and digital archive

    LibriVox - Free public domain audiobooks

    The Assayer - Web's largest catalog of books whose authors have made them available for free Free eBook Collection

    Scribd - Reading and publishing evolved

    Textbook Revolution - Student-run site dedicated to increasing the use of free educational materials

    Directory of Open Access Journals

    eReaderIQ - Recent non-public domain freebies & price-drop alerts

    Longform - New and classic non-fiction articles curated across the web

    Flatworld Knowledge - The first and largest publisher of free & open textbooks



    W3Schools - The world's largest web development site

    Google Code University

    The New Boston - Step-by-step tutorials for multiple coding languages

    UDacity - CS 101

    PHP Academy

    Better PHP

    Wired How-to Wiki - Teach a kid to program

    NetTuts+ - A large collection of coding tutorials

    Tutorial Guide - The site for all your tutorial needs

    Codecademy - Fun & interactive way to learn how to code

    Free Technology Academy - High quality educational material based on free software & open standards

    Higher Computing for Everyone - Writing basic programs

    HTML 5 Please

    Rails for Zombies

    Ruby Warrior - Open source game to teach Ruby language

    Got API - Documentation search engine

    Coding Bat - Online code practice in Java & Python

    PySchools - Python programming language tutorial

    appendTo - Learn jQuery and Javascript for free

    Lynda - Online software training videos

    Intro to Linux

    Stack Overflow - Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers

    DZone - Fresh links for developers

    Project Euler - A series of challenging mathematical & computer programming problems

    Photoshop & Graphics:

    Tutorial Hero - Photoshop & Flash tutorials

    PSD Tuts+

    Photoshop Tutorials

    Graphic Tutorials

    Photoshop Pack Graphic Design Resources

    PSD FanExtra Tutorials

    Vandelay Design - Photoshop Tutorial Hall of Fame

    Grokking the GIMP

    Video CoPilot - Tutorials for VFx & motion graphics



    Google Scholar - Stand on the shoulder of giants

    Scirus - The most comprehensive scientific research tool on the web

    Cite Seer X - Access scientific and scholarly knowledge

    getCited - Academic database, directory, & discussion forum

    National Science Digital Library - Explore, share, create

    Science Magazine Podcasts

    National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning - Science, Engineering, & Technology

    KQED's Quest - Explore science, nature, and environment stories from Northern California and beyond

    Freelance Teacher - Videos on physics, chemistry, math, & biology

    FHSST - Free high school science texts in physical sciences & math

    Free Science Lectures - Free Science Videos & Lectures

    Physicist TV - Collection of science & documentary videos

    Educated Earth - Videos on astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth sciences, math, physics, and more

    cK-12 Flexbooks

    Paul's Online Math Notes

    Reddit's List of Useful Online Math Resources

    Math, Better Explained

    Astronomy & Outerspace:

    Space Engine - Free space simulation software

    Google Sky

    NASA for Students

    Scale of the Universe - Interactive Flash Animation


    Vassar Stats - Concepts and applications of inferential statistics

    StatSoft Electronic Statistics Textbook

    Connexions Collaborative Statistics

    Handbook of Biological Statistics



    Mind Tools - Memory improvement techniques

    The Nizkor Project - List of logical fallacies

    Wikipedia's List of Logical Fallacies

    Wikipedia's List of Figures of Speech

    Tool Kit for Rhetorical Analysis

    KnoWord - Expand your vocabulary - Learn new words & explore language

    Brain Workshop - A Dual N-Back Game

    Argument Mapping Tutorials

    Philosophy Bites - Podcasts of top philsophers



    Basic Composition - Reading & Writing

    BBC Languages - Beginner courses in multiple languages

    Foreign Service Institute Language Courses

    Language Guide - Foreign language vocabulary, grammar, & readings

    eLanguage School - Free foreign language lessons online

    Free Online Language Courses via

    DuoLingo - Learn a language for free & simultaneously translate the web

    Babel Nation - Learning languages online for free

    Transparent Language - Language learning software & resources in over 100 languages

    Survival Phrases - Learn essential travel phrases, tips, and insights

    Talk to Me in Korean

    Chinese Toolbox - Software for learning Chinese through reading

    LiveMocha - World's largest language learning community

    American Sign Language (ASL) University

    Handspeak - Sign language

    Signing Savvy - Your sign language resource



    Berklee Shares - Free music lessons from Berklee College of Music

    Music Theory - Lessons, exercises, & tools

    Ear Training & Music Theory Software

    Basic Music Theory Music Education - Music theory

    Teoria - Music Theory Web

    Ultimate Guitar - Lessons, techniques, & styles

    Justin Guitar - The best guitar instruction on the web

    Chorder - Chord fingering and guitar resources

    Funk University - Assembly of Music's Finest

    Play Bass Now - Lessons, licks, and low notes

    How to Play Piano



    Teacher Resources - Western Civilization (52 half-hour video programs)

    Metropolitan Museum of Art - Timeline of Art History




    Google Advisor

    Google Finance

    MarketWatch by WSJ

    Main Street - Business & financial headlines & advice

    Stanford University's Entrepreneurship Corner

    Value Based Management - Methods, models, and theories

    Ludwig von Mises Institute - Austrian economics and praxeology

    Foundation for Economic Education

    Library of Economics and Liberty



    Good Eats Fan Page

    Jamie's Home Cooking Skills

    Chef Todd Mohr's Web Cooking Classes (YouTube)

    Nutrition Data - Self nutrition data; know what you eat - Smart nutrition & practical tips

    Choose My Plate via USDA

    The World's Healthiest Foods

    Calorie King

    Start Making Choices - Simple ideas for living healthier on a budget

    Eat Right Nutrition Tips



    Off Grid Survival - Wilderness and urban survival skills

    Backwoods Magazine - Self reliance and self sufficiency

    Survival Topics - Your online survival kit

    Wilderness Survival - Free info covering all aspects of survival

    Discovery's Worst-Case Scenario Video Clips



    Documentary Wire

    Factual TV - The documentary film video store

    Documentary Heaven - Food for your brain

    Surf the Channel

    DocuWatch - Free streaming documentaries on Art, History, Science, and more

    Documentary Tube - Watch full-length documentaries online for free

    Documentary Log - Watch hundreds of the most interesting, popular, and full-length documentaries

    Documentary Stream

    Documentary Storm - Free streaming documentaries

    Top Documentary Films - Watch free documentaries online

    Movies Found Online - Free movies & documentaries

    Quick Silver Screen - Movies & documentaries

    MVGroup Forums - An education in P2P (sign-up required)

    Film Studies:

    Film Studies for Free - Web archive of notable film studies resources

    Online Film and Movie Image Studies, PhD and MPhil Theses

    Online Film and Media Studies Journals


    Advanced Yoga Practices - Directory for Main Lessons

    Creative Live - A live, worldwide creative classroom
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-02-01 04:41:42
    Not that I really need a pizza cutter but...
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-01-20 14:42:39
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-01-17 15:27:02
    Some funny photos in this gallery. No Photoshop, just good timing and setup of elements.

    Reshared text:
    Could it be?
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-01-14 22:23:13
    Go ahead, call me a hippie, but I love cooperatives. This is a think tank group to help yourself, and for you to help others. If you have a skill, you can trade it as currency to get something you need. Check out this page, you may end up just giving advice to turn someone's life around, or receive help that changes your own life.
    People helping each other with the help of +Rob Gordon and the VBT!
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-01-08 04:19:31
    We were finally defeated by badness!
    Tonight the MovieRiff gang took in the worst movie ever made. We usually look for crappy films to mock, but we weren't ready for such extreme awfulness.
    Unwatchable, even by pros.
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  • Laurence Hubbard2011-12-28 11:29:41
    Are you a barefoot runner?

    It's a pretty serious trend in running and running shoes. I've seen extensive conversations take place on +Terrence Lui's profile, and I'd like to hear what you think.
    I'm a sprinter, so I like a springy platform, but I have a shoe fetish and can't help but be intrigued by this fitness movement.
    This link provides some great information and has expert comments.

    ...and here's a New Zealand (Awesome runners) Google+ Page

    +Barefoot Running NZ

    Apparently it transforms the runner's gait in half of the users, to a forefoot-strike stride...but is that really good for you? Is it okay on pavement?
    What are your impressions, and what shoes have you tried?

    Here's a pair I like the look of...minimal construction, flashy, and super-breathable upper...downright sexy if you ask me!
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  • Laurence Hubbard2011-12-11 06:53:54
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  • Laurence Hubbard2011-12-11 06:53:49
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  • Laurence Hubbard2011-12-10 08:34:52
    Surrounded on Caturday.

    Reshared text:
    #28 has the Caturday theme...
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  • Laurence Hubbard2011-12-09 20:18:44
    If I were American, I would be all over this. Thank you +Bernie Sanders for standing up for what's right. The separation of corporation and state is more important than ever.

    Via: +Angel Leon

    Reshared text:
    Sen. Sanders proposes a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. Show your support here:
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  • Laurence Hubbard2011-12-08 16:42:26
    I was in a car with a friend when the horrible news came on the radio.
    We cancelled out trip to where we were going, and drove up to the top of Mount Royal in Montreal, parked at the lookout and listened to Lennon songs on the radio...and cried.

    Do you remember where you were when you heard that John was killed?
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  • Laurence Hubbard2011-12-03 02:23:36
    I don't need an ordered and elegant universe. I'm content with chaos. I don't even need answers, I can find happiness in just the questions.

    Reshared text:
    Indeed! (◕‿◕)'
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  • Laurence Hubbard2011-12-01 22:52:08
    This is just plain freaky!

    Reshared text:
    An Interesting Angle on Numbers...
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  • Laurence Hubbard2011-11-28 20:35:49
    A lot of it is an innate good sense of aesthetics, but programs like Photoshop, Instragram, and G+'s own Creative Kit, are allowing amateurs to create good art from a cell phone camera, essentially evening the playing field with the pros.

    Reshared text:
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  • Laurence Hubbard2011-11-19 18:45:23
    Happy Mario Carurday!
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  • Laurence Hubbard2011-11-18 04:50:27
    Betchya can't dance like this!
    Rip-roarin', foot-stompin', toe-tappin' fun♫
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  • Laurence Hubbard2011-11-01 10:19:18
    It's pretty apparent that much like the Honey Badger, tortoises just don't give a sh**
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  • Laurence Hubbard2011-10-21 22:54:39
    Emoticons deserve official punctuation status!

    You see how that exclamation point conveys the emotion of excitement?
    Have you ever written text, and the sarcasm got missed by the reader?
    Tone of voice gets lost in text and it needs our help.
    I use emoticons frequently, mostly to denote sarcasm or lightheartedness, because they help convey my message more accurately.

    I'd like to see the happy face, winky face, and perhaps frowny face, achieve official recognition, maybe even dedicated keys on the standard keyboard...or else I'll come over to your house and kill you ;-)
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  • Laurence Hubbard2011-10-17 20:02:20
    That is good to know.

    Reshared text:
    Google launched a site today called "Good to Know" about privacy on the internet -- and perhaps most importantly, about what data Google keeps, why it keeps it, and how you can control it.
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  • Laurence Hubbard2011-08-23 20:00:10
    Stunning shot from today's earthquake devastation:
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-12-30 16:22:59
    Thanks to Matty. I'm sharing this for Laurence. Take care of each other, Pauline

    Reshared text:
    Everyone raise a glass in honor of +Laurence Hubbard (creator of +Tea for Ten and someone many of us called friend)

    Hanging out and enjoying Laurence who truly appreciated good sense of humor and cheer. He loved +Google+ and hanging out, fascinated by it 
    as he explored it... It is sad to have lost him so soon and my thoughts
    are with his family, friends and everyone who was in his life. I hope he is in a beautiful place right now with no pain and able to still be all over our hangouts in spirit.

    Here are some awesome moments with +Laurence Hubbard in one of the parts from the 24+ hour hangoutathon from September:
    Hangout Conversations w/Matt Rappaport ANNIVERSARY HANGOUTATHON MARATHON ONE YEAR SHOW Part +3


    Here's an earlier HOA with Laurence in which he talks about +Tea for Ten and their hangouts and just more info and good +Hangout Moments with him:
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-10-31 04:33:02
    Last night, we had a blackout for a few hours because of hurricane Sandy, and I realized that I still really want one of these Solio chargers. Backup power to charge my phone, that can use the sun to load up its battery.
    I heard that Obama has one.
    Such great industrial design and utility!

    #bugoutgear   #solarcharger   #survivalist  
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-10-15 21:49:06
    After 300 posts, I'm retiring from the CCC. It's my time to just be a contestant.
    It was a really fun part of my G+ experience, but I don't have time for it now.
    The Page has been taken over by three funny young lads +Craig Froehle +Bill Blonigan and +David Page, who will continue and hopefully grow with it for years to come.

    If you like photo captions, go circle the Google+ original, and join us for daily laughs!

    Reshared text:
    #300 is my final #caturday pic...

    I hope everyone has been enjoying this Page as much as I have. It will continue. I'm retiring for now, gonna kick back, have some laughs, and let the youngsters take the helm. Thanks CCC'ers... it's been a blast!
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-10-08 20:26:41
    +MovieRiff screenshot for Killdozer
    If you like the idea of mocking bad movies, add the Page and join the fun!
    Thanks +Glenn Rogers for picking a perfect stinker for our amusement.
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-09-24 02:48:56
    +MovieRiff screenshot from this afternoon.
    Exceptionally bad. Bravo +Glenn Rogers and thanks for the laughs!
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-09-19 03:26:30
    Goodnight Plussers and Happy #starwarstuesday

    Reshared text:
    #272 can be used for #sacredsunday  or #starwarstuesday ...
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-09-17 12:22:18
    It's been over a year since I shared my still fave TED Talk.
    People who have gotten to know me over this past year know how much I love these principles. Sharing and helping each other so we all live better.

    Us Plussers are pretty aware that technology will end up solving many of the world's problems, this talk gives us hope that it can happen.

    Reshared text:
    My favorite TED Talk so far has been from this bright woman. So optimistic. just like me!
    She will inspire you to look at sharing in a new way, a smarter, wired way. We're all in this together!
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-09-16 21:21:22
    *Today, +MovieRiff featured brains.* 
    What more could you ask for?
    If you like making fun of bad movies, add +Glenn Rogers' Page and join us next weekend!
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-09-10 20:14:59
    St. Catherine St. 
    Montreal - 1980 

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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-09-06 22:30:20
    As requested, the kettle whistle...
    Ok, so it's not much like a harmonica, and more like a MOOG.
    Still, pretty nifty.
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-09-01 23:55:15
    Samsung defines a new category, the Smartcamera
    This looks like a game-changer to me. Perfect hybrid of two good devices. Nice lines too. Other cameras have run Android, but this looks like the one that will pierce the public consciousness.
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-08-30 18:16:03
    In social media, people who put in more than they take out, the helpers, are treasured for their value. You think it hurts Martin to give away all that expertise for free? Think again, it just makes him more of a go-to guy, which is great for his business.
    A good way to become an influencer...  generous, killer posts!

    Reshared text:
    The art and science of measurement using Google+...

    This is an article for people in social media looking to measure 'return on investment', entrepreneurs looking at making money through on or offline activities, anyone else, as food for thought, who is considering ways to monetize activity.

    Why consider using measurements on Google+?

    One challenge many people have is how to measure the Return on Investment of social media activities.
    I first studied marketing as part of my degree in Law and Business Studies in 1995; when I began using Adwords almost 10 years ago I realized the power was in the measurement.
    For the first time, using the Adwords platform, I was able to measure the cost of a sale in a business through reverse engineering the process:
    In order to achieve 1 sale, it took 10 enquiries, at a cost of $5 an
    enquiry, based on $0.50 pay per click and a conversion rate of 10% on
    the website = $50 as the cost of sale/price of acquiring a new customer.
    This made marketing so much more easy to measure.
    (Overture was one of the companies I used before Google, but I found the
    Google system to be better for end to end measurement.)

    Applying this thinking to Google+

    Every post that we make on Google+ has an element of art and design built in it; every word we write, every image or link we choose to attach all display as aspect of ourselves. This is the art.

    Also, in the same way as measurement using Google Adwords is a science, I believe 'ripples' will be used to analyze online activity. 
    And here is just one suggestion that could be used for people to think about
    monetizing activity on the Google+ platform (if not already doing so).

    Here is one way of applying the thinking:

    Either for your own business or for someone else with whom you agree an affiliate/referral kind of a deal...

    1. Set up a unique URL with analytics. This landing page is only going
    to be accessible from a social media campaign.
    So, for instance, you know the source of the traffic is a Google+ post.

    2. On the landing page, create a call to action e.g. a phone call
    (with a code to quote), a contact form, a purchase etc.
    Note: creating landing pages that really work is an art form that can
    then be measured to their responsiveness.
    Doing split runs on landing pages will find the ones that convert the best.

    3. Create a Google+ campaign - this could be one post or numerous with
    content that is 'relatable' in some way i.e. it links between the business and the audience.

    4. Seriously incentivize people for taking action e.g. discounts, exclusives, competitions etc.

    5. Measure the number of actions that are created on the landing page
    from the traffic being driven to it from the campaign.
    You may want to use cookies to measure the actions that could occur
    over a 30 day period (as people may visit the site but not e.g. fill in the form until a later visit)

    6. Analyze the spread of the posts using ripples. Using a simple
    system such as RippleRank below, you can measure the level of influence of specific people in the network.

    7. Approach the people with the greatest influence (i.e. not only
    those who relate to the message but also have influence further so
    that other people relate enough to share it onwards) - these people
    are your main social assets...reward them!!!

    If people in your network don't relate to an idea then the idea will not spread.
    Trying to ‘sell’ to people, therefore, simply won’t work unless people relate to the message.
    Also, keeping ideas within the Google+ platform will tend to create less
    friction so that ideas spread more easily.
    As such you campaign needs to consider this carefully to ensure that
    the landing page has activity, not just a post getting more shares.

    Quick example:

    If you have an 'ethical chocolate club' and you want to offer a deal
    on a $100 box of chocolates for $20 then you can find those who relate to this
    message by considering the shares. 
    You could then look at setting up a monthly ‘chocolate club’ and having people pay $47 a month on a 12 month subscription etc
    If people relate to this message within your network, they will see this is a great offer and be appreciative you found it for them.

    Note: you can also analyze other people's campaigns as well. This
    gives you insight into influencers on certain relatable topics.

    RippleRank as a way of analysing further...

    Definition: the relative rating of network influence.
    Context and analysis - based on the ripples from posts, or series of
    posts combined, to give a % weighting

    This is a method of analysis I have been working on for a while.
    At a glance you can attribute relative influence of a person within the network for an individual post.
    Data take from several posts could be aggregated to give greater meaning as well.

    The more people's personal network relate to a message (even when not the
    originator), the more the message will spread.

    Let's take a quick example.
    A post has 700 shares over a given period of time.
    Yes, I know this is a lot but it regularly happens if a post goes on What’s Hot.
    Looking at the ripples, we see that two people - Alan and Barbara -
    constituted much of the influence of the onwards shares.
    Then there were many individuals who shared but there was no onward sharing.

    As a simple formula:

    700 shares = one person (Alan) with 70 + one person (Barbara) with
    35 + four hundred and sixty five people with 1 share each
    We can then make it into percentages of influence:
    100% = 10% (Alan) + 5% (Barbara) + 0.182 (per person)

    So we could consider Alan having a basic RippleRank of 10 and Barbara of 5

    Yes, I know it is based on a % of activity in this example but in time we may have access to the data in an easy way for +1s and comments
    By drilling down into the +1s and comments would could then attribute values of:
    +1 = x 
    comment = y 
    share = z
    Where weighting of e.g. x=1, y=2, z=5 is the attributed, giving this a deeper set of information on general influence, especially if we then also factor in a % of onward +1s, comments and shares being weighted back to this person as a hub of influence.
    But for the sake of this example, I will keep it simple i.e. the assumption here is that shares = more people reading the post = more visitors to the landing page.
    We can, however, tie this information back into analytics data and
    attribute the source (i.e. the influencer) in terms such as:
    $10,000 of sales = 10% + 5% + 85%
    So we can see that the relative influence to sales was:
    Alan = $1000
    Barbara = $500
    Others = $18.20 each

    Different rankings based on content:

    A person has a different RippleRank for different content, based upon how relatable the subject matter is to their network.
    If you send out content to which your network does not relate, you will receive a low RippleRank
    So, people in your own personal network may or may not relate to deals
    on computer components, others may relate to offers on boxes of chocolates.
    You will still have a RippleRank for each of these areas if people do
    relate though.
    This is not, therefore a numbers game; this is about relationships.


    Please note: I expect Google will be building in more and more tools within the Google+ platform over time.
    None of us know what the future holds. But could this be one way for people to earn money?

    +Vic Gundotra said "what if we understood individuals..."
    Well, if you can understand who has influence in what areas there could be even more opportunities for people using Google+
    If an individual was to initiate the campaign themselves then this could be a
    brilliant for a company as it would drive traffic without their involvement.
    If, for instance, I was to review a product and give a link to a website where it could be brought, my influence in monetary terms can be measured.
    I am putting my reputation on the line and in return, effectively,
    having an affiliate deal.
    In this way you become the originator of the posts instead of an intial sharer.
    This would give a RippleRank of 100 to that person as all onward shares/comments/+1s are coming from this initial action.

    So, I know there is a culture which tends to push against anything salesy on
    Google+ but I wanted to show how this method could be used as a win:win:win
    People get a good deal, you get a referral fee and the company has a
    new customer.
    Food for thought, well ethical chocolates anyway...

    #ripples   #ripplerank   #makinggooglepluswork   #googleplustips  
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-08-22 02:01:24
    Just in case you haven't seen this viral video of the sexy sax man the man above the law, here it is.
    Don't blame me if you get Careless Whispers stuck in your head.
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-08-20 14:27:20
    Would you make Samsung pay for trying to fool people into mistaking their phone for an iPhone?

    They're in a huge patent case right now. The guys at +The Verge seem to think the operating patents like double-tap to zoom, are a wash, but think Samsung should be punished for "Trade Dress"
    visual design infringement.
    Your thoughts?
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-08-19 03:05:40
    McKayla is not impressed by double-rainbows.
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-08-16 00:55:03
    +Qwipster tonight featured John Wayne as Genghis Khan in The Conqueror .... yes you heard me right.
    They put a Fu Manchu mustache on him and let him deliver his lines as if it were True Grit. You expect him to say "Pilgrim" at the end of every sentence!
    Good riffing material.
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-08-14 06:33:29
    The real spirit of the Olympics.
    Via +Lars DeRuntz 

    Reshared text:
    Only governments want war
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  • Laurence Hubbard2012-08-12 02:45:41
    Tonight's +MovieRiff was devilishly bad!
    Thanks +Glenn Rogers for hosting.
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