Jaana Nyström2014-04-20 15:34:18
Moving an already shared image to another Google+ album on a desktop

I did more testing as someone said that they cannot do this on mobile.
Has anyone tested, moving images from one album to another on a mobile device?

Does it work the same way?
My phones are so old, I don't have the same functions as the 4.4 Android ones.

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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-20 14:45:08
    Just testing something here...

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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-20 13:11:38
    The Year Ahead: 5 Social Media Trends Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

    Google+ is for real.

    "If there’s one social network businesses should pay specific attention to, it’s Google+, which is already playing a more important role in Google’s organic ranking algorithm. I expect this trend will continue.

    To the surprise of many across the SEO industry, Google’s Matt Cutts confirmed in a recent video that Facebook and Twitter have no impact on SEO rankings as a result of crawling and accessibility issues. So it stands to reason that if Google wants to use social signals for organic search rankings, it could easily mine Google+ data, where its crawler access is unhindered.

    Google+ is also the best way to get access to Google Authorship, which will play a huge role in SEO by the end of the year. Google Authorship helps the search engine identify your content, attribute it to the correct author and build a portfolio for each author that may include what many are calling “Author Rank” -- algorithmic scoring based on author expertise and publishing history..."


    #Business #Googleplus #SEO
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-20 10:55:03
    Crocuses in my garden

    The sun is shining and the spring flowers are popping up here and there...

    #Spring     #Finland     #Gardening  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-20 10:11:02
    5 unusual festivals to tick off your bucket list for 2014

    The Bucket List:
    a selection of numerous flamboyant must-dos before you, well, “kick the bucket”. Everyone has one, each goal is different, but which is the most unusual?

    Take a look at 5 of the weirdest festivals from around the world and see which one could win the top spot on your wish list for this upcoming New Year.

    - A Luxury Travel Blog

    See all at http://bit.ly/KsRGpe

    #Festivals #Travel #Bucketlist
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-20 07:15:43
    A very happy #Sunday  to you, my dear Circleverse!
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-20 05:58:29
    This year's Easter baking experiment: Finnish Kulitsa

    A sweet bread with currants, citron, lemon peel and cardamom, brushed with an egg wash and baked free form. It came out a lovely golden color and smells heavenly. Tomorrow we'll see how it actually tastes! I'm also attempting to make pasha, a sweet pressed cheese spread with dried fruit in it, but I don't think that's going to come out photo-worthy :) 

    I used the recipe from Cooking Finland blog which was kindly recommended to me by +Suvi Puolakka.  http://cookingfinland.blogspot.com/2011/04/kulitsa-sweet-bread-for-easter.html 

    Hoping you have had a lovely holiday weekend with beautiful weather, and wishing you a happy easter - hyvää pääsiäistä - glad påsk - frohe ostern -  if you celebrate! 
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-19 20:21:56
    Wonderful camaraderie in the wilds!

    A bear and a wolf share food in Finland.

    The bear was an important cult animal in Finnish paganism.

    The pre-Christian Finns believed the bear to have come from the stars and that it had the ability to reincarnate. After a successful bear hunt, a celebration called karhunpeijaiset (literally "celebration of the bear") was arranged in honour of the slain bear. The purpose of the ceremony was to placate the bear and to convince its soul that it was greatly respected by the people.

    The bear was so feared that some of the songs sung during the ceremony were meant to convince the bear it hadn't been slain by the hunters, rather that it had killed itself by accident. The people presiding over the ceremony tried to make the bear's soul happy so that the bear would want to reincarnate back into the forest.

    After the bear's meat was eaten, the bones were buried. The skull, however, which was believed to contain the bear's soul, was placed high upon the branches of an old pine tree. This tree, kallohonka (skull pine), was probably a symbol of the world tree and the ceremony was meant to deliver the bear's soul back to the heavens, from where it had originated. From the heavens, the bear would come back and reincarnate to walk the earth.

    Bears were not typically featured in early petroglyphs, like other animals such as the elk.
    It has been suggested that the bear was such a holy animal that it was forbidden to depict it. Moreover, it was forbidden to use the word for bear in casual conversation, so many euphemisms were developed. In fact, the current standard term for bear, karhu, is originally a euphemism (from karhea "rough", referring to the rough fur). The oldest known and possibly the original name is oksi, preserved in many place names.

    The euphemisms were used because it was believed the bear would appear if its real name was called. Modern Finnish still contains many euphemisms for the bear, like otso, ohto, mesikämmen, nalle, nallukka etc.
    A similar thinking is behind the euphemisms for wolf (susi), such as hukka ("loss").


    #Wildlife   #Nature   #Culture   #Finland     #Paganism  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-19 19:38:57
    Tackling Google+:
    What It Can Do For Your Social Media & Search Strategies

    "Google+ is a well known network for marketers, technology lovers, and photographers.
    But small businesses outside of these sectors may not know much about it or how it can help their business..."

    Learn more at http://bit.ly/1hAgDfJ

    #Googleplus #Business #Marketing
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-19 19:08:27
    Happy Easter, Which is Not Named After Ishtar, Okay?

    "My unfavorite new Facebook meme is this bit of sillyness which has apparently been spotted everywhere from the feeds of my college friends to (allegedly) that of Richard Dawkins' Foundation for Reason and Science..."

    - The Daily Beast

    Learn more at http://thebea.st/1izKuVm

    #Easter #Ishtar
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-19 17:43:07
    Spring is finally here...

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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-19 17:13:05
    The NOD3x Dashboard - a Complete Guide

    The NOD3x Dashboard is a real-time infographic that visualises the data from the keywords you entered when you created your saved project. Of course this dashboard can also become a historic infographic when you change the specified date range.

    At first glance it can appear a little daunting, but when broken down it's a lot easier to digest. Free for Google+ users!

    An excellent measurement tool from +Lee Smallwood

    Learn more at http://buff.ly/1hAu8vT

    #Googleplus #Reach #Metrics #SocialMedia
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-19 16:02:19

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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-19 15:53:21
    5 recipes to celebrate Garlic Day!

    Garlic lovers, rejoice, because today is your day!

    Everyone will be safe from vampires in your company today, if you celebrate National Garlic Day right with one of these recipes provided by Care2‘s Diana Herrington, a woman unwilling to sacrifice taste for an all-natural — if sometimes overly strong — perfume.

    At the very least, head out to the garden to snip off a few of those delicious tops of the garlic sprouts to flavor whatever dish you choose to feast on today...


    Love #garlic in everything!

    #Food #Recipe
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-19 14:36:27
    On the morning of Pääsiäinen, people climbed to hills and other high places to watch the sun rise. It was said that the sun was dancing or rejoicing, and it brought luck to all beholders. If the sky was bright and clear, the summer would be good. There would be no danger of frost, harvest would succeed and berries grow abundantly. Dim and cloudy morning meant rainy summer, and if the sun was seen raising behind clouds, the year would be chaotic.

    A girl watching the sunrise might wash herself with the snow and say: ”Let my reputation be as pure as this snow and let people watch me like their watch this raising sun!”. The girls also had a custom of taking water from a creek very early in the morning before the crow sang for the first time. When a girl washed her face with the water, it gave her vitality and health for the whole year, and beautiful light complexion for the summer. It was said that if a girl didn't have a boy’s arm to rest her head on this day, she would not have it during the whole summer.

    Health was ensured for the summer with various means. People might sleep the night with an axe under their pillow. In the morning they moved the axe around their body, or stroked their hands three times with a knife. This way the axe wouldn’t bite nor the knife hate them during the summer. The soles of one’s feet were strengthened by stepping on an axe when raising from the bed, or running barefooted on wood chips. Besides these customs one should not walk barefeet on Pääsiäinen.

    In the early morning cow and sheep bells and shepherd horns were played to secure cattle luck. The cattle got their bells on Pääsiäinen, when the outdoor season was approaching, and they were removed on Kekri in late autumn. Before the hostess put the bells on the cattle, she went around the barn three times clockwise and three times counter-clockwise while carrying a burning tar fire. This made sure cattle would come home in the summer better. The cows were also called in the barn with the same cattle calls they would be called in the summer. 

    Grain growth was enhanced in the morning by going to the field with an empty sowing bushel and imitating the work in anticipation of the spring sowings. The guardian spirit of the sauna was remembered in the morning by bringing best foods to the sauna as gift. When they were handed people said: ”Here’s a gift to the spirit of sauna!”.

    Since Pääsiäinen was a special turning point in the yearly cycle, its customs and events affected the whole coming year or summer. It was said that whatever animal one first saw in the morning, it would give its feature for the person for the whole year. Seeing a little bird brought quickness, good mood and marriage luck. Seeing a horse made one strong, cat lazy and sensitive to cold weather.

    Pääsiäinen’s weather was said to tell the weather of Helluntai and also for the day of spawning of the Common roach (Rutilus rutilus). The beginning of the spawning of fish was important for people in the old days, because fresh fish brought welcomed supplement to their spring diet. Bird hunters hoped north winds for Pääsiäinen, as the south wind was believed to drive the birds away to north. In Northern Ostrobothnia, people wished strong winds after Pääsiäinen. The more branches fell to the ground in the wind, the better the harvest would be. ”Good threshing at the Tapio’s barn, will mean good one in our barn too”, people was said.

    Photo: Mervi Eskelinen @ Flickr / Creative Commons BY 2.0.
    Translation: Anssi A.

    #taivaannaula   #suomenusko   #finland  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-19 13:34:30
    Why Cat Memes Matter

    In her book on games, titled Reality is Broken researcher and game designer Jane McGonigal goes on to explain that a game engages us because it helps provide clear goals, a strong sense of purpose and a powerful feedback loop that is immediate in its response. This seemingly simple formula activates the part of our brain that first made us step out of the relative safety of the cave when we had an imagination big enough to visualize all the horrors awaiting us out there and a self-awareness that was sufficient to make us realize we had no really powerful weapons to fight back with. No claws, teeth or overly developed muscles. 

    But we had our brains. And they craved activation. This is also why Caturday, for all its apparent silliness and naysayers, has such a strong hold on us. At its basest form it provides a laugh. It allows us to connect with other people over a common understanding of a joke, in a safe interaction that breaks the ice and allows more meaningful contact and communication to next take place.

    That’s the creation of a communication framework. And it’s global. 

    But there’s more to it than that. A cleverly constructed meme is heavy with semiotics and semantically dense. The one I’ve chosen here, for instance, can be taken at face value given the analysis I am carrying out, but it is also self-deprecating. A signal that despite the expenditure of thought, time and energy I put into the subject and the post I am also poking fun at myself. The thinking is important. The person should not be. There is a deep humanity to our connection in this way that makes everything suddenly approachable when, perhaps, it might not otherwise have been. 

    Google’s Head of the Agency Strategic Planning team, +abigail posner , explains this in more detail when she says that “The research showed us that far from distracting us from more serious things, these viral pictures, videos, and memes reconnect us to an essential part of ourselves.” (http://goo.gl/RxViM). 

    Neuroscientists explain that synapses occur inside the brain when we’ve made a connection between various different things. The more random the components connected, the more synapses occur. Synapses are the basis of creativity. In other words, synapses firing equals creative joy.

    So a cat meme (or even a cat pic) shared in a familiar environment can challenge us, make us think, cause us to laugh, empower us, help us connect, fire up our synapses and give us a fleeting moment of pure joy. Which is why we will do it again, and again and again, but in true human fashion, we also understand that the rules of the game require a challenge as well as a restriction. A framework though which we can both attempt to succeed and experience the thrill of participation. 

    We do not post cat memes every day or even every hour of the day. We wait. Until Caturday. And we think. We look for clever ones or ones that really push the envelope. We share personal ones, because they are unique. We add to the visual internet. And in the process we learn, grow, expand, laugh, connect and interact. Globally. Netizens of a brand new culture. Creators of a world being born.

    Check out some of the most popular cat memes (http://goo.gl/8t66j) and have an awesome #Caturday . 
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-19 13:21:14
    Milkshakes with booze?

    We might have found perfection in a glass: These restaurants each take classic milkshakes and load them with liquor.

    Have a happy #Saturday  ! :-)
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-19 10:41:32
    Google+ koulutusvideo: Mistä on kyse Plussan puolella

    (My Google+ general training video in Finnish)

    Katso klikattava minuuttiaikataulu YouTubessa tai katso video tässä:

    00:00:01  Ensin tulee pyydetty kouluttajan esittely ja taustaa: Jaana Nyström, Gplussa

    00:05:38 Google+ tuli Suomeen ja miten siitä innostuin

    Tutustutaan GooglePlussaan:

    00:09:00 Profiili

    00:19:00 Linkit profiilissa, Googlen haku, Hashtagit

    00:25:50 bloggaus ja omat linkit, Blogger -alusta, nettisivuvinkki alkavalle yrittäjälle, +1:set välilehti, jakaminen Google+:n ulkopuolelta

    00:35:21 Menu -palkki ja toimintoja, Koti -sivu, piirit, notifikaatiot / ilmoitukset ja postausten näkyvyys, hovercard / Google+ käyntikortti, +maininta

    00:48:50 Piirit: Luonti ja jakaminen, näytä piirit profiilissa tai piilota ne, piirien hallinta, postauksen otsikko, hashtagit

    01:04:06 Google+ oma haku: Toiminnot ja käyttö

    01:12:18 Tässä välissä lisää Piiriasiaa

    01:16:07 Valokuvat ja Google+, katsele profiilia vierain silmin. Albumit, kuvat yksittäisistä postauksista, Google+ jakoboxi, kuvien lataus & tallennus jaettaessa, kuvatekstit ja tägäys, memeteksti kuvaan

    01:30:56 Tiliasetukset, valokuva-asetukset, kuvien yksityisyys, editointi, Auto Awesome, Auto Backup asetus mobiilista, oman sijainnin jako

    01:41:15 Yritykset ja Google+: Esimerkkejä yrityssivuista. 

    01:48:46 Loppusanat: Google+ on sosiaalinen liima... ja osa työkalupakkia. Miten Google+ eroaa muista some-alustoista. Tietoinen henkilöbrändäys. 
    Provinkki: Bufferapp - Yksinyrittäjän somepelastus!

    Kiitos katsomisesta, toivottavasti videoni auttoi ymmärtämään mistä on kyse Google+:ssa.

    Google -tilin luominen:

    Google+ -ohjeita:

    Tervetuloa seuraamaan Plussan puolella sekä muualla somessa!
    Lisää Google+ koulutusasiaa:

    #Googleplus   #Jaanavinkki   #Koulutus  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-19 06:38:59
    Finnish innovation combines coffee and social media

    Finnish coffee roastery company Paulig Ltd has developed The Paulig Muki, a smart coffee cup with TBWA\Helsinki’s new innovation unit: \Pilot.

    Paulig Muki is a re-usable coffee cup that makes drinking coffee a social media experience: it converts heat to electricity that’s used to power an e-paper display, controlled via a mobile application...

    Learn more: http://bit.ly/1l60P7D

    #Finland #Coffee #Innovation
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-19 05:19:25
    Thank You, Google+!

    I wrote this article late last year on one of my old Blogger sites.  The title really should have been "Google+ Cured My Cynicism".  It is more true now than it was when I wrote it.

    There is something beyond amazing about knowing that thousands of people are following me, talking to me, and even rooting for me to succeed.  If there is a struggle I face every day, it is to try to ensure your support has meant something, and it has.

    I take the strength of those thousands of supporters with me throughout my day, and any time I wonder if I'm strong enough or good enough for something, I remember your support and it gives me strength to face anything or anyone.

    I am the man I am today because one random day seemingly no different from any other, a former friend asked on Facebook if anyone wanted a Google+ invitation.  That is a fact I will never forget or fail to be humbled by.  Opportunities for greatness come to us not in a stroke of lightning, but in the quietest of whispers that says, "Opportunity awaits beyond this portal."

    #googleplusismyonlinehome   #opportunityknocks  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-19 05:01:47
    For the Google+ newcomers

    Learn about Google Plus:

    On a desktop, at the bottom of the menu pillar you'll find "Tours".

    See how things work on Google+.

    #Jaanatip     #Googleplus   #Plushelp  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-18 13:19:55
    5 Google+ Promotion Strategies for Your Business

    Leverage Google+ into something that will help you to take your professional endeavors to the next level with these five strategies for effective social media promotion of your business on Google+:

    See the five tips at http://bit.ly/1e2TnXL

    #Googleplus = #Google #Plushelp #Business
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-18 12:57:00
    Interesting discussion about Google+ and SEO

    The peeps at +Stone Temple Consulting are explaining things to a Blonde (me) in a way anyone can understand.

    If you are a pro (or a blonde with questions), jump in and help all of us Google+ users:
    How can we get the best results in ours struggles to bring forth our business and website!

    #SEO     #Business     #Links   # Googleplus
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-18 11:53:19
    Infographic: A Seven Day Plan To Stay Productive

    Good tips for all the days of the week!

    If you’re having problems accomplishing certain tasks or find yourself unproductive during the week, this infographic would serve as a great ‘pick-me-up’ to keep you motivated...


    #Productivity #Business #Entrepreneur
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-18 09:15:52
    Often people ask me how to get more followers on Google+

    For getting more people to circle you:

    There is no shortcut to happiness. By being consistent and if doing business, not just marketing your wares or services.

    By sharing, giving +1:s and commenting  on other people's posts. By adding interesting people to circles and engaging with them. By joining communities and posting to those - but not excessively!
    Be careful of not spamming: Do read the community guidelines before posting.

    Try Google+ search for your keywords, see which people / pages / communities are about the same topic and circle / join them. Use those important keywords and #hashtags on your posts.

    First however, fill in your profile, tell us about yourself / your business, link all the other social media profiles, blogs etc to Google+.

    Be persistent!

    Here's a little something I wrote about using hashtags:  Enjoy.

    #Googleplus     #Jaanatip     #Business  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-18 08:58:04
    Free Speech

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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-18 07:25:59
    Start-ups are all about relationships – and relationships are all about trust

    Global connectivity and low entry-costs make it possible to start a knowledge-based company anywhere around the globe.

    The times when Silicon Valley venture capitalists could be sure that the best business ideas could be caught by hanging around Palo Alto California Café are past.  Today interesting business ideas can from anywhere in the world: Shanghai, Helsinki, or a remote place one has never heard about.

    Increasingly, many of the start-ups are also born global, serving and competing in the global markets...

    Read more about #StartUps  and #SiliconValley  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-18 06:25:27
    “Facebook can now read all your text messages no matter if they are private or not, and can then use that information as they see fit”

    via +John Paul Aguiar 

    BOO FACEBOOK. BOO. You're like NSA now. If my facebook profile is gone tomorrow you'll all know why....
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-18 05:52:35
    Google+ Photos Update

    After editing or Auto Enhance action:
    Now one can choose which version to download - the unedited, original one or the edited image.

    Comparing the original to the Auto Enhanced version or edited image is possible, too.

    The editing buttons have a fresh look, too, but same functions as before.

    My very loooong blog article / tutorial about Google+ Photos:

    #Googleplus     #Jaanatip     #Photos  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-17 17:44:07
    Google Plus Help and Resources - Google Drive Presentation
    +Jaana Nyström has collected some of the best articles and posts about the use of Google+ here on this post. I compiled that into a single Google Drive Presentation or Drive Deck. 

    There's a great deal of curating that went into this and Jaana did a spectacular job. If you haven't circled her, do it. Now. Have a great Thursday G+ h/t +DriveDecks.com 


    1) Official Google+ Help & Support by +Google+ Help
    2) What is Google+: A complete user guide by +martin shervington  
    3) Having trouble circling people on Google+? by +Jaana Nyström
    4) Getting started on Google+ by +Computerworld 
    5) Hangouts: Messaging and video calls basics by+Ronnie Bincer 
    6) Organize your Circles by +Gplus Expertise 
    7) The anatomy of a perfect Google+ post by +Dustin W. Stout
    8) Control your notifications by +Jaana Nyström
    9) 12 most helpful Google+ pro tips by +Peg Fitzpatrick
    10) Google+ and your Photos - a tutorial
    11) The Personalized Power of Google+ Plus Ones by+Mark Traphagen 
    12) A nice resource of links to Google+ treasures by +Jack Humphrey
    Featuring advice from +Demian Farnworth  +Chris Lang  +Yifat Cohen +Stephan Hovnanian +Andrij Harasewych +Carol Dodsley 
    13) TIP: Create a private community for saving and storing data by +109164280656499 


    1) Your Profile
    2) Circles
    3) Photos
    4) Events
    5) Hangouts
    6) Mobile
    7) Local


    1) Google+ Tips-The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Google Plussers
    2) Kick-Starting Social with Google+ (Business)
    3) Google Drive SDK: Drive/Google+ photos integration
    4) Google+ Notifications & Privacy Settings
    5) How To Disconnect You Youtube Account From Google+
    6) Has Google+ Improved Your Ranking? - Tuesday G+ & Topics HOA  (Business)
    7) Five Cool Ways to use Google+ for Photos | USA TODAY Talking Tech
    8) How to Change your YouTube username and Channel name (with Google+) September 2013
    9) Beginner's Guide To Google+ For Business - The Girls Mean Business with Jenny Braithwaite


    1) Google+ and your business by +Google+ Your Business 
    2) Google+ business Pages tutorial by +martin shervington 
    3) How to Verify your Business Page on Google+ by+Jaana Nyström
    4) Google Apps for Business by +martin shervington  
    5) Official Google Apps help & support by Google
    6) Google+ and SEO by +Kristi Hines  
    7) Google+ personal profile or business page? by +Jaana Nyström
    8) 12 Most Creative Ways Businesses Can Use Google+by +Stephan Hovnanian 
    9) The Business Guide to Participating in Google+ Communities by +Kristi Hines
    10) Official Google Authorship: Link your Google+ profile to the content you create by Google
    11) Author or Publisher: rel=author or rel=publisher: Which Should I Use? by +Mark Traphagen
    12) Ways to Use Google+ Events for Your Business by+Lisa Peyton  


    1) Your Google+ settings
    2) Google+ popular verified users list by +CircleCount 
    3) Most popular Google+ communities by +GPlusData 
    4) All your + statistics by +Gerwin Sturm 
    5) Manage your circles by +Circloscope 
    6) See your posts and comments on Topsy
    7) See your posts in Timeline format by +Jari Huomo 


    +Do Share  for pages and profiles
    +Buffer  and +HootSuite  for business Pages
    +Friends+Me shares from G+ to other social media


    1) YouTube & Google+ Integration Community
    2) Official Google+ Discuss by +Google+ Help 
    3) Google+ Helper Community 
    4) The G+ Resource
    5) Google+ Pro Tips
    6) Google+ Updates
    7) Closing the Google+ Gap
    8) Google+ Photographers
    9) Hangouts on Air
    10) GooTubePlus 
    11) Plus Your Business
    12) Google Authorship & Author Rank
    13) Google Plus for Small Business
    14) Google Sites
    15) Blogger
    16) SEO Community:
    17) AdSense
    18) YouTube Live Streaming 

    #SMM   #SMO   #GooglePlus   #Google   #YouTube   #GoogleDrive   #DriveDeck   #GoogleDrivePresentation  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-17 15:25:54
    How does Artificial Intelligence work right here on Google+?

    I was pondering what to post for Easter and thought, okay, a yellow flower of some kind would be nice to share.

    I have almost 15 000 photos uploaded to Google+, what a chore to check several dozens of albums to find my yellow flower shots...

    This is where the Google+ photos search steps in with the AI and facial / image recognition.

    I typed "Yellow flower" to the search while I was on my "Photos" tab from the left pop-up pillar.

    This is what the search came up with. None of these images had been named as "Yellow flower".

    Of course it also showed Yellow flowers from my circles ...

    Wow. I'm impressed.

    Thanks +Brian Matiash and the Photos Team!

    #Googleplus   #Photos   #Search     #JaanaTip   #AI  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-17 15:12:05
    Happy Easter my dear Circleverse!

    For all those who celebrate / are off this weekend:
    Eat well and relax.

    Some go to church, some don't. All that is good, each to their own.

    #Easter     #Holiday  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-17 14:14:40
    The 50 Best Education Apps For Android

    Mobile learning. Tablets in the classroom. Apps replacing textbooks.

    Apple may have started the craze, but the trend is now platform and device-agnostic. While iOS remains the system of choice for most developers (if for no other reason than the wild-west of the Google Play Marketplace versus Apple’s more streamlined iTunes store), learning-with-apps is as accessible on Android devices as it is on the venerable iPad.

    The following 50 educational apps–a mix of learning simulations, games, organization tools, and traditional learning apps–is a great place to get started.

    Learn more at http://bit.ly/1jOpuNo

    #EDU #Learning #Apps #School #Android
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-17 13:37:54
    Testing more...

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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-17 10:17:19
    Wolves in Finland

    The Finnish grey wolf is a subject of much debate amongst conservationists and locals who have to deal with environmental damage caused by the wolves. Although the population has significantly declined over the last few years, some argue that the wolves are hurting reindeer husbandry, the use of hunting dogs, and cattle and sheep farming.

    Wolves generally have a negative bias toward them.
    People are fearful not only for their own lives, but those of their pets and livestock. According to reports, wolves killed a large number of people in the 18th and 19th centuries but since then, there have been minimal reported attacks or attempted attacks on humans by wolves. Wolf attacks in Europe are very rare due to human induced environmental changes, a reduction in rabies and historical persecution making wolves more fearful toward humans.

    ◑ Read more at: http://bit.ly/1gCoggz

    ◑ Watch a video of Finnish wolves: http://bit.ly/1gCoggA

    ◑ A wolf and a bear: http://bit.ly/1gCoeFn

    #Wildlife #Finland #Wolf
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-17 07:38:00
    Good ideas for evergreen blog content

    Do you write for the moment?
    Does your content survive the passage of time?

    Read on...

    #Blogging     #Content     #Bloggingtips  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-16 14:22:25
    +Post Ads are here!

    1000 followers and AdWords...

    Starting today, +Post ads are available to all advertisers who meet a minimum threshold of Google+ followers.

    We’re also piloting two new features - promoted Hangouts on Air and automatic post promotion - to help you create compelling ad experiences and make it easier to extend the reach of your social content...

    Read on:

    #Googleplus   #Marketing   #PlusPostAds   #Business  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-16 13:39:30
    SketchesApp drawing tool

    Because we think that beautiful tools make beautiful drawings, we made the best and most beautiful tools there is!

    Sketches suits every needs from note taking to quick architectural sketches, cartoon, illustration and watercolor painting.

    Sketches reveals the artist in you:
    With stunning brushes and a cutting-edge UI,
    Sketches makes you more creative, productive
    and it’s a great fun too !



    #AppStore #Drawing #Tool
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-16 11:25:40
    Good tips from +Erik Emanuelli for Google+ use:

    1. Complete Your Profile
    2. Post Regularly
    3. Use the Hashtag
    4. Interact with Your Circles
    5. Set Up Your Authorship

    Read on!

    #Googleplustips   #Marketing   #Interaction  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-16 09:09:08
    How to Use Google Plus Communities to Market Your Business

    As with most features of Google Plus, you can opt to make a community public or private.

    - But before you think about launching your own community, it’s worth taking time to participate in some that already exist. That approach is useful for two major reasons.

    First, it’s a really simple option for getting a feel as to how these communities function without needing to make a major upfront investment of time...

    - Business 2 Community

    Learn more at http://bit.ly/1h3N1ao

    #Business #Communities #Googleplus #Plushelp
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-16 05:47:20
    How to find your social media marketing voice and tone

    +Kevan Lee writes for businesses, here's a snippet:

    "Among the many ways to stand out on social media—killer content, amazing visuals, specific formatting, and more—one that often gets overlooked is voice.

    We don’t want brands talking at us as if we are dollar signs. We want authentic communication. 

    Finding a voice for your social media marketing can be difficult because the concept is somewhat unlike other optimization strategies online. Voice is not a statistic you can track or a design element you can tweak. Voice goes deeper than that.  Instead of tracking and analyzing, you can plan and practice. Here’s what I’ve found works best in terms of getting your voice together and using it to interact online.

    Character / persona – Who does your brand sound like? If you picture your social brand as a person (a character), here is where you can flesh out this identity with specific attributes that fit who you want to sound like online.

    Tone – What is the general vibe of your brand?

    Language – What kind of words do you use in your social media conversations?

    Purpose – Why are you on social media in the first place?

    Together, these four areas can help define the overall voice of your brand. It’s a helpful exercise to go through these steps to gain insight into each area, and as you’ll see below, the process for determining your social media voice includes many of these same ideas and parts.

    #SocialMedia   #branding  

    Read more from the +Buffer blog:
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-15 14:00:27
    Interesting video: It's all relative

    Does size matter?

    #Maps   #Countries  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-15 13:12:33
    Oh dear. 
    Maldives has not got such high spots...

     Which this individual would know if he were a bit more hmm.

    Google image search tells us that this pic comes from:

    Hayman Island

    "Hayman Island is the most northerly of the Whitsunday Islands, part of the Cumberland Islands, which are located off the coast of Central Queensland, Australia at 20°03′S 148°53′E / 20.050°S "

    What a pity that people steal images, portray them as their own with a wrong location and think they can get away with it.


    #Copyright     #Photos     #copyrightinfringement  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-15 11:19:41
    It's not everyday one gets a glowing reference from a Guru!

    Thanks a million Guy Kawasaki !
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-15 11:11:41
    A Chinese Company 3D Printed 10 Houses In A Day

    There's a lot you can do with a 3D printer. Now add "building a house in a day" to the list.

    Make that 10 houses.

    The WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Co. has printed 10 homes in 24 hours out of recycled materials...

    #3D   #3dprinting     #China   #Houses  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-15 08:19:32
    15 Best Google Drive Add-Ons for Education

    Google Drive has enabled Google Add Ons and there are some that you and your students will want to enable right away.

    Others may appeal more to professional developers or those who work remotely...

    Learn more at http://bit.ly/1l0IsN3

    #GoogleDrive #EDU #Teacher #Tools
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-15 06:22:15
    Chag Sameach!   I was wondering about this...

    People have been posting about the "Passover" so I had to find out what it was. Interesting!

    Here's a snippet from an informative article:

    "That popular greeting, which means "joyous festival," will help usher in the start of Passover in many Jewish homes beginning at sundown tonight (APR 14). The weeklong Jewish holiday commemorates the Israelites escape from Egyptian bondage, as detailed in Exodus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Passover ends on Tuesday evening, April 22.

    Besides two traditional Seder meals on the first two nights of the holiday, other traditions also commemorate the Hebrew story of freedom and the season of spring.

    For those unfamiliar with Passover, here are answers to common questions about the Jewish holiday:"

    Read more:  What is the story of Passover?

    #Jewish   #Holiday     #Passover  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-15 05:58:16
    Multitasking on your Chromebook just got easier: you can now dock any small window, like Hangouts or Google Keep, to the side of your screen by dragging it to the left or right edge. Your main app will resize automatically, letting you take notes or stay connected all in one view. Just restart your Chromebook and give it a try.
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-15 05:52:28
    Small update for Google+ Notifications

    +Mike Allton has a sharp eye! :-)

    Pay attention to your headlines, folks.

    #Notifications   #Googleplus  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-15 05:37:54
    Finnish grammar

    Many people have shown interest in the Finnish language: Here is the Wikipedia article.
    Confusing? Even for some Finns... :-)

    Attached screenshot:
    This was the hardest bit at school, learning all the 15 noun cases because there are many exceptions and one had to learn those by heart, as they were outside any rules.
    That actually describes Finnish language quite well!

    "Finnish has fifteen noun cases: four grammatical cases, six locative cases, two essive cases (three in some Eastern dialects) and three marginal cases. Notice that the word in a given locative case modifies the verb, not a noun."

    Read on:
    - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia http://bit.ly/1gYNIBK

    #Finland #Finnish #Grammar #Linguistics
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-14 19:45:03
    Good night my dear Circleverse!

    Until tomorrow...
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-14 19:05:31
    Google has acquired drone maker Titan Aerospace

    Titan is a New Mexico-based company that makes high-flying solar powered drones.

    There's no word on the price Google paid, but Facebook had been in talks to acquire the company earlier this year for a reported $60 million. Presumably, Google paid more than that to keep it away from Facebook. 

    It sounds like Titan will work on a variety of projects for Google...

    Read on: 

    #Drones     #Titan  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-14 18:36:04
    We're Hiring Great Content Curators [ends soon]
    April 15th change = we've removed the social contest and will look to hire 10 great content curators on strength of application, love for content curation and short Skype interview.


    Learn More
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-14 15:00:49
    Fresh from the blog:
    A nobody can become somebody on Google+

    - Even an obscure Finn. :-)

    Read on...  Some exciting news...

    +Gplus Expertise +Gplussa +Finland Explorer +Travel Pro Tips +Outward Bound Finland +Buffer +Scoop.it +RebelMouse +Paper.li +Carol Dodsley +GPlus Professionals +Martin W. Smith

    #Jaanatip     #Googleplus   #GplusProfessionals  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-14 11:10:23
    The Number of Countries in the World?

    A very frequent geographical question is "How many countries are in the world?" Different numbers pop up when one inquires or reads about the number of countries in the world. Each source you use often yields a different answer.

    Ultimately, the best answer is that there are 196 countries in the world.

    United Nations:

    There are 193 members of the United Nations. Unfortunately, the number 193 is too often used to represent the number of countries in the world. Although this number represents almost all of the countries in the world, there are still independent countries such as the Vatican City and Kosovo, that are independent and are not members of the U.N.

    Learn more: http://bit.ly/PzsrUH

    #Countries #World
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-14 07:29:13
    Enjoy the #Monday  folks!

    Here is a fun video for all the people needing a help desk.  :-)

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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-13 16:47:13
    I'll just leave this here.

    Night all!
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-13 13:53:12
    Best Practices For Sharing Images On Google+

    "Directly uploading other people’s photos is generally frowned upon once people realize that you didn’t really take those photos.

    You should take great care that you are not infringing on someone else’s copyright or intellectual property when engaging in this practice.

    When in doubt use your own photos or licensed images that you paid for and/or have permission to use..."

    | Global Web FX Inc.

    Learn more at http://bit.ly/Ntf5Yz

    #Photos #Copyright #Sharing #Plushelp
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-13 13:39:02
    Songkran or Thai New year starts today!

    Thailand, being regarded as the “Land of Smiles”, is also remarkable for a special event called Songkran Festival. This event usually takes place in the mid of April and lasts for a week. To mark the occasion, there is a huge array of events that one shouldn’t miss such as family reunions, street parties, beauty pageants and other forms of entertainment. However, the highlight of the show is the friendly water fight where thousands of people, including travelers bathe each other in water as sign of good luck.

    Every year, during Songkran festival, thousands of people are flooding the streets to join the celebration. Whether for “good luck” or for any good reason you have for joining, remember that safety is a must. To ensure you are well-prepared, here’s the list of survival tips:

    Songkran Tips

    1 Protect yourself – Remember that there is no exemption to get wet during the celebration. In fact, even kids are having fun refreshing themselves on water. The best way to arm yourself is to buy a water gun or bring water containers so that you will not just take the water from participants but drench against them as well. Yet, make sure the water gun is cable of shooting long distance and has a huge reservoir.

    2 Buy protection for your camera – If you wish to bring your camera to capture fun moments with natives, then you should invest for protection. Or, it would be practical if you choose a disposable waterproof camera instead. In this way, you can bring captured pictures back home without having your camera in trouble.

    3 Avoid big roads – In case the event starts and still you’re not yet in the place you used to stay, better avoid big roads for participants are in huge streets and will sure enjoy seeing every passerby to throw water to.

    4 Dress accordingly – There is no dress code for such event. So, leave your pants and shoes at home and wear something contemporary to the participants. T-shirts and a pair of short are definitely perfect for such water splashing celebration. But before you forget, take note of the color of your shirt as it tends to become see through when wet.

    5 Leave your valuables at home – If you wish to accessorize yourself with jewelries better don’t. Better leave them at home as they may get lost during the water fight event. As for gadgets, better not bring them as they might get damaged as soon as the participants start the water ritual.

    With this list of tips, you can assure join Songkran festival 2014. But as part of every tradition, respect is a must-have. Even if you’re not a Buddhist, you can give alms to the monks and join streets parties as you wish. However, if you can’t, then you better just witness their rituals. Lastly, like what you did to your neighbors wishing them good luck for the year, you can do the same. Just try wishing the locals a Happy New Year in Thai by saying “Sawasdee Pee Mai”!

    Read more: http://bbc.in/1hLmj1E



    #Songkran #Thailand #Festival #Travel
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-13 10:17:38
    A star on a #Sunday  for my Circleverse!

    Enjoy the day: Sorry Australia and NZ, your Sunday is soon over...
    Hope you had a nice time!
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-13 08:09:26
    A to Z of Google Services for you to learn by the end of the weekend. You can have the image as a clickable Slide http://goo.gl/PO83kH and a pdf http://goo.gl/tL5YQL .. This list is compiled from http://support.google.com ..
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-13 06:56:20
    The Most Visited Islands in the Caribbean

    When it comes to a relaxing tropical vacation destination, almost nothing beats the Caribbean.

    Composed of over 700 individual islands, the Caribbean is the place to go for a luxurious get-away of basking in generous sunlight, lush nature, pristine white and pink beaches, and untainted crystal clear blue waters. There is no shortage of islands to choose from. Every year, millions of tourists flock the numerous shores of the region just to experience true island paradise.

    All of the Caribbean’s islands are equally splendid, but some stand out among the rest in terms of popularity with vacationers. Below are five of the most visited island groups of the Caribbean to date.

    - Caribbean Travel Blog

    Read more at http://bit.ly/1mLNhLx

    #Travel #Holiday #Vacation #Islands
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-13 06:34:46
    Buy Google Glass in US, on APR 15 only!

    Google will open up its Glass “Explorer Program” for one day only to allow US residents to buy the smartglasses before general release.

    A limited, but unspecified, number of the Google smartglasses will cost $1,500 plus sales tax and be available for 24 hours via online ordering on a first-come, first-served basis from 6am PDT (2pm UK time) for adults who live in the US.

    But Google is giving no indication of when, or whether, availability will be extended to other countries other than stating that it wants as many different demographics to test and give input into the development of Glass as is possible...

    Read more from the Guardian:

    From Google:

    #GoogleGlass   #GlassExplorers  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-13 06:11:24
    The 3 Hottest Questions This Week From The Google+ Help Community
    Heartbleed Bug, Creating Community From Mobile, Upgrading To Full Size Auto Backup

    Hey everyone! Time for the latest Google+ Discuss Weekly Round-Up where the top trending questions of the week are answered!

    1) +Glen Foster asked about the Heartbleed bug and the security of his Google account
    +John Skeats gave the following answer:
    Please see the following official statement from Google about the bug:

    Full post here: http://goo.gl/a9YbjL

    2) +Mr Syaf Bakar asked about creating a community from a mobile device 

    +John Elstone  shared the following advice:
    The creation of communities can only be carried out with the desktop version of the website.

    Full post here: http://goo.gl/knAf1o

    3) +Neil Huff asked about upgrading photos from regular size to full size 

    +Zachary Fair  responded with:

    Changing the size setting for you photos will not upload full-sized photos and replace standard-sized photos. You will need to delete the standard-sized photos first, and then try Back up all. Even then they may not upload, as they have already been uploaded before, and you may need to manually upload them.

    Full post here: http://goo.gl/eky6Zp

    Tip of the Week

    +Clayton Pritchard  shared a fantastic tip with us:

    You can now add age restrictions to the content of your Google+ Page

    Full post here: http://goo.gl/wPJOEX

    Thanks for all of your questions and insights this week. Special thanks to everyone who helped respond to these trending topics this week. Make sure to check back again next week where +George Cohn  will help to highlight the best questions and answers on the community.

    #weeklyroundup #googleplusprotip #besthelpontheweb
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-12 17:39:20
    My dear Circleverse:
    A rose for you. :-)

    Good night and enjoy the #Saturday  !
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-12 16:13:45
    Pinterest users: This Justin Matthew is there and alive with fake profiles!

    This is the bullshit he spreads:

    He knows nothing, he just steals from others.

    Many aliases, like this Farina.

    Don't be taken in by the fakes...

    Read more why:

    #Pinterest   #Fake #Thief
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-12 15:16:14
    Justin Matthew, the thief and impersonator is back!

    He knows nothing, he just steals from other people!

    This guy stole posts and images, copied them verbatim from public posts and shared them as his own.
    See this from earlier:

    See what he has done now:
    Stolen my logo and even my +CircleCount user map!

    How pathetic and stupid can a loser be...

    We have a grade A swindler and thief among us, so be careful, my dear Circleverse!  Block & report for spam, please.

    Only I can (and have) report him for theft and impersonation and copyright violation.

    He has numerous pages, profiles and aliases.

    I wish him to be kicked out of Google+, him and his  JMhacker sites!

    So sorry for all the other Justin Matthew's out there, but this guy is a menace and the dregs of the Interwebz!

    Here are just some of his fake pages and profiles:



























    +CircleCount PING





    #Thief     #JustinMatthew     #SPAMmer   #Troll  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-12 09:55:22
    A Finnish beer ad:

    Finnish Jacuzzi!

    - Where the perkele is Jarkko?
    - Beer!
    - Jacuzzi
    - Hahhahhhaaaaa!

    The best explanation of Perkele I've heard from a non-Finn but living in Finland:

    I think it's funny, because people outside Finland don't really know what perkele is, hehe. The translation is usually "damn" but that doesn't really cover it... more like damn on steroids and turned up to 11, and somehow involving testicles.

    Brewed with Perkele:

    Perkele - It has a history of being used as a curse: a cry for the god for strength. It still is a common curse word in vernacular Finnish. To a Finn, the word entails seriousness and potency that more lightly used curses lack. Also, when the Research Institute for the Languages of Finland held a popular contest to nominate the "most energizing" word in the Finnish language, one of the suggestions was Perkele because "it is the curse word that gave the most strength for the reconstruction of Finland after the wars."


    #Beer   #Koff   #Sisu   #finlandinyourstream  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-12 07:38:49
    Curated Shared Circles on CircleCount

    Today we are launching a new page, where we are suggesting a few curated shared circles for different topics.

    We are starting with the following shared circles:
    The Sunshine Ladies On Google+ and The #31people
    curated by +Christine DeGraff

    People Who Hangout On Google+ and Video Game Fans on Google+
    curated by +Amanda Blain

    The Social Media Mentors on Google+, The Most Helpful People On Google+, The Most Creative and Inspiring People on Google+ and The Best Photographers on Google+
    curated by +Dustin W. Stout

    Social Media Tools On Google+
    curated by +Bernd Rubel

    The #Super8
    curated by +Denis Labelle

    Feel free to suggest any other shared circle that should be on this page.

    #circlecountupdate #sharedcircles #quality
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-12 06:57:24
    How cool is this message from Gmail .. Thanks for looking out for me ..
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-12 06:42:06
    Add notes to videos with the help of Google Drive

    See the website here for VideoNot.es:

    The easiest way to take notes synchronized with videos!

    Tutorial for using the tool:

    #Teacher #Student #GoogleDrive #YouTube
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-12 06:21:37
    Working on a #Caturday  at the home office

    Getting good at one-handed typing.
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-11 18:32:43
    Brilliantly simple and useful...  



    #Schools     #Teachers  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-11 17:42:23
    Is it Spring yet?

    "There is this myth that Finns don’t do small talk, well, that’s not strictly true, they aren’t quite the unsocial creatures we like to think they are, they, just like the Brits, do small talk about the Weather.
    So in the spirit of small talk, here’s yet another fucking post about the Weather..."

    | Dirty Cars And Million Cows

    Read on: http://bit.ly/1iOAKWu

    #Finland #Spring #Blog
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-11 16:35:09
    New on Google+?

    Check out the Google+ Helper community!
    Basics for Beginners category: ☺


    #Googleplus #Plushelp #Newcomer
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-11 10:28:30
    Naisyrittäjäenergiaa Jyväskylässä

    Nyt Laajavuoressa "Yrittämisen intohimo" -seminaari.

    Aino Suhola naurattaa ja melkein itkettää...

    #Yrittäjänaiset   #Naisenergiaa   #Jyväskylä  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-11 08:36:19
    Soon...  It's weekend!

    I'll be in a seminar the whole day, have fun my dear Circleverse!

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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-11 06:16:01
    Time-lapse: Coral displacing sediment

    Another brilliant sequence from University of Queensland Marine Biologist Daniel Stoupin's recent edit featuring corals captured by a time-lapse camera. This short clip shows how a healthy coral can excavate itself from layers of sediment - this may occur after a storm event pushes sand over the reef. 

    You can see the full video here: http://petapixel.com/2014/03/28/incredible-focus-stacked-time-lapse-video-coral-made-150k-raw-frames/
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-11 05:48:32
    New TLDs Available Soon

    A whole new world of possibilities:

    The wide range of new TLDs available now and/or coming soon means you can select a domain name that perfectly suits your needs.

    A more memorable, relevant domain name = higher traffic, better search engine placement and more opportunity for your business.

    • Namecheap  
    Read more:  http://bit.ly/1i7bzyZ

    #Domain #TLD #Website
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-10 18:09:09
    I've been writing blog drafts...

    This seemed very appropriate!

    Looking forward to the weekend, are you too?

    #Comments     #Blogging  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-10 16:56:30
    This is a very nice piece of music to listen to when you're about to go to bed: It soothes and calms you down:

    Albinoni's Adagio

    I sometimes let it play as a background when writing, too.
    So, goodnight my dears! :-)
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-10 15:41:52
    Exclusive to our NOD3x Help community - Introducing NOD3x Discovery Insight Tours (DIT)

    We've just posted 14 short videos in the community http://ndx.io/NOD3x-Help that will take you step-by-step through a real project started by one of our users.

    In this our first DIT we look at a project that was created using a specific hashtag and cover:

    ▶ How was this project set up?
    ▶ What is the Statistics module
    ▶ Why does NOD3x show which links are being shared?
    ▶ What is the average seconds between posts
    ▶ Comparison charts 
    ▶ Unique authors
    ▶ Positive & Negative posts
    ▶ Relationship graph
    ▶ Collecting engagements
    ▶ Graph statistics
    ▶ Easier to read Relationships
    ▶ Engaging on G+ posts
    ▶ Find Influencers & Engagers
    ▶ Hashtag research

    Access to this content is free to our community - so if you haven't joined yet now's the time to do so :)

    #sna   #datamining   #influencermarketing   #engagement   #nod3x  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-10 15:21:41
    Hug a tree – the evidence shows it will make you feel better

    We know that trees have many benefits. In forests they provide habitat, wood, biodiversity and ecosystem services. In cities, they can mitigate the urban heat island effect by cooling the air and reducing greenhouse gases.

    But, perhaps surprisingly, there is increasing evidence that trees are also good for our mental health...

    Learn more: http://bit.ly/1lVIIxH

    #Nature #Trees #Biodiversity #MentalHealth
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-10 13:24:47
    Why Google will always be better than bing

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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-10 10:38:36
    Password tips and hints

    Make sure your passwords are long. Recommendable length is over 14 characters and some instances recommend at least 18 character long passwords.

    Don’t use words from the dictionary or any other popular sources. Good idea might be to put several words together to longer sentence eg. "Mypasswordisblue"

    Always use different password for each website you use. You can use same base for all words, but add service-specific part to it eg. "Mypasswordisblue_facebook"

    Remember to use passwords on your devices too. Open account on lost device compromises whole service.

    If service asks security question for password recovery, don't use anything that can be answered with stuff you have posted/can be found online (pet's name, home address, etc).

    Never, ever tell your password to anyone. Support personnel usually don't need this information.

    Always change default passwords and reset passwords instantly.

    Learn to remember log off from services you're using to disconnect active sessions.

    If you are more paranoid, remember to clear cookies and saved data from sites.

    Don't write your password on paper (or anywhere else), memorize it!
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-10 10:32:02
    How To Create an Unlisted Hangout On Air
    or live video broadcasting

    When you create a basic HOA it is automatically shown on your YouTube channel and your Google+ profile when you start the live broadcast (irrespective of where you have chosen to stream it).

    You can though also run an unlisted Hangout On Air too, which will only automatically show in the place you have chosen to stream it, whether that be:

    ☞ On your website
    ☞ using a 3rd party webinar based plugin/software
    ☞ on a Google Plus event page
    ☞ In a community on Google+
    ☞ On Facebook
    ☞ Through another platform

    Learn more: http://bit.ly/1lxG97T

    #HOA #HangoutsOnAir #Livebroadcast #Plushelp
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-10 08:42:20
    Hungry as an April hare? Lapland ski lodge attracts statuesque visitor

    Olli Veijola of Oulu was on a recent ski holiday in Ylläsjärvi, Finnish Lapland, when he spied an eager visitor to the cottage’s birdfeeder.

    The mountain hare's scientific name is Lepus timidus, but this one was far from timid.

    “There are usually squirrels and Siberian jays at the feeder, but when I was on the sofa looking out the window, I noticed a snow-white mountain hare approaching it,” Veijola told Yle Oulu.

    “The hare stood up on its hind legs and began helping itself to the nuts. This went on for about 10 minutes before it had apparently filled its tummy,” he recalls with a chuckle. The hare was allowed to luncheon in peace as birds stayed away from the feeder.

    | Yle Uutiset

    Read more at http://bit.ly/1kpYVi3

    #Finland #Nature #Lapland
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-09 19:53:40
    My #Super8  Circle
    They are my plus on Google+. Thanks!
    1. +martin shervington - the great mind behind +Plus Your Business! 
    2. +Michael Bennett - creator of Google Drive Presentations which take thought leaders and power users' content and repurpose it via Drive.
    3. +Thomas Morffew: my #1 reference when it comes to Google products and services.
    4. +Yuko Nakamura - IMHO, one of the best when it comes to Google(+) Business coaching, strategizing and marketing innovation.
    5. +Jaana Nyström- Google+ Queen. Enough said. ;)
    6. +Louis Gray  - my online role model. 
    7. +Amanda Rosenberg - marketing maven for +Google Glass ... and the one to circle if you want to enhance your sense of humor. 
    8. +Beth Foster - Google+ Lead for Brands and one of the most friendly Googler on Google+.
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-09 12:55:12
    Happy belated birthday +Peggy K !

    My best source for YouTube and Google+ integration stuff...
    And a good friend!

    Sorry I missed the day, blame the flu. :-)

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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-09 07:15:13
    What does Google do for you? This slide should go on your fridge - It's going on the inside of my eyelids, it's that important. In the UK, 90% use Google Search (61% in US). I'm building a pyramid on what's the no1 service and working down - if I know my own habits, then I can educate others more effectively .. https://support.google.com/
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-09 06:43:20
    Check your environment and sound before hosting a live Hangout On Air 

    #hangoutonairtips   #kevaretips   #business  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-09 06:34:23
    This is how *#Australia**  is seen by China*

    When travelling here, it's good to know........

    What follows is a series of quotes, translated from Chinese into English, from a Chinese tourist website called InSyd (http://www.insyd.com.au). It's a fascinating and somewhat hilarious look at how first-time visitors examine the things that are important to them.

    When travelling to Australia, you must know that: ( Chinglish left as-is, and my comments/thoughts in bold )
    ☑ day is so blue, the evening not only can clearly see the starry sky and the Milky Way, but also can see the white clouds. ( the major cities in China are so heavily polluted that it's a surprise for tourists to see actual stars )

    ☑ you can rest assured that they help the old lady ( old men must fend for themselves )

    ☑ birds can grab food with people ( drop-bears just grab the people )

    ☑ the restaurant is cooking condiments Lee Kum Kee ( for Korean tourists, we cook Kim Jung-Un )

    ☑ 40CM long turtle side swinging in the crowd, no one took the soup ( turtle swinging is a thing? I must try that )

    ☑ eating apples is not peeling ( the peel is the best part )

    ☑ Pizza Hut is no one to eat ( Uh-oh. **+Domino's Pizza Australia** that's good news for you* )

    ☑ vegetables are scarce and expensive ( they are? Not where I shop )

    ☑ better than selling Pepsi Cola ( going to Australia is better than selling **+Pepsi**? Better than being a Coke dealer, I suppose* ) 

    ☑ milk and cola are the same price ( don't get me started on the price of water )

    ☑ HungryJacks is more popular than KFC and Mcdonald's ( Good news for **+BURGER KING** shareholders* )

    ☑ the Internet is limited to traffic, downloading movies will be warned ( better to be limited to traffic than limited to free speech *#smh**  srlsly?* )

    ☑ people are become lazy ( that's because we're too busy playing host to tourists )

    ☑ people living here is very leisurely, nothing can stroll out to the opening of hundreds of kilometres ( Try it sometime. We love it when tourists go Outback )

    ☑ can not see on the highway toll station ( tolling stations are being removed because they slow down traffic. Get with the program, people )

    ☑ at the gas station to refuel the car yourself to then pay for their own initiative to find the owner ( the owner? I'm pretty sure the pimple-faced teenager at my local Caltex isn't the owner )

    ☑ lost luggage wallet phones are basically able to get it back ( after we remove the money, cards and other valuables )

    ☑ the car parked on the street overnight without locking the doors is also not lost ( this person obviously didn't park in my neighbourhood )

    ☑ when heavy rain from the rain area is swift but very clear ( I think that means we don't get floods...? This tourist obviously didn't take the advise of the other guy and go Outback )

    ☑ the wind blows, the ground is not visible any dust or dirt is blown ( Only the garbage and empty Hungry Jacks packaging remains )

    ☑ the sole is so clean ( We're all Buddhists here )

    ☑ sitting on the ground is not dirty pants ( why wear pants at all? )

    ☑ as well as any indoor room, smoking is prohibited ( and rightly so )

    ☑ look at the bus schedule ( the buses don't follow it, but sure look at the schedule anyway )

    ☑ the bus is not the name of a station, the time needed to ring the bell to get off early ( I think that means the buses don't announce when they are arriving at a destination )

    ☑ 80-year-old woman is wearing a bikini sunbathing on the beach ( MY EYES. MY EYES. THE BUUUUUURN )

    ☑ on the road to see a man 400 pounds is normal ( that would be the American tourists )

    ☑ basically household items are made in China of ( including the China )

    ☑ bath towel is no market here ( there's an underground/counterfeit market for bath towels )

    ☑ people here are not afraid of the cold, winter can also wear short sleeves ( but don't wear pants, they might get dirty )

    ☑ to buy things can be returned within a month, as long as I do not like to talk about a possible ( I should try returning Hungry Jacks after a month )

    ☑ the so-called capital is like a small town ( Canberra - the so-called Capital )

    ☑ Australians university is interest-free loan until income reaches a certain standard was only required to repay ( yeah, come over and take more University places from us, that's a top idea )

    ☑ people here who feel that the university is silly, since most of the high school graduation is to go on tafe, the equivalent of China's technical school ( *

    ☑ buy textbooks to more than one hundred Australian dollars ( second-hand, of course )

    ☑ the university, one week as long as ten hours of lessons, other times have to rely on their own learning ( ten hours of lessons? )

    ☑ drinking water can be directly ( not in Queensland )

    ☑ buying a car can be so cheap ( Made in **Australia* China* )

    ☑ parking in the city centre can be easily "to life" in ( park for life? )

    ☑ read the university Commerce, basically all the Chinese people can be, because the locals think too hard ( and, University is silly. Apparently)

    ☑ blue-collar than white-collar workers can earn much more ( unions FTW )

    ☑ the so-called Medicare can make people crazy ( Medicare can provide PBS medication )

    ☑ a baby can get government incentives, and the government willing to help you pull the child to 16 years, or even longer ( isn't pulling children a crime? )

    ☑as long as not a serious illness, basically ninety percent of disease can be a drug treatment - Panadol ( Placebo's are even better )

    ☑ where women are powerful, the birth of the baby can eat ice cream directly ( dafuq? )

    ☑ in the hospital, children, diapers, baby formula and baby clothes and other baby necessities are all easily available, at no cost ( on Medicare? )

    ☑ to live here without a car is not enough, cyclists will ride the dead ( Die, Cyclists, Die )

    ☑ to buy an apartment in Shanghai is where the money to buy a villa ( Land prices, FTW )

    ☑ the post office is very important ( especially to send a letter )

    ☑ the locals are older drive fancy cars, young people broke open the car while the Chinese people the opposite ( hang on, this contradicts the earlier statement about leaving cars unlocked )

    ☑ 300 Australian dollars can make a decent living person one week, even including the rent account ( I could never afford the #WhiteHouseReno  on 300 bucks a week )

    ☑ as long as the holidays, see what people are on the road, the store is closing ( on the road, stealing cars, obviously )

    ☑ where discount is a discount, the discount will not be the first to raise prices again ( don't discount a discount until you've discounted other discountable discounts )

    ☑ find a job, see a doctor, basically do not need to do anything to take the relationship, do not ask for help ( and keep away from the old people in their fancy cars )

    ☑ do not know who will greet you ( drop bears will say g'day )

    ☑ in any shop in Chinatown, can say that Chinese are even native dialect ( Ni Hao, my brother )

    ☑ a driver's license is to test a full four years ( that's only if you need a car. To ride a bike is no test )

    ☑ no matter how remote latrine all have toilet paper ( gumleaves are an excellent substitute )

    ☑ your body is not the person wearing large designer look of barefoot walking is nobody laugh ( unless you only have one thong )

    ☑ driving a BMW, Mercedes-Benz will make way for Toyota or Daihatsu ( for older people only

    #AboutAustralia - http://goo.gl/688VLF

    ( image via +The Malaysian Insider )
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-09 05:40:54
    Great post from +Peg Fitzpatrick 

    Use +Canva for designing your own Pinterest image layouts

    I do like seeing people sharing their expert knowledge and helping others.

    One small thing about the article text:

    On Twitter, a tweet has a short lifespan of about twenty minutes, a Facebook post is lucky to survive the newsfeed for two hours and I’d guess that Google+ is about the same. A pin on Pinterest can have traffic for days, weeks, even years after it was first pinned.  

    I left a comment:

    Google+ posts have the longest life of all the social media platforms I've been using (quite many as profile / pages), based on my own experience:
    Each post is treated as a microblog by the bots and most of the posts are indexed in the main Google search.

    Google+ own search works really well and using hashtags together with key words and sentences helps the content to be found after any time: I get almost daily interactions on my old posts even from 2011.

    Make sure you have a bold headline in the post and pay attention to the first 100 characters (including the headline): That part is crawled by search bots even after a reshare.

    Having said all that, I'm off to test the Canva:
    Pity that the only social sign-in is from the Blue place.

    #Pinterest   #SocialMedia   #Design   #Blogging  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-08 19:16:50
    New look for Twitter profile

    I've got it already: The images look very large indeed and there is no way to crop them any smaller...
    Perhaps I should use smaller pics to begin with. Hmm.

    See for yourself: https://twitter.com/JaanaNystrom


    #Twitter     #SocialMedia   #Update  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-08 18:43:46
    Google+ Photos:
    A tip for Blogger users

    If you add black & white images or images with transparent background to Blogger, sometimes the colours appear to be wrong after saving. The culprit may be the Google+ Auto enhance: The photos reside in Google+ created album for Blogger and if you have Auto enhance turned on, the photos may change in the process, for instance B&W may look brownish.

    Go to your Photos tab, click on Albums view, find an album with the name of your blog (NEVER delete any images inside or this album!), go to the image and turn Auto enhance off.

    You can also control the Auto enhance on album level.

    ✖ Learn more about the photos on Google+ http://bit.ly/PQ0JTr

    #Jaanatip #Googleplus #Blogger #Photos
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-08 14:28:08
    To fart or not to fart - that's the question

    Smelly farts on airplanes:
    we’ve all been there, either as the producer or the consumer (or often both).

    Unfortunately, little attention has been paid in the literature to this all-too-common phenomenon…until now. We can’t tell whether these authors are being totally serious or not, but either way, we think their suggestion for how to deal with the issue of smelly farts on airplanes is a pretty good one.

    Flatulence on airplanes: just let it go

    “Flatus is natural and an invariable consequence of digestion, however at times it creates problems of social character due to sound and odour.

    This problem may be more significant on commercial airplanes where many people are seated in limited space and where changes in volume of intestinal gases, due to altered cabin pressure, increase the amount of potential flatus. Holding back flatus on an airplane may cause significant discomfort and physical symptoms, whereas releasing flatus potentially presents social complications.

    To avoid this problem we humbly propose that active charcoal should be embedded in the seat cushion, since this material is able to neutralise the odour. Moreover active charcoal may be used in trousers and blankets to emphasise this effect.

    Other less practical or politically correct solutions to overcome this problem may be to restrict access of flatus-prone persons from airplanes, by using a methane breath test or to alter the fibre content of airline meals in order to reduce its flatulent potential.

    We conclude that the use of active charcoal on airlines may improve flight comfort for all passengers.”

    Original: http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/seriouslyscience/2013/05/20/to-fart-or-not-to-fart-that-is-the-question/#.U0QDka1_t6E

    #Airplanes     #Flatulence     #Travel  

    - I know this is a dilemma for me, every time I fly...  You? 
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-08 12:31:24
    Typical Finns!

    Jimmy Kimmel Chats with His Studio Audience (Guys from Finland)

    :-) - YouTube http://bit.ly/1g9OI0R

    #Finland #Finns #Smalltalk
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-08 10:30:59
    The difference for my Google+ Views count in the first week

    I took the screenshot on the right when the view counts appeared to Google+. The one on the left one I took now.

    Over a million views in a week?
    Hmm. Interesting.

    I get views also from my +Blogger blog: The photos are all housed on Google+.

    #Jaanaresearch   #Views     #Googleplus   #Blogging  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-08 09:27:55
    Updated blog article:
    What if I add or remove someone from a circle?

    Adding someone to a circle lets them see also older posts which have been shared to that circle.

    Removing someone from a circle: They cannot see any more posts even if those were shared when they were in that circle .

    There's an exception: Unless they have engaged with the post, for instance commented on it. Then they'll keep on seeing the post.

    #Jaanaresearch   #Googleplus     #Jaanatip     #Circles  
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