Jaana Nyström2014-07-21 11:13:02
Four seasons in the Finnish archipelago

If the Finnish archipelago and long Baltic coast make you think about beautiful summer days filled with sailing and boating, you are definitely on the right track. But the Finnish coast invites you for many great experiences throughout the year.

Here are 5 ways to explore the coasts and islands – no matter what the season: http://bit.ly/1mFjTFW

#Finland #Archipelago #FourSeasons #Travel
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-21 09:55:34
    Discover Google+ and learn from TWO G+ Top Contributors  There are only 13 spaces left for you to join us as a special founding member - don't miss this opportunity!

    #GooglePlusTraining   #LearnGooglePlus  

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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-21 08:57:07
    Google My Business Help Center

    Good information for any business on Google+!


    #GMB #Business #Googleplus
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-20 13:38:06
    What is trolling?  Who is a troll?

    Obviously to someone the meaning is different than to others ... 

    Is trolling or trollish behavior:

    -  An obnoxious way to try and get attention in strangers' comment threads, usually very negative, aggressive and rude texts 

    - Fighting with anyone that disagrees

    - Someone trying to get even with the world no matter how.

    - Getting a feeling of power from antagonistic behavior

    - Someone with a lousy self-esteem 

    - Someone who likes to hurt people. A warped mind, perhaps

    Bantering among friends is not trolling, you know your friends and how much they can take.  But do you know the limit when you might hurt someone?

    What is trolling to you?
    How would you define it?  Have you come up against many trolls on Google+?

    Let's discuss this without trololoos, shall we? :-)

    Read my latest blog article:  It's long but I hope you can finish the text. :-)

    #Trolls   #Trolling     #Comments   #Googleplus  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-20 11:25:20
    In just five minutes my pride and joy was dashed...

    I hate thunderstorms.

    #Garden  #Gardening   #Delphiniums  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-20 08:14:18

    The way Sunday sits in its secret hideaway paradise
    at the end of the week
    It's legs carelessly kicking at the lake, 
    with wet bare feet
    making concentric circles in the water with its toes

    That's how you make me feel.

    - JM Romig

    #Sunday   #Weekend    (Featuring my son Jesse :-)
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-20 07:33:54
    Interesting and educational!

    Sauna in Finland: History and use

    (Today there are around 3 million saunas in Finland)

    sauna1of 5 - YouTube http://bit.ly/1q7PF0m

    #Finland #Culture #Sauna
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-19 17:36:13
    There is magic at the end of everyday
    You can see it on the horizon of play.
    The sun slowly drops down to take a rest, 
    And then we lay down for the night until the morning crest.

    There is beauty in every sunset, open your eyes to see perchance.
    You may see the Sunset Spirit rest upon the suns departing glance
    Her beauty is beyond reproach; her eyes leave a lasting impression.
    And although she does not speak, her lips speak the night's confession.

    The Sunset Spirit is this and more, she comes from the suns inner core.
    She guides are sunsets for our pleasure, so that we are left wanting more
    Her lust for attention motivates her, to show all of sunset's glory.
    But, this my friends is truly only half of this beautiful story.

    The Sunset Spirit has always been and she will always be, 
    For she has been set upon this earth at the Lord Gods decree
    The Sunset Sprit is a savior to ensure the beauty that we all see, 
    But most of all she is the beauty in the sunset, that always comforts me.

    Rik Bertrand (2012)
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-19 17:00:38
    "Been to Lapland..."

    #HarleyDavidson     #Roadtrip  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-19 16:40:41
    Why many G+ Influencers are facing "ad blindness" with me
    (and maybe with many of you)

    I'm getting bored of you. Yes, you, the Influencer. Using your fancy [branded] images superimposed upon cutesy or clever photos, taking advantage of the "large image share" function of Google+, talking what seems to be the same information day in and day out, 20 different ways to Sunday, but all essentially the same thing. With your inner-circle of reshares and "well done!" other Influencers that, in their own streams, are posting the same stuff as well.

    Perhaps it's working for you, perhaps it's driving e-book sales and speaking engagements, and with that I say good for you. Really. That's awesome. Somebody is making money from social. And you're all awesome people that I have immense respect for... but I'm bored and developing a blindness to your content.

    It has taken some time to develop, like a cataract, but I've developed "ad blindness" to your posts.

    I'm sure you might be putting out fresh-ish content, but I don't read it. I see it coming up in my stream... and then it's gone. For some reason I keep it coming up in my stream, mainly because I'd feel weird about muting you, or uncircling you, or moving you to a less-than-lofty position in my "Main Feed" circle.

    But I just don't read you anymore.

    I think ad blindness (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banner_blindness) is the best way to describe it. And I'm doing so because I know it's a language that you speak. I'm hoping it doesn't cause you to create flashier graphics hawking your content (or to uncircle me), but instead, maybe to encourage you to branch out, give me something else to talk to you about, make me think of you as more than one-dimensional, perhaps even (gasp) post a post that doesn't use an image. (it's possible, I do it all the time, and yes, even get comments!)

    I'd like to see you again and be interested in the content that you're posting. I really do. I'd love to read about you challenging a notion / assumption / behavior, questioning others strategies, engaging in biting dialogue, or even go out on a limb and chat or ask questions about something outside your core expertise.

    I'd love to read something new and novel.

    Yours truly, David

    H/T: +Stephan Hovnanian, +Peg Fitzpatrick, +Vincent Messina, +Christine DeGraff
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-19 15:47:59
    Looking at you, Norway!

    The river Teno, between Finland and Norway: Great place for fly fishing salmon.

    #Finland     #Lapland     #Teno     #Fishing  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-19 15:33:41
    Miami Beach?

    Nope.  Nallikari beach in Oulu, northern Finland.  :-)

    #finlandinyourstream     #Summer  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-19 15:18:10
    50 Apps That Clarify 50 New Ways To Learn

    Modern learning is in a state of flux as it struggles to find out what it wants to become.

    Schools continue to merely “add on” learning, while technology strongly suggests new possibilities for inside and beyond the classroom. From learning simulations and mobile learning, to adaptive apps, flipped classrooms, and self-directed learning through amazing digital channels, the possibilities for learning are almost overwhelming.

    Below we’ve gathered a diverse list of learning apps across iOS and Android from giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft, as well as upstarts like Brainfeed, The Sandbox, and Knowji. None of the apps are perfect, but each app does something special, and in that talent represents what’s possible as we careen towards 2020 and beyond.

    Learn more at http://bit.ly/1q8iQCv

    #Learning #Apps #Teacher #School
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-19 13:45:20
    I'm just creating loads of birthday "cards"after a visit to a flower shop...
     :-) with my camera of course.
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-19 08:17:54
    Hotel Travel Tips

    Tip like a pro:
    Change your bills into smaller denominations right as you check in to your hotel. That way you won't be left empty-handed when the bellman arrives with your bags.

    Get a room upgrade:
    Be nice: Front desk agents are usually empowered to change a guest's room at their discretion. A little smile can go a long way.

    Stay at a new hotel: Recently opened properties may not be as full, and have an added incentive to court return guests.

    Be a regular: Hotels prioritize guests who are frequent visitors. If you are often in the city, be sure to let them know.

    Check in later in the day: Hotel managers have a better sense of their open inventory as the day goes on, and will be more amenable to a spontaneous upgrade.

    Say "thank you": If you had a great stay, let the hotel know in writing or via social media. The compliment may be repaid on your next visit.

    Travel + Leisure

    Learn more travel tips at http://bit.ly/1fxbK3C

    #Hotels #Travel #Leisure
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-19 08:01:48
    Restore a deleted photo

    You can recover photos that were backed up to Google+ and deleted less than 60 days ago.

    Here are some tips to avoid losing photos in the future:

    ▸ You can automatically back up your photos to Google+.

    ▸ Check your trash before you empty it if you suspect there might be a photo there you want to keep. Remember that items only stay in the trash for 60 days.

    ▸ It's safer to delete photos from Google+ using a desktop computer rather than a mobile device.

    ▸ The "All" tab shows all the photos and videos stored on your device's camera folder and all the photos uploaded to or backed up on Google+.

    ▸ Deleting from "All" (or "Highlights") may remove the photo from your device and also any backup instances!

    ▸ If you delete a photo from "Auto Backup," the photo may also be deleted from your camera folder.

    ▸ Keep copies of photos on a desktop computer.

    Google+ Help Center article on how to restore your photos from the trash: http://bit.ly/1mkluPU

    #Photos #Googleplus #Mobile #Desktop
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-19 07:36:08
    10 Things to Love About San Francisco

    "I’m always able to breathe deeply when I’m in San Francisco. It’s one of the world’s most beautiful cities, and also one of the most restful–a place where the breeze floats through the hills, bringing with it an invigorating sense of calm..."

    – Intelligent Travel

    Read more at http://bit.ly/1mdmKUP

    #USA #Citystay #SanFrancisco
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-18 13:50:42
    Welcome to All Things Gplus:

    The Effective Gplus Marketing Membership For Business Owners!

    Join Us Today:
    Don’t miss out – SPECIAL limited time Offer…

    Just $97 a year! (save over $120!) for the next 14 members!

    We're preparing a new membership site and all the members will be moved to the new one as soon as we are ready to launch.

    So if you are ready to get Googled and a whole lot more, discover real gems that will save you time, money (and headaches) , help you to raise your visibility, and get your business seen exactly where your potential customers are looking for you.

    Learn more: http://bit.ly/1ymcfXS

    #Googleplus #Hangouts #Business #Training
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-18 12:35:44
    My son in Lapland:

    Kaunispää fell in Saariselkä, Finland

    #Nature     #finlandinyourstream  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-18 12:21:44
    Cheer up!

    If you are sometimes feeling a little useless, discouraged or depressed; 
    Just remember that you were once the fastest and most victorious little sperm out of millions...

    Enjoy the little things in life that are free!

    Like this is free: So many helpful tips on using Google+


    #Googleplus     #Life     #hugsandkisses     #Weekend  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-18 11:00:40
    I had one of these when in Miami South Beach:

    Cuban sandwich

    Yummeeee! :-)

    #FoodFriday     #sandwichrecipe  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-18 10:21:35
    A visit to a flower shop

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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-18 08:04:08
    20 Healthiest Foods on Earth

    Here are 20 foods that offer the most benefits pound for pound than any other foods on the planet. They not only show up on our massive list of Superfoods they also make it onto plenty of top tens across the Internet, and several have long been known to provide plenty of nutrients and good things for the body.

    There are a few that you might not be familiar with, so consider this your introduction, and now you can get to know them better in the near future...

    | Bembu

    Learn more at http://bit.ly/1jTsdWv

    #Healthfood #Health #Nutrition
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-18 07:13:11
    How to pick the best Chromebook for you

    Nice video from +The Verge 

    #Chromebook     #ChromeOS     #Laptop  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-17 19:48:54
    Either this or it's time for bed.

    Good night from Finland my dear Circleverse! :-)
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-17 19:35:10
    My Top/Best Google(+) Posts
    1. Discover the World of Google(+) -> goo.gl/w8AcAc
    2. Google I Multi-Screen Resources -> goo.gl/Ma1ySQ
    3. Helpouts by Google -> goo.gl/yzIh3m
    4. Google Glass: How To -> goo.gl/EYnk1F
    5. Amplifying Your Brand with Google+ -> goo.gl/CyPdcO
    6. Google Tips -> goo.gl/1xuoOR
    7. Google+ Partner Playbook -> goo.gl/MYR56L
    8. Google+ Brand/Business: 21 Case Studies -> goo.gl/JDhx8Z
    9. Google's Social Evolution -> goo.gl/pHMcT5
    10. Google+ Business / Brand -> goo.gl/YwRGID
    11. Google+ Help 101 (Circle) -> goo.gl/5KDEKC
    12. 50 Google+ Tips (3.8k shares) -> goo.gl/u6TSB1
    13. Wildfire by Google's Social Brand Series -> goo.gl/IUf5Im
    14. Google+ Help Tips -> goo.gl/GgxBcr
    15. Google+ Toolbox -> goo.gl/oH2f14
    16. Google+ Help Weekly Round-Up  -> goo.gl/MckacO
    17. YouTube Toolbox -> goo.gl/NpnyMq
    18. Google Toolbox -> goo.gl/xjznXq
    19. Google Enterprise/Entrepreneurs/Business Toolbox -> goo.gl/LVUAtJ
    20. Create a Great Site And Have It Found In Google -> goo.gl/zoDHS5
    21. Three Circles+ -> goo.gl/4xgvPt
    22. Google: Most Valuable Brand in the World -> goo.gl/rojpKE
    23. Google My Business -> goo.gl/W7MGTm
    24. How Big is Google? goo.gl/Y8qGgf
    25. Top Google+ Helpers (Circle) -> goo.gl/GUqIPy
    26. 21 Awesome Google Tips -> goo.gl/7LTgBo

    Ripples by +Yasuo Maeda. Arigato Gozaimasu.
    #plus3   #googleplustips   #googletips     #googleplushelp  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-17 12:48:04
    As expected.

    #Finland     #Nokia     #Microsoft  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-17 12:31:01
    I'm uploading old photos to Google+ with the desktop Auto Backup:

    Trip to Sarawak, Borneo

    Nice Stories coming up! :-)

    #Stories     #Malaysia     #Travel  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-17 06:57:54
    The Google+ Name Change Policy
    And what it means to you

    Yesterday Google changed the rules about what a person can use as their Profile name.  Naturally, because something changed, many users promptly flipped out.  A great deal of people I saw yesterday were saying things like "4 Chan has come to Google+," and things of that nature.  For those of you in that camp, Dr. DeAno is prescribing you a Chill Pill.  This change to the policy, while significant in certain circles, probably won't affect you at all.  Let's break things down.

    First off, let's go ahead and eliminate the notion that prior to yesterday you were required to use your real name.  Sorry to break this to you, but that hasn't been a requirement since January of 2012.  It didn't have to be a real name - it just had to "look" real, as in it had to fall into the standard surname-space-family name format that much of the world adheres to and "seemed like" a real name.

    And guess what?  To a certain extent, nothing has really changed from that.  You still need a first name and a last name (although you can use a single name by putting a . in the last name field), you still can’t be PartyMan4Ever8375 (although you can use a Page to have that identity, like you ALWAYS COULD), and you still can’t have a name that breaks the Google+ TOS (like names that are racially offensive or encouraging violence).  None of that has changed.

    So what did change?  People that have unusual names and/or pseudonyms that they go by online (like +Violet Blue or +A.V. Flox for example) will no longer be challenged and have to verify those names by the lengthy process that they formerly had to go through.  Instead, they’ll simply work.  This way it’s a better user experience for people joining this platform, and a hell of a lot less work for Googlers and the TC team who had to deal with dozens and dozens of name-related escalations every day.

    That’s it.  That’s all that yesterday’s announcement was about.  The sky isn't falling, the trolls aren't now magically going to appear out of the woodwork (any more than they already were), Google+ isn't falling apart around you.  Again, for the overwhelming majority of you absolutely nothing has changed.  So relax, have that Chill Pill I prescribed, and just keep enjoying your Google+ Experience.

    For more information, please check the Help Center: http://goo.gl/FVbEHn
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-16 19:36:41
    Summertime in Finland...

    #Nature     #Lakes     #finlandinyourstream  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-16 16:16:04
    How does Artificial Intelligence work right here on Google+?

    I was pondering what to post for Easter and thought, okay, a yellow flower of some kind would be nice to share.

    I have almost 15 000 photos uploaded to Google+, what a chore to check several dozens of albums to find my yellow flower shots...

    This is where the Google+ photos search steps in with the AI and facial / image recognition.

    I typed "Yellow flower" to the search while I was on my "Photos" tab from the left pop-up pillar.

    This is what the search came up with. None of these images had been named as "Yellow flower".

    Of course it also showed Yellow flowers from my circles ...

    Wow. I'm impressed.

    Thanks +Brian Matiash and the Photos Team!

    #Googleplus   #Photos   #Search     #JaanaTip   #AI  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-16 09:17:26
    Finland develops energy system of the future

    Researchers in Finland have launched a project to develop the storage of solar and wind energy.

    VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has joined forces with Lappeenranta University of Technology and the Finland Futures Research Centre at the University of Turku in the NEO-CARBON ENERGY project.

    — Solar and wind energy can provide major opportunities to create new jobs and export products for Finland, says Pasi Vainikka, Project Coordinator and Principal Scientist at VTT.

    — The purpose of the project is to develop an energy system based on the storage of energy in the form of hydrocarbons, in other words conventional fuels.

    An emission-free energy system based on solar and wind energy is a major challenge to develop due to varying levels of supply.

    This kind of energy production will also be divided into much smaller units than today, with even individual households acting as energy suppliers.

    Besides new energy storage technologies and services, the change also requires the creation of legislation related to the energy business, to energy markets and new business chains.

    Finnish legislation does not yet take account of the needs of new forms of energy, their distribution and storage, including the trade in solar and wind energy generated by private citizens.

    The total budget of the project is seven million euros. Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, has granted funding of five million euros for 2014-2016. - Good News from Finland

    Found at http://bit.ly/1o9ORFR

    #Finland #Energy #Tekes
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-16 08:24:04
    Well hello! New +Google Drive arrives for me (South Africa)
    Ok, that was quite a wait, but at long last the new Google Drive arrived in my Chrome Browser on my laptop this morning. I'm delighted.

    Of course the most anticipated change is the ability to edit MS Office documents within Google Drive, but there are some other improvements as well. The main changes for me, at first glance:

    --> The ability to open, edit and save MS Office documents within Google Drive (using Google Docs, Sheets and Slides). If the new Google Drive has landed for you, but you're not seeing the ability to edit MS Office docs read lower down for the solution.

    --> An even cleaner and more minimalist lay-out. Shadows, but so light that you don't really register them - but enough to just lift the chosen item slightly from its backdrop. Material design?

    --> Some minimal, but functional, animations. Once again Material Design.

    --> Multiple selection as per your regular desktop folders (e.g. hold in Ctrl or Shift while clicking) with drag-and-drop. This is an improvement from before where you could only drag-and-drop a single item or had to tick boxes to select multiple items.

    --> A simpler and cleaner menu.

    --> Recent activity and folder / file details in the right margin.

    Can't edit MS Office files in Google Drive yet?
    I posted on this before, but here's a quick refresher.

    (1) You'll only be able to edit MS Office files once the new Google Drive arrives for you. If you're not sure if you have access to it yet, open Google Drive in your Chrome browser > Settings (gear icon top-right) > click the option to try the new Google Drive. Walla, you're done. If the option isn't there I'm afraid you'll have to wait a bit longer.

    (2) Go to http://goo.gl/JkynqU and install or update the Office Editing for Docs... Chrome extension.

    (3) You should be good to go. To test it upload a MS Word file to Drive. Double click on it in Drive, make a small test edit and close the document. If you see a duplicate document in Google Docs format you don't have the new functionality yet. If you only see the original (now edited) Word file you're sorted.

    When a Word file is open in Google Docs you'll probably also note that there isn't a 'comment' button in the top right, there won't be a 'Tables' menu and the top item in the File, Edit, Format and Help menu's will be a prompt notifying you that you are in 'Office Compatibility Mode' (OCM).

    Google Drive editing of MS Office files differences to Google Docs files
    I've only just got this, so there may very likely be more differences to what I'm mentioning here.

    --> Google Docs displays a 'share' button when editing a Word document, but it prompts you to convert the file to Docs if you want to share :-). I'm not really surprised. Of course the file will be synced together with others in shared Google Drive folders. But you won't have the powerful real-time co-editing functionality that's such a killer feature of Google Docs. 

    --> Google Docs does not show a 'comment' button on editing a MS Office document. If you want rich comment functionality you'll have to use Google Docs files (which I happen to prefer)

    --> At this stage it seems to me that editing an Office file comes sans table (incl. insert) options and insert hyperlink options. Clearly Google want to help you handle your MS Office contacts' files, but want you to keep creating in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides.

    Hopefully the above is useful to someone out there? I'm satisfied to see another improvement rolling out to Google Drive. I trust Google will keep on innovating and improving their productivity suite. I'll post in future on some of the areas where there's room for improvement.  

    #googledrive   #newgoogledrive   #officecompatibilitymode   #ocm   #materialdesign  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-16 06:59:29
    Just another Tuesday on Google+.  Still, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

    #RealName   #Nymwars   #GooglePlusUpdate  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-15 13:16:48
    My son relaxing after sauna, at midnight in Lapland...

    Thanks Google+ for the #AutoAwesome  ! :-)

    #finlandinyourstream   #MidnightSun     #WhiteNights  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-15 12:51:59
    This is the unedited version, +Christopher Vogelmann :-)

    The edited version where I played with the photo editor on Google+ is here:

    #Photos     #Googleplus  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-15 12:40:51
    Google+ Photos updates:

    Now you can change the Enhance for each image and customize the photo directly from the Lightbox view.  Just mouse over the "Enhanced" text top right of the pic. 
    Click on "Customize" and you'll get more possibilities to manually enhance the image.

    #Jaanatip     #Googleplus     #Photos  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-15 11:25:26
    Playing with the Google+ photo editor...

    What do you think? :-)

    #Rose   #Garden     #Canonkesä  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-15 07:28:20

    Circloscope has re-launched with a completely new, easy-to-use interface, 10+ new features, and now has a completely free fully functional version so that everyone can clean up their circles!

    Features in our FREE plan:

    - Find active/inactive Google+ users in your circles
    - Find your followers
    - Find people that don't follow back
    - Find most relevant people in your circles
    - NEW - Find people that engage with your latest posts
    - NEW - Find people that engage with other people's latest posts
    - Find people that engage with any post or web page
    - Find most followed people in your circles
    - NEW - Find followers of other people
    - NEW - Find people in other people's circles
    - NEW - Find people that engage with events
    - Find people in shared circles
    - NEW - Find people in your circles with no profile photo
    - NEW - Find people that you have muted/blocked
    - Find members from communities
    - NEW - Find Google+ users by email or Google ID in csv/txt file
    - NEW - Black list to prevent accidental adding
    - NEW - White list to prevent accidental removing
    - Import Google+ users from a web page
    - Search by name, email, location, work, education, etc
    - Export people information to CSV format
    - NEW - Save your queries/filters to use later
    - Add people to your circles one at a time
    - Remove people from your circles one at a time
    - NEW - Undo those you have removed using Circloscope
    - More info at www.circloscope.com/free 

    Features in our PREMIUM plan:

    - All of the FREE features
    - Add people to your circles in mass
    - Remove people from your circles in mass
    - Manage up to 3 of your pages
    - More info at www.circloscope.com 

    Features in our PRO plan:

    - All of the FREE/PREMIUM features
    - Manage up to 15 of your pages
    - More info at www.circloscope.com 

    The Circloscope Team

    Circloscope’s new logo, social media covers and style guide were created by +Dustin W. Stout, Founder and Creative Architect at +dustn.tv

    Thank you to our customers and all of those who have been fans of Circloscope over the years! 

    Special thanks to our beta test community of 160 members who have been actively testing Circloscope for the past month and to whom we owe a debt of gratitude! 

    +Christine DeGraff and +Craig Fifield wish to thank +Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh for working so hard to develop a product that we are proud to share with the world!


    Order Circloscope now at http://circloscope.com, or try the free version at http://circloscope.com/free

    Subscribe to our YouTube Channel (https://youtube.com/user/Circloscope) for video tutorials that will help you get started using Circloscope. 

    Need help?
    Search our knowledge base (https://circloscope.zendesk.com/hc/en-us) for help with common tasks or submit a support ticket to https://circloscope.zendesk.com

    Found a bug?
    Please let us know by submitting a ticket to https://circloscope.zendesk.com

    Join us!
    Our Google Plus Community (http://bit.ly/1uAjszI) is a great place to go for tips, tricks, help and support from other Circloscope users.

    #circloscope   #circlemanagement   #googleplustools   #circles   #chromeextension   #googleplustips  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-14 11:05:40
    Summer lilies in the garden

    #Summerphotos     #flowerphotography     #Finland  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-14 09:17:29
    Taken from the car window in Finnish Lapland by my son yesterday:

    The reindeer aren't bothered by cars.  Just milling on the road.

    #finlandinyourstream   #Lapland  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-13 16:18:57
    Nitinol - memory metal

    Today I found out about Nitinol (Nickel titanium) and it's wonderful properties. Check out this clip...

    More about nitinol: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nickel_titanium
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-13 13:48:55
    Thanks Google+, these are fun!

    I'm still auto-uploading (Auto Backup on desktop) the contents of my current Buffalo external hard drive and Google+ creates these funny #AutoAwesome  gifs out of my old pics...

    This is from Sarawak, Borneo at 2007.  
    Playing from the white tees as usual. :-)

    #Golf     #Malaysia  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-13 13:36:32
    What were the best and most memorable things in Finland? Check out the travel bloggers' opinions!

    The Nordic Bloggers' Experience (NBE) is a bloggers' program designed for qualified travel bloggers.

    It offers winter experiences in Helsinki and elsewhere in Finland, networking with Nordic Travel Fair Matka exhibitors and meetings with old and new blogger friends.

    The first Nordic Bloggers' Experience was a great success and check out the opinions of the bloggers who participated NBE in January 2014.


    NBE Finland 2014 - YouTube

    #NBEfinland #Matkamessut #Travel #Finland
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-13 13:17:19
    10 tips for successful camping trips

    If you're embarking on the camping adventure of a lifetime, the following 10 tips will help guide your preparations and ensure your safety once you've wandered into the wild.

    Whether you're planning a staycation in your backyard or hitting the Appalachian trail, there's something here for every would-be and seasoned camper.

    Read more:

    Freedom to roam or every man's right:

    Camping in Finland:

    #Camping #Outdoors #Nature #EveryMansRight

    Found at http://bit.ly/Uv78pL
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-13 09:30:56
    Thinking about the Sunday dinner?

    Let the steaks be high!
    Which doneness do you prefer?

    #Food     #Weekend   #Steaks  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-13 09:23:33
    Tip 19/21: 16 Awesome Google Chrome & Search Tricks!
    Even the most seasoned Googlers might learn a few new things ;)

    Google Chrome

    (1) Convert Chrome into a text editor:

    Open a new tab and paste the following text into the address bar: data:text/html,<html contenteditable> Then click anywhere on the page to start typing.

    (2) Open animated GIF’s in Google Chrome

    Open an animated GIF file from your computer by dragging it into a new Chrome tab.

    (3) Advanced website bookmarking

    Drag the URL from the address bar to your desktop to create a 'quick launch' shortcut. This removes the middle step of first launching your browser to only then access the  website.

    (4) Create keyboard shortcuts for extensions (this is huge)

    Wouldn't it be cool if you could activate the Pocket or Pinterest extensions with a keyboard shortcut? Well you can, and it’s both simple & time saving!

    This works for many other extensions but I personally use it the most for saving websites to Pocket for reading later.

    Open a new tab, type chrome://extensions into the address bar and navigate to the bottom of the page where you'll see “keyboard shortcuts”. Open it up and assign keyboard shortcuts for your extensions.

    Google Search

    (5) Search for specific file types

    Search for “Sunset filetype:jpeg”, “Branding filetype:pdf” or any other word + file extension. In most cases this works without the ‘filetype’ addition (i.e. “Branding.pdf”).

    (6) Find related websites

    Find and explore website similar to the ones you like by typing - “related:www.TheWebsite .com”

    (7) Movie showtime and length

    To find cinemas nearby showing a specific film, type: “MovieName Showtime”. To find out how long the movie is, type: “MovieName Runtime”.

    (8) Track packages

    Enter your Fedex, UPS tracking number into Google search to get information about your packed location.

    (9) Flights

    Check if your flight is on time or running late by typing: ‘Airline name + flight number’ (i.e. “Delta 152”).

    (10) Conversions

    Degrees - 27 celcius to farenheit
    Distances - 1 mile to km
    Currency - 1 usd to euro

    (11) Calculator

    Calculate any thing by simply typing it into the search query: “50x50+(193 - 84)”

    (12) Advanced Recipe search

    Narrow down recipes results by ingredients, cook time, calories. Search for ‘Lasagna recipe’, navigate to the search tools and filter your results (more in tip 3 - Search like a pro: bit. ly/GoogleTip3).

    (13) Weather & Time 

    Find weather forecast or time for certain location by typing “Location Weather’ or ‘Location Time’.

    (14) Exact phrases

    Search for exact phrases by adding quotations: “Exact Phrase”.

    (15) Set a timer 

    Easily set a time directly in Google search by typing: “Timer for 10 minutes and 5 seconds”

    Just for fun:

    (16) Search for the following things and see what happens:

    ► Askew
    ► Do a barrel roll
    ► Answer to Life the Universe and Everything
    ► Zerg Rush

    Familar with other fun or cool tricks for Google Search or Chrome? Share them below! :)

    If you like this tip feel free to Comment, +1 and Share! 

    For more tips like this, extra info and detailed screenshots:

    #21GoogleTips  #Google  #GoogleSearch  #GoogleTricks #GoogleChrome   #FunSearches  #SearchTools  #GoogleTips  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-13 07:15:25
    Google Drive update for desktops

    Home screens:

    The new home screens provide few file management options: you can only rename or remove files. They're mostly useful for quickly opening a recent document, spreadsheet or presentation.

    #Google     #GoogleDrive     #Googletools  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-12 17:45:57
    No more having to find the right image to upload when creating multiple duplicate events on G+ Woohoo - this is a BIG one for me and I am sure many other people will love it too.

    Previously you had to re-upload an event header image when you duplicated an event from the original event - today I created a duplicate event (and tested it twice more) and the original event image that I uploaded stayed there in the duplicated event too.......


    #TheHow2Girl #GPlusProfessionals #GoogleEventsUpdate
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-12 12:54:30
    Family travels in Lapland, part 2

    My son is taking photos with my tablet and I get the pics auto uploaded to my Google+.

    Fun to follow the men's trip. :-)

    This is Teno river (salmons!), view from Finland to Norway.

    #Travel     #Lapland     #Finland     #Nuorgam  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-12 11:16:54
    Can't add a profile image?

    If you are having trouble in changing your profile avatar, try this workaround.

    - Upload a photo in any album
    - Click open the image in the lightbox view
    - Click on "Tag people"
    - Click on the face and write your own name in the box that appears
    - Click on "Done"
    - Click on "More" and choose "Make profile photo"

    You can do the same with your business page: Choose one of your own photos, tag it with the name of your page.
    Act as your Page, go to the page's profile and see "Photos of you:
    You can click open the image and make it your Page's profile pic.

    Check out the photo captions in this album:

    I hope this works for you!

    #Jaanatip     #Googleplus     #Profilepicture  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-12 09:55:16
    8 Ways to Get More Google+ Page Followers

    "Let's face it, Google+ is not going to go away like Google Buzz or MySpace.

    More and more users are becoming familiar with Google+ and using it every day to connect and communicate. Equally as important is the fact that Google+ is more deeply integrated with Google's other products and services than any other service we've every used before. Having a successful Google+ Business Page is no longer an option for businesses who wish to succeed online..."

    Learn more at http://bit.ly/1zm7qiD

    #Business #Googleplus #Google
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-12 08:52:38
    Travelling in Lapland

    Lapland is the largest, most genuine experience park in Finland. Its unique nature, diverse activities and fascinating attractions offer unique holiday experiences throughout the year. Experience the moments of twilight in mid-winter, northern lights, autumn colours and the midnight sun that shines day and night.

    This section contains information on the activities and experiences awaiting you in Lapland and introduces you to different areas and their holiday destinations.

    Learn more at http://bit.ly/19hkn1o

    #Finland #Lappland #Travel #Adventure
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-12 08:46:31
    Energy from Nature

    "We know the natural environment is "restorative," and one thing that a walk outside can restore is your waning attention. "

    How often do you get into nature and soak up the revitilising energy it provides?

    Read More http://buff.ly/1o5r7m8

    #naturecures #thehow2girl #getmorenergy #Nature
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-11 18:12:02
    Loving this!
    My son is using my Galaxy tablet for taking photos, he's on a road trip to Finnish Lapland with his dad.

    I get the Auto backup photos directly to my Google+  :-)

    I can follow their trip in real time, truly.

    This is Lake Inari.

    #Finland     #AutoBackup  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-11 13:28:24
    How to be a Google+ success

    An interesting article: The writes still sits on the fence, perhaps? :-)

    A snippet:
    "The good news: Google+ is probably one of the smartest, interesting, intelligent, interested, and compelling virtual online communities ever created. G+ is a worthy inheritor of Real Name communities like The WELL, The Meta Network, EchoNYC, and even USENET. The conversation — both the initial posts as well as the commentary — is longer-form and can thread down into infinity..."

    | Biznology

    Read more at http://bit.ly/1qqErnL

    What do you think?

    #Googleplus #SocialMedia #Forum
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-11 12:38:13
    Is it #Friday already? What?

    Best hangover foods from around the world...

    "It’s 10am and you vaguely recall last night involved small glasses of something resembling vodka standing to attention on the bar as you slid off your stool and into a roller coaster dressed up as a taxi and the coffee you just ordered tastes like brown water and you can’t find your sunglasses and why must the sky be neon blue?

    We’ve all been there – enjoying too much of the local tipple after a long day of travel and irregular meals, then paying the price in the morning. But when in foreign lands, why not embrace foreign solutions?

    Here’s our roundup of some of the world’s most popular hangover cures:"

    #Food   #Hangover #Weekend
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-11 09:33:46
    How to hide your circles or followers on your Google+ profile

    Go to your profile's About tab, click on the Edit under the box that displays your circles and uncheck the "Show people who have added me to circles".

    To change who can see the people in circles, click on the Edit under the Circles box.

    If you wish to hide who follows you, uncheck the "Show people who have added you to circles".  

    You can also customize the view, if you wish to display none, all your circles YOU follow on your profile or just a part of them.

    #Jaanatip     #Profile     #Circles     #Followers  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-11 09:05:58
    How to get a post link from a Google+ post Timestamp

    If you are on the "All notifications" stream and you click on the drop down arrow you won't see the "Link to post" option.

    You can open the Google+ post in a new tab by clicking on the time stamp you get the link on top that you can share:

    You can also right-click on a post's timestamp and copy the link:

    See the difference between the two links, for the same post?
    The latter is also a way to see anyone's 21-digit Google+ ID

    Why would you need that?
    For instance to replace my G+ ID in this URL below with yours and get a Timeline of your (or anyone's) public Google+ posts:


    Copy the URL here, paste it in your browser and copy-paste another Google+ ID number on top of mine to get their posts: Easily shareable on other sites.

    How to share a Google+ photo or   #Stories   in Facebook:

    #Photos     #GooglePlustips     #Plushelp  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-11 09:03:38
    Top Google+ Tipsters You Need in Your Circles

    +martin shervington 
    Martin is everywhere posting as much good stuff as its physically possible to post in order to help you thrive on Google+. He posted the Beginners Guide to Google+ and from this link you will find a wealth of resources such as the Quickstarter Guide.

    +Brian Jensen 
    Brian shares great content including some real gems to help you advance your skills on Google+. See Google+: Looking Behind The Scenes of Profiles and Posts

    +Denis Labelle 
    Denis shares awesome curation posts and this one will blow your mind (its already had more than 700 reshares)
    Google+ Toolbox: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+DenisLabelle/posts/681cuDoMC17

    +Guy Kawasaki 
    Guy is Chief Evangelist of +Canva which is an essential tool for creating stunning visual images that are perfect for social media sharing even if you have a complete absence of design skills. Guy also wrote the Book What The Plus: http://whattheplus.com/what-the-plus/

    +Jaana Nyström 
    Jaana is one of the Top Contributors to the official Google+ Help Community. Follow her for more tips than you can handle and join this community: https://plus.google.com/communities/115758385206378551362

    +Mark Traphagen   
    Mark writes tirelessly about Google Plus. He may even be Mr Google+. Follow him for posts, test results, informative hangouts and subscribe to his Flipboard magazine called Google+ Plus Power which is packed full of tips http://flip.it/5ZD5n

    +Christine DeGraff 
    Christine's Circoscope is THE essential tool for circle management. The tool is about to be updated (release any day now) to improve the user interface but what you can achieve with this is tool truly jaw dropping. https://plus.google.com/+ChristineDeGraff/posts/i4KcUeNLZgM

    +Ryan Hanley 
    Ryan's Google Plus Starter Kit is an excellent series for building your confidence on the Plus https://plus.google.com/+RyanMHanley/posts/8SKscGXcnsd

    +Rick Eliason 
    Rick's comprehensive series of 50 tips is hard to miss but here is a link for your to find all of them Things You Can Do On Google Plus Right Now - 50 Tips https://plus.google.com/explore/googleplus50

    +Stephan Hovnanian 
    Stephan's About section of his Google Plus Profile is packed with links to his ebooks, HOA series and articles he has written to provide tips for Google+ users. Stephan (pronnounced Step-han) is often the first person to greet newbies so you probably know him already. https://plus.google.com/+StephanHovnanian/about

    +Ben Fisher 
    Ben's company +Steady Demand  is a must-have tool for learning more about your page performance. They created a free tool to help check connections from G+ business brand pages to websites. The tool will also grade your posts and teach you how to make them the best they can be. http://www.steadydemand.com/Google-Plus-Brand-Audit-Tool.php

    +Ronnie Bincer 
    Ronnie Bincer is The Hangout Helper and he runs the Hangout Mastery Community - its a paid subscription worth every penny if you are planning on hosting Hangouts and the man is pure awesome sauce! https://plus.google.com/communities/100896960081583252164

    There are many others we could include as our top tipsters but these guys and the tips we've highlighted will sky-rocket your Google Plus journey, guaranteed!

    #googleplustips   #gplustips  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-10 07:51:17
    Create a Google+ circle from your YouTube Contacts

    With the retirement of the Inbox and introduction of private Messages, you will have to communicate with the channels in your current Address Book via Google+.  to ease that transition, YouTube has made it easy to create a Google+ circle from your current contacts:

    1. Sign into YouTube and go  to you YouTube Inbox (www.youtube.com/inbox)

    2. You should see a blue banner that says Create a Google+ circle with your favorite YouTube contacts. Important: The people in your circles are publicly visible on your profile.

    3. Click the word "Create" to start the circle creation process

    4. Remove or add contacts 

    5. Click the blue "Create this circle" button

    Once you have created your contact circle, you can post a comment to YouTube or share a post on Google+ with only that circle.

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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-09 13:00:10
    Know your rights: summer travelling in the EU

    About to go on holiday?

    Thanks to the EU it will be an even better experience. The European Parliament is working on legislation to boost passenger rights, while roaming charges were reduced again from 1 July and are getting closer to being scrapped in December 2015.

    In addition enabling planes to take shorter routes and increased competition for railway services should help to drive prices down for passengers...

    Learn more: http://bit.ly/1zp4QbU

    #Europe #Travel #EU
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-09 09:32:58
    Round 74

    With Guest Judge, +Jaana Nyström 

    If you'd like to be notified for each new #CaptionMyCaption round, please leave a comment here (http://goo.gl/bKXp5Q) or simply just circle +Caption My Caption 

    Take a look at this image and provide a caption by commenting below, and don't forget to give a +1 to any of the other comments that you find amusing. The winner is the person with the most +1s on their comment. Feel free to +1 and/or share the post itself, if you so choose, just to let me know if you like the image or not and to expand the game just that little bit more.

    The #CaptionMyCaption  Leaderboard - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jMKaTDyCBiEuC773q4ZfsaeMkeDsNYq0MiKrRen02L8/edit?usp=sharing
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-08 18:43:02
    For today's #TipTuesday post, we're showing you how start a scheduled Hangout On Air.  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-08 10:12:50

    PING +Dave Besbris are these Google modern training methods?  :D
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-08 08:44:16
    5 Travel Apps Travel Bloggers Love

    “Is there an app for that?”
    It seems that in today’s world there really is a mobile app for every purpose. You can download a dog whistle, Korean speaking virtual girlfriend and a sad cow that will produce a moo if you can make her happy and the list is never ending. Today though, I am not talking about the strangest mobile apps out there – I am talking about those apps that will change the way you travel the world!

    Here in Finland we have a great community of travel bloggers and we share a lot of our ideas together. We recently had a discussion about travel mobile apps and I want to share some of them with you!

    | Finnair Blog

    See them all at http://bit.ly/1qNspZs

    #Travel #Bloggers #Apps
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-08 06:10:24
    Good morning my dear Circleverse!

    Remember to wash behind the ears...  :D

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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-07 19:39:36
    Happy Birthday +martin shervington !

    Enjoy you day...  :-)
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-07 13:56:40
    What Has Credibility With Google Natives?

    "Google launched 16 years ago, in 1998.

    That means your average high school student has never known a world without Google. Some students have parents who “Googled” when they were younger, which makes them second-generation Googlers.

    Being able to Google “things” really was an interesting leap that we now take for granted. So many cultural patterns were simply wiped out by the ability to pick up a phone and find the most obscure information at any time. It connected anyone with the most random, odd, or fascinating tidbits with a few keystrokes.

    Students today–those who “grew up Google”–are now a kind of mash of social media, YouTube, and search engine (though oddly, no one under the age of 30 likes Google+), which has given them a unique view of reality. Different things have credibility in their eyes.

    This matters for teachers, of course, because we need to know what has credibility in their eyes. What they respond to. What makes them tick..."

    Learn more at http://bit.ly/1kVVE8F

    #EDU #Students #Youth #Teachers
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-06 14:52:00
    Testing with a screenshot, if the face paint #AutoAwesome  for World Cup works:

    #voororanje    or Netherlands!

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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-06 13:42:44
    My hand-pollinated Delphiniums from NZ are blooming...

    #Garden     #flowersphotography     #Canonkesä  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-06 12:56:11
    14 Easy Camping Recipes for Families

    "I’ve eaten all sorts of things while camping: pasta, quinoa with veggies, brats, chili, spicy ramen, pancakes…and as I was cleaning up my camp kitchen area last weekend, I thought to myself…I could probably make a lot more interesting things out here!

    Car camping can be so much more than opening a bunch of cans of food and other pre-packaged items. It can go further than different variations of s’mores and hot dogs!"

    – Campfire Chic

    Get the recipes at http://bit.ly/1saTmaT

    #Camping #Food #Eating #Outdoors
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-05 07:04:25
    Finnish summer and BBQ...
    Come rain or shine we will grill! :D

    It got really hot where I was standing and trying to stop the rain dousing the fire: The smoke didn't help either!

    #BBQ  #Food  #Finland   #Summer  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-05 06:52:27
    As the sunsets
    I realize how quickly time passes by
    I think of all the things I could have done
    and all the things I wish I had done

    After each sunset
    I remind myself that there's always tomorrow
    there's always time to catch on things I missed out on
    but somehow, as fast as a new day comes
    I find myself in the same place; 
    watching the sunset and thinking of all the things
    all the things I should have done
    all the things I could have done
    continuously going to and from

    tomorrow never comes
    so all my plans for tomorrow may never be fulfilled
    never be drilled.......killed

    Unless I start today
    today before the sun rises and today before the sunsets
    before the darkness consumes all humanity
    before the shadows are my only pity

    Days without sunset, are days I hardly met
    I've always been granted the favour
    by the savour
    to admire this wonderful creation
    such beautiful attraction

    A sunset
    a sunset of light, of hope, of peace 
    Chantelle T C Huggins

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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-05 06:40:59
    Google+ Photo Albums

    The Photos tab on your profile is for visitors, there anyone can see your Publicly shared photos.

    Who can see what:
    You can check by changing the "View profile as" Yourself to Public from the drop down, or even check circle / individual profile's view.  Same goes to the information on your Google+ profile.

    The colourful Photos logo on the left pop-up pillar is for your eyes only.
    Of course you can share albums from there via a link, too.

    Then there's a workaround to see the albums view, pointed to me by fellow Top Contributors:

    To come to the album view of another user on G+ you have to edit your URL from album view. Just change the 21-digit G+ ID.
    Or for Picasa Web Albums:

    #Photos     #Albums     #Googleplustips  

    Read more about photos albums on Google+:
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-04 11:56:20
    Happy Independence Day USA!

    Fourth of July Night

    The little boat at anchor in black water sat murmuring to the tall black sky
    A white sky bomb fizzed on a black line.
    A rocket hissed it's red signature into the west.
    Now a shower of Chinese fire alphabets,
    A cry of flower pots broken in flames,
    A long curve to a purple spray, three violet balloons---
    Drips of seaweed tangled in gold, shimmering symbols of mixed numbers,
    Tremulous arrangements of cream gold folds of a bride's wedding gown---
    A few sky bombs spoke their pieces, then velvet dark.
    The little boat at anchor in black water sat murmuring to the tall black sky. 

    - Carl Sandburg

    #IndependenceDay     #fourthofjuly  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-04 11:37:01
    Wow...  What a craftsman!

    Have you visited Murano, the cradle of Venetian glass?

    #Glassblowing     #Art     #Horse  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-04 10:58:33
    Wife-carrying competition starts today!

    The contest is rooted in the legend of Ronkainen the Robber, said in the 19th century to have testing aspiring members of his gang by forcing them to lug sacks of grain or live animals over a similar course.

    Another theory is that it stems from an even earlier tribal practice of wife-stealing.
    In honour of this, many contestants now take up the challenge with someone else's wife.

    Wrapping the women's legs around the man's head and hanging upside-down behind them, it was allegedly inspired by how Eastern Europeans use to carry their women - at least according to folklore.

    Read more:

    #Finland #Festivals #Wifecarrying #Eukonkanto

    Image by Hannu Keränen
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-04 10:54:50
    Most popular sports in the world

    Finland's baseball is popular too but a bit different from Japan's...

    But a great perspective anyhow.

    #Sports     #Global     #Soccer     #Football  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-04 10:30:17
    10 Surprising and Important Social Media Stats

    "We love to make decisions and form strategies based on statistics. It’s why we A/B test and how we change directions on our social sharing.

    Who doesn’t love a good statistic, especially one that has an actionable next step?

    You’re likely to find a sea of statistics for social media—I know I’m amazed at how many are out there. My favorite finds are those that are just a bit surprising or unique or even counterintuitive..."


    #Marketing #Business #SocialMedia #Stats
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-04 08:43:56
    I just gained a new follower on Twitter


    #Twitter     #Googleplus     #SocialMediacrisscross  


    My "other" profiles for clients:
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-04 08:05:21
    Sneak peek - Materialization and Polymerization

    +Comment Tracker desperately needed a design and code refresh for quite a while now. With the new material design and accompanying Polymer paper elements coming out at #io14 (and the web-starter-kit that was published just before I/O), I felt inspired enough to get started on bringing Comment Tracker to more screens inside and outside of hangouts.

    There's still some work to be done, but I'll be looking for testers in the coming weeks. So if you are interested in trying out the new version of Comment Tracker let me know in the comments, and I will add you to the circle I will share the links to the standalone and hangout-extension with, once it's stable and feature-complete enough for testing.

    Some interesting custom elements that I needed to create in the process of implementing this so far (all of which will be open-sourced soonish)

    A <twitter-fetcher> element based on the work by +Jason Mayes (http://www.jasonmayes.com/projects/twitterApi/) to retrieve and parse tweets as JSON from a Twitter widget.

    A <text-screen> element based on the work by +Allen Firstenberg that takes text as input and displays a Hangout overlay.

    A <simple-html> element that takes html as input, removes most of the tags, but still allows links to be displayed. This was necessary because Polymer automatically escapes all html input, so the only way to get links to be displayed is to split the html in text and link parts, extract the href from the links and have a template like this:

    <template repeat="{{part in parts}}">
      <template if="{{part.link}}">
        <a href="{{part.link}}">{{part.text}}</a>
      <template if="{{!part.link}}">

    Having the design fully responsive also means, that it automatically works as Hangout extension which are limited to a width of 300px.

    So now I have one <comment-tracker> element that includes all the functionality, and is included directly on the website.

    For the Hangout extension I have a <hangout-comment-tracker> element, extending my <hangout-app> element (https://github.com/Scarygami/hangout-app) to do the necessary Hangouts API setup. And inside the <hangout-comment-tracker> the same <comment-tracker> element as on the website is used. In the <comment-tracker> element I then check for existence of the Hangouts API to enable Hangout-only functionality, like the overlay.

    #gde   #googleplus   #polymer   #article  

    PS. Device template adapted from: https://plus.google.com/+LiamSpradlin/posts/TUHZu5zVqta
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-04 07:43:34
    A response to +Chris Abraham  's article about Google+
    I just read your article on +Social Media Today   and I like your analogy with Ellis Island - I think you've got a good point about Google+ being 'staging area'.  I've been here since day two of the Beta and have watched and applauded as some (now former) newbies like +martin shervington +Denis Labelle , +Jaana Nyström   +David Amerland  , +John Kellden , +Giselle Minoli  , +Meg Tufano   and many, many others, none of whom I knew, have experimented with this platform, and in some cases become 'Superstars'.

    For these people, as well as myself, this truly is a kind of staging area or playground, where we can find our voices (and our feet) and, if we have something of value to share and engage (play nice) with others, get the attention we deserve. 

    Some of your criticism of the abilities of the platform are certainly valid, but looking at your stream, I wonder whether you truly 'get' the difference between Google+ and other platforms. Facebook is for contacting people you know, or for getting and keeping fans. Google+ is different. Here, the glue that binds us is made up of topics and issues and true exchanges, or, as my friend +John Kellden  says: 'conversations'.

    Unless you are a well-known celebrity, gaining and keeping 'followers' on Google+ takes time and dedication. Throwing out a post or two and waiting to see what happens, especially if you don't bother with hashtags, just isn't going to cut it.

    The way that most of us who are regulars here have built up followings and gotten to know others is, by interacting with others first. Commenting, plussing and sharing others' content is what this place is all about. 

    That may make Google+ a bit daunting for some users, but those who have understood it and know how to leverage the platform are justifiably happy with it.

    I have no idea how often you interact with others here, I see from your stream that not many interact with you, which is too bad, you've got some interesting things up. But somehow, I can't believe that with your background, you would not have more interaction if you really tried. My guess is that you're not ready to make the effort. If not, I apologize for the assumption. 

    So, in keeping with my motto, please tread lightly with your judgments and criticism ;-)

    cc: +Vic Gundotra 

    Note: apologies for posting this twice, especially for those notified, but one of you suggested I repost this as my own post and not a share ;-)

    #treadlightly   #googleplusbirthday   #socialmedia  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-03 14:41:05
    5 island side trips worth visiting when in Cebu

    Being at the heart of the Philippines, Cebu is one of the places where you have access to so many excellent destinations.

    From pristine white sand beaches and crystal clear diving spots to colorful festivals and various landmarks, the “Queen City of the South” has access to all of them.

    To learn more about this, here are the top destinations nearby Cebu without having to board an airplane.

    | Cebu Finest

    Learn more at at http://bit.ly/1ocx3yI

    #Philippines #Travel #Cebu Islands
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-03 13:53:22
    21 Awesome Google Tips and Tricks

    Each tip will be presented as an embedded Google+ post on this page, and if needed – followed by screenshots and examples to further explain the point.

    Learn more at http://bit.ly/1mJVyx2

    #Googletips #Google
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-03 09:42:10
    IRIS Seismic Map:
    Earthquakes like you've never seen them, and you can even listen to the rumble!

    "IRIS, the Incorporated Research Institute for Seismology, doesn't just have a cool acronym. The non-profit consortium of over 100 U.S. universities also has very cool interactive seismic tools that allow you to see for yourself just how dynamic our planet's crust is..."

    : TreeHugger

    Read more at http://bit.ly/1yI1Kzi

    #Earthquake #Earth #SeismicActivity
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-02 14:00:12
    10 Unique Insights to Look for in Your Social Media Monitoring
    As you sort through your social media monitoring results, here are some results you might come across and the opportunities they might provide:

    > Sentiment
    > Feedback
    > Questions
    > Links
    >Pain points
    >Press opportunities

    Read the whole post to learn more social media monitoring tips and tricks: http://buff.ly/1iEMuJn

    #socialmediamonitoring #socialmedialistening #socialmedia
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-02 13:47:41
    This DIY Sauna Raft is All Kinds of Awesome

    A group of friends in Joensuu, Finland built this awesome sauna raft back in 2012.
    In Finnish it’s known as a Saunalautta and you can find several other DIY builds online. This particular homemade raft features multiple hammocks, multi-level decks, a tower and of course a fully functional sauna!

    Pictures on their Facebook page show them lounging on the raft with friends, using the second level deck as a diving platform and even grilling food on a portable bbq.

    If you’re interested in renting this specific sauna raft, head over to their Facebook page for more information (you will also find pictures of the build process). You can also call (+35 845 891 8925) or email them with any questions.

    Photographs by Jyri Heikkinen



    #Finland #Sauna #Lake #DIY
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-02 13:01:44
    GooglePlus Helper:
    Google+ red box syndrome: Deal with it!

    How to stop receiving emails:

    I have opted out of all the email notifications because using the checking system I described on top helps me to see all the messages I receive. You may uncheck all the boxes or just some...

    Learn more: http://buff.ly/1lw2rRR

    #Notifications #Control #Circles
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-01 19:15:58
    For today's #TipTuesday post, we're sharing some helpful hints on how to format your Google+ posts.
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-01 15:15:44
    I'm hungry...
    I've been too busy to eat properly today!

    Created a Twitter account for my latest client, upgraded to +Buffer  for Business, curated 5 days' worth of Tweets for the Buffer, struggled with the official logos (always the wrong size for new platforms!) but managed it thank goodness for a Photoshop-wielding husband, because the client is on holidays.

    So if you don't see much content from me in the next few days or a week, that's because I have to rinse and repeat everything for more accounts so that Nordic Travel Fair will have a good social media presence:
    Twitter account in English, Google+ Page and Youtube...

    Lots of work with the photos and materials, too.

    With all the trappings.  :D

    #Business     #Busy   #JaanaWork   #SocialMedia  

    So far the Finnish Twitter account is up and running:
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-01 14:52:51
    27 Ways To Inspire Innovative Thinking In Students

    Innovating thinking is one of those awkward concepts in education–one that is often espoused, but isn’t measured, reported on, trained around, or celebrated. It’s just sort of there.

    Innovative thinking in students will flower when we design classrooms that absolutely can’t survive without it. Same with critical thinking, self-direction, creativity, and so on. Until we reach that point, it’s on the shoulders of the classroom teacher to tease it out of students through a combination of inspiration, modeling, scaffolding, and creating persistent opportunity...

    Learn more at http://bit.ly/1qochgK

    #Teacher #Learning #EDU
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-01 13:53:14
    The Silliest Events in Finland

    Finns are a peculiar people. At first glance, they seem stiff and serious, but you’ll find they have a great sense of humour. Just have a look at the silly events they organize and compete in.

    Yeah, we know many things listed below don’t make any sense whatsoever. But we’ll let you in on a little secret: Most of them are just great excuses for post-event celebrations...

    Learn more at http://bit.ly/1l0MKlP

    #Events #Silly #Finland
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-07-01 06:47:21
    Ronnie Bincer was tagged in Jaana Nyström's album.
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-06-30 18:11:56
    4 Methods to Listen Better and Uncover Context
    Practicing “searching for context” is something I’ve found to be very exciting. When you approach a conversation without any need to have the intent of replying, without any need to have a “smart” response, it changes the entire flow of the discussion.

    Here are some of the things I’ve found very useful in trying to be focused on understanding the other person:

    Give the other person your full attention
    Whenever I have a call, or whenever I get dinner with someone, or when we have a team standup, I turn my phone over and try to adjust my posture to lean forward, into the conversation, and focus on hearing every single word. It can be a challenge, and sometimes my mind drifts, but with conscious effort to do this, I have found I can “train the muscle” and focus for longer.

    Remember that you don’t need to respond
    I used to feel that I always had to respond if there was the slightest moment of silence between myself and someone I was speaking with. This assumption led me to prepare a response in my mind. As soon as the thought entered my mind, I would stop listening and wait for the other person to finish talking. I literally wouldn’t hear any more words, and sometimes I would even jump in before they had finished

    I’ve since realised that there is great pleasure in simply listening with the knowledge that I don’t need to respond. If I pause to think, and I say “hmm, that’s interesting” after the other person has spoken, that is something that is respected. Also, often if I pause for a little while, the other person will pick up again and—if it’s a challenge we’re working on—they might come to the solution by themselves. It’s much more powerful if they find the solution, than if I come up with it.

    Ask lots of thoughtful questions
    If it is indeed my turn to talk, I try to avoid “giving advice” or “stating my opinion” for as long as I possibly can. Instead, I ask questions based on the previous thing the other person just said. I listen very carefully and then once it is my turn, I simply respond with a genuine question of something I’m interested in based on the topic, but which he didn’t quite cover or for which I’d love to hear more detail.

    Be open to whatever path the conversation takes
    This final point is the one which I think has been the most powerful recent discovery for me. I’ve realised that if I simply sit, feel no need to respond, and focus on hearing every word and learning quickly about the other person’s context, then very often the conversation will go down a whole new path than the “initial thought” I had which I used to respond with or jump in and cut the conversation off with.

    Do you ever catch yourself having a response in mind and struggling to listen to the other person? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences on the topic of context.

    #communication #listening #context #lifehacking
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-06-30 13:03:52
    Testing with a screenshot, if the face paint #AutoAwesome  for World Cup works:

    #voororanje    or Netherlands!

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  • Jaana Nyström2014-06-30 12:34:12
    Now let's see how this goes:
    Which team should I root for?  :-)

    No Finland in the games...  Let it be Costa Rica!

    Read more about the flags for faces:

    #paintcostarica     #WorldCup14  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-06-30 12:29:12
    Only 15 incredible places left  If you want to increase your Google + knowledge and discover more ways to utilise the platform and see real results - why not come and join us in the exclusive private members area (and bring your friends too)

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  • Jaana Nyström2014-06-30 06:35:20
    Nobody wants to hear just "Buy my stuff"!

    +Guy Kawasaki gave me a very good advice:
    "only 5-20 % of your content should be ads".

    Great video, thanks +Google+ Your Business 
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-06-30 06:30:56
    ▶ Finnish Lakeland - FINLAND

    In a scarcely populated country there's scenery and shoreline for all, satisfying scope to lose yourself in thought. Especially inspiring are the vast clear lakes, intricately splintered by islands, isthmuses and green spits.

    - YouTube

    #Finland #Nature #Lakes #FinlandOB
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