Jaana Nyström2013-05-03 09:52:07

It's #Friday  !
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-07-06 17:38:26
    Just in case...
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-07-27 15:39:47

    My BBQ's on fire, the sun is shining, flowers are blooming and I've got something nice and cold in the fridge...

    Just to annoy you even more, here's something for the #Caturday   :-)
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-07-04 14:41:31
    Happy 4th of July!

    All who celebrate:

    One flag, one land, one heart, one hand, One Nation evermore! 
    ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

    America is much more than a geographical fact. It is a political and moral fact — the first community in which men set out in principle to institutionalize freedom, responsible government, and human equality. 
    ~ Adlai Stevenson

    In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved. 
    ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.
    ~ Thomas Paine

    #independenceday   #fourthofjuly   #Celebration   #America  
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-03-25 23:09:40
    Whatever the changes:

    Still, I'm going to bed.
    Good night my dear Circleverse! :-)
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-05-06 15:55:58
    I need this now.
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-06-09 18:30:57
    This. :-)
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-06-15 18:02:51
    Good points.

    #Caturday   #Kissantai  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-05 13:57:20
    Know your cat: Tail messages!

    This is interesting and revealing...

    #Caturday   #Messaging   #Pets  
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-06-08 18:31:07
    Happy #Caturday all!

    See you tomorrow; Sauna is waiting!

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  • Jaana Nyström2013-03-23 08:41:22
    Let's rock on the #Caturday  !

    Here is a kindle of kittens:
    What else can a lot of cats be called?

    Read more:
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-06-25 19:54:25
    Hmm. :-)
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-08-30 21:13:13
    What? Is it weekend already?

    That explains the silliness.
    Can you hear Homer whooping? I can.

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  • Jaana Nyström2013-12-24 12:18:53
    "It was the night before Christmas and all were asleep
    No one made a noise, not even a peep...
    With the snow falling gently in the house
    Still no-one stirred, not even the mouse  cat..."

    #Christmas     #Cat     #AutoAwesome  
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-08-12 04:59:10
    The most popular web browser in 2013

    No surprise there: It's Chrome.

    Read more from +The Economist:


    #Chrome   #Web   #Statistics  

    h/t +Moritz Tolxdorff 
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-04-22 03:53:44
    Happy Earth day my dear Circleverse!

    We can all chip in by: 

    - Recycling
    - Not wasting food or water (use the freezer)
    - Walking & bicycling more instead of driving.


    #earthday2013   #Earth  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-01-11 16:34:00
    Hey, I almost forgot...  (Sorry peeps!)

    It's #Caturday   :-)

    I did not post last week, so no grumbling please...
    Besides, this just happened.  Again. Several times.

    Original: http://tompreston.deviantart.com/art/SYAC-No-Work-For-You-201890563
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-03-23 01:21:50
    The true story behind this shark photo

    When this photograph was first published in Africa Geographic, BBC Wildlife and later in Paris Match and the Daily Mail (London) it resulted in a flurry of e-mails, phone calls and letters from around the world asking if the image was a fake. The image became the most talked about of shark photograph ever.

    The photograph is real, no photoshop, no digital manipulation, no nothing, in fact it was shot on slide film Fuji Provia 100 using a Nikon F5 Camera and 17-35 mm lens. For those conspiracy fans who still doubt its authenticity please read how I took the photograph...

    - Thomas P. Peschak

    Learn more at http://bit.ly/1ft66Tn

    #Sharks #Kayaking #Research #Photography
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-02-08 19:18:16
    Right? What?

    There's a slight mistake I think:
    People who hate Caturday will come back as mice in their next life.


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  • Jaana Nyström2013-09-01 14:08:29
    Enjoy the Sunday my dear Circleverse!

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  • Jaana Nyström2013-12-31 16:19:14
    Hoping for a better treatment of our planet...

    We've only got one.

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  • Jaana Nyström2013-06-17 06:56:35
    Create a RSS feed from your Google+ page or profile

    There are a few possibilities:


    From +Luc Suy: Feed+ ! http://goo.gl/ZaGaw 


    Google Plus RSS Feed from Magenta River: http://magentariver.com/google-plus-rss-feed

    Chrome app:

    Feed+ for Chrome:

    From +Rahul Roy:
    Step1: Visit http://zipl.us/ 
    Step2: Choose a nickname and enter 21 digit number of your Google+ profile URL 
    Step3: After creating short url for your Google+ profile at zipl.us just use http://zipl.us/yournickname/feed to distribute your public feeds

    Any others you know?

    #RSSfeed   #Googleplus   #Jaanatip  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-03-25 00:40:45
    A nice and very productive day on Googleplex!

    Some of us Google Top Contributors are in Mountain View for extra training, so that we'll be able to help you, the Google+ users, better.

    California sunshine for a few minutes between meetings, woohoo!

    #Googleplex   #Googleplus   #TopContributor  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-03 15:19:32
    The origins of punctuation marks we use in everyday life:

    Question Mark ?
    Origin: When early scholars wrote in Latin, they would place the word questio – meaning “question” – at the end of a sentence to indicate a query. To conserve valuable space, writing it was soon shortened to qo, which caused another problem – readers might mistake it for the ending of a word. So they squashed the letters into a symbol: a lowercased q on top of an o. Over time the o shrank to a dot and the q to a squiggle, giving us our current question mark.

    Exclamation Point !
    Origin: Like the question mark, the exclamation point was invented by stacking letters. The mark comes from the Latin word io, meaning “exclamation of joy.” Written vertically, with the i above the o, it forms the exclamation point we use today.

    Equal Sign =
    Origin: Invented by Welsh mathematician Robert Recorde in 1557, with this rationale: “I will settle as I doe often in woorke use, a paire of paralleles, or Gmowe [i.e., twin] lines of one length, thus : , bicause noe 2 thynges, can be more equalle.” His equal signs were about five times as long as the current ones, and it took more than a century for his sign to be accepted over its rival: a strange curly symbol invented by Descartes.

    Ampersand &
    Origin: This symbol is stylized et, Latin for “and.” Although it was invented by the Roman scribe Marcus Tullius Tiro in the first century B.C., it didn’t get its strange name until centuries later. In the early 1800s, schoolchildren learned this symbol as the 27th letter of the alphabet: X, Y, Z, &. But the symbol had no name. So, they ended their ABCs with “and, per se, and” meaning “&, which means ‘and.’” This phrase was slurred into one garbled word that eventually caught on with everyone: ampersand.

    Octothorpe #
    Origin: The odd name for this ancient sign for numbering derives from thorpe, the Old Norse word for a village or farm that is often seen in British placenames. The symbol was originally used in mapmaking, representing a village surrounded by eight fields, so it was named the octothorp.

    This comes from a book named "Uncle John's Supremely Satisfying Bathroom Reader" http://www.neatorama.com/2007/07/09/the-origin-of-everyday-punctuation-marks/

    The elephant is trying to make a point:

    #Punctuation #Writing   #Grammar  

    Would you like to add something? :-)
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-09-03 08:34:42
    Food produced in Finland is the cleanest in Europe!

    According to the European Food Safety Authority's report, Finland has the least pesticide traces in the produced food in Europe.

    70.8% of the food produced in Finland did not contain any traces of pesticides.

    Read more: http://ow.ly/jd09A 

    Find out what is Finnish Wild Food: http://ow.ly/jd0kj 

    Get Finnish recipes: http://www.foodfromfinland.com/recipes

    #Food   #Finland   #Nature   #Wellbeing  
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-05-11 10:16:43
    A teaser about my forthcoming trip to Malaysia:

    Kuala Lumpur - Terengganu - Langkawi

    Great tours and lots of photo ops.

    I've been to Malaysia many times, visited 15 of the 16 states / territories.
    Labuan is on my bucket list for diving...

    So you'll be seeing and hearing more about this fantastic country:
    Also via +martin shervington's Luxury Travel hangout where I'll be on 12th May:
    Just added more photos there!

    I wonder how many pics I'll take this time...  :-) Just taking the Canon G12 with me. Compact but good.

    #Malaysia   #Travel   #Tourism   #KualaLumpur   #Langkawi  

    Langkawi sky bridge:
    This curved pedestrian bridge is 2000 feet above sea level at the top of Mount Mat Cincang in Malaysia. Tourists who want to walk across the 400-foot long structure must ride up to it in a cable car. 
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-10-14 13:12:04
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-09-02 12:14:36

    - Jaana, Entrepreneur.
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-03-31 15:34:26
    I love my Chromebook!

    It has replaced my tablet and my Windows laptop, totally.
    I have the cheap Samsung, but I don't mind, still love it.

    When I'm on the move...

    - My CB fits in my handbag
    - My CB is light -> does not ruin the handbag
    - My CB fires up in seconds
    - My CB shuts down when I close the lid.
    - My CB battery lasts for at least 7 hours
    - My CB is the Interwebz

    When I'm at home...

    - My CB is in the bedroom for night-time reading
    - My CB is in the kitchen for recipes
    - My CB is in the toilet... ???  Hey!
    - My CB is in my son's room
    - My CB is at school with my son.

    Hello, iMac.

    #ChromeOS   #Chromebook   #Jaanatip     #Google  
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-07-19 20:46:23
    YAY! It's #Friday  !

    Enjoy the evening, night, day etc...  :-)
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-12-14 16:35:30
    There's no app for that...

    Winter is here.

    #Winter     #Snow   #Shoveling  
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-07-07 19:09:29
    I'll just leave this here...  :-)
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-03-21 17:13:51
    No comment.
    I'm a shy Finn.
    But others said I must make this public.
    Sorry, and thanks a million!
    (Well, half.)

    Thanks for the fish? 42.
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-05-12 08:45:37
    Very happy Mother's Day

    - to all who celebrate today.

    Mother's Day math:

    24 x 7 x 365 = Mom

    #mothersday   #mother  
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-04-15 12:11:10
    I didn't know that...

    Wow.   #Productivity   #Science  
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-12-25 16:43:29
    Ready to eat - again: And reveal my top 10 Google+ peeps for this year!

    Cheers, my dear Circleverse, and thank you for all the lovely things I've learned from you this past year!

    I will name my 10 most important Plussers for 2013 here:

    + The best ever Google+ friend from another country
    +The Google+ tutorials bloke(s)
    + The fellow Top Contributor(s)
    +The Search and Blogger and Authorship guy(s)
    + The Foreign dudes / dudettes
    + The Googler(s)
    + The lady Googler(s)
    + That funny profile and cats
    + That engaging G+ Page(s)
    + The best Social Media advisor on the Plus
    + The Best ever Google+ user from where ever(s) who follows my stuff

    I hope you circle them all and have fun!

    Enjoy the holidays season and Plus on...

    Cheers, Jaana

    #2013   #Googleplus     #Jaanatip  
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-09-13 16:16:53
    Our late cat Pasha: (APR 2013)
    Pics I have missed taken by my husband...

    I was driving my 86-year-old mom today past the cemetery where she has a plot booked.
    She's been a bit under the weather and started talking about how nice it would be just to rest in the grave.

    I wanted to cheer her up and suggested that the ashes of Pasha (her favorite cat!) could be put in the grave with her and then he'd wake her up by meowing...

    She was immediately thrilled and uplifted! We spent the drive speculating how Pasha would wake her and interact, purring, bringing her ghostly moles...
    It made my mom laugh out loud and cheered her up!

    Even in death, my darling Pasha, you are a comfort and a joy.

    Thank you.  I miss you so much.

    PS: I wonder if half your ashes will do for my mom as I want the rest... So that I won't feel lonely.

    #Comfort   #Cats   #Caturday   #Life   #Companion  
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-03-24 17:44:53
    YAY for Bart! :-)
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-08-31 11:52:50
    Do you? :-)

    #Bicycle   #Cycling  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-03-14 11:03:53
    Happy International pie Pi Day!

    14th March
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-12-22 17:21:24
    My computer has Spartans...

    "Customer: “Hi, my son says that I have Spartans on my laptop and I should bring it to you guys.”

    Tech Support: “…Ma’am? Spartans?”

    Customer: “Yes, I called my son at school and told him that screens keep popping up all the time, and he said that I have Spartans.”

    Me: “Oh! You mean Trojans! That’s a possibility; let me run this analyzer on your laptop real quick and we’ll see what’s going on.”

    Customer: “Young man, my son is in college and he says it has Spartans. You just stand here in a little uniform and make minimum wage. I think my son knows what he is talking about.”

    Tech Support: “You’re right ma’am. I was hoping to run a diagnostic and find out that it wasn’t Spartans, but just by looking at the login screen, I can tell that you probably have about 300 of the little guys running around.”

    Customer: “300?! Is that bad?”

    Tech Support: “It’s horrible. They cram themselves into a bottleneck and kill wave after wave of data, until there is a wall of dead programs blocking any more traffic through your computer.”

    Customer: “Oh, that just figures. I’m going to go buy a new computer.”

    Tech Support: “Ok, ma’am, I think that would be best.”

    Read more:
    Can't Fix Stupid: Ridiculous Tech Support Quotes http://chach.ee/sLy1vc

    #spartans   #IT     #Tech     #PostingNonsense  
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-09-03 12:22:20
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-07-11 09:45:22
    Google+ new Community Manager for +1 highlighted posts team

    Getting ready for the Feedback...

    #PlusOneAllThings   #Plusones  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-06 05:43:53
    What makes you tick?

    My list of 10 Quick Things:

    1. Addictions - Google+ and butterscotch sweets

    2. Droid or Iphone - Droid

    3. What would you buy first if you won the lottery? - A house in Thailand

    4. Fave food - Spicy Thai beef with chili, garlic and Thai holy basil

    5. Fave Day of Week - Saturday

    6. Fave colors - Fuchsia and black

    7. Wine or Beer? - Beer

    8. Fave TV show - QI, The Big Bang

    9. Fave 70's Song- Queen - 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

    10. What cheers you up after a bad day? - Google+, family and a good book.


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  • Jaana Nyström2013-06-09 12:44:47
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-06-14 06:07:08
    A feather duster worm emerges from its tube in this ultra-macro sequence. The timing is adjusted for the animation: the actual sequence took a minute. I speeded up the beginning and the end, leaving the middle at about actual speed.

    The original video is in full HD and looks so fantastic!


    +Underwater Thursday (+Kjetil Greger Pedersen +Snekker Anders +Beat Gretler +Terrie Gray +Dirk Vietzke +Shaun Doyle +Scotty Graham )
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-06-30 13:45:14
    Congratulations Kimi Räikkönen for the new #F1 record!

    Kimi was 5th...  
    That's 25 races in a row with points, a new record in the F1 history! 

    +Lotus F1 Team    #Kimi   #kimiraikkonen   #Formula1  

    Here's an old pic...  :-)   #Iceman  
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-06-08 09:17:44
    I ❤ the oceans!

    Scuba diving truly shows the wonders of the underwater world...

    #worldoceansday   #ReefLive  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-03-19 18:24:01
    Woohoo! :D

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  • Jaana Nyström2014-03-26 03:43:52
    Don't I look small?


    In front of the Android building earlier today.

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  • Jaana Nyström2013-05-15 10:04:57
    All You Need to Know About Productivity

    - in a 3 Minute Video!

    In it you’ll learn…

    - Why worrying about having “more willpower” is a fool’s game
    - How world class experts stay productive… and what they do differently
    - The science behind why better energy management = a more productive you
    - Big pitfalls that lead to busywork and procrastination

    So go ahead and watch it, and enjoy.

    #Productivity   #Willpower   #GetThingsDone  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-02-02 10:12:18
    Just a #Sunday  thought...
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-06-18 07:02:57
    New on Google+?

    Links for useful Google+ stuff:

    What is Google+:

    The Google+ Help pages:

    Google+ videos:

    Lots of info on my +Gplus Expertise Page

    My webmag about Google and Google+:

    See also my blog http://gplusexpertise.com

    I hope this gets you started. It may be a bit overwhelming in the beginning...  But persist!

    New phone or email has no-one in them unless you add people: 
    The same applies to social media.
    You don't have to get your friends over: make new ones. :-)

    Here you have even more resources:

    #newongoogleplus   #Plushelp   #Googleplustip   #Jaanatip  

    PS: Google+ was 2 years old on the 28th June 2013.
    I joined the 29th June 2011.
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-06-14 18:45:56
    Any teachers out there? :-)

    #EDU   #School   #Teacher   #Kids  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-02-22 17:12:47
    Big plans are afoot!

    As you may know, I'm a Google+ Top Contributor.
    To be able to call myself that, I've had to have been consistently helping people around Google+ and connecting with Googlers.

    Top Contributors:

    Soon my know-how will be available for businesses, together with a British Google+ user with lots of business experience complimenting mine.

    Books, Hangouts, coaching and spreading the G+ sweetness & joy...
    All in Europe time zone.

    Watch this space! :-)

    #Business   #BusinessPages     #Googleplustips     #Jaanatip  
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-08-07 14:50:46
    To all my Muslim friends all over the world

    Eid Mubarak

    كل عام و انتم و من تحبون بصحة و أمن و طمأنينة
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-07-12 19:46:04
    Looking for a job?

    #Jobs   #Work  
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-09-07 12:07:49
    The best Google+ help and resources

    I've collected some of the best articles and posts about the use of Google+ here on this post.


    Subscribe to your Google+ Circles

    How do you communicate on Google+?

    Custom URLs and what you need to know

    Google launched Helpouts:

    "You can get help through Helpouts anywhere in the world. Currently only people in U.S., Canada, Ireland, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand can give help through Helpouts. We hope to include more countries in the future." 

    Helpouts support pages:

    A comprehensive article from +martin shervington 

    YouTube and Google+ Comments & Integration

    What is this all about:


    Official Google+ Help & Support by +Google+ Help 

    What is Google+: A complete user guide by +martin shervington  

    Having trouble circling people on Google+? by +Jaana Nyström 

    Getting started on Google+ by +Computerworld 

    A nice resource of links to Google+ treasures by +Jack Humphrey 
    Featuring advice from +Demian Farnworth  +Chris Lang  +Yifat Cohen +Stephan Hovnanian +Andrij Harasewych +Carol Dodsley 

    Hangouts: Messaging and video calls basics by +Ronnie Bincer 

    Organize your Circles by +Gplus Expertise 

    The anatomy of a perfect Google+ post by +Dustin W. Stout 

    Control your notifications by +Jaana Nyström

    12 most helpful Google+ pro tips by +Peg Fitzpatrick 

    Google+ and your Photos - a tutorial

    The Personalized Power of Google+ Plus Ones by +Mark Traphagen 

    30 tips to help navigate Google+, in .gif format


    1. Your Profile: google.com/+/learnmore/profile
    2. Circles: google.com/+/learnmore/sharing
    3. Photos: google.com/+/learnmore/photos
    4. Events: google.com/+/learnmore/events
    5. Hangouts: google.com/+/learnmore/hangouts
    6. Mobile: google.com/+/learnmore/mobile
    7. Local: google.com/+/learnmore/local


    Google+ Tips-The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Google Plussers

    Kick-Starting Social with Google+ (Business)

    Google Drive SDK: Drive/Google+ photos integration

    Google+ Notifications & Privacy Settings

    How To Disconnect You Youtube Account From Google+

    Has Google+ Improved Your Ranking? - Tuesday G+ & Topics HOA  (Business)

    Five Cool Ways to use Google+ for Photos | USA TODAY Talking Tech

    How to Change your YouTube username and Channel name (with Google+) August 2013

    Beginner's Guide To Google+ For Business - The Girls Mean Business with Jenny Braithwaite


    Google+ communities or business pages by +Gplus Expertise 

    Google+ and your business by +Google+ Your Business 

    Google+ business Pages tutorial by +martin shervington 

    How to verify your business page on Google+ by +Jaana Nyström

    Google Apps for business by +martin shervington  

    Official Google Apps help & support by Google

    Google+ and SEO by +Kristi Hines  

    Google+ personal profile or business page? by +Jaana Nyström

    12 Most Creative Ways Businesses Can Use Google+ by +Stephan Hovnanian 

    The Business Guide to Participating in Google+ Communities by +Kristi Hines 

    Official Google Authorship: Link your Google+ profile to the content you create by Google

    Author or Publisher: rel=author or rel=publisher: Which Should I Use? by +Mark Traphagen 

    5 Ways to Use Google+ Events for Your Business by +Lisa Peyton  


    Your Google+ settings

    Google+ popular verified users list by +CircleCount 

    Most popular Google+ communities by +GPlusData 

    All your + statistics by +Gerwin Sturm 

    Manage your circles by +Circloscope 

    Free business page test tool by +Steady Demand 

    Paid Google+ stats tool for businesses by +Steady Demand 

    See your posts and comments on Topsy
    Change your own Google+ ID from your profile URL here:

    See your posts in Timeline format by +Jari Huomo 
    Change your own Google+ ID from your profile URL here:


    +Do Share  for pages and profiles
    +Buffer  and +HootSuite  for business Pages
    +Friends+Me  shares from G+ to other social media (Wants password???)


    YouTube & Google+ integration community by Top Contributors

    Official Google+ Help by +Google+ Help 

    Google+ Helper Community by +Gplus Expertise and Jaana

    The G+ Resource

    Google+ Pro Tips

    Google+ Updates

    Closing the Google+ gap

    Google+ Photographers

    Hangouts on Air


    Plus Your Business

    Google Authorship & Author Rank https://plus.google.com/communities/104474428845467390263

    Google Plus for Small Business https://plus.google.com/communities/100733314294792518208

    Google Sites


    SEO Community:


    YouTube Live Streaming 

    More Google+ Communities in the search:

    TIP: Create a private community for saving and storing data by +Gplus Expertise 

    Google+ Helper Community's Basics for beginners category:


    On Circlecount:

    On Google+: 

    Save this post, browse and learn. + Enjoy the Circleverse!

    If you know of a  good resource I missed, please leave a comment with the link.

    #Plushelp     #Googleplustips     #besthelpontheweb     #Jaanatip  

    Image by +Dunken K Bliths 
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-11-22 20:21:21
    It's Friday!

  • 204 plusses - 28 comments - 42 shares | Read in G+
  • Jaana Nyström2014-01-01 11:57:27
    Happy New Year!

    “Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one."

    #newyear   #NewYear2014  
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-07-21 11:58:26
    Enjoy your #Sunday  my dear Circleverse!
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-07-27 11:39:54
    Interesting interior of a rose

    The flowers are almost too heavy for their stems...

    #Roses   #Flowers  
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-05-25 09:00:25
    Today in Kuala Lumpur:

    Tonight there is the Colours of Malaysia parade in Merdeka Square and we will be watching it with the King of Malaysia from the VIP stands, so must dash to the shower and put on some lipstick. :-)

    Tomorrow early flight to Kuala Terengganu, more rustic scenes will follow!

    See you, wifi permitting.

    #Malaysia   #KualaLumpur   #Petronas   #RoyalSelangor   #JaanaTravel  
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-09-02 19:11:02
    Good night my dear Circleverse!

    I dream of Finnish blue eyes...

    #Finland   #Lapland  
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-07-09 18:30:06
    Goog night, my dear Circleverse!

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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-07 12:53:51
    How to Use Google Plus for Everything!

    "If you don’t know what is Google plus, or If you are not on Google Plus yet then please don’t tell me you’re a blogger. Believe me you’ve REALLY been living under a rock.

    But, no problem!
    In this 2000+ word guide you’ll learn everything about Google plus, and how to use it for blogging, business and everything..."

      - An Easy Guide to Google+ by +Ehsan Ullah 

    Learn more at http://bit.ly/NqDwpN

    Pin this post:

    #Googleplus   #Plushelp   #Blogging   #Business
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-07-09 12:45:34
    This small rose was given to me for Mother's Day 2012:

    Yellow rose reminder

    It's not often that the commercially grown roses bought in supermarkets manage to survive the Finnish winter, but this one did. :-)

    I planted it last summer and now it's full of blooms and buds.

    Must've done something right or this rose has lots of spunk -
    I forgot to cover it last autumn...

    #Garden   #Gardening   #Rose   #GreenThumb  

    - Unedited.
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-06-14 20:19:41
    In between #FidoFriday  and #Caturday  ...

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  • Jaana Nyström2013-07-31 17:36:08
    Tiny, juicy, sweet tomatoes...

    City farmers' reward

    These'll make a great salad!

    #Gardening   #Produce   #GrowYourOwn  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-01 19:13:23
    Le sigh.
    This just happened today.

    I came running to my Circleverse: Yay, you're all still here!


    Cheers and good night. 
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-08-04 06:40:12
    Good morning from Finland, my dear Circleverse!

    The sun is shining and it looks like there will be a BBQ later today...
    What do you usually grill?

    Enjoy your #Sunday  !
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-06-30 08:45:44
    Enjoy the #Sunday  , my dear Circleverse!
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-10-11 14:04:16
    Productivity tools for Chrome

    Are you familiar with all the interesting apps for Chrome browser and ChromeBooks?

    Take a look:

    #Chrome   #ChromeBook   #Apps    #Business   #Work  
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-07-31 10:03:17
    Brace yourselves: Christmas is coming!

    I'm sure you have lots of friends and family who'd love to get a "DIY wooden knife" or "Fortune-telling bacon" as a present.

    Everything your average geek might want desperately need!

    Now's you chance:  +ThinkGeek Clearance Sale! :-)

    Unicorn chopsticks. Beer soap. Zombie bunny lollipops.
    Sriracha chocolate bars. Star Wars lightsaber candlestick.



    #Christmas   #Sale   #Geeks  
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-07-02 22:30:48
    The Tiger lilies will soon bloom...

    Goodnight my dear Circleverse: See you tomorrow!

    #Garden   #gardeningwednesday   #flowers  
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-05-04 07:34:27
    Good morning from Finland's spring!

    What are your plans for this #Saturday  ?

    Me, I'll be #Gardening  and looking at my #Flowers  !
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-08-31 09:00:19
    Good morning!!! Have a happy friday! And read this to get a good smile :-)
    Witty as always :-) Thanks to my friend Ian from FB for this publication

    IN 2013 EUROPE


    The English are feeling the pinch in relation to recent events in Syria and have therefore raised their security level from "Miffed" to "Peeved." Soon, though, security levels may be raised yet again to "Irritated" or even "A Bit Cross." The English have not been "A Bit Cross" since the blitz in 1940 when tea supplies nearly ran out. Terrorists have been re-categorized from "Tiresome" to "A Bloody Nuisance." The last time the British issued a "Bloody Nuisance" warning level was in 1588, when threatened by the Spanish Armada.

    The Scots have raised their threat level from "Pissed Off" to "Let's get the Bastards." They don't have any other levels. This is the reason they have been used on the front line of the British army for the last 300 years.

    The French government announced yesterday that it has raised its terror alert level from "Run" to "Hide." The only two higher levels in France are "Collaborate" and "Surrender." The rise was precipitated by a recent fire that destroyed France 's white flag factory, effectively paralyzing the country's military capability.

    Italy has increased the alert level from "Shout Loudly and Excitedly" to "Elaborate Military Posturing." Two more levels remain: "Ineffective Combat Operations" and "Change Sides."

    The Germans have increased their alert state from "Disdainful Arrogance" to "Dress in Uniform and Sing Marching Songs." They also have two higher levels: "Invade a Neighbour" and "Lose."

    Belgians, on the other hand, are all on holiday as usual; the only threat they are worried about is NATO pulling out of Brussels ..

    The Spanish are all excited to see their new submarines ready to deploy. These beautifully designed subs have glass bottoms so the new Spanish navy can get a really good look at the old Spanish navy.

    Australia, meanwhile, has raised its security level from "No worries" to "She'll be right, Mate." Two more escalation levels remain: "Crikey! I think we'll need to cancel the barbie this weekend!" and "The barbie is cancelled." So far no situation has ever warranted use of the last final escalation level.

    John Cleese ,
    British writer, actor and tall person

    And as a final thought - Greece is collapsing, the Iranians are getting aggressive, and Rome is in disarray. Welcome back to 430 BC.

    Life is too short...
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-03-29 10:22:10
    I'm getting irrationally optimistic!

    Warm lovely day with sunshine...  :-)

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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-21 13:08:45
    Feeling silly. :-)
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-03-21 20:49:46
    Good night my dear Circleverse!

    I'm off to the sunshine, soon...

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  • Jaana Nyström2014-03-08 09:51:40
    A very happy Women's Day to everyone, including men!

    Any special plans for your loved ones today?

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  • Jaana Nyström2013-06-27 09:50:28
    Off to lunch:

    I share a love for Thai food with my son: The hotter the better.

    There are a couple of nice Thai buffet restaurants close...  Which to choose?
    Hmm. Pity visiting both of them is a bit too much.

    What is your favorite Thai dish?
    Mine is Phad kapraw or fried stuff with chili, garlic and Thai basil.

    #Thaifood   #AroiMaak   #Delicious  
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-06-16 16:45:44
    In the garden: Among Rhododendrons

    Weeding! :-)

    #Garden   #Gardening   #flowerphotography  
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-06-21 14:40:19
    Happy Midsummer my dear Circleverse!

    We celebrate Juhannus in Finland tonight and tomorrow.
    Most of the people escape the cities and spend time along the lakes and seashores.

    Sauna, bonfires, drinking and having fun are essential. :-)

    Enjoy the white nights all of you who celebrate!

    This pic was taken at 01.00 AM exactly a year ago.

    #Midsummer   #Juhannus   #Midsommar   #Finland  
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-08-17 08:54:04
    New Google+ app for the iPhone and iPad

    Today's Google+ for iOS release (v4.5) includes the following updates:

    - Photos and videos stored in Google Drive are now accessible from Google+

    - Google Apps for Business features (like domain-restricted posts) are now supported

    - You can start a Hangout or share a private post with someone directly from their profile. In addition: profiles now include Reviews and Videos tabs. 

    - Hangouts replaces Messenger for messaging and video calls. (You can download your Messenger conversations from Google Takeout.)

    v4.5 is rolling out now to the App Store (goo.gl/CAe9s), so give it a try and let Google know what you think!

    Original post is here:

    #GoogleplusUpdate      #Caturday  
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-05-09 09:50:24
    The crocuses are coming up nicely!

    #Finland   #Spring   #flowerphotography   #Garden  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-01-24 10:03:18
    -25°C in Finland, need some warmth!

    #Fireplace   #Winter   #Cold  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-01-17 21:01:29
    It's -20°C in Finland...

    I dream of white shores,
    lush with palm trees
    Crystal clear water,
    sand between my toes...

    #Malaysia     #Sibu     #VMY14       #Winter  
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-08-24 08:52:50
    Have a happy Saturday, folks!

    Sorry, can't resist...

    #Caturday   #BonAppetit  
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-07-05 18:53:15
    I just felt like posting an Aquilegia:

    Happy #FloralFriday  my dear Circleverse!

    I'll let my brain roam free until bedtime, see you tomorrow. :-)

    #Friday   #flowerphotography  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-03-02 06:55:20
    Dreaming of the balmy summer days

    Summer is still far from where I'm sitting at, but one is allowed to remember the days past...

    Have a nice #Weekend   my dear Circleverse!

    #Summer     #flowerphotography     #Finland  
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-07-07 12:36:13
    Just came back from a bicycle trip around the nearest lake from our home:

    Jyväskylä shots

    #Finland   #MyHomeTown  
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-07-04 17:02:05
    Dewy rose...

    #flowerphotography   #Rose   #Garden   #Gardening  
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-06-11 12:55:03
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-06-01 04:06:14
    Island life in #Malaysia  

    #JaanaTravel   #AutoAwesome  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-01-05 10:45:50
    Sony World Photography Awards 2014: The Stunning Contenders So Far And Why You Should Enter!

    There is exactly one month DAY left to enter your photos into the Sony World Photography Awards, which has a number of categories from profession to amateur as well as youth competitions.

    This year, The Huffington Post's lifestyle editor Poorna Bell will be on the judging panel, so make sure you get your entries in!

    *The final day for submissions is 6 January, and 9 January for the Professional category. *
    The shortlists for the 2014 awards will be announced on 4 February, followed by the winners of the Open categories on 18 March.

    Read more:

    #Photography  #Contest  #Sony
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-09-28 10:29:42
    Miss you summer...

    When I look back
    at those golden days
    filled with sunshine
    and blue skies

    The cotton candy clouds
    drifting lazily above
    the fire of tiger lilies
    will stay on my mind...

    - Jaana Nyström

    #summer2013   #summerphotos   #flowerphotography  
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  • Jaana Nyström2013-08-25 18:25:05
    Latest rose...

    Good night all!

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  • Jaana Nyström2013-06-07 12:46:50
    More from the garden...

    Scented Pelargonium.

    #Garden   #Gardening   #flowerphotography   #Finland  
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  • Jaana Nyström2014-04-24 09:09:22
    Yes, why?

    Guys don't make car commercials...


    #Ads     #Marketing  
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