Amanda Blain2014-02-23 01:10:04
Cute Cat For Caturday

It's that time again.... Caturday.. Share your pictures of cats doing cat things.. and join in the fun.. Each and every Saturday.. :)

#caturday #animal #cat  
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  • Amanda Blain2012-02-15 20:38:13
    *How to Fix Any Computer*

    How true is this :D

    P.s. satire Dont eat me linux, apple or windows fans! ♥

    #windows #apple #linux #oatmeal
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  • Amanda Blain2013-05-30 05:01:35
    This dish is called Odori-Don

    This is a dish called Odori-Don. It has a dead squid on top that “dances” when Soy Sauce is poured on it, activating it’s neurons.

    Ps. Flash from Google Plus past on my Birthday :)
    #food   #foodie   #sushi   #oldschool  
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  • Amanda Blain2014-03-01 17:08:25
    Stealth Cat.. Hiding On Your Stairs

    Cats are under foot enough.. I'm not sure how this carpet pattern and cat can exist in the same house. It's like stealth level 100. Cameowflage... MEOW!

    Happy Caturday Everyone!

    #animals  #cat #caturday #dnd  
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  • Amanda Blain2012-08-17 19:24:34
    *Orsos Island - Floating Paradise*

    Tired of living in your luxury house in the tropics? Why not Purchase a floating palace to take it all with you instead? 

    ORSOS Islands combines fancy real estate and luxury yachts into one 10,000sq ft floating island.

    Including large kitchens, sundecks, 6 double bedrooms with their own private bathrooms, staff quarters, karaoke and dancing in your entertainment room, and fresh water production...  the Island offers plenty of room for up to 12 residents. 

    ... I wonder who buys these things :)

    #dreamhome   #yacht  
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  • Amanda Blain2013-01-05 02:10:17
    I Love This Photo Of The Big Bang

    :) Do you watch this show? It's become quite popular.. which I find to be kinda funny. When did geek become so mainstream?

    #bigbang  #geek
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  • Amanda Blain2012-06-09 05:51:50
    *Don't Lose Hope*

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  • Amanda Blain2012-06-27 06:46:14
    *Would You Walk Out*?

    This lovely spot is Iguazu Falls on the border of Argentina and Brazil. Beautiful.. but would you walk out there?

    #travel   #brazil   #argentina  
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  • Amanda Blain2013-07-15 01:22:15
    Star Trek

    Predicting the future since 1966.

    #startrek #googleglass
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  • Amanda Blain2012-08-27 19:17:36
    Fish Sink - Win Or Fail?

    I'm not sure about this here fish sink. The idea is kinda neat and im sure you can feed them from the soap dishes... and they get oxygen from the plants or something hidden... BUT ... its kinda weird.  What do you think?

    #dreamplaces   #fish  
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  • Amanda Blain2012-08-21 05:48:39
    *There are two rules for success.....*

    :) Shhhhhh...

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  • Amanda Blain2012-05-02 17:05:10
    *I Hate It When This Happens*

    Silly IE.. why can't you conform to standards better!

    Edit: I am a web developer I have to test websites in IE.. "deleting it" is not an option. Thanks.

    Ps. IE is no longer 80% market share.. those stats are from 2008. Lately its more like 30% with Chrome being 28%....

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  • Amanda Blain2014-03-29 15:24:14
    Modern Cat - Technology with Cats

    Not just for people anymore, technology has come a long way for cats and dogs too...  :)  Cats playing with our digital devices is pretty common. Gone are the days of Yarn ;) but never boxes... Number 1 cat toy will always be boxes.

    #animals  #caturday #cat #yarn  
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  • Amanda Blain2012-12-14 21:24:30
    School Shootings Around the World - An Interesting Map

    I usually keep my posts here out of politics and post happy fun things, but today I came across this article showing school shootings around the world since 1996.

    Notice anything strange about this world map? Why does all of China, India, Africa  Australia, The Middle East, Most of South America, Most of Europe and Canada NOT have this problem?

    It's Time To Wake up America

    Yes there was a China knifing today... that injured 22 children... not killed.. Injured. Yes, this map is not complete.. Yes there are more deaths from suicide, murder, drug war lords etc... But the fact remains... There are a heck of a lot of  MORE school related shootings in the USA than anywhere else BY FAR in the whole freaking world.

    I'm not posting this for political opinion changing... People have reasons for believing what they do...  I don't fault anyone for their beliefs... :) Maybe someone will see this and think... that's all i posted it for :)

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  • Amanda Blain2012-06-19 21:33:02
    *$500 fine for texting? I wonder what it is for Gaming*

    .... This might be too far geek.. even for me... :)

    #xbox   #car     #geek  
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  • Amanda Blain2012-06-29 20:31:10
    *The Dark Side Has Cookies*

    Truth! Finally Proven with this death star cookie jar :)

    #starwars   #geekhumor  
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  • Amanda Blain2012-09-26 23:51:18
    *Best Coffee Table Ever - Han Solo in Carbonite*

    Although explaining it to non star wars fans (like I am sure will appear in the comments) might be interesting... I would totally have this in my games room.

    Or you could just get the smaller Ice Cube tray version instead...

    #starwars #geekfunny
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  • Amanda Blain2012-09-27 17:31:01
    *Would You Stand On This Bolder??*

    The Kjeragbolten boulder is a huge rock wedged between two rock faces more than 1,000 meters up between two cliff faces in Norway.  Supposedly, the rock got stuck there sometime during the last ice age. Today it's a happening spot to get your picture taken. No safety nets, no hand rails.... Would you walk out for the photo opportunity?

    #travel   #dreamplaces  
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  • Amanda Blain2012-07-25 19:48:50
    *I Dream of A World*....

    Someday Chickens will be free to cross the road in peace!

    #geekhumor   #badjokes  
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  • Amanda Blain2012-05-10 00:24:03
    *Good Android!*

    #geekhumor #android #iOS
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  • Amanda Blain2012-09-21 16:32:34
    *Picard uses Android*

    I fully laughed out loud at this one...  On another note... Why on earth does the phone have a cord? It would have been a stretch to go wireless when you take a phone out of a robot to make a call? :) How far we have come in our mobile ways... 

    #android #startrek #geekfunny  
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  • Amanda Blain2014-01-18 20:54:56
    A Cat Can Always Fill Your Shoes...

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaw! Cute explosion right here for caturday.

    #cats   #boots  #caturday
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  • Amanda Blain2012-08-12 16:38:23
    *How Twilight Should Have Ended*

    Indeed....   Bring it Blade!! :)

    #geekhumor   #twilight #movies   #vampire  
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  • Amanda Blain2012-10-13 12:05:07
    *Why Cats Are Awesome*

    Happy Caturday Internet :D

    #caturday   #geekfunny  
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  • Amanda Blain2011-11-27 22:27:48
    We need more Chuck Norris On G+

    I bring you this...

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  • Amanda Blain2012-07-05 22:20:33
    *What it sometimes feels like to be a developer*

    You Against the World :)

    #developer   #geekhumor  
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  • Amanda Blain2012-03-15 22:19:18
    All this.

    Especially after this week!
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  • Amanda Blain2012-05-04 05:52:22
    *May the 4th Be With You*

    :) Let the star wars themes continue on one of the best geeky pun days of the year!

    #starwars #starwarsday #MayThe4thBeWithYou
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  • Amanda Blain2012-09-26 06:09:50
    *Johnny Depp is the Highest Paid Actor Ever at $75 Million*

    He also is a pretty fabulous actor and smart guy.. as shown with the lovely inspirational quote here.  But does anyone deserve $75 million for acting? Your thoughts?

    #movies  #inspiration
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  • Amanda Blain2014-01-25 18:52:13
    Kitty Doesn't Like Bath Time

    AWWWW! Look how sad this cat is... Bath time is no good. Utter Betrayal is right! :)

    Happy Caturday!

    #caturday #cat #betrayal  
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  • Amanda Blain2012-03-27 04:19:58
    *Google Summed Up Well*
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  • Amanda Blain2013-01-28 21:16:04
    *Fully Working R2D2 Xbox*

    Want... Please.

    Join in the XboX community for more XBOX fun..

    #xbox  #starwars #r2d2
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  • Amanda Blain2012-07-31 11:18:28
    *I Wanna Work Here*

    Isn't this awesome? What a great use of space... :)

    #dreamhomes   #reading  
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  • Amanda Blain2012-07-07 09:49:58
    *Judging a person does not define who they are....*

    it defines who you are...  Stay Classy Internet. :)

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  • Amanda Blain2012-08-13 23:14:49
    How To Turn Heads In Public

    Don't do this unless you want some strange reactions lol :)

    (Please realize this a joke post..... and don't do these things as some of them can harm you if you are not careful or get you arrested... Disclaimer done - ಠ_ಠ)

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  • Amanda Blain2012-02-09 06:33:04
    Check. Next
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  • Amanda Blain2013-01-22 09:54:17
    How Do You See Yourself

    I love this... Even if it's not Caturday.. :)  See yourself as something awesome Internet.

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  • Amanda Blain2012-10-04 23:17:43
    *CSS Coder Geek Tattoo... Win Or Fail*?

    Here's one for all the web devs.... ... Personally.. although super geeky, most of the population would not really get it.. and the placement? Front forearm?  How many times will you have to explain this one?  I vote... #fail  

    #tattoo   #geekfunny  
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  • Amanda Blain2012-09-22 15:18:19
    *Ultimate Sitting Area*??

    I'm actually not sold on this one... But that DOES seem like an awesome place to make a fort. Look at all those couch cushions! What do you think?

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  • Amanda Blain2013-06-28 02:18:37
    Just going to leave this here...
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  • Amanda Blain2012-09-18 18:07:43
    *Guide To Being a SuperHero*

    I thought this was pretty freaking cute... :)

    #movies  #comics #batman
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  • Amanda Blain2013-06-23 02:42:33
    I'm Saying Hello.... Hi Internet

    True statement.

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  • Amanda Blain2012-03-02 21:58:13
    *Can IE die already??*

    Really Interenet Explorer... you make my webpage coding life very miserable... Even your new browsers... just stop.. Microsoft please just continue making xbox games and windows and cancel all your other products immediately.
    They are all fail

    Thank you.

    #chrome #firefox #iesucks
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  • Amanda Blain2012-09-20 21:09:26
    *I Love These Crazy Stairs*

    The romantic in me loves them... I bet they lead to an awesome library or something. The practical me says... I would fall down these regularly.. Likely with a cup of tea :)

    They are located at Musée Gustave Moreau in Paris.. :)

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  • Amanda Blain2012-10-19 23:45:40
    *What To Do When The Internet Is Down*

    I may have done a few of these things... ;) What do you do when the internet goes down?

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  • Amanda Blain2012-07-04 21:53:29
    *Dragons are Real!?.. Naw but Gliding Lizards that LOOK like Baby Dragons Are Real*

    Isn't this little guy cute? A little baby dragon thing. In reality though, much more dull.  Adult gliding lizards, which belong to the genus Draco range in size from about 2.8-6 inches in length and are native to Southeast Asia. They use their wings to glide away from predators in trees and also to attract a mate.

    The world we live in truly is amazing... :)

    More here ->

    #dragons #geek
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  • Amanda Blain2012-10-11 07:16:26
    *When Do You Give Up??*

    How do you know that you've given enough? Is it ever enough? Especially when it's something you really want?

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  • Amanda Blain2012-09-08 01:56:26
    *Clear Bathtub... Creepy or Cool*

    I'm going with.. kinda neat. Especially with the rubber ducky. What say you Internet?

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  • Amanda Blain2014-02-08 20:24:37
    Nothing Good Ever Comes From This Look

    For any that have ever owned a cat... You know this look.. the "about to run around and do crazy things that only cats do" look... :)

    Hope you are having a rocking Saturday Internet!

    #caturday  #cat #animal #funny  
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  • Amanda Blain2012-07-04 11:48:57
    This video makes me want Jelly Bean... Bad.. :)

    Installed now... actually :) *its awesome!*

    #jellybean   #technology   #android  
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  • Amanda Blain2012-05-08 14:06:02
    Want. Want Now.

    Please Santa... Bring me this awesome shower, bath, beach house. I've been a good girl.
    But seriously, look at that view! and that rainfall showerhead. So awesome!
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  • Amanda Blain2012-12-29 09:47:50
    It Only Takes One Negative Comment To Kill A Dream

    Do you agree with this statement? Do you crush other peoples dreams or bring them up? Do you think before you speak or let the emotions flow? Who do you want to be in 2013?

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  • Amanda Blain2012-08-10 07:47:14

    Hi Internet, I am by no means a perfect human.. but I really try and express myself honestly. I also really try and relate to where people are coming from. We all make judgements.... be it on celebrities, the parent with the screaming child at the supermarket, or that stranger on the internet who disagrees....  but try and remember you don't really know the story or the experiences behind the other person. :)

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  • Amanda Blain2014-04-12 13:47:41
    What's Up Internet... It's Caturday

    Cats cats everywhere cats... Every wonder why cat's appear in your stream each and every Saturday here on Gplus? I have answers for you...

    Its fun. I participate with cute cat photos every week... :) Cause life is for fun things.. like cute cat photos :)

    #caturday #animals   #cat  
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  • Amanda Blain2012-02-26 22:13:18
    *Pixar UP Inspired House Actually Takes Flight*

    +National Geographic and a team of engineers and scientist put together a real life house that floated into the sky with only balloons!

    The building flew to an altitude of over 10,000 feet and for over an hour.

    Pretty Cool Stuff. Lots more pictures and details here:

    #pixar #up
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  • Amanda Blain2012-07-24 20:08:38
    *What Mario Kart Would Look Like In Real Life*

    hehehe :) Now thats some great cosplay. Maybe I should pull out the old wii again and play a round or two.. :) Mario Kart is such a fun game.

    #wii   #cosplay   #geekhumor   #videogames  
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  • Amanda Blain2012-07-16 02:52:48
    Someone, Somewhere... Owns This Indoor Pool

    Can you imagine?

    #dreamhouse   #inspiration  
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  • Amanda Blain2011-12-28 04:30:54
    For a friend who's going through a breakup...

    and anyone else who can relate...
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  • Amanda Blain2012-04-09 06:25:37
    Oh boy... Behold Internet!

    The Outernet

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  • Amanda Blain2012-07-06 12:17:35
    *Apple Fridge*

    Just going to leave this here. I know this idea has been beaten to death but this still made me smile.

    By artist +Manu Cornet 

    #boycottapple   #ipad   #technology  
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  • Amanda Blain2013-01-12 01:35:02
    We Are Phone Slaves

    Its true... we really are slaves to our phones.... Two batteries and a back up charger and still regularly needing to find plugs.. to keep on top of all the G+, emails, tweets, instagram posts and chat messages.... :)

    Social media conferences are fun.. :)

    #technology    Pic By +Manu Cornet  
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  • Amanda Blain2012-07-29 23:52:36
    The Appennine Colossus by Giambologna

    Giambologna was a sculptor who lived from 1529 – 1608 and carved this magnificent statute located in Villa di Pratolino, which is a lovely garden, 12 km north of Florence, Italy.

    The garden once included grottos and caves, mazes, and multiple water pipes and fountains that would spray visitors.  Personally I think this statue might be the petrified remains of a fallen god. :)

    The villa was built by the solitary Francesco I de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany in part to please his Venetian mistress in 1580's. It passed through many hands over the years, including Grand Duke Ferdinand III before ending up being bought by the province of Florence who maintain the park and open it for public use from May until September.

    #history   #art   #fantasy   #italy  
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  • Amanda Blain2012-08-16 04:59:58
    *History Repeats Itself- Especially Microsoft*

    Come On Microsoft... do we learn nothing from our mistakes? :)

    All jokes aside, Windows 8 is on my radar, but mostly because of the XboX. :)

    #microsoft #retro #technology #xbox  
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  • Amanda Blain2012-04-06 05:29:40
    I really really Like this.

    must start shooting more photography with my nikon 5100
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  • Amanda Blain2012-03-04 08:09:20
    :) It's true! ♥
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  • Amanda Blain2012-08-13 14:12:52
    *I Don't Know Where This Is... But I Want To Live There*

    Look at that fireplace, the ocean view... the hot tub! Beautiful!

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  • Amanda Blain2012-07-10 18:22:18
    *Run For Your Life from Zombies... for real*

    All across North America the zombie fad is taking hold, from AMC's The Walking Dead to news and media using the term any chance they get. The latest fun thing I've seen is this super neat idea called Run For Your Lives - Zombie races! What's a zombie race you ask?  If you are a runner expect a 5k obstacle course including rough terrain, huge up to your waist pools of fake blood, slippery walls to climb and of course being chased by thousands of zombies. If you are a zombie, expect to be transformed into the part of the undead. Makeup artists to do the gore makeup for you.... Including costumes, face wounds, sunken eyes and tons of fake blood.

     The runners have generally 2 or 3 "health flags" that they wear around they waist as they make their way through the crazy course, dodging the zombies who claw for their flags as they go.  The pictures look intense with teams of runners and zombies working together to accomplish their goals. Less than 20% of the people who run the race make it to the end "alive" with at least one of their 3 flags remaining. There are usually concerts, food, camping and beer afterwards. Sounds like an awesome geeky time. Maybe i'll join the one in Toronto area in September. Would you be a zombie or a runner?

    Learn more and sign up here ---> 

    Photo credit: +Billie Weiss  
    #zombies #geek
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  • Amanda Blain2014-01-31 05:02:59
    Kilchurn Castle In Scotland

    Talk about amazing places to visit! This makes my list... Its just something romantic about Scottish castles that is kinda awesome!

    Kilchurn Castle is a ruined 15th and 17th century structure on a rocky peninsula at the northeastern end of Loch Awe, in Argyll and Bute, Scotland. Access to the Castle is sometimes restricted by higher-than-usual levels of water in the Loch, at which times the site effectively becomes a temporary island. (this picture is super insane crazy photoshopped because a bit isn't acceptable to the internet masses but its still a picture of this castle like I mentioned)

    If you would like to stay up to date on my #travelthursday  posts that include amazing places and destinations, and where i'm traveling comment to that effect here and i'll add you to my notify circle :)

    #scotland   #castle   #travelthursday  
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  • Amanda Blain2012-08-15 17:17:37
    *Many Faces Of Johnny Depp*

    This artist Vlad Rodriguez IS super talented! He also has a bunch of people from Fight Club and Shane from the Walking Dead prints on his site! Beautiful stuff...

    His Website -->

    #art #movies #johnnydepp  
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  • Amanda Blain2013-02-16 18:56:29
    *Nanananananananana CATMAN*

    Come on.. you laughed... or at least smiled...  Happy #Caturday  everyone!  :)
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  • Amanda Blain2012-09-29 22:16:17
    Ninja Cats... Look Out

    This picture cracks me up.. Seriously. Even if your not a cat person.. Look at the little faces! Ninja cats!

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  • Amanda Blain2012-07-19 14:24:58
    *Coffee Inforgraphic*

    Or something like that.. heheheh :) MORNING! (or night)

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  • Amanda Blain2012-06-24 14:20:59
    *Uh Oh... Game Over*

    What an awesome mug. :)

    #videogames #geek
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  • Amanda Blain2013-05-16 16:55:26
    Change is Good

    I have to admit i'm shocked at the amount of people who are completely unable to accept any kind of changes(especially around technology). "It's new, its different, I don't get it, so I automatically don't like it". This is the natural human response.

    You can do that, or you can embrace changes as part of life. Play with it, try new things, be curious,  figure stuff out, grow learn and push past your comfort zone. 

    What if I told you 10 years from now your life would be exactly the same? Doubt you'd be happy. So, why are so many people afraid of change?

    Embrace Change and give it a shot! You might just be surprised how much you like it. 

    #change   #inspiration  
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  • Amanda Blain2012-10-28 21:35:10
    *It's the Gamer's Life for Me*


    #DND #gaming   #geekfunny  
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  • Amanda Blain2012-06-25 04:03:04
    *A Word On Judgments of Strangers... *

    Stay Classy Internet! :)

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  • Amanda Blain2012-09-05 01:47:16
    *There is No Place Like Home*

    Good to be back ;)

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  • Amanda Blain2012-11-08 00:19:49
    *If Web Browsers Were Celebrities... Who Would They Be*?

    Ok... this might be the funniest thing i've seen all month. Morgan Freeman is firefox? :)

    Which browser do you use now daily? 

    #webdeveloper   #browserwars   #geekyfunny  
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  • Amanda Blain2013-01-20 21:39:24
    *Pluto I Miss You*

    Something like this you just don't get over.... You will always be a planet to me Pluto.

    #pluto   #geekhumor   #planets   #noab  
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  • Amanda Blain2012-10-30 20:08:14
    *I Want this Nintendo Bed Sheet Set*

    I realize most girls would not want this... in fact most would run away in terror if they saw this in a bedroom... but this is epic awesome win in my books. 

    #videogames   #geekfunny  
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  • Amanda Blain2012-11-07 15:43:28
    *At LAST ... A Use For Those Empty CD Cases*

    Amazing how much media has advanced... I just cleaned out my "hard drives that were" pile including a solid 30 Gig and 80 Gig hard drive.... :) and finally tossed all the cdroms too :)

    Ahhh Technology what will you think of next... 

    #technology   #geekyfunny  
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  • Amanda Blain2012-02-28 01:59:35
    Do something.... remarkable today.
  • 1752 plusses - 400 comments - 836 shares | Read in G+
  • Amanda Blain2012-03-31 07:48:21
    SO many people I want to plus into this picture..... but i'll refrain... :)

    People who like to come randomly onto posts and cite wikipedia articles or quotes about how they are supreme... you fool no one. Go outside. It will be good for you.
  • 2166 plusses - 192 comments - 667 shares | Read in G+
  • Amanda Blain2012-08-27 02:15:21
    *Anyone Wanna Go For a Run*

    This looks awesome to run.... Like a fantasy world!

    #dreamplaces   #running  
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  • Amanda Blain2012-10-06 20:43:36
    *Bacon Inflation... We Have to Go Back*

    A smile for your Saturday afternoon. :) 

    sigh.. yes MinimumWageWhateverBackThen -  Go ahead people... Ruin the obviously funny geeky-bacon in one joke... Want to debate time travel possibilities next?  Internet some days you kill me.. Learn to smile as the post says lol :)

    #bacon   #movies   #backtothefuture  
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  • Amanda Blain2012-08-07 01:18:44
    R2D2 Was in Indiana Jones

    Did you know that R2D2 from Star Wars actually made 2 guest appearances in Raiders of the Lost Ark ? (both George Lucas films)

    They are subtle but you can see them below, if you've never seen it before :) Click for a larger picture.

    Also in Temple of Doom The name of the night club is Club Obi-Wan . :)

    Now you know!

    #starwars #movies #indianajones   #geekhumor  
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  • Amanda Blain2012-09-15 17:13:20
    *Why Not Try A Book*?

    Blows my mind how few people read today.. So figured i'd share this lovely message to try and covert a few of the kids today.

    Take a Look.. It's In a Book... Reading Rainbow.

    #reading #geekfunny
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  • Amanda Blain2013-04-08 17:35:22
    When I was Young... We played Video Games on Channel 3

    Some retro video gaming today.... Do you remember these days? 

    #videogames   #geek   #80s  
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  • Amanda Blain2012-10-10 01:15:32
    *Automatic Doors Make Me Feel Like a Jedi*

    :) So true...

    #starwars #geekyfunny
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  • Amanda Blain2012-05-25 00:05:13
    *Stay Cool... Life Gives You Lots Of Chances*


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  • Amanda Blain2012-08-19 05:07:26
    *Save The Earth.. Its the ONLY planet with Chocolate*

    And thats pretty important... Mars get on it! :D

    #space #inspiration
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  • Amanda Blain2012-12-15 21:56:32
    *Gingerbread Men In Star Trek Red Shirt Uniforms*

    Happy Geeky Holidays Folks.. :)

    #startrek #christmas #redshirts   #geekhumor  
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  • Amanda Blain2012-07-24 07:46:43
    *Change is a Scary Thing*

    But I think this statement rings very true. Live your life to the fullest you can!

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  • Amanda Blain2012-01-11 23:45:09
    I actually laughed out loud. Fantasy stereotypes hold true through the ages..

    #geekhumour #LOTR #harrypotter
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  • Amanda Blain2012-09-24 19:14:23
    *Portal Bookends...*

    Why yes.. Yes I would like these in my house very much.

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  • Amanda Blain2012-04-28 20:50:29
    Here is one confused Geek :)

    #harrypotter #LOTR #starwars
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  • Amanda Blain2012-05-15 03:59:21
    Life Goes On

    Remember that and SMILE :)

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  • Amanda Blain2012-05-16 21:20:30
    *Dear Future Husband Whom I Have Not Met*

    I hope you understand that either 1) the living room or 2) "Amanda's Room" will look like this.

    Want all the consoles. Now

    #videogames #geekhumor
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  • Amanda Blain2013-09-23 20:41:49
    The Man Who Escaped The Monster Under The Desk By Throwing A Printer Out His Window

    It's Monday. Back to work. I saw this ridiculous animated gif and just had to share... It seriously had me laughing out loud. Those scare jump video things always get me ... but printer.. window... hehehe :D Fight and Flight at its finest.

    #monday  #animatedgif #funny
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  • Amanda Blain2014-03-04 23:39:01
    Right in the Middle of Your Ordinary Life...

    I just love this quote... :)  ♥ I hope you are feeling loved today Internet! ♥

    #inspiration   #quotes   #truelove  
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