Ardith Goodwin2013-03-26 00:44:36
OMGosh, freaking amazing! 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-10-04 12:15:09
    This is an abstract created by my 3rd graders, oil pastel on tar paper! Kicking off #FirstFridayArtwalk  with a bang!
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-08-24 14:52:23
    Just couldn't help myself.....still laughing!
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-08-18 14:40:30
    Muffin Tops
    Almost spewed my coffee when I saw this floating in my Pinterest stream. Nice laugh for the morning. 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-10-12 22:50:59
    Love the Dots!
    My students and I read the book, "The Dot' a few weeks back and each one created their own version of the most spectacular dot. With almost 250 of them, we decided to gift our principal with a bouquet of flowers on her birthday. I think they turned out swell!  
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-06-22 03:55:39
    For the love of Olives
    Pretty much might have died and gone to heaven, :)
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-12-09 03:39:15
    A HUGE Thank You to Secret Santa!
    For all the Secret Santa's who have sent art supplies and items to my students they wanted to say THANK YOU! I teach almost 250 kids each week and this is one class who has benefited from the neon oil pastels we received each week! They were so excited, especially learning about how strangers are gifting one another from around the world! Such a beautiful learning experience for them! I am quite grateful! #gplussanta   #santagift  
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-12-16 01:58:25
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-09-19 00:40:53
    Best Art Room Ever! 
    I so love being blessed enough to teach in this space every day, with the most amazing little ones. We had Open House tonight so we got it all dolled up! #gratefulliving   #artclassroom  
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-06-14 15:14:08
    In Search of a Soulmate 
    Working in a 3 foot wide format just lends itself to linear subjects and my Bird on a Wire series just called out to me this week. I had tinkered with this canvas for 2 years, it was an albatross around my neck and spent many a night under the bed, but this week, I just felt the birds needed a home and it fit here. This is one of those joyful pieces, makes me smile, makes others smile. Those does the artist heart good.  
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  • Ardith Goodwin2014-06-26 15:12:20
    Just Chilling 
    I paint outside and it is lots of chill time is required. Still....wouldn't change it for the world. #livingartist  
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-11-24 01:42:29
    Chapel Commission
    I so love working on a commission that has a personal connection and this painting did just that. St. Paul's Chapel is at the heart of our community and school and when a coworker asked me to paint it with a village setting and bright color palette I jumped at the chance. My students were able to watch the entire process from sketch, layering, values, and change which turned out to be a unique teaching opportunity for me. Totally blessed to have been able to paint this! "Chapel On The Hill" 3' by 3' acrylic on canvas. 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-12-25 14:59:45
    Merry Christmas Friends!
    Sending out buckets of Christmas Love to you today!
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  • Ardith Goodwin2014-07-23 01:59:10
    Peace Ya'll
    Had the brilliant photographer Jennifer Widemire Smith come out and take some pics of my outdoor studio. Love the outcome of this one. I was goofing off and laughing my way through it. 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2014-05-24 15:08:43
    Bring On Summer!
    The school year was amazing and today is the first day of summer break for me. This would be me reaching out for the great big bucket of thankfulness that I have and in excitement for getting to set up my outdoor studio for the season! Woooop! Wooop! Happy Saturday friends!
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-06-08 19:34:26
    Orange Toad!
    I have never seen an orange toad until today....have you? 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-03-17 18:38:17
    Wow.....I find words difficult to express my reaction to this other than awe...Here is some background for all of you though. 

    Marina Abramovic and Ulay started an intense love story in the 70s, performing art out of the van they lived in. When they felt the relationship had run its course, they decided to walk the Great Wall of China, each from one end, meeting for one last big hug in the middle and never seeing each other again.

    At her 2010 MoMa retrospective Marina performed ‘The Artist Is Present’ as part of the show, where she shared a minute of silence with each stranger who sat in front of her. Ulay arrived without her knowing and this is what happened.
    ~Zen Garage~
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-12-05 01:31:59
    Thank You Secret Santa!
    Holy Cow! The past two weeks have been so exciting for my art students thanks to Secret Santa's from Google+! Today, we have been making ceramic ornaments with the rubber stamps we received, tomorrow my 6th graders are beginning to work on their end of term watercolor paintings on the 140lb. watercolor paper we received, and I also can't wait to show my students these NEON oil pastels that arrived today. They will be thrilled! I am going to let one of my classes preview the Secret Santa lists and help me pick out a few gifts to pay it forward as well! We are so, so grateful and I do wish there was a way we could thank whoever it was that sent these items! For today #wethankyou   #secretsanta   #gplussanta   #santagift  
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-12-29 23:05:32
    My kind of table!
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  • Ardith Goodwin2014-07-11 03:10:12
    Finally, an Autoawesome picture I actually like. :) Love my outdoor studio, love it! 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-11-16 22:32:54
    Chair of Dreams
    I have been fascinated by the structure, function, and importance of chairs for a long time and have finally decided to express that fascination through my art. Today's chair, "Chair of Dreams" is one I would love to have in my own studio, full of color, life, and potential but comfy. I may have to build one like it. Mixed Media collage 10" by 20" on canvas
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-08-04 17:57:29
    The Black Frame Curriculum
    After 10 years, 26 surgeries, countless hurdles and struggles, I am coming off of disability to once again teach the young. Words can't really express how grateful I am to be well enough to make this change, and to be honest, it is a complete miracle that I can do it. Tomorrow starts my journey, teaching grades 3-8 art, at a phenomenal school, and I am humbled today with gratitude. The artist  and the survivor in me thought long and hard about some of the lessons I hope my students learn from me outside of the course of study and I hope the main one is that they learn the power of determination and optimism. If you know of an art teacher who is looking for poster ideas you might consider sharing this blog with them. Some of the posters area  bit different, but all of them seek to inspire the young.
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-07-06 22:36:22
    The Illusion of Beauty Reworked
    I totally shifted the look and feel of this piece to be a much more figurative abstract and am quite pleased with the changes. Although I will keep the name the same, the illusion will be that the beauty lies from within, not from without, so it works. You can see the previous versions of this painting, drastic changes were made.
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  • Ardith Goodwin2014-01-07 00:55:46
    The 40ish Curse On Eyesight
    Friends and family told me that when I turned 40 my eyes would go to pot. The one thing I had going for me was that my eyesight was 20/15, and I counted on that to continue all the while shaking my head at their warnings. Guess the denial caught up to me and although I made it well past the 40 year mark, my eyesight went to pot within 2 months so I have now gone from no glasses to bifocals. I guess if one has to age, one can age with cute bifocals. Sigh.....#agingwoes 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-04-15 00:01:56
    I missed the local Sketchcrawl yesterday because I was in bed with my back but I chose to sketch and paint just the same. This is an image of the Cathedral in the heart of downtown Mobile which sits across from our art gallery. I adore our jewel of a city, there is so much to see, sketch, paint, and do if you are a creative. Can't imagine not living near a place without access to artists. Hope you all had a blessed weekend! #sketchbook   #watercolorpainting  
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-02-01 23:28:05
    The Call of the Sea 
    Living along the Gulf Coast just gets in the blood and no matter how far away from home I am the colors, patterns, and textures the coast always call me home. I have been working in a mixed media collage series showcasing my love of the coast for an upcoming show. Really loving the walk down memory lane. Each piece in the series has a meditative text written on the canvas. Here is the words for this piece: 
    "What is the call of the ocean on our hearts? Is it the ebb and flow of the spirit between love and connection? Is it the fluidity of the movement between coming forth and drawing back? For so many the ocean calls out to us, touching a place deep within, grounding us by water, life, and the beauty bound not only by its surface but also its depths. When one experiences the call of the deep along the coast we become part of it in a way that is difficult to pen. It is who we become, our way of life, our knowing between the land and the sea. Our families are shaped by it, contained by it, and impacted by it, as it was meant to be. May our longing for the coast remain in our hearts, be protected by our actions, and may we be the stewards of the tide. May we forever love and honor its beauty and the gifts it offers us. 
    " The Call of the Sea" 22" by 28" collage on canvas"
    #mixedmediaartwork   #collageart  
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-12-20 02:29:37
    Work In Progress
    I have been working on this 4' by 3' acrylic and graphite piece as a commission this week. Because of its size I have had to create a set up where I can sit on a stool and get up close and personal with this canvas, which has turned out to be a great experience. The closeness, within inches, of my face to the canvas has allowed me to play with the juicy tidbits to the square inch. Although more layers are to come, the journey and process are what enthralls me here. #lovetopaint  
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-10-04 02:01:30
    3rd Grade Kandinsky Abstracts 
    I am over the moon at how well these paintings turned out from my 3rd graders who studied Kandinsky. Amazing what the mind of children can dream up! 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-09-20 01:26:04
    The Freedom of an Art Journal
    The more I journal the more I long to create in small snippets rather than long, drawn out paintings. Although the practice of fine tuning one's craft on a well developed piece is essential over time, I simply love the process of creating through my intuition in small format based on what lessons I seem to be needing at the time. There are no rules with an art journal, no voices saying "I'm doing it wrong," just the exquisite freedom to record, make marks, and express myself. #blissfulgratitude
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-08-27 02:26:36
    Gosh, I So Love My Job!
    Every morning I walk into my classroom I get to see beautiful art like this. It does my soul and heart good! These pieces were created by my 3rd and 5th graders and I was so proud of them. Love having a job that makes me swoon! 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-11-07 18:31:46
    Best Birthday Morning Ever
    I arrived at school to find this surprise waiting for me today! #blessedandspoiledrotten  
    Hope your day is beautiful as well friends! 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2014-07-14 01:05:09
    The Gift of a Blue Butterfly
    I haven't seen a butterfly in months, probably years. I am sure they have been around, but for some reason none have captured my attention, until this morning. I was setting up my outdoor studio and this little guy lighted upon the handle of my dolly, right beside a pine tree where a fence post lizard was perched. He sat that and ever so slowly moved his wings...seemed not to mind that I was inches from him, and then flew off. A few minutes later he came back and rested about two feet from me while I painted, just watching, just taking it all in. I have never seen a blue butterfly like this in my lifetime, I do hope I am lucky enough to see one again. He was simply beautiful! 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2014-02-08 01:43:42
    Quick Paint With Recycled Paper and Paint
    I teach art to 3rd-8th graders and I just refuse to throw any paint away. One way I recycle is to take left over acrylic that is on its last leg and scrape it onto butcher paper with credit cards. This paper is then torn into pieces for collage or used as practice sketch paper. I have also come to love it for my Quick Paint session where I take 15-30 min to begin and end a painting. Here is another in that series, " "He Plays Jazz on King Street" is 5" by 11" ($75) acrylic on paper. Makes me happy to know I kept the paint out of the watershed, :) 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-12-28 17:39:59
    New Liquitex Acrylic Paint Markers
    Tested out my markers using Golden fluid acrylics, water soluble graphite, and ink. Although my rough paper choice wasn't the best substrate, the markers worked quite well. My blog has more reviews along with the steps in progress pics. I am looking forward to tinkering with these markers a great deal! "Practice Time" 9" by 12" acrylic on paper.
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-10-31 22:51:41
    Happy Halloween!
    I had "A Bad Case of the Stripes" today for Halloween and it was so much fun with the students. They know they have to eat their Lima beans now! David Shannon's picture book is a visual delight for sure!
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-08-23 02:55:58
    200 Yard Work In Progress
    My 3rd - 8th graders are helping me create this year long, 200 yard, mixed media painting. I mounted the roll of paper in our classroom and students and visitors add to is with graphite, markers, crayons, paint, and pastels. I can't tell you how excited I am about the potential of this activity. Next May we will 'unroll' it on the football field. That will be exciting!
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-05-17 03:25:56
    Art Journal Love<!
    My latest page about dreams it seems. I so love altering books to practice my ,mixed media ideas, especially when they count as therapy as well.
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-02-12 17:13:49
    Alcohol Ink on Yupo
    I am playing with 91% rubbing alcohol dropped into wet acrylic on Yupo paper today. Loving the organic feel to this. What creative endeavors do you have on your platters today? 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-12-27 21:26:29
    First Layers
    When I start a new abstract I often start with collage. Never have I worked with this palette before but I must say, there is something about the turquoise and orange that has captivated my attention. Letting it rest for the night but am enjoying the freshness of it. 22" by 30" collage on canvas, so far. Hope your Friday has been filled with beauty! 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-04-10 23:49:39
    It's a standoff! 
    Two things are going on in this pic....beside the obvious. #1....this is not our turtle, he just happened upon my front walkway and #2 Yodaman either has the patience of Job or is contemplating the most clever way to go ninja on the poor turtle. Either way, it added to an odd and eventful afternoon to say the least. 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-03-22 23:16:47
    My First Still Life
    I was fortunate to be spending a few days at the Gulf with two artist friends and finally decided to take the bold step of painting my first still life. I usually paint from a photograph and because I am self taught haven't pushed myself into still life painting despite painting tons. Have to admit....I loved it. I am still not quite finished with this yet but the day is closing so I am letting it rest. We also tried Absinthe for the first time to really get into the historical painting groove and that was a hoot in itself. Great few days just chilling and feeling blessed. 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-03-07 02:27:09
    Totally had a change of pace with this abstract as I started out with my two least favorite colors, brown and grey. What I discovered was that they helped mellow my other colors into a more mature palette and gave me the confidence to embrace their potential. Looking forward to seeing it framed in my show! 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-09-10 02:47:33
    I love this Scribbler program! Great line and sketch practice with an unexpected outcome. I am going to use some of these in my mixed media work as well. 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-04-27 00:53:16
    Lawd have mercy I am finished! 
    "Reflections In Creation" 20" by 30" watercolor. Finally finished this piece and what a journey it was. Had I had a 'normal back,' there would have been a few things I would have done differently but considering what my challenges were the past few weeks, I am over the moon pleased with it. You can view a few in progress pics if you click through to my blog to see how I painted it.

    #watercolorpainting   #paintingglassinwatercolor  
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-02-10 03:19:48
    Yodaman Eyes a Squirrel
    Skylights in our roof are the perfect way to tease the devil out of my cat....smiles the rodent on the roof, lolol
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-06-11 02:25:08
    The Illusion of Beauty
    To work with a figurative piece that captures the essence of emotion, with a whimsical palette, but emits a much stronger influence on the viewer was a challenge, and I am totally pleased with where this began and ended. "The Illusion of Beauty" 4 feet by 4 feet. You can read about the process on my blog as well.
    #acrylicpainting   #mixedmediapaintings  
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-06-08 02:30:04
    Half way through my altered book and am totally loving this journey. This book has given me insight into artists from the 60's, allowed me the space to test out new techniques, and totally transformed my daily sketch practice. Can't imagine working through a series any other way. The album here shows the pages and works in progress and the link here is the finished pages on my website. Each image has a link to the blog post describing the process if their was one. Hope you might take a peek if you are an art journal fan.
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-05-16 01:15:45
    Checking a Vertical Share
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-04-29 22:07:45
    This is how I spent my afternoon, getting my new bridge put in! Can't get over the relief of not being embarrassed to open my mouth and smile. When the swelling goes down I will post a pic of my new smile tomorrow. 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2014-06-01 01:53:56
    The Extinction of Fear
    22" by 30" mixed media on paper
     To an artist, fear can be the force that cripples the spirit, the drive, the voice calling out to be heard. As I painted this piece all I could think of was the extinction of that fear, for myself and a big way.

    #abstractpainting   #mixedmedia  
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-11-29 03:58:01
    Thank YOU Secret Santa!
    What a Thanksgiving it was! I came home to find not one but two packages from my Secret Santa wishlist and have been over the moon excited by the kindness and generosity of strangers. I added items for my art classroom which would benefit my students and I just can't say enough how grateful I am. Can't wait until Monday to share them with the kids! Whoever you are, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Can't wait to pay it forward! #secretsanta   #gplussanta  
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-11-17 15:01:42
    Dearborn Commission
    One of my most favorite types or paintings to complete is a commission for someone's home, childhood home, or historic home. This painting, which was one of two I completed for my client, combines the image of his home in the early 60's (painted in black and white) with the house now (painted in color.) The band is The Excelsior Band, which is quintessentially Mobile, and for those who know the significance of this house, the image is timeless. 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-06-23 17:19:23
    Cherry Chocolate Brown Cow
    Oh, it's the simple things, on a hot summer day, that make the warmer days  so appealing. #ilovesummer
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-03-09 22:17:49
    Oddest fortune I have ever gotten....
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  • Ardith Goodwin2014-05-24 00:25:25
    The Journal Speaks Series
    I can barely contain my joy when it comes to this series. My loved of journals, color, writing, and structure have merged in a huge bowl of artistic soup. Served up my second spoonful with this one. Challenging, thought provoking, and exactly what my heart was looking to say.... 95% complete, just need to nail down some details. Diversity is Beautiful. Acrylic on Canvas 3 feet by 5 feet #acrylicpainting   #abstractpainting  
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  • Ardith Goodwin2014-01-29 21:14:45
    Art Journal Page Inspired By Ice Light
    The light flooding in our windows this morning was turquoise colored because of all the ice outside and it was beautiful. Gave me great inspiration to create this page inspired by that as we are still iced in. Hope you all are staying warm today as well!
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-12-04 01:35:38
    Thank You Secret Santa!
    I can't tell you how grateful I have been for the treats arriving from Secret Santa. Last week I received some rubber stamps for my art students and today we made clay ornaments using those stamps. The students were soooooo excited to use them and know they were a gift! I came home to find these Spiderman socks in the mail and am swooning as well! Why Spidey socks? As an art teacher I wear colorful, patterned socks every day and use those as a teaching tool. Believe it or not, even super hero socks make it easy to teach the concepts of graphic arts, line, logos, and inspirations. THANK YOU to whoever it was that felt inclined to send these. I can't wait for my students to see them and discuss this! #beyondblessed  and looking forward to #payingitforward   #secretsanta   #santagift  

    Reshared text:
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-05-23 13:56:05
    Morning Sketch 
    Found my 8B graphite stick this morning so did a 20 min sketch of a diagonal view from the bed. I may be in love with this pencil. 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-05-22 01:48:22
    Last night, while chilling in front of the tube, I practiced sketching my pen and marker case while discovering the found poetry in an discussion about Proust. CharPak Art Makers made a huge difference on the glossy pages as well! #artjournal  
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-04-20 13:25:01
    25 min sketch - Grouping of Three
    It is really hard to photograph such a linear image with my phone but this comes close enough. Had a great time sketching these three little guys for a study in a larger piece. Not sure of their purpose, but the more I look at them, the more their unusual characters seem to appeal to me. Graphite, Neocolor II's, Derwent Inktense, and Micron Pen. #sketchbook   #watercolorsketch  #sketches
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  • Ardith Goodwin2014-07-25 02:17:43
    Easel People Miniature Oil Paintings 
    I have fallen in LOVE with oil paints for the first time in my life because for the most part I have been allergic to the smell. Holbein makes some that I can actually use, so I have been loving getting to know my new medium. These little miniatures are 5" by 5" on panels and ship with mini wooden easels. They are a riot of fun to paint.
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  • Ardith Goodwin2014-06-25 02:05:33
    Conversations With the Canvas 
    Worked on three new pieces today where I considered intention, color palette, movement, and impact not only on the viewer but my own heart as well. 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2014-02-15 23:51:28
    Wear Your Own Crown Art Journal Page
    As a teacher I strive to show and encourage my students to focus on their own artistic voice instead of getting caught up in comparing their work to others. Comparison steals the joy right out of the beginner artist so I say, Wear Your Own Crown. Such a difficult thing to do at times!     #mixedmediaart   #artjournaling  
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-10-26 22:09:52
    Totally Odd Plant
    I LOVE it when nature surprises me with a visual treat that I have never encountered in life. Any idea what this plant might be? I love the translucent petals, the pink stem, and the black tips. Such a bizarre, moody little plant this is.
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-10-14 23:38:25
    Magical Mushrooms
    I know it isn't Fungus Friday but I found the interior of this mushroom fascinating. Have no clue what type it is, but the color and pattern rocked my artistic world this afternoon. 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-09-29 01:50:10
    EWWWWW Opossum Cupcakes
    These have got to be some of the worst cupcakes ever, lolololol. 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-04-23 12:08:15
    Watercolor Travel Palette
    It's a great day to spend it with artists slinging paint and my Watercolor Art Journal Class along with my Watercolor Sketchbook class starts today. Rather than spend big bucks on fancy travel pans, I opted for a $5 bobbin case and my own tube paints. Looking forward to the added variety in my color palette as this little case is only about 5" by 4" and for teaching my students a few cost shaving shortcuts when I can. Happy Tuesday to all of you this morning!
    #watercolor   #sketchbook  
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-02-16 23:59:20
    This is where I wish I was.....with a cold one, :) "Shores of Serenity" 20" by 20" mixed media collage on board. This one is part of my show that launches tomorrow, mixed media works inspired by living along the Gulf Coast of Alabama. Makes me miss the ocean so much! 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2014-02-07 00:59:58
    15 Minute Quick Paint
    I have found that unwinding after a long day of teaching is so much easier when I come home and complete a 15 min quick paint. Usually a 5"by 7" format works great and this piece of paper actually came right out of the recycle bin, which is even better. If I had little ones at my feet I might be doing this in the early am but for now, it's nice to come home and chill artistically for a bit. "Mr. Baudelaire's Hair Is On Fire" 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-04-02 03:04:34
    Visiting and old friend!
    Back in 2003 when I was teaching myself to paint this was one of the first glass paintings I attempted. I have since given it to a dear friend and haven't seen it in several years so it was nice to walk in her kitchen and see the colors and brilliance of light still glow against the black walls and frame. Makes me smile to know it is well loved. "Glass Menagerie, 8" by 10"" 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-02-11 15:34:13
    I have been working on a mixed media series of intuitive pieces and this is one that I have now chosen to let rest. Can't tell you how many layers I went through and it seems that the energy of this piece comes as much from the process as it does the product. "Collision of Spirit" is a 20" by 20" mixed media (arylic/collage/graphite/ink) on board. #abstractart   #mixedmediapaintings  
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  • Ardith Goodwin2014-07-21 23:30:19
    To Peel Through the Layers 3' by 4' mixed media on canvas
    This is #4 in my series, "The Journal Speaks," which is a body of work that showcases my love or art journaling on a much larger substrate. The concept of beauty is one that I study a great deal, find fascinating, and believe it is one of those aspects of human nature that lives invisibly...with great power. Transparency was the running thread for me, as I wrote about beauty, considered how complex it is, and finally, listened to the canvas for the message. You can read about my entire process and see work in progress pics if you click through to my blog. #abstractart   #artjournaling  
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-05-28 02:25:39
    Just finished my next addition to the Landmark Series, The Grand Hotel, Point Clear, Alabama. This one was a commission and makes me quite nostalgic for the place. 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-05-01 21:56:59
    Art Journal Page - The Freedom of Choice
    I totally love this art journal, for its randomness, its visual inspiration, but most importantly for the freedom I have to make a thought, express it, and then share it. I am totally blessed when so many aren't allowed to express themselves. You can see how this page came to be from start to finish, and take a peek at my other pages if you click through to my blog. 
    #artjournal   #mixedmediatechniques
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-04-16 00:12:48
    Such few words, but many prayers. #prayersforboston  
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  • Ardith Goodwin2014-03-16 23:33:05
    There is normally a small Creek here running under This bridge but after all the rain this morning this is what we had great us. So glad the bridge held!
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  • Ardith Goodwin2014-02-02 18:52:56
    Figurative Motion
    I love studying the figure, sketching it, observing it, seeing how many ways it can be interpreted. This is one of my pieces that was inspired by the inner need to get up an move from a sitting position. It's 3 feet by 3 feet and the largeness of the canvas gave me lots or room to play with marks and runs. Hope your Sunday is turning out well and blessed!
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-09-08 22:40:54
    The Scribbler Rabbit Hole
    Oh my....I have fallen down the Scribbler rabbit hole and all I want now is a Wacom tablet to play on this thing. #soeasilyamused  
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-08-29 01:09:35
    I spent some time this evening embracing the idea of what I count, how numbers are embedded in our way of life, and how releasing artistic control rather than 'counting steps,' is a pathway to creative freedom. I so adore the art journaling process!

    Reshared text:
    Mixed Media Art Journal Page
    Art Journaling has to be the process I love most about being a creative. There are no expectations, just pure, creative joy! Here is my latest page made with collage, fluid acrylics, and oil pastels. It is part of my altered book I am working through. You can view the work in progress pics on my blog.
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-06-12 23:19:07
    Impressions of Proust Art Journal Page
    I am not well read in Proust but was inspired today by this page with an article about his impact as a writer. Made me at least intrigued enough to want to explore is writings a bit more, and the act of journaling within this context was quite illuminating for my own self. Nice end result to an art journal page. 
    You can view the in progress shots of this page here:
    and view the entire journal here:
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-05-03 03:06:21
    "St. Joseph's Cathedral at Spring Hill College" 8" by 10" watercolor, fluid acrylic, graphite, and ink. This one was for a dear friend, version #2 of the church, and I love the brightness of this one. 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-04-19 19:42:52
    The Joy of Painting Glass in Watercolor 
    I have a love/hate relationship with painting glass in watercolor. The part of my brain that loves systems, order, and patterns loves painting glass. The part of my brain that is a free spirit, loves to make loose, intuitive marks, hates it. Such a fun dynamic for mood I would say. This piece, which is about half way finished, has so many more glazes to go I cringe to think about it, but I am pleased with how it is progressing. You can view my WIP pics if you click through to my blog.
    #watercolorpainting   #painting   #watercolor  
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-02-12 04:16:27
    I need a glass of wine now, :) Mixed media 20" by 20" on board.   Thought some of you might need a color and pattern explosion this evening. The layers were a journey  in themselves .
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  • Ardith Goodwin2014-01-29 02:03:39
    Southern Ice Storm
     LIving in the south we see snow about once in 15 years. The white stuff in this pic actually is ice, not snow, and at this hour our entire world is crystal white with ice/sleet. Snow is scheduled for midnight but there is so much ice I doubt the snow makes it to the ground. Bizarre turn of events for us and I have no clue how folks do it in the north. 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2014-01-19 22:57:27
    Art Journaling Outdoors
    Spent the day setting up my outdoor studio for this season. Totally blissful day!
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-06-01 02:59:20
    Yodaman's Mood Swings
    I know it's not Caturday quite yet, but we are having a cat painting show for Artwalk and I decided to paint the many mood swings of my cat....I could have painted for days, lol. 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-03-10 03:44:55
    Free Online Matting Service for Images
    Although I know many of you are adept at Photoshop, there are lots of folks here who are not. If you are one of those who enjoy posting images of your artwork and have wondered how to add a basic mat border then ze38 might be a great option for you. This free, online tool lets you upload an image, choose a two color mat style, gives your a preview and then lets you save the image as a jpeg. It is helpful if your goal is to share 'professional' looking images on a blog, website, or social network without the need to learn Photoshop etc. Just thought some of you might find it helpful. Here is one of my paintings using a white and turquoise mat. Against the white background it is harder to delineate but on a black background this would be really nice if viewed in a website....and it is free! :)
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  • Ardith Goodwin2014-06-05 16:47:25
    Where Love Lives 
    Where Love Lives 

    I absolutely adore the variety in families, especially those filled with love for one another, and the love of others. As I painted this piece, I kept thinking about what it would be like to be without one, to be part of one where you resided down the bridge of other's noses, or to be in one where its members didn't live in safety. With that on my heart, my thoughts turned to creating an image that portrayed a family, diverse in many ways, but bound together by love. For I can dream of no better way to live, but to be part of a family where love lives. 

    22" by 30" acrylic and graphite on paper
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-09-30 01:14:51
    Simple Tips For Beginning Artists
    Going back into the classroom to teach little ones meant I had to give up my adult classes for the time being. Rather that give them up entirely, I am transitioning my lessons to online posts and videos because I passionately believe in the adult who chooses to follow their artistic calling later in life. During the month of October I will be sharing "Simple Tips" for my adult art students to help them build self confidence and daily practice! My first topic was learning to sketch daily, setting a timer, and doing the leg work!
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-08-10 00:54:44
    Lego Art Center
    This is probably my  favorite art center that I have created in my classroom. I will be teaching 3-8th graders and really wanted to give those who love working with structures a chance to do that, but with a totally different way to go about it. I am planning on creating prompts for them, to work in pairs as they 'sketch' images with Legos rather than simply building structures from the ground up. Looking forward to seeing what types of 'artworks' they come up with. I may have to play with this myself.
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-05-07 23:36:06
    The Disconnect of Self Art Journal Page
    Today, I really gave a lot of thought to my friends who have family members dealing with dementia or Alzhiemers while I created this page. As I studied Diebenkirk's figure, I simply felt the sense of loneliness and longing, which led me to visualize a scenario of the woman being trapped inside a body. Before today, I wasn't aware of his figurative work, but am now a big fan, thanks to my choice of altering this book "The Perspective On The Arts 1962". My heart breaks for those who live this reality,  and although it has touched our family, I have not had to face this reality with my ow parents. You can read about the creation of this page and its process if you click through to my blog. Art journaling is such a remarkable way to practice my mixed media skills while delving into profoundly important topics.
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-03-30 21:08:54
    All I can do is laugh and laugh and laugh at this one! 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-03-24 23:30:46
    I am so excited to add this window into our back entryway! Totally in love with this and will be able to view it from where the bed will go. Swoooons!
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-03-10 18:39:22
    Twin Oaks at the Grand Hotel in Point Clear Alabama
    There is a lovely swing that sits under the twin oaks at The Grand Hotel overlooking the beautiful Mobile Bay. For those of us who have grown up here, I can only image proposals were made there, hands were held, children were rocked to sleep, and partners spent some gentle moments remembering the beautiful life they have lived. I love the Grand, it's trees, its spirit, its view. "Twin Oaks" is a great memory of that for me, and hopefully, many of you! This one is acrylic, framed to a 16" by 20" and can be seen at Art(ology) Inc.
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  • Ardith Goodwin2014-07-26 00:59:50
    For the Love Of a Bird 4 feet by 5 feet aquamedia on paper
    #5 in my series of "The Journal Speaks" celebrates my love of friendship, birds, and the quirkiness of being a bit different. Just as I work in my journals, perfection is never the key. Being free to explore glazes and marks, and layers within the context of the image and text is the focus on this larger substrate as well as my journal pages. Loving this entire process! You can view the series here:
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  • Ardith Goodwin2014-06-27 00:14:06
    Asemic Writing Studies
    What are the longings of the heart that we are unable to speak? Do they come from love, fear, yearnings, desires? As infants, as soon as we held an object in our hands that could make a mark, we were beginning the form of Asemic Writing. I have been studying Asemic Writing and how it relates to artists, especially in our mark making when we are unaware of the message. The tools the move through the fingers, that alter the paint and mediums through a visual art form, give way to the marks that lack semantic meaning but are powerful in their own right. As an artist who is, at my core, a mark maker these studies connect with my most guttural need to to express myself in visual form. You can view many of these on my website here:   #asemic   #asemicwriting   #abstractpainting  
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  • Ardith Goodwin2014-06-04 01:23:01
    Loving the challenge of a new color palette! 

    Reshared text:
    A Muted Color Palette
    For those who know me then you know my palette is usually far from muted. Because I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone this summer, I am using a limited palette with much more muted colors. So far, I am loving the journey. It is difference, lots of subtlety in the values and hues, but I love it. This piece was created using water soluble graphite sticks, Derwent Inktense Blocks, and fluid acrylics. 22" by 30" acrylic on paper.
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  • Ardith Goodwin2014-02-06 01:38:53
    Noting like coming home and working through stress with colorful mark making. Don't know what I would do without my art journals! #artjournaling   #mixedmedia  

    Reshared text:
    Marks, Marks, and More Marks
    Came home from a stressful day and decided to work through it in one of my smaller journals. This one is only 5" by 7" and I could have added marks all night I think. As I worked, I kept seeing the idea of being insulated pop in and out of my head so I figured that thought was something I needed to spend some time with. I used Liquitex Markers, Neocolor II's, oil pastels, Inktense Pencils, Gesso, and Water Soluble graphite. Lots of mediums for a small page! 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2013-05-30 20:47:02
    I was amazed to find out how great the wash affect was when using a cheap Crayola black marker. I will never look at the Crayola aisle the same way again, ;) Here is my sketch of my Nikon in a blind contour, 2 min, and 5 min sketch using only that marker. 
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  • Ardith Goodwin2014-07-23 15:03:29
    Take A Walk Along the Coast 
    I totally LOVE it when a painting is more fun to paint than it probably should be. This piece was just that. It tied my love of paper, of color, of mark making, and of the coast all in one and my heart smiled big through the entire process. It is hard to grasp the scale of just how big this piece is...4 feet by 4 feet...on paper. You can click through to my blog to see the work in progress, view up close detail shots, and see its size. Today I am loving so much the fact that I can work hard...but work hard creating things I love. Worth every minute.
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