Rupert Wood2011-07-08 17:18:48
A G+ shortener, to make it easy for you to share your G+ ID - Nifty! _#Gwpress_
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  • Rupert Wood2011-07-08 17:56:11
    really don;t understand how the 'stream from my circles displays below, seems even more complex that the difference between failbooks 'top news' & 'recent posts' without a tab to select which!
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  • Rupert Wood2011-07-08 18:57:57

    Reshared text:
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  • Rupert Wood2011-07-08 19:17:33
    Google+ to Twitter & Facebook
    Looks Handy!


    Reshared text:
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  • Rupert Wood2011-07-09 09:02:03
    Have only just started looking at this, and already learned a bunch of stuff about the G+ world! Could be very useful!

    Share + Enjoy!
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  • Rupert Wood2011-07-20 14:47:07
    Saw a post on Failbook about illegal immigrants getting paid nearly 5x that of state pensioners in the UK. You know the sort of post "repost this if you got the guts". When challenged they replied, "Not my figures mate, it's a re-post from other people"

    So, I did a little googling and found that this post was rampant on forums and message boards. What I did not expect though was members of an ex-pats message board would shoot it down so quickly and effectively with some basic facts - "Illegal Immigrants can not claim benefits!"

    So if you see contacts spreading this, will you have the guts to enlighten them?
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  • Rupert Wood2011-07-20 17:58:16
    testing the G+ mobile app whilst doing the laundry! multitasking?
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  • Rupert Wood2011-07-21 22:19:38
    google knows where I am, but I can't check in as the beach ain't an option, can only check in at business type places I guess
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  • Rupert Wood2011-07-23 10:35:41
    vaguely amused! not sure if people are trying to use G+ like twitter, or facebook. Or maybe it will just take a while for people to figure it's the best of both, but very different!
    The best of twitter is the immediacy of it, with the ability to follow conversation between number of people - very hard to do on twitter without having to include all @names leaving no space for comments. Add to this the ability to change privacy level to allow public, all contacts or just select few to post/read comments.
    not sure what the best facebook features are...
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  • Rupert Wood2011-07-23 18:42:52
    This is what I meant to share earlier... great pictorial guide to google+ for newbies and those still finding there way


    Reshared text:
    The Google+ Start-Up Guide
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  • Rupert Wood2011-07-24 15:51:54
    Mmmmm! Ludo Lounges all-day brunch! just what I needed! :)
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  • Rupert Wood2011-07-26 11:56:51
    I almost fell for this and was already composing my comment whilst I read the atricle....

    Reshared text: bonus Narwhals
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  • Rupert Wood2011-07-26 17:44:24
    Hmm! Good idea from +Tim Rigden
    Place Circles A-G in a 'Super-Circle', with spammy over-verbose types in Circle H, I & M, set 'bookmark' for 'Super-Circle' - Great way to control 'Noise Levels' in your stream particularly when mobile!
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  • Rupert Wood2011-07-28 14:05:41
    Local councillors have voted against their own leader to force a study into the effects of the proposed wind farm. - not quite sure who's more stupid, the councillors or those who voted them in!
    The proposed development is 10.2 miles away from Bournemouth, 8.2 miles away from Peverill Point near Swanage and 8.4 miles away from The Needles, Isle of Wight. If lucky and the weathers right, you might be able to see them, but it's very unlikely you'll be able to hear them!
    So if interested, you can show your support of them by 'liking' the facebook page below!
    Best response to posting this on facebook was "any one who acts like a nimby gets taken off the grid, given a box of candles and told to * right off"*
    Kinda makes sense to me!
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  • Rupert Wood2011-08-09 21:08:26
    Bournemouth 23yr old arrested on suspicion of incitement to riot
    What's the score here, did he tweet it, or set up a facebook event or something? Can't really see Bournemouth rioting, unless we ran out of Werthers Originals...
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  • Rupert Wood2011-08-12 13:45:08
    couple of pints of stowford before 4 hours of phone charging, then some more cider & maybe some sea sick Steve....
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  • Rupert Wood2011-08-29 17:54:23
    Tweet of The Day!
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  • Rupert Wood2011-09-07 14:35:04
    I'm guessing their are more Volkswagen fans in my circles than there are knitters, but you never know!

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  • Rupert Wood2011-09-11 10:39:37
    G+ Private Messaging
    Neat trick for those that have a need, or desire for a record of their private messages or even want somekinda favorite tab/circle for stuff they wanna come back to!

    Reshared text:
    [Private Messaging on Google+]

    The only problem with the +Mention method of private messaging here on G+, there is no true message history showing all of your private +Mentions. I've haven't seen anyone mention this little trick since the first week here on G+. I thought I'd share this helpful tip again.

    Private Message Tracker / History

    Create a Circle, name it whatever you want. I named mine Private Msgs. Important: Don't add anyone to your newly created Circle. Now, whenever you send a private message to someone, just +Mention them as normal, this time include your Private Messaging Circle as well. Then, when viewing your Stream, select your Private Messaging Circle and you'll see a history of every +Mention private message you've ever sent.


    Tags: #googleplustips #message
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  • Rupert Wood2011-09-11 19:19:14
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  • Rupert Wood2011-09-21 08:47:20
    Pretty high-brow stuff about the Free Market, the birth of Think Tanks, Pirate Radio in the UK, Screaming Lord Sutch and so much more....
    ... particularly relevant to any Googlewatchers is the connection between current UK Govt & Google, via the the Granddaughter of Antony Fisher - importer of Factory Farming to the UK, and founder of The Institute For Economic Affairs, who then went on to found over 150 right-wing think tanks around the world!
    Quite an awesome eyeopening read, but do allow at least 30minutes to do so, even trying to scan it in under 10minutes is almost impossible!

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  • Rupert Wood2011-09-22 16:23:44
    paddlesteamer docking at Bournemouth Pier!

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  • Rupert Wood2011-09-23 15:42:00
    So, am hearing the solution to facebook turning into Stalkerville is to politely ask people not to look at your stuff!
    Seeing variations of this posted on FB today -
    Please do me a favour and move your mouse over my name here, wait for the box to load and then move your mouse over the "Subscribe" link. Then uncheck the "Comments and Likes". I would really rather that my comments on friends and families posts not be made public, thank You! Then re-post this if you don't want your every single move posted on the right side in the "Ticker Box" for everyone to see

    My first reaction was just to delete facebook, but I have many contacts there who will just be unable to unattach themselves, or deal with something new - even though what they are now having to deal with is so much more complex than simply setting up a profile here! Maybe I'll get a little more used to it and less outraged as time goes by!
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  • Rupert Wood2011-09-24 09:16:38
    Some tips, tricks and stuff for those new to Google+
    (enticed/assisted a few people over from facebook and discovered a few more in the last day or two, some of which haven't posted or done anything yet, so a public post for them & anyone else new)

    If anyone has better guides, or intro's for new people, please do share them in the comments too!
    Goes without saying, the first trick with G+ is working out how to use the so easy privacy settings. Shame they don't know the difference between your & you're though!
    If you want to create a really simple short link to your G+ profile (so your old facebook friends can come find you)
    Some basic tips and tricks for using G+
    A quite extensive guide, possibly not for the faint-hearted, but if you want to delve deeper.

    Do consider, some of these guides were created whilst G+ was in beta, recent changes have definitely added improved features, and you can expect more usability and features to be added.

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  • Rupert Wood2011-09-28 17:19:59
    I guess G+ users are also part of the web underclass

    Facebook's abuse of its Like button to invade people's privacy is much less publicised. We all think we know how it works. We're on a website reading an interesting page and we click the Like button. A link to the page gets posted to our wall for our friends to see and Facebook keeps this data and data about who clicks on it to help it to sell advertising. So far, so predictable.

    What most people don't know is that the Like button tracks your browsing history. Every time you visit a web page that displays the Like button, Facebook logs that data in your account. It doesn't put anything on your wall, but it knows where you've been. This happens even if you log out of Facebook. Like buttons are pretty much ubiquitous on mainstream websites, so every time you visit one you're doing some frictionless sharing. Did you opt in to this? Only by registering your Facebook account in the first place. Can you turn it off? Only by deleting your account.

    And people get worried about the tracking google does! Comparison could be that google might follow you to the address you're visiting, but facebook actually follows you indoors and to the bathroom too!
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  • Rupert Wood2011-10-01 14:37:25
    bleeming iphone app! or is it just a crappy connection cos its so busy here today?
    Last couple of posts with pics & location appear to have failed totally! is there no damn draft facility in this app when it fails to post???
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  • Rupert Wood2011-10-01 18:21:07
    from failbook, attributed to Kieth Lawrence, but from the site template I suspect!
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  • Rupert Wood2011-10-01 20:11:32
    Surf Life Saving British Inshore Rescue Boat (IRB) Championships 2011
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  • Rupert Wood2011-10-01 20:16:35
    Hot & sunny on the beach today, and stumbled upon loads of Surf Rescue boats on a sectioned off stretch of very busy beach! Bit of practice for my camera skills! No idea of what the rules are, but seemed to involve, rushing to a boat, and variances of dragging someone out of the water and racing back to shore. Looked fun anyway!

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  • Rupert Wood2011-10-03 08:22:48
    Great bit of poetic prose from Charlton Brooker as the Govt appeal to 'Mondeo Man' with the suggestion they are considering raising the speed limit to 80mph.

    Never mind the 20% increase in fuel consumption and emissions, this man has some great insight into the topic!

    "Seriously, those guys deserve pity. They'd give anything to be packing a huge flesh-club down there – a fearsome, weighty great shank that emits a guttural snarl when roused before ripping through their pants like an escaped boar – but instead they're cursed with a timid skin pipette, peeping through their pubic thatch like a frightened uvula, or a dormouse foetus, or the quivering tip of a Clanger's nose. It's humiliating. And that's why they drive so fast. Even if they deny that's the reason. In fact, particularly if they deny that's the reason."

    He's got a G+ account, but doesn't seem to know what to do with the 20k people he's circled - +Charlie Brooker
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  • Rupert Wood2011-10-05 20:37:43
    Viral Crappy Virus/Malware hazard buzzing around failbook currently!
    Caution to anyone out there who still on that virus spreader! It looks like this (without the warning of course! Feel free to share!
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  • Rupert Wood2011-10-06 01:13:38
    Couldn't have said it better...

    Reshared text:
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  • Rupert Wood2011-10-08 13:03:48
    anywhere in bournemouth to get screen replaced on my iphone? fed up of getting splinters in my thumb!

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  • Rupert Wood2011-10-11 16:41:17
    They fixed my iPhone! took 45mins, and they even have comfy sofas! also fix htc & blackberry screens too!
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  • Rupert Wood2011-10-19 20:41:07
    getting the girls, killing the baddies, saving the entire planet...

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  • Rupert Wood2011-10-23 17:45:16
    Sunny, with a good breeze! So, off to the beach to snap some kitesurfers!
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  • Rupert Wood2011-10-25 03:32:17
    A late night edit of my seasonal Whisky page
    Adding details of this years winner of the Whisky Bible award:
    Old Pulteney 21 year old Single Malt
    Quite affordable at £75 per bottle compared with some award winning single malts, though I think I'll maybe treat myself to the 12 year old, as it's only £25 a bottle, a much more modest price am sure you'll agree!
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  • Rupert Wood2011-10-26 20:18:40
    Stolen from facebook - Apologies to any solicitors out there (americans - replace #solicitor with #lawyer in the following text)

    My Solicitor parked his brand new Porsche in front of the office to show it off to his colleagues. As he was getting out of the car, a truck came speeding along too close to the kerb and took off the door before zooming off. More than a little distraught, the Solicitor grabbed his mobile and called the police. Five minutes later, the police arrive. Before the policeman had a chance to ask any questions, the man started screaming hysterically: “My Porsche, my beautiful silver Porsche is ruined. No matter how long it's at the panel beaters, it'll simply never be the same again!”
    After the man finally finished his rant, the policeman shook his head in disgust. “I can't believe how materialistic you bloody Solicitors are.” he said. ”You lot are so focused on your possessions that you don't notice anything else in your life.”
    “How can you say such a thing at a time like this?” sobbed the Porsche owner. The policeman replied: “Didn't you realise that your arm was torn off when the truck hit you?”
    The Solicitor looked down in horror. “F *****g hell !” he screamed. ”Where's my Rolex ????”
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  • Rupert Wood2011-10-28 00:07:27
    having a look at how this G+ Ripples thing spreads out, having reshared the share from +Paul M Patterson .... not quite sure how this works, but hey, here goes!


    Reshared text:
    Check out this great example of a G+ ripple for one of my posts that got Scobleized +Robert Scoble

    You can even play it back over time to see the spread visually.

    You can now do this to any public post to see how it was spread and by who. Very handy.

    #viral #socialmedia #analysis
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  • Rupert Wood2011-10-28 08:58:48
    just created a noobs beginners to G+ circle for those who may wish to learn a little more about how to use G+
    If you're too shy to admit, and ask on this post to be added, try a 'private G+ message' to me - write a message, and only share it with me ;)
    Depending on feedback, I may post stuff to this circle regularly, and if you do learn it all quickly, feel free to ask to be removed from it! As such, this initial message is public :)
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  • Rupert Wood2011-10-28 17:29:34
    Sharing just because... I should create a circle for people who get passionate about apple products (love or hate) but meanwhile I'm sharing this publicly 'cos it's just too good. Apologies if you don't get why, you probably wouldn't want to be in my 'apple' circle anyway :)
    +1 to go in this new circle, and ht to +Guthrey Coy for sharing it with me!


    Reshared text:
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  • Rupert Wood2011-10-28 17:57:43
    UK Only
    Not got an exclusively 'UK' circle to share this to, and going to 'publicly' share so I can geotag too ;)

    Please consider signing and sharing...

    It isn't only lead from churches (and other community & private buildings) getting robbed for easy money by thieving B******'s, they cause immense damage to the rail networks by ripping out cabling used for powering trains and signaling, causing huge costs to the transport industry (which is largely subsidised) and that's not even looking at what the financial and personal cost of the delays are to commuters!

    ht to +David Fisher for bringing this to my attention and providing these figures The theft of metal from churches from January to August 2011 had already exceeded the level of theft in 2010, with as many as ten churches a day being targeted. Over the past 4 years metal theft claims from churches insured by Eccesiastical have now exceeded £21 millions, with over 7,000 claims.

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  • Rupert Wood2011-10-29 18:06:18
    Spent a little time today down at the beach snapping some kitesurfers having fun. Most pics are of one particular guy who was showing some incredible skill and was pretty damn awesome to watch, hopefully the pics of him will show why!
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  • Rupert Wood2011-10-30 13:24:51
    Just discovered +Drew Hart - some great funnies and thought provoking meme type thingies!

    Reshared text:
    Love this...
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-01 13:08:56
    nice guys here fixed the fridge in my bus! yay! #coldbeer
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-02 00:04:20
    This could easily be titled 6 Steps to Success on Google Plus as all of it relates to being a respected and valued member of the community, and isn't that something we all want, whether we have a brand to sell or not?

    One thing he also does that I kinda like lots and am going to steal use - he uses hashtags so you can find other posts of his in a similar theme! Think I'm going to create #rwgpTopTips for useful posts of mine I want noobs to be able to find. (now I just gotta try and find my earlier posts on this subject so I can edit them and add the hashtag!)

    Also, whilst I have your attention - go circle +Gabriel Vasile who originally posted this. There are many reasons for doing so, not only has he got some great tips on using G+, he also does share some pretty funny stuff too!

    HT to +Víktor Bautista i Roca for introducing me to his posts (Viktor posts some cool stuff too, and quite often he'll translate the post into English - just wish he'd also have a Bilingual About page, or a map on it so I could work out what nationality he is and what his native langauge is! j/k!)

    Reshared text:

    You have to learn how to advertise your brand. You say: "But I don't have a brand" and you're right... you don't have a brand. You ARE the brand. And you need to learn how to advertise yourself properly.

    1. Be original

    Why would you want to be original in the first place? Well, I'll tell you why... because nobody gives a rat's ass about another copy. There are already too many out there. Why would you want to be like somebody else when you can be like YOU? Do you really believe that if you are copying somebody popular, that would make you popular as well?

    So, instead of just sharing other people's gifs every 2 minutes (Yeah, I've seen you.... I've seen how some of you share 20 posts one after another in less than 10 minutes), try to create something new and useful, try to bring some value to your followers. Try to find out what they need and give them solutions.

    And trust me, being original and giving people solutions will bring you much more sharings, +1es and followers then any gifs shared. I tell you from personal experience. I also share gifs from time to time. I also share funny images daily. However besides this, once or twice a day I try to create a useful post. And the difference is so big!

    For example, maybe I get 10-20-30 reshares for a funny image, however for a useful post like Top 25 most popular chrome extensions and apps for google plus - I got more than 1350 shares! I know, there were a lot of people talking about a lot of extension out there, but nobody put them all together.

    As simple as that post was (but helpful) it made my entrance to some influential persons on g+ like +Robert Scoble, +Denis Labelle, +Linda Lawrey and others. That really means something to me. Also, from getting about 50 new followers per day, I get now more than 200 new followers on a daily basis.

    In my opinion, that's a big difference. So, if you want to be succesful on google plus, if you want to advertise your brand (meaning you) you have to start to be original and bring value to other people.

    2. Engage your audience

    Like +Peter McDermott said in his post called So Now You Have a Tribe (How to engage your audience) - , you have to actively engage your tribe (followers), participate in their content and also reward the important members of your tribe in order to educate your followers and increase the engagement you receive from their side.

    3. Engage other tribes

    You can easily convert people to being your followers if you have some nice posts and leave some comments to other people's posts.

    Stop right there. I don't mean leave one word comments like "yeah", "cool", "right", "beautiful". I don't like this kind of comments. Try to do more than that. Leave some real comments, engage in a conversation, try to bond, to connect with other people. Engage the author and other commenters by leaving smart / interesting / useful comments that offer compelling and relevant content to this people.

    And trust me, this will make them check your profile. If you have completed your profile, have a real picture, a nice description and some interesting, valuable posts... they will definitely follow you. I promise!

    4. Create content

    Don't you forget that Google Plus is besides a social website also a search engine. All the public posts you have are searchable through google and google plus. This can bring you in time a lot of new members to your tribe (followers).

    5. Be a leader

    Always remember that a leader leads through the power of example. So... don't spam, don't throw hurtful words to anyone (don't be a jerk), respect everybody and try to help them if they need help of any kind. Trust me... one day you'll need some help and there will be somebody there to throw you a lifejacket.

    There would be 10 qualities of a leader that will help us in life and we should all try to aquire: 1. Have vision. 2. Make decisions. 3. Take risks. 4. Motivate others. 5. Build teams. 6. Possess self-knowledge. 7. Display integrity.8. Pursue lifelong learning. 9. Communicate effectively. 10. Help others succeed.

    6. Be yourself

    Now.... even if you represent a brand, don't act formal. Be friendly, be yourself, talk to other users like you would talk with a good friend. Stop caring about how people perceive you, you cannot please them all. Follow your own style. Be honest and open.

    I hope this helped you and if you want to share your thoughts with me on this one , criticise me, or need some help of any kind... please comment on the original post: Even if I'm not a social media expert, I'll just try to bring value to you in every way I can.

    Other useful posts: #gvgpUseful
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-05 07:42:19
    Happy Weekend
    Thought I'd share this bit of top geekery for any boffins out there. This could be the ultimate party trick making any geek or boffin who succeeds at it the host of the coolest party of the decade! Me, well, looks a lot of effort, and it might waste some G'n'T, so am not going to try, but if you do try, send me an invite! ;)

    HT to +Ray Radlein for sharing this with me

    Reshared text:
    Make a laser out of your gin & tonic. You know you want to. But are you sober enough?
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-05 16:55:35
    Remember, Remember.....
    5th November has got to be the UK's biggest night for fireworks, so resharing this great post for all you UK people who are looking to take a camera out for snapping some fireworks tonight!
    Depending how well mine come out, I may share a few later... wish me luck!

    Reshared text:

    Fireworks Tutorial Day 2

    I have a thing for shooting fireworks. Since I have been asked how to get great fireworks shots, I thought I should share a tutorial.

    This tutorial will be divided in 4 parts.

    1. Gear and location scouting

    2. Setting up and Shooting

    3. Post Processing
    4. Tips & Tricks

    This tutorial assumes you are using a DSLR with extended control of your settings. However if you only have a Point&Shoot, check into Part 4, where I will give you some tricks how to get some great shots with a Point&Shoot.

    Check the hashtag #FireworksTutorial, and I hope you enjoy my tutorial. So let's jump right into Part 2, shall we ?

    Day 2 Setting up and Shooting

    Finally we have arrived on our scouted shooting position. Remember last week I said to check for an alternative position ? First thing you want to check is the wind on your position. Fireworks produce a lot of smoke. In order to get good pictures you want to have some wind drifting the smoke away from the fireworks. But make sure the wind does NOT blow this smoke in your direction. So if you arrive your spot and you have wind coming towards you from your fireworks spot, move to your alternative position.

    Assume you are happy with your position, lets check for our camera settings.

    1. Turn to RAW shooting

    Presumably you have heard this before, but shooting in RAW gives you much more leverage in your photos, than shooting in JPEG would give you. Especially in the highlights, even though it looks like they are blown out, in RAW files you have almost 2 F stops leverage. Given all the different colors and rockets used in fireworks, you NEVER can avoid clipped highlights completely, so it is better to shoot in RAW

    2. Turn ALL automatic settings off

    You do not want to shoot fireworks and let the camera decide what to do. You need to tell your camera. So my advice is to turn everything off thats automatic. The obvious parts of shutter speed, F stop, ISO we will discuss in a little while. So lets start with the not so obvious ones:

    - WB (whitebalance)

    Choose a WB setting instead on leaving it on automatic. Giving the bright colors of fireworks, the auto setting will never get it right. It is like multiple light sources in different colors on steroids. As you can see in the attached photos, I show you one photo in all different settings from Sunny Day to Flash. My personal setting is TUNGSTEN which gives me the most natural light in the surroundings. Even if you shoot in RAW (as mentioned above) and you have the opportunity to choose the right WB in post, it is nice to have ALL your shooted photos in one WB, which makes it easier in POST to tune, rather than fiddle with every single photo.

    - Noise reduction

    Turn off your noise reduction. You might read that turning NR on is specially helpful in night photography, but it is a bad idea in shooting fireworks. And here is why:

    When you turn on NR for Long exposure, the camera will shoot a second photo with the mirror down, so practically shooting a black photo internally, estimating the noise in this black picture, and then distract this noise from the original picture. Although this sounds nice having the camera reducing noise, in shooting fireworks this means when you shoot a long exposure for 4 seconds, the camera will just show you the picture and is ready to fire again in 8 seconds. So you miss a lot of fireworks in this 4 seconds, let alone when the exposure goes even longer. Secondly when you work with Lightroom 3 or Camera RAW, the Noise reduction in this programs is MUCH BETTER than anything in any camera today. By the way this relates to NR High ISO as well.

    So now lets get setting up the tripod, attach your camera, connect the cable release and lets frame the picture. Give your framing some context. Do NOT just frame for the expected spot of the fireworks, but include your surroundings to give the photo context where the firework has taken place. This could include buildings, a bridge or a river / lake (where beautiful reflections of the firework is to be seen) or any combination of it. Keep in mind, that during a firework 90% of the display is relatively small, but the rest 10% can be very huge. You want to keep this 10% in your frame as best you could. Do NOT try to change your focal length during your fireworks because we can easily crop tighter in post processing when needed. Setup the frame and leave it there !

    Once we found our frame lets turn the wheel on your camera to manual and choose the settings. Since we are using the cable release or finger on the release will define our exposure time, so for the Shutter speed turn your wheel up until you see BULB in your screen.
    For your ISO setting, choose the lowest setting your camera has to offer. But keep in mind that every camera has its own sweet spot setting for ISO. So for my NIKON D90 the ISO is 200. The camera offers settings like LO 1, which would equal ISO 100, but the sensor is best at this 200. So reducing to 100 is a camera trick, which would introduce reduced quality and even noise ! Check for your camera.
    So now it comes to our F-stop. This is completely personal taste and I will explain you my setting. Normally you would read as bigger the F-stop, as more time it needs to get a good exposure of the lights. So if you want to make photos with 8 seconds or longer, you would choose the biggest F stop number like 22 or more. On top of this it gives sharpness from the very near to the very far. You can use this, but I choose a smaller number, and here is why:

    My setting is normally between F11 and F14. I still get everything sharp, cause hardly I have anything very close to me (like feet) which I want to have sharply in focus when I shoot fireworks. Secondly this F stop gives me much quicker full exposures of light. (What I do with this in a little bit)

    Once set with the F-stop I would use the autofocus to focus 1/3rd into my picture where I presume the fireworks will show. After the camera locked, turn off the Autofocus on either camera or lens and disable any anti vibration setting you might have on a lens. Since we are are locked down on a tripod, the anti vibration in a long exposure on a tripod actually introduces softness in your photos.

    So after all this work just make a nice exposure of your frame without any fireworks. Try out with different lengths of exposures, up until you have a nice exposure of your frame. This "empty" frame will come in very handy in our next episode, when I talk about Post processing !

    So hopefully we are all setup without a hurry before the fireworks actually happen.

    Once the first rocket goes its time to take our pictures. With the cable release you are now "sculpting" your photos So start pressing by either hearing the first bang of the next rocket, or see the trails coming up, and release the button once the intended figure is over. Next rocket goes up press again and so forth. Since we turned off any delaying factors, you can hit immediately the release again.

    Here is my final tip for today. If you expose long like 8 seconds, the trails will be very bright and overpower any detail of little sparkles. Secondly any explosion will look like a big flower. But in todays fireworks there is a lot of little details inside a rocket. So I shot separate photos for one fireworks figurine to catch the little details. So easily I take 3 or 4 shots for one display.

    How these shots look and what you can do in Post Processing with you shots, I will explain you next week.

    I hope you enjoyed Part 2. Any questions about the above, just shoot a comment. And I don't mind you circle me, +1 or share the post.
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-05 19:38:00
    just caught the tailend of the 7pm firework show, even tho it started 15mins late! let's hope the 8pm one is on time ;)
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-06 00:21:56
    1st pic crunched from the #fireworks earlier! current crunching speed will take forever! :( think I'll try get some cropped & uploaded before bed but doubt I'll have time to process them
    edited to add link to album of these
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-06 01:28:31
    Some of the pics of the fireworks. Just cropped a few to upload, might have a play at some processing tomorrow, maybe...
    Should also ht +Dirk Heindoerfer for his guide to taking pics of fireworks too!
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-07 13:04:38
    When was the last time you cleaned your computer fans? A tin of canned/compressed air and/or a vacuum cleaner with 'crevice tool' to dislodge the dust that does build up occasionally will keep your computer working quieter and for longer.

    Reshared text:
    Rest of their PC was just as bad. And they wondered why it was going into thermal protection. At least there were not any live animals in this one.
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-07 13:43:43
    Might need to come back to this when I get over my procrastination and get on with those #wordpress sites I need to get developed!
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-07 20:01:34
    Oooooo! Google+ Pages for business must be coming soon!

    Reshared text:
    Hello World and welcome to the Google+ page. We are delighted to be part of the fast-growing community that has developed around Google+. This page will be a primary channel where we can directly connect with you, hear what you are thinking, and share with you new updates on the product, the community and upcoming events.

    We’re just getting started, and we would love to continue the conversation here with the launch of pages - a great way to connect with brands, organizations, and businesses you love most.

    A few of our favorites can be found within the shared circle below. For more details about everything about pages visit the Official Google Blog post:

    Google+ Pages: connect with all the things you care about
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-09 00:13:11
    Just a couple more pics I didn't get around to cropping and adding earlier...
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-09 00:50:18
    Maths, Algorithms, Quantum theory or even Morphic Fields, Murmurations are magical!

    Reshared text:
    Collective Behavior For those of you who enjoyed the Murmuration of Starlings video that went viral on G+ last week, here is another lovely treat, taken at the refuge at Otmoor, Oxfordshire. Watch the graceful swoops and soars set to the music of Pachelbel's Canon, thought to have been written for Bach's wedding and lost until rediscovered in the 20th century.

    If you've wondered about schooling fish, swarming insects and flocking birds, watch this superb RadioLab interview given by Iain Couzins, Princeton researcher and boss of fellow G+ser +Simon Garnier . Mathy geeks will be gratified to learn that astonishingly simple algorithms can recapitulate seemingly complex collective behavior. The video is 24 minutes long, but worth every second! It is interactive, funny, wholly charming, and I promise you, the next time you find yourself in a crowd, you will thank your stars that you are not a locust.

    Short video of swarming fish that behave like Dr. Couzin's software models: Clip from Swarm (Natures invasions)
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-09 01:44:57
    Not everyone seems to think +Pages are such a good idea
    Though I do think the author is over-stretching himself to create some controversy and maybe a few clicks!

    Now that you have an education on Google+ business pages, brands and branding on Google+ you are ready to create your first Google+ page or take down pages that are going to hurt your brand or possibly even cause you legal problems down the road.

    I'm not really sure the education alluded to in this conclusion of the article is given, just a quite here, just a negative, possibly controversy pursuing agenda... You make up your own minds ;)
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-09 11:28:45
    Hmmmmm! Hope they get this sorted, I like the way photo's work here :s

    ht to +Charles Hogge for sharing this with me


    Reshared text:

    Please share this publicly or with all photographers in your circles.....

    If you are uploading photographs to the new Google Pages you need to be aware that your pages DO NOT inherit your picasa security settings for images. This means that you cannot turn off downloads of original files. It also means that you cannot choose between "Do not allow reuse (All rights reserved)" and "Creative Commons" for your permission for others to use your images.

    I have reported the problem on the Google Products Forum (!topic/pages-discuss/vyPJK4f4xBY) And the google representative there says he is reporting the problem back to the team.

    Until the issue is addressed by Google I strongly advise against uploading any images to google+ pages.

    Please re-share this to warn other photographers.
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-09 13:33:33
    Artist looking to create a circle of Illustrators
    Please respond on the original post here -

    Reshared text:
    ARTISTS Are you an illustrator? if you are, anything about pencils, inks, paintings, etc. I will take a look to all those who say HI I AM in this post and I will create a new compilation of those AMAZING artists that are right here on G+ to share a whole new CIRCLE. So what are you waiting for? just say HI I AM
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-09 14:09:46
    Kinetic Sculpture
    Saw a clip of this being shared on failbook, went looking to discover the original from a BBC doc last year. Awesome art, sculpture & engineering am sure you'll agree!
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-09 19:24:53
    Autumn on The Cut
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-09 19:24:53
    Autumn on The Cut
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-09 19:32:28
    Some pics from an autumn walk along the Canalside

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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-10 02:26:59
    Chuckle! Not sure how long joke pages like this will last, but this one made me chuckle!

    Reshared text:
    Obviously not real but the scrapbook pictures alone make it worth the visit.
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-10 12:19:13
    checking on mail, nothing interesting...
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-11 00:09:34
    Someone with more money than sense is bound to want to bid on Jacko's Deathbed!

    Reshared text:
    Michael Jackson's Deathbed & other items...

    Jackson Family attorney, Perry Sanders Jr., said he is aware of the Carolwood auction and has "done everything we can to ascertain that items from this address are not being auctioned using Michael's name and likeness to enhance the items' value."
    Photos of the house and the items available for sale are featured in a limited-edition auction catalog, which is being sold for $100. But the catalog and auction are discreetly titled "100 North Carolwood Drive" and the words "Michael Jackson" do not appear anywhere in the catalog.
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-11 01:12:04
    Google+ Is Dead!

    psssst! if you read this far, the guy who posted this is well worth circling

    Reshared text:

    It looks like Google+ is dead. There's no activity. Don't believe me? Go to (or search "a", click Google+ posts, then click Most recent ((it's the same thing)) and let it run.

    PS: Yes, the gif is still fast forwarded, because I needed a small file size, however this is proof that if someone sais there're no activity on Google+, he either didn't circle enough active people, he's paid by Facebook to say that or he's just being sarcastic. Just saying...
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-11 01:24:22
    Been playing with some long exposure shots and messing around with my camera on full manual! Scary Stuff
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-11 02:37:17
    I do have a look thru the 'What's Hot' now and then, and either this is very new, or I've not circled the right people, as all other hot items I have seen a few times, though hadn't seen todays lolcat, so maybe I'm at least not following the wrong people!
    Anyway, this may be of use to those wanting to manage the same content over a few different platforms/networks. Just wish he'd maybe have stuck his neckout and not pussyfooted about like this - Cross-posting the same identical content to multiple social networks is not ideal, especially if your target audience varies between each one. That being said, I'm not one to dictate your social media experience, so do whatever works best for you.
    Duplicated Content Sometimes Sux :(

    Reshared text:
    Posting to Multiple Social Networks

    +Jessi June mentioned in her "Wired Wednesday" post ( something that many of us have experienced: we're on so many different social networks, but have so little time to manage them all!

    So what do you do?

    1. You could consolidate your efforts into a few social networks, but sometimes that isn't possible (e.g., you need to maintain different fan bases or increase the scope of your audience).

    2. You could use Google+ and The latter covers 32 other social services (G+ not supported yet). Seesmic ( is another option that manages FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts all in one place. Alternatively, HootSuite ( and TweetDeck ( combine Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, MySpace, Foursquare, and others. Seesmic, HootSuite, and TweetDeck all work with mobile phones, too. With PlusBounce ( you can choose which updates go to your Twitter, FB, or LinkedIn contacts automatically.

    3. You could use "If this then that" (, which is very versatile and performs actions for specific tasks based on certain conditions (called "triggers"). You can setup "channels" to specify triggers and actions for G+, FB, Twitter--the possibilities are virtually endless.

    4. You could install Chrome extensions in your internet browser that let you specifically post to and from Google+ to a limited number of other mainstream social networks (see below).

    Keep in mind that using 3rd-party services means they may become outdated and lose functionality at any time, and you have to trust them with your passwords to other sites.

    I have not tried all of the extensions listed below and cannot vouch for their reliability, safety, or usability. However, if you have used any of these extensions before, have a favorite one in mind, or find that any of these no longer work, please let everyone know in the comments below.

    Cross-posting the same identical content to multiple social networks is not ideal, especially if your target audience varies between each one. That being said, I'm not one to dictate your social media experience, so do whatever works best for you. If anything, it can help prevent you from having to repeatedly navigate to and sign into multiple websites.

    Extensions that post both to and from Google+

    Publish Sync ( supports multi-directional posting between G+, FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Plurk, and others.
    G++ ( provides FB and Twitter feeds in your G+ Stream; allows you to like, comment, and post to FB; Tweet and re-tweet from G+.

    Extensions that post one-way from Google+ to other networks

    Extended Share for Google+ ( can post to FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr,, Posterous, Reddit,, Digg, Blogger, and more!
    Share+ Social Buttons for Google+ ( can post to FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Blogger, and more.
    Syyncc ( allows you to post in G+ and have that post copy to FB and WordPress. Comments are also copied to those other networks.
    Start Google Plus ( pulls FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, and RSS feeds into your G+ Stream and automatically copies posts in G+ to FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
    Gooce+ ( provides a separate menu button in G+ to import your FB feed and allows you to post to FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
    GPlusLabs ( lets you post to FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn by posting to unique email addresses associated with specific circles in G+.
    Facebook for Google+ ( pulls your FB feed into G+; allows you to like, comment, and update FB statuses within G+.

    Google+ to Twitter only

    Google+Tweet ( is a full Twitter client for G+
    G+ Twitter for Google Plus ( allows you to tweet from G+ with auto-shortening link support; share friend's G+ posts to Twitter; view conversations; track keywords/tags; follow/unfollow people via hovercard button.
    Manage Flitter ( automatically shares G+ posts to Twitter
    PlusTo ( automatically sends posts with specially designated hashtags to Twitter.

    Related: A list of other Google+ Chrome extensions can be found here:
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-11 12:51:32
    Loved this! Bit that made me laugh most -
    There are children playing who probably wouldn't believe they got headshot by an 86yr old woman

    Reshared text:
    This is effin' amazing. Best Thing of the Day. Best Rage Comic I've ever read.
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-12 01:38:18
    UK Media Shared Circle

    Not impressive so far, I guess it's early days. Good to see some attempting it & some doing well. Link to original post -
    this link should take you to most recent circle, now containing 12
    Reviewed in no particular order -

    +Metro 4 or 5 proper stories a day, or at least previews of the web linked story. Seems to work, with over 1000 having circled it so far.

    +Financial Times started on the 7th and has even been sharing circles of Large News pages, seems to have worked with over 10,000 circled! (was it one of Googles Featured pages?)

    +Time Out London - Not really news, more entertainment. Just started kicking the tires on Friday.

    +The Independent - started the 7th, usual format, usual number of posts, 7000 circled and has a nice 100+ circled of what appears to be a very comprehensive list of media pages.

    +The Guardian started quite informally on the 8th, posted a link to live coverage of Murdochs enquiry and on Friday a link to +environmentguardian which looks like their Green Pages Interestingly, they do not publish who is in their circles or has them circled. (slight suspicion may not be real)

    +BBC News have been posting previews of 4-5 news stories a day since the 8th, and shared a post from one of the other BBC Pages, of which there does sem to be a few, and a lot more coming! Currently under 5000 circled and 17 of it's other bbc pages circled

    +London Evening Standard again posting since the 8th, but not even 100 have circled so far!

    +Daily Mail Not even personalising posts, just providing links to their stories (sorry can't bring myself to call what they publish as news or indeed fact!) Anyway, just over 100 have circled and they aren't showing who they circled, only posted items on the 8th, don't think they got a lot of loving, and gave up!

    +Channel 4 News just seem to be testing it & only have 35 followers

    +i Has been publishing since the 8th, 1post a day, mainly the editors letter of the day. Less than 100 followers, but how you are able to +mention a page with only 1 letter I'm clueless! (can do it on their page, but not here!)

    Late additions, which will be added (though you'll have to manually add these yourself for the time being) ht to +Lawrence Turner for finding these for me

    +Sky News 1 story posted on the 10th, and that's it ~250 following, apart from Guardian, BBC and ITV they appear to be mainly following US news pages

    +ITV News 1 story from 7th, then 2 on the 8th and nothing more - 600+ followers, not showing who they follow

    If you wish me to keep this updated, or add to it please do so on the original post and I'll see if I can manage a weekly update ;)

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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-12 12:30:47
    resharing this little circle I made last night as probably wasn't the best time to share it having gone midnight ;)

    Reshared text:
    UK Media Shared Circle

    Not very impressive so far, but I guess early days. It's good to see some attempting it and others doing well, so decided to share my thoughts on each so far. If you wish me to keep this updated, or add to it please do so on the original post and I'll see if I can manage a weekly update ;) Link to original -

    In no particular order -

    +Metro 4 or 5 proper stories a day, or at least previews of the web linked story. Seems to work, with over 1000 having circled it so far.

    +Financial Times started on the 7th and has even been sharing circles of Large News pages, seems to have worked with over 10,000 circled! (was it one of Googles Featured pages?)

    +Time Out London - Not really news, more entertainment. Just started kicking the tires on Friday.

    +The Independent - started the 7th, usual format, usual number of posts, 7000 circled and has a nice 100+ circled of what appears to be a very comprehensive list of media pages.

    +The Guardian started quite informally on the 8th, posted a link to live coverage of Murdochs enquiry and on Friday a link to +environmentguardian which looks like their Green Pages Interestingly, they do not publish who is in their circles or has them circled. (slight suspicion may not be real)

    +BBC News have been posting previews of 4-5 news stories a day since the 8th, and shared a post from one of the other BBC Pages, of which there does sem to be a few, and a lot more coming! Currently under 5000 circled and 17 of it's other bbc pages circled

    +London Evening Standard again posting since the 8th, but not even 100 have circled so far!

    +Daily Mail Not even personalising posts, just providing links to their stories (sorry can't bring myself to call what they publish as news or indeed fact!) Anyway, just over 100 have circled and they aren't showing who they circled, only posted items on the 8th, don't think they got a lot of loving, and gave up!

    +Channel 4 News just seem to be testing it & only have 35 followers

    +i Has been publishing since the 8th, 1post a day, mainly the editors letter of the day. Less than 100 followers, but how you able to +mention a page with only 1 letter I'm clueless!
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-12 19:47:37
    Running A G+ Wordpress Plugin...

    Just testing out a litle plugin that might make me appear to be a little bit more of a productive blogger! have added +Daniel Treadwell 's Plugin for wordpress, (link below) and set it to trawl the last 200 of my public posts, for a hashtag I just went back and addedd to a bunch of them, all the way back to July!
    Once these are all imported into my blog, I'll be able to refine the categories and make my old posts a lot more accessible and searchable! It will also make me look a little bit more of a productive blogger! We'll have to see how this experiment goes!
    The hashtag you may see on the posts I want crossposted to my blog is...
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-13 14:03:42
    Having spent some time playing with +Daniel Treadwell 's wordpress plugin for G+ and now have an archive of my public G+ posts on a wordpress blog I'd been trying to populate with stuff for ages! Took me a while to import & edit, but now have a much better understanding, so gonna be much easier to find old posts of mine :)
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-14 14:58:50
    How Twitter is used by the media..
    Be interesting to see if this is the same way they approach facebook, and if they bring the same strategy to G+

    Nice find by +Gail Barnes
    #Gwpress #Twitter #Gplus

    Reshared text:
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-14 17:32:02
    The Ultimate GooglePlus Page Tutorial?

    Very easy pictorial guide, with additional text and lots of juicy links for further reading!

    #Gwpress #Gplus #Gpages

    Reshared text:
    (The Ultimate Tutorial - updated)

    Ok, so I've seen a lot of articles about Google+ pages, but none seemed to be complete and I wanted a fast way of understanding, using and promoting Google+ pages. So I made a slideshow to help you out faster then ever with this new Google+ pages. At the bottom of the post you'll find some interesting articles that inspired me.

    This is a very long post, so I recommend after you finish the parapraph to look at the slideshow first. After that you can look at 6 GOOGLE PLUS BUSINESS PAGE VIDEOS YOU NEED TO SEE and then you can get some deeper understanding by reading the post if you want to or if you're looking for the links in the photos. Now you can just watch the slideshow. If you like it please share it, (then continue reading) and give me some feedback on the original post:


    1. Things you need to know about Google+ Pages
    2. How To Create a Google+ Page
    3. Customizing a Google+ Page
    4. Sharing as a Google+ Page
    5. Promoting your Google+ Page
    6. Targeting your audience with your Google+ Page
    7. Using hangouts for your Google+ Page
    8. Optimizing your Google+ page for SEO
    9. Measuring statistics for your Google+ Page
    10. Cool examples of Google+ pages.


    Pages can be made for a variety of different entities whereas profiles can only be made for people.
    Businesses can have multiple pages, so your product manager, for example, could run a Google+ Page just for his or her product line, while someone else runs the corporate brand. You could also do pages for particular events, though right now, there’s no event-specific type of support
    For smaller companies and brands, there is no verification process that certifies your Google+ Page as yours currently. However, when you verify your email that you added in the contact info, it will show you a small verification badge in the contact info section proving that you are the owner of that email.
    Pages can’t add people to circles until the page is added first or mentioned.
    Google+ Pages automatically unfollow the users that unfollowed the page.
    The default privacy setting for elements on your page profile is public.
    Pages have the +1 button.
    Pages can’t +1 other pages, nor can they +1 stuff on the Web.
    Pages can’t play games.
    Pages don’t have the option to share to ‘Extended circles’.
    Pages don’t receive notifications via email, text, or in the Google bar.
    Pages can’t hangout on a mobile device.
    Local pages have special fields that help people find the business’ physical location.


    1. Choose an Accessible Gmail Account (optional)
    Set up a new gmail account to make it accessible to multiple members of your marketing team (because multiple admins and ownership transfer are not supported yet, however the Google+ team said they're working on it)

    2. Click Create a page or go to

    3. Pick a categoryur business fits into. The categories are as follows:
    Local Business or Place
    Suitable for: hotels, restaurants, places, stores, services. Requires the primary phone number of the local business, so it can be located on Google Places.
    Local businesses get special listings, and it all starts after you choose the “Local” option by entering a phone number.

    Product or Brand
    Suitable for: apparel, cars, electronics, financial services

    Company, Institution or Organization
    Suitable for: companies, institutions, organizations, non-profits

    Arts, Entertainments or Sports
    Suitable for: films, TV, music, books, sports, shows

    Suitable if your business doesn't fit into another category

    4. Add Info
    Next step is entering your business name and website. After this, you have to select an additional category that suits your business. These sub-categories are dependent on the main category you choose.

    For example, for "product or brand" you can choose from the likes of food and drink, arts and entertainment, fashion and beauty, home and garden, etc.

    You then need to select who can view your Google+ profile. The default is any Google user, or you can restrict this to 18 and older or 21 and older.

    5. Tagline and Photo
    You have 10 words to summarize your business in the tagline. After you've done this, you can add an image.

    6. Get the Word Out
    In the next step Google offers you the ability to tell your personal Google+ circles about your new business page. However, you will not do this right now.

    Customize your page even further and start sharing a few updates before you begin telling the world about it. Promoting a blank page isn't a great way to convince people that your Page is valuable enough to add to their Circles. So invest some time into optimizing your page and sharing a few links to valuable content before you start promoting it to the masses.


    To go from your personal profile to one of your page, click on the small down arrow under your name.

    Edit your page profile by adding an ‘introduction’, contact info and website. To do this simply click on the blue ‘edit profile’ button.

    Your bio allows you to put in your entire service offering. Make it count. It even has a full rich text editor so you can bold, underline and italicize your text, input hyperlinks, bulleting and numbers.

    Add Scrapbook Photos. To add images to create a ‘photostrip’ effect, click on the blue ‘edit profile’ button and then click ‘Add some photos here’. See how to make the photostrip effect here:

    If you want to show geo location information in newly uploaded albums and photos, be sure to check the box under the ‘Photo’s’ tab when editing your page.

    Set up a short URL or redirect of some kind that’s memorable. For example for my +Creative Web Design page, I will create That will be easier for everybody to share.


    Make sure you pre-populate your page with content before announcing it to your fans on other networks. That way, they’re more likely to add you to their Google+ Circles when they get to your page.

    You can do many of the same things that a personal account can do, including: share photos, share videos, share links, conduct hangouts.

    There are currently 2 calls to action for your potential followers, have them ‘circle’ you (or add your brand page to their circles) and +1 your page.

    It doesn’t appear that there’s any support for automatically posting to a page. That’s likely to come as part of a future Google+ API release. Google gave no further update on when this is coming.

    Unlike Facebook, Google+ Pages is a little more forgiving if you make a typo in a post or suddenly decide you don’t want people to leave comments or share with others – you can edit the post or change that setting AFTER you’ve posted.

    Regularly share fresh content, react and respond to your fans, be engaging, and optimize for lead generation. Then measure, adapt your strategy, and optimize your presence based on your own individual results and goals.

    You can disable comments on posts you share via your Brand page. When you disable comments on a post, other people will no longer be able to leave comments (but they can still +1 and reshare it). You can also delete a post or disable resharing if that's what you want.

    What NOT to do. Don’t spam. Don’t leave comments in other people’s posts asking them to follow your page. Don’t share to often. You will get your page deleted. And probably your personal account as well. I warned you.


    Link up your Google+ Pages on your website using the Badge Maker so that you get the benefit of the rel=publisher tag and make yourself eligible for Google Direct Connect. To get the custom code, click on the ‘Get started’ link on your brand page profile and then go to the ‘Connect your website’ section.

    Cross promote on all your other networks. Post a link to your new Google+ page on your other social media, email newsletters, and on your site, inviting followers there to add your page to their circles on Google+.

    Post interesting, relevant content; ask questions that get people to comment and engage; and don’t be shy about asking followers to share your posts with their friends.

    Post a variety of content. Make use of Google+’s rich display of photos and videos. Google+ displays media in follower’s streams more prominently and pleasingly than Facebook, so it’s a big “plus” here to call attention to your posts.

    Engage with followers. Encourage and participate in conversations about your posts.

    Ask your employee base to promote your Google+ Page to their networks. This is doubly easy if your employees are using Google+ for Apps, since you can just send an all-system email. If they’re already on Google+, they should circle the company page first.

    Display the +1 button everywhere.

    Use your mailing list

    Make sure that you promote your page off of Google+ with links, drive users to add you to circles and post regularly on your Google+ page and you may have a better chance of accessing Google+ Direct Connect.


    Google Plus makes it pretty easy to sort followers into groups (they call them Circles) and send targeted, relevant messages to these smaller audiences. Brands can create robust content calendars with posts intended just for certain cities, ages, gender and languages.

    You get to separate your VIPs, Customers, Following, and Team Members into circles. Meaning you can market to just your VIP customers, just your Team members (think “collaboration” or team updates), your Customers, and then anyone you are Following (think prospect customers).

    These are just the default circles, but you can target your audience the way you want it. Just ask your followers where they’re from, what they like and so on. The opportunities are limitless. And free of charge.


    As previously suspected, they’ve recently integrated Google Docs for brand pages (Hangouts with extras)

    As a brand page you have the ability to create Hangouts which can be huge to create that community and collaborate with your partners. It’s also a great way, especially for celebrities, to make that connection to their fans.

    The “Hangouts with extras” feature has integrated Google Docs, allows you to name your Hangout, share notes and sketchpad, and allows screen sharing for total collaboration.


    1. Page name, tagline, introduction, keywords
    If you are branding your business, put that as your page name. Then add your tagline and about info using keywords you normally use. Your page name will be the title (see the name in the browser tab).Your page name + tagline will be the META description of the page which are important ranking factors

    That means you should use keyword rich descriptions. That doesn’t mean you should use keyword stuffing, just name the page so it matches your site/business and write the tagline and introduction as you would write a description for your site – use keywords but write for people telling them what your page is about.

    Fill out the “About” section completely. Be sure to mention your keywords in this section when you can. Like other SEO initiatives, be sure to focus on creating useful, engaging content first, then gently inserting keywords when appropriate as a secondary priority.

    Be sure to add a link to your website (and other online assets) in your Recommended Links section. Because you can customize the anchor text, you can make these links extra SEO-friendly by including a keyword in the anchor text when appropriate.

    Fill out as many of the fields as you can, and be sure to include various types of media (text, photos, video, etc.) so that search engines see a rich experience when they crawl your page.

    2. Tag images
    You can tag images you add to your page, so for example, if you have a photo with some famous person in your industry, you can tag that person in your page’s photo.

    3. Cross promoting. Link to all of the social networks your brand has a presence. You can customize the name of the link as well.

    Include a link to your Google+ Page from your corporate website and other assets such as your LinkedIn profile, your blog, and any other websites you have. Building links to your Google+ Page will help it rank on the first page for your brand name and possibly other keywords as well.

    Additionally, your website itself should have +1 buttons. Make sure it is easy for people to “+1″ content and share it with their Circles on Google+.

    4. Consider creating multiple pages. You can create a page for each individual stores/franchises or line of products, as appropriate.

    5. Once your Page is ready to share, start building an audience. Search engines will recognize your popularity as a sign of authority. That authority will translate in to better rankings as well.

    6. When sharing photos. Upload photos, and include descriptions for each photo. Where feasible, add a link to a page on your website with more information on the product or item featured in the photo.

    7. When sharing videos. You can do the same for videos: upload videos and include transcripts or summaries of the video content for SEO purposes. Link back to your website for more information where you can.

    8. When sharing content. Unlike Twitter or Facebook, Google+ gives you the possibility to write very long messages if you want to. Publish content that your fans will find useful and engaging. When a long-form message is appropriate, try to optimize this content like you might optimize a blog post. Individual posts do get their own URL. So if a post goes viral, it is entirely possible that the post itself ranks well in the search engines.


    1. Using Ripples

    Ripples show you:
    * Number of public and total reshares
    * Names of each follower that reshared your post
    * Number of direct public reshares from each follower
    * Names with links, comments and relative time of most recent followers with reshares
    * A timeline to show the progression of the shares

    Things to look for:
    * Time of day that most reshares occur
    * Time of day that your biggest resharers repost. For example, if we were to look at several ripples and see that +Someone to post or repost around the same time each day, we could almost figure out the best times to get him to reshare stuff he likes (assuming he's following you).
    * How influential is your topic?
    - to which followers?
    - at what time of day?
    - to how many people?
    * Do resharers comments make a difference? Take a look at the right side and see if they added their own comments to the reshare or did the post stand on its own.
    * Were most of your reshares a result of a direct share from you or from reshares from other people?

    2. Using third-party websites allows you to list your Google+ Business Page in the CircleCount directory. They will show you a nice chart, track the number of new followers you get every day and show you the average numbers for your latest postings (comments, +1es, reshares per posting).

    They will also show your CircleRank, a nice follower growth simulation on your profile and the most followed Google+ Pages at

    Adding yourself to the directory allows you to track your own Google+ profile or page, giving you follower’s statistics and chart. You can see the most followed Google+ Pages at


    +adidas Originals
    +Google Chrome
    +Fox News
    +Angry Birds


    How to Set Up a Google+ Brand Page

    How to Get Started With Google+ Pages for Business

    How to Create a Google+ Business Page in 5 Simple Steps

    Google+ Pages, 11 Tips To Get You Started


    Complete Guide to Optimizing Your Google+ Brand Page

    Digging Into Ripples by +Dan Soto

    13 Cool Examples of Google+ Brand Pages

    Link to original post:
    Other useful posts: #gvgpUseful
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-14 18:28:38
    A Music Circle?
    think I'll start a music circle to put people like Ray in. Might then share some music stuff to those that may be interested. +1 if you want to see some music stuff from me, warning some may be a little quirky!

    Reshared text:
    NPR Streams New Kate Bush Album for Free
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-15 00:05:48
    A New Doctor Who Movie From The BBC?
    Sure hope that the plot/script/directing is a lot better than the 1996 version. Though I still think Paul McGann showed great promise as the 8th Doctor. Maybe they should consider giving him another crack at it, as we don't know whether Matt Smith will commit to this timescale discussed on the +BBC News site -

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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-15 21:29:15
    Gmail Chat Top Tip

    If you set up an 'out-of-office' auto-responder on your email saying you are without internet for the next week, it's probably a good idea to sign out of chat, or at least change settings to invisible.
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-16 03:20:05
    How Important is Squidoo Lensrank?
    (apologies to any in my circles who has no idea what squidoo or lensrank is, then please skip, normal service will resume shortly)
    Gotta h/t +Nancy Hardin for drawing my attention to +Margaret Schaut 's lens about lensrank.

    Margaret explain the balance and reasons for chasing or not chasing lensrank very thoroughly and with total diplomacy to those who are passionate about how important it is, and the few who are passionate about how it couldn't be less important to their goals.

    My favorite bit, and line I agreed with the most?
    "It is much better to have a couple of good sales per week from committed visitors than high lensrank."
    Hallelujah!! I've got lenses that are only getting 20-50 visits a week, but a single sale pays me more than a top rank lens. Maybe every lens doesn't perform each and every month. Then there are the busier lenses I have which maybe getting between 100-600 a week, some making no sales at all, and the only income has been thru lensranking.

    It's always good to see things in a different light, and perhaps this will help enlighten people into making a more informed choice on their position and aims on squidoo. It certainly does a lot better job on covering the subject that I did on a rather ranty lens back in 2008 - please excuse some of the tone and attitude if you visit it, but it does have some interesting discussions and points in the comments if you are interested in that type of thing!
    Incidentally, when I first showed that lens I was accused of just trying to profit by stirring up an old argument even then. My total earnings to date from that lens - $2.49 ;)

    #Squidoo #Gwpress
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-16 03:31:10
    Food Tracking
    Enter barcode, get a log of where caught and how it traveled? How cool would it be if you could track all food like this?
    Thanks to +Michael Tobis for sharing this one!


    Reshared text:
    This salmon I bought today has a tracking code that you can type into and it'll tell you exactly where the fish was caught and what route it took to the supermarket. In this case the salmon F101335 was cultured in the fjords near Kirkenes on the north coast of Norway before being transported via Sweden to Buchholt in Germany. Pretty cool. I think all foods should have this.
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-16 04:24:58
    G+ Page & Profile Pimping
    Go check this guys animated profile!!!

    Any other profile pimping tricks out there? Please paste below ;)

    ht to +Matt Steiner for finding and posting this gem!

    edited This post by +Johnathan Chung is also a great place to look to pimp your page -

    #Gwpress #Gplus

    Reshared text:
    By popular demand: How to make an awesome animated G+ Scrapbook banner, like mine......

    (....although yours will not be as awesome as mine of course.) :D

    A couple people have asked me how I created the animated banner across my scrapbook photos, as seen here:

    The technique requires a couple tricks, that under pain of severe torture, I am about to reveal to you. I know there might be an faster, easier way to do it, but improvised seat of the pants life hacks is my preferred modus operandi.

    First, choose a nice video clip which will fit nicely in the 5:1 ratio letterbox frame that we have to work with. The original clip can be any dimensions, but the strip that you want to highlight must correspond to those proportions. We can resize once the width and height ratio is correct, so 1500x300 will work as will 1920x384, 750x150 etc. Ideally the clip should be less than 2 minutes long.

    The next step is to extract still images from the video. For the first banner I used Quicktime Pro to export the video to JPGs. Use the highest quality, and make sure to set Quicktime to add zeros to the beginning of the extracted frame numbers. IrfanView will also extract frames from a variety of video formats, and there is a nice freeware tool called 'Free Video to JPG Converter' that also seems to do a nice job. Anything up to 25 fps seems to work.

    Depending on the length of the video clip you should now have a couple hundred still images that flow in a nice even sequence. The next step is to crop them to the correct proportions. Each Scrapbook image must end up as 150x150, so five images wide gives us a total banner size of 750 wide x 150 high. To achieve the particular crop I wanted and maintain the aspect ratio of 5 wide to 1 high I ended up cropping my images to 1500 wide x 300 high (still a 5:1 ratio).
    So secret number 1. How the hell am I going to crop hundreds of images to those dimensions in any kind of sensible manner within my lifetime?

    The answer is one of my favourite little freeware apps - IrfanView.

    It's free, and it does wonderful things. Don't forget the plugins -

    IrfanView has a great 'Batch' function. Under the 'File' menu you can choose 'Batch Conversion/Rename'. Check the 'Use advanced Options For Bulk Resize' box and click 'Advanced'. The first step is to set up the correct region to crop.

    Open the first of your images (001) in IrfanView, you can left click on the image and drag to define a nice rectangular box that outlines the area that you want to use. The top of the window should show you the current selected dimensions, remember we want a 5:1 ratio.
    Once you have the area that you want to use selected take note of the actual dimensions of the selected region, mine was 1500x300 but anything 5:1 is fine. (For 1080HD video you can use 1920x384)

    You did write them down right? You sure? Okay.

    Now comes the slightly tricky part. What you need to do is get the coordinates of the top left corner of your rectangle, they will be displayed at the top of the screen as 'XY:' but you are going to have to click and dismiss your nice rectangle to see them. So, put the mouse pointer exactly over the top left corner of your rectangle and when it's in position click. The box will disappear but you will now see the coordinates when you move the mouse, don't move it too much, just enough to get them to show up and find the correct spot. Write that down too.

    Batch time! Open the Advanced Batch controls as described above and check the 'Crop' checkbox. Make sure the 'Start Corner' is set to 'Left Top', then enter the cursor XY position that you wrote down just now in the X-pos Y-pos boxes, and enter the dimensions of your chosen rectangle in the Width and Height boxes. Like I said before, mine was 1500 x 300. Once that is set, close the 'Advanced' options. We want the settings to stay exactly like that for the first batch of cropping.
    In the main Batch conversion panel browse to your folder of extracted images and open it, select all (Ctrl A in Windows) and press the 'Add All' button. Double check that the images are listed in the correct sequence, then choose an output folder and name it 'Cropped'. Make sure 'Batch Conversion' is selected and press 'Start Batch'. Then you wait.....

    Done? Okay, open the 'Cropped' folder and you should have a sequence of neatly cropped nice rectangular images. Bravo!

    Now what we need to do is repeat the process above to batch cut each rectangle into 5 neat 1:1 ratio squares.

    Open the first of your shiny new rectangular images in IrfanView, then open the Batch menu and go back to the crop settings. We have to do this in 5 passes, each one cropping out one of the 5 squares that we need. For the first pass we set the crop settings to X-pos= 0, Y-pos=0. The width and height options should both be set to the full height of your rectangle, so that we get nice squares.

    eg. My rectangle was 1500x300, so my squares were 300x300.

    Select a new output folder, I called mine '1' and start the batch. When its done you will have a new folder full of nice neat squares that will go in the 1st of the 5 Scrapbook slots.

    For the second run you need to change the output folder to a new one named '2' and change the X-pos coordinate to a number that is 1/5 of the total width (that number will be exactly the same as the height.) In the case of my example of 1500x300 the 5 crop settings for the X-pos were

    X 0, Y 0
    X 300, Y 0
    X 600, Y 0
    X 900, Y 0
    X 1200, Y 0

    So you see, each crop is 300 wide, and the next one starts 300 over. The Y position stays set to the top of the screen, the Y = 0 position.

    For your crops you use 1/5 of your total width, and increase by that each time.

    Run the batches and crop each to a seperate numbered folder just like you did with batches 1 and 2, what the hell, might as well continue with 3,4,5 right?

    Go get some coffee, I'll wait...........

    Back? Okay. Now for the next super secret trick. In order for the .gifs we are going to make to animate properly, G+ must not resize them. So they have to be exactly 150x150. Not a problem. We just go back to IrfanView and instead of choosing 'Crop' we choose 'Resize'. Check the 'Keep aspect ratio' and the 'Use Resample Function (better quality)' boxes and set your desired output size to 150x150 pixels.
    Add everything from folder 1 and Batch it to a sub-folder called 11. Rinse and repeat for the other 4 folders to 22,33,44 and 55 respectively.

    Nearly done, the hard part is over. :D

    Now we open our handy dandy animated gif making app. I used another Freebie -

    Import everything from folder 11 and set the rate of animation to match how many frames per second you chose when you extracted the video. If you used 8 fps like I did, then set the animation speed to 1/8 of a second or about 12, if it uses a 1/100th sec option.
    Hit the Go button and you should end up with a lovely 150x150 animated gif that will fit in slot 1 of your Scrapbook. Repeat for the others.

    Once you didn't remove and frames or delete any images all 5 finished gifs will have the same running length and will start simultaneously when your profile page loads.

    Congratulations on just making an awesome (but not as awesome as mine) animated Scrapbook banner!

    Damn, now I need a drink.

    P.S. Just give me a +mention if you do use this tutorial to make your own, thanks. :D

    . #scrapbook

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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-16 18:15:49
    Gplusser of the Day

    Today's #Gplusser could easily have qualified for a recommendation for photography alone, but his Factoid of the day is also well worth circling him for!

    Kinda new from me, it won't be a regular thing me bringing you a recommendation, I'm just not organised or structured enough for that kind of thing! Most of the time it will just be a great share to show an example of why to circle them, and a few words why I think you should take a look. It also won't be at all like a twitter FollowFriday pit of mutual ego-satisfaction and resharing of lists of recommendations I may have appeared on, with no effort to even go and look at the other people also lumped into the list.

    #Gwpress #Photography

    Reshared text:
    Looking 'Backwards' Moraine Lake, Alberta, Canada

    This was the second shot that I ever made that looked like I thought it would - way back in 1997 on my first SLR - the Nikon D601 and a 24mm lens.

    I have called it looking backwards because this is not the 'normal' way to point a camera at Moraine Lake - it is also a nifty double entendre'.

    Welcome to the large blob of new circlers that arrived yesterday! - I just hope you know what you have signed up for - things can get a little weird around here.......

    No Beiber today - just working through some legal issues relating to an earlier post at present.


    According to reports out of the Geek-o-sphere, the next update of G+ will bring even deeper +1 integration.

    Specifically, users will be able to +1 a +1 on a +1 on a comment on a post.

    Think of it as a 'nod and a wink' followed by a 'hat tip' followed by a 'can we just leave this be already - I know you liked it dude'

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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-16 19:29:41
    Not your usual animated gif

    Just having a random browse through the #photography hashtag running on 'most recent', I did have to pause it whilst browsing as it was rushing by quite fast and there is some great work out there being tagged and shared. Go try it when you got a few minutes to kill - remember to select 'most recent' under the 'google+ posts' section.
    You can of course choose your own #Hashtag

    #Gwpress #gplus #rwgpTopTips

    Reshared text:
    These are so easy to make and I can never resist the temptation if I see a photograph that can be animated like this. Great photography by +David Lazarus ruined my myself
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-16 20:13:55
    Peaceful Protest in Palestine
    Most of the headling grabbing stories you hear about palestine/israel situation is about violence and bloodshed, as well as very heavy with political rhetoric. I like this story because it shows an imaginitive protest to a real problem faced by everyday palestinians.

    Apologies if you are at all offended by the political nature of this post. I tend to avoid posting about politics in public too often.

    From +The Guardian

    The BBC also cover the story, though not as well IMO

    #Politics #Gwpress
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-17 00:02:28
    Google Music Beta! Yay!!!

    Only available in the US??? Grrrrrr!

    Ok, how long we likely to be kept waiting for it elsewhere?

    #Gwpress #Rant #Gmusic
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-17 18:54:42
    Reviewing Google Music
    To be fair I haven't looked at a great deal of reviews for Google Music, mainly because it's not available outside the US yet, but gotta give a ht to +Katie D for pointing at this one.
    Also, as I was pondering about suggesting someone for my recently started #Gplusser of the day, it was serendipitous that I discovered the author of the review had a great #Gplus presence and is well worth circling for tech based stuff if that floats your boat ;)

    #Gwpress #Gmusic

    Reshared text:
    My rundown on how to share songs from Google Music. Note: I've updated the story, because if you've purchased the song, there is a way to share from within Google Music itself.
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-17 20:09:01
    radiation restrictions, from Chernobyl 25years ago, in UK lifted

    Whilst hundreds of Welsh farmers will be celebrating this weekend, my thoughts are with those farmers in Japan who have no idea of when they will be allowed to return or start farming again. Also thoughts go out to the hundreds & thousands that are still experiencing the after effects of the Chernobyl meltdown all these years later.

    Reshared text:
    Hundreds of British sheep farms – all but eight of them in Wales – could next year finally see the end of safety measures imposed as a result of radioactive fall-out from the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl 25 years ago.
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-17 20:50:17
    Guide to Webcomics 101
    Gotta share stuff by +Matthew Inman first before they become the 'what's hot' featured share ;)
    You'll be familiar with a lot of his work, so kinda makes sense to hook into him here if you like the stuff he does. ;)
    2nd #Gplusser of the day (no one said I had to have just 1 a day!)
    makes note to check if there is an Oatmeal page... :( Not Yet!
    #Gplus #Gwpress

    Reshared text:

    One quick note to deflect an onslaught of silly commentary: the point of this post isn't to discourage you from donating to Wikipedia. I like Wikipedia; it taught me useful facts like how tigers have sex and that ducks have gigantic corkscrew-shaped penises -- all of which I learned for free. I also have nothing against Jimmy Wales either, I just think the placement of his head is a bit unfortunate.

    If you find another unfortunate Jimmy picture please post it in the comments.

    Also I highly encourage you to go donate and then look at pictures of duck penises.
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-18 17:09:24
    Groupon Coupons Eat Cake Makers Profits

    Maybe Groupon & the companies it works with can learn from this.This marketing exercise may have cost the cake maker more than expected, it can just be hoped that she has acquired additional customers as a result.

    Chris Moriarty of the Chartered Institute of Marketing said businesses need to be aware when they are offering loss-leading offers online.

    He said Groupon should offer a cap on the number of vouchers a business can offer.

    "A limit on the number of vouchers would allow a business to properly plan. It is so easy to spread a good offer very quickly.

    "There is so much more you can do with social media. Groupon is just one of many options and businesses need to assess what is best for them."

    Heather Dickinson, Groupon's international communications director, said there was no limit to the number of vouchers that could be sold.

    Help for other local businesses in Berkshire as Chartered Institute of Marketing to hold event on 2 December to help them understand and make better use of online voucher schemes.
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-19 15:04:32
    Google+ Adds More Features to Search

    Trending Topics has arrived - any search will show the top ten on the right now, whether these will become geographically filtered in the future I can only guess at, but no reason for them not to do so.

    Search people & pages, posts, sparks or everything - Making it even easier to manipulate results and find what you were looking for.

    Search via who posted - so you can narrow down the search to just your circles, or even posts you have made yourself! < now this I do like!

    Stalk People! - Only joking, though by searching for someones name, you can find all public posts made by them, and all comments they have made on public posts too! The post shared below from +Dirk Heindoerfer gives details of this specific use of G+ for finding posts by people, or comments they may be mentioned in or have posted. Although there does seem to be some concern about stalking mentioned, if the posts weren't public the only people who can find them are people permitted to by the original poster. So do relax a little, and if concerned, check to see if a post is public before commenting.

    I'm sure many more features will be added in the near future, what would you like to see?
    #Gwpress #Gplus #rwgpTopTips
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-20 17:21:37
    nice sunset at the beach today, even took my camera, so will see if I took any nice pics later. Meanwhile here's an iPhone one that looked ok - well, it's got a nice colour band thru it ;)
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-20 19:46:14
    What is a Financial Bail-out?

    came via a friend on facebook, whilst I was waiting for the slow computer to process some pics! (why do I need to excuse myself for looking at facebook???)
    Anyway, I'm not an economist, and I don't understand the concepts of financial bail-outs, but this was an interesting post. Though why an Irish town & German tourist??

    To a simple mind, this is it.

    It is a slow day in a damp little Irish town. The rain is beating down harshly, and all the streets are deserted. Times are tough, everybody is in debt and everybody lives on credit.

    On this particular day a rich German tourist is driving through the town, stops at the local hotel and lays a 100 Euro note on the desk, telling the hotel owner he wants to inspect the rooms upstairs in order to pick one to spend the night in.

    The owner gives him some room-keys and, as soon as the visitor has walked upstairs, the hotelier grabs the 100 Euro note and runs next door to pay his debt to the butcher.

    The butcher takes the 100 Euro note and rushes down the street to repay his debt to the pig farmer. The pig farmer takes the 100 Euro note and heads off as quick as he can to pay his bill at the supplier of animal feed and fuel.

    The man at the Farmers' Co-op takes the 100 Euro note and runs to pay his drinks bill at the friendly neighbourhood pub. The pub owner slips the money along to the local prostitute drinking at the bar... who, in spite of facing hard times, has always gladly offered him her 'services' on credit.

    The prostitute then rushes over to the hotel and pays off her room bill to the hotel owner with the 100 Euro note.

    The hotel proprietor quietly replaces the 100 Euro note back on the counter, so that the rich traveller will not suspect anything.

    At that moment the traveller comes down the stairs, states that none of the rooms are satisfactory, picks up the 100 Euro note, pockets it and leaves town.

    No one has produced anything.... No one has earned anything..... However, the whole town is now out of debt and looking to the future with a lot more optimism.

    And that, dear ladies and gentlemen, is how a basic financial bailout package works!

    pointless tags for own use ;)
    #Gwpress #Politics #Rant #Funny
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-20 21:04:54
    Pier Pics
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-20 21:04:54
    Pier Pics
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-20 21:04:56
    Pier Pics
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-20 21:08:44
    Bournemouth Beach Sunset Pics
    Just added some sunset pics from today, took 60, but only kinda happy with 4 of them. But, I'm getting a lot more confident in playing with exposure lengths and f-stops!

    #Gwpress #Bournemouth #Photography
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-21 21:29:46
    Making GooglePlus Work For Business

    Whilst marketing and advertising tend to score pretty low against lolcats and memes as the things that users want to see on G+. Marketing and advertising done badly sucks hairy toenails!

    Done correctly though, your target audience will not see it as spam, they will see it as an opportunity to engage with you and the product. This post really gets down to the nuts & bolts of how to engage using G+

    edit - Just spotted there is a part 2 to this -

    ht to +Jeremy Dahl for sharing this with me

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    #Gwpress #Gplus

    Reshared text:
    The Philosophical guide
    The three eyes of G+

    So I'm sick of people trying to figure out how to make money on here, so I thought I'd just tell you so we can move back to the good stuff, like cat gifs and boobs. Here's the first part - the Zen.

    The key to making money on G+ is to realise that this place has three distinguising features - intimacy, immediecy and interest.

    You cant really get much exchanged in a tweet. You can't hangout on facebook. Here, you can really be a in room with someone. So G+ Is not like TV, it is like a sales meeting. Say that ten times to yourself. It is the biggest error made by those monetizing this space, and why +steve ward really knows how to use this place.

    You are in the room, you are in the room with people. Even on your plusspage, you are in the room, not broadcasting. You need to respond to the person you are in the room with, you need to treat it as sales, not advertising.

    Which is where immediecy comes in. You have to respond in almost real time. The stream is flowing. It is capturing souls in it. The best thing about this is that you can really quickly turn interaction on G+ into money. Imagine a person turns up in your shop, you can approach her and take her money, or you can sit back while she browses and then walks out.

    If you strike quickly, jump in and post responses, really interact, then you will make money.

    This one will piss off the marketing/PR/media peeps. Your media people are Boring in this intimate place. I don't want to talk to your PR guys about what exciting new can pepsi is bringing out. I do want to talk to the guy who makes the syrup, cause he is really gonna take my mind to a new place. It's not TV, its a sales meeting, a discussion, a place to learn, whatever, not a place to dissimulate with your PR guy.

    I went and looked at Dell products after hanging with +Michael Dell

    It's why the small/medium business will do better here. If you are a small retailer, shut your doors and hang out for a day with your plusspage. You will make a motza.

    Stay tuned for part two... the practical guide.
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-23 01:21:01
    Pepper Spray Cop Meme Hits Amazon Customer Images!

    You may well have seen all, or most of the images customers have uploaded to amazon already elsewhere. Just kinda funny that they have done so on the product listing for the spray that was used!
    The reviews by customers are also worth reading if you want a giggle

    ht to +David Haskoll for sharing this with me! ;)

    #Rwpress #Funny #Meme
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  • Rupert Wood2011-11-23 15:04:45
    Seems it could be a day for some good news!

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    James Murdoch resigns as director of the companies that publish The Sun, The Times and Sunday Times.
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