Guy Kawasaki2013-05-03 13:10:15
Mind bending performance by +Miyoko SHIDA 

I shake just watching this. She had me at the white feather.

Hat tip +Denis Labelle 

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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-04-22 17:55:27
    I'm a Nikon/Fuji guy, but here's a great site to learn photo basics from Canon

    At the the site you can play around with aperture, shutter speed, and ISO to see how photos change.

    More on Photography: 

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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-06-08 16:05:31
    Amazing photo of a bee sting.

    Kathy Keatley Garvey of the UC Davis Department of Entomology took this amazing photo of a bee as it stung a co-worker.

    More on Science: 

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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-05-05 22:06:38
    The world's shortest marketing plan

    It's all you really need. Click on this link:

    More on Marketing: 

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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-04-18 08:18:50
    Domino of 10,000 iPhones 

    The question is, Where did they get 10,000 iPhones to do this?

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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-02-26 05:04:46
    Sportsmanship is what counts

    Watch this video to see an act of sportsmanship.

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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-04-26 12:48:49
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-03-21 14:39:41
    I watched this video twice and cried both times.

    I'll donate $1 for each public share of this post up to, say, $2,000. Let's bring a little joy into these kids' hearts.

    Hat tip to +Chris Brogan 
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-01-06 19:52:01
    (Sun04) Michael Grab balances rocks to make sculpture. Check out eight of his mind-boggling works:

    Photo credit: Gravity Glue

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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-03-16 17:38:28
    In 4.5 minutes you can see all the new features in the Samsung Galaxy SIV.

    No matter what you think of the phone, this video as a marketing piece is marvelous.

    Learn more about mobile devices by joining the Mobile Device Community:
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-07-11 14:28:05
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-04-27 14:59:01
    Wow, this is too scary for me. Watch the video by clicking here:
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  • Guy Kawasaki2014-03-30 03:59:00

    Reshared text:
    Have you ever seen a squirrel-proof bird feeder in action? Now you have! 

    Check out +TwistedSifter for more :)

    #gif   #funny   #aww  
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-01-10 15:02:05
    (Thu01) I might have to learn to ride a motorcycle just to buy this helmet.

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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-02-20 17:49:04
    Best bus stop ever.

    Clever promotion by Qualcomm.

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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-04-12 15:32:53
    Total guide to screwing. See the whole chart here:
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-06-20 15:03:54
    The art of Google+ comments

    For awhile, Google+ was a beautiful swimming pool filled with enchanting people making substantial, supportive and serene comments. Then hell broke loose on Sept. 21, 2011 when Google+ opened for anyone to join. Overnight, posts were inundated with clueless, crass or callous comments.

    On Sept. 22 I felt like I woke up feeling discouraged. The situation reminded me of Caddyshack when a kid throws a Baby Ruth bar into the pool, and widespread panic ensues. The geeks at Google are hard at work to discourage malicious "Baby Ruth" producers, but this still leaves a large group of people who need help with comments. As Google+ has grown, more quality people have joined the platform but there are still some growing pains occurring.

    This post is not meant for spammers or sociopaths—nothing will alter their behavior. My goal is to help “the rest of us.” But first, you may wonder why anyone should care about crappy comments—after all, Google+ is a public forum, and readers can ignore the crap. Think of Google+ posts as a restaurant, and the comments are the public sidewalk in front of it.

    Sure, you could ask the police to stop the litterers and hope that the police can enforce an effective solution. However, no matter how vigilant the police is, you still have to clean the detritus off the sidewalk because poor comments on your post affect your image just like a dirty sidewalk in front of your restaurant.

    Before we get to the art of full-fledged comments that are at least a phrase long, there are other ways to provide feedback to the authors of posts. These actions require less effort and may be enough for what you want to communicate.


    You can share a post. This means that you like it so much that you’re willing to bet your reputation on it by providing it to your readers too. This is probably the most powerful comment people can make. If I had a choice between someone leaving a comment and sharing my post, I would pick the latter because a share increases the exposure of the post whereas a comment does not.


    A +1 is a like tip for the valet or bellman. Any single +1 is not a big deal, but like tips, they can add up to significant compensation. You should throw +1s around generously when you like a post. On the flip side, when you see a post with more than five to 10 +1s, it’s a good indication that IS interesting, amusing or useful. For Facebook users, a +1 is the equivalent of a Facebook “Like” and should be given and judged in the same way.

    One-word comments

    Many people leave one-word comments such as “cool,” “wow,’ “LOL,” and “hah!” On Twitter—this type of comment is okay because comments flow on a river of other tweets. Also, there is no Twitter equivalent to the +1, so you have little choice but to leave one-word "atta-boys." Google+ is different because posts and their comments are linked so that all the comments remain with the post—“floating in the pool”—and there is an alternative to one-word atta-boys.

    Many people make one-word comments with good intention. Others do it to “join the party”out of sheer enthusiasm for the post. Unfortunately, a few people do it because they want attention and to just see their comments appear somewhere. You can see this when there are comments such as “cool” and “LOL” that don’t make sense for the post.

    Although this is more complex than I’d like, I have three recommendations. First, try to make a comment that is longer than one word: “Cool, I’m glad that you posted this,” “Cool, I’ll have to try this too,” or “Cool, please keep this kind of post coming.” The goal is to differentiate yourself from the mindless spammers.

    Second, use the +1 feature instead of making a one-word comment. Doing so provides the same positive feedback to the author, and +1s are automatically tallied so they communicate the quality of the post more clearly than a bunch of one-word comments.

    Third, if the poster has fewer than 1,000 followers, it’s unlikely that his posts will be swamped with one-word comments. Then it’s okay—and even nice—to leave a comment of any length. Any feedback is likely to make them happy. However, if the poster has thousands of followers, a string of one-word comments is irksome.

    Shares, +1s and one-word comments are not mutually exclusive, so you can do any combination of the three. In a perfect world, people would share the post with their followers, +1 it, and write a comment. If you really like a post, don’t hesitate to show your feelings in multiple ways.

    Long-form comments

    Now let’s address the art of long-form comments that are at least a phrase. The quality, breadth and depth of Google+ comments compared to Twitter and Facebook blows me away. This level of interaction separates Google+ from those services, and it’s the reason that Robert Scoble and I and thousands of other early adopters love Google+.

    A good model for comments is that you should behave as if you are a guest in someone’s home. Google Plus isn’t like Twitter where your comments float away in a river in less than in a minute. On Google+, your comments remain with a specific posting, so they are in your host’s pool, and they remain until your host scoops them out.

    Here are my recommendations for long-than-one-word Google-Plus comments

    Create value

    Good comments provide information, analysis, assistance, entertainment or feedback. They make the post even better. This doesn’t mean that people should only say positive things—negative feedback is as valuable as positive feedback—but the spirit of the comment is what’s important. Is the commenter seeking to create value, or to simply attack the author and other commenters? Is the comment thoughtful and substantial, or simply inflammatory?

    Stay on topic

    Comments should be relevant to the post. You can supplement information and even add color and drama, but you shouldn’t go nuts. For example, if I make a post about hockey, God bless you if you want to talk about other sports or even about your non-sports passions. But don’t post a comment about how you think HP should not have discontinued its tablet or why Sarah Palin should be president. Certainly a link about your SEO consultancy or a site to meet singles is in poor and stupid form.

    Show some class

    People who want to swim in the Google+ pool—or at least my Google+ pool—should take a shower first. This means they should refrain from profanity and the big three isms: racism, sexism and ageism. The rest of the world might not know that you have no class, so why remove all doubt?

    Limit arguments to three rounds

    The best and worst interactions often occur between commenters—not between commenters and authors. It’s enchanting to watch strangers develop relationships and take posts in deeper and serendipitous (albeit related) directions. That’s the good news. The bad news is that commenters sometimes behave in ways they would never do in person and attack each other like boxers. But think about this: Does the outcome of an argument in comments really matter? Is anyone going to change their mind? HP will have the same CEO for 10 years before this happens.

    My suggestion is to embrace the rules of amateur boxing and go for only three rounds. Here’s how this would work: the author says something—this is the opening bell. Round 1: Person A posts a comment. Round 2: Person B responds to your comment. Round 3: Person A responds to the response. End of fight—even if Person B responds again. If Person A and B want to go more rounds, they can start their own thread and fight someplace else. Frankly, by the end of three rounds, no one else is following the sequence of blows, and everyone couldn’t give a shiitake about the little urinating match.

    “Reply to” the author

    Type in “+” and then the author’s name until you see it her pop-up in a list of people with similar names—this is Google working its magic and finding the person for you. Then select her name, and it will turn blue and link to her profile. This is called a “+ mention” as opposed to simply mentioning her with plain, non-linked text. An easier way to create a + mention is to install a Chrome browser extension called “Replies and More for Google+.” This product makes it easy to “reply to” the author and commenters by adding a link to click on to select them. It’s the most valuable Google Plus extension in the world.

    The reason that + mentions is important is that the people you mention receive notification. This is a huge advantage of Google Plus over Twitter and Facebook because people that you reply to or mention on Twitter and Facebook are much less likely to know you did so. These mentions also work for other commenters and not only posters—you want them to know the you’ve responded to their comments. Fortunately, Replies and More for Google+ works with other commenters too.

    Another favorite Chrome extension for managing Google+ is Nuke Comments. This gives you the ability to delete a comment and report the spammer in one click.

    These are my recommendations for the art of commenting in Google+. Having said all this, an author’s post—like her pool, restaurant or house—is a person’s post. Authors are free to enforce rules and tolerate behaviors according to their own liking within the terms of service of Google. Some people on Google Plus are more tolerant of turds in their pool, but this how I’m running my little tub.

    *This post was excerpted from What the Plus! Google+ for the rest of us and originally posted on Open Forum.

    Photo credit Fabrizio Van Marciano/Flickr.
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  • Guy Kawasaki2014-03-12 19:53:59
    25 pets that have no idea how to use human things.
    The results are hilarious…
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-07-02 21:22:26
    This Motorola ad is going to run tomorrow. Moto X--it's designed, engineered, and assembled in the US. Read more here:
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  • Guy Kawasaki2014-02-01 00:30:16
    How keeping things simple makes you a productive entrepreneur

    "What can you do to be a productive entrepreneur, focused on what really matters? Start by making your life itself simpler – become a minimalist."

    #motivation #productivity #entrepreneurship
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-01-31 18:49:03
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-06-19 16:21:04
    How to work on a sandy beach 365 days a year

    No matter where you are or the weather, here's the solution. Cat owners beware, however.

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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-04-19 19:10:24
    TED video of a yoyo master

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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-12-29 03:01:18
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-07-18 14:56:50
    The impact of color on marketing.

    Read this extensive discussion about the impact of color on marketing.

    Hat tip +Bill Meade

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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-01-19 18:07:01
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-01-04 22:36:15
    (Fri08) Optimal picture sizes for your social-media profiles:
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  • Guy Kawasaki2014-04-01 01:35:17
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  • Guy Kawasaki2014-03-20 23:14:33
    Fashion for dudes: A visual guide to matching suits and dress shoes

    This infographic was crowd-sourced on Reddit. /r/malefashionadvice.

    Found here:
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-07-17 14:34:25
    "Attack" photos add terror to weddings

    My wedding photos don't look at all like these. How about yours?

    This is from the wedding of Kate Young and James Lowder, photographed by Quinn Miller

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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-06-29 17:23:20

    Reshared text:
    That's why we should study probability...

    Waiting line models at:
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-04-06 16:01:52
    Four of my books for free:

    The Macintosh Way
    What the Plus!
    Database 101
    The Computer Curmudgeon
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-04-16 01:34:08

    Reshared text:
    Hey guys, thought you might like this.  I created it to set as my Facebook "cover" image...

    I encourage you all to use it and share it with others!
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-10-03 00:28:57
    Family portrait

    Reshared text:
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-03-02 16:00:16
    One of the best TED talks I've seen: how to ask

    I ask for help all the time when writing a book--or doing anything, really.

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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-03-18 05:44:51
    OREO pump-action gun.

    Can it get any better than a pump-action gun that shoots OREOs?

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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-06-26 20:38:33
    Check out the new Motorola logo. It's much more "Googly."
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-06-02 13:24:23
    Hubspot has a useful guide for getting started with Google+
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-05-31 14:37:14
    What soda does to your body.

    It's not pretty.

    I more or less gave up soda for coconut water because there's half the calories. I know, I know--plain water is better, but one step at a time.

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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-02-15 16:30:55
    The coming domination of Google+

    FastCompany explains why Google+ may dominate social media. Can I say, "I told you so,"?

    Image credit: Mashable

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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-06-23 14:15:49
    +Friends+Me is a very useful Google+ tool that reposts to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

    It even enables you to set defaults and control individual posts with hash tags.
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  • Guy Kawasaki2014-01-27 07:31:49

    Reshared text:
    What happens to a wind turbine in a big wind storm?  This.
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-06-09 17:58:49
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-05-27 15:20:03
    An ADHD student discusses his differences in cognition.

    Stephen Tonti is a senior at Carnegie Mellon University. He is also the president of Carnegie Mellon's film club. In this video he explains what it's like to have ADHD.

    Hat tip: +Frank Schulz

    More on ADHD:

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  • Guy Kawasaki2014-04-11 03:05:34
    “You're never as good as everyone tells you when you win, and you're never as bad as they say when you lose.” 
    ― Lou Holtz

    #quotes   #motivation  
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-04-07 13:46:15
    Barbie without makeup. Eddi Aguirre, a Mexico-based artist, shows what she would look like.
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-10-18 23:47:34
    The consistent face of males involved in sex scandals
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-02-23 02:05:23
    Wow, talk about a bummer

    Got a caption for this photo? 

    Photo credit:@AdrianyMaynard

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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-07-12 21:35:19
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-02-23 16:53:45
    Manyard--we're talking yard porn here

    Big-screen TV, Wifi, fire pit, BBQ...what else is necessary?

    Hat tip: +Adrienne Go 

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  • Guy Kawasaki2014-04-05 12:28:41
    “Books are the perfect entertainment: no commercials, no batteries, hours of enjoyment for each dollar spent. What I wonder is why everybody doesn't carry a book around for those inevitable dead spots in life.” 
    ― Stephen King

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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-03-05 15:58:28
    How to make a wooden bathtub

    There's something so satisfying about making something out of wood. Check out these photos.

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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-07-13 16:33:05
    28 photos of sinkholes around the world.

    In a contest of man vs nature, nature looks like it will win.

    Photo credit: Reuters/Casa Presidencial

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  • Guy Kawasaki2014-03-02 17:25:25

    Reshared text:
    This building is located in Dresden, Germany. It's called Neustadt Kunsth of passage. And when it rains it starts to play Music.

    Please Follow -> +Interesting Things
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-09-03 12:36:07
    Totally flat sink at the #MotoX event in Brasil
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  • Guy Kawasaki2014-04-03 12:51:46
    Menlo College graduation speech 2012

    #tbt #ThrowbackThursday
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  • Guy Kawasaki2014-01-22 18:00:32
    How To Fix A Cell Phone That You Dropped In Water

    The picture is a joke. The article is real.
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  • Guy Kawasaki2014-02-21 00:30:15
    12 extremely cool offices. Does your office look like this?
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-05-26 00:40:19
    What to do if you find a baby bird.

    Patrick Comins, director of bird conservation for Audubon Connecticut, explains what you should do if you find a baby bird.

    Photo credit: Shannon Marshall, Your Shot

    #HolyKaw   #ScienceSunday  
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-05-29 15:05:32
    The contagious joy of napping
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-02-05 05:34:49
    Best Super Bowl snack ever.

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  • Guy Kawasaki2014-01-18 18:00:41
    Knives for dummies #infographic

    Click to see the whole chart
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-06-22 14:54:01
    Paris photographer Léo Caillard dresses statues in hipster duds.

    See more of his work here:

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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-07-19 03:17:35
    3-in-1 cable: 30-pin, Lightning, and micro USB. $2.95

    Just got six of these. I can't figure out how they can be so cheap--they include free shipping.
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  • Guy Kawasaki2014-02-13 14:18:40
    I'm going to try this.

    Reshared text:
    this is called a swedish flame. make your cuts like you're cutting cake. leave about 6 inches at the base. throw some fuel oil in there. (about a cap full.) it burns up to two to three hours.

    Fire Pit Benefits :
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-06-15 17:13:01
    If this is true, I. Am. Screwed.

    See the whole infographic here:

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  • Guy Kawasaki2014-03-24 13:07:24
    Let's Stop the Glorification of Busy

    "The architecture of how we live our lives is badly in need of renovation and repair. What we really value is out of sync with how we live our lives. And the need is urgent for some new blueprints to reconcile the two." via +Arianna Huffington 

    Reading Arianna Huffington's new book Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-being, Wisdom, and Wonder made me think about how we glorify being busy and the toll that this path takes on our lives.

    Our two main metrics for success are money and power, and they drive us to work longer hours, sleep with our phones and tablets, miss important moments with our families, and impacts our health. Arianna proposes a third metric for success: thriving. When you thrive, you take care of your health, get enough sleep, and do not live to work.

    Here are ten tips from Arianna and Thrive for creating a life of well-being, wisdom, and wonder:

    1. Redefine success.
    There's no prize for working the most hours per week or making the most money. At the end of our lives, we're all about the same amount of dust, so the question is how much joy you've brought into people's lives and how much have you made the world a better place.

    2. Avoid burnout.
     Burnout, stress, and depression are worldwide problems. At Arianna's Third Metric conference in 2013, she learned that burnout is not only affecting Americans but also workers in Germany, the United Kingdom, China, and the rest of the world. Working harder doesn't necessarily mean better results--in fact it can have the exact opposite effect.

    3. Nurture your well-being.
     Make time to take care of yourself in terms of exercise, meditation, music, art, and family life--this isn't selfishness, it's good sense. My escape valve is hockey. I play hockey four to five times a week. I also ride a stationary bike and do some yoga four times a week. And I'm not sure all this is enough!

    If you liked this, please share so more people can thrive and find a new measure of success.

    Read the full article here:

    I highly recommend Arianna's new book Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder.

    How to thrive and create joy at work

    Is it about flexible working, table tennis in the office, sleep pods, or being transparent about salaries? How should businesses and entrepreneurs ensure the wellbeing and happiness of the people they work with?

    How do you thrive and create joy at work? We'll be exploring this fascinating topic in a Google Hangout moderated by Guy Kawasaki with legendary entrepreneur Arianna Huffington and workplace pioneer Richard Sheridan and we've love to hear what you think. Instagram or tweet your ideas using the hashtag #workthrivejoy.

    Join us on Monday 31st March - you can RSVP here.

    #Thrive   #ThirdMetric   #WorkThriveJoy  
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-06-30 14:57:20
    Love the cleverness of these logos. 


    Reshared text:
    What if scientists had their own logos? Designed by Kapil Bhagat for Science Day in India.
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-04-14 05:39:18
    Holi @ Cal. I was at Cal today to watch a lacrosse game, and students were celebrating Holi.
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-02-12 00:38:39
    Origami antler lamp instead of mounted deer head.

    If gun control goes through and you can no longer buy a rifle to shoot deer, there's always this origami-style antler lamp.

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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-01-26 14:08:06
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-03-19 22:41:27
    A harsh review of Samsung's new phone and its introduction.
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  • Guy Kawasaki2014-03-06 16:25:39
    10  #TED talk tactics that can help improve your public speaking

    TED (Technology/Design/Entertainment) is celebrating its 30 anniversary in March and has transformed the art of keynote speeches. Since TED “talks” are now viewed online more than two million times a day and smaller, independently run TEDx events are held in 145 countries, there’s a good chance that people in every audience has seen a TED talk. That means, like it or not, your next presentation will be compared to TED!

    After analyzing 500 TED talks (150 hours), interviewing the some of the most popular TED speakers whose videos have been viewed nearly twenty million times, and speaking to neuroscientists in the field of communication, +Carmine Gallo discovered the components that all successful TED talks share; elements that should you incorporate in your very next presentation if you want your audience to take action on your ideas.

    Here is Carmine’s advice from Talk Like TED: The 9 Public Speaking Secrets of the World's Tops Minds:
    (find it here:

    1. Share your passion. You cannot inspire unless you’re inspired yourself. Dig deep to identify your deep, meaningful connection to the topic and don’t be afraid of expressing your enthusiasm to your audience.

    2. Tell at least three stories. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg recently said that she was a preparing a TED talk “chock full of facts, data and no personal stories.” A friend urged her to tell personal stories about her own challenges as a working mother. Sandberg took the advice, changed her talk, and it made all the difference, launching a bestselling book and a global movement by the same name, Lean In.

    3. Create a title that fits in a Twitter post. After reviewing the titles of all 1,600 TED talks currently available on, I realized that none—not one—had a title longer than 140 characters, perfect for a Twitter post. Among the most viewed: Ken Robinson (How schools kills creativity), Brene Brown (The power of vulnerability), and Simon Sinek (How great leaders inspire action). If you can’t keep your title to 140 characters, keep trying.

    4. Use humor, sparingly. Educator Ken Robinson delivered the most popular TED talk ever, viewed more than 20 million times. It was also very funny. But Ken didn’t make a “joke.” Instead he used anecdotal, observation humor. “I was a dinner party recently—actually, you’re not invited to dinner parties, frankly, if you’re in education…”Use humor to put a smile on someone’s face.

    5. Build in multisensory experiences. Step outside your slides every once in a while. Perform a demonstration, or do something completely unexpected and surprising. Bill Gates once released mosquitoes into a TED audience during a presentation on the causes of malaria. His stunt even made the nightly news. People cannot ignore the unexpected.

    6. Use more pictures than text on PowerPoint slides. You will rarely (if ever) see bullet points on a TED slide. You will find pictures, images, animations, and a few carefully chosen words. While presenters use PowerPoint, Prezi, or Apple Keynote design software, the common theme is—no bullet points. Ever.

    7. Stick to the 18-minute rule. If doesn’t matter if your name is Bill Gates, Sheryl Sandberg, Bono, or Sting, 18-minutes is all you get. TED Curator Chris Anderson says that 18 minutes is long enough to have a serious discussion and short enough to keep people’s attention.

    8. Teach your audience something new. The human brain cannot ignore novelty. It is always searching for something new and exciting. Package information in a way that’s surprising, new, or unexpected.

    9. Practice, a lot. I spoke to some TED speakers who practiced 200 times for their 18-minute talks. One person performed so well that Oprah discovered her. Today her career has enjoyed a renaissance thanks to Oprah’s support and her now famous TED talk.

    10. Don't put on an act. Most people can spot a phony and you'll lost the trust of your audience if you try to be someone you're not. Be authentic and true to who you are.

    You may never be invited to give a TED talk, but if you give TED-like presentations, you stand a far greater chance of inspiring your listeners and reaching your dreams.

    #publicspeaking   #TEDx  
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-05-05 01:16:45
    Star Wars on the subway
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-06-06 11:35:00
    In 18 minutes, I explain what I learned from Steve Jobs.

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  • Guy Kawasaki2014-03-02 13:45:34

    Reshared text:
    These are sooo me!  :D  If I #jog or #run in them will people say, 'Wow, she can gallop' or 'She's got a way about her, look at how she trots'?
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  • Guy Kawasaki2014-03-27 21:38:46

    Reshared text:
    10 Ways to Be More Creative Every Day, Backed by Science: What's your favorite method to generate ideas?
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  • Guy Kawasaki2014-01-31 16:01:28
    50 life hacks to simplify your world
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-07-16 23:39:19
    Someone gave me a demo with this MacBook today. Loved the keyboard. 
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-04-21 21:48:29
    Namaqua chameleon in threat display, Namib desert, Namibia.

    Wikimedia picture of the day. "The chameleon was in the middle of a highway C14 and was approached to be moved off the road. The chameleon then changed its color to black and displayed its brightly colored mouth as a threat display."

    Photo credit: Yathin S Krishnappa

    #HolyKaw   #SciemceSunday  
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  • Guy Kawasaki2014-02-25 18:00:15
    A pizza cutter for cyclists

    #foodie   #pizza  
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-05-20 16:34:28
    Check out the winners of the National Geographic Traveler Magazine photo contest:

    Photo credit: Krasimir Vladimirov/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-06-21 02:24:50
    My life is over.
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-06-12 06:06:38
    Lots of Android humor in this.

    Reshared text:
    Well, since no one in the English-speaking world seems to have produced a Hitler meme YouTube video for iOS 7 yet, I decided to try my hand.  It's my first time trying a meme video, but I'm surprised how well it turned out.  Enjoy!
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  • Guy Kawasaki2014-03-10 15:00:56
    The science of emotion in marketing: How we decide what to share and whom to trust
    Hint: happiness makes us want to share
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-06-01 12:44:00
    Research shows that people get happier as they get older.

    This makes me happy! "The researchers found, after controlling for variables such as health, wealth, gender, ethnicity and education, that well-being increases over everyone's lifetime. But people who have lived through extreme hardship, such as the Great Depression, start off much less happy than those who have had more comfortable lives."

    Photo credit:  ZHANG BO _Getty Images_

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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-10-11 23:29:25
    She should run for Congress now....

    Reshared text:
    Oh yeah! After watching this #GIF, you'll be assured that there's no hope left for humanity
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-05-10 14:07:05
    How to make eye-to-eye contact in video chats, webinars, and hangouts

    This is a picture of a SeeEye2Eye from Bodelin Technologies. It's a periscope that puts people's face near your webcam to that when you are looking in their eyes you are also looking directly at the camera.

     Tried it tonight for a Skype conference. It works extremely well. It will work great for Hangouts too. More info about the product at the Bodelin website:

    Thanks to +Scott Atwood for telling me about it.

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  • Guy Kawasaki2014-03-14 15:55:31
    Happy Pi Day
    Did you know that Pi has 6.4 billion known digits?

    Full infographic here

    #piday2014   #piday  
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-04-30 14:01:10
    Holy kaw, this is flexibility and coordination.
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-03-09 00:43:52
    Steve Jobs at his best.

    Watch him talk about how Apple is coming back. Note:

    1. How he uses head-to-head demos to show how fast the Macs are. 
    2. His slides are simple: few words, large font.
    3. He only has one person help him during the thirty minute appearance.

    No one could introduce a product like Steve. Invest thirty minutes and learn from the master.

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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-04-16 20:58:27
    New York loves Boston

    Photo credit: © Lucky Tran, The Illuminator collective
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  • Guy Kawasaki2014-02-15 17:04:08
    Teeny, tiny tech gadgets you won't believe exist
    Mini cooler, anyone?

    Link for the mini-cooler on +ThinkGeek
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  • Guy Kawasaki2014-03-07 21:53:18
    It's easy to spot iPhone users at a conference  :-) #SXSW
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-04-26 15:51:41
    Ten simple tips for improving your use of technology

    New York Times columnist David Pogue provides ten useful tips for taming technology.

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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-12-29 18:39:58
    Love this quote.

    Reshared text:
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  • Guy Kawasaki2014-04-16 01:26:09

    Reshared text:
    "Be the change you wish to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi 
    #quotes #inspiration
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-02-09 18:39:55
    Best quote ever.

    Steven Levy (Wired): "Steve Jobs felt competitive enough to claim that he was willing to go to 'thermonuclear war' on Android."

    Larry Page: "How well is that working?"

    More on Android: 

    Illustration: Nicola Felasquez Felaco
    Reference Photo: Corbis

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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-03-26 21:28:53
    Wow, these are some great signs outside the Supreme Court.

    Why the government is involved in preventing gay marriage in 2013 is beyond me. 

    Do others see the hypocrisy of wanting less government interference in people's private lives except when the interference is to prevent something you don't agree with? 
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  • Guy Kawasaki2013-06-05 13:21:42
    Cardboard bike maker may get his shot.

    Israel's Izhar Gafni may start selling his cardboard bike soon. Learn more at NPR:

    Photo credit: Baz Ratner /Reuters /Landov

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