Richard Hoefer2013-06-14 07:48:48
YAHOO's stepping up their Notifications act too!

Big email campaign encourages signing in again: "We want you back"
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-07-18 01:53:31
    Do you use any app to manage multiple Social Networks?
    I'm just curious. Some just give you a "one-place to check" capability for your feeds on G+, facebook & twitter. Others enable you to cross-post one thought to 3 or more places.
    UPDATE JULY 20:  +Flipboard has the rare ability to post to Google+ via their mobile app. They also integrate fb, twitter, linkedin.

    I saw that power-user +Max Huijgen has used . I also didn't know til now that cross-platform apps exist for desktop which include +Google+. I'd always thought G+ hasn't yet released any kind of API. ... But user comments at +Lifehacker's list of desktop apps, are very mixed: Some people HATE the very idea of cross-posting the same thought on 3 or more places — calling it SPAM.

    I want a single interface for desktop (like on Android with HootSuite) which can update me, and I don't need the cross-posting of the same post to multiple social networks. I know right off the bat an example of one very popular G+ User here ( +Brit Morin) who cross-posts yet never seems to reply to any comment. But she gets tons of replies from her followers — they don't mind at all.

    Here are some of the apps/services which provide access to multiple networks. I'm just curious  (a) which tool you might suggest for just viewing and replying to your facebook, twitter and G+ feeds, and (b) are you pro or con regarding posting the same update to multiple social networks at once?

    ADDITIONS pulled from comments:

    Friends+me  (via +Olav Folland )
    Recommended article from +Matt McAuley how to use Friends+Me

    Buffer  (via +Rob Gordon ) ... and also

    IFTTT  (If This, then That)

    Also, I forgot about Youtube! +Ronnie Bincer is particularly well-versed in how to integrate G+ and Youtube. He suggests:
    Grab the Social Stream Chrome extension: from +Gerwin Sturm , and the next time you are viewing a Video on YouTube, look for the "Social Stream" section on the right side, that is where you see Google+'s comment activity on that same video (no matter how many times it was re-shared or commented upon inside G+).


    1."How Can I Post to Facebook, Twitter, and/or Google+ All at the Same Time?

    2.  Comparison of different apps:

    3.  Another list:

    4.  Tweetdeck

    5.  PlusBounce  (where I got the graphic for this post)

    6.  IFTTT  (If This, then That)How to Supercharge All Your Favorite Webapps with ifttt

    7.  Zipl
    (+Max Huijgen   is #1 of the "Top 10 Users")

    8.  Onlywire

    9.  +Agent G is now known as +Rob McGee

    10.  Tweetbot for Mac beats Twitter yet again with new media timeline view (WOW:  but $20 ...)

    #cross-posting #desktopapps #googletwitterfacebook   #crossposting
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  • Richard Hoefer2012-11-14 00:34:07
    The End of the Marketing Expert > provocative Forbes piece from 2 days ago... Quote: "We talk a lot in marketing about the importance of being good storytellers. Well, we need to be good story changers, because telling a story isn’t enough. Customers can see right through a great story about a lousy product.” ..."It’s less about advertising and more about creating an experience that transforms what it means to be a customer of a brand." .... Success examples cited: Nike and Virgin. ........

    I've had some interesting conversations with marketers on Google+.  As one example, whenever I dialogue with +Jim Banks in the UK, he impresses me as someone not waiting at all for anyone else to define the pulse. He's way out in front driven by what I see as a constant radar scanning for any new social methodologies, and same with SEO. He's cutting a trail in uncharted areas. So are others, but Jim's a good example of the adaptation called out as necessary in this Forbes piece.

    I'm curious what others think of this article. Is it too over the top, or do you believe it's accurate, or is it perhaps accurate depending on the industry sector and products and brands.

    Back to article: Quote from a marketer on this changing dynamic:  "I have friends who have told me they’re just trying to hang on before people realize they don’t know what they’re doing. But I don’t think you can fake it another five years. You’re just not relevant if you’re fighting the reality of what’s happening.”

    P.S. I noted that the writer of this piece, Dorie Clark, has a bit of an agenda since she's the author of a new book Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future (Harvard Business Review Press, 2013). She is a strategy consultant who has worked with clients including Google, Yale University, and the Ford Foundation.

    #marketing #digitalmarketing #SEO #socialmediamarketing #Richardbranson #Virgin #Nike #futuretrends
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-03-19 01:24:24
    Yelp? Google Maps? Foursquare? Google Local? Google Now?

    Real-time Decision-making: You’re in the car with a friend, decide “let’s go eat somewhere new”.  You first use… ??  
    I was just in this situation yesterday, it was sunny, I wanted to find an outdoor cafe, my GPS is on, I try a few of these services, and as usual, none of them hit a bullseye fast enough before she says “Let’s just go to Pacific Catch. I'm hungry.”  (Please Expand to read) I pulled some comments below from an article about "Foursquare vs Yelp" which was about financial issues. But it’s the comments that are much more interesting. I'm curious about other people's experiences with real-time decision-making about Restaurants.

    ARTICLE: (not about comparing the usefulness of the competing services)


        ▪    Foursquare is an idea looking for a market. And so far it has not found one.

        •    There's no difference between Yelp and Foursquare. Yelp is more about reviews, Foursquare is "hey, my friend just checked into a coffee shop two blocks from where I am."
        •    I've thought that a 4square/Groupon or other deal service would be a great idea when it comes to instant deals.

        •    It seems to be too much competition on this sector. I bet that finally Google Local will win the battle

Just like they did with google+... hmmmm ;)

        •    I have found google maps much better (more precise, easier to understand UI) than Yelp. I do use TripAdvisor for checking out vacation spots overseas, though.

        ▪    Foursquare is a fun way to connect without all the clutter of other social platforms. And now, while everyone's figuring out what to do with it, is the best time to use it. Continue the pioneering.

I think the misconception is that Foursquare is about the real-time aspect of checkins and your ability to go find friends -- more so about the peer / social validation of places you might want to go to.
Example: It's very likely I'll be persuaded to go to a Mexican restaurant, say, if one of my friends who I know adores Mexican food has been to a spot 3 or 4 times...over another nearby spot that (s)he's been to only once.
And once your friend's influence has you in the door, the quick 'tips' help narrow down the best items on an unfamiliar menu.
This sounds like a laborious endeavor, but I'm amazed how simple it is and how frequently this use-case works for me. Don't think Yelp can come close to that more personalized, trusted-members touch.

    So I'm curious which app you turn to on-the-fly when there are 2 people or more deciding on where to go. Which have really worked for you where you've actually tried some place new?

    #realtimedecisionmaking #customerreviews #reviewsites #googlemaps #googlelocal #yelp #foursquare #googlenow #tripadvisor #tryingsomeplacenew
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  • Richard Hoefer2012-12-08 04:18:40
    SOCIOLOGICAL ANALYSIS: G+ Communities, Will They Become the Default Method for Posting & Interacting?  . It's fantastic that "power users" like +Ronnie Bincer and hundreds of others are diving into Communities with eager exploration. Below Ronnie discovers "Pages" can post to Communities, but only with Community Moderator's approval.

    I'm watching this massive creation of Communities since last night's opening bell. From a sociological perspective, it's interesting, the G+ clock kind of gets reset in a way: Communities (Topic Based Groups and Posting) have been what everyone's wanted since this social network began.  Everything up to now has been Users creating all sorts of workarounds. It will be interesting to see how more functional the topic-based discussions are - and if a ripple effect will have a collective impact on the entire experience of using Google+ .

    I suspect it will, in many different ways.

    I think the addition, (finally), of Communities also confirms the less-than-fully-effective "Circles" model of publishing, which was initially so heavily promoted as a key part of Google+ . What's great is that Google, I hate to characterize it this way but I believe it's true, finally gave in to the fact that the way the Circles mechanism had been predicted to work, never met those expectations. It doesn't matter...

    As +Eric Schmidt said in a press conference following the shutdown of Google Wave, the company learns from every product's reception and applies gained knowledge into their other products.

    ......................................... #communities #circleslimitations #Googleplusreboot #sociology #analysis #forums #streams #nichecontent #moderators


    Reshared text:
    Posting To a Community... From a Google+ Page
    Community Tips

    Many here on Google Plus know that G+ Pages can not post to profiles (aka people) unless the person has circled the Page 1st. That is good and bad depending on what side of the post you live...

    Today +Todd Lohenry & I discovered that a G+ Page can break through the interaction veil... If the Moderator of the Community Allows! (look at the alert msg. in the screen shot below)

    So now we learn the power and responsibility of the Community's Moderator(s) in Google Plus.

    This seems like a reasonable option from my perspective (because I wanted Pages to have more value for the small business person)... What do you think?
    - - - 
    #googleplustips   #communities   #communitytips  
    - - - 
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  • Richard Hoefer2012-08-30 20:59:24
    Seeking Web Designer for a community help project … I’ve asked +stephanie wanamaker to do me a favor and post this on my behalf because of her large following. 

    I am a UX Designer (not for Google), I’ve done some analytical work on pathways into G+ from the outside, and I’m looking for a web designer to collaborate with me on a small communications project (volunteer). I’m doing the User Experience design for a different kind of “Quick Start” Guide for New Users here. It will live at .  The question might be, “What, another one?” . Answer: Yes. For two reasons. Though there are many wonderful New User help guides and tips already here that I’ve read, (1) they are largely text-based, not fully visually illustrated, and (2) all the guides I’ve seen start from the perspective of a new user who’s already here, already signed up for G+. Yet there are many people who stop at the front gate, not ready to hand over their credentials for an account until they know more.

    I really applaud Google’s beautiful front end Marketing Guide ( ) which is elegantly produced and exactly the kind of visual format needed for consumers. But it’s advertising, which is great! But it doesn’t handle those people who stop at the threshold when confronted by the “create a G+ account” prompts. They need additional messaging about and exposure to how Google+ works, before committing to give their credentials. 

    I did a screenshot analysis of various use case studies of prospective new users coming over to with an intent to find out about G+ and maybe try it. There is not even a bullet-proof way for a new user to find “where is the Google+ product link to click on?”  +You is not intuitive to mean Google+ . And if someone confused clicks on +Google at bottom-right, that’s a big problem.  The visual messaging in this top-level guide will make the path more clear for those unaccustomed to social networks but willing to try.

    This breezy visual guide is underway and intended to be like a digital camera’s Quick Start guide, with steps boldly numbered 1 through 7 (or 10), and illustrations explaining what you’ll see, what to click on, without at first having to understand the mechanisms.

    If you’re a web designer and have interest in creating a look & feel that is not Google’s, but on par with its clean design, please reply or message me. Thank you much!
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  • Richard Hoefer2012-12-10 07:23:29
    VIDEO:  Anderson Cooper Destroys GOP Sen. Lee’s Argument Against U.N. Disability Treaty  (This treaty takes the provisions from highly praised U.S. laws which assure accessibility to people with disabilities, and uses it as the model for policies other nations are adopting by signing this Treaty. Many were astounded that American lawmakers could possibly vote AGAINST this treaty, yet Republicans did. Find out why in this stunning video.)

    BACKGROUND: The U.S. years ago passed the "Americans with Disabilities" act, which provided for, among many other things, wheelchair accessible ramps to buildings, larger more accessible public restrooms, various traffic signal & crosswalk sight & sound alerts.
    Republicans in the Senate surprised some earlier this week when they voted down a United Nations treaty for the “Rights of Persons with Disabilities.” Republicans have said that they do not want to disparage disabled people, but they are concerned about provisions in the treaty that they believe will trump state laws and make the government at U.N. direction–not the parents–the one who ultimately decides what is best for children with disabilities. During an interview on CNN Friday, Anderson Cooper and Senator Michael Lee got into a heated discussion over why the Utah Republican opposed the treaty.

    Lee argued on CNN that the treaty would undermine American parents decisions for their children with special needs, possibly obligate the U.S. government to pay for abortion services, and may set in place ”international entitlement rights.”

    “You’re just interpreting things,” Cooper said. “It never uses the word abortion, it basically says that disabled people should have the same access to health care that other pople have, that non disabled people have overseas.”

    Cooper and Lee went back and forth on how the treaty would change U.S. law.

    “Can you name any other U.N. treaty that has forced changes in U.S. law,” Cooper asked.

    Lee responded ”I didn’t come prepared to cite Supreme Court precedent on this point but it’s a well known fact that once you ratify a treaty–”

    “But what you’re saying is totally hypothetical” interrupted Cooper.”You’re using a bunch of hypotheticals saying they’re going to–this is going to force abortion rights for disabled people overseas, some groups are saying children with glasses are going to be taken from their parents, you’re using all these very scary hypotheticals–you cant even cite one case where a U.N. treaty has impacted U.S. law?”

    #ADA #AmericanDisabiltiesAct #UNtreaty #AndersonCooper #Republicanlunacy   #SenatorMichaelLee  #UnitedNations #hypotheticalsvsevidence
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  • Richard Hoefer2012-11-03 07:06:25
    VIDEO REPORT: "Superstorm Sandy Has Exposed New York City’s 'Hideous Inequality'", Reuters NY Journalist recounts what he's seen
    View it:

    From Democracy Now: "Where else is the great divide between the "haves" and the "have-nots" more evident than in New York City? In the financial district -- Wall Street -- Goldman Sachs, and other financial institutions light up the night sky, while elsewhere in the city people need food, water, and wait for power for lights as the nights grow ever colder..."

    THIS VIDEO:  Reuters two-time Pulitzer-winning journalist & former NY Times reporter David Rohde speaks with DemocracyNow's Amy Goodman: _"Those with a car could flee. Those with wealth could move into a hotel. Those with steady jobs could decline to come into work. But the city’s cooks, doormen, maintenance men, taxi drivers and maids left their loved ones at home." ...

    "The power had gone out in the hotel the night before, yet this one maid came in and sort of changed our sheets. And I just sort of felt—just felt ridiculous. I asked her about her family. She said that she had been in touch with them in Queens." "There was a garage attendant I talked to nearby. He had not talked to his family at all since the storm struck. ... He—I honestly let him make a call on my cellphone; he left a message for her. But what struck me was I asked him, "What did you do? How did you get through this storm?" And he had just stayed at this garage where he works, right near Union Square. And he said that throughout the storm, he just had slept in his car."" ...

    My comment: I watched more of this day's Video News Report than just this interview segment. I watched segments where a local reporter spoke with people without water and power - and without FEMA in sight, complaining "They saw this storm coming for days, but no preparation for power and water?" ... Completely shades of Katrina

    #superstormsandy #newyorkcity #nyc #sandyreliefefforts #poweroutages #FEMA #Wheresfema #whataboutfoodandwater #democracynow #DavidRohde
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-09-20 23:14:53
    ANALYSIS:  Mobile drives Desktop  What is Going On With +Google Inc's UX Design Group? September 19, 2013 Google rolled out its latest UI changes to hit their product eco-system: The UX team chucked the efficient, top-screen "black bar" product selector, replacing it with a very inefficient "click dialpad icon, scan across & down product icon grid, select product" navigation system. Adding steps. You have to wonder if squeezing out UI-guardian +Marissa Mayer was such a good idea afterall. Expand for analysis.

    I love Google and their products. They are part of my everyday life. And I understand what I'm saying is a very bold claim. But it's what I have been noticing over this past year as Google's UX for Mobile paradigm drives the entire desktop UI and experience.  I get it, that mobile-device web access is skyrocketing — and that it's expected to soon overtake desktop-access as primary modality.  Still, I don't think desktop with keyboard is going away by any means; so shoe-horning the desktop experience into the mobile UX I see as a disservice to users. I am interested in your comments and feedback as fellow UX and UI designers. I am sure many will disagree.

    Here's the biggest problem:  What used to be a 1-click jump to the Google's most frequently used Products like Calendar, Maps, Drive, Youtube — is now 2-clicks as you can see in the accompanying illustration. For some products it gets worse. If you're a daily user of Blogger or Google Translate, it's even more cumbersome. Try it for yourself.

    We're now seeing perhaps the 4th (or is it 5th?) Google system-wide User Interface change for navigating their eco-system's many products: Search, Gmail, News, Drive, Calendar, Image Search, YouTube, Google Play, and more.  The black-bar global navigation tool replaced a short-lived experiment in making the Google logo at top-left of most product pages such as Gmail, become a dropdown menu, which expanded into a black vertical menu containing the product names... That design, abandoned quickly, is actually not unlike Google's current mobile UI designs featuring the "right sliding panel" that reveals a vertical product menu.

    This newest iteration of the Google Master Navigation Scheme was actually previewed as early as February of this year (though I only now noticed via Search) in an article titled "Google Testing New Navigation Grid To Replace Black Bar Eyesore" . And here's a thread in Google's Product Forums dated 6/29/11 titled "Black Google bar is awful... how do I change it back to blue?!topic/websearch/20YgWq1DNaE ... So it's interesting to recall people's reactions to prior navigation solutions provided by Google. Some have hated the black bar form the very start.

    About a week ago +Barry Schwartz  in "Search Engine Rountable" announcing the new gradual UI rollout — nixing the persistent black bar in favor of the "mobile-style" app launcher. . Here's +Engadget's announcement yesterday: "Google drops its black menu bar, rolls out more streamlined look for the web" .

    Yesterday I saw a post by +John Skeats, sharing the original post by  *Google+ Help*  *Introducing the new Google bar* here: . Here's what they say:

    Why this design?
    This simpler design lets you focus on your in product experience but switch to other Google products when you need to.

    How do I switch to another Google product?
    To open a new product, click on the App launcher icon and you’ll see a list of other Google applications.

    Did anyone on the Google+ Help team try navigating to Image Search?  And, more important, since this design was previewed as early as February 2013,  *Google has had 7 months to user-test this new global navigation scheme.* I'm curious what those user groups had to say?  Was it even tested outside of the Googleplex? If so, that would be even more interesting.

    I thought about this today for a long time. Google's re-design of +Google+  back in May 2013, was driven by the UI Design of the Android mobile app "Google+" :  The nomenclature changes of "Find People" replacing "Circles" occurred on the mobile app first. So did the larger size profile background pictures. So did the circular profile image. So did many of the new icons, including the ones that show how many shares a post has had, how many +1's it's had, as well as the shape of the Share button. Android's UX and UI teams are driving design at Google.  But who is minding the store regarding the entire Desktop Experience of Google products?

    The May Google+ refresh has actually caused some people to leave Google+, though I don't have numbers. But I personally know of people who get migraines from the grey-on-grey type, from the multi-column format (though this can easily be changed to 1-column — easy after you figure out where that control would logically exist. If you don't know, go and try to find that control. It's completely illogical.) And the scrolls-within-scrolls. In terms of graphic design, the new Google+ is beautiful. In terms of User Experience Design (UX), all you have to know is that some former power-users actually had to stop using the Desktop product completely. What more must be said about a UX massive failure?

    And these new ideas to "let you focus on your in product experience but switch to other Google products when you need to" ? Look at what your eye has to do now to navigate to Google Calendar: Instead of 1-click-away access from any Google Product, now you click once, then your eye has to zig-zag scan the icon arrangement in order to locate the Calendar icon. It's true that over time, all of us will memorize this, and the visual eye-scanning will go away.

    I wrote these notes in +John Skeats's post, commenting to +Al Remetch   about what I believe has added up to systemic failure at Google Inc. regarding their entire User Experience program:

    "As usual: as Google giveth, Google also takeths away". .... My view of Google Inc's overall UX teams' thinking-patterns continues to decline.  Sure! It's great in the sense that now they use Product Icons which make visual selection a lot easier than seeing white HTML type on a black bar. That's true. And also true that it helps make consistent navigation methods on desktop as well as mobile devices. However, go about your day using Google products and BOOM:  Lots of people's central Google product is Gmail. One click away to quickly go to Calendar, or Image Search or News or Drive or Youtube . Similarly if I am on Calendar and want to go to Gmail, it's one-click using the unified Black Bar.

    But Now?  TWO-clicks.... all day long. Click on the Icon Grid, the new Unified Google Product Navigator, then click again on the selected app.

    I am quite sure the aesthetic tail once again wags the UX dog. ... 

    One has to wonder just a bit — with all the negative comments +Marissa Mayer received once she jumped to Google — about her almost obsessional attention to the Google UX — perhaps she was constantly fighting with Google Engineering's desired code dumps in the middle of the night, flipping functionality changes on the fly. The much adored "Rapid Iteration Model" Google loves. (Hey, I love rapid iteration too; but not dumping new UI methods every 6-12 months).

    I'm going to give Marissa credit for, at very least, being vigilant about just this kind of ill-thought-out increase from one-click to 2-clicks, everywhere across the Google Eco-system. Change is good. I do believe that. But not when it sets User Experience back. And here it most certainly has. Perhaps they will make the icon grid a roll-over dropdown.

    And finally:  *If Google were a startup with 25 people* there, and imagine they've got 1 UX Design person; you could almost argue that one designer would get it right.  But with Google's sheer size, and no-money-obstacle, the best talent the world over, I think this is a company-wide failure, I'm sorry to say, that with all that resource power, appropriate UX thinking wasn't done on this.  Not good.

    I'm interested in your comments. Thank you for reading.

    #Google   #UserExperienceDesign   #globalnavigationscheme #ProductNavigation   #UXdesign   #Userinterfacedesign   #UIdesign   #institutionalfailure  
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  • Richard Hoefer2011-07-10 09:12:13
    PARTIAL REPOSTING and Continuation:

    COMMENT FILTRATION SYSTEMS for large discussion threads & social networks, to discourage or police crude, sexist, racist, other inappropriate language & behavior:

    Attention: +Nic Alderton , any other interested thinkers re next-generation solutions --- vs the common "ratings systems" or "Moderator" systems.

    Yesterday (July 9, 2011) Google+ Profile Manager +Frances Haugen posted a significant piece re some comments that could be taken as crude, posted after a hangout invitation -- and the positive response of how a community member spoke out to say "that's inappropriate" . This lead to a fuller discussion of what's going to happen when the throngs of people appear at G+ when the floodgates open from the ranks of YouTube and sites like engadget, and other places where hit & run comment-bombs are the norm, are hard to police, and truly do pollute any attempts at higher discourse.

    I had my own summary of not all, but a few comments I picked out amongst the many comments, but this post is to PICK UP ON theories/ideas posed by +Nic Alderton :

    I commented: +James Pakele (( I fret the possibility of this turning into something like the Engadget or BGR commenting sections ))
    •••••• Youtube is probably even the lower standard, but yes, the system has to accomodate or terribly mar this incredible social interaction & discovery space.

    +Michael Winser (( Should Google+ have a reputation metric?: ))
    +Aaron Sherman (( Between trolls, idiots, youngsters, and people with actual problems,….someone is going to go there. ...Hopefully, someone will build a reputation system on top of Google+, which should help filter out a great deal of the noise... ))
    •••••• It's the heart of why Amazon's ratings are the most trusted on the entire web -- their "real Names" system has been around for over a decade, and their reputation system has been extremely well refined with multiple weightings of input where there are ratings of raters, etc… Bottom line is, they have had 15 years head start to produce that methodology.

    +Nic Alderton (( In short, a 1 button? :) ))
    •••••• Nic. I have no idea why this is so sacrosanct in some "circles", though i fully understand the danger of its being used as a spite button, and as a substitute for disagreement with content- vs "this is disrespectful or an inflammatory comment". However, ratings systems must always be multi-dimensional, not just some numerical aggregate, which I am sure you would agree; thus why people fear the " -1" or the "dislike" is because they having dine the work of developing such a multi-dimensional, multi-factored weighting system that prevents/safeguards against " -1" abuse.

    Factors in weighing the influence one's vote would produce would including join date, how many threads one has started in that time, how those have been rated --- many others but those are just many of the "secret sauce" that goes into a great ratings system where there is proportional weighting to one's click of a button. If your reputation is that of a naysayer who consistently downrates content you hate -- as shown by how people rate your ratings, then your overall weight for any click-rating you give should be assigned very little influence.

    Similarly, I must add, if one is a constant sycophant routinely lovingly giving +1s to everything their favorite tech blogger says no matter what the content, then based on the aggregate "ratings given by others to the quality of the ratings you routinely give out to others", you might acquire a weighted reputation which is numerically the equivalent of "dittohead", and thus your influence should be dialed down as well when you click that +1 (or -1 if it came to pass)

    But those are just a few off-the-top-of-my-head factors that would help regulate in an egalitarian and community self-policing way, the onslaught of lowbrow hit-and-run comment-bombs, or sexist and other inappropriate behavior for an enlightened community. There are many many others.

    But this is a wheel that need not be reinvented. Forum software has been around since the late 1970's way-pre-web, then enhanced greatly since deja-vu and all that came after it, but particularly the enterprise software innovators such as vBulletin. This has been their "life's work", and they've mastered the rating up/ rating down, and display control granularity components to hide/ mask/ remove posts within a mass community. Which is why i scratch my head in bewilderment at why sites like fb resort to ape-man crude thumbs-up systems. They are such entry-level data.

    Finally, +Frances Haugen Thanks for elevating this point, and making it a front and center issue. Even since Day 1 of public beta, users here have been anticipating the devastating impacts that will be had on the system when the YouTube style racist, ignorant, angry crowd appear and start firehosing the place with their mentality.

    This was followed by a very provocative comment by Nic, clarifying, because I did not really grasp the full points of his prior comment, which was severely clipped above:

    +Nic Alderton to +Richard Hoefer: You're right, of course, an entire community-wide system would be open to abuse. What I find interesting about the ability to leverage the concept of circles is that a hypothetical -1 button replaces the implication 'This comment is inappropriate' with 'This comment is inappropriate to me - and if you trust my judgement, perhaps to you too.'

    Essentially extremely complex emergent phenomena from set theory.

    +Richard Hoefer to +Nic Alderton : I really want to come back and re-read this and think through it. I have gone to sleep last 2 "nights" at 6am, then 1pm the next day, and now tonight i have to sleep !! I am intrigued because I get the basic concept and it beautiful -- what you just said --- and i am so into that next generation modeling for large complex systems of people. ... I would love to be able to get all of the Pattie Maes MIT Media Lab people who pioneered colaborative filtering into a room with the best thinkers here on all of G+ and frikkin nail this :) ... I'm so sick of a potentially easy solution just never being addressed because nobody will do it . They keep opting for the same simplistic formulas which are archaic.

    Breakout thinking is called for, and I like yours! good night.

    ============== That's as far as this got ============

    However, here is +Nic Alderton's original comment, which I had only excerpted, so that it can be folded in here for possible discussion, if there is interest.

    •••••••• +Nic Alderton - Although it would be a technological solution to a social problem, what sort of opportunities would be presented by being able to filter G+ content with a sliding 'Ignore Inappropriate People' widget which turned down the volume of those so flagged by members of one's own circles?

    This would be a different approach from the current paradigm of reporting people or posts for review by community managers and instead would be more akin to a system of reputation, enhanced by the relevance of the judgement of one's peers.

    Based upon the crowd-sourced judgement of one's specific (and by their very nature trusted circles), one could choose how easily others are ignored and their posts hidden from your G+ experience. For a different individual, with a different set of circles, that same 'inappropriate' person's behaviour may be less troubling and thus their tolerance both by peer judgement and by personal selection would be higher.

    One of the drawbacks is that it could be a silent process; or perhaps that's an advantage. Individuals are neither alerted to the judgement of others nor wittingly penalised for their behaviour. On the one hand, where is the chance to learn? What would be the benefits vs drawbacks of alerting an individual that a post or action had been flagged as inappropriate? On the other hand, silent disapproval would reduce the opportunity for abuse of the system in targeting individuals.

    There may be a danger of an unshakeable smear upon the reputation of new arrivals to G+ who take some time to learn to modulate their behaviour but are initially flagged by many of one's circle as inappropriate; people change and learn; thus a form of half-life to such negative reputation might be useful, allowing it to ebb away and their posts to reappear again as their score falls below one's chosen level of tolerance. If they still appear inappropriate to a certain circle, as their posts reappear they continue to be flagged and they dip back down in 'volume' in one's stream.

    This approach might have the unintended consequence of fracturing the entire G+ infrastructure into different strata of circles, clustering around certain stable ideas of what is considered appropriate and mutually ignoring one another. But then this is a little like sociological clustering anyway.

    In short, a -1 button? :)

    Is there any benefit in committing to technology what is essentially a process of social learning? The concept of using circles to microsource relevant sociological data intrigues me but perhaps accountable online behaviour is a deeper issue.
    Yesterday 11:23 PM (edited 1:39 AM)
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-10-07 03:03:36
    Finally! A documentary about the extremely well-executed strategy of the past 20 years:  “The Brainwashing Of My Dad By Limbaugh, Fox & GOP Media” (Video Trailer. Expand for story link) Many an essay, article, blog post has been written the past 2 decades about this thinktank-funded phenomenon that seeded this angry, bitter nation. Text is easy to be brushed aside; disappear. But now a Kickstarter-funded film by Jen Senko will bring this plan into the open, making it impossible to dismiss.


    I saw this working on my two brothers and sisters, as well as my Dad & Mom. Systematic. Not a casual linkage.

    Berkeley Professor of Linguistics & author +George Lakoff decoded the messaging methodology years ago in his book “Moral Politics” (Amazon reviews:

    Short-link to this post:

    #GOPthinktanks   #MessagingStrategy #FoxNews #TalkRadio   #Limbaugh #Rush #BillOreilly #documentaryfilm   #bitterdiscord   #deathofreasonabledebate

    The Brainwashing of My Dad Trailer
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-09-27 01:18:24
    Reminder:  Taking Screenshots on your Galaxy S3 : An Alternate Way
    For those who take screenshots (screen captures) , you know that Method 1 is to hold your hand in a "karate chop" position, then swipe across the screen Left to Right (or Right to Left). Method 2 is pressing Power button and Home button at same time
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-10-09 12:20:34
    Hmph. Firefighters in Belgium are a lot more imaginative with protests than Firefighters in America.
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  • Richard Hoefer2012-12-27 07:00:20
    +Google+ or +Google+ Help, I spent several hours today searching whether or not one can, by whatever means, preserve their Google+ content, followers, circles, but associate the account with a different Gmail address. I've found the following Google Help pages, plus a few tech sites' explanations (all linked below), but I am still confused. Particularly by the parts that say you can associate another gmail address, but it can't already exist. It's just not clear what that means. So, I want to have a different email address associated with this G+ account. How is it that I'm supposed to create an address for that purpose? And is it still true that I cannot use a new account i created tonight as a replacement email for the one currently associated with this G+ account?  I am totally confused.

    Thank you.   ..... Below are the links to help pages I have read.

    Change your username

    Email addresses associated with your account

    Adding Gmail

    Solve the Google+ Single Account Rule For Multiple Gmail & App Accounts  (non-Google site)

    How Can I Migrate My Google Data from One Account to Another? (Lifehacker)

    Change Google Plus default primary account to another gmail account (Google Groups product forum: from July 2011 -> thru Dec 2012 )!topic/apps/G4-0EwUxTP8

    from that forum, this was offered:

    Dec 1, 2012 - Takeout

    Dec 16, 2012
    You can move your contacts:

    You can move your pages:!topic/google-plus-discuss/y0hdh7ReTCQ

    Unfortunately, your information and photos you have to move manually.


    #changegmailaddress #updateprofile #mergeaccounts #googleaccounts #googleplusaccount #gmailaccount  
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  • Richard Hoefer2012-08-07 22:25:51 … or …

    Unofficial Names. Both go to Google's new interactive global arms map. (I needed a shortcut I wouldn't forget.)

    Google's arms map URL is: ...  (To read the background on this project, see Google's blog-post at this flipped url:

    Speaking as a UX Designer, this is one of the best complex data presentations I have ever seen. (I believe there is a visual tool for the human genome project, but I just looked for 30 min and nothing comes close.) Congratulations to the UX, UI, and Engineering Team who developed and launched this important resource. …(The best thing ever I had seen prior to this is - for viewing musicians/bands in relation to one another; same for films.)

    I was totally absorbed last night when I finally had time to start clicking, country-by country. I spent more than 2-hours just on "year 1" (1992) alone, fascinated by both the massive amount of relationship-data being shown on the map - and by the stunning interface & content presentation system Google's team created. It's a tool no doubt, it's engineered for high performance, and it's kinetic art as well, with endless artistic compositions.

    Since I only got through 1992 last night, (I wanted screenshots of various country-country relationships) , I have a lot more digging to do. That year alone yielded two surprises I wouldn't have known, and they are interesting:

    Who supplied Saudi Arabia with arms and ammunition?
    France, and only France.
    Who supplied Israel with arms & ammo?
    The U.S. of course, but also … Columbia, in roughly same proportion.

    For these 2 pairings alone (4 countries), it's fascinating to then jump to 2010 to see if the situation is different.

    See SLIDESHOW of 50 countries in 1992, screenshots taken from Google's arms map.

    I am going to do a matching set for 2010. It's very hard to absorb the data or do a comparative analysis with full context of a period of time when you are only clicking dynamically on the interactive map. Static shots that isolate country-pairings are, for me, more deeply digestible. YMMV :) |  (These are shortcuts to Google's visualization tool.) (Google's blog post about the arms trade data project)

    #armstrade #visualizationideas #googleinnovation #mapvisualization #UXdesign #armsmap #maparms #armsglobe
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  • Richard Hoefer2011-08-04 08:59:26
    •••INITIALLY LIVE TV, now recorded playback: a G+ hangout, output & broadcast onto one of the first "YouTube LIVE" Channels, then that YouTube URL embedded into a G+ Post, creating an embedded player here of LIVE TV !

    ••• READ MY COMMENTS BELOW which describe THIS LIVE SIMULCAST EXPERIMENT, first of its kind, happened tonight, from Michael Mozart ....

    Michael is one of first YouTube Channel Content makers who has been given the new beta "Live Channel" status and capability. He can broadcast live from Youtube. But what he's figured out how to do is EMBED his LIVE streams HERE at G+ into a POST he makes. Then he has others share his post. Brilliant new distribution model for live content that's a serious platform for music, comedy, interviews etc that could rival TV networks in AUDIENCE #s. For real.
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-06-16 04:21:55
    Finally after almost 2 years, Google gets it that users who haven't been part of Google+ don't understand their term  "hangout" . Gmail now says "video call"

    #branding #informationdesign #mainstream #consumerunderstanding
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-08-19 00:53:53
    Wow.  Google/ Youtube are further escalating their "suggestion" that users convert their original channel names, which people have had for years, to their fullname.  This is Escalation Messaging #4. Each has gotten increasingly more insistent. ... They say "more options coming". And I am sure these "options" will include what I have chosen the prior 3 times. #reallyannoying  #GoogleProductMessaging
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-04-13 11:22:18
    well done!

    Reshared text:
    Charge your phone anywhere with this solar window charger.
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  • Richard Hoefer2011-10-04 07:04:25
    (originally shared by +Armando Lioss)

    ••• FINALLY! WATCH A NICE SMACKDOWN OF FOX NEWS: Sharp, Articulate, Media-fluent, Soundbite-ready activist from Occupy Wall Street, Jesse LaGraca, talks to the Fox Prop who was fishing for standard narratives...

    Lesson to Progressives: This is how it's done. This is how to know your frame, but play the rhythm of the Prop Tool -- don't just go launch into your own list of Talking Points. Jesse shows with perfection how critical it is to listen to the tool, no matter what he or she is setting up, address their question, then flip it, but then end your statement. Because you WANT them to ask you another question so you can do it again, as Jesse demonstrates flawlessly. The mistakes made over and over by The Good Guys is, being so thirsty for the mic that when you get the air time, you then launch your scathing indictment of the whole affair. That makes BAD TV. And the purpose of getting on TV is to make impressions, otherwise no reason to be on TV. If you do what Jesse show here, and let the Tool talk and have his "floor", he will ask you something else. But if you try to squeeze all your points into one opportunity, it looks forced, annoys the Fox Tool, who will just go away. There's much better impact on the Toolhead Audience when you confound their expectations and destroy their narrative.
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-11-11 05:06:22
    OK, fine. I have been told to please remove this post, that being angry does no good. Ok. Why are you, +Google+ forcing a new Google+ profile on me that I did not ask for? Doesn't this violate the TERMS OF SERVICE of Google+ by forcing a new additional Google+ account on me, tied to my different email address? Isn't that part of the definition of sock-puppet? It was already way over the line that Google has bulldozed longtime Youtube users to accept your assigned Google+ profile. Then you publish a private youtube user name next to my real name on a different Google gmail account. I don't know where I ever gave Google permission to vacuum up YEARS of personally identifiable information about me, any gmail alias I have used, as well as my home residence address which I have never ever given to Google at any part of your eco-system, and then publish to a Google account I never gave you permission to access in that way.

    I have been asked by Google approx 15 times prior this past year if I wanted to link an anonymous youtube account to a different email address of mine, turning that youtube account into an account bearing my real name. I declined all 15 times. Between yesterday and today you bulldozed right over me and persisted in doing something I never asked for, have never wanted. I have had one Google+ account for 2 years. Please explain to me why I need another one, especially forced upon me. What does that accomplish.

    I was told by someone here I needed to change what I said because if I want Google to walk back their actions, i should not be angry. But why is that? I have seen "favorite childs" of Google exec express anger and outrage during the nym wars here on Google+. So why was all of that ok, but this is not?
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-10-09 10:13:42
    Sometimes I can't tell where stuff comes from:  This is a screenshot from my Firefox browser... and the message underneath the circled "favicon" says:  "Google Talk is enabled on" ... I don't know what I might have done there to enable anything. But it doesn't show up on my Chrome browser. Have others seen this?*
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  • Richard Hoefer2012-11-01 22:03:04
    A few views of Google's SUPERSTORM SANDY special-featured "Crisis Maps" from .

    INFO about the Google Maps special project:
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-06-19 22:56:09
    Very interesting to me how the 3 former members of the NSA did a very public whistleblowing of this whole collection and storage of American citizens' communications in 2012, and it never bubbled up into mainstream news as a momentous story (h/t +Eric Swerdlin ). To me it says a lot about the deterioration of the whole U.S. as a thriving representative democracy. In the last 15 years especially, all 3 branches of govt have been polluted and derailed by increasing lobbyist money financing Congressional and Presidential campaigns.

    It's totally analogous to me: Facebook users have been aware for years about privacy invasions of their data, even with big media stories about it, and yet they shrug their shoulders and keep on with their habits, pretending the use of their private data isn't really that important. Certainly not important enough for the whole issue to impair or disrupt Facebook's steady gameplan.

    Americans, by and large, don't like to spend time and effort to build, then assess, Big Picture views of what used to be vs how our system operates today. The bulk have had their attention spans so conditioned to shorter and shorter intervals of time, that screenwriters of Big Blockbuster Movies have formulas now to maintain audience interest, building in action sequences every 5-7 minutes. Paragraphs reduce to tweets. Memory fades faster and faster with the TV News Spectacular Circus format which focuses on facets, minor details and snips vs providing any form of continuity to the telling stories arcing under the circus layer.

    This post won't be discussed because it takes too much effort. A photo or gif is the preferred format.

    A real shame about a great nation in collapse.
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  • Richard Hoefer2012-12-11 21:51:32
    New University of California logo spurs mockery, Petition To Abandon It
    It was done in-house, not with an agency. It already appears on the favicon of UC pages. This affects UCSF, one of the finest health science universities in the world, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and UC San DIego.
    CBSnews: #Branding #logodesign #newlogo #UniversityofCalifornia #UC #UCSF #Calberkeley #baddesign #UClogo #UCnewlogo
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-12-28 07:37:33
    If you've updated to Android 4.3 >  Do you know where these settings are now?
    • Developer Options   • USB  Debugging   • MTP / PTP ?  I had no problems using 4.2 and USB cable to my Mac using Android File Transfer. Since 4.3, Android file transfer doesn't recognize my device, and I know it's because I haven't yet been able to find the above settings. Thank you.
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-08-19 10:13:37
    This is just too bizarre... And instantly spawns in me the ridiculously conspiratorial question: What could take down Google's entire ecosystem of services for 2 - 4 minutes? Surely not some goofy Hollywood movie gag where someone has tapped into their entire fiber optic backbone? Nahhhh, far-fetched. Who has that kind of capability?

    Reshared text:
    Google goes down, takes down 40% of internet traffic with it.

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  • Richard Hoefer2011-07-13 08:22:16
    G+ Tips: possible offsite forum to aggregate all the TIPS

    The URL will be .......

    +Christina Trapolino The intent would be for a limited time period during this beta period.... Since G+ has no bookmarks, no hashtags, no way to have a groups of all tip-contributors to subscribe to a collection of threads or topics, there has already built up a vast ocean of posts and comments that quickly become orphaned rolling out of view, very hard to capture and maintain further discussion on -- from people in a different time zone, for example, who missed a real-time discussion.

    REQUEST ?? To first aggregate and populate a single-URL tool/page that captures ALL of this, easy to remember, easy to get to... Then it provides a place to build out one;s thinking on a given topic. Naturally it feels awkward to not have everything take place here at G+, but the facts prove themselves.... the tools aren't here... the stuff is all over the place. Yes I have seen the one site from the local seo person. Very nice but i can't remember that. Yes i have seen a shared Google doc but it's not interactive enough.

    MORE TIP-CREATORS/ UX DISCUSSERS +M Sinclair Stevens +Andrew Maxwell +Nyc Labrets +Wilhelm Fitzpatrick +Aaron Sherman +Trey Harris +Fernando Fonseca +Clare White +Ahmed Zeeshan +Bradley Horowitz +Theofrenz Cayambas +Ryan IT Lab +Mike Acton +Robert . +Adam Kumiszcza +Simon Laustsen +Christian Nennemann +Michael Winser +Nic Alderton +Peter Di Cecco +Dave Gray +Team Circles
    (who else is there, at least let there be a list?) (btw, we know you googlers have it covered on your end, and prob have some great annotation and share tools that work with the G+ feedback tool.. but we have ideas too that don't fit into the feedbox format :) )

    ANY TAKERS? * get a few volunteers to use the "Search within G+ site" function to find all Usability tips... but ALSO capture *all the UX discussions about what is lacking in the G+ service, and what is needed -- and the many many specific suggestions that have been made to date about how to accomplish some of the objectives --- such as filtering annoying or "downrated" comments from your stream... (that's just one of many examples)

    Put it this way. It can't hurt. I'll install phpBB right now and hook it up and come back with username and password info and trust that anyone who might have an interest would just go for it. it's 1am i have to go to bed before 1:30am :)

    Any PHPbb pros out there who can help me set up some forums and apply a decent skin, maybe some simple css adjustments?
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-09-14 04:31:59
    Hi, a quick question:
    Can a public Google+ Community be renamed?

    Thank you.
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-06-14 03:16:40
    I haven't tested all scenarios with the new Notifications Display system ... but upon first glance I like the visual logic now of the Bell signifying "Notifications", and the red-box number indicating how many... like "Missed Calls". Seems to tie Android app + desktop better together. Also nice that when all are read, the grey Bell is without numbers attached. What are people's reactions?
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-05-09 06:09:34
    From TIME MAGAZINE's "Backstory" segment for acclaimed photographs:  #bangladeshfactoryfire  
                    Around 2 a.m., I found a couple embracing each other in the rubble. The lower parts of their bodies were buried under the concrete. The blood from the eyes of the man ran like a tear.
                   This photo is haunting me all the time. It’s as if they are saying to me, "we are not a number — not only cheap labor and cheap lives. We are human beings like you". .... If the people responsible don’t receive the highest level of punishment, we will see this type of tragedy again. 
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-06-01 09:50:15
    Very interesting question posed to Patrick Stewart re: domestic violence in his childhood... and what he's most proud of in his life besides acting. Remarkably candid and compassionate answer.
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-08-01 09:26:13
    Wed July 31, 2013. 1) Investigative reporter Glenn Greenwald reports on yet another NSA illegal surveillance program "X-Keyscore". 2) NY Times Pulitzer-prize winning Investigative reporter James Risen states: "I've been an investigative reporter for a long time and almost always the government says that when you write a story, it's going to cause damage, and then they can never back it up...It's like the boy who cried wolf. It's getting old." 3) CNN Legal analyst, fresh from an embarrassing debate with Greenwald just a day ago, comes back for more, claiming Snowden goes off to China & Russia? 4) Greenwald challenges "he wanted a national debate on these secret programs and he cannot participate in that debate in the USA; that's the only reason he went there. 5) James Risen asks the seminal question to Piers Morgan: Which document do you think we shouldn't be talking about right now?

    These topics and more in this video segment.
    #nsa #edwardsnowden #Fisacourt #glenngreenwald #jamesrisen #XKeyscore
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-09-22 12:37:10
    Something in the air - from Pete Townshend's other band... Some great archival footage here incl hippies in SF
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-10-29 00:27:41
    Problems with Organizing Photos in an AlbumSwitch to Chrome browser. This is more of an answer than a question. If you're having problems with Organize Photos getting the images to display, yet you can see all the thumbnail placeholders appearing to try to load, you need to switch to Chrome Browser. I kept trying and trying in Firefox, disabling all extensions, but still the images never load and appear.

    When I searched help for this topic, (SCREENSHOT: ) I got three relevant returns, from 3 different Google Product Forum posts, none of which had this answer — and they all are, of course, shut down from new postings.  (Such as this help request:!topic/google-plus-discuss/VAzxpZ0uHHU )

    I hope this post here indexes well, so that future people having this problem can find the answer: It works in Chrome. Other browsers may not work. :)
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-02-06 07:05:28
    +Google+ Help +Jaana Nyström  , Question re How CIRCLES Handle Duplicates of Individuals Toward Your Maximum # of 5000: .. I hit that 5000 maximum # recently, but I know since 2011-12 I have a lot of Duplication of people such as: I originally circled Mark Traphagen; later he was in several Shared Circles I added like "most engaging people" , "SEO Experts" and "Marketing experts".  Does each appearance count toward the maximum # of people I can have in circles? Or does the system ignore multiple occurrences of a given person? I'm finally going to redo my entire circles, but want to know this. Thanks!
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  • Richard Hoefer2012-08-11 06:48:27
    share without comment ...

    Reshared text:
    #obama2012   #mittromney   #paulryan  
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-08-03 05:30:32
    Who can trace this further: Which U.S. Senate Office edited Eric Snowden's +Wikipedia entry? ... changing "dissident" to "traitor"?  It may be some people's opinions but I wonder which "intern" will "be immediately terminated"? hah.
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-07-02 03:25:39
    US Mainstream "reporters", most notably "Meet The Press" anchor David Gregory,  continue to muse whether The Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald, who published Snowden's NSA Data Collection programs, (a) is a real journalist and (b) should he be prosecuted for Espionage?.  As to (a), this is how Gregory routinely blurs his credentials, such as dancing with dogs , Psy and "MC Rove" : | |  | | |

    Gregory is best known for his "MC Rove" dancing with the very person he was supposed to be covering as a journalist. Amazingly, Gregory last week questioned if Glenn Greenwald is a real journalist or not.

    The subject of journalism in America now with reporters being charged with crimes for writing stories, is an important one. Below
    is gpluser's view +John Lipscomb.

    Reshared text:
    Sitting here in a Marriott hotel in Southern California having breakfast in the restaurant lobby. Near me on the wall is a TV set with CNN blaring away with a bunch of lamer, talking heads on some show by David Gregory.

    The topic of the discussion is, get this: Should Glen Greenwald be prosecuted for reporting the Ed Snowden story??

    Are you even fucking kidding me? So the lamer beltway media is now throwing Greenwald under the bus? He's one of the few honest reporters remaining in the U.S. The guy is a fricken patriot of the highest order and his so-called colleagues are "discussing" prosecution. Really?

    These morons need to be reminded of the 1st Amendment and it's importance to our democracy. It's a fundamental tool to help keep the lying, cheating rascals in the check. Prosecution of journalists for exercising their responsibilities under this amendment is an assault on the Constitution itself. WTF is WRONG with this country?

    We just lost Michael Hastings, another crusading journalist seeking truth, under very strange circumstances that should make everyone at least stop and take notice. Now we have to listen to the lamer talking heads as they take aim at Glen Greenwald and I find myself asking out loud, WTF is happening to our democracy?

    Honestly, being back here in the states this week has been very depressing. No, scratch that. It's been downright frightening.
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-04-27 07:32:42
    "I will never live a day of my life from now on without it... It's that significant".

    Quite a stunning statement. Way beyond what I would have expected.

    Reshared text:
    My two-week review of Google Glass: it all depends on the price

    This week I gave five speeches while wearing it.
    I passed through airports four times (two more in a couple of hours).
    I let hundreds of people try my Google Glass.
    I have barely taken it off since getting it other than to sleep.

    Here's my review after having Google Glass for two weeks:

    1. I will never live a day of my life from now on without it (or a competitor). It's that significant. 
    2. The success of this totally depends on price. Each audience I asked at the end of my presentations "who would buy this?" As the price got down to $200 literally every hand went up. At $500 a few hands went up. This was consistent, whether talking with students, or more mainstream, older audiences.
    3. Nearly everyone had an emotional outburst of "wow" or "amazing" or "that's crazy" or "stunning." 
    4. At NextWeb 50 people surrounded me and wouldn't let me leave until they had a chance at trying them. I haven't seen that kind of product angst at a conference for a while. This happened to me all week long, it is just crazy.
    5. Most of the privacy concerns I had before coming to Germany just didn't show up. I was shocked by how few negative reactions I got (only one, where an audience member said he wouldn't talk to me with them on). Funny, someone asked me to try them in a bathroom (I had them aimed up at that time and refused).
    6. There is a total generational gap that I found. The older people said they would use them, probably, but were far more skeptical, or, at minimum, less passionate about the fact that these are the future, than the 13-21-year-olds I met.

    So, let's cover the price, first of all. I bet that +Larry Page is considering two price points: something around $500, which would be very profitable. Or $200, which is about what the bill of materials costs. When you tear apart the glasses, like someone else did (I posted that to my Flipboard "Glasshole" magazine) you see a bunch of parts that aren't expensive. This has been designed for mass production. In other words, millions of units. The only way Google will get there is to price them under $300.

    I wouldn't be shocked if Larry went very aggressive and priced them at $200. Why would Google do this? 

    Easy: I'm now extremely addicted to Google services. My photos and videos automatically upload to Google+. Adding other services will soon be possible (I just got a Twitter photo app that is being developed by a third party) but turning on automatic uploads to other services will kill my batteries on both my phone and my glasses (which doesn't have much battery life anyway). So, I'm going to be resistant to adding Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Evernote, and Tumblr to my glasses. Especially when Google+ works darn well and is the default. 

    Also, Google is forbidding advertising in apps. This is a HUGE shift for Google's business model. I believe Larry Page is moving Google from an advertising-based company to a commerce based company.

    The first thing I tried that it failed on was "find me a Sushi restaurant." I'm sure that will get fixed soon and, Google could collect a micropayment anytime I complete a transaction like reserving a seat at a restaurant, or getting a book delivered to my house, or, telling something like Bloomingdales "get me these jeans." 

    There is literally billions of dollars to be made with this new commerce-based system, rather than force us to sit and look at ads, the way Facebook and tons of other services do.

    When you wear these glasses for two weeks you get the affordance is totally different and that having these on opens you up to a new commerce world. Why?

    1. They are much more social than looking at a cell phone. Why? I don't need to look away from you to use Google, or get directions, or do other things. 
    2. The voice works and works with nearly every one and in every situation. It's the first product that literally everyone could use it with voice. It's actually quite amazing, even though I know that the magic is that it expects to hear only a small number of things. "OK Glass, Take a Picture" works. "OK Glass, Take a Photo" doesn't. The Glass is forcing your voice commands to be a certain set of commands and no others will be considered. This makes accuracy crazy high, even if you have an accent.

    I continue to be amazed with the camera. It totally changes photography and video. Why? I can capture moments. I counted how many seconds it takes to get my smartphone out of my pocket, open it up, find the camera app, wait for it to load, and then take a photo. Six to 12 seconds. With Google Glass? Less than one second. Every time. And I can use it without having hands free, like if I'm carrying groceries in from the car and my kids are doing something cute. 

    I've been telling people that this reminds me of the Apple II, which I unboxed with my dad back in 1977. It was expensive. It didn't do much. But I knew my life had changed in a big way and would just get better and better. Already this week I've gotten a new RSS app, the New York Times App, and a Twitter app. With many more on the way.

    This is the most interesting new product since the iPhone and I don't say that lightly.

    Yeah, we could say the camera isn't good in low light. We could say it doesn't have enough utility. It looks dorky. It freaks some people out (it's new, that will go away once they are in the market). 

    But I don't care. This has changed my life. I will never live a day without it on. 

    It is that significant. 

    Now, Larry, find a way to make it $200 and you'll have a major hit on your hands.

    (Attached are dozens of photos I shot over the past two weeks with it).
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-06-05 21:30:47
    Where do I search, now, for existing Communities ? I want to find one/more on Google Drive, but I can't see where the search is to find existing Community. I don't want to start one. Thank you!
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-04-27 03:57:55
    Does anyone feel like you're now getting LESS posts per page ... before the MORE link appears ?

    I do. ....  Before Thursday, I rarely got the "MORE" link at the bottom. The little grey globe would spin, more content would load below, and I would have the "limitless scrolling". Only occasionally would I see the More link. But for past 2 days, I'm getting something like 12-15 posts "per page", with the  More link almost always appearing... Anyone else? If so, SHARE THIS please, to get more feedback.
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-03-21 00:10:11
    Google KEEP is easy to use!  Voice Notes, Photos by voice command, change color, SHARE!

    I'm impressed so far. What about you?

    Press Mic icon to Voice a note, then you can add a photo to that note by clicking the camera icon. When you've composed the image, don't even have to press screen, just say Capture. !
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-01-03 00:27:57
    BIZARRA!  Al Gore couldn't make his & entrepreneurial partner Joel Hyatt's TV Network "Current TV" work as Time-Warner Cable readies to drop the channel.  In comes Al Jazeera to purchase it for $400 million. What's odd for me was how Gore envisioned & positioned the network from the start 7 years ago. So many people wanted him to create a Progressive News Network... on the Web. This was before MSNBC converted it's centrist network into the partisan network it is today. Instead they insisted on a cable channel, targeted teens, 20-somethings to 30-something, gave them digital video cameras, with the goal to teach them video literacy then make their own programming that would run on current tv.

    I have no idea when that format was dropped, because I never had cable to get current to begin with.

    I'm saddened for Gore, but he probably is losing no sleep over it. The best article I read about him, following his choice to bow out of the 2000 Presidential Election dispute, and how this whole Current TV venture came together in 2002 was published in 2007 by Fast Company titled Al Gore's $100 Million Makeover . . Definitely worth a read. Here's an excerpt:

    "After the election, Hyatt began talking with Gore about the sorry state of television and the role that the broadcast media play in the public sphere. "The line between news and entertainment is blurred," as Gore now puts it. "Much of TV is mind deadening. It's a one-way conduit of knowledge." The two men discussed what Hyatt calls "an utter lack of innovation in the media industry"--a barely disguised oligopoly, as they saw it, controlling both content and competition. "We decided that we wanted to build a new kind of media company to democratize--small d--television first and the media industry generally," Hyatt says. They would give viewers from 18 to 34 the means to create and control what went on the air--a user-generated model now familiar thanks to the likes of YouTube and MySpace, but a shot in the dark for TV back in 2002."

    #Algore #Joelhyatt #currenttv #aljazeera #fastcompany #cablechannel #TimeWarner #ElliotSpitzer 
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-07-20 08:43:43
    I just saw this and had to re-post it. Hilarious.

    Reshared text:
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  • Richard Hoefer2014-03-16 06:26:43
    Testy, spirited "Overtime" Q&A Session with audience question on the new COSMOS TV Series and will it further the divide between Science and Religion? ... fielded by a super panel on HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher:  Salman Rushdie, Andrew Sullivan, Seth MacFarlane,  "Tiger Mom" Amy Chua, & overpopulation author Alan Weisman.  Start at 5min: 45secs in WATCH
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-04-27 09:16:42
    HOW GOOGLE GLASS WORKS:  A fascinating Infographic from German artist Martin Missfeldt !     #googleglass

    Download complete infograph: (right-click-on; save-link-as)
    Author's blog post:
    This blog makes small correction: "an image is actually not projected directly onto the retina; it is refracted by the cornea and focused by the lens".
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  • Richard Hoefer2012-11-21 05:49:44
    Fifteen, study
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  • Richard Hoefer2012-10-28 01:02:40
    October 27, 2012
    News to Me: Google/Android phasing out USB cable direct connectivity to mobile devices. This Photo Gallery documents the Samsung Galaxy S3's known problems connecting to Macs. The Galaxy S3, just like Google's third Nexus phone, the Galaxy Nexus, uses Android's newer chosen file transfer protocol "MTP", created by Microsoft, but not supported by Apple. This replaces USM, which is why what used to be standard on practically every Android smartphone - USB data-cable direct connectivity to your computer - is now a new issue.

     (I've had 4 prior Android phones; before that they were all WindowsMobile; I’ve never had an iphone.)

    I just bought my Galaxy S 3 three weeks ago, in part because of its high quality camera. I researched a bunch of high-end phones before buying the S3. So it fascinates me that nowhere did I ever see this pointed out - that I would not be able to pull my pictures off my phone from my SD card - and onto my Mac computer.  While researching buying the S3, I saw that the Galaxy Nexus did not have an external SD card slot, which was a big reason I picked the S3.  I now read the upcoming Nexus 4 phone also has no external SD card slot.

    But in all the articles I've read where any statements have been made by Android engineers, it is stated that support for USB data out will be provided for phones that do provide an external SD card. And that doing so might be a compromise solution… (That’s fine, no problem, just want it to work.) … It was also stated that due to a UX philosophy of Android to never have a user faced with needing a File Manager. I’m a UX designer: I think that’s very smart. And I agree with the various examples of how this would avoid mainstream consumers from being faced with dialogue boxes of “Pick the folder where you’d like to save pictures to”, with a file manager tool there.

    At the same time: many Android fans comment back that they love Android for giving people the access and options to do anything they'd like to do; and that's the most powerful differentiator between iOS. In other words: “Don’t deprive us from using a file picker. Wasn't that what you're all about as well?”.

    As for who is sharing this problem with me: Sure, it's just Mac Users.. the very group the Samsung Galaxy S3 specifically targeted to go after, and allegedly succeeded in doing so. The Galaxy S3 continues to be the highest-selling phone in the United States, dethroning the iPhone. Did that PR from this phone move the needle ever so slightly in a way that helped Android adoption? If so, is it not worth solving this problem for those Mac Users who maybe just switched OS's?

    The last series of screenshots are from Youtube comments to videos I searched specifically on the subject S3 and transferring files to Macs, hoping to see something I was doing wrong that would explain why my S3 was not being recognized.  Comments show that Google's "Android File Transfer" app was working with Macs several months ago, enabling cable-USB connecting between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and a Mac! Yes! .... but that recent updates have somehow made Android's "FileTransfer" app to display only error messages "No Android Device Found" or "Could Not Connect to Device".

    This post is intended to document the process I experienced so that maybe someone else after me will not have to be puzzled and confused about “why is it not working?”. It could have been easy if someone just explained it to me.

    #Android #Samsunggalaxys3 #samsunggalaxysiii #ICS #jellybean #MTP #mediatransferprotocol #USB #USM #PTP #filetransfer #androidfiletransfer #Galaxynexus #Mac #USBcable #uxdesign #mobileUX #ux
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-06-09 23:40:53
    Thanks for posting, +Michael Mozart.  #PRISM
    I have been looking all around today to find what Snowden has to say about the whole issue of "direct access to servers" at Google, facebook, etc. Is anyone reporting information that clears that up very specifically?

    Reshared text:
    Top Tweets Regarding the relevation that Edward Snowden exposed the Prism System! NOTE, It's being reported that the Guardian may have thousands of Pages of information regarding Prism from Snowden! +Arianna Huffington 
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-02-12 20:41:34
    Mardi Gras,
    everybody!   (finally got back to desktop app and could edit this post)
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-01-19 20:43:15
    Cat encounters snow for first time

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  • Richard Hoefer2013-03-19 01:39:12
    If you've never seen what happens when Earth stops...

    Reshared text:

    That's intense. That's intense right there.
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-11-10 22:59:06
    Trapped, completely: Google has now completed it's strategy to force users to link a +Google+ profile to a Youtube account if you simply want to post a comment anywhere on Youtube. Some will say Google had nothing but honorable intentions, and it has been 100% about cleaning up the sludge-hole that Youtube comments have been since the very start of the site. But others see the clever way Google is upping their usage statistics for Google+ adoption.

    I was going to do the full graphical treatment here, posting a slideshow of one year's worth of escalating Google messaging to Youtube users, initially selling it as an "upgrade" and true value-add: "Now you can link a Google+ page to Youtube! Awesome, isn't it?" and clearly giving Youtubers the option to do this if they wanted to. Then, as the marketing campaign continued, the messaging kept getting progressively less a choice and more a forced compliance. Until now, the campaign is complete:

    Youtube users are now locked out from commenting anywhere on Youtube, even to user replies to one's own videos, unless user complies with Google's order that now bumps up its Google+ user count.

    Curious about your thoughts, +Angyl Bender  , given how involved you were in the whole nym wars campaign to force, or gently persuade, +Vic Gundotra   to ease up on the original requirement that you can not get to join Google+ unless you use your birth name or "real name"…?

    Don't all of the very same arguments apply? • Youtube users who have a channel name that is not their real name and they've built it into a brand? • People not being able to post controversial subject matter lest it be connected to your real name — thereby putting such persons at risk of losing their job? • No more "whistleblowers" who have documented corrupt and illegal practices?

    By now most who are active users of +Google+ (no longer able to +mention Google+ I see)  have heard about or read directly the comments of Youtube co-founder Jawed Karim — very unhappy about  this new Google strategy to force creation of, and use of,  a Google+ account if a person wants to add even a comment to Youtube.

    Many in the comments cite the "whaaaambulance" of Karim, who has his 2-digit millions from the buyout by Google.

    But here is the part I just do not get, and +Yonatan Zunger , maybe you could address this since you have been the principal engineer of the Google+/Youtube Commenting-system integration — which I think, other than this issue, is fantastic… . I hope this does not feel like my trying to force an answer. But rather sincerely I am interested in your answer to the following:

    Google+ does not want sock-puppet accounts on the social network. I agree with that policy, or desire, 100%. So then why would Google erect all of these walls across their whole ecosystem forcing any gmail user account into being a Google+ account, thus paving the way for huge expansions of such sock-puppeting on Google+ ? They (you) seem to be trying to social-engineer compliance such that the cost of now using any older anonymous Youtube accounts is too high, forcing only 1 choice:  (a) forced linkage of an anonymous YT account to a Google+ account, or (b) stop using Youtube all-together with your anonymous account.

    I'm really very unhappy about this. I have been very politically involved in the US, posting many videos over the years related to the Bush trumped up war in Iraq, to all sorts of current day issues. I believe I should have the right to maintain some degree of anonymity in posting controversial videos. But Google has now made this issue non-negotiable:  Link up or get lost. I can see the value Google gets by dramatically upping its Google+ subscriber count. But it seems like such a high pain factor to whole segments of Youtube users.

    I for one, as a very early adopter of Youtube, long before Google bought it, have, from the start, wanted a better commenting system at Youtube, with strong up vote, down vote, and flagging against hate speech. But in the end, I really sincerely do not believe that this whole Google+ linkage requirement is principally about cleaning up gutter commenting on Youtube.

    I don't have high readership here, so I know I won't get any significant discussion here, but i sure would love to hear from you both +Vic Gundotra  and +Yonatan Zunger  on this.

    Thank you for reading.
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-10-14 03:33:34
    Where can I find a great FAQ on how to backup and restore my S3 before doing a factory reset? (for stock, not rooted)... UPDATED: Link to PhotoGallery documenting my use of #Helium #backup #recovery app: I had a ton of apps (350+) and Helium failed repeatedly. You should ask +ClockworkMod what is highest number of apps they know for certain works. Every single single thing I did, throughout each phase of process, is documented by video and screenshots (not yet posted here).

    So I advise your getting a clarification statement from them. I paid for the premium app, and very annoyed that they did not support me after I provided them the complete photo evidence. If you don't get this assurance, be careful or you may have huge errors that take multiple days to sort out.

    In my original post here, I was seeking help primarily from the Restore Sequence to understand which things dont get perfectly restored.

    I use Nova Launcher prime and do a ton of customizations. I know I back that up. I have various Widgetsoid toggle bars and i back those up, but in past times i've done this, i cant figure out how to restore. And does NovaLauncher store their placements on screen?

    I also have one homescreen with 5x6 = 30 "Folder Organizer" custom Folders, each with custom icons, and bunches of apps within them. I know i back that up too.

    2 News screens filled with flipboard and pulse and BBC news widgets. Music player widgets and calendar widgets on other screens.

    ===== BACKUP =====

    1. I understand that Helium, from one of the CyanogenMod guys is highly recommended for Apps data.
    2. Contact info gets reinstalled via Gmail associated account.
    3. Photos, movies, docs I need to manually back up. I use usb cable connection & Android File Transfer to copy onto my mac.
    4. SMS - I have a backup file thru one of those apps. I use Handcent and I know they have their cloud too. Should I use it?
    5. Apps themselves don't need backup since I think they all start to auto-download from Google Play after I set up the freshly wiped phone. Is that correct?

    ====== RESTORE PROCESS ====

    This is where I get confused. In which order do I sequence the various restore files? This is what I truly am asking for here. Thx!
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-11-11 11:38:16
    Hello +Peggy K, I'm late to the party. I'm trying to get beyond being mad and instead just take the least offensive path to removing the linkage of my anon YT channel to my business Gmail address I use — and instead associate it to a G+ Page as described in this integration blog post:
    It says I can associate my YT channel with a Google+ page. And they say to do it from within Youtube or it won't work properly to accomplish the goal. So I've now spent 2 hours back and forth at my YT channel settings page, trying to associate the channel with a new G+ page that got created by my following the steps. I'm getting what appears to be partial success... But I keep trying to now un-associate my business email address from that channel. But each time I try to add an alternate gmail address (I have tried 3 of my different gmail accounts i have for site logins),  and each time it sends an authorization message to the alt gmail address, I attempt to have that address verified as required. But instead I keep getting this error message.  (see slide #2)

    Any guess as to why? Thank you
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-01-19 23:40:52
    Wiki recommendation? Which of the free web-hosted wiki services would you recommend?      I've looked through various compare links but seems to really come down to or . Can anyone speak for or against using one of these... or mention another?  Users would be subject matter experts, but not necessarily tech savvy at all. Thank you
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-02-04 04:26:06
    Only at the end, Tide won the Superbowl Ads.
    Judging by the crowd in San Francisco I watched the Superbowl with, this ad got the best reaction... but only at the end. (video embedded below)
    Others: I liked Doritos "Goat 4 Sale". Silly but memorable: Doritos® - Goat 4 Sale -- Crash the Super Bowl 2013 Finalist 
    Pizza Hut was very clever. I've never seen that association having been made before. It included all demographics too: Pizza Hut 2013 Big Game Commercial - HUT HUT HUT
    I liked Audi's "Prom": Audi 2013 Big Game Commercial - "Prom"

    Losers were Mercedes Benz, Go Daddy. Most sappy: Paul Harvey..."So god made a farmer"

    #superbowlcommercials #superbowlads #superbowl47 #superbowl2013  
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-07-10 22:27:41
    Google+ Users'  "_Chief Illustration Officer_" +Ronnie Bincer (!) posts about Google's change to the "post has been edited" visual notification method. I have a set of opinions about this where I have some disagreement over the ultimate value to readers.

    I freely admit I often make assumptions which are not at all necessarily true.. but serve as discussion points. Here are my views which I wrote as a comment on Ronnie's thread:

    "What do you think re: the full communication value of clearly denoting "Edited"+Google+ 's choice is probably not trivial: (1) From a reader's perspective, "Edited" could signal that a post's content has been changed some time after comments & discussion. And that's highly relevant information. (2) But from a poster's perspective, I often have made speelling errors (like shown here), and I simply have cleaned up my errors. I would not want to signal to readers that somehow I've changed the core content.

    However, like with so many issues regarding the 20+ years of history of the evolution of FORUMS,  Google "product people" seem to me often disinterested in lesson after lesson learned over the decades. For example: Most forum software for years has enabled Forum Administrators to determine a time length in minutes during which users can edit their posts without "(Edited)" showing up. That accounts for the spelling and formatting issues being handled without any signal that content has been changed.

    To me, Google could do the very obvious thing that people have learned long before Google+ was invented:  Provide a 5 minute (or 10 min) window during which posts can be reformatted or have minor changes made to improve clarity — before an "Edited" note shows.  After that chosen window, then the post DOES get mark "edited".... And I would argue as a UX pro that users are served well to know a post has been edited. It doesn't ever presume "Oh, they went and changed it after criticism!"... But it is relevant information to be told "This has been edited".

    In addition to FORUM software's learned knowledge over decades, wikipedia and other wikis understand the importance of cluing people in. And most certainly NEWS SITES follow this practice.

    I just feel as though Google product designers almost always disregard valuable lessons, and instead figure it out for themselves as though living in a vacuum where the issue is "completely new", and they will now solve it the Google way.

    You are much more politic than I am, Ronnie, but I'm curious about your own view of the relative value of being informed explicitly, vs in a buried way. ?"

    ——— Anyone else think the "(Edited)" notation should remain more explicit ... but that also a reasonable time period of 5-to-10 minutes be allowed for Posters to correct errors before "edited" will show up?

    Reshared text:
    New way shows posts or comments have been Edited

    Now when we see a Google Plus Post or a Google Plus Comment, we have a different way to verify if the item has been edited or not.

    As shown below, we can hover over the time-stamp of the post (or comment) and see the popup info that tells us when the item was originally posted and when it was last edited.

    In the past we saw the word Edited and the time-stamp seemed to show the last edit date/time... now the time stamp seems to show the original posting time/date.

    Sometimes knowing when something was originally posted matters...

    I like it! How about you?
    Thanks to +Mark Traphagen for editing one of his posts and thanks to +Jens Graikowski for making me aware (somehow) that there was a change going on in this area.
    - - - 
    #GooglePlusTips   #GooglePlusUpdates   #PostingStrategy  
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-01-22 21:14:49
    Has anyone tried yet Amazon's cloud drive Photo apps for Android, Kindle Fire & Desktops? (5 GB free) I've downloaded the apps and will be trying them. I want to compare how Amazon handles auto-upload from Android phone vs. Google+'s auto-upload. UPDATE: Downthread comments branch into Cloud drive backups, and Amazon's music cloud history: started free, later added subscription.

    #amazonclouddrive #uploadphotos   #androidapp #backupdrives #cloudbackup #cloudmusic
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-08-04 22:49:39
    Help with +HootSuite desktop please:  I'm brand new to using HootSuite, and I can't seem to add my Google+ home stream. What am I doing wrong please? It seems to want to add a Google+ Page, but when I try to add "Home Stream" I get "Please select a social network" error message. (I'm pinging these people because on a prior thread they said they use HootSuite desktop: +Carole Rigonalli +Zachary Morris +James Field and +Rob Gordon who specifically said:

     I liked Hootsuite but last time I checked you could only post to Google+ pages.

    +HootSuite it would be really helpful if one of you replied to help, please.

    One other question:  Re: the "free Hootsuite" limitation of 5 streams, I'm unclear is this means 5 different social networks? Or, if I'm using 3 streams for 1 twitter account, does that count as 3 streams toward that 5 total? Thank you!
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-05-21 20:06:44
    Matias shares his team's Android Design Principles . And If you want to know why G+ Desktop is all tucked up and tidy now, with content elements not showing up until the moment you need them ("Simplify"), you should look to this video for the rationales. Why? Because For the past 6 months Desktop Google+ has followed all design elements first seen in Android G+.   There is a lot of visual evidence, from icon redesigns, to sliding panels, to "Find People" replacing Circles, that G+ design on Android drives the entire Google+ Desktop design.... This may be of interest to: +M Sinclair Stevens   , +Dieter Mueller , +Gretchen S. , +Rodney Mulraney , +Peter Strempel , +Oleg Kiorsak , +Reginald Czynaski , +Edward Morbius , +Alexander Becker 

    Reshared text:
    For day two of my design highlights of Google I/O I'm thrilled to share +Rachel Garb and +Helena Roeber 's talk on the Android Design Principles: Enchant, Simplify, Amaze.

    These three simple words guided the transformation of Android in Ice Cream Sandwich and continue to influence every project we work on to this day!

    #io13   #android     #design  
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-06-10 00:01:23
    Once again, it's +Yonatan Zunger having the brass to go on the record responding to Edward Snowden's revelations. Please read all his COMMENTS below his original thread here:
    From what I can see so far, I think that Snowden's conduct has been honorable in the highest degree*. He publicly disclosed information which was secret but which should not have been ...
    I would really like to see the full set of data which he leaked: was it really just the four or five slides, or was it the whole deck? And what else (e.g., Verizon) was there? The newspapers have been pretty limited in what they've published so far, and I don't know if we're waiting for more to come out or not.

    ((  Greenwald has said there are more stories coming. ))

    YZ: Interesting. Looking forward to seeing what actually comes out.
    The conclusion that I hope to see come out of this is a thorough and mostly public investigation of exactly what state our at this point jointly intelligence, police, and paramilitary system has gotten into over the past decade: what powers do they have, how are their uses of these powers monitored and regulated, and how have they in practice been used? Essentially, it's time for a second Church Committee.

    RH says: .... Keep reading ... Yonatan's the moral compass for Google. It's his reaction to what comes next that will have huge impact for me, and I believe many others.

    Reshared text:
    The NSA whistleblower has come forward: Edward Snowden, former technical assistant for CIA, and now a defense contractor working with the NSA. Detailed interview follows.
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-05-20 23:55:44
    +M Sinclair Stevens has hit the nail on the head, in what I call the twitterization of google+ .  Reducing the character count even more than before now provides a more tidy, tucked-up compact "card-style" presentation of stream content, following the design influence of +Matias Duarte.  I personally love his design sensibility. But for thought-based "share content", this skimmable G+ cards concept hurts the user interaction process... other than for those who generally already prefer to compose and comment twitter-style.

    Reshared text:
    UXG+: Read More  
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-07-28 06:09:51
    Wow, there's actually hope for the Republican party! This smart woman, Alison Lundergan Grimes, is running to unseat Senator Mitch McConnell — and she specifically attacks McConnell's obstructionist behavior as not in the interest of our country. ... She sure sounds pretty sharp! — And she's got great TVQ ! (Likeability-quotient on Television). The next greatest thing will be to unseat all bark and no bite Harry Reid.

    The Campaign Begins

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  • Richard Hoefer2011-07-07 16:31:53
    G+ TIPS:
    SEARCHING CONTENT (not names) within GOOGLE+ ....
    and TAGS


    Trying to Aggregate G+ Tip Writers: +Denton Gentry +Agile Wilhelm +Dan Soto +Christian Nennemann +David Yonge-Mallo +Peter Di Cecco +Dave Cohen
    +M Sinclair Stevens
    I saw this link to searching for content yesterday then lost it. (thanks +Theofrenz Cayambas for finding)...

    I want to be able to use the SEARCH TOOL BELOW for finding all G+ tips -- and see if there has been some consensus hashtag used in posts to denote tips. Some people have been using:


    But I don't think that's intuitive enough for general users, because it presumes you already know its referring to tips about how to use GOOGLE+ . But I know it's designating that these tips are coming from pros within the developer ranks, so it's got a "deluxe value" on top of a primary tag. ... Also, it seems the Google+ site search drops the # so, correct me if I'm wrong, but it doesn't seem to serve a purpose if placed into actual search box, but I guess its familiarity designates it within the post as "the search term" . The Link at the top of this post was produced with the search term

    #G+ tips (eliminating the #)

    That's the one I want to use, but don't know yet whether it works, or who has been using what other tags.
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-04-03 05:07:41
    Yay!  (via +Angyl BenderLooks like our mobile browsers can now access the full desktop Google+ site!  No more crappy, malnourished mobile browser version of G+ which was largely dysfunctional. ... This means full functionality via Mobile devices! Select and edit text! Open in new tab. And I am guessing all Community moderation actions, because it simply IS the desktop site.  Screenshots from my Galaxy S3, running Dolphin Browser.    #googleplusmobile #fullfunctionalityviamobile #googleplusmobilegetsdesktopversion
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  • Richard Hoefer2011-10-02 12:32:53
    share please

    Reshared text:
    "Occupy Wall Street Protestors" being referred to in the press as "Collection of People"
    I mentioned this odd term being used for the protestors that opened the frivolous and laughable USA Today Report. (Several Thousand=Collection?)
    So many people pointed out that in the Communist Chinese Censored Press EXPERTS have long referred to dissidents the same way;
    ex: +lennon li “a collection of people ” ? so much alike chinese meaning "一小撮" ,which specially refer to Dissents in china, Never know U.S have this too ,so disappointed ,where's the democracy anyway ?

    Now our Press is now using the Communist China Media Playbook against us?
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-03-03 09:41:07
    Pretty wild ride, narrow path, super fast!
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  • Richard Hoefer2012-11-14 06:58:32
    New People, Read This: Finally this is getting some attention from a well-respected GooglePluser: It's what many of you new people know.. about how hard it is to get reactions to things you post... while you look around and see so many people post good and bad stuff, and always get tons of comments. It's particularly annoying when you see something trivial thrown up, but because of a person's high following count, it nevertheless could draw 50-75-100 comments. +Sai posts, below, trying to stimulate some thinking about how to shrink this great divide, and help the GooglePlus community to grow the number of satisfied and well-read posters. #SUL #suggesteduserslist #engagementdifficulties   #growthecontentposters #googleplusproblems

    Reshared text:
    One of the things that really bothers me about G+ (and, equally so, all other forms of social media) is that individuals' experience of it is very different — and, I suspect, proportional to their celebrityhood.

    The # of people following me is roughly in the top half-percentile. This is due mainly to one very widely adopted circleshare and a handful of widely distributed posts I've made. As a result of this, most things I post get ~10 comments & 4 +1s and regular reshares.*

    To some extent this may be because I post more interesting things than others — but for one I don't think that's most of the effect, and even if it is, it's circular. I'm more motivated to write in depth by knowledge that people will read it and comment; if I got no responses, I probably wouldn't do so as much.

    And that's the situation that most people are in: most people have 0-20 followers (cf and therefore low exposure. Most of G+'s larger promotion mechanisms (what's hot, suggested users, etc) serve to further polarize this.

    (In particular, anyone known to work on G+ gets a celebrity bump. This creates a psychological bubble effect of a particularly pernicious sort: people working on the product probably experience it as much more engaging than people newly adopting it.)

    A lot of it comes down to rich-get-richer. Organic growth (eg someone sharing your post and others adding you because they saw that) is percentage based — if you have 10k followers you can expect to get 10s of people adding you each day; if you only have 10 to start, you might get an add a month. Things get on What's Hot, or on the suggested users list, because they're already "popular" (thus further driving their popularity).

    All of these suffer from a simple flaw: if someone with 100k followers posts some stupid pablum and gets +200 for it and tons of comments, that's totally meaningless (and might actually mean that what they posted is pretty shit); but if something good never gets seen by enough people because the poster isn't already popular, it won't get promoted, and they'll not want to bother. 

    What I'd like to see is some mechanisms by which this could be fixed, but I'm not sure how one could do it. It seems like a hard problem to guess (in AI) how interesting a post is based on its content alone, without having enough feedback on it. One mechanism might be to have everyone get some percentage of 'hardly anyone has seen this but we're showing it to you so it gets more views and we can tell if it's good', but I suspect that most posts nobody sees are also kinda crap from any particular viewer's perspective, and that'd worsen the SNR.

    FWIW, I reject the usual advice on this (that you should try to promote yourself by commenting on popular peoples' posts in the hope they share your stuff, doing massive circleshares, etc). That's marketing. I find it distasteful, but more to the point, it's work, and that's not something you should expect people to have to do to enjoy a social network.

    So yeah. Major problem. Not sure how to solve it.

    * I hope it's clear that I'm not meaning to brag here. If anything, it's kinda the opposite.
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-08-03 01:38:25
    +Jacob Dix and I have analyzed numerous times now how Yahoo is slowly acquiring all the tools in the shed to compete against Google — and they have some powerhouse products just sitting there collecting dust, most notably Yahoo Groups. I've been a big fan of +Marissa Mayer's strategic focus but one huge thing you've seemingly dropped the ball on, Marissa, is overhauling Yahoo groups into a killer mobile client.

    Here's the brief discussion Jacob and I had today:

    +Jacob Dix posted today: 1:49 PM
    Yahoo is going to be Googles next real competitor. Think:

    Gmail :  Yahoo mail
    Google chat :  Yahoo messenger
    Snapseed :  Ghost Bird (maker of iPhone's KitCam & PhotoForge2)
    Picasa :  Flickr
    Blogger :  Tumblr
    Google news :  Yahoo! News
    Google groups :  Yahoo groups
    Google search :  Yahoo search

    All that is missing for yahoo to join Googles solitary Internet 2.0 is a cloud based Drive equivalent (I wouldn't put Dropbox past them) and its own browser. I'll bet they'll buy a phone too!

    Pinging Richard Hoefer cause I know he has an interest in this topic. Curious enough, last time Richard and I talked Yahoo, I got an email from them reminding me that my old account and groups and news etc were all still there waiting for me. Google has a weakness in being so US-centric. When I moved to Europe I was shocked to see just how many people "still" used a yahoo email address.
    Richard Hoefer replied: 6:20 PM
     +Jacob Dix thanks for the ping. Yes I agree with you. I don't know who really knows (maybe +Kara Swisher from +AllThingsD who has always had sources within Yahoo) — exactly what Yahoo has been developing internally. Meaning: that during all this time +Marissa Mayer seems to have been largely acquiring needed capabilities, but have they been product-developing internally too?

    Your match-up column of Google to Yahoo surely speaks volumes. The one area you and I were really focused on many months ago, was Yahoo Groups. They were an undeniable edge & killer app in group organizing & communicating easily since way back in 2002, maybe even earlier. And as you said then, which I agreed with, is that the Yahoo Groups product & feature set of today —which is just frozen in time with next to no development in what seems to go back to maybe 2005 — far beats out Google Groups by a long-shot

    +Marissa Mayer I don't know why this hasn't been on your radar — unless it has — but a complete overhaul of Yahoo Groups focused on the mobile app, would throw Yahoo so back in the game.

    I know that Yahoo Mail has continued to be developed and it looks and works great. As with all the big tech companies, free webmail was the enticement that brought people over to the various companies:  Yahoo Mail, Microsoft's RocketMail which, unless I am confused by which was which, got renamed Hotmail. Gmail wasn't around at the start. And AOL mail — which many people kept, despite its active usage today generally communicating "I never grew out of the original AOL's "walled garden". Of all those, I found Yahoo Mail best... and kept using it as my primary email account until 2005 — when I had to make a critical choice:  Yahoo Mail had terrible mobile version, and it just was nowhere near as robust and full-service as Gmail's mobile offering.

    That's what broke me from the Yahoo franchise and hooked me to Google.

    But yes, Yahoo News continues to be a great product, though I admit I rarely use it anymore. Yahoo News, which has always been partner based with all the news providers, looks a hell of a lot better, and their picture-stories / slideshows always have been better. But I did switch to +Google News  because I thought it was brilliant of them to use algorithms to generate the various leading stories... Having the ability to select amongst multiple source versions of a same news event remains an edge for me.

    Yes, flickr is an enormously powerful component for Yahoo, and Tumblr instantly put them squarely into the game as a blogging/personal publishing tool with huge mindshare, especially with younger audiences.

    But where is their equivalent of Google Play?, to sell apps and streaming content?  I have to believe Marissa in "on it", and we'll see some other acquisition, who knows, maybe ? But for me, the huge hook BACK to Yahoo would be a brand new killer version of Yahoo Groups for mobile. Like as if +Marissa Mayer is ever going to read this posting... but who knows, Steve Jobs maintained direct communication with customers on a catch as catch can basis.

    But if anyone over there is listening: "*Where the hell have you been with Yahoo Groups?_ . Please don't tell me you set it off to the side. If so, huge mistake. If you DO in fact have a *revamped version, I believe it's a game changer.

    Google Groups is so far behind, but so are "Communties" on G+... Neither are as robust as the dusty old Yahoo Groups just sitting there unattended.
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-07-04 00:11:10
    My essay for the 4th of July:  "The People" are the largest branch of United States government, bigger than the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, and the Judiciary Branches. My assessment of Snowden's Choice: (When in the course of human events ...)

    This began as a comment to this thread which slowly devolved into whether Snowden is an actual U.S. traitor:

    Thanks +Hek Waves  for opening up this topic for discussion, and for recapping it at it’s almost end. Almost end because I, exercising my First Amendment rights given me by my Country, have a logic test I would like people to go through below. But it's long, fair warning, and may not hold the interest of readers for its entire length.

    Here we are on the day before the USA celebrates its birthday on July 4th. Perfect timing to have this discussion.

    One of the things I had found ironic in +Timothy Collins's  comments was this odd duality:: On the issue of “what actual harm has been done”, in Timothy’s mind, Snowden has given China, Russia, Iran, North Korea knowledge of how the USA was using their data collecting on foreigners… as though those countries never imagined the US could and would store all phone calls and internet behavior! If they hadn’t already operated from that premise, they are really stupid to the core. But the likelihood of “this is news to us! The nerve of them, collecting our phone and internet data!”

    And yet further below, when +Karim Qaiser asks: 

    “+Timothy Collins they also told people they'd be hacking into Chinese universities or bugging EU buildings?”,

    Timothy responds with “The US has been doing that for decades. Every embassy knows it has spy devices planted in it - that is just factored into the everyday knowledge of what goes on there. Don't act like this is suddenly new to everyone.”

    What is the actual leap of new disclosures that on the one hand,  “of COURSE we spy on each other, that’s a given everyone operates from” re embassy bugging, yet re: Timothy’s view of the PRISM leaks: “The other countries that very possibly have been the beneficiaries of the secrets divulged by Snowden? You know... China, Russia, Iran, North Korea.... Because all of those countries certainly were thrilled to know exactly how the NSA was using their information” …. ?

    Again, disclosure of the NSA’s extensive data collecting practices is NEWS to those countries… but of course “we all know everyone bugs each other and spies on each other”.

    One of the things this alleged damage turns on is the extent to which one believes Glenn Greenwald is a credible journalist. Obviously he’s become tarred and smeared in the US by other media outlets, as standard operating procedure whenever any journalist exposes secret practices that go beyond what the public has ever imagined. I imagine Timothy does not find Glenn Greenwald credible, as likely considers him a co-conspirator, just as the light-weight David Gregory surmised.

    But when you listen to all of Greenwalds interviews — and he’s given many in depth interviews — what he says is this:  Snowden provided Greenwald, and the Washington Post, and one third publication, all of these documents. But his instructions to them was that they should determine what should and should not be published, and that he specifically does not want to harm the USA’s security. Every indication is that this is exactly what is going on. Greenwald, and separately the Washington Post, are scouring the documents, and making filtered judgments about what TO and NOT TO publish.

    It’s already been made clear in discussions all over the world that if Snowden intended to sell secrets and aid and abet foreign nations, he was a complete idiot to go to these media sources. And that should be self-evident. You can accuse Snowden of many things, but for anyone to believe he is stupid, they have faulty wiring. Thus, if he chose to disclose to the 3 news publications all of this information, it severely undercuts any assertions of motives that he was looking to gain anything monetarily, or looking to sell spy info to the US’s enemies.

    So, this is why I say this issue turns on whether or not you believe Glenn Greenwald is credible as a journalist, and whether or not he is a principled journalist or not. He states again and again that Snowden specifically came to journalists, not a tabloid or to some other nation.

    The other thing the Snowden case turns on is: “Is it possible that he was a conscientious objector to these practices of “spying on every single AMERICAN citizen", and, exactly as NSA former agent Binney says “He learned from OUR stories of 7 years they spent trying to work within the government framework, and we failed!”

    I think this case is complicated, and at the same time somewhat simple, IF you follow a logic path: He’s a super smart guy, extremely intelligent and technically savvy. He was appalled by the practices that extended the NSA’s surveillance to all US Citizens, as opposed to the NSA’s charter of operating only with foreign threats. Greenwald says he DID try to raise these issues with his Supervisors, and that no one was interested in hearing about it. He already knew the story of Binney etc in getting absolutely nowhere in 7 years by being a formal “USA government whistleblower” — where there is US law (allegedly) protecting  whistleblowers, and an actual legal definition of what constitutes whistle-blower, criteria that Snowden meets as articulated by Binney’s attorney in that recent USA Today interview with all of them.

    So, is it possible, given all of the routes already taken, that he, for conscientious reasons, chose to disclose this information to several journalists — not to one but to several, to distribute the judgment on what should and should not be published,  and that he made these disclosures with the full knowledge that he was likely to be charged and prosecuted for espionage, just as he saw former NSA Agents being charged with espionage? And so he, possibly, acted out of service to the American people, not to the American government.?

    If one says “that is preposterous. I don’t believe it!”, that’s fair, but try to actually punch a hole in the logic path. Where is it illogical?

    On the contrast, look at every single branch of US Government and how each has become polluted with lobbyists calling the shots, and deep partisan dysfunction, and ask yourself “What if you, as a citizen, believed in, and honored every single precept of what we all learn in gradeschool Civics class, including checks and balances, and that there were times when The People might feel that their very way of American life was threatened, in which case the Constitution says people have the duty to act in pursuit of preserving the system”? What about all that. They aren’t just empty words. In fact the Constitution is VERY clear that specific capabilities and roles are assigned to the Legislative Branch, the Executive Branch, and the Judicial Branch, but with the proviso that ALL other rights not enumerated belong explicitly to The People. We, the People, are the largest branch of US Government. Timothy should never forget that.

    And over the past ten year, since 9/11, The People have seen law after law passed which decimate the specific enumerated rights assigned exclusively to The People — and not to the  3 branches of Govt — such as the 4th Amendment, a guaranteed right to never be treated with unreasonable Search & Seizure. It’s a hallmark of our criminal law and has been for more than 100 years. And The People have seen all 3 of their branches of government fail to act with the required Checks and Balances to correct any such breeches of our rights. There was no impeachment of Bush/Cheney et all, when that is a specific remedy given by our Constitution to ensure nobody is above the law, and The People saw their President and executive branch not upholding the Constitution, which is a primary duty they swear on.

    Many Americans have forgotten their basic Civics class: that impeachment is merely an assertion that “we think you’ve committed high crimes against our Constitution”, and it is not a fate accompli that those charged with high crimes —— such as creating a pretense for a War, then preemptively invading a country, sending hundreds of thousand Americans to surely get killed or permanently wounded, their lives decimated — and lying to the American people about it over and over and over, while at the same time creating the biggest economic disaster of our lifetimes, by draining our taxed revenue to be allocated to some huge costing farce, without creating a revenue offset for those billions of US dollars? It is not a fate accompli that impeachment = guilty. That is what is so great about our American system. That is a specific remedy provided in writing in our Constitution for correcting high crimes.

    But The People watched as, incredulously, Madame Speaker Pelosi refused to take up this matter in the House of Representatives, despite outcry from millions of US citizens, and thus these individuals escaped from any harm or prosecution. Of course the actual trial would have been conducted by the US Senate, which is their specified role as well.

    The People watched over and over again where their guaranteed rights were being bulldozed in the name of “National Security”; and Branch 1, the Legislature, sat by and did nothing, but rather they authored and passed these bills; and Branch 2, the Executive branch, did nothing; instead increasing the degree of lawless behavior, and Branch 3, the Judiciary, never prosecuted one single person for not only the failures of 9/11, but also not finding the Patriot Act to be Unconstitutional in the degree to which it authorized the US Government to actually breech the 4th Amendment of the Constitution.

    When a citizen, and a smart one at that, has watched all 3 branches of US Govt over and over again, for over a decade, failing to protect his rights, and by contrast only kept increasing the magnitude of breeching the 4th Amendment, and when this citizen watched how the ethical NSA Agents who blew a whistle on this Unconstitutional program which actively began surveilling every single citizen of the United States, missing the mandate of the NSA, got prosecuted rather than rewarded for blowing the whistle, and when he had knowledge of all of this US citizen spying, he thought through his options to conscientiously act on behalf of the biggest branch of US Government, The People:

    (a) take it to his supervisors. he says he did and no one was interested.
    (b) take it to Congress, but he saw Binney & others tried this, and Congress did absolutely nothing; instead they propsecuted Binney et al,
    ( c) take it to the Exectuive Branch: but how could he when they are the ones doing the active breeching,
    ( d) take it to the Department of Justice, and once again knowing that DOJ did not act in the whistleblowing cases brought to their direct attention by 3 loyal former NSA Agents, and in fact they instead prosecuted these people, vs operating under the legal specifications of what a whistleblower is, and how they are mandated to be protected by law,

    … and thus asking himself, what else could I do to bring this huge breech of the 4th Amendment to attention of US Government? And in his mind answering the question with “I could take it to The People of the United States and let them deal with it if they see fit to doing so”.

    There is not one word I have written thus far in this enormous response, that hails Snowden as a hero. But I, as a part of The People, am outraged by what my Government has been doing in breech of the US Constitution, a body of law which I value tremendously, and seek to preserve.

    Is it even possible that Snowden, too, as a member of The People branch of the US Government, was appalled by what he saw going on behind the backs of the American people, and had huge enormous tugs at his conscience, to weigh his options in this case:

    (e) he could keep it all to himself, just STFU about it and do your job unquestioningly, and don’t F*** up your entire life by putting something this enormous on the line. This was a clear choice Snowden had: to STFU.

    And is it possible this very logical, smart person, weighed (a), (b), ( c), (d), AND (e) ( therefore maintaining the status quo, ignoring every single pang of conscience, and said to himself: “I cannot just do nothing. I can’t live with this knowledge and do nothing. Every branch of Govt I could bring it to has proven, in all their behaviors,  that the egregious violation of our 4th Amendment will not be dealt with, but rather buried” — —

    and thus is it even possible that Snowden felt trapped in his own body, and just felt morally that he has no other acceptable choice but than to (f) bring it to investigative journalists, asking them to decide what to publish, and that he was merely supplying them with this huge knowledge base to act on in their own judgments as investigative journalists..?

    If that is possible, following this entire logic path (which is the way software engineers and IT people typically process their encounters with problems) of weighing cost/benefits of a, b, c, d and e, … and if it’s even possible that he could reach this logical conclusion to an enormous dilemma with which he felt he could not live —

    — then there must be some kind of possibility that he acted out of conscience, and realized the enormous price he would pay for doing so. A price that included he would be treated as an outlaw of the United States, his own country. The price he would pay would deny him the very protections he sought to preserve for The People of the United States.

    Now. Timothy and others can surely argue, ”No, there’s not even the slightest chance; no way that he weighed (a), (b), ( c), (d) and (e) and ultimately threw his fate with option (f). No way whatsoever this guy could even POSSIBLY do so for conscientious reasons to help protect his fellow People of the United States

    And if that is the resulting logic path of various observers including Timothy, then there is a debate about his concluding that option (f) was the best choice he felt he could make.

    Again, I am not lionizing Snowden with any single word that I have used here. I’ve merely gone through a decision-tree and presented what I perceived to be his options.

    Can I believe that a guy would risk his entire well-being for the rest of his life, in order to do what he thought of as protecting and defending the United States Constitution?
    My answer is YES, I can believe that. Because there are hundreds of thousands of people in our US military who make such sacrifices every single day in which they are put into harm’s way.

    So, all I can say is: I believe Snowden acted from the motive of conscience. By doing so, he definitionally more than likely DID become a traitor to the United States in the eyes of our Department of Justice — who is in charge of prosecuting him. Yes, he did what he did knowing full well that he would be branded a traitor by the US Deprtment of Justice, and he would have to live with all of those consequences of his actions. But I will bet that if this is the case, that then his conscience told him that although the US Government’s 3 branches would condemn his actions as treasonous, the most important and largest branch of US Government, The People, possibly would not. Maybe the People would, in some complex way, thank him for his “public service” — the words used by William Binney, the same NSA agent who admitted he thought Snowden crossed the line into traitor. He nevertheless viewed his actions, up until a precise point, as a public service to our US Nation.

    The People can judge him as to how he acted. And we also can debate whether there was one iota of harm caused by this persons actions.

    I appreciate anyone who stuck to the end with this massively long post. If I could have written it shorter, I would have.

    I am not an attorney. I am a citizen of the USA.
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  • Richard Hoefer2011-10-29 09:43:31
    jesus! The photo is other worldly, and seems lit and shot by a cinematographer for a Ridley Scott movie... But when you read the photographer's notes (from telegraph's link), the harshest environment the boys deal with is facing their grandmother's oppressive scorn amidst bleakness.

    "The photographer says: "The photo was taken in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal and is of two children who lived nearby to the junkyard with their grandmother. Every day they searched the junkyard for something useful that they can resell for money so they can buy food. If they don't find anything their grandmother blamed them seriously. Unfortunately, they had found nothing for a few days, the little boy felt very hungry. I gave them some money and a biscuit after taking this photo. But who knows who will help them afterwards.""

    Reshared text:
    Such a powerful photo.

    Winner of the Environmental photographer of the year 2011
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  • Richard Hoefer2011-11-22 08:42:23
    MY SECOND THOUGHTS .... on the Mutually-Staged Events at UC Davis that starred #macecop Pike's nonchalant Pepper-spraying ....... #pepperspray #pike #UCdavis

    I can't help but watch over and over the PREGAME SHOW to the sprayfest. I've actually screencaptured 100 still frames from it. More than a few things are very odd when you view this way-less-seen behind the scenes VIDEO ( Police PEPPER SPRAY UC Davis STUDENT PROTESTERS! ) that shows a larger context and timeline of events unfolding than the worldwide Pike fumigating view that has rattled a good portion of the nation. WHAT I SEE:

    (A) For one thing, for there to be even BE an inquiry is absurd. This one video IS the inquiry because it answers every question OTHER THAN "WHO ORDERED THE CHEMICAL AGENTS TO BE USED ON NON-THREATENING PEOPLE?"

    That doesn't take 30 days. That takes 2 phone calls. It could be that Designer Chancellor ordered "Something!" be done, and that "Something!" was devised and ordered by the squirreliest talker of any character in this tableaux: The POLICE CHIEF. You know, the one who immediately got on TV and said the police had been boxed in and felt threatened? That argument is decimated by this video -- and given there is a lot of police radio communication going on in this video, it would be hard to believe Madame Chief would be out of the loop on this and need to be given Talking Points. She blatantly lied at Moment #1 with the Public.

    (B) THIS VIDEO shows without any doubt, given its multiple wide pans (close to 360-degrees) there is absolutely zero threat to police. 1. In the pregame action, look at their pairs of feet, widespread and apart, still, casual, watching, no one is bracing. Their weapons are not even up in a shield-like manner. 2. Look at the surrounding perimeter. Look at the row of adults and children way back beyond the perimeter. Stationary. Like watching a parade. Nobody is moving. You see no one yelling or angrily shouting epithets at the police.

    3. Most important, the blockade students themselves are no threat... as the video BEGINS with PIKE himself coming over in a friendly, non threatening manner, over to the students seated on the sidewalk, cordially, lightly patting one of them on the back, getting his attention to chat in a friendly manner. Ironically in just another 2 minutes, Pike will be pepper spraying this same individual and wrestling him to the ground. But right now he's ostensibly warning the student and his group, it might be better if you just disperse, we have several officers including myself coming over to pepper spray you and it's not pleasant. ... The student smiles, brushing it off as in "we're prepared for whatever comes down, we're here in an act of non-violent protest".

    4. It's important to note to the lying Police Chief, there are no confrontations. Pike is not scared of threatened, nor can anything about the students' countenance be called threatening. (a) you see Pike give him an unmistakably friendly, cordial pat on the back as in "y'all take care now", before turning back to join the other officers... and (b) you see the students bracing for the pepper spray.

    The oddest thing about this whole event is how both sides are fully aware for seemingly the past 5-10 minutes that this is what's coming: They are going to be pepper-sprayed. All the students there know it and are prepping for it. They cover their eyes with arms and jackets. Further, just adjacent to the front line of blockaders are a row of photographers busily clicking away, who eventually get pulled back. But a videographer with professional gear is left alone just a few steps from the line to shoot in plain view what is the shocking footage we all end up seeing in such fine resolution.

    Something is off to me. What was the page 1 story just a few days ago about GOP PR Supergroups floating major oppo-research to thoroughly discredit the OWS movement and all the peripheral uprisings on campuses, to aid in the upcoming 2012 elections. (Did I read that at Firedoglake or from Marcy at

    Who ordered this Circus Act? Did the Police Chief? It was as well staged for cameras as Bush's Mission Accomplished, which was heavily orchestrated by teams of messaging experts, to get the sun right, to flip the carrier around lest it be seen that it's right off the shore at San Diego when Commander is FLYING to it, etc.

    If Police Chief ordered it, #1 she should be fired for breaking procedural code: (I found this doc from this excellent source material:

    But beyond that, what's her party affiliation? What kind of special favors has she provided to events happening in her jurisdiction from political bigshots? THAT's what the "INQUIRY" should be. Pike is small fry. Who ordered Pike is the focus, or rather SHOULD be. We so easily get distracted.

    Based on the video above, I am not even sure what I think about Pike. Cruel, soulless human being: yes. Working stiff? yes. Vengeful. I don't know... Once he crossed the line to following an unlawful order, all bets are off, for that is the greatest crime, and it's not even CLOSE here. According to the regulations cited above, any order to use chemical agents would have been UNLAWFUL unless serious threat to police, other human lives, or a suspect is escaping. So in that regard, he's a criminal for following an unlawful order. But I am far more interested right now in his chain of Command and I am looking at that flip-flopping Police Chief who looked soullessly into the cameras and unflinchingly straight-out lied to everyone when she claimed her officers were surrounded and felt threatened. Her ass needs to be fried and filleted, and fast. So does the chancellor for instigating the need for force.



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  • Richard Hoefer2013-04-02 21:36:42
    Help please. I'm looking for Google+ Android App icon larger art.
    I'm not a developer so am not aware of asset repositories. Where would I find oversize artwork buttons/icons for the different post-type icons at bottom of screen such as Camera (Photo), Check-in, Mood and Write (pencil) icons .... as well as all the vertical menu items, Home, Find People, Profile, Photos, etc. I want to use them for a guide. Thanks!
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-06-09 05:35:58
    Yet another child finds gun laying around, accidentally shoots... (his sister, his brother, his mother, his father, his best friend) ... You can see who was the accidental victim in this TV news report below.
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-04-17 06:21:35
    Have you ever assembled a portable solar-power system that can run an internet cafe in a remote region of the world where there's no electricity?
    How would you set it up? How would you store energy for night-time usage or for when there's no sun? Where would you get internet connectivity? .............. There's a guy here on Google+ who's specialized in these radically remote, completely off-the-grid, low-power-consumption systems –– to bring the internet to the world, and he worked with none other than +vint cerf . Get to know +shogun x, incredibly bright, designer and installer of compact solar net systems which might initially sound impossible! #solarenergy #offthegrid #internetanywhere #remotelocations
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-06-19 02:07:40
    Google challenges U.S. gag order, citing First Amendment ... Looks like Google wants to better demonstrate to its users (us) their commitment to protecting user privacy. “Google’s users are concerned about the allegations. Google must respond to such claims with more than generalities,” it said.
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-07-07 06:34:14
    RE: the Hawthorne, CA police officer Jeffrey Salmon who shot a dog 4 times, alleging it lunged at him: Salmon had prior brutality charge in 2009 causing Hawthorne Police to pay out $1-million dollars to settle lawsuit. The narrator of this video does superb frame-by-frame analysis contrasting "good police work" done by officers restraining dog's owner, with "the worst police work I have seen in my life". (Narrator has law enforcement & legal background. Urges Hawthorne Police to terminate Officer Salmon for incompetence and endangering lives of nearby spectators)
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-05-01 18:35:54 Two Kazakh men, Cambridge man, face charges in connection with Boston Marathon bombings  05/01/2013 2:18 PM eastern         #boston

    Azamat Tazhayakov and Dias Kadyrbayev, both 19 and of New Bedford, were charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice by plotting to dispose of a laptop computer and a backpack containing fireworks belonging to bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the US attorney’s office said in a statement.

    Robel Phillipos, 19, of Cambridge was charged with making false statements to law enforcement officials in a terorism investigation, prosecutors said.
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-02-03 11:13:12
    Kick Ass Mall Cop in Atlanta Stops a Drug Deal . How many people have seen the Youtube video of this Atlanta mall Security Guard who kept his cool while 2 women "got up in his face" cursing, spitting, in front of their small kids? He ended up having to tase her. Many tribute vlogs have been made on Youtube ashamed of the women's behavior, applauding this security guard. ......... Here he is again, in action, in the mall where he's Security Cop.
    #kickassmallcop #securityguard #Atlanta #backitup #youbetterbackitup
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-01-09 00:38:07
    What do you think about David Bowie's new song "Where Are We Now?"
    Today's his 66th birthday. I've seen a bunch of people post this song, just released today, as the first song from a new album.. but so far I've seen no commentary. So I'll give my initial reaction.

    It feels he's expressing in a very contemplative way his own role in life today, today's music culture and his own sense of self : Where does he add up after all the identities he kept reinventing for himself over the decades. He sustained a very long music career doing so.. for the most part also carrying with him a sense of mystique - what will he do next.

    I find the song melodically beautiful. It's location is Germany, I don't know the streets enough to know is it Berlin, is it Munich, another city. But there is a wandering quality to the song, just walking around, trying to figure it all out for himself. Though he says "we", it seems to be him... unless he speaks of his relationship to his audience of several decades... or fellow rock stars and where they fit into today's life. He's a good friend of Mick Jagger, so he sees how the stones still go on playing their repertoire and sometimes a few new things... But that doesn't seem to be what Bowie wants. He's done his retrospective tours already.

    Visually, this film shows Bowie in what could be argued as a very unappealing, very unattractive frame, harsh lighting, and unmoving... With the song it feels static, soul searching. But it says a lot for a rock star who always cared about his appearance and how he looked. He was to me clearly stating "I am much older now; I can't fake that any longer" ... And at the end we see him standing solitary, the camera shows him how he is, unadorned, bare. I just got the overall feeling that he's come to terms with it.

    But who is the woman? As the camera gets closer we see she's much younger, very pretty... Does she represent the youthful audiences of today? Or... who knows, what if it's more simple, it's his daughter and he said "you want to be in my new video?" :)

    And that the closing of the song suggests that the little day to day wonders of sun, rain, crossing a street, we're going to be okay.

    First impressions 4:30pm pacific time 1/8/13

    #davidbowie #wherearewenow #newsingle #bowies66thbirthday #interpretation #walkingthedead #davidbowiereview
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-06-23 15:02:56
    (re-post, video) Watch & Share 8 min video below for full context since 9/11. USA Today asks the 3 NSA Whistleblowers how Snowden should be viewed? They say he performed public service for the United States. William Binney created the whole enormous data collection system for foreign surveillance. He became a whistleblower when NSA, after 9/11, turned it into a tool to use against U.S. citizens.

    Video intercuts NYTimes video in August 2012 with USA Today |  Democracy Now #snowden
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-03-18 04:27:20
    post Google Reader? > Feedly says they planned 6 months ago for this eventuality, building a whole backend clone of the Google Reader API.

    "In the past four days over five hundred-thousand users have migrated from Google Reader to Feedly" ... As of Fridayover 100 developers had contacted them about API access"... interviewed head of product and strategy at Feedly.
    #googlereader #savegooglereader #feedly #rss
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-08-17 04:26:37
    Interesting article from : LINK:

    Then, Google engineers respond 20% time is not dead*—it’s just turned into 120% time:  *LINK:
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-10-21 03:15:38
    Does anyone know what the Storage Limit is, if any, on videos you upload to Google+ from your desktop (as opposed to Android device).  I'm pretty sure there IS a limit, that ties to your +Google Drive account, but that may be incorrect ?
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-08-28 05:09:17
    The new spectacular Oakland - San Francisco Bay Bridge east-span set to open  The "old" Bridge Will Close 8 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 28 2013. Will Reopen with the new "self-anchored suspension" East Span 5 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 3. Single tower is 525 feet tall. Almost hard to believe this video is a computer simulation, but yes, it shows the entire travel across the bridge from Oakland to Treasure Island.

    Highway Patrol has already cautioned you will be ticketed for pulling over to shoulder to take a picture :)  

    Since 1936, the original East Span has facilitated the movement of people and goods throughout the Bay Area. The 7.1-magnitude Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989 significantly damaged the region’s transportation structures and exposed the vulnerability of the existing East Span. Since that day, the Toll Bridge Program Oversight Committee has worked diligently to replace the original bridge and move everyone onto a safer structure. Following the safe rerouting of traffic to the new East Span, the original East Span will be demolished; that process will take approximately three years.

    Bay Bridge Opening Advice

    Factsheets on this engineering marvel:
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-04-07 22:53:48
    Google+  star extensions developer +Mohamed Mansour is at it again! This time, in collaboration with others at the 4th annual event, he has just announced a full web product: "Let's Go" - the best way to find scenic routes from one destination to another - at the site

    #tripplanning #scenicroute #letsgo #photohackday

    Reshared text:
    Thirty hours later, we are done our Photo Hack Day Hackathon! So we are introducing ... check it out :) The best way to find scenic routes from one destination to another in a smart intelligent way!

    As usual, the hack is open sourced on github
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  • Richard Hoefer2012-12-07 00:15:48
    +Natalie Villalobos, could you please pass along to engineering: We really need that PAUSE button here. The rate of new posts bumping down what one is composing is super fast, headache inducing. Y'all have it for SEARCH-return mode; so please see if it can be applied here to. Thank you #pausebutton  
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-04-25 09:35:46
    What do you make of this image? How does your mind interpret what flying your way? Is it water, sky, wind, tsunami? Very complex but beautiful. Photo by Jason Weingart. via +Marina Versaci 

    Reshared text:
    Segnali di pericolo! Una  forte tempesta si avvicina a Ormond Beach, in Florida!

    Warning Signs! A strong storm approaching in Ormond Beach, Florida!
    Fotografo: JASON WEINGART
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-07-02 08:24:42
    Re-experience the most remarkable live spectacle ever — from the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-06-06 07:03:43
    This is rather hilarious, and I am guessing this is an actual screen — as opposed to a photoshopped gag... Round the world, we love cute cats. Thanks +Bindu Reddy (Oh, it's real: )

    Reshared text:
    Apparently we are that cute cat obsessed....
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-09-20 09:49:04
    ANALYSIS:  What is Going On With +Google Inc's UX Design Group?
    With the latest changes rolled out across the Google eco-system, I have to say that in my view Google, sadly, is approaching Institutional Failure with its entire User Experience Design methodology. You have to wonder if the shutout of +Marissa Mayer was such a good idea afterall. Expand for analysis.

    Here's the biggest problem:  What used to be 1-click navigation to the Google's most frequently used Products — is now 2-clicks as you can see in the accompanying illustration. But it gets worse. If you're a daily user of Google Image Search, well, that's no longer 1-click away either. It's now 4 clicks. Try it for yourself: In the new scheme (on a gradual worldwide rollout), (1) Click the "Icon Grid" icon to the left of your logged in profile picture. (2) Click "More", (3) Click "Even more from Google", and now (4), on this new page, maybe Image Search appears above the fold. If so, click it. If not, scroll down a bit, then click "Image Search". That wasn't so bad, was it?

    We're now seeing perhaps the 4th (or is it 5th?) Google system-wide User Interface change for navigating their eco-system's many products: Search, Gmail, News, Drive, Calendar, Image Search, YouTube, Google Play, and more.  The black-bar global navigation tool replaced a short-lived experiment in making the Google logo at top-left of most product pages such as Gmail, become a dropdown menu, which expanded into a black vertical menu containing the product names... That design, abandoned quickly, is actually not unlike Google's current mobile UI designs featuring the "right sliding panel" that reveals a vertical product menu.

    This newest iteration of the Google Master Navigation Scheme was actually previewed as early as February of this year (though I only now noticed via Search) in an article titled "Google Testing New Navigation Grid To Replace Black Bar Eyesore" . And here's a thread in Google's Product Forums dated 6/29/11 titled "Black Google bar is awful... how do I change it back to blue?!topic/websearch/20YgWq1DNaE ... So it's interesting to recall people's reactions to prior navigation solutions provided by Google.

    About a week ago +Barry Schwartz wrote in "Search Engine Rountable" announcing the new gradual UI rollout — nixing the persistent black bar in favor of the "mobile-style" app launcher. . Here's +Engadget's announcement yesterday: "Google drops its black menu bar, rolls out more streamlined look for the web" .

    Today I saw a post by +John Skeats, sharing the original post by +Google+ Help Introducing the new Google bar here: . Here's what they say:

    Why this design?
    This simpler design lets you focus on your in product experience but switch to other Google products when you need to.

    How do I switch to another Google product?
    To open a new product, click on the App launcher icon and you’ll see a list of other Google applications.

    Did anyone on the Google+ Help team try navigating to Image Search?  And, more important, since this design was previewed as early as February 2013,  Google has had 7 months to user-test this new global navigation scheme. I'm curious what those user groups had to say?  Was it even tested outside of the Googleplex? If so, that would be even more interesting.

    I thought about this today for a long time. Google's re-design of +Google+, back in May 2013, was driven by the UI Design of the Android mobile app "Google+" :  The nomenclature changes of "Find People" replacing "Circles" occurred on the mobile app first. So did the larger size profile background pictures. So did the circular profile image. So did many of the new icons, including the ones that show how many shares a post has had, how many +1's it's had, as well as the shape of the Share button. Android's UX and UI teams are driving design at Google.  But who is minding the store regarding the entire Desktop Experience of Google products?

    The May Google+ refresh has actually caused some people to leave Google+, though I don't have numbers. But I personally know of people who get migraines from the grey-on-grey type, from the multi-column format (though this can easily be changed to 1-column — easy after you figure out where that control would logically exist. If you don't know, go and try to find that control. It's completely illogical.) And the scrolls-within-scrolls. In terms of graphic design, the new Google+ is beautiful. In terms of User Experience Design (UX), all you have to know is that some former power-users actually had to stop using the Desktop product completely. What more must be said about a UX massive failure?

    And these new ideas to "let you focus on your in product experience but switch to other Google products when you need to" ? Look at what your eye has to do now to navigate to Google Calendar: Instead of 1-click-away access from any Google Product, now you click once, then your eye has to zig-zag scan the icon arrangement in order to locate the Calendar icon. It's true that over time, all of us will memorize this, and the visual eye-scanning will go away.

    I wrote these notes in +John Skeats's post, commenting to +Al Remetch about what I believe has added up to Institutional Failure at Google Inc. regarding their entire User Experience program:

    "As usual: as Google giveth, Google also takeths away". .... My view of Google Inc's overall UX teams' thinking-patterns continues to decline.  Sure! It's great in the sense that now they use Product Icons which make visual selection a lot easier than seeing white HTML type on a black bar. That's true. And also true that it helps make consistent navigation methods on desktop as well as mobile devices. However, go about your day using Google products and BOOM:  Lots of people's central Google product is Gmail. One click away to quickly go to Calendar, or Image Search or News or Drive or Youtube . Similarly if I am on Calendar and want to go to Gmail, it's one-click using the unified Black Bar.

    But Now?  TWO-clicks.... all day long. Click on the Icon Grid, the new Unified Google Product Navigator, then click again on the selected app.

    I am quite sure the aesthetic tail once again wags the UX dog. ... 

    One has to wonder just a bit — with all the negative comments +Marissa Mayer received once she jumped to Google — about her almost obsessional attention to the Google UX — perhaps she was constantly fighting with Google Engineering's desired code dumps in the middle of the night, flipping functionality changes on the fly. The much adored "Rapid Iteration Model" Google loves. (Hey, I love rapid iteration too; but not dumping new UI methods every 6-12 months).

    I'm going to give Marissa credit for, at very least, being vigilant about just this kind of ill-thought-out increase from one-click to 2-clicks, everywhere across the Google Eco-system. Change is good. I do believe that. But not when it sets User Experience back. And here it most certainly has. Perhaps they will make the icon grid a roll-over dropdown.

    And finally:  If Google were a startup with 25 people there, and imagine they've got 1 UX Design person; you could almost argue that one designer would get it right.  But with Google's sheer size, and no-money-obstacle, the best talent the world over, I think this is a company-wide failure, I'm sorry to say, that with all that resource power, appropriate UX thinking wasn't done on this.  Not good.

    I'm interested in your comments. Thank you for reading.

    #Google #UserExperienceDesign #globalnavigationscheme #ProductNavigation #UXdesign #Userinterfacedesign #UIdesign #institutionalfailure
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-08-22 07:13:25
    Zuckerburg Swoops In under the Radar, to purchase, with the mixed objective to "connect the next five billion people to the Internet" by lowering the costs of delivering the Internet to mobile phones.  (Note: Google's "FREEZONE" just launched today too: ). VentureBeat analyzes the ulterior motive — of course to increase people on Facebook. STORY LINK

    VentureBeat's headline:’s former owner didn’t know he sold to Zuckerberg, but he’s cool with the new direction. The just-prior-usage for, registered in 1993, "was a place to talk about some of the big topic issues related to the Internet — like freedom of speech, open access, censorship".

    "... While there’s clearly honorable about such a goal, when someone like Zuckerberg steps in, it pollutes the entire vision. The Facebook CEO may have great (albeit admittedly rough) ideas for his project, but it’s hard not to see the whole thing as a transparent and perverse attempt to get more of the world on his social network. If more people get online, chances are a lot more of them are going to use Facebook.

    The same goes for partner companies like Nokia and Qualcomm, both of whom are using the good will of expanding access to the Internet to obscure their less admirable financial ambitions. This is like oil companies making a social good case for why more people should own cars.

    The situation is in its own way somewhat ironic: A domain that began as a way to talk about Internet censorship and open access is now owned by a guy who wants to increase his company’s stranglehold on the Internet.

    Read more at   #Zuckerburg #facebook #internetdotorg   #gettingtheworldonline #waybackmachine
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  • Richard Hoefer2012-12-16 11:45:01
    Right on +Mike Bravo.
    Exactly, if only the troubled kid's Mom had a gun, she could have protected hersel- ..... oh, wait. right. (sigh)

    You may have a faulty brain, but you've got a great stand-in photo. It's just what everyone wants to see.

    .                                                          #Newtown #shooting #morons

    Reshared text:
    Truth to the Nth degree!!

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  • Richard Hoefer2012-08-14 00:13:02
    I really like Google Search's new favicon... When their 2009 version appeared it was interesting to see them branding the colors of Google, which signaled the beginning of a new visual phase for Google overall.  But I didn't really like the impression of this "everything merges into g" execution, even though it instantly provided distinct recognition.. Then the visual style of their product logos all bumped up many notches, and with Google+ we've seen the culmination of this raised new bar of brand consistency in the look and feel of all Google's products, particularly for action buttons, icons and menu displays. The new single-color "g" fits the color scheme of the search button tying it together in its icon representation. (picture from )
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  • Richard Hoefer2011-10-16 14:32:26
    I really like this picture of Julian Assange... outside St Paul's Cathedral during the 'Occupy London' protest on October 15, 2011 in London, England. The guy knows how to dress the part.


    (thanks +Chris Loft for the ID and attribution: Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

    Reshared text:
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  • Richard Hoefer2013-02-25 00:19:14
    Key Quote below, re impact of Video Games on Gun Violence:
    ..."It's important that I point out that as a threat assessment and as a former FBI profiler, we don't see these as the cause of violence," she added. "We see them as sources of fueling ideation that's already there." . She was responding to Glenn Beck's "theory"/pronouncement that video games in the home of Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza were the "gateway drug" that lead to the slaughter. Former FBI profiler Mary Ellen O'Toole said evidence did not support that theory.
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  • Richard Hoefer2012-11-20 05:54:31
    +Raleigh Burke spots solid gold with +Anderson Cooper not taking any shit from reality-deniers

    Reshared text:
    Wow! Anderson Cooper not only really reads what people tweet to him on Twitter, he will let you know how he feels about being criticized by people who haven't taken the time to know what they're talking about. He had to read through this woman's tweetstream to come up with this reply to her.
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  • Richard Hoefer2012-11-09 05:26:12
    Republicans haven't taken the re-election of Barack Obama very well.  Post-Election Meltdowns: Mary Matalin vs. Van Jones

    VIDEO+Story via CNN/

    EXCERPT: To say that this was simply a case of being a sore loser would be a tremendous understatement. Matalin lost her ever-loving mind and basically responded to Jones like a spoiled brat. The level of disrespect that radiates off of her is astounding and yet not surprising at all. Could you possibly imagine Van Jones speaking to her in the same manner and not having the right-wing media setting him on fire?
    #Election2012 #republicanreaction #hyperpartisan #meltdown #marymatalin #vanJones   
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