Mike Elgan2013-10-27 22:50:38
What if Google made WiFi routers?

One of the great things about Google is that their goal is to get people to use the Internet more. http://goo.gl/8kV0kJ

A better Internet that I use more is my goal, too — and yours. So there’s an alignment of interests with Google that makes them a user-friendly company, generally speaking.

Google wants people to use the Internet so badly that they are actually digging trenches and laying fiber citywide in multiple cities. They pay the wireless bills for some users in the third world (as long as they’re using Google services). And that’s ultimately why they sell Chromebooks and give away Android.

It’s all about getting people to exchange more bits with the Internet.

However, there’s another project Google could do that would literally enable hundreds of millions of people to “use the Internet more.”


(Photo courtesy of Ruckus Wireless)
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  • Mike Elgan2012-04-25 02:50:23
    Craziest bathroom ever: It has a glass floor looking down an elevator shaft.

    Someone posted this picture to advertise the bathroom vanity. But forget the vanity -- look at that floor!

    Could you, uh, "relax" in a bathroom like this?

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  • Mike Elgan2012-06-25 22:33:51
    Why your coffee table will become the most important (and most expensive) piece of furniture in your house.

    Today, coffee tables are almost an afterthought in the home design decision-making process. But soon, they'll become multi-touch supercomputers that control everything else in the house.


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  • Mike Elgan2012-07-30 20:24:11
    Advertiser leaving Facebook after discovering that 80% of the clicks they're paying for are from 'bots.'

    A company called Limited Run publicly announced on Facebook that they're leaving Facebook, and for two reasons:

    First, they did their own analytics and found that 80% of the clicks Facebook was charging them for were from automated "bots."

    Second, the company changed their name. They requested that Facebook change the company name on the business page. But Facebook told them (allegedly) that in order to change their name on Facebook, they would have to spend $2,000 more per month on advertising.

    If these allegations are true, how widespread is this abuse?

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  • Mike Elgan2013-02-10 20:37:42
    Report: Apple is working on a wristwatch.

    I've been talking about my expectation that Apple would release a wristwatch for a long time (see the links below). Now, a new report in The New York Times says the company is doing exactly that. The report said, in part: 

    "In its headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., Apple is experimenting with wristwatch-like devices made of curved glass, according to people familiar with the company’s explorations."

    (The picture on this post is not the watch -- it's a concept dreamed up by a user.) 






    (Props: http://www.cultofmac.com/215198/apple-working-on-iwatch-with-curved-glass-display-report/ )

    _(Pic props to Yrving Torrealba: http://www.kontain.com/irv1ng/entries/64830/iphone-wrist/)_
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  • Mike Elgan2013-09-03 07:14:19
    Why Microsoft buying Nokia is pretty insignificant.

    (Props: https://twitter.com/amir/status/374789309531840512 )
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  • Mike Elgan2012-08-15 18:15:11
    Hand-Painted Xbox 360 Controller Bra HIts

    Sadly, it's non functional. But imagine if it actually worked as an Xbox controller!


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  • Mike Elgan2012-05-09 15:11:39
    MIT student creates computer-controlled magic levitation.

    MIT genius +Jinha Lee has created (in collaboration with +Rehmi Post from the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms,) an incredible computer-controlled system for levitating objects.

    The project, called ZeroN, uses magnets, a Kinect visual system, plus special software that enables either the computer to move a steel ball around in space, or a human to just grab it and move it, essentially telling the computer where it should go.

    It can even remember how it was moved, then repeat the movement automatically.

    I need one.

    By the way, if +Jinha Lee looks familiar, he's the same guy in a video I shared on an entirely different project: A Microsoft research initiative to create a transparent-display 3D augmented reality system: Applied Sciences Group: Interactive Displays: Behind the Screen Overlay Interactions


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  • Mike Elgan2012-06-24 21:10:51
    Something for the bucket list: to land an airplane at India's Agatti Aerodrome!

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  • Mike Elgan2013-06-13 13:05:28
    How to send a message in a bottle in the digital age.

    If you're ever marooned on a desert island, send a help message in a bottle. But where are you going to find pen or paper on an island?

    That's why the USB message in a bottle is the perfect way to send for help. Just fire up your solar powered Chromebook, type out the message and put it into the drive. 


    (Props: http://www.redferret.net/?p=37472 )
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  • Mike Elgan2013-04-10 13:35:35
    Google+ dominates poll despite stacked deck!

    Lifehacker is running a poll, asking "What’s Your Social Network of Choice?"

    But they give Facebook and Twitter an unfair advantage: At the bottom are "Like" buttons for Facebook and Twitter. They're giving a tool to virally promote the poll on two of the social networks, but not the others. As a result, Facebook and Twitter have WAY more votes than Linkedin, Pinterest, MySpace and Instagram.

    But Google+ is dominating the poll anyway, with (at the time I write this) twice as many votes as Facebook.

    That's not enough.

    Since Lifehacker decided to favor Facebook and Twitter, let's send them some Google+ love in the form of MASSIVE votes for Google+:

    1. Share this post with all your circles.

    2. Go here and vote for your social network of choice:


    (Props to +Jeff Schultz)
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  • Mike Elgan2013-01-10 11:40:45
    Yeah, it's called the 'iPotty.'

    A special iPad-holding toilet (complete with a "splash guard" for the iPad) is designed to help toilet-train toddlers. Parents are invited to choose from the variety of toilet-training apps already available in the iOS app store. 

    In other news, there is a variety of toilet-training apps already available in the iOS app store. 

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  • Mike Elgan2013-06-06 02:46:41
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  • Mike Elgan2012-08-05 13:30:35
    Shotgun Wedding? Uh, Not Exactly.....

    I don't know the story behind this photo, but I'll bet the groom got to the church on time.

    Pic props: http://www.americancowboychronicles.com/2012/06/random-shots-judge-revokes-zimmerman.html

    Posted first on Google+ by +Tim Jones
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  • Mike Elgan2012-06-12 04:25:16
    Facebook resorting to ever more dirty tricks against Google+.

    Facebook has taken its cheating to a new low. 

    As you know, I auto-post Google+ posts to Facebook. The link brings my Facebook followers back to Google+ for the pictures and comments and for the complete post. 

    But now, when they click on the link, my followers get a scary "Security Alert: This Link May Not Be Safe" warning.  

    As far as I can tell, Facebook is lying. Flat-out lying as a dirty trick to reduce traffic to Google+. I can't think of any other explanation. 

    And they're apparently paying Symantec to take the blame for the lie. 

    Both companies know that a link to Google+ is perfectly safe. There are no banner ads and no way for malicious code to be downloaded from Google+. There has never, to the best of my knowledge, been a malware event originating from a Google+ link. 

    Even after you click "Ignore this warning," every single link is flagged in the same way, with no "learning" or option to accept all links from the site. 

    I wonder what +Robert Scoble thinks of this.

    Props to +Roberto Acevedo III for pointing this out to me. 
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  • Mike Elgan2012-07-28 12:12:36
    Spread the word: Google+ has the best Olympic stream anywhere!

    I've checked Twitter, the RSS feeds, the official Olympic Committee feeds, the various global networks and news channels. And I'm certain that the best way to monitor the Olympic games is Google+ with a simple search stream. 

    Here's the search stream: 


    Just watch it go by, and occasionally click the "are you there?" link. 

    Here's why Google+ wins the gold medal for following the Olympics: 

    1. The stream has pictures you can see without clicking. 

    2. The stream has content you can read without clicking. 

    3. You can "spin out" posts to read later by using keystrokes. (Press and hold the "command" key on a Mac or the "Ctrl" key on a PC, then click on the time of a post to spin it out in a separate tab for reading later.)

    4. You can comment, and engage in instant global conversations.

    5. You get all kinds of content, from personal experiences to news to videos to opinions. 

    6. It's live, real-time coverage. 

    7. You can literally hit the "Pause" button and go make yourself a sandwich.

    Spread the word, people. Google+ is MUCH better than Twitter for keeping up with the games!
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  • Mike Elgan2012-07-03 05:14:30
    German police won't let man drive his Flintstones car.

    German police have decided that Sebastian Trager's Flintstone mobile is too unsafe for public roads.

    Too bad. He could have had a gay old time in this car. 


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  • Mike Elgan2012-06-09 22:25:32
    Why does Apple inspire so much hate?

    The lovefest known as the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference starts Monday. As with any such event that involves Apple announcing new products, the global outpouring of love will be matched by a rising outburst of hate.

    Some people hate Apple. Other people hate people who hate Apple. Many of these haters have turned pro, leading to a lucrative “hater industrial complex.”

    I know, because I’ve been the target of hate from both sides. I’m on the hate list of both the most extreme anti-Apple haters and pro-Apple haters.

    Passion in technology, flame-wars, fanboyism and its discontents are nothing new. But in the past couple of years, something new has happened: The loudest, most insistent hate is now coming from the anti-Apple crowd, rather than the pro-Apple people.

    Here's why Apple inspires so much hate: 

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  • Mike Elgan2012-07-01 20:32:45
    Google+ lets you control email after you've sent it!

    Sure, you could send regular email, but why? 

    As a sender of email, Google+ gives you control over the message. 

    Let’s say you use Google+ to send email to your boss in the evening. You sleep on it, and wish you had added a few additional comments. 

    Because you sent via Google+, you can!

    Just open the post and make your changes. When your boss gets around to reading your email, it will show the edited version, not the original. You can edit as often as you like. 

    You can edit email even after the recipient has read it. 

    You can also delete emails after you’ve sent them. 

    When the recipient opens the e-mail after you’ve deleted it, they can see the first few words. But if they use Gmail, the body of the email becomes “This post no longer exists.” 

    If they’re not using Gmail, they get a link to a Google+ page that says “This post could not be found.”

    There are services that let you delete messages after sending. For example, a site called Burn Note ( https://burnnote.com ) allows you to write a note to someone on their site. They get a link to that note in their email. 

    Once the recipient starts reading the message, a timer starts and the message is deleted when the timer runs out. Messages can be read only once. 

    Burn Note is nice, but you have to decide in advance that your message is going to be deleted and choose in advance to use Burn Note. 

    If you send email via Google+, you can decide to delete the whole conversation after the fact. And you can do it without the pressure of a timer. Just delete it when you want to delete it.

    Neither you nor the recipient nor anyone else will have access to the email conversation after you’ve deleted it. 

    One caveat, though. If you send an email via Google+ to someone who does not have a Google+ account, they will not be able to comment on the message. (Even they create an account, they won’t be able to, because the message was not addressed to their new Gmail account. You can, however, tell them in their email that by clicking on your name and going to your profile, they’ll be able to send you an email from there if they’re logged in.) 

    To send an email to a Google+ user, just use a + mention in the body of the post. That will trigger Gmail to send them an email version.

    To send an email to a non-Google+ user, or to any non-Gmail address, just + mention the whole email address in the body of the post. 

    Sure, you can send regular email. But why not take advantage of the total control Google+ gives you?

    UPDATE:  +Jannik Lindquist pointed out that Hotmail, and presumably many other e-mail systems, will receive the full message, rather than just a link. This full message will remain the same, even after you edit the post. 

    Here's a work-around: Post only the words you would like to appear in the Subject of your email, then send. After it has been sent, edit the post by adding the "body" of your email message. That way, recipients on Hotmail and other systems will get just a Subject, plus a link to the full message, which you can edit or delete. 

    (Pic props to Paramount Pictures)
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  • Mike Elgan2014-01-17 05:25:39
    The problem with Facebook. 

    You'll never look at Facebook the same again after watching this video.
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  • Mike Elgan2012-06-20 04:02:10
    Join the effort to beam +George Takei from Facebook to Google+!

    Unless you're new to the planet, you've heard about actor +George Takei's vocal complaints against Facebook's idea to actually deliver your posts only if you pay. (Right now, Facebook secretly deletes most of the status updates you post without telling you or the people who will never see them.) 


    A growing red-shirt army of Google+ pleeps, including +Robert Partridge, +Stephanie Van Pelt, +Danial Hallock, +Sarah Rios, +Simon Skiles and others are banding together to beam the one and only +George Takei from the inhospitable Planet Facebook to the Starship Google+!

    (Too much?) 

    Here's what you can do to join the effort: 

    1. Circle +George Takei

    2. Plus-one and share this message to grow the movement. 

    3. Write a comment below in support of +George Takei dumping Facebook and moving to Google+!

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  • Mike Elgan2012-06-08 15:12:59
    Now Samsung is suing Australian patent commissioner over Apple patent!

    Who says Samsung isn't innovative? The company has come up with a novel approach to its patent war with Apple in Australia: They're suing Australia.

    Specifically, they're suing the Australian Patent Commissioner, saying that four Apple patents should never have been granted, as they duplicate earlier patents, according to Samsung.

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  • Mike Elgan2012-04-23 17:31:31
    Every dog has his day.

    Mexicans lined up to see the Pope drive by. But this dog apparently thinks the crowd is for him.

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  • Mike Elgan2013-05-07 19:03:34
    US gun deaths way down. Most think it's gone up. Thanks, alarmist media!

    A new Pew study found US gun homicide rates have dropped by half since 1993, yet a majority of Americans think gun deaths have gone up. 

    I think that's generally true of many things -- life keeps getting safer, better and generally more awesome, yet everyone thinks it's getting worse. 

    ("Everything is amazing and nobody is happy." - Louis C.K.)

    Maybe the solution is to shoot our TVs.

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  • Mike Elgan2012-12-31 10:11:23
    Watch the New Year unfold on Google+.

    It's 2013 already on Christmas Island -- the new year has begun! Use this search stream to watch the New Year happen around the planet: 

    1. Click here: https://plus.google.com/s/%22new%20year%22

    2. Keep this running for the next 24 hours!

    3. Click "Are you still there?" when it pops up. 
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  • Mike Elgan2012-07-01 01:15:31
    Steve Jobs was right about Flash.

    +TechCrunch just posted a really good piece on the death of Adobe Flash on mobile, and Apple's role in killing it -- or, at least, foreseeing its death when others didn't. 

    When Steve Jobs' "epic missive" explained in devastating detail why Apple didn't support Flash on either iPhone or iPad, he divided opinion. Rivals pounced on the opportunity to differentiate by supporting Flash. 

    Five years after the iPhone shipped (Thursday), Adobe announced that its Flash Player would not support devices running Jelly Bean, essentially announcing the phase-out of Flash for mobile devices. 

    It turns out that everything Steve Jobs said about Flash was exactly right. It was just no good for mobile. 

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  • Mike Elgan2012-08-07 10:22:41
    Dad Mods Kid's Electric Car Into Speed Demon

    A kid named Evan may be the luckiest boy in the world. His Dad modded his old pokey Lightning McQueen Powerwheel, getting rid of the plastic wheels and installing metal rims and rubber off-road tires, as well as "dual sealed gel batteries with an output of 24 volts, a 500 watt .66 horsepower electric motor, disk brake, throttle modulated variable speed control with reverse and sparco battery cut off switch," according to the YouTube blurb.


    Posted first on Google+ by +Paul Huckabee 
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  • Mike Elgan2013-05-22 03:13:16
    New Superman Man of Steel trailer hits.
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  • Mike Elgan2013-01-07 18:18:04
    If you had to choose, would you choose Twitter, Facebook or Google+?

    Social Media Insider is running an online poll asking: If you could use only one, would you choose Twitter, Facebook, or Google+?


    (Also please share this post with your circles!)
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  • Mike Elgan2012-04-12 17:52:12
    Life discovered on Mars... 36 years ago!

    An international team of mathematicians and scientists have re-evaluated data from NASA's Viking mission to Mars over three decades ago, and have come to the conclusion that the data prove life exists on Mars.

    University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine Neuropharmacologist and biologist Joseph Miller said that "On the basis of what we've done so far, I'd say I'm 99 percent sure there's life there."

    That conclusion is the result of a mathematical analysis of the data, which found that the order and complexity of the soil data is far higher than what would be possible with purely geological materials and processes.

    The research is being published in the International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sciences.

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  • Mike Elgan2013-06-09 18:14:04
    Why I suspect China of leaking Prism.

    Did the Prism presentation leak at exactly the perfect moment for maximum benefit for the Chinese government, or was that just an amazing coincidence?

    Momentum and moral outrage about Chinese government hacking has been building up for years. Finally, this weekend, President Obama was scheduled to call China's new President President Xi Jinping (shee jihn-peeng) out on the carpet, take him to the woodshed and do other cliches to him about China's intense hacking.

    But after years of being kept secret, facts about the Prism program leaked just days before Obama was going to lecture Xi on hacking, which resulted in domestic US outrage over Prismgate reaching a crescendo just as the leaders met.

    Whenever China is accused of hacking, they always deny it, and follow the denial up with the charge that the US is the world's biggest hacker.

    Everybody assumes that China knew about Prism (one benefit of all that hacking). If they didn't leak it in order to undermine Obama's moral authority and political juice, why didn't they? It all turned out beautifully for China.

    The error on Obama's part was to emphasize hacking, rather than IP theft. On the accusation of government hacking to steal trade secrets, the US does have the moral high ground. But on the area of "hacking"? Forget it. The US government probably IS the world's biggest hacker.

    UPDATE #1: The "whistleblower" who uncovered all this fled to China, and says he expects to never return.


    (Pic props to _ _ _ +Dan Gillmor _ _ _ and Nerdcore: _http://www.crackajack.de/2013/06/08/i-fixed-shepard-faires-obama-poster-to-fit-prism-also-happy-64th-george-orwells-1984/__ )_
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  • Mike Elgan2013-05-03 16:07:59
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  • Mike Elgan2012-08-17 12:00:05
    Why Progressive Insurance Is About to be Crushed by the Internet

    Long story short: The sister of a blogger named Matt Fisher was tragically killed in a car accident. She had Progressive insurance "protecting her" against accident by an underinsured driver, which happened to be the case in this accident.


    The family said that because the other insurance company paid only $25k, Progressive owed $75k to make up the difference, as they were contractually obligated to do. But instead of paying, they instead worked closely with opposing lawyers to help them prove the accident was her fault, so they could get out of paying. 

    Now famous bloggers like Seth Godin are jumping in to publicly shame Progressive.


    More context: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/08/18/your-money/progressives-side-of-the-insurance-case-that-blew-up-on-the-internet.html
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  • Mike Elgan2013-01-15 19:12:24
    This is the last picture a photographer took before telling them to 'stand just a little bit closer' to the rhino.

    They did stand closer. Then the rhino attacked, penetrating the woman's chest with its horn, breaking ribs and collapsing one of her lungs. 

    My advice: No matter what the photographer says, this is already about 100 feet too close. You don't want to $#@! with rhinos. 

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  • Mike Elgan2012-07-19 18:19:56
    71-year-old man shoots Internet cafe robbers. Is that good or bad?

    A surveillance video was posted on YouTube this week, showing two armed crooks (one had a bat, the other a gun) holding up an Internet cafe in Marion, Florida. A few seconds into their robbery, 71-year-old Samuel Williams pulls out a legally registered and legally carried handgun, and starts popping caps into their asses. 

    Everyone survived. The robbers were later arrested, and Williams was not charged. 

    Does this event support the idea that conceal-carry permits are a good idea, and thwart crime? 

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  • Mike Elgan2013-01-23 15:14:29
    Why you'll be wearing a wristwatch again by this time next year.

    People don't wear wristwatches like they used to. And the reason is clear: Since everybody's got a mobile phone, and the phone tells the time, a watch is unnecessary.

    But the mobile phone has always been an insatiably greedy platform -- it needs more features, more power, more convenience and, above all, more pixels.

    Get used to the idea of the big platform companies selling or supporting wristwatches that serve as additional screens for and controllers of the phones in our pockets. I believe that Apple and Google will do so, and a large number of small companies -- including Pebble (which shipped it's long-awaited smart watch today).

    Five strong trends are all converging to make smartphone wristwatches a near certainty. Here are those trends:

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  • Mike Elgan2013-06-14 01:05:00
    The Joy of Tech on what happens when you post.

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  • Mike Elgan2012-11-25 15:51:06
    How to store your phone and tablet like a boss cop.

    The $70 TechSling holster lets you stash your tablet on one side and your phone on the other, with some extra room for your wallet and papers.

    Too much?

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  • Mike Elgan2012-08-14 19:40:28
    Interactive Panorama of Mars Built Out of Curiosity Pictures

    A Google+ user named +Andrew Bodrov skillfully stitched together a large number of pictures taken by the Curiosity rover on Mars. The result is this interactive panorama, which lets you look around the red planet, and even zoom in on details. 

    How cool is this? 

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  • Mike Elgan2012-07-13 16:45:53
    Worst iPhone case ever: the Hana Silicon iPhone case!

    A new $13 iPhone case has a nose with nostrils you can put your fingers into. Why? Just why. 


    Posted first on Google+ by +Ralph Peralta
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  • Mike Elgan2012-12-15 11:35:39
    Who's ready for a smartphone-controlled toilet?

    A Japanese company called INAX is working on a $4,500 Bluetooth-enabled INAX Satis model toilet you control with your smartphone.

    Their MySatis Android app (and in the future, an iOS app) gives you the power to rise or lower the toilet set or turn on the bidet feature. It even has built-in speakers that play music streamed from your phone.

    The toilet is expected to make a big splash when it drops in February, 2013.

    Who wants one? 

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  • Mike Elgan2012-11-04 23:09:35
    I'm sure the irony of an ice cream sandwich case for the iPhone 5 isn't lost on this crowd.

    $18.99 on Etsy.

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  • Mike Elgan2014-06-28 05:02:34
    On Apple CEO Tim Cook's alleged homosexuality.

    Reports are circulating that Apple CEO Time Cook was "outed" as gay by a CNBC co-anchor: http://dlvr.it/686dn3 

    I've heard this rumor before and I have to make the following points: 

    1. People's private lives should be private. Tim Cook and every other business leader should be judged on the performance of their companies and not on what happens in their minds or bedrooms, and therefore: 

    2. Whether Tim Cook is straight or gay shouldn't matter to the press or the public, and we should respect his and everyone's right to choose whether to talk about their sexual identity, gender identification and so on, and: 

    3. The bottom line is that we shouldn't care about or discuss any aspect of Tim Cook's or Larry Page's or Larry Ellison's or Jeff Bezos' or Marissa Mayer's sex lives. It doesn't and shouldn't matter. And exploiting the prurient whispers about business leaders to get viewers and readers is shameful and tawdry and that's what needs to be outed. 
    Just my $0.02.
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  • Mike Elgan2012-07-09 03:07:24
    Brazil to release genetically modified mosquitos into the wild. What could go wrong?

    Brazil plans to release specially engineered genetically modified mosquitos to reduce dengue. The GMO bugs are injected with viruses that kill mosquito larvae before they're born. 

    A Brazilian lab plans to breed 4 million mosquitos a year. 

    What could go wrong? (Or, is this a great idea?)

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  • Mike Elgan2012-07-03 14:55:14
    Genetic engineers tell why GMO foods are unsafe.

    It should bother everyone that nearly all the science conducted on GMO foods is done by companies that sell it.

    Recently, two genetic engineers who oppose GMO foods issued a report called GMO Myths and Truths in which they refute claims that GMO foods are safe.

    Here's a summary: http://earthopensource.org/index.php/news/60-why-genetically-engineered-food-is-dangerous-new-report-by-genetic-engineers

    Here's the full report: http://earthopensource.org/files/pdfs/GMO_Myths_and_Truths/GMO_Myths_and_Truths_1.3.pdf

    California is getting ready to vote this year on a proposition to require the labeling of GMO foods. The industry doesn't want you to know which foods are GMO, and they're going to spend a fortune to prevent you from knowing. 

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  • Mike Elgan2012-06-15 16:27:13
    Wow!! Unroll.me is awesome!

    1. Go to http://unroll.me/

    2. Specify your email service

    3. Grant permission

    The site will go find every single subscription of every kind that you're getting, letting you unsubscribe from each with a single click. 


    Posted first on Google+ by +Jure Kodrič 
  • 1199 plusses - 282 comments - 935 shares | Read in G+
  • Mike Elgan2014-02-18 22:48:10
    Jet replaces windows with a massive, real-time video screens.

    Spike Aerospace is building the first supersonic private jet. When its S-512 is ready for sale in 2018, it won't have windows. Instead, the plane will have massive HD screens showing live feeds from tiny cameras built into the outside. 

    The goal is an "unbroken panoramic view" of what's outside the airplane.

    Its not just about aesthetics. The absence of windows means that the normal engineer work-arounds needed to build windows into planes won't be necessary. 

    I want one. 

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  • Mike Elgan2013-01-26 14:38:50
    Will Apple, Google and Samsung lose the smartphone market?

    Four Linux-based mobile OS platforms are gunning for iOS and Android. And 100 Chinese companies want to price the iPhone and the Galaxy S line out of the market.

    Is the smartphone world about to be turned upside down?

  • 1952 plusses - 459 comments - 359 shares | Read in G+
  • Mike Elgan2013-01-05 10:37:58
    Microsoft offices burglarized; only Apple products stolen.

    Thieves decided to steal computer equipment from Microsoft's Silicon Valley offices. They took five iPads from three different offices. “No Microsoft products were reported stolen.”

  • 1641 plusses - 326 comments - 592 shares | Read in G+
  • Mike Elgan2014-06-06 03:20:04
    Apple executives had a lot of kind words for the products they announced this week.

    And here they are, cobbled together by a +TWiT editor.
  • 1717 plusses - 490 comments - 467 shares | Read in G+
  • Mike Elgan2013-02-16 19:59:48
    Why an Apple iCar is actually a great idea.

    The New York Times’ Nick Bilton reminded everyone recently what we previously learned from longtime Apple board member Mickey Drexler: Steve Jobs wanted to build an Apple iCar.

    People tend to dismiss the idea as a goofy pipe dream. In fact, not only is an Apple iCar a great idea, it’s perfectly aligned with Apple’s history and mission.

    Here’s how they should do it.

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  • Mike Elgan2013-01-04 13:47:53
    Facebook still owns your personal photos and information even after you delete your account.

    The truth is that nearly all users have no idea what they're legally agreeing to when they sign up for social networks. 

    The UK's Telegraph has a nice, super simple summary of some aspects of each network's terms of service. 

    For example, Facebook's 14,000-word terms of service gives Facebook the legal right to "use your content in any way it sees fit... Facebook can transfer or sub-license its rights over a user’s content to another company or organisation if needed. Facebook’s license does not end upon the deactivation or deletion of a user’s account."

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  • Mike Elgan2012-08-21 13:16:40
    No, Apple Is NOT the Most Valuable Company Ever

    Just about every major news outlet this week has been reporting that Apple is the most valuable company in history. But this is true only if you fail to adjust for inflation.

    Microsoft holds the record for the highest valuation of any company in history. In 1999, Microsoft was worth $620.6 billion which, when adjusted for inflation, is $856 billion in today's money. 

    So please stop being dumb, media.


    UPDATE: This post has been updated to correct an error in the post I linked to, which itself has been corrected.
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  • Mike Elgan2013-01-08 15:55:02
    Worst USB thumb drive ever (but perfect for shovelware!)

    These images have started flying around on Chinese and Russian social networks.

    This is easily the worst idea for a USB thumb drive ever.

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  • Mike Elgan2013-05-26 16:31:28
    How we have systematically bred the nutrition out of our food.

    The ancestor of corn had ten times more protein than the corn we eat today. That's just one example. 

    Over the millennia, farmers have selectively bread food crops for better taste. In the industrial era, we got really efficient at it and bred food that worked best in the industrial food system and contributed to better "food products." 

    Nutrition took a back seat to all this selective breeding. As a result, our food is nearly devoid of nutrition compared with what our ancestors ate. 

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  • Mike Elgan2012-07-31 19:24:38
    New 'Bond' trailer hits.
  • 1659 plusses - 278 comments - 558 shares | Read in G+
  • Mike Elgan2012-12-22 18:51:27
    Why Apple needs a really expensive iPhone.

    Some pundits are predicting, and others are advocating, that Apple launch an iPhone that's much cheaper than the current iPhone in order to keep up with Android phone sales.

    This is crazy talk.

    Apple doesn't need a cheaper iPhone. They need a more expensive one -- much more expensive. Here's why. 

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  • Mike Elgan2013-03-27 23:57:05
    What it's like to climb the Great Pyramids.

    It's illegal to climb Egypt's Great Pyramids, a crime punishable by up to three years in prison.

    But some Russian guys did it anyway, and took some amazing pictures.

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  • Mike Elgan2013-10-29 22:20:33
    Google's Magic Picture Machine goes beyond science fiction.

    Science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke said that "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." But even Clarke never envisioned Google’s Magic Picture Machine.

    The new Google+ photo and video features announced today by +Vic Gundotra are obviously an incredible benefit to users, unlike anything else out there. 

    But can we take a moment to marvel at the technology behind it?

    Let's start with a magic trick: 


    (Picture courtesy of +Paul Moody: http://goo.gl/vrH7aO )
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  • Mike Elgan2012-07-04 09:05:56
    Because it's the 4th of July, that's why!

    Yeah, Ronald Reagan firing a machine gun from the back of a flag-waving velociraptor. What?! 

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  • Mike Elgan2012-08-22 11:33:05
    Worst Design Ever for a Power Screwdriver? Or Best?

    The $40 Drill Gun Power Screwdriver is shaped like a snub-nosed revolver handgun. Is that cool? Or dumb?

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  • Mike Elgan2012-04-10 16:42:18
    Twitter users shocked to learn that the Titanic disaster actually happened.

    You can feel the dumb.

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  • Mike Elgan2013-02-04 12:19:52
    How I view Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

    Some of my friends in the tech press have got that Google+ fever, and are running wild with it. But others don't get it. They come to Google+, look around and wonder what all the fuss is about. 

    Most of these friends really like Twitter, or really get Facebook. So by way of analogy, I'd like to share with them (and you) how I view Twitter, Facebook and Google+. 

    Here's the analogy: 

    Twitter is Penn Station. 

    If you're using social media for content discovery (and who isn't these days), you will find very little of that content on Twitter itself. Nearly all the content you get from Twitter is through links on Twitter to content posted elsewhere. 

    In that sense, Twitter is a hub for people coming from one place and headed to some other place. 

    Yes, there is some content on Twitter, just as there is "content" at Penn Station (restaurants, Madison Square Garden, etc.), but it's lightweight content designed for people in a hurry. 

    Like Penn Station, Twitter is useful, valuable and necessary, but mostly as a conveyer of minds from one place that isn't Twitter to another place that isn't Twitter. 

    Facebook is Long Island. 

    Unlike Twitter, Facebook is a destination or a place to "live." There's massive content there -- all the content some people really need. 

    Like Long Island, Facebook is a great place to live if you want to spend your time with family and friends. 

    And like Long Island, Facebook is an island.

    It's not a walled garden anymore. There are no physical walls or barriers that prevent people from posting publicly and sharing the links to those individual posts, but hardly anyone does that. Most of the content on Facebook is either personal content for family and friends, or it's Twitter-like links to outside content. Hardly anybody blogs on Facebook, for example. 

    Facebook is not about Big Ideas. It's about little league games, drinks with friends, backyard barbecues and cultivating relationships with family and old friends. 

    If you grew up on Long Island, it doesn't matter that the Island doesn't have the best restaurants in the world, the best theater, the best night-clubs or that Long Island isn't the best place in the world to publish something. It's where your peeps are, and that's why you love it. 

    Google+ is New York City.

    Like New York City, Google+ is a huge, beautiful, vibrant, multi-cultural engine of ideas.

    New York City is an industrial city, and its main industries are about information and creative content (the stock exchange, book and magazine publishing, fashion, etc.) and in that sense Google+ is analogous. 

    Like New York City, Google+ is a great destination and a great place to live for people who want to meet interesting new people all the time, create and publish content and be intellectually stimulated. 

    It's got vibrant theater (YouTube), the very best places to mingle and interact with people (Hangouts), awesome places for curation (Picasa, YouTube and regular posts) and more. 

    Just as New York City has Penn Station and Grand Central Terminal, Google+ has everything that Twitter has. And just as New York exists on the physical Long Island with Brooklyn and Queens, Google+ does the same stuff Facebook does. 

    If you've lived on Long Island as I did for ten years, you know a lot more people on Long Island than you do in New York City, but that doesn't make it a better place to live, necessarily. 

    The difference between visiting and living in New York.

    Here's the thing: If you're an occasional visitor, a tourist in New York City, spend most of your time in Midtown, take the open-top bus tour, go to the top of the Empire State Building, eat at Original Ray's Pizza and see The Lion King on Broadway, you will not experience New York City and you will have no idea what the place is all about. You won't understand why and how people live there and what they love about it. 

    You won't understand New York City unless you move there, cultivate a community and actually live and work there. 

    Like Penn Station, you can understand what Twitter is all about in an hour. Like Long Island, you can understand what Facebook is (if your family and friends live there) in a three-day weekend -- it's about family and friends. 

    But like New York City, you can't understand Google+ with a casual, occasional and superficial visit. 

    And if you're a content creator -- writer, photographer, blogger, film-maker, restauranteur, etc. -- hoping to benefit from New York City or Google+ -- you will get no benefit if you visit as a tourist. 

    But as a resident, the rewards are astronomical in the way of contacts, stimulation, inspiration and opportunities to publish and publicize your work. 

    In order to "get" Google+, you've got to actually leave Long Island and move to the Big City. (And once you arrive, you've got to leave Penn Station...) 

    I don't know if these analogies make sense to anyone else, but this is how I view the differences between Twitter, Facebook and Google+. 
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  • Mike Elgan2013-02-08 20:42:06
    Why China may not be the world's factory for much longer.

    Because robots can do this. (And, no, the video is not sped up.)

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  • Mike Elgan2012-06-04 19:18:14
    The Chinese government celebrates the Tiananmen Massacre by censoring all mention of it.

    In the days leading up to the anniversary, the Chinese government is stepping up the censorship of social media, banning words like "tank" and "never forget." They've even forced the Chinese Twitter (Sina Weibo) and other sites from allowing users to change their profile pictures, lest they upload a picture of a candle or something.

    I'd love to hear from my Chinese friends: What do Chinese people really talk about when discussing Tiananmen?


    (Pic props: http://onlyhdwallpapers.com/world/lego-china-riot-tanks-protest-tiananmen-square-photos-photo-reconstruction-desktop-1400x990-wallpaper-290989 )
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  • Mike Elgan2013-03-27 22:38:30
    Company sells cider by mocking Apple.

    This wonderful ad for Somersby Apple Cider sells their beverage the Apple way. 
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  • Mike Elgan2012-11-15 08:40:24
    Are people getting dumber?

    A new paper by Stanford University researcher Gerald Crabtree finds that now that humans no longer have the selective pressures of a hunter-gatherer existence, we no longer need intelligence to survive and, as a result, we're getting dumber. 

    Separate from that study, I also wonder whether a similar process is happening culturally. Are dumber people about to "survive" culturally, and remain famous and influential no matter how unintelligent they are? 

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  • Mike Elgan2012-07-12 14:01:55
    Stun gun iPhone case adds 20 hours of battery life!

    A new iPhone case called the Yellow Jacket delivers 650k volts of stun gun juice -- and 20 hours of juice to your iPhone. 

    Just don't zap yourself in the head while you're talking on the phone. 

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  • Mike Elgan2012-07-18 20:32:25
    Is Facebook toast?

    It’s been an "septimana horribilis" (horrible week) for social networking giant Facebook.

    First, Facebook got its keister handed to it by Google+in a customer satisfaction survey. Then another report showed that Facebook is bleeding users.

    This isn’t the end of the world for Facebook. There’s still hope for the company. But a radical shift is needed now to stop Facebook from declining into irrelevancy.

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  • Mike Elgan2013-04-02 22:06:27

    This stop-motion animation, a tribute to Ms. Pac Man and Donkey Kong, is made out of 4,800 Post-It notes!

    It took +Michael Birken 11 months working on weekends and holidays.
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  • Mike Elgan2012-12-24 11:29:44
    The bacon people must be stopped.
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  • Mike Elgan2013-01-20 17:14:25
    Is Apple really failing?

    Apple has “stumbled lately.” That’s the overwhelming consensus coming from the press, blogosphere and Wall Street recently.

    Demand for the iPad and iPhone is dropping, we’re told, and Apple isn’t doing interesting or exciting things anymore.

    Here’s my column on what’s going on:

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  • Mike Elgan2012-11-27 14:03:46
    Wait, so you're saying Kim Jong Un isn't the 'Sexiest Man Alive'?

    The online version of China's official commie rag, the People's Daily fell for an Onion story that said North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is the "Sexiest Man Alive." 

    The People's Daily web site today ran a -- wait for it! -- 55-page photo spread as part of its coverage of Un being named "The Onion's Sexiest Man Alive for 2012."

    They even quoted +The Onion: "With his devastatingly handsome, round face, his boyish charm, and his strong, sturdy frame, this Pyongyang-bred heartthrob is every woman's dream come true."

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  • Mike Elgan2014-05-30 02:59:12
    Google StreetView shows Detroit being reclaimed by nature over time.

    Wow -- a stunning decline for a once-great city: http://goobingdetroit.tumblr.com/

    Props to +Mathew Ingram
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  • Mike Elgan2013-01-31 08:08:59
    Solution to Beijing's horrible 'airpocalypse' air pollution crisis: Show 'em pictures of clean air!

    In other news: Wow! That is a big-ass screen!

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  • Mike Elgan2012-06-19 16:47:54
    New Dark Knight Rises trailer hits.

    Posted first on Google+ by +Khurram Ali 
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  • Mike Elgan2013-02-18 09:38:19
    BREAKING: Mississippi bans slavery.

    An immigrant from India, inspired by the movie Lincoln, did some research and discovered that the state of Mississippi never officially ratified the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, which bans slavery. 

    Ranjan Batra, who is an associate professor of neurobiology and anatomical sciences at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, went home after seeing the movie and went to the site USConstitution.net. There, he discovered a footnote on ratification of the amendment that said: "Mississippi ratified the amendment in 1995, but because the state never officially notified the US Archivist, the ratification is not official."

    Wait, 1995?

    It turns out that Mississippi refused to ratify the amendment in the 1860s, then forgot all about it until 1995. When lawmakers in the 1990s realized that the state still hadn't ratified it, they voted to do so. But for reasons unknown, the state never filed their ratification with the federal government, which is the final step in the process. 

    Now, thanks to Batra, the state of Mississippi has notified the US Archivist, thereby officially banning slavery. 

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  • Mike Elgan2012-04-21 02:24:05
    Are edible spoons the future of cutlery?

    A design studio called Triangle Tree wants to replace plastic disposable spoons with edible spoons. You use them to eat your dinner, then you eat the spoon.

    You could also imagine carving out a bowl out of a loaf of bread and putting your soup in that like they do at Boudin's in San Francisco ( http://j.mp/JlCtDk ).

    If you did that, you'd have no dishes at all!

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  • Mike Elgan2013-02-15 20:44:30
    +Gizmodo's +Leslie Horn says YOU are nobody. Show her you are somebody!

    Every once in a while, a tech writer who doesn't use Google+ confuses their own lack of use with non-activity on G+ generally, then embarrasses themselves by suggesting that Google+ is a "ghost town" or something like that. 

    Today, some Gizmodo blogger named +Leslie Horn, who hasn't posted on G+ since July of 2011 -- before it even launched publicly and who has completely missed the boat -- joked today on Gizmodo that maybe the site's outage today was due to "neglect." 

    She wrote: "If a social network falls on the internet and nobody's on it, has it actually fallen at all?"

    You hear that? She says nobody is on Google+. Are YOU nobody? Let's all go to the Gizmodo site by clicking the link below and leave a comment for Leslie. Let her know how crazy active Google+ is!!

    (Also please share and plus-one this message!)

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  • Mike Elgan2012-05-05 14:59:47
    Dispatch from the 'geeks vs noobs' culture war.

    If you scratch the surface of many recurring online debates and differences of opinion -- the PC vs. Mac, Android vs. iPhone and Google+ vs. Facebook conflicts, as well as arguments over issues like privacy -- you'll find that it's often really a culture-war argument between geeks and noobs.

    Here's what I'm talking about:


    (Pic props: http://www.joyoftech.com/joyoftech/ )
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  • Mike Elgan2012-07-22 08:12:11
    Next Superman trailer hits: Man of Steel.

    The movie hits theaters next summer. 
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  • Mike Elgan2013-03-11 23:06:21
    Worst iPhone app ever: It makes your icons do the Harlem Shake.

    An irresponsible iOS developer created a tweak for jailbroken iPhones that enables the icons to do the Harlem Shake. Why, I have no idea. 

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  • Mike Elgan2013-05-02 14:31:13
    US meat supply massively contaminated with superbugs.

    Consumer Reports says 90% of US supermarket ground turkey is contaminated with superbugs -- antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

    Earlier this month, a government monitoring group found more than half of samples of ground turkey, pork chops and ground beef bought in US supermarkets contained antibiotic-resistant superbugs. 

    The contamination of the food supply with superbugs is caused by the widespread use of antibiotics in livestock to make them bigger and also enable them to survive in cramped, unhealthy conditions without dying of the diseases that spread in such an environment. 

    Bottom line: Antibiotics makes meat cheaper. But is it worth the lower price? 

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  • Mike Elgan2012-04-05 18:41:32
    If you're still eating chicken, you're not reading the news.

    Factory farming is nasty business, I tell you. A sudden rash of reports is beginning to reveal the horrible reality of industrial chicken farming.

    A piece in The New York Times by +Nicholas Kristof points out that "poultry on factory farms are routinely fed caffeine, active ingredients of Tylenol and Benadryl, banned antibiotics and even arsenic." Scientists at Johns Hopkins University who studied the industry says "It’s unbelievable what we found."


    Why caffeine? It turns out that chickens are fed coffee pulp to keep them awake all night so they keep eating and become fatter.

    A previous study found that 90% of chickens raised for meat were fed arsenic.

    Most chicken farmers don't even know what they're feeding the chickens, as the pre-packaged feed ingredients are a trade secret.

    Obama's USDA, meanwhile, is springing into action. The department wants to stop inspecting poultry plants and allow employees of the plant do the inspections. That would enable factory food assembly lines to process 200 chickens per minute, rather than the 140 per minute currently possible.

    A pilot program for the plant employee inspections found that they "were missing defective poultry at high rates."

    From another Times article: "The inspectors, whose names were redacted, said they had observed numerous instances of poultry plant employees allowing birds contaminated with fecal matter or other substances to pass. And even when the employees try to remove diseased birds, they face reprimands, the inspectors said."

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  • Mike Elgan2014-05-21 23:47:51
    Game graphics have gotten a little more high-rez in the past 22 years.

    Wolfenstein game graphics: 1992 on the left, 2014 on the right. 

    Props: https://twitter.com/codinghorror/status/469254554282766336
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  • Mike Elgan2012-06-07 00:37:55
    Awesome round-up of HD transit-of-venus video.
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  • Mike Elgan2012-05-07 18:23:33
    If you dug a hole to the other side of the Earth, where would you come out?

    The Antipodes Map, a Google Maps mash-up, will tell you!

    I would come out in the middle of the Indian Ocean off the South-Eastern coast of Africa.

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  • Mike Elgan2013-05-08 23:44:45
    I wonder if the threat of mass starvation might get people to consider organic agriculture.

    Bees are being wiped out by a long list of issues. One major issue is pesticides and fungicides, which not only kill bees, but weaken their immune systems and make them vulnerable to various diseases another issue. 

    Food companies and consumers use these chemicals because they make food cheaper. But now they're on the brink of making food VERY expensive due to shortages. 

    What will it take for us to reject industrial agriculture? Will the threat of starvation and massively high food prices do it? 

    What do you think? 



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  • Mike Elgan2012-08-03 06:30:28
    Surprising things about America.

    This American Life interviewed immigrants on what surprised them when they came to the United States. 

    Here's what surprised them: 

    * Insanely well stocked supermarkets with an impossible variety of foods
    * Flag obsession
    * Religiosity
    * No haggling over prices
    * Fake food everywhere, and in huge portions
    * Amazing culture of convenience
    * Poverty
    * People who obey traffic laws
    * Young people don't get a new boyfriend/girlfriend every week like on TV
    * Americans don't hate their own families like they do on TV

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  • Mike Elgan2012-12-29 17:57:02
    What If the Next iPad, iMac, Business PC and Apple TV Are All One Device?

    How would you radically improve the iPad? You’d give it more powerful processing, enabling more powerful apps.

    How would you improve the 27-inch iMac? You’d make it 37 inches.

    How would you create an Apple desktop computer for business? You’d make it work like an iPad, but double as a boardroom device for presentations and video conferencing.

    And how would you improve TV and make it Applish? You’d build in a computer, Apple TV-like functions and give it a remote.

    If you think about it, these obvious improvements are not moving these four product lines away from each other, but toward each other — resulting in a single super product that does it all.

    What if Apple’s next iPad, iMac, business PC and TV set are all one iDevice?

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  • Mike Elgan2012-12-08 19:40:51
    OK, NOW tell me Ashton Kutcher doesn't look like Steve Jobs.

    You may have seen the picture of Ashton Kutcher on the left floating around. But you should also know that he was posing for a re-creation of a photo of the real Steve Jobs on the right. 

    How amazing is their resemblance? 

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  • Mike Elgan2012-08-21 06:24:24
    What to Do When Your Boss Points a Camera At You...

    A guy claimed on Reddit that when he installed a webcam to watch the office, a member of his staff did this. Nice!

    Props to Reddit: http://www.redditpics.com/my-staffs-response-to-the-webcam-that-i-put-outsi,1073263/
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  • Mike Elgan2014-01-19 18:33:40
    What I learned on the way to 3 million Google+ circles.

    I crossed the 3-million Google+ circles line this morning. http://goo.gl/mdil3m

    It’s weird and thrilling to have so many “followers,” and to be sandwiched in circle counts between Paris Hilton, who has a couple hundred thousand more circles than I do, and Rihanna, who will probably catch up to me and pass me at some point in the future. (One of the great things about Google+ is that the geeks hold their own against entertainers in popularity.)

    But mostly, it’s been an eye-opening adventure for me. Here’s what I learned along the way. 


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  • Mike Elgan2012-12-08 14:56:15
    What's so great about Google+ Communities?

    Here's my column about why Google+ Communities represents the most highly evolved public communications medium ever devised.

    Before, Google+ was a great place for a certain kind of person, but it wasn't for everyone. The feature transforms Google's social network a supremely relevant and friendly place for everyone and anyone to talk about the things they care about. It's a whole new G+ now.

    The new Google+ Communities feature is better than you think. Here's why:


    (Pic props: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2006573/Thousands-yoga-enthusiasts-tranquillity-Times-Square-longest-day-year.html )
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  • Mike Elgan2012-07-07 19:04:47
    Why the ‘Boycott Apple’ movement is dumb.

    The #BoycottApple hashtag was trending hard on Google+ last week. The call to boycott is based on Apple’s attempts to ban both the Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone and the Galaxy 10.1 tablet. 

    Here’s why the call for a boycott is misguided and futile: 


    (Pic props to +Phlash Tha)
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  • Mike Elgan2013-05-11 23:21:52
    How wearable computing will change everything (even for those not wearing computing!)

    Listen, you tech-savvy, trend-resisting cynic you. I want you to stop dismissing wearable computing as a pointless, narcissistic fad.

    Wearable computing is not for people too lazy to look at their phones. It’s not a trendy toy for wealthy yuppies. And it’s not about joining +Robert Scoble in the shower.

    What you need to know is this: Wearable computing is the next evolution of consumer electronics. And it changes everything for everyone and not just the people actually wearing the computing. (It will even change Apple!)

    Here's why: 

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  • Mike Elgan2012-07-20 20:56:33
    Death Wish Coffee: 200% more caffeine!

    Too much caffeine?

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  • Mike Elgan2012-06-14 07:14:56
    Jesus: Nokia to cut 10,000 jobs.

    Long story short: Apple and Google are killing Nokia. The company is bleeding cash and can't compete. Now they're axing employees by the thousands. 

    In hindsight, maybe Microsoft Windows Phone wasn't the solution...

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  • Mike Elgan2013-02-15 23:23:01
    Facebook not only paid zero taxes for 2012 -- they were actually paid money by the government -- i.e., your tax dollars!

    According to this article on AllFacebook.com, Facebook not only paid zero taxes for the 2012 tax year, they were given $429 million in net tax refunds. 

    That's right: You paid more taxes than Facebook did, and some of your taxes went to Facebook!

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  • Mike Elgan2012-08-10 08:25:30
    Drunk Tourist Falls Asleep On Baggage Belt; Discovered In X-Ray Machine

    A drunk Norwegian tourist crawled onto a baggage conveyer belt at Rome's Fiumicino airport and fell asleep next to his luggage. He traveled on the conveyer for about 15 minutes, sound asleep, before being spotted on the security X-ray scanner. 


    Posted first on Google+ by +Anders Grydeland
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