Johnathan Chung2012-10-05 21:41:06
Guess Who?
A Game Referencing Google+ Hangouts

Thought I'd start a new weekly game where I'll list a bunch of well-known people, organizations, shows, ideas, or entities centered around a theme, and then you tell me in the comments which ones have ever directly appeared (or not) in a Google+ Hangout On Air broadcast.

How It Will Work
• Select one or more choices that fit the question below by typing in your answer(s).
• Approximately 24 hours after the question is first posted, I will reveal the answer if someone has guessed it exactly right.
• "Exactly right" means if there is more than one correct letter option, your answer must include ALL of them (and NONE of the incorrect ones).
• Otherwise, I will periodically provide hints until someone gets it.
• Feel free to make multiple separate guesses.
• Edited comments will be disqualified to make it easier for me to determine the actual order that people responded.

Please do NOT use Search in Google, Google+, YouTube, etc. because that will probably make this too easy. We'll play by the honor system ;)

Which of the following musicians/singers have participated in a Hangout On Air as of October 1, 2012?

A. Britney Spears
B. Madonna
C. Avril Lavigne
D. Adam Levine
E. Justin Timberlake
F. Carly Rae Jepsen
G. Kanye West
H. Lady Gaga

#GuessWho #HangoutGame #HangoutTrivia
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-09-06 17:34:13
    What Americans Do All Day Long

    Hmm, I think they forgot to list "Google+ . . . 3 Hrs, 2 Min, 42 Sec".

    (Just kidding... or am I? ~.^ )

    Reshared text:
    Interesting, amusing, maybe depressing collection of data

    Reading at below 8 minutes daily is just plain Sad
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-09-05 01:40:51
    The Science Dream Team
    Now in color!

    The greatest scientific minds of the 19th and early 20th century, all in one photo: +Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Erwin Schrödinger, Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, and more!

    Photo colorized by Redditor, mygrapefruit:

    Via io9:
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-03-19 06:01:28
    Go Vote ;)

    This question is kind of silly because G+ and FB are generally used for different purposes (interest vs. social graph, keeping established contacts vs. growing new networks, etc.) That being said...

    Although some people might say the results are skewed, I think the trend so far in and of itself speaks volumes about the Google+ Community's passion for this social platform and the level of engagement and interaction from G+ users compared to FB.

    Anyway, check it out :)

    Reshared text:
    Very interesting poll.

    Go vote, the results are very interesting :)
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-02-09 20:34:43
    Google+ Hangout at the Large Hadron Collider

    When: Friday, February 10, 2012 at 8am PST / 11am EST / 5pm CET (UTC +1)

    Save the date and add it to your Google Calendar ( or circle +Google Shared Calendars to stay on top of upcoming G+ Hangouts and events.

    (Please comment on the original post with your questions for a chance to participate.)

    Reshared text:
    Your understanding of the Universe is about to change...

    Attention Science Lovers – Hangout at the Large Hadron Collider

    The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is a gigantic scientific instrument near Geneva, where it spans the border between Switzerland and France, about 100 m (or 300 feet) underground. It is a particle accelerator used by physicists to study the smallest known particles – the fundamental building blocks of all things. The Compact Muon Solenoid (or CMS) is one of the LHC's experiments, and is furthering our understanding of particle physics, from the minuscule world deep within atoms to the vastness of the Universe.

    Come join us on an exclusive Google+ Hangout and visit the CMS underground experimental cavern – off-limits to most of the world. Have a virtual visit with with senior physicist Albert De Roeck. Learn more about the magical world of physics and ask us your questions.

    Join us for the deepest ever Google+ Hangout!

    Comment below to let us know why you would like to participate, and send in your questions! A few of you will be invited to join the Hangout.

    (Some places will be reserved for schools from around the world.)

    Important details
    Host location: The CMS Underground eXperimental Cavern (UXC), ~100 m underground, Cessy, France (
    Date: 10th February 2012
    Time: 17:00 – 18:00 Central European Time (UTC +1) | Start time around the world:

    #CMS #CompactMuonSolenoid #LHC #CERN #ParticlePhysics
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-01-15 18:14:34
    Do you routinely opt out of contextually relevant ads, or do you find them to be helpful?

    Reshared text:
    An alternate view on Google

    If you're reading this then you probably have at some point heard the fear blathering mantra about how Google invades your privacy, only wants to acquire your preferences so they can advertise to you, etc. etc.

    Well, once we clear away the emotive mess and look at the matter on face value, when did advertising becoming a dirty word?
    Only a fool doesn't realize that since the day you were a toddler, since Frankenberry was fighting with Count Chocula, since those golden arches down the street had you tugging on mom's sleeve; you have been bombarded by advertising.

    And I seriously doubt it ever wounded you.

    In today's internet age though, you have so many more companies worldwide clamoring for your attention.
    That's to be expected. And since you still only have 24 hours in your busy day, cramming ever more advertising into the same attention time can begin to resemble an annoying shouting match.

    So it IS understandable that in order to process the chaos, individuals tend to lump all the advertisers together, label them all an annoyance, and either figuratively or literally dispose of them

    But itsn't it true that if you had the time and interest to weed through each ad deliberately, there probably are some decent gems you'd be interested in?

    On that note, consider what I just posted in another thread:

    On Google wanting info on you to push ads

    t's all a matter of perspective.
    Say two strangers were to show up at your house each day.
    Each day the two stranger dumped a huge box of junk mail advertisements on your kitchen counter.
    After a few days, you begin to grow extremely frustrated.
    You even lose interest in looking at the good ads you might otherwise have wanted to take advantage of.

    After a week of this one of the strangers stops you and asks,
    "Hi. My name is Google. Would you mind if I took a few weeks to get to know you? Maybe I could follow you around for a bit and learn what things you like and dislike? Maybe I could ask you a question or two when you have a free five minutes?

    If this is ok with you, I will then go through these boxes of advertisements every day.
    And I will get rid of the junk you probably don't want."

    In the meantime the other stranger keep showing up and dumping boxes of ads and flyers.

    So, in the above scenario,
    would you still begrudge the person offering to get to know you and weed out the junk?
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-01-08 19:07:24
    Airport X-ray Security Scanners: Fact vs. Fiction

    Airport secuirty scanners for people do not work the same way as medical X-ray imaging equipment. Contrary to what is portrayed in mainstream media, most airport security X-ray machines pose negligible risk regarding the dose of radiation involved [1]. Whether or not they are effective as an additional security measure and whether or not they pose a privacy problem are separate issues.

    What Are X-rays?

    X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation discovered in 1895 by Wilhelm Roentgen [2]. X-rays are essentially high-energy light photons originating from outside the nucleus of an atom [3]. They are classified as "soft" or "hard" X-rays depending on their energy levels and ability to penetrate matter.

    Dual-energy X-ray Systems

    In their simplest form, scanners for carry-on bags emit "high energy" X-ray beams. Like some medical X-ray imaging equipment, they are dual-energy X-ray systems [4]. This means that a set of detectors located opposite the source register differences between two types of X-ray (hence "dual energy") to create images: the energy of the X-rays that 1.) pass through, or 2.) are absorbed by objects between the source and detectors.

    Backscatter Systems

    In contrast, airport scanners for people are backscatter systems [4]. This means that "low energy" X-rays are used to "bounce off" the skin of a person; very few X-rays pass through or are absorbed by human tissues. Most X-rays reflect back to the detectors.

    So What's the Risk?

    In order to assess acceptable levels of risk, we need to understand how radiation is measured.

    Measuring Radiation

    Radiation dose, specifically its biologic effect, is typically measured in "millirems" (1 one-thousandth of a rem, or 10 micro-Sieverts) [5]. According to a U.S. regulatory agency, the National Council on Radiation Protection, 1 mrem per year is considered a negligible dose of radiation, while 25 mrem per year from a single source is defined as the upper limit of safe occupational radiation exposure [6]. For comparison, the total average background radiation per year from activities of daily living is 310 mrem [1].

    Radiation from Airport Whole-Body Scanners

    A typical airport scanner gives off an effective whole body dose of about 0.005 mrem per scan [1]. This means it would take 200 backscatter scans in a year to reach a negligible dose of 1 mrem and 5,000 scans in a year to reach the upper limit of safety. One backscatter scan is also less than 1% of the radiation received from natural sources in a single day and equivalent to cosmic radiation received during less than 2 minutes of airplane flight [6].


    You would need to be scanned by airport security machines 100 times per week, every week, for an entire year to reach the upper limit of safety for radiation exposure. This causes a negligible increase in cancer risk by a factor between 1 in 20 million to 1 in 200 million.

    [1] Health Physics Society
    [3] Wikipedia: X-rays
    [4] How Stuff Works: Backscatter
    [5] Ionizing Radiation Exposure with Medical Imaging
    [6] FDA: Radiation-Emitting Products for Security Screening of People

    #ScienceSunday #Xrays #Airport #Scanners

    Original Infographic:
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-01-05 19:59:35
    How to View On-Air Hangouts in Full Screen Mode Using Chrome

    Edit: You can also install the convenient Chrome extension, Better On Air Hangouts by +Matthew Tole, which will do the same thing:

    I've seen several people ask how they can view a full screen version of a live Hangout On-Air broadcast and not as a tiny YouTube clip in their Stream. If you're using Chrome, you can get the full-screen capability in 4 easy steps:

    1. Open the On-Air Hangout post from your Stream in its own new tab by right-clicking on the permalink (time stamp) and selecting "Open link in new tab".
    2. Right-click anywhere on a blank space in the margins of the newly opened page and select "Inspect Element".
    3. Click on the "Resources" category.
    4. Right-click on "get_player" in the left-hand column and open it in a new tab.

    That's it! You should now have a large full-screen version of the On-Air Hangout!

    Image includes a screenshot from +Thomas Hawk's Photo Talk Plus show with special guest, +Colby Brown.
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  • Johnathan Chung2011-12-08 01:54:26
    Complaints Against U.S. Airlines

    More air travel seems to occur during the holiday season, and along with longer lines, canceled flights, lost baggage, and other frustrations, it's interesting to know which airlines have the most complaints formally filed against them by consumers.

    Below is a graph I put together consisting of some data from the Department of Transportation's Air Travel Consumer Reports for 2011 ( The line-plot graph shows the total number of complaints for each calendar month from November 2010 to September 2011 (data reported for January 2011 to November 2011, respectively).

    These numbers do not necessarily equate to level of overall performance, nor are they specifically an index of consumer satisfaction; however, they do provide a little more insight that may influence which airline you choose to fly (or not).

    Not surprisingly, complaints have generally been on the rise compared to a year ago, probably indicating our increasing dissatisfaction with the airline industry as a whole (and probably TSA, too).

    The airlines with the most complaints filed against them are Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, United Airlines, and U.S. Airways. Of these complaints, the majority are for flight problems (cancellations, delays, missed connections) and baggage (mishandled, lost, items missing/stolen, etc.)

    The airlines with relatively fewer complaints filed against them are Air Tran Airways, American Eagle Airlines, Jet Blue, and Southwest Airlines.

    Questions to Consider:
    1. Do you have a favorite airline you regularly choose to fly with? If so, which airline is it?
    2. How do you make that decision? Is your decision solely based on lowest price, reputation, word-of-mouth, personal experience, etc.?
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  • Johnathan Chung2011-09-07 19:29:26
    Are you someone who prefers short and sweet messages and quick 1-sentence replies, or are you the type of person to engage in longer in-depth conversation on G+?

    If you have several hundred (or thousand) people in your Circles, how have you dealt with information overload?
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  • Johnathan Chung2013-08-01 19:53:24
    Upcoming Shark Week + Science!
    In-depth shark facts (long post)

    The +Discovery Channel is kicking off Shark Week soon with the National Aquarium shark tank live cam and a Google+ Hangout on Air this Sunday, August 4th.
    Live cam:

    You can submit questions using  #SharkWeekHangout .

    I was investigating my own questions and thought I'd share some findings for  #ScienceEveryday / +ScienceSunday:

    1. What do white sharks eat in the wild? Do they primarily hunt seals?
    (RIP Snuffy - )
    2. How (in)significant of a role does shark eyesight have on hunting ability?
    3. How (un)common are shark attacks on humans?

    What's the Deal with Seal Meals?

    White sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) have varying dietary preferences that likely change with their age, sex, size, and habitat. Although they were once considered a nearshore species that preyed primarily on seals, this perception of shark foraging behavior in seeking out pinnipeds was probably due to studies focusing on more easily observed coastal areas, as well as biased reports of astounding coastal shark attacks.

    Direct observations of white sharks consuming prey other than seals have been more infrequent, although prior analysis of their stomach contents has revealed fish, invertebrates, turtles, and other smaller sharks too.

    Population level information about offshore feeding on lower level prey has improved with the help of satellite tagging and is corroborated by sample data from individual sharks.

    One very interesting way of estimating individual diet specialization is by analyzing the change in composition of stable isotopes of carbon and nitrogen within animal tissues.

    Use of isotopic information to study relationships of organisms with their environment has provided additional ecological insights. Because shark vertebrae grow by accretion -- that is, by gradual accumulation of layers -- values of isotopes from concentric rings of growth bands provide more contextual detail on lifetime variations in diet and habitat characteristics.

    Although limited to identifying distinct qualitative patterns and not exact species, measuring these natural tracers help match chemical signatures to further reconstruct predatory preferences. Depending on the individual subtype, data from white sharks in the northeastern Pacific [1], for example, demonstrate feeding preferences for both lower level and higher level prey potentially consistent with the harbor seal, harbor porpoise, northern elephant seal, California sea lion, dolphins, tuna, shallow coastal (neritic) fish, and cephalopods like octopus and squid.

    Overall, most northeastern Pacific white sharks appear to be generalists among a full spectrum of consumers, including some high-degree seal specialists.

    Shark-o-Vision (sans lasers)

    Different species of sharks have senses refined for different purposes, including mechanical receptors to orient to large tidal currents or small-scale currents to detect nearby predators and prey, electroreceptors for geomagnetic navigation and detecting low-frequency bioelectric fields, low sensitivity hearing, taste likely comparable to other vertebrates, chemoreception, and olfaction -- the last of which has been identified as perhaps the most important way sharks find food [2].

    In terms of vision, oceanic and deep-sea sharks tend to have larger eyes than coastal sharks. Opposing eyes allow for a nearly 360° visual field. 

    Studies as early as the 1960s have shown certain sharks could be trained to visually discriminate between different high-contrast shapes and patterns like squares, diamonds, and stripes. Evidence from the late '60s indicate that lemon, bull, and nurse sharks can learn visual tasks as quickly as mice.

    One estimate of the spatial resolving power of a lemon shark's eyes based on the topographic distribution of its retinal cells is about 1/9th that of human retina, but the lemon shark's lens has an optical power 7 times that of a human lens. In other words, distinguishing details are low, but its ability to see far is high. In order to focus, sharks do not have intraocular muscles that change the shape of their lens like humans do, but rather move the lens closer or farther away from their retina.

    A white shark's visual discrimination may be 6 times more than that of a lemon shark, although more thorough assessment is required. Before the discovery of cone receptors in some of their retina in 1963, people thought most sharks had extremely poor visual ability and no color vision, which we now know is untrue.

    Lemon sharks can dark-adapt with 1 million times more sensitivity than under bright light conditions, which is better than humans. However, rod-dominated retinas do not automatically mean their vision is adapted primarily for low-light conditions and crude visual acuity; the human retina also has many more rods than cones, and our day vision and acuity are among the best in the animal kingdom.

    Although many sharks rely upon their sense of olfaction, touch, and electroreception for navigation, it is common they use vision during their final approach to prey. Studies in the late 1990s indicate white sharks visually orient to surface targets of 1/2 a foot in diameter from a depth greater than 50 feet below.

    Sharks could potentially mistake the movement of bright reflections off wet bare human skin as prey, although some scientists believe they approach and investigate mainly out of curiosity. Visual "attractiveness" depends on shape, brightness, contrast, size, color, and distance.

    When Sharks Attack!

    An internationally recognized source of accurate scientific information on shark attack data appears to be maintained by the University of Florida and the Florida Museum of Natural History [3].

    The total number of confirmed attacks on humans from any kind of shark specifically occurring along the Pacific coast of North America over the past half century was 107 persons [4]. Going back over a century, there were 180 documented cases, 13 of which were fatalities recorded near California. A majority of these injuries were due to white sharks [5].

    The greatest number of confirmed white shark attacks worldwide has occurred along the western US, but Australia has the highest proportion of white shark attack deaths.

    Although shark attacks may be underreported, media coverage and improved scientific documentation likely account for the increase in worldwide death rate from about 0.2% to 0.7% over the past several decades [6].

    #Sharks    #NotShaqAttack    #NotSharknado 


    [1] Ontogenetic and Among-Individual Variation in Foraging Strategies of Northeast Pacific White Sharks Based on Stable Isotope Analysis (2012):
    [2] The Sensory Biology of Elasmobranchs (2004):
    [3] International Shark Attack File:
    [4] Shark Research Committee:
    [5] White Shark Attacks and Fatalities Worldwide from 1876-2011: 
    [6] Worldwide Unprovoked Shark Attack Fatality Rate:

    Photo by Jester Fawls
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  • Johnathan Chung2013-02-12 04:17:21
    "In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks."

    I guess that goes both ways...

    Original time-lapse taken by +Alex Sauerbrunn in Avon, CT using a GoPro Hero2: Blizzard Nemo Time-lapse Connecticut 2013

    Reshared text:
    Time lapse of snow fall. #nemo   #stormnemo  
    30" in 38 hours
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-10-30 04:44:35
    Hurricane Sandy causes collapse of a building facade (0:43) at 92 8th Ave between 14th and 15th Street in NYC (caught on video 5 hours ago by user MarkLeeTx on YouTube).

    Additional footage afterward:
    After the reinforcement arrives with lights...

    +Megan Robertson of +HuffPost Live who lives nearby posted some photos on Twitter:
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-10-19 06:20:25
    Google+ Hangout From Space

    +JAXA PR and 5 lucky winners spoke with astronaut Akihiko Hoshide on board the International Space Station on Thursday, October 18th.

    It's the 1st G+ Hangout and 2nd YouTube live broadcast from the ISS in the past 5 weeks!

    Just wanted to share this since G+ is a global community and because this is another cool milestone for G+ :)

    How awesome is this?! Woot! :D

    Initial announcement:

    (Video in Japanese)
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-10-02 01:09:39
    Google+ Hangout with Ahhhnold Schwarzenegger this Friday, Oct. 5th!

    Run! Go! Get to da choppa!

    via +Hangout Alert

    Reshared text:
    Come hangout with Arnold to discuss his new autobiography, Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story.
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-05-20 00:40:47
    Annular Solar Eclipse 2012

    An annular eclipse occurs when the Sun and Moon are exactly in line, but the apparent size of the Moon is smaller than that of the Sun.

    The annular solar eclipse will reach the western coast of the U.S. tomorrow, May 20th, starting at 6:23pm PDT (01:23 UTC). The antumbra will continue to pass southeast over Redding, CA, Reno, NV, Albuquerque, NM, and into the Texas Panhandle, beyond which the sun will set before the annular phase can be seen.

    Animations showing how and when the annular eclipse will appear in your state:

    Interactive Google Map of the solar eclipse path:

    Read More:

    Image Credit: NASA
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-05-08 22:41:45
    Hangouts On Air: Guides and How-to's

    With yesterday's May 8th announcement of the Hangout On Air functionality gradually being rolled out to everyone (, here are some tips from around the Google+ community to help you get started.

    Quick-Start Overview
    • Brought to you by Google: Learn More
    • Official video tutorial (1:29):
    • Website:

    Official Google+ Hangouts On Air Technical Guide
    • Brought to you by +Jessica Safir and the Google+ Marketing team
    • G+ Post with PDF:

    Hangouts On Air - Getting Started
    • FAQ with screenshots by +Moritz Tolxdorff
    • G+ Post:

    Tips and Tricks for Hangouts On Air
    • Overview of gear, preparation, & running Hangouts by +Fraser Cain
    • Original G+ Post:
    Updated Version (Sept. 2012):

    What Exactly is a Hangout On Air in Google+?
    • Description by +Lynette Young
    • G+ Post:

    Hosting a Good Hangout On Air: More Art Than Science
    • Tips by +Jon Ray
    • G+ Post:

    How to Host a Hangout On Air
    • 25-minute video by +Peter G McDermott
    • G+ Post:

    So What Are These HoA Thingumyjiggies?
    • FAQ and tips by +Dolidh Young
    • G+ Post:

    Hangout Etiquette Guide
    • Provided by +The Business Hangout
    • Website:

    Official G+ Help Center for Hangouts On Air
    • Website:

    If you've seen any other helpful tips, guides, suggestions, resources, or how-to's for Hangouts On Air, feel free to leave a link in the comments below!

    #hangoutsonair #onair #hangouts #guides #googleplustips
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-02-24 22:42:52
    Sports Fans

    Join Emmy Award winner +Chris Yates every Sunday at 6:00pm PST / 9:00pm EST as he brings Sports Biz Chat to a Google+ Hangout near you!

    Because Google+ limits Hangouts to 10 people, act fast! In order to participate, circle Chris and be sure to sign up here for an invite to the Hangout:

    Reshared text:
    Would you like to interact with the top sports business leaders in the world?

    Well here is your chance to join the discussion live with host +Chris Yates and a variety of guests. They are taking the largest Sports Biz Chat on Twitter #sbchat & making it more interactive with Google+ Hangouts.

    Sign up here:

    Add this event to your calendars here:
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-01-25 05:08:36
    Be grateful for what you do have, and try to help out others who aren't as fortunate. Even a little help goes a long way.

    (via +Lori Friedrich)

    Reshared text:
    Why beans made me cry in my car today

    I understand the definition of a recession and all that. I get the macro economics, but for most people, the economy can be measured by what food they can buy. I just got back from the grocery store and let me tell you, the State of the Union sucks ass.

    I've been reducing meat and dairy in our household for my husband's health concerns. We've switched to using beans and lentils and rice as a base for out diet. When I first started doing this, about a year ago, the canned and dried bean part of the aisles were deserted. The shelves were always full, but not many were buying. It's been slowly changing, but what I saw today left me deeply worried. The canned beans were almost gone from the shelves. The aisle was crowded with people eying over the beans, hesitating, and then grabbing cans to put into their nearly empty cart. Same thing with the dried beans.

    One younger lady looked so lost, staring and staring at the cans and bags, that I asked her if she was a fan of beans (ice breaker). She wasn't. Had not much idea what to do with them. But money was so tight and the costs of all staples and gas and utilities had left them with $20 to spend for food for the week.

    I told her, "We can do this. I can show you what to buy and give you some ideas on how to make it. Very simple and you'll enjoy your meals." And that's what I did. Dried beans, split peas, lentils went into her bag. Bullion cubes. (Don't judge) Garlic bulbs. Rice. A few cans of vegetables. Potatoes and that was it. She had some staples like salt and oil at home so that was good. While I was talking to her, showing her what to buy and writing down a few recipes on the back of a scrap of paper I had in my pocket, I noticed others listening in. As soon as she was on her way, they were asking me if I could help them, too.

    I looked at 3 ladies and 1 guy, standing there, looking ashamed. Fucking ashamed. And I was very, very angry. Yeah, this is how it is, now. A very old lady that was looking at the dried peas turned around and said she'd help the guy if I would help the women. So that's what we did.

    You know, I'm freaking sick of 'finding' $20 bills that fell out of people's pockets in the grocery line because I know they need a few bucks and probably wouldn't accept it any other way. I'm tired of dropping off food at the food shelf and seeing almost bare shelves and desperate volunteers.

    It's a campaign season so I understand that candidates and Parties need to position themselves, but damn it, the economy freaking sucks for huge numbers of us. Those running for office should all be forced to hang out at a grocery store for a few days and then they can talk about the state of the economy and what they propose to do. They should be forced to feed their family on $20 bucks and ask a stranger how to cook some freaking beans because that's how your personal economy is doing.

    So yeah. I sat in my car and cried. And if you were there, and you had any kind of humanity left in you, you'd have cried with me.
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-01-16 21:44:13
    Google+ Analytics Part1 - AllMyPlus
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  • Johnathan Chung2011-12-01 18:44:34
    Interrobang not included.

    Reshared text:
    I want this
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  • Johnathan Chung2011-11-16 22:15:41
    AndroidDevelopers YouTube channel streaming live now discussing Google Music (Beta) and Android devices.

    Watch here:


    - Google Music is now open to everyone in the U.S. (no invite needed).
    - Google Music will remain completely free.
    - Android Market is now selling music (all MP3s are 320 kbps quality).
    - Recommend and share music to G+ with friends directly from the purchase page (1 free listen to the full song).
    - Play songs directly within the G+ Stream.
    - Music store includes contracts with EMI, Universal Music Group, Sony and other independent labels
    - Free new songs released today exclusively on Google Music from Rolling Stones, Coldplay, Busta Rhymes, Shakira, Pearl Jam, and Dave Matthews Band.
    - Google Music "artist hub": create your own artist page in the music store and upload your own original content (1 time $25 fee required to sell your music; 100% revenue from the music store goes to the artist; you can also sell songs directly from your YouTube channel)
    - Additional free exclusive music for T-mobile customers and ability to pay for songs on your phone bill
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  • Johnathan Chung2011-10-19 17:19:21

    Dear Natalie and Google+,

    Everyone on the G+crew has done a phenomenal job with creating and continually shaping Google+, and I'm always eager to find out what's next! You've helped create a world that is more social, interactive, and collaborative than any other online community I have been a part of. To me, "social" in this context means real-time intelligent feedback, high-volume meaningful interaction, unique content creation, interesting discussions, fun Hangouts, professional networking, and making new personal friendships on a global scale. Natalie has enabled these successes by always being on top of things and keeping us Plussers in the loop. Without Natalie, G+ wouldn't be the same. Her enthusiasm, drive, dedication, and friendliness are greatly appreciated!

    The 1st time I briefly met Natalie in a Hangout was actually kind of awkward hehe--only because it was my first hangout and because it was a "limited" Hangout. I think I was the only person in the room who didn't know Natalie in real life, and I jumped in at the point where they were discussing going to dinner and about to leave. In retrospect, it was kind of funny, and Natalie is always very welcoming. I'm glad I participated because I've been addicted to Hangouts and G+ ever since!

    Following +Alida Brandenburg's lead, here is my mad-lib tribute to +Natalie Villalobos, one of the many gold stars in a very bright and limitless sky :)

    I commend Natalie Villalobos.
    Natalie is supercalifragilisticexpialidociously scrumdiddlyumptious.
    Without Natalie, G+ might implode!
    Natalie thinks a lot about tea, yoga, and rock concerts. Possibly mini martians too.
    When I think of community building, I think of Natalie.
    I think Natalie; therefore I am.
    Natalie needs a day at the spa.
    I want to visit the Googleplex to high-five Natalie.
    If I could describe Natalie in a word: ambitious.
    Someday Natalie will send me Google+ swag? ;)
    Natalie reminds me of this one time, at band camp...
    Natalie can be very patient, approachable, and friendly.
    The best thing about Natalie is her generosity.
    I am hoping to go skydiving while in a Hangout with Natalie (hey, it could happen).

    Thanks again, Natalie & G+!
    For those who want to take part in Alida's thoughtful project, please also comment on her original post here:

    Reshared text:
    [My gold star goes to...]

    Read to the bottom for how you can be a part of this project!

    +Natalie Villalobos.That girl has tirelessly dedicated herself to this community. She is always trying to think of new ways to support its members, brainstorming how to make the community better, listening patiently and openly to user feedback, assisting with any inquiries, responding to plus mentions, helping newcomers feel at home, encouraging quality content, and going above and beyond to really make this something. How many other social platforms have such a committed and active, warm and welcoming presence on their network so readily available to serve their members? This gal is somehow at our fingertips seemingly 24/7, even when on vacation.

    Yet it can be a rather thankless job and so little of what she does is actually visible to the wider community, or maybe even to Google itself. So I thought maybe we could take a moment to just give her some warm fuzzies, a gold star or two, and maybe even tell her how she's made our experience on Google+ better. If you'd like, you can also use the ever-so-simple-and-fun mad-libs game below. I did. You can read mine underneath it. :)

    Feel free to spread far and wide. Let's get a tidal wave of niceness rippling toward her. She has no idea that I'm doing this, and my hope is that together we can blow her away with the type of love and support that is so signature of this community that she and the other community managers helped build. Thanks for participating in my little project. :)

    (ALSO: Artistic credit goes to +Ryan Crowe. I couldn't have photoshopped these two amazing picturs together without him.)

    I __ +Natalie Villalobos .
    Natalie is __.
    Without Natalie, ____.
    Natalie thinks a lot about _____.
    When I think of _______, I think of Natalie.
    I think Natalie___.
    Natalie needs ____.
    I want to __________ Natalie.
    If I could describe Natalie in a word: _____.
    Someday Natalie will __.
    Natalie reminds me of __.
    Natalie can be __.
    The best thing about Natalie is __.
    I am __ with Natalie.

    I __appreciate__ +Natalie Villalobos
    Natalie is _a super star__.
    Without Natalie, Google+ would have never succeeded the way it has.
    Natalie thinks a lot about how she can serve the Google+ community. Oh, and tea_.
    When I think of _Google+___, I think of Natalie.
    I think Natalie_gives her all to the Google+ project___.
    Natalie needs _to know how much the Google+ community appreciates her__.
    I want to __thank___ Natalie.
    If I could describe Natalie in a word: _magnetic____.
    Someday Natalie will _rule the world__.
    Natalie reminds me of _home_.
    Natalie can be anything she puts her mind to__.
    The best thing about Natalie is _her dedication__.
    I am _continually impressed_ with Natalie.
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  • Johnathan Chung2011-10-03 04:17:34
    Hello, Circleverse!

    I've been away for 2.5 days without internet access (oh the horror!) and went through G+ withdrawal (of course, internet = Google+ to me now).

    What did I miss? Anything important? Fill me in! :)
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  • Johnathan Chung2011-09-26 21:50:35
    Google+ Update

    G+ is rolling out a new feature today that allows you to share your circles with other users! Hopefully this will make it easier to share and showcase all of your personally curated "recommended people" lists (+Robert Scoble?) to help others discover new interests and great talent.
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  • Johnathan Chung2011-08-15 22:03:57
    John Herman, host of the Google+ Hangouts Game Show every Monday, is also pioneering a Talent Show this Sunday, 8/21 at 8:30pm EDT (UTC -4).

    Anyone plan on participating in the inaugural show? What talent will you be showcasing?

    Hmm, now where did I put my tap shoes...

    Reshared text:
    The (Google+ Hangouts) Talent Show

    Drum roll please! I am announcing (right here, right now) that I will be hosting a 2nd show on Google+. In addition to the (Google+ Hangouts) Game Show, I will join forces with the talented +Matthew Carano to bring you The (Google+ Hangouts) Talent Show! Have a talent? Know talent when you see it? This Sunday night you can participate in our inaugural show. Join +Matthew Carano's hangout on Sunday night and be prepared to wow the judges. Spread the word!
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  • Johnathan Chung2013-08-14 20:48:58
    Another milestone for SpaceX's 10-story "Grasshopper" vertical takeoff, vertical landing vehicle!

    In June, their VTVL rocket test reached an altitude of 325 meters:

    Now they've demonstrated more aggressive steering maneuvers with lateral movement, in addition to the vertical stabilization, hovering, and descent, which is always fun to watch :D

    You can test and compare your own landing skills here ;) :P!/arcade/lunarlander/play

    Reshared text:
    Yesterday, Grasshopper completed its first ever lateral divert test, flying to a 250m altitude with a 100m lateral maneuver before returning to the center of the pad. Aggressive steering maneuvers like this will be an important part of landing the rocket precisely back at the launch site after reentering from space at hypersonic velocity.
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  • Johnathan Chung2013-06-29 07:57:20
    A great recap of Superwoman #WendyDavis  using her filibuster superpowers to fend off politicians disguised in lab coats attempting to scare the crap out of women by wielding a giant robotic fire-breathing T-Rex!

    (Honestly, that's how I saw it happen too.)

    Check out other excellent news reporting by the NMAtv +Taiwanese Animators :) #seemslegit  :P
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  • Johnathan Chung2013-03-12 00:52:55
    "OK Glass, revise history."

    +Sarah Price shared this article showing historical photos of people wearing Google Glass:

    Here's one I made of Nikola Tesla :)

    #tesla   #googleglass  
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  • Johnathan Chung2013-03-09 03:20:08
    Japanese artist Takahiro Iwasaki

    Art includes topographical maps carved into rolls of electrical tape and miniature delicate sculptures made with thread :)
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  • Johnathan Chung2013-03-01 08:56:53
    Inspiration Mars ( plans to send 2 astronauts on one looooooong lap around the Red Planet starting January 5, 2018.

    Apparently, the interior of the capsule where they will be spending 16-18 months racking up 75 million frequent flyer miles is about the size of a large household refrigerator...!

    Do you think they will be ready in 5 years, or will they have to wait until their next window of opportunity in 2031?

    Reshared text:
    Could you spend 501 days alone with someone in a 33-cubic-foot (0.93-cubic-meter) space? New plans to send a man and a woman to flyby Mars in 2018 were announced yesterday.
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  • Johnathan Chung2013-02-24 22:29:58
    Forging Facts with Data
    Is wearing a red shirt in Star Trek as hazardous as it is thought to be?

    An example of using statistical analysis to clarify commonly misquoted observations in the world of Star Trek:

    • In the context of personnel specifically from the Enterprise, red shirts do in fact suffer more casualties.
    • When taking into account the entire population, the highest number of fatalities is actually from yellow-shirt personnel.
    • If you're wearing a red shirt AND work in security (as opposed to operations or engineering), then you'll soon find out what it's like to be an adult mayfly...

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  • Johnathan Chung2012-10-22 20:54:53
    A True Micro Machine

    Many people were wondering in this post by +Interesting Engineering  whether a micro-engine smaller than the tip of one's finger was real or not:

    The existence of the functioning mini-motor certainly is real. The motor depicted in the post linked to above is a single piston reciprocating engine with a combustion chamber of 1mm, sufficient to allow some chemicals to combust.

    The Principal Investigator of the research team back in 1999 was Dr. Kyle Jiang, Professor of Nanotechnology in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Birmingham in the UK.

    You can peruse some of his research interests and publications here:

    Funding for initial feasibility studies and advancements was provided by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). The micro machine's parts, gears, pistons, and connecting rods were created using MEMS technology (

    A number of types of micro-engine designs were investigated, new fabrication processes suitable for volume production of high temperature resistant and high precision engine components were developed, and a patent has been granted.

    A publication from 2009 outlines the fabrication process of 3D micro components from stainless steel using micro metal injection moulding and soft lithography ( techniques (PDF):

    As you can see, MEMS research has already produced several micromechnical devices smaller than 1mm², which are able to incorporate microvalves, microsensors, cantilevers, and micropumps.

    Another interesting example of MEMS top-down construction is the microcar made by Nippondenso Co. The latest model has a micromotor 1mm in diameter. Power is supplied by a 25 micron copper wire, and the car runs at a speed of 1 cm/sec with 3 volts and 20mA current. It is 4800 microns long and 1800 microns wide and tall. Each tire is 690 microns in diameter. The license plate is 10 microns thick. Overall, the car has 24 components, including tires, wheels, axles, and bumpers.

    The image below is a composite of two separate images (not to scale). On the left is the Nippondenso microcar sitting on a U.S. penny, which is approximately 19mm in diameter. On the right is a "Micro Machine" plastic toy made by Hasbro in the mid-1980's :)
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-10-20 03:05:59
    Guess Who? (Question #3)
    A Trivia Game Referencing Google+ Hangouts

    Round 3 of my new weekly game: I'll list a bunch of well-known people, organizations, shows, ideas, or entities centered around a theme, and then you tell me in the comments which ones have ever directly appeared (or not) in a Google+ Hangout.

    Feel free to make multiple guesses. There may or may not be more than one correct option, and you need ALL correct options to become the winner :) I will reveal the answer (or hints to the answer) after a couple of days.

    Which of the following sports / physical activities has NOT or have not been performed in a Google+ Hangout On Air as of October 19, 2012?

    (Note: Seeing the sport on a TV screen or on YouTube within a Hangout does not count. An interview with an athlete does not count either unless they actually played or demonstrated the sport at some point.)

    A. Basketball
    B. Martial Arts
    C. Boxing
    D. Rowing
    E. Dodgeball
    F. Table Tennis
    G. Freestyle BMX

    #GuessWho   #HangoutGame   #HangoutTrivia   #FunFriday  

    Previous questions and answers are archived at the bottom of the About section on my profile page.
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-09-26 01:14:28
    Another great post by astrophysicist and RIT Physics Professor, +Brian Koberlein

    Imagine the sky covered with grains of sand, and in each sand grain thousands of galaxies.  It's estimated that there are 100 billion galaxies in the visible universe.  That's more than 10 galaxies for every man, woman and child on Earth.

    Feeling small yet? :)

    Meet the +Hubble Space Telescope eXtreme Deep Field (XDF) observing team as they describe how they assembled this landmark observation. They will illustrate and explain what Hubble’s powerful new view tells us about the evolving universe.

    Thursday, September 27 at 1pm EDT:

    Submit questions here:

    Reshared text:
    More Things in Heaven and Earth

    Suppose you picked up a grain of sand and held it at arm's length. If you held it up in the night sky, it would block a tiny fraction of the visible heavens.  Now suppose instead of of a sand grain it were a tiny window, through which you could see even the faintest light.  Finally, suppose you were to take your tiny window and point it at the darkest patch of night you could find.  What would you see?

    Of course we have such a "window", called the Hubble telescope, and we've done just what I've described several times.  This time we aimed it at one of the darkest patches of sky we could find, in the Fornax constellation.  After gathering light for a total of almost 23 days, what we got was the image below, just released today.  It is known as the Extreme Deep Field.  

    Take a moment to let the profound nature of this image sink in.  This image is what we got when we pointed the Hubble telescope at what looked like empty space.  Each smudge of light in this image is a young galaxy, from about 500 million years after the big bang.  Thousands of  galaxies in a patch of sky the size of a grain of sand.  

    Of course there isn't anything particularly special about the direction we looked other than the fact that there wasn't anything in the way.  If we looked in any other direction we would see basically the same thing.  Imagine the sky covered with grains of sand, and in each sand grain thousands of galaxies.  It's estimated that there are 100 billion galaxies in the visible universe.  That's more than 10 galaxies for every man, woman and child on Earth.  Those galaxies might have an average of about 100 billion stars.  Around most of those stars might be tens of planets.  Countless cosmic grains of sand.

    More in heaven and earth indeed.
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-09-08 19:36:10
    Hangouts: The Tipping Point
    A Journey Through Time

    TL;DR Google+ Hangouts are awesome, Hangouts On Air are seeing increasingly widespread use and adoption, and pretty soon they will be everywhere!

    Some journalists and bloggers have recently dubbed Hangouts On Air (HOA) as Google+'s "secret weapon". Those of us in the G+ Community who have been here for a while know it is not only one of our favorite features, but also one of the more distinguishing aspects of G+ that has the potential to drive major interaction and growth.

    Now that Hangouts have been further integrated with YouTube, Gmail, Google Voice, Events, and Google Calendar, we're starting to see the true power and flexibility of HOA unfold. We're moving beyond casual Hangouts with family & friends to business & enterprise adoption to HOA with major thought leaders, politicians, celebrities, scientists, entertainers, athletes, artists, educators, and more. Some day (soon), HOA will be ubiquitous.

    Where We've Been

    There are many "grass roots", small business, and homemade HOA that have been the bread & butter and foundation of G+ up to this point (waaaay too many examples to list them all here--feel free to mention your favorites in the comments below). We've made plenty of new friends and hosted countless HIRLs / HIPs (Hangouts In Real Life / Hangouts In Person). We've hung out weekly, nightly, hourly, and literally around-the-clock. We've pumped out webcasts, newscasts, tutorials, interviews, classes, concerts, and shows of all kinds. We've held support groups, office hours, and fundraisers. We've hung out with everyone from Olympians to astronauts to world leaders to robots to koalas & pandas. We've even hung out in the air, on the mountaintops, and underwater!

    If you're new to G+ (Google+: Getting Started With Hangouts On Air), as a quick recap, here are a few promo videos that provide a small sample and flavor for what the community has done in the past:

         • Google+: Broadcast Your Hangout To The World 
         • Google+ Hangouts for Media 
         • Google+ Community Highlights, Summer 2012 
         • Google+: Fraser Cain's Virtual Star Party 
         • Google+: John Butterill's Virtual Photo Walks 
         • Google+Voices 

    Keep in mind this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Where We Are Now

    Slowly but surely, G+ Hangouts are edging into the spotlight. Hangouts On Air are now available in all countries (think about that for a moment) with the exception of China, Vietnam, and Thailand.

    Although we previously had one-off appearances that drew attention very early on by celebrities and notable people like Will.i .am, The Muppets, Dalai Lama, President Obama, Conan O'Brien, Sir Richard Branson, David Beckham, and Tiger Woods (to name a few), other well-known individuals are starting to recognize the appeal and utility of HOA to interact with their fans and supporters on a more regular basis.

    In the world of sports - We just had HOA broadcast from the London Olympics and Paralympics. The NFL has just adopted Hangouts to enhance its fantasy football league experience. Athletes from the NFL, NBA, NCAA, MLB, PGA, and NASCAR have participated in Hangouts on occasion. Coming up soon is a HOA from the U.S. Open Championships for the men's and women's tennis finals.

    In politics - HOA were just front and center in the U.S. Republican and Democratic National Conventions with Hangout coverage from many major news organizations like The Associated Press, Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, ABC News, Al Jazeera, etc. HuffPost Live is a recent venture based on Hangouts for 24/7 news and opinion. Major politicians from all around the world are jumping into HOA, including ones from India and Pakistan (last week they pulled in over 82,000 live viewers across 116 countries).

    In entertainment - HOA are not just an afterthought; they are becoming the go-to place to announce new developments, big openings, and events. Taylor Swift just debuted her new album, Red, in a Hangout On Air. Tyra Banks kicked off the premiere of this season's America's Next Top Model with a HOA of her own. The cast of the comedy TV show Parks and Recreation (Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari, etc.) just held a Q&A in a HOA for their next season. Next week, Steven Spielberg will be using HOA to host a worldwide movie premiere of his new film, Lincoln. Even New York Fashion Week is joining in on the fun this month with behind-the-scenes HOA broadcasting.

    In science - HOA have been used to witness the Transit of Venus, a solar eclipse, the launch of SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket to the International Space Station, a view of NASA during landing of the Curiosity rover on Mars, an underwater exploration of The Great Barrier Reef and undersea laboratory Aquarius, an educational trek through Yellowstone National Park, a view of base camp in Mount Everest, discussions between scientists and engineers at NASA and CERN, and more. This Week In Science (TWIS) uses HOA as its venue for broadcasting its weekly episodes. National Geographic, the SETI Institute, Zoo Atlanta, and KQED Science are just some examples of organizations that are regularly hosting HOA on a variety of topics.

    I could go on and on and on, but I'll stop here :)

    Where We're Going

    Hangouts On Air seem to be a case of "if it can be done, it will be done". I'm not even sure Google knows where this is headed or if they have thought of all its use cases. G+ and HOA are truly global, and they have transcended boundaries, opened minds, and intermixed ideas. HOA bring the world directly to you, and they bring the world together, face-to-face-to-face.

    The potential for mobile broadcasting is enormous. Eventually, HOA from mobile phones will increase instant reporting, interaction, and feedback on any event or interest you can think of. HOA integration with Project Glass (Project Glass: Skydiving Demo at Google I/O 2012) will definitely open up countless opportunities too!

    The Future is Awesome

    Have HOA reached their full potential? I don't think so. Not quite yet. But we're close. The possibilities are exciting, and I think by mid-2013, we'll be seeing HOA explode into the mainstream of the general public.

    So much for Hangouts On Air being a "secret". I think the word is out, don't you? ;)

    1. What is your favorite HOA moment of all time?
    2. What are some upcoming HOA broadcasts you're looking forward to?
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-02-20 20:36:58
    Forging Friendships Through Google+

    Google+ Hangouts are all about bringing people closer together and strengthening relationships. The greatest benefit has arguably been meeting new friends and connecting with individuals all around the world whom we would otherwise have never met. Whether you prefer to HIRL (hangout in real life) or HIP (hangout in person), there will be plenty of opportunities to do so in the upcoming months!

    Here are some of the major events being planned. If you know of any more events or have any corrections to make, please leave a comment.

    Also, if you'd like to attend or help out with an event, let the organizers know. If you don't see a HIRL or HIP in your area, consider starting one! :)

    Knoxville, TN - February 29, 2012
    Contact: +Eileen McAllister

    Columbus, OH - March 10, 2012
    Contact: +Christopher Slee
    Page: +HIRLCBUS

    Austin, TX - SXSW, March 9-18, 2012
    Photowalk with +Trey Ratcliff on March 10th:
    Additional plans by +Moritz Tolxdorff & company:

    Las Vegas, NV - April 14-19, 2012
    Contact: +Edwin Duterte
    Page: +HIRL Las Vegas

    Edinburgh, Scotland - July 12-15, 2012
    Contact: +Dolidh Young, +Andy Stuart
    Page: +HIRL Edinburgh

    Berlin, Germany - August 3-5, 2012
    Contact: +Maximilian Majewski, +Jaana Nyström
    Page: +Berlin HIRL

    Nashville, TN - Date TBA (Possibly August)
    Contact: +Peter G McDermott
    Page: +Nashville HIRL

    Chicago, IL - Date TBA
    Contact: +Sean Cowen, +Nikki Crome

    Lahore, Pakistan - Date TBA
    Contact: +Rehan Ahmad, +Rakhshanda Fawad
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-01-09 01:07:31
    For +Jessi June's Denver Broncos fans.

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  • Johnathan Chung2012-01-08 01:44:21
    The Growth of Citizen Journalism

    Newscaster +Sarah Hill spoke about how Google+ Hangouts are changing the landscape of traditional media and facilitating citizen journalism:

    "Citizen journalism" is not relegated to some fancy production or formal report--it can be a simple conversation with the locals from a different region that sheds light on a new perspective or way of life outside of what is portrayed in corporate media. The great thing is that anyone can provide their input and share what constitutes news for them. Hangouts allow us to be the journalist by effortlessly connecting people around the world, face to face to face.

    Ultimately, I think citizen journalism will augment and alter the type & quality of information we consume. Perhaps more importantly, it will help further transcend boundaries and provide a fresh perspective on how things are changing in other countries, cultures, and locations around the globe in a truly unique and authentic manner.

    Reshared text:
    Inspiration from Life in Baghdad, Iraq

    "+Dr.Bassam Mohamad Hameed invited you to a +Google+ Hangouts"

    I thought, who is this? I had no idea, but I accepted anyways because I don't mind interacting and connecting with people.

    After I clicked "Join the hangout" what did I see?

    A black screen.

    I said, "Hello? I can't see you."

    A voice came through, "Oh, let me fix it"

    +Dr.Bassam Mohamad Hameed showed up on the screen.

    Brian: How do you say your name? Bassam?

    Bassam: Yes, its Bas-sam.

    Brian: What does your friend usually call you?

    Bassam: Bassam =)

    Brian: Great, I will call you Bassam then, where are you from?

    Bassam: Baghdad, Iraq

    Brian: Say what?? You mean you live there?

    Bassam: Yes.

    Brian: Wow, you are the first person I met living in Baghdad.

    Bassam: This is my first time doing this +Google+ Hangouts. And a few days ago, you commented on my profile, that was a surprised for me. It was the first time for me interacting with someone online.

    (Bassam shared one of my "Daily Inspirations and Wisdom" on his profile and I reached out to him and I asked him his thoughts about the quote)

    Bassam: There is no light at the end of the tunnel here, but Brian your profile is full of inspirations and hope.

    That totally moved me and made my day.

    Brian: Thank you so much Bassam! I hear so much bad news about Baghdad, but I want to hear it from you. How is life really like in Baghdad?

    Bassam: Its not as bad as what the television say. There is a certain level of acceptance of the situation here.

    Brian: Do you have fear when you go out?

    Bassam: Yes, but life has to go on. We accepted the current situation. Our children still goes to school, I go to work. When we have free time, we go to the market together, everybody does that, the street is full of people.

    When there is an explosion, we call our family and friends to make sure everyone is alright. The only annoying thing is waiting when there is a check point and we can't go anywhere.

    Given Baghdad's situation, the only thing Bassam complains about was the waiting time at check points.

    It made me realized the things that I complain about, the things I deal with is trivial and not even close to life threatening.

    Interacting with Bassam reminded me to appreciate what I have in my life.

    We can all learn from Bassam and the people of Baghdad of how they embrace and accept life.

    Even if the future is full of darkness, even if there is no light at the end of the tunnel, we can still have the courage to march forward.

    What do you appreciate in your life today?

    Thank you +Dr.Bassam Mohamad Hameed for reaching out, interacting and sharing your life with me.

    Thank you +Google+ for bridging the world and allow me to connect, interact and meet amazing people everyday.
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-01-03 22:21:38
    View what's happening in the mobile "Nearby" Stream as an application on your computer desktop:

    1. Go to the URL below using Chrome.
    2. Click on "Nearby" on the menu across the top of the page.
    3. To create an application shortcut:
    - Go to Wrench > Tools > Create application shortcuts...
    - Check off boxes designating where on your computer you want the shortcut to be made
    4. Resize the application window
    5. Periodically click on Refresh ↻ to load new posts
    6. Let the new "app" run in the background for quick viewing and directly re-launch it at any time using the shortcut

    Reshared text:
    Create a ticker on your desktop to see whats happening near you in 3 easy steps:
    1) Go to using Chrome
    2) Create an application shortcut.
    3) Resize and enjoy G+ running in the background.
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  • Johnathan Chung2011-11-24 19:17:17

    +Ryan Crowe has a great idea for those of you who don't have someone to spend Thanksgiving Day with for whatever reason. G+ has been excellent so far at easily bringing people together who have similar interests... so why not on a U.S. holiday, too? :)

    Reshared text:

    For various reasons, some people do not always have someone to eat with on Thanksgiving. I won't go into those reasons because they may or may not be somewhat depressing and holiday downers is probably faux pas territory, I'm not sure.

    I'd like to propose this action: if you are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow and don't mind hosting a hangout so people can drop by and share some of the holiday spirit - I think that would be a pretty cool way to use Hangouts and connect with people with whom you may only talk to in comments or whatever.

    Maybe it's weird to have someone watch your family eat? Well, it doesn't have to be like that - if you're doing one of these, consider doing a recipe swap or even introducing yourselves to each other - talk about football... I mean, really, it's up to you of course!

    So, how can we do this? I've denoted the hashtag #thanksgivingonplus at the top of this post and if you plan on hosting a hangout - you can either make your own post or comment on here. My family doesn't eat Thanksgiving dinner until Friday, so I'll probably be dropping in and out - saying hello to folks. If you're dropping in, like me, make sure to be kind and respectful - don't do anything crude of course - and thank people for letting you join them.

    This also might be a cool chance for non-Americans to come see what this whole turkey eating thing is all about.

    So yeah, thought this would be a cool idea - if you're up for hosting a Thanksgiving hangout - let us know here!
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  • Johnathan Chung2011-10-31 20:42:46

    π x L33T% = the answer to life, the universe, and everything.
    (Pi)*(13.37) = 42
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  • Johnathan Chung2011-10-28 05:38:32
    I heard if you play the thrash metal band Slayer's songs backwards, you'll get a very special secret message...

    Step 1: Purchase souls ✓
    Step 2: Punish heathens ✓
    Step 3: ???
    Step 4: Profit!

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  • Johnathan Chung2011-09-30 00:03:13
    Hangout Alerts

    There are many awesome uses for Hangouts (previous examples:, including concerts/broadcasting, artistic/creative projects, classes of all kinds, educational endeavors, and just for fun.

    Here are 4 upcoming ones that I know of (3 tonight & 1 tomorrow):

    Presidential Candidate, Governor Gary Johnson, will be answering questions via his 3rd Hangout very soon, tonight (Thurs 9/29) at 8pm EDT (UTC -4) broadcasted through (the G+ Hangout itself is limited to those who RSVP'd)

    Ron Schott is holding regular office hours every Monday & Thursday for those of you who are interested in learning about geology, seismology, and... well, rocks :) The one tonight starts at 8:30pm CDT (UTC -5).

    Terra Naomi & Lucas Johnson will be recording a music album through Hangouts, and a test run for her G+ album project is tonight (Thursday) at 8pm PDT (UTC -7), also broadcasted via

    Will.i .am of Black Eyed Peas will be doing a backstage Hangout for their huge NYC concert tomorrow (Friday 9/30) at 6pm EDT (UTC -4).

    What other hangout events are scheduled over the next week?
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  • Johnathan Chung2011-09-22 02:17:49
    Google+ API Experiments

    The general (limited) G+ API was released last week. Yesterday, the Hangouts API was also released to developers who were anxious to get their hands on them. So far, we've seen some pretty cool experimental things made with it (some screenshots below), and I can't wait to see what else they will come up with!

    +Mohamed Mansour has made Stream+ for Google+, which automatically categorizes and organizes all your public posts into topics.

    He is also experimenting with creating a Circle Pong Hangout+ game. 10-way pong would be pretty awesome :)

    +Huy Zing has upgraded his G+Me v7 (beta) Chrome extension to include an expandable window in the notifications tab that shows additional info in a person's "augmented hovercard" -- info like #posts/day, top posts, best posts, and a word cloud. Super useful when deciding at a glance whether or not to circle someone.

    +Gerwin Sturm has created All My+, which provides comprehensive stats on your profile for number of posts, +1's, comments, re-shares, gif images, etc. He also provides cool graphs that map out your posting habits over time.

    +Matt Senter is experimenting with creating a neat acronym Hangout game as described here:

    +Sandesh Kumar has made a Google+ Stream Book (in the experimental stages), which looks pretty cool and lets you smoothly flip through pages of your Stream like a virtual book.

    +Nithin K Prabu has created a customizable Google+ Profile Widget for your website or blog.

    What other applications have you seen use the new API?
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  • Johnathan Chung2011-09-16 18:00:14
    I've seen many people ask how they can obtain an RSS feed of a G+ profile, so here are 4 websites that turn public Google+ posts into RSS feeds.

    On a related note, there's also a Chrome extension if you want to share articles in Google Reader directly to G+.
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  • Johnathan Chung2013-05-22 04:53:13
    "Because of the collaborative nature of the game, Ingress has a way of bringing people together."

    On a social level, Ingress is about adventure and collaboration, both local and international. Watching people expand upon the 'meta-game' is interesting too, including scouting for and learning about fun new portal locations, collecting portal key souvenirs, and making 'control-field art' :)

    If you want to get a sense of player-arranged events, enthusiasm, and "Ingress culture", check out some of the featured achievements in the awesome weekly episodes of the Ingress Report: or join the Ingress G+ community:

    More insight:

    Short interview at Google I/O with a quick explanation of the Niantic Project by John Hanke (Director of Niantic Labs):

    Longer Google I/O talk on aspects of game design by Brandon Badger (Niantic Labs Product Manager):

    h/t +Kira Kroger who first mentioned the article yesterday. She's an excellent community leader/organizer to follow on G+! And thanks to +Mary Tablante for writing the article.

    Reshared text:
    “There’s all this history I would have never known … but because of the game it gave me another layer of appreciation,” he said.
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  • Johnathan Chung2013-03-28 21:34:21
    #ingress #nianticproject 
    28 March 2013

    Ingress Report: Moyer Claims Common Goal, Alignment with PAC

    A new weekly broadcast on the state of Ingress battle for the control of Exotic Matter (XM) and surrounding population Mind Units (MU) from portal locations across the globe was launched earlier today, sources say [1].

    Susanna Moyer, who recently revealed herself on PAC's site [2] as a proponent of his investigative work, appears to be at the helm of this initiative.

    Consumer scanner technology [3] developed by Niantic Project Laboratories was leaked to the public back on November 15, 2012. In an act of ongoing subterfuge, NPL and its government affiliate parent organization have been clamoring to hide what is turning out to be the cover-up of the century.

    In what has been largely branded as conspiracy theorist nonsense, an unconfirmed entity called Shapers has emerged with the potential to "shape" or influence human thought. This phenomenon has fueled intense public controversy over whether to embrace what some individuals claim to be the next evolutionary step of an enlightened mankind, or to resist what others claim to be pure mind control and destruction.

    The past two weeks have sparked additional public interest in both Niantic's secrets and Ingress anomalies with the announcement of the upcoming book Alignment - Ingress from New York Times' Bestselling Author Thomas Greanias [4,5] and the much anticipated tech upgrades of Power Cubes and faction recruitment invites for all Level 6 to Level 8 field agents [6].

    These events will surely provide significant momentum to Moyer and PAC's cause in advancing the Truth Seeker investigator movement.

    For the latest information, follow +Niantic Project and +Ingress.

    Submit battle news, updates, and other field reports to or use the hashtag #IngressReport for the chance to be featured in an upcoming episode.

    More info:
    [1] Original announcement:
    [2] Moyer contacts PAC:
    [3] Ingress:
    [4] Alignment - Ingress sneak peak:
    [5] Alignment - Ingress video trailer:
    [6] Power Cubes and Ingress invite deployment:

    #ingressinvites  Join the fight! First come, first served.
    Please let us know in the comments below if you use any of these: 
    9C34AIEU     9ZMRJ6BJ     8H8T2C6D     FP449PBX
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  • Johnathan Chung2013-02-25 06:56:17
    3Doodler is a really cool 3D printing pen! You may have already seen the video below, but what's impressive is 5 days into their Kickstarter launch, they've already raised $1.8 million -- far beyond their initial goal of $30,000.

    Looks like fun :) If you had one, what is the first thing you'd draw or make?
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  • Johnathan Chung2013-02-08 07:59:07
    A Global Community of Language Enthusiasts

    What's the next best thing to traveling to a location where you can immerse yourself in a foreign-language speaking environment? Conversing with native speakers in Google+ Hangouts, of course :)

    I remember when +Michael Ellis first pioneered the German Language Practice Hangout on G+. Looks like they've come a long way! Now they're looking for French and Portuguese hosts/helpers too.

    Also check out the other sessions to brush up on your English, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, Turkish, and Russian. Comes in handy if you plan on becoming a Double Agent ;)

    Reshared text:
    Language Practice Hangouts  - SEEKING MANAGERS

    French AND Portuguese receive interest all the time in this little community (OK, not so little any more.... :)  ).    Would YOU or someone you know like to host regularly scheduled hangouts to help others learn a new language?   

    All we ask is that you commit to a regular RELIABLE schedule of 1 hour per week, that you be nice to the people in the hangouts and that you help people who want to learn.  It should be fun for you and everyone around you.

    Please catch
    +Michael Ellis 
    +Lisa Miller 
    +Wolf Weber 
    +paulino brener 
    for more information.

    c: +Kyle Bruley 
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-10-29 22:46:13
    The End of an Era

    To celebrate Space Shuttle Endeavour's exhibit opening to the public tomorrow, October 30, 2012, here is a quick overview of the 6 Orbiters of the Space Shuttle program. Be sure to check out the interactive 360-degree online views (full screen!) inside Discovery and Atlantis below.

    +NASA's Space Shuttle - 3 major components:
    1.) The orbiter, which houses the crew
    2.) A large external tank, which holds fuel for the main engines
    3.) Two solid rocket boosters, which provide most of the initial lift (first 2 minutes of ascent)

    Explore more:

    [Orbiter | Date of First/Last Flight | # of Missions | Miles Traveled]

    Enterprise - Feb. 1977 (taxi test)/April 2012 (piggy-back on NASA 747), No missions (test vehicle), Never flew in space
    • 1st manufactured Space Shuttle orbiter built for flight
    • Named after Star Trek's USS Enterprise
    • On display at +Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in NYC

    Columbia - April 1981/Feb. 2003, 28 missions, 125.2 million miles
    • Launched on STS-1, the 1st Space Shuttle mission
    • 1st 4-person crew (STS-5), 1st 6-person crew & 1st Spacelab (STS-9)
    • Longest Shuttle mission ever flown, 17+ days (STS-80)
    • Deployed +NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory (STS-93)
    • Disintegrated during re-entry at end of STS-107, killing all 7 on board
    • 84,000+ pieces of collected debris are stored in the Vehicle Assembly Building at the Kennedy Space Center

    Challenger - April 1983/Jan. 1986, 10 missions, 25.8 million miles
    • 1st spacewalk during a Space Shuttle mission (STS-6)
    • Flew 1st American woman (Sally Ride, STS-7), 1st African-American (Guion Bluford, STS-8), 1st Canadian (Marc Garneau, STS-41-G), 1st Dutchman (Wubbo Ockels, STS-61-A) in space
    • 1st night launch and night landing of a Space Shuttle (STS-8)
    • 1st American woman to make a spacewalk (Kathryn Sullivan, STS-41-G)
    • 1st of 2 Shuttles to be destroyed. Broke apart 73-seconds after the launch of its 10th mission (STS-51-L), killing all 7 crew members
    • Collected Shuttle debris stored at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
    • Replaced by Space Shuttle Endeavour

    Discovery - Aug. 1984/April 2012 (SCA ferry flight to D.C.), 39 missions, 148.2 million miles
    • More spaceflights than any other Space Shuttle (365 days in space)
    • Only orbiter to fly a member of NASA's 1st-ever astronaut class
    • Chosen twice as "Return to Flight" orbiter in 1988 (STS-26) after 1986 Challenger disaster and in 2005 (STS-114) after 2003 Columbia disaster
    • Flew the +Hubble Space Telescope into orbit (STS-31)
    • 1st U.S. spacecraft to be piloted by a woman (Eileen Collins, STS-63)
    • 100th Space Shuttle mission (STS-92)
    • Flew John Glenn with Project Mercury (STS-95). Glenn was 77-years-old at the time and the oldest person to go into space
    • 1st operational Shuttle to be retired (after STS-133)
    • On display at the +Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Virginia (Udvar-Hazy Center)
    • Hi-res spherical 360-degree panoramic views of the entire Shuttle:

    Atlantis - Oct. 1985/July 2011, 33 missions, 125.9 million miles
    • 7 Mir and 12 ISS dockings
    • Only orbiter that lacked the ability to draw power from the ISS while docked; self-powered via fuel cells
    • 1st Shuttle to launch an interplanetary probe (Magellan to Venus on STS-30)
    • Deployed Compton Gamma Ray Observatory (STS-37)
    • 1st U.S. Shuttle-Russian Space Station Mir docking and 100th U.S. manned space flight (STS-71)
    • Delivered Columbus Laboratory to ISS (STS-122), the largest single contribution to the ISS by the +European Space Agency, ESA
    • Last Space Shuttle to fly into orbit (STS-135)
    • On display at the +Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
    • 360-degree views of the flight deck:

    Endeavour - May 1992/Sept. 2012 (SCA ferry flight to L.A.), 25 missions, 122.8 million miles
    • Replaced the Challenger Shuttle
    • Built using spare parts from Discovery and Atlantis instead of retrofitting Enterprise or accepting a costly original-build proposal
    • Named after the British ship, HMS Endeavour, which took Captain James Cook on his 1st voyage of discovery in 1768 (this is why the Shuttle's name is spelled as British English "Endeavour", not American English "Endeavor")
    • 1 Mir and 12 ISS dockings
    • Flew 1st African-American woman (Mae Jemison, STS-47) in space
    • Four spacewalks conducted on mission STS-118 alone
    • During its last mission (STS-134), Endeavour became the 2nd Shuttle to have been photographed while docked to the ISS (the 1st since 1996) by Russian Soyuz TMA-20 during its departure 200 meters away
    • Endeavour's Canadarm resides at the +Canadian Space Agency's Chapman Space Center near Montreal
    • Endeavour's display at the +California Science Center opens to the public on October 30, 2012

    Images: Atlantis Space Shuttle, including Orbiter landing after last mission STS-135.
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-10-18 19:24:46
    Via +Google Investor Relations:

    "Earlier this morning RR Donnelley, the financial printer, informed us that they had filed our draft 8K earnings statement without authorization.  We have ceased trading on NASDAQ while we work to finalize the document.  Once it's finalized we will release our earnings, resume trading on NASDAQ and hold our earnings call as normal at 1:30PST"


    The finalized Q3 earnings release can be found here:

    Google, Inc. revenues for Q3 were $14.1 billion, an increase of 45% compared to the third quarter of 2011.

    Tune into the audio webcast of their earnings conference call in 1 hour:

    Reshared text:
    Read more: "Google filing error shocks investors, exposes process" -
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-10-09 07:19:46
    Meet The Slingjaw Wrasse
    Also known as Epibulus insidiator

    This fish is part of the Labridae family and best known for its remarkable degree of jaw protrusion during suction feeding (see video below).

    +Chanchal Bhatia initially posted this related GIF:

    Since I'm eternally curious (and taking +Google Online Courses Power Searching class), I figured I'd give it a shot and try to figure out what type of fish it was.

    I started with the basic search term [fish protruding jaw], which was a bit too generic and resulted in several false leads. Then I clued in to the fact that it eats other fish (carnivorous, specifically piscivorous) and has those long dangling things (barbels) on its ventral surface.

    After using associated auto-suggested words, key words from search result snippets, search filters, and other specific fancy taxonomical terms/characteristics, the answer revealed itself like...

    Well, like a... hmm...

    Culturally unsophisticated Southern bullfighter??? (I mean, what else does "slingjaw wrasse, epibulus insidiator" sound like...)

    What other obscure "mysteries" have you solved using Google Search?

    #scienceeveryday   #weirdfish   #uselessfacts
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-09-17 04:38:48
    Water Spewed from Saturn's Moon Contributes to Outer Ring

    Enceladus, the sixth-largest moon of Saturn, shoots geysers of water vapor so far into the sky that it turns to ice and joins the outer ring of particle debris orbiting Saturn.

    Nobody knew these volcanic-like fountains existed until the spacecraft Cassini flew close enough to capture them.

    Composites of "true-color" photos were composed by Michael Benson. On the left, the lit geyser can be seen at the top of the photo. On the right, the tiny black dot within the bright flare is Enceladus.

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  • Johnathan Chung2012-09-06 17:03:11
    Hype My Hangout is a simple web tool for creating and sharing a short promo video for an upcoming Google+ Hangout.

    Quickly fill out 3 fields of info (what, when, where), record your video, automatically upload it to YouTube, and share it with the world! There are also options to easily create banners, postcards, and posters. Awesome!

    Check out the video below :)

    Hype your own at

    Via +Sara Eleta and +Kyle Garcia:
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-04-29 13:53:01
    Media Events Trending Again. Ever Wonder Why? (META EWW)
    Or a quick glimpse at trendy trends trending on Google+.
    (Also known as things I do when I can't sleep)

    As of 7:47am on April 29, 2012:

    At spot numero uno is Hotmail.
    Apparently there was a widespread vulnerability in Hotmail, which was exploited and allowed hackers to reset account passwords to lock out the account's real owners. (And why are you still using Hotmail?)

    SacredSunday is trending because there is a freakin huge photography community on G+, and they love their themed days o' the week (fyi, today is also SquareSunday, StreetArtSunday, SignSunday, SkySunday, ZenSunday, and about 10 other hashtags I will not gratuitously list).

    In a study of 3,128 HubSpot B2B customers, LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.60%, four times higher than Twitter (.67%) and seven times better than Facebook (.39%). They also recently released their iPad app and will have their quarterly earnings report on Thursday. (Time for LinkedIn to finally bask in all its glory, yeahhh!)

    Nicolas Sarkozy
    The President of France's 2007 election campaign received a generous gift from former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi of over $50 million. (In my best Ricky Ricardo impression: Lucy, you got some splainin' to do!)

    Get this: Apple has finally found a way to prevent employees from losing prototypes in random restaurants and bars (See: last year & the year before). Apple is building its own restaurant so that employees won't have to leave campus in order to misplace their phones! (Okay, maybe it's trending because they're avoiding BILLIONS in taxes... that too.)

    See, trending topics and hashtags aren't so bad, right?... right? Hey, just be glad it's not Kim K. or The Biebs.
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-04-27 19:47:06
    BAM! I defended against a #zergrush on Google Search.
    Brings back memories ^.^

    Which was your favorite race to play: Terran, Zerg, or Protoss?

    And apparently computer mice are built to withstand a lot of abuse...

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  • Johnathan Chung2012-03-05 02:39:30
    Google+ Hangouts: Everything including the kitchen sink

    If you haven't yet experienced the power of Google+ Hangouts and how they are changing the landscape & focus of traditional media and interpersonal relationships, you are missing out!

    Where are these Hangouts?

    If you are looking for some informal or impromptu Hangouts beyond your immediate circles, one helpful approach is to install a Chrome browser extension such as +My Hangouts or +Hangout Canopy. Alternatively, you can use the built-in Google+ Search feature located in the gray bar across the top of the page, and then limit the results to "Hangouts" using the 1st drop-down menu of filters.

    Is there a central schedule of these Hangouts?

    Yes! As you may know, I help curate a schedule of Google+ events with +Charles Hogge using the unofficial +Google Shared Calendar Events page. These events include "On Air" Hangouts, "regular" Hangouts centered around specific themes or topics, G+ photowalks, HIRLs ("hangouts in real life"), and more, including concerts, international holidays, sports schedules, etc. (see the full calendar for all upcoming events: google plus shared events | gsharedcalendars).

    But I thought Google+ was a ghost town? ;)

    Last week, on average, there were about 28 On-Air and regularly scheduled public themed Hangout "channels" broadcasting every day, and that number continues to grow each week. This number does not even include the large handful of private Hangouts and sporadic friendly Hangouts that are occurring at any given time--just the formally scheduled ones!

    Sooo... anything interesting going on?

    There definitely is something for everyone!

    In addition to prior high-profile Hangouts with the Dalai Lama, Presdient Obama, The Black Eyed Peas, and The Muppets--as well as more recent popular Hangouts like CERN's Large Hadron Collider, the Coca-Cola Archives, Roush Fenway's Racing Team at Daytona 500, and an underwater Hangout at The Great Barrier Reef--there are regularly scheduled newscasts, podcasts, webcasts, educasts (pretty much any 'cast' you can think of), entertainment & game shows, science & tech broadcasts, sports talks, social media interviews, office hours for Google products, teaching classes of all kinds, musical jams & concerts, conferences, relationship advice & support groups, art & photography shows, how-to & show-and-tell sessions, and more--all organized and brought to you by your fellow Google+ community members!

    Some examples of themed Hangouts from this past week were a jazz festival in Indonesia, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class, LGBT-friendly Mardi Gras parade in Australia, and a full kitchen installation (including the kitchen sink!)

    This upcoming week, there will be Hangouts like Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic JFK Clubhouse airport lounge kickoff, Mercedes-Benz showing off a new A-Class vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show, Google Photography Prize at Saatchi Gallery London's Masterclass series, and so much more.

    How can I help?

    We need more eyes and hours in a day :) We can't catch everything, so if you see an event you'd like to add that's not already listed on our calendar, please use this form (, and feel free to +mention and follow our page, +Google Shared Calendar Events. Thanks!

    What are you waiting for?

    What's keeping you from joining or hosting a Hangout? Fire up your webcam & mic and jump right in! :)
    Photo Credit:
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-01-17 22:44:55
    A friend of mine co-wrote, co-produced, directed, and scored the music for this mini sci-fi action web series called "ADVENT".

    It's pretty cool. If you like classic action, adventure, and sci-fi films, check it out :)

    This first double-episode follows a woman named Valerie Rose as she travels across dimensions in search of her husband, Jared, who works for a covert government agency. Drake, a renegade criminal scientist with ties to Valerie's past, hunts her, obsessed with stealing her mysterious power. All parties collide in a climactic showdown that forces Valerie to push herself to unimaginable lengths. The question is will it be enough to save them? Follow the introduction of this web series and its adventures inside the world of "ADVENT".

    If you enjoy this web episode, feel free to share it with your friends, family, and film/movie circles, and please let us know what you think!

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  • Johnathan Chung2011-12-07 22:08:23
    Word Cloud Generator

    This HTML5 text analyzer generates a word cloud of most commonly used words in your public Google+ posts (also for FB, Twitter, Blogger, websites, RSS feeds, and Wikipedia!) It's another way to quickly see at a glance what kind of topics a G+ user tends to post about before you decide whether or not to circle that person.

    For example, in the world cloud below, you can see I tend to mention "Hangout" and "Google" more often because I am a fan of Google, and I like to pass on interesting Hangout alerts and announcements to support others whenever possible.

    (Via +L. Gray:
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  • Johnathan Chung2011-11-06 17:57:24
    | Cancer Statistics |
    - Leading Causes of Death
    - Research Funding
    | Movember |
    - What Is It?
    - Global Funds Raised

    Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death in the United States after heart disease [1]. For men, 53% of cancer deaths are due to lung, prostate, colorectal, and pancreatic cancer [2]. For women, 57% of cancer deaths are due to the same types with the exception of breast cancer replacing prostate cancer.

    Lung cancer is responsible for almost 2 times (women) or 3 times (men) more deaths than the second leading cause of death from breast or prostate cancer, respectively. It is known that 80%-90% of all lung cancer is due to smoking cigarettes (tobacco) [3]. This potentially makes it highly preventable with the proper education, motivation, and public health measures. When putting overall health and cancer prevention into perspective, it is important to include smoking cessation and lung cancer in the discussion.

    In 2010, U.S. money spent on cancer research (in millions) was $281.9 for lung, $300.5 for prostate, and $270.4 for colon/rectal cancer [4]. Interestingly, $631.2 million was spent on breast cancer research, which is at least twice as much as any other cancer type. Perhaps this disparity in attention and resources applied toward cancer types in men vs. women is why "Movember" was started.

    Movember: Changing the Face of Men's Health

    "Movember" is a campaign for men's health during November of each year [5] whose concept originated in 1999 in Australia [6] where mustaches have been referred to as Mo's. The Movember Foundation has been hosting charity events since 2004.

    "Mo Bros raise funds by seeking out sponsorship for their Mo-growing efforts. Mo Bros effectively become walking, talking billboards for the 30 days of November. Through their actions and words, they raise awareness by prompting private and public conversation around the often ignored issue of men’s health."

    So far, Movember has globally raised $80.7 million in 2010. This amount has approximately doubled each year since 2004 and totals $174 million raised since the campaign's inception [5].

    Questions to consider:
    1. Are you participating in Movember? Why or why not?
    2. What are your thoughts on how effective Movember is?
    3. What are some possible reasons for the disparity between cancer research funding for men's vs. women's health?

    Related: Looks like Google Chrome is also getting behind the cause: Google Chrome: Movember

    [1] CDC Fast Stats Leading Causes of Death:
    [2] American Cancer Society. The Impact of Eliminating Socioeconomic and Racial Disparities on Premature Cancer Deaths. CA Cancer J Clin 2011;61:212-236.
    [3] CDC Lung Cancer Risk Factors:
    [4] NIH National Cancer Institute Fact Sheet:
    [5] About Movember:
    [6] Movember Wiki:

    #Cancer #Facts #Movember #ScienceSunday #ScienceImgPls

    Image credit: Figure 1 from Reference [2].
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  • Johnathan Chung2011-10-20 07:29:24
    For those who are interested, Bollywood actor and Hindi movie superstar +Shah Rukh Khan is hosting a Hangout in ~2 hours: Thursday, October 20th at 3pm IST (UTC+5.5, which is 2:30am PDT / 5:30am EDT).

    Can someone ask him if he really has a dog named Chewbacca? :)

    Some movies I've seen with him in it are:
    - Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge
    - Dil To Pagal Hai
    - Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
    - Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham
    - Kaal
    - Mohabbatein
    - Main Hoon Na
    - Kal Ho Naa Ho
    - Saathiya
    - Devdas

    And no, I have no idea what those titles mean other than something about friendship, marriage, family, love, etc. etc. etc.
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  • Johnathan Chung2011-10-17 06:57:25
    Ah yes, I forgot all about the Nintendo Power Glove.

    A nice trip down memory lane :)

    (Larger image:
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  • Johnathan Chung2011-09-20 17:16:39
    New site:

    I'm proud to present a little project I've been contributing to in collaboration with +Christina Trapolino, +Ryan Crowe, +Drew Nicholson, +Mike Miller, and +Christopher Watson. It's about the cultural and sociological aspects of the Google+ community, and we plan to feature wonderful content from all of +You! And yes, we're launching in beta :)

    As mentioned in Christina's post (, if you want to be featured on our site as a content or technical contributor, you can contact +Christina Trapolino via the "Send email" button on her profile, or you can directly message +Ryan Crowe or +Drew Nicholson. Look for an update later from Ryan about the ideals behind the site!

    Please check it out, spread the word, and send us feedback :)

    Plus on!
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  • Johnathan Chung2011-08-17 02:46:13
    In response to +Ryan Crowe's post on How the G+ Community Rewards Talent (or in other words, showcase what you love to do and then pay it forward):

    When I first joined G+, I was ambivalent about how to use it or what to do with it (special thanks to <Lifehacker> and <Reddit> for getting me invites very early on!) My profile was a ghost-town in the first week of use, but I soon decided to become more involved. Circle more. Comment more. Post more... not noise, but more well thought-out & formulated opinions.

    As I started to settle on G+ tips ( and other content centered around various themes, more and more followers started trickling in. Garnering a small following of my own was unintentional (but welcomed), mainly because I had not done this before on other sites and because back in June I wasn't sure which direction this was going to take me in (to be fair, nobody did!)

    It does go to show that creating good original content--or at least taking the time to improve upon prior content to make it more streamlined, accessible, understandable, & user-friendly--will draw like-minded people with similar interests and talent together.

    Of course, getting a boost from someone with an established audience and network is a plus (+1), but not absolutely necessary (see Robert Scoble's post on why the number of people following you is irrelevant:

    I think Ryan's use of the word "showcasing" is appropriate. Many G+niuses have not deliberately sought out attention, but their work has in some way influenced or inspired others; by doing what they love to do (and doing it well), it has made them stand out. I have seen several individuals get picked up on the radar by people with connections higher up on the food chain, and that probably would not have happened if they had not opened up here on G+ to showcase their passion (also see Vic Gundotra's post of Tom Anderson's post of Jeff Jarvis's post on the benefits of sharing publicly--ok I was tempted to +mention them all, but I won't :)

    Now to pay it forward:
    (Note: "it" is your appreciation, thanks, and personal rewards reaped from a supportive community.)

    Experienced people know that undiscovered talent, in whatever shape or form (singing, writing, zombifying), can come from anywhere and anyone. For the average user, G+ has been an amplifier and "hotline" that has let us speak to the experts and to be recognized by individuals whom we would not have otherwise had the chance to interact with. (Where else would I get the opportunity to carry on a conversation with Paul Allen, be one of the first to update other social media gurus, and be included in William Shatner and Jeri Ryan's circles...?)

    Whether you're pursuing the next start-up company or searching for a portal to showcase your talent on the next level, the gatekeepers are no longer needed as much because G+ has provided us with the means to find not only influential people, but also generous people who are willing to "pay it forward". We all benefit when we give something back to the Community. For me, that is what G+ is all about.

    Exhibit A--Robert Scoble connecting talented minds:
    Exhibit B--Trey Ratcliff being a G+ Photos ambassador and giving a voice to the "average" person:
    Exhibit C-- +Daria Musk using some of her new-found influence to help the less fortunate in Somalia:
    Exhibit D through Z are flowing through your Streams right now ;)

    I may not have the same degree of influence or clout many others do (yet), but like I said before, everyone has something to contribute on some level. So if you think there is any way I can help you out, please ask :)

    By the way, if you haven't fallen asleep by now and plan to read Ryan's post (, you'll realize how talented +byron rempel is; I've seen him recklessly zombify countless numbers of innocent G+ users. Watch out, you could be next!

    Reshared text:
    i started a joke hangout and +Ryan Crowe showed up ... now he's infected. Soon too will all the people who have circled him. Go Forth RYAN CROWE ! spread the infection! ill scan in a better version tonight
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  • Johnathan Chung2011-08-15 17:54:10
    G+ Profile Banners and Free Image Editors

    There have been many creative uses of Scrapbook photos to display a banner or panoramic picture on your G+ profile. Not surprisingly, there are also many resources available to create the banner manually or to automate the process. A computer generated picture panel is quick, simple, and sleek. Making your own themed collage may require more know-how, but provides additional flexibility to mix content and tailor your presentation to fit your needs.

    | Automated Banner Creation | DIY Banner Tips |
    | Simple Image Editors Online |
    | Advanced Image Editors Online |
    | Advanced Image Editors Requiring Download |
    | Other (Related) |



    Perspectivus is a dead simple and attractive way to process a pic of your own. Just upload your photo, preview the result using the sliders and zoom bar, click "Process image!", and you're done!

    Banners Plus and GPlus Banner allow you to not only upload your own photo, but also choose from many different categories of pre-made banners to download as well.

    GPlus Pic is a site with the fewest bells and whistles, but it gets the job done.


    If you plan to make your own banner, each picture box is 125 pixels long with 15 pixels of white space in between.

    +Phil Kahn provides a short walk-through tutorial here with screencaptures and brief descriptions of each step in the captions:

    +Paul Durban provides some guidance with a photo template zip download so you don't have to start entirely from scratch:



    If you want to experiment with making your own banner (and can't afford Adobe Photoshop!), here is a list of some free image-tweaking tools and photo editors.

    MORE SIMPLE (Online):
    For simple quick edits that can be performed online.

    Picnik ( from Picasa Web Albums is built into Google+ and strikes a good balance between providing obvious functions for beginners as well as slightly more advanced capability for intermediate users.
    Preloader ( is somewhat similar but for Flickr.
    Pixenate ( has about 20 basic point-and-click functions such as rotate, enhance, flip, zoom, adjust contrast, etc. ( is simple like Pixenate, but also has some special effects you can apply.
    Iaza ( is a nice "minimalist" image editor with 100 common functions listed under categories of Convert, Edit, Mix, and Create. It also has a handful of more advanced functions like 3D animation and artistic filters.
    Pic Juice ( is one of the simplest editors with 5 straight-forward functions: crop, resize, flip, rotate, and adjust brightness/contrast.


    MORE ADVANCED (Online):
    The following web applications provide more advanced photo editing/drawing capabilities. All of these services have similar functionality, including a rich editing toolset, layers, groups, masks, additional effects, filters, etc. Think of them as being one step closer to the Photoshop experience (for amateurs like myself).

    Pixlr ( There's also a simpler version, Pixlr Express.
    Sumo Paint (
    Photoshop Express Editor ( from Adobe.
    Aviary's Phoenix ( You can also discover popular creations or view tutorials.

    MORE ADVANCED (Requires Download):
    A few more advanced image editors that require download and installation. ( from Microsoft.
    GIMP ( GNU Image Manipulation Program is open-source. Plug-ins exist to attempt to make it more like Photoshop, including the menu layout, boxing all windows in a single user interface, and adding CMYK color palette (not natively supported).


    Here are some other image tools for completeness's sake, but the options in the above categories are better suited for creating a Google+ banner.

    Irfanview ( is not a full-fledged editor, but it is still fairly advanced and very versatile. It's not just for image editing either and can work with almost any file type (image, audio, video, text, pdf, etc.) There is also a portable USB version as well.
    Open Office's Draw ( Open Office is the open-source version of Microsoft Office ( In addition to the equivalent of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, it has a drawing program for manipulating graphics and diagrams. Along the same vein, Google Docs has some drawing capability too.

    If you're looking for other G+ resources, including a site to create a G+ Fan Profile Pic, check out my continually updated list here:
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  • Johnathan Chung2013-09-16 09:54:28
    Blood Group Types
    Compatibility and Transfusions

    This write-up was prompted by a related post asking about blood group compatibility:

    | Types of Blood Products |
    | ABO & Rh Groups |
    - Universal recipient
    - Universal donor
    | Blood Antigen Markers |
    - Determining ABO designation: H antigen derivatives
    | Minor Blood Groups |
    | Transfusion Preparation |
    - Type & screen
    - Type & cross-match
    - Emergency cases

    Common Blood Products

    Whole, 2%, and skim (kidding)...

    Whole blood used to be given for rapid and massive blood loss up until specific components were determined to be as clinically effective and more efficient in terms of supply management. Some components include packed red blood cells (pRBCs), fresh frozen plasma (FFP, which contains clotting factors), a more concentrated version of thawed and centrifuged FFP called cryoprecipitate, platelets, and others.

    Separation permits judicious use of blood components, such as selective treatment using only pRBCs while conserving platelets to be used in a different patient, for example. It also allows different components to be packaged and stored under different conditions to maximize shelf-life.

    ABO and Rh Factor

    Antigens are any cell fragment or molecule that antibodies can attach to and "flag" for eventual destruction by the immune system.

    Major ABO and Rh blood group systems are highly emphasized because their antigens are the most immunogenic and pose a significant risk in terms of potential incompatible blood transfusion reactions.

    AB blood type is the rarest and often cited as the "universal recipient" because those people lack antibodies targeted against A and B blood group antigens. In other words, A and B are not perceived as "foreign", and those individuals can handle all types (A, B, and O).

    Blood type O is often considered the "universal donor" because those red blood cells do not have the potentially immunoreactive A and B antigens on them. Blood group O is the most common phenotype in the population at around 36-49% depending on race and ancestral place of origin.

    Rh is named after the Rhesus monkey, and Rh factor commonly refers to the D antigen only even though there are around 50 antigens in the Rh group (this comes up often in obstetrics and pregnancy evaluation because of the transfer of blood between the mother and fetus). The presence or absence of the D antigen is the plus or minus designation seen after A, B, O, or AB (e.g., O+ or "O positive" is Rh positive O blood).

    Similar But Distinct Blood Antigen Markers

    In normal scenarios, the O, A, and B antigens expressed on the surface of different RBCs are determined by 3 alleles located on chromosome 9. All antigens actually contain the same fundamental chain or base unit called the H antigen, and each varies by only one molecule.

    If that oligosaccharide (short chain of carbohydrates) anchored to a protein on the RBC is unmodified, it is classified as "O" blood.

    The "A" allele responsible for encoding a certain enzyme will add a molecule called N-acetylgalactosamine to transform the "O" chain (basic H antigen) into an "A" antigen instead. If the enzyme encoded by the "B" allele appends galactose (yes, the same natural sugar commonly found in milk), the "O" chain then becomes a "B" antigen. Basic ABO antigen structures are illustrated in Figure 11.17 here

    Minor Blood Groups

    In reality, aside from ABO and Rh, there are many minor blood group antigens too. There are 30 other blood group systems, each of which has several sub-types. Of the minor groups, some of the more memorable ones are named after the patients whom they were first discovered in, such as Kell, Kidd, Duffy, Lewis, etc. It is thought that some minor blood groups may have arose due to evolutionary advantages. For example, some people lacking the Duffy antigen demonstrate resistance to certain species of malaria.

    Relatively fewer people deal with these details on a day-to-day basis or are expected to remember the exact specifics, such as pathologists and technicians who work in the blood bank of a hospital. Nonetheless, these lesser-known minor antigens exist and are important.

    • More info from Blood Groups and Red Cell Antigens:
    • A list of blood groups:

    What the Doctor Ordered: Type, Screen, and Cross-match

    In medicine, there are a couple ways to order blood to prepare for transfusions. For routine elective surgical procedures (i.e., planned, not an emergency) where minimal blood loss is expected, doctors can order a "type and screen". This means they identify the major type of blood group of the patient and screen for clinically significant antibodies in the recipient's serum. This is done out of precaution and gives a heads-up to the blood bank to let them know the blood may be required, but is not anticipated to be needed. It's also a preliminary and less intensive way to analyze blood because IF no unexpected RBC antibodies are present in the patient, then the extremely detailed identification of possibly hundreds of minor antigens in donor blood is not necessary. For those who qualify, blood can be given based on just ABO and Rh typing.

    In other cases where blood products will be definitely administered (e.g., symptomatic anemia or active uncontrolled but slow bleeding), doctors request a "type and cross". The typing identifies the major blood group as before, and the full "cross-matching" goes into much deeper analysis to match up donor and recipient for all the clinically relevant minor antigens.

    Of note, the addition of a cross-match to a "type and screen" (ABO/Rh typing and antibody screening) increases detection of incompatibility by only 0.01%. However, since millions of transfusions are performed, that 0.01% is not necessarily insignificant.

    In the Case of an Emergency

    In urgent situations (e.g., hemorrhagic shock) where the correct ABO type is in doubt or unknown and the doctor cannot wait for a full cross-match, O- (O Rh-negative) blood is given. In life-threatening emergencies where Rh-negative blood is unavailable, giving Rh positive blood is not off limits (the apparent reaction can be medically managed in other ways, whereas the immediate life-threatening cause can only be managed with a few options).

    A "type and screen" can take up to ~10 minutes, and a "type and cross-match" could take on the order of an hour. If they don't have 60 or even 10 minutes to spare, they start to administer the "universal donor" blood up front (while continuing to cross-match). This scenario does not happen as often, though, and is more likely to occur during disaster response situations or accidents involving severe injuries.

    • Facts about blood use and donations:
    • Mosquitoes may tend to prefer blood type O:

    #ScienceEveryday   #BloodType   #Transfusions  

    Public Domain image from Wikipedia.
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  • Johnathan Chung2013-09-03 20:24:04
    The Shape of the Universe
    For Earthlings 101

    +Brian Koberlein described how the universe could be flat and finite in volume, but without an edge:

    The alien Zogg from Betelgeuse explores these concepts further in a simple and entertaining animation with great visualizations.

    He (it?) distinguishes between topology and geometry and shows several models that could fit the flat, finite, faux edge form :)

    References are made to +Hank Green of +vlogbrothers and +Derek Muller of +Veritasium, along with a fun twist on the Nerdfighteria DFTBA motto: "Don't forget to be awesome."

    Related: How Do We Know the Universe is Flat? by +Deep Astronomy.

    #ScienceEveryday   #Universe   #Topology   #Space
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  • Johnathan Chung2013-06-15 05:28:50
    This is how Google plans to get the next 5 billion people online :) Project Loon is a Google[x] moonshot idea to provide internet access to rural, under-served, or remote areas around the world using a fleet of highly-coordinated balloons dispersed in the stratosphere.

    The project is in its infancy and will be quite a challenge, which is why it's perfect for Google[x] labs. They have launched an additional 30 balloons this week with a pilot test in Christchurch and Canterbury, New Zealand.

    Basic concepts: Project Loon: The Technology!

    More info:

    #ProjectLoon   #GoogleX   #MoonshotThinking  

    Reshared text:
    For 2 out of every 3 people on earth, a fast, affordable Internet connection is still out of reach.  Today we are unveiling our latest moonshot from Google [x] - Project Loon: balloon-powered internet access. Learn more:

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  • Johnathan Chung2013-06-07 05:45:22
    Educational Opportunity on Climate Change
    Where You Get Your Information Matters
    (Additional resources below.)

    Many events spark Internet debates on climate change. Yesterday, it happened to be a Google+ announcement of an upcoming Hangout with Al Gore on June 11, 2013 at 2pm EDT:

    As you can see from the comments on the original post, it's quite challenging to have meaningful discussion on this topic for many reasons.

    Aside from political factors and psychological barriers--which are two very large impediments in communicating accurate information--several readily identified sources of contention can be avoided:

    Interpreting hearsay as fact.
    Hearsay is beliefs or rumors casually passed along by other people that cannot be adequately substantiated by the bulk of scientific literature. If you're not sure of the veracity of someone's comment, try not to blindly propagate it. Rather, investigate it yourself or get your information from the source.
    Citing any random news media or blog as scientific evidence.
    Not all information is created equal, and not everything on the Internet qualifies as "evidence". Reliable information is vetted, tested, and/or reviewed. (Hint: stop citing Tumblr and whatchamacallit .com).
    Oversimplifying the complexity & scope of the problem.
    It's easy to hone in on and cling to salient pieces of information while overlooking the remainder of the knowledge base. One data point or item does not completely invalidate (nor absolutely prove) anything; it modifies the existing confidence level about certain outcomes. Even reliably obtained data needs to be interpreted in the context of the entire picture to prevent misinterpretation or misrepresentation. Similarly, most conclusions fall into a spectrum of probabilities: what's extremely unlikely, equivocal, likely, or virtually certain.
    Being mentally inflexible and emotionally defensive/aggressive.
    Some things do change. Are you able to reevaluate and assimilate new information based on how the overall body of evidence stacks up without taking it personally when someone points out those changes to you?

    Learning About Climate Change

    Make a conscientious effort to not feed into the cycle of noise and widespread misinformation.

    Sometimes we trade accuracy for simplicity in order to improve efficiency and accessibility of information. However, oversimplification and taking shortcuts out of convenience can introduce error. Thus, becoming informed about climate change and being a responsible learner requires collecting multiple viewpoints from multiple sources. The good news is, the information is available to anyone willing to read it.

    Depending on how much you want to explore, some of these sources (NASA and IPCC below) provide a relatively quicker overview of the key concepts and issues. After making it that far, you will have a decent grasp of "the lay of the land" and can probably consider yourself to be more informed than most (hooray!)

    Optionally, if you're up for a challenge or looking for a deeper understanding of the origin, history, and development of popularly cited concepts, how they came to be, who made those discoveries, how the data was obtained, and the social, political, and economic influences involved, there's more for you too. This approach requires more commitment and a real interest in the subject; however, afterward you will have a substantially more complete, accurate, and nuanced view of the significant impact and full scope of the effects of global warming and climate change.

    Reliable Resources and Reading Material
    (This is just a starting point. Feel free to contribute other links in the comments. Also, note the differences in tone, content, and presentation of this information compared to other sources.)

    NASA Earth Observatory and NASA Global Climate Change contain straightforward information presented at a high school level.
    • Basic Q&A and factsheet (also check out the "Features" section):
    • Key indicators, evidence, causes, effects, consenus, and other interactive info:
    • Articles specifically on global warming:

    Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) summarizes the scientific literature and makes recommendations for policymakers. The info is more detailed than the NASA links above, but not complicated, mostly without jargon, and highly informative. 

    Here is the Fourth Assessment Report (AR4). I recommend starting with the "Summary for Policymakers", although the technical summaries are there too:
    • Working Group 1 addresses the Physical Science Basis.
    • Working Group 2 addresses Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability.
    • Working Group 3 addresses Mitigation of Climate Change.

    The 2007 overall synthesis report is here: AR5 is due for completion in 2013/2014.

    [Bonus Info!]

    American Institute of Physics provides both basic facts and in-depth knowledge on the history and progression of how climate scientists came to partly understand what people are doing to cause climate change (influences, data, trends, theories, climate models, society and government involvement, and impact).
    • "The Discovery of Global Warming":

    Climate Literacy: Navigating Climate Change Conversations by The University of British Columbia. Free 10-week course.
    • Climate Literacy tackles the scientific and socio-political dimensions of climate change. This course introduces the basics of the climate system, models and predictions, human and natural impacts, mitigative and adaptive responses, and the evolution of climate policy.

    Climate Change free 9-week course by The University of Melbourne.
    • This course develops an interdisciplinary understanding of the social, political, economic, and scientific perspectives on climate change.

    Other general resources from the U.S. Global Change Research Program:

    #ClimateChange   #GlobalWarming   #Resources   #Learning
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  • Johnathan Chung2013-05-30 19:29:38
    Ancient Egyptian Trinket Made From a Meteorite
    The 5,000-year-old iron beads were discovered in 1911 in a cemetery at Gerzeh 70 km south of Cairo and date back to 3300 BC, millennia before the earliest evidence of iron smelting.

    Microscopy showed "the metal had a distinctive crystalline structure called a Widmanstätten pattern. This structure is found only in iron meteorites that cooled extremely slowly inside their parent asteroids as the Solar System was forming."

    Reshared text:
    Researchers have found that the ancient Egyptian trinket is made from a meteorite! The result explains how ancient Egyptians obtained iron millennia before the earliest evidence of iron smelting in the region, solving an enduring mystery. It also hints that meteorites may have inspired Egyptians as they began to develop their religion.
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  • Johnathan Chung2013-05-24 04:04:00
    Usual baryonic matter of our world--and of stars, planets, cosmic gases, black holes, galaxy clusters, supernovas, and more--actually make up only ~4% of the universe.

    Most space is thought to be composed of Dark Matter, which tends to drive the universe together, and Dark Energy, which tends to drive the universe apart.

    Reshared text:
    Dark Energy & Dark Matter
    Full size version:

    The two largest pieces of the Universe that we know the least about, yet nothing less than the ultimate fate of the Universe will be determined by them. (Illustration: NASA/CXC/M.Weiss)

    Related Links:
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  • Johnathan Chung2013-05-04 06:09:35
    Solar Impulse has embarked on a historic solar-powered flight across the continental U.S. and plans to fly around the world in 2015.

    The carbon-fiber single-seat monoplane has a wingspan similar to a jumbo jet (63 meters) and weighs about the same as a typical car (4,400 pounds). It has 4 electric motors generating 10 horsepower each. It can takeoff under its own power and stay airborne up to 36 hours.

    Each leg of the flight across America is expected to take 19 to 25 hours with planned stops of 10 days in each city.

    A short video of yesterday morning's takeoff: 
    Across America 2013: Take off Moffett Airfield

    Reshared text:
    Solar Impulse’s 2013 Across America itinerary is now official!

    Moffett Airfield (Mountain View, CA)
    Sky Harbor International Airport (Phoenix, AZ) 
    Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (Dallas, TX) 
    Lambert-St. Louis International Airport (St. Louis, MO)
    Dulles International Airport (Washington D.C.) 
    John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York City)

    It looks like the next possible date for the kick-off of the 2013 Across America mission could be this Friday, May 3rd! Weather conditions permitting, the flight would take off from Moffett Airfield to Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix (AZ). It will be an early departure, most likely before 6 am LT (UTC-7) with a landing after midnight local Phoenix time (UTC-7).
    Join us in this incredible adventure!

    © Solar Impulse | J. Revillard
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  • Johnathan Chung2013-05-04 04:42:22
    Looks like debuting movie trailers and chatting with the movie's cast or crew using Google+ Hangouts has become a thing now :)

    Steven Spielberg participated in one of the first major ones for Lincoln last September: Google Play presents: Steven Spielberg and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    Will Smith and Jaden Smith's Hangout for +After Earth was 1.5 weeks ago: 
    After Earth Google Hangout

    Vin Diesel and the cast of +Fast & Furious 6 will hang out on Sunday, May 5th:

    +Ender's Game trailer world premiere and Hangout with director Gavin Hood, producer Bob Orci, and star Asa Butterfield is on Tuesday, May 7th:

    I'm sure there were others and will be many more!
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  • Johnathan Chung2013-04-28 02:42:41
    Tiwanaku, or Tiahuanaco in Spanish, is a pre-Columbian archaeological site in Bolivia on the southeast shores of Lake Titicaca in the Andes over 12,500 feet above sea level.

    The first written record in history of the ancient city was by Spanish conquistador Pedro Cieza de León in 1549. Astro-archaeologists believe Tiwanaku may have been inhabited as early as 1500 BC.

    One of the most famous structures on site is a megalithic portal called Puerta del Sol (Gate of the Sun). It is 10 feet tall, 13 feet wide, weighs approximately 10 tons, and was constructed from a single piece of stone.

    The lintel contains characters in the form of winged effigies with human faces or condor's heads surrounding a central figure. The main figure is holding staffs symbolizing rays of light.

    Although there are several interpretations of the mysterious inscriptions found on the object, the decorative engravings are believed to possess astronomical and astrological significance. The calendar sculpture depicts a "solar year" and has 290 days divided into "twelfths" of 24 days each, plus 2 intercalary days.

    A nearby ruined citadel of Kalasasaya is also thought to be constructed with temple stones arranged based on astronomical alignments. Tiahuanacan engineers seemed to possess advanced knowledge, perhaps thousands of years ahead of some other cultures.

    #Alignment   #AlignmentInsider  +Thomas Greanias 
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  • Johnathan Chung2013-02-18 06:28:21
    Haha, good thing there is a cure ;)

    Reshared text:
    Had Chinese food tonight; this was in my fortune cookie. Good to know :)
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-10-26 18:45:53
    Hello cyber explorers! Welcome to CheckIO!

    Hope you brought your coding skills. You'll need them to travel between islands and other worlds, to compete in games and competitions, and to solve tasks and exchange experiences.

    Wait, what? You left your python in your other pant's pocket?

    Oh, no no no--we're not talking about snakes, silly. We're talking about a computer programming language.

    Don't worry if you're not familiar with Python. We have starter packs and knowledge upgrades for everyone!

    Go on, start your journey here:

    Reshared text:
    Welcome to CheckIO – a service that has united all levels of Python developers – from beginners up to the real experts!  

    Here you can learn Python coding, try yourself in solving various kinds of problems and share your ideas with others. Moreover, you can consider original solutions of other users, exchange opinions and find new friends.  

    If you are just starting with Python – CheckIO is a great chance for you to learn the basics and get a rich practice in solving different tasks. If you’re an experienced coder, here you’ll find an exciting opportunity to perfect your skills and learn new alternative logics from others. On CheckIO you can not only resolve the existing tasks, but also provide your own ones and even get points for them. Enjoy the possibility of playing logical games, participating in exciting competitions and share your success with friends in!
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-10-19 20:58:22
    Optical Tractor Beams
    Trapping and moving objects using laser light

    A Tractor Beam is Born
    Physicist David Grier from the Center of Soft Matter Research at New York University first announced in Optics Express March 2010 that a beam of light can "tug" objects over long distances.

    The Concept of a Bessel Beam
    In the image below, unlike a typical Gaussian beam (a), a Bessel beam (b) produces concentric rings of light around a central spot that does not change in size as it propagates away from the source--its radial intensity distribution is relatively constant. In other words, it remains focused over longer distances and could induce electric & magnetic fields in an object in its path. Within a certain operating range, a Bessel-like beam can be produced by illuminating an axicon lens with a collimated laser beam (c).

    Theoretical Calculations
    In February 2011, physicists in China calculated that a Bessel beam could be used to cause a particle within the beam to emit a photon in such a way as to allow the recoil of that particle toward the beam's source (thus "pulling" it in). However, this method only existed on paper and was never demonstrated in a laboratory setting.

    Advancements by NASA
    In October 2011, a team at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center was awarded $100,000 to study 3 experimental methods of transporting particles using lasers, including the Bessel beam:

    (Alpha Nerd provides a simplified explanation of the 3 different methods:

    Experimental Demonstration
    On October 18, 2012 (yesterday), David Grier and his colleague, David Ruffner, published that they have used 2 overlapping and finely-tuned Bessel beams to act like an optical conveyor belt, constantly drawing a particle toward the source.

    News article:
    Original Abstract:

    So What?
    Currently, a Bessel beam can move biological cells, space dust, and other microscopic particles. It could potentially be used to transport particles to rovers (e.g., retrieving vaporized specimens) or to orbiting spacecraft.

    Star Trek-like capabilities are far off in the future. Some say it is even almost impossible. The key word is almost ;)

    (Image Credit: )
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-10-14 20:41:01
    Ok, who left the space shuttle unattended in the parking lot overnight?

    #spottheshuttle   #Endeavor  

    Reshared text:
    This is great! After just one night in the hood...
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-09-26 02:35:37
    Google+ Hangout Face Arcade

    Ever wanted to play four amazing mini-games in a G+ Hangout... with your FACE? Well now you can! (Finally... it's about time! :P)

    via +Resn, cc: +Hangout Apps
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-09-25 04:13:43
    "But I read it on the internet--it must be true!"

    Last month, as an experiment, a Redditor intentionally planted false information on the internet (you don't say?) After it got picked up by one or two tech media outlets, it spread like wildfire. Unconfirmed rumors turned into more speculation, which turned into certainty and was blindly accepted as "truth".

    I realize it's not always efficient, practical, desirable, or possible for an honest journalist or motivated reader to fact-check all pieces of information or to completely vet a source. Unfortunately, the potential for misinformation and disinformation is everywhere, so this underscores the importance of critical thinking (duh).

    Keep in mind that the further removed you are from a source, the more convoluted the story gets (ever play the children's game, Telephone?) Couple that with the rush to be the first to report on a topic, the need to sensationalize the news, the mistake of assuming someone else did the fact-checking, and/or a gullible or unsuspecting target reader, and you get something like this:

    "Showering wombats with chemicals may be linked to skin cancer."
    "Wombats who shower are at an increased risk of skin cancer."
    "Skin cancer likely due to showering."
    "Showering causes cancer!"

    (That was my satirical impression of the media's take on science, although this happens in tech, politics, ... well, you name it.)

    Sooo... if your story starts with "Wikipedia said Yahoo said Wired said MacWorld said a Tweet about a Facebook post on Reddit of an image submitted by an anonymous user's friend's cousin", it might not be legitimate ;)

    (Note: no wombats were harmed in the making of this post. Also, please do shower with soap and water.)

    Reshared text:
    neat article about how a plant of false information on reddit turned into a widely perceived truth, challenging what we accept as truth on the internet.
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-09-15 08:14:25
    I'll take U.S. Geography for $100, Alex

    I'm sharing this not because  #EpicFail  and #FoxNews  are both trending separately on G+ at the moment, nor am I sharing this to bash Fox News or ostensibly slight Bing for providing erroneous information ;) (Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama are all mislabeled) but rather because I'd like to share some of my favorite comments thus far: 

    "Hurricane Issac rearranged the states. Didn't you know?"

    "At least they are consistent in not correcting their inaccuracies."

    "Missouri has annexed Arkansas while the country was focused on the royal boobs."

    And best of all:

    "actually, Missouri is labeled correctly, it just overthrew Arkansas and  merged into one State which has been somewhat invaded to the West by Texas. Don't pick on Mississippi and Alabama either, They're just participating in the State Exchange Program. It's for States like Student Exchanges are for high schools kids."

    Photo screen cap:
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-08-29 20:28:59
    Reddit "ask me anything" (AMA) with President Obama, Q&A live now for the next 30 minutes.

    Reshared text:
    This is legit, I just got word from a friend on the Obama campaign that POTUS is doing an AMA on Reddit.

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  • Johnathan Chung2012-08-23 17:26:42
  • 10 plusses - 5 comments - 1 shares | Read in G+
  • Johnathan Chung2012-08-14 00:24:37
    Shark Week

    Check out live shark feeds on the #sharkcam  brought to you by the +Discovery Channel and +Georgia Aquarium

    It's not a Google+ Hangout On Air, but maybe Georgia Aquarium would consider hosting one in the future? ;) :D

    And here's a "shark infested" G+ circle (of aquariums) curated by +Zoo Atlanta

    Reshared text:
    Can you believe it - Discovery Channel's #SharkWeek  is finally here! To kick off this JAW-some week, join us every day this week at 3p.m. ET on Shark Cam for our live whale shark feeds! Also, continuing tomorrow we will be hosting live shark chats on Shark Cam at 12:30p.m. ET. This is your chance to ask all your shark questions to our shark specialists! Ask your questions on Discovery Channel’s Social Stream here - & don’t forget to tune in for SHARK WEEK at 9p.m. tonight!
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-07-20 02:28:01
    Lava Kiss

    In Focus features a bunch of photographs from the 2012 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest:

    This spectacular photo was taken by +Dallas Nagata White in the rain near an active lava flow in Kalapana, Hawaii!

    Here is Dallas' original post on Google+ providing a glimpse into the technique of how it was shot:

    Also worth checking out is her most recent blog post with additional photos, insight, and behind-the-scenes info regarding her amazing experience:

    ( © Dallas Nagata White/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest )
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-07-16 03:55:24
    We Are Only Human

    The raw irony is that sometimes we feel isolated and alone despite being surrounded by even millions of people.

    That in a world in which people are more virtually connected than at any time in human history, people are deeply lonely and are aching for real connections.

    Why is that?

    On his Tumblr (, Jeff documents his experience with attempting to reach out to the world after a difficult break-up. The random responses and stories shared by people around the globe speak to the human condition and are seemingly inspiring, humbling, comforting, and heart-breaking from one moment to the next.

    Do you think online social media distracts from or facilitates deep, meaningful connections in our lives?

    Reshared text:
    One is the (least) loneliest number that you'll ever know

    When Jeff Ragsdale went through a difficult break-up last year, he found himself isolated and alone in New York City. Desperate, he put his phone number on a flier along with a simple message: "If anyone wants to talk about anything, call me." He posted copies all across the city, and waited. The response was overwhelming, with thousands of calls coming from across the US and around the world.

    This project's tumblr ( reads a lot like PostSecret -- which for those of you that don't know, is a project (featured on +TED talks) where people unburden themselves with the secrets (small or large) of their lives.  Here were a few of my favorites:

    Hey Jeff, I dont know who to talk to but its Jan from Baltimore, my parents got in a fight earlier and mom took the car and left the house, I dont know where she went or what to do.

    That in a world in which people are more virtually connected than at any time in human history, people are deeply lonely and are aching for real connections.  That a posture of humility, vulnerability and listening is the beginning of that connection.

    But today I thought about harming myself. See, I recently broke up with my boyfriend or rather he broke up with me. We lived together for two years, I found out he was cheating, so he said he wasn’t going to change so we couldn’t live together. I moved back to my mother’s house and all I can think is I need to get out of here. I’ve almost begged my ex to get back together but he won’t. Anyways, long story short I’m miserable. And even though I’m talking to a phone and don’t know who’s on the other end it feels good to say that out loud.

    I am going through a divorce right now. Not by choice. I moved away from friends and family to be with him. We will be married 7yrs. on July 16. I should be single mid August. We have a daughter, almost 5 and a son almost 3. We had problems on day 2. I am alone except for church family.  He left in March. I am living a nightmare. Temporary orders give us equal custody, I get to see my kids only every other week. I am struggling financially since I was a stay at home mom. I saw that I was in a vulnerable position after my daughter was born, so I went back to college. I have one more class and I earn an Associate degree in Agriculture. I have a job but doesnt provide enough to pay rent and daycare. I am also struggling emotionally.
    I related to what you said about how it feels to wake up alone. I totally understand how you feel. It takes alot of guts to do what you did. I feel like I'm alone watching the world go by me at warp speed. Sometimes I feel like yelling so people can notice I need help.

    The project's definitely one that is as unique as it is wide in scope, with people reaching out to him from every city in the US to Hong Kong and Brazil!  It's interesting to see how, in a world as globally connected as ours, we still find ourselves battling loneliness and despair.  Equally intriguing is how we combat this with technology like texting, tumblr, or +Google+; and we always talk about the "magic" of Google plus, but how many stories like this have we yet to hear?

    I know of a handful of couples that have met (or interact) through Google Plus, and I am periodically reminded of the potency of these fancy things called HIP/HILs (Hang Outs in Person/Life) where complete strangers met through Google Plus only to find an instant bond with complete strangers.  It doesn't seem like too long ago we were being told to never announce our real names on the internet, for fear of the big bad boogie man and now we're video chatting and meeting complete strangers and hosting international text message rings to promote human contact based on something as small as a break up.

    We live in an interesting time and on the precipice of great change.  I'm eager to see what the following decades have in store for us!

    via +Alexeyeva Smith 

    #jeffonelonelyguy   #tumblr   #humanity   #postsecret   #art  
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-07-12 22:01:47
    Explore Aquarius, an undersea laboratory, via Google+ Hangout!

    Nestled in a coral reef 60 feet below the surface, 8 miles off Key Largo, Florida, Aquarius Reef Base is the only operating seafloor habitat in the world.

    Join aquanaut pioneer, Sylvia Earle, and National Geographic for a live interview and look at the 80-ton cylindrical steel chamber on Monday, July 16th at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 5pm UTC.

    Reshared text:
    Ever wanted to live under the sea? Post your questions for the aquanauts living at Aquarius, the world's only operating seafloor research habitat. Then join our Google+ Hangout on Monday, July 16th at 1:00 p.m. EST (5:00 p.m. UTC). The best questions may even get you a chance to join the Hangout on-screen in real time.
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-05-02 21:41:34
    Google+ Hangouts for Media

    Nice to see +Sarah Hill make an appearance in this video clip. She was one of the first news anchors (or "hangchors" as she calls them) to incorporate G+ Hangouts in her live broadcasts for KOMU 8 News. Since then, plenty of organizations have jumped aboard to use this interactive media--from NBC to CBS, CNBC to CNN, The Guardian to The Associated Press, The New York Times, Al Jazeera English, The White House, and many, many more! Just another way Hangouts are changing the way we connect with and relate to each other :)

    Google+ page: +Google for Media

    Learn more:
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-04-25 20:23:36
    Ants are fascinating insects. These are great photos. I can't decide which one is my favorite!

    Q: How many ants does it take to fill an apartment?

    A: Tenants ;)

    Reshared text:
    The photographs in this picture gallery may look like they been Photoshopped or assembled with dead insects, but the ants in these images are very much alive. Russian photographer Andrey Pavlov spends hours setting up fairytale scenes. He studied ants, and saw that they all follow a very specific path when they’re working. So he put his props on their trail, and photographed the insects interacting with his miniature 'stage sets'.
    Found on

    #art #photography
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  • Johnathan Chung2012-04-25 00:08:55
    Feature comparison of Google Drive alongside 12 other cloud sync-storage services. Nice to see so many options out there. Take your pick :)


    #GDrive #dropbox #cloud
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  • Johnathan Chung2011-12-24 04:02:42
    Another year has gone by, and being a year older today, hopefully I am a year wiser too :) With life moving at such a fast pace (both online and off), it's important to take the time to reflect upon our values, accomplishments, and goals.

    Have you achieved what you thought you would achieve over the past year? Did you ever imagine yourself to be where you are today compared to a year ago? Why or why not?

    Hope you enjoy the holidays with your friends, family, and loved ones!
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  • Johnathan Chung2011-12-15 02:58:37
    A Summary of Recent Updates in the Googleverse

    Google is on a fantastic update-spree, and as Vic said a couple days ago, there will be updates to look forward to every single day over the next week or so (after all, it's the "Season for Shipping" ). How awesome is that?!

    Updates include:
    - Hangouts on Air (live streaming of Hangouts via YouTube)
    - Hanging out on any post ("hangout" link located between "comment" and "share")
    - Start Hangouts from your mobile phone
    - Conference call any phone number in the world
    - Reindeer special effects :)

    Comment Spam
    A better comment moderation system:

    Share posts directly from Blogger to Google+:

    Picasa client now with Google+ sharing & tagging:

    Tag photos in G+ with Find My Face:

    Share albums via link in G+:

    Filter Gmail contacts by Google+ circles & share photos from Gmail directly to G+:

    Scribbles and other updates to the Gmail iOS app:

    Free Google Voice calls in U.S. & Canada extended through 2012

    Mobile Phone
    Android updates (search, +1 comments, +1 photos, and more):

    iOS updates:

    Start Hangouts from your mobile phone:

    Backyard Monsters:

    The Godfather: Five Families

    New version of Google Map Maker:

    Sign into Chrome to access your bookmarks, extensions, history, & settings:

    Print any webpage to Google Cloud Print:

    Google Translate now with handwriting recognition:

    Can't wait to see what's next! :) Any recent updates within the past week that I missed for Google or Google+?
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  • Johnathan Chung2011-11-17 22:28:27
    Public Circles Database App

    Siegfried Hirsch has created a Public Circles Database that automatically looks up which publicly shared circles you were included in. This is a great function for tracking how people may have found you if you see a sudden increase in followers :) It shows the original author, the shared circle, number of members, comments, +1s, re-shares, description, and associated tags.

    Just input your 21-digit G+ I.D. here:

    The app searches for all publicy shared circles using specific search parameters, but note that it helps to include the hashtag #PublicCircles when creating a shared circle in the future.

    Pretty neat, eh?

    (Original Post:
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  • Johnathan Chung2011-10-27 23:11:20
    Hangin' Out Song

    To celebrate 20,000 circlers, a couple days ago +Terra Naomi wrote a song exclusively for her G+ fans about her G+ Hangout experiences. It's a fun song and a very catchy tune. It also aptly describes our G+ Hangout addiction :) Check it out!

    Here are the lyrics:

    Also see for her upcoming tour dates & locations (Massachusetts, New York, and then Europe!) and circle Terra for occasional announcements.

    I had the privilege of being 1 of the 9 voices in her head(phones). It was great--especially the 4th time around :P

    My favorite stanza:
    I flush the toiiiiiiiilet.
    I eat a biiiiiiscuit.
    I do some duuumb sh*t.
    Everyone knowwws it.

    What's your favorite part of Terra's Hangin' Out song?

    Reshared text:
    My Google+ Hangouts song, "Hangin' Out" (based loosely on my own addictive hangout tendencies...)
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  • Johnathan Chung2011-09-30 20:30:16
    Frivolous Account of Conglomerated Tidbits (F.A.C.T.)

    +Kayla McKinney recently mentioned that she sometimes likes to write about random topics that fit the theme of "Today I learned..." I kind of like that idea, so as a related spin-off, once in a while I think I will make a post about random (probably useless) facts I've learned. Sure, why not? Here goes...

    . The paragraph sign (¶) is called a pilcrow.
    . The phenomenon where you're almost but not quite able to remember something on the "tip of your tongue" is called Presque Vu (French for "almost seen").
    . The division sign (÷) is also called an obelus.
    . A numismatist is another name for a coin collector.
    . A philatelist is another name for a stamp collector.
    . The word "typewriter" is the longest word that can be made from letters on a single row of a standard qwerty keyboard.
    . Quincunx is an arrangement of 5 objects in the shape of a square with one at each of the four corners and the fifth in the center.
    . All of the clocks on the wall in the pawn shop in the movie Pulp Fiction are stuck on 4:20.

    So there you go, the first fantastically fruitless fun-fact Friday.
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  • Johnathan Chung2011-09-18 20:38:58
    For those who use the Chrome extension G+me by Huy Zing, he is testing a beta version of a new feature for augmented hovercards. It's a pretty slick function and informative too. See his 2-minute video explanation here: Using the Google+ API for augmented hovercards - G+me v7

    Reshared text:
    Many of you wanted to know what types of apps could use the first version of the Google+ API.

    G+me v7 introduces augmented hovercards with functionality that must be integrated into Google+ some day.

    1. First, watch the screencast: Using the Google+ API for augmented hovercards - G+me v7 (make sure to select the HD resolution)

    2. Then, install the beta:

    3. Finally, come back here to read my notes about the experience.

    4. Re-share, of course :)


    Limitations of the first release of the API

    Right now, the API only gives developers a read-only view of users' profile information and posts (a.k.a. "activities") -- and only the public posts. Yeah, there isn't much you can do with that... except if you use it to enhance the Google+ UI.

    Types of Applications

    These are initial types of applications that can do useful things so far:
    1) A separate web site that queries the API about Google+ users. Examples:
    - +Mohamed Mansour et al's Stream+
    - +Gerwin Sturm 's
    2) Plugin for your blog to display your Google+ posts. Example:
    - +Will Norris's WordPress plugin
    3) Extension for Google+ that augments the UI, as examplified by G+me.

    The advantage of using the API for extension developers is the ability to enhance the default Google+ UI with features not yet available. You can't be a power user without power tools, right? Users can benefit immediately and without navigating to another site.

    G+me Augmented Hovercards

    In fact, G+me adds augmented hovercards that are designed so that users can get information without having to navigate to another page. With these premium hovercards, you don't need to visit users' profiles in order to get the gist of what they post about -- i.e., what they're about. So you don't lose your spot and the interface is quicker to use.

    Not only that, but you get information that Google+ doesn't give you today: stats, ranked posts, word clouds. You can make better decisions about who's worth circling back and who's too noisy. Processing notifications is super fast.

    JavaScript library

    Note that Google+ didn't release a library for JavaScript, unlike for all the other popular languages. If you're not using OAuth2 yet, you don't need one. As you know, JSON is native to JavaScript and making requests with jQuery is just a few lines, after which you have a plain old JS object to extract data from.

    For example,
    $.getJSON('' + userid + '/activities/public?maxResults=' + maxResults + '&key=' + plusApiDevKey).then(callback, errback);

    Experience with the API

    When I first got started, I got occasional 503 errors from the backend. At this point, these seem to have been resolved. Maybe the system was overloaded? I doubt it, as there are just not many developers yet.

    The API is very straightforward. Just a few surprises. One, no originalContent is returned for any items. Bug filed. And then, there's still the "pagination bug" that affects us even without using the API: you can only see about 250 public posts for each user (

    Quota limits

    By default, applications are limited to 1000 queries per day. There's also a per-user limit that can be additionally configured. Unfortunately, the web site about the API is not entirely clear about how this applies to extensions that are running on a user's machine with their own IP address. If the app uses the API key, but each user has her own IP address, it makes sense to me that the only limit should be the number of requests per second per IP address. (After all, Google can directly verify that users benefit proportionally to usage.) But it seems that the 1000 queries per day figure includes the requests of all users of the extensions, which of course won't work long-term. Can someone clarify this?

    So what happens when the extension reaches the daily quota limits? It looks like I will have to start using OAuth2 in the future. But is that the right answer?

    Authentication for extensions

    It seems silly to use OAuth2 from within the Google+ pages if the user is already authenticated there. Why pop up a window to the user and ask them to authorize the app? I would suggest that Google+ put out a token equivalent to an OAuth2 token inside the DOM so that extensions can be immediately authorized without the extraneous popup (and development complexity). Or simply implement quota limits that only take IP addresses into account, as I mentioned in the previous section.

    What now

    Anyway, I just took the time out to develop this so that every user of Google+ could immediately benefit from the new Google+ API.

    But I should return to my work on the extension SDK that'll make extensions resilient to layout changes due to the Google's Closure Compiler.
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  • Johnathan Chung2011-08-30 21:43:51
    The key point in Ryan's article about the implementation, survival, and success of future business pages on G+ is nicely captured by his subtitle: balancing personal vs. business presence.

    Businesses can better integrate themselves by having individual representatives who are passionate about interacting with and reaching out to the community start now. However, instead of just jumping onto the bandwagon, they need to not only learn how G+ works, but also understand what makes us tick.

    The culture of G+ is different than other social media because of its unique userbase and platform. A simple port and re-hash of a business page from FB, for example, would be perceived as disingenuous and ineffectual at best because these are two very different media outlets with different styles and different expectations.

    Businesses should be held to the same personal community standards of creating and sharing quality content. As such, I hope the incipient trend set by Google continues with businesses offering a more meaningful presence via employee hangouts and comments. We all know business pages are coming, so I'm curious to see how this will all play out.

    Just as G+ has leveled the playing field for the "average power user" vs. "famous person" in terms of voice, visibility, and recognition, I can foresee G+ being a great asset to smaller businesses who could take advantage of making their presence felt in a more customizable, intimate, and trustworthy way.

    What is your personal take on business pages? Do you feel they will enhance or depreciate your G+ experience?

    [If you're not following +Ryan Crowe yet (the "G+ Tips Guy"), circle him to keep up with his latest tips, highly original content, and insight into Google+. And don't take my word for it: a subset of the G+ Community voted for him as one of the Top 5 people who share interesting content: ]

    Reshared text:
    G+ Tip: How Businesses Can Prepare for Google+
    Learning from Googlers and balancing your personal presence and business presence

    First, thanks to +Kimberly Lau from for inviting me to guest blog.

    I've been on a bit of a Google+ for business kick lately...


    Why? We've seen how G+ users have started getting around Google+'s limitations with innovative extensions, websites, collaborative help guides et al. I have seen some useful Google+ for business resources but not enough to lead me to me believe that we've really examined how businesses can utilize Google+'s basic functions to prepare for the business profiles.

    Now, I know that the idea of businesses on Google+ is about as groan-inducing as when we first had to get used to the idea of Games. However, if we get businesses on here now (in the form of individual reps, as I've intimated in the article) - we can start to set the standard - or even a set of expected behaviors - so that when business profiles DO roll out, we won't have the annoying - in your face business social media presences that we are used to on other platforms.

    Right now, businesses (and their reps) have to be human in order to interact with us. We can only hope that the habits and behaviors they learn from being a representative with a face will carry over to their future business profiles. Then, we might be able to expect a better business to customer interaction.

    This is not only good for the consumer, but for businesses as well. As we've seen in the past with social media - the more human interaction increases transparency and even levels of trust. Just look at how the Googlers are using the platform. Even when Google does something we don't like - it's still good to know that we can actually reach out to people - instead of some shady/who-knows-who-this-is-going-to-or-if-anyone-will-ever-see-it email like not a real email as far as I know).

    So, what do you expect from business representatives expecting to learn about Google+ before the business profiles roll out? Would you rather see them use the profile as their own personal profile or just as a business representative? What about a mixture of both?

    Watson Edit: added the note after "".
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  • Johnathan Chung2013-09-06 00:23:50
    As Elon Musk mentioned on his Twitter account recently, here is the video of how he envisions technology enhancing the future of design. He is able to virtually manipulate wire-frame and 3D-model images to design rocket parts using hand gestures and then visualize the process on different displays, including experimentation with an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. The product can then be made with titanium through additive manufacturing (i.e., using a 3D metal printer). Awesome!

    Reshared text:
    At SpaceX, we love to play with cutting-edge tech. Our latest concept: natural gesture-based interaction with a computer-aided design program. Watch the video here:
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  • Johnathan Chung2013-05-31 09:36:02
    Elon Musk Throws Us For a Loop, Yet Again. (Perhaps Literally.)

    Along with Elon Musk's recent announcement to expand the Tesla Supercharger network, he dropped a vague hint about his next potentially revolutionary transportation project called a "Hyperloop", which he described as "a cross between a Concorde, a rail gun, and an air hockey table". Presumably, it could send people from L.A. to S.F. in 30 minutes.

    The Business Insider article below speculates it could be a version of a Very High Speed Transit system using electromagnetically levitated vehicles traveling through sealed underground vacuum tunnels.

    I actually think it could more likely be a version of the Launch Loop concept, which also more appropriately reflects the naming convention of a Hyperloop. But who really knows?

    Using the horizontal analogue of a vertical space elevator, the "rail gun" would consist of a cable-like system made of a rotor and sheath tethered to the earth at two points. While the rotor is on, the middle section of the looped track would be lofted high in the atmosphere. The sheath would slightly flatten the arc, along which an electromagnetically accelerated space vehicle would travel. At the highest point in its trajectory, it could even use a burst of an on-board rocket engine (à la supersonic turbojet Concorde) to both stabilize its semi-guided orbit and for additional speed.

    Furthermore, this strategy seems to be better aligned with the self-sufficient concept of tacking on solar panels (positioned way above clouds and airplanes rather than in underground tunnels), and the system could also perhaps tap into the power of Solar City. Heck, while we're at it, might as well use SpaceX components too.

    According to the Wiki article, a rough estimated cost to build a 2,000-kilometer-long launch loop is $10 billion (the distance from L.A. to S.F. is one-third of that).

    Can you think of any other ideas? Whatever the project ends up being, it sounds like 'the best kind of crazy' to me :)

    More details might be publicly disclosed sometime after Elon's next Tesla announcement on June 20, 2013.

    Video capturing Musk's commentary:

    #ElonMusk   #Hyperloop   #TheFutureIsNow  
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