Johan Horak2012-07-29 13:54:19
Make it Easy For Me To Read Your Google+ Posts And Comments

Please tell me:

Why are you here at Google+?

You may not like it but you are here to get attention. 

1| You want me to read your post.

2| You want me to read your comments.

If you wrote a post or a comment and you don't want attention why are you writing great stuff here at Google+?

I really, truly, want to read your posts or comments!

Make it easy for me.

Many Plussers have shared ideas but have a look at this post of mine. I am not suggesting it's only way. LOL

Every new idea is shared at a new line.

I like paragraphs but I prefer white space. 

Use a headline to interest me.

Use bold to make it clear what's important.

Share under your friends and try and make it easy for me to give you attention. LOL

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  • Johan Horak2012-05-12 11:02:18
    Today We Went Walking In Kalk Bay

    Kalk Bay is a small village 30 minutes from Cape Town. It's got a lovely and very active fishing harbour.

    This is the place where we buy all our fresh fish. But today we went for a breakfast and shopping.

    The dogs were with us and had to do dog things. This was the place where they could do it.

    Far in the distance is my village, Simonstown.

    I hope you are having a fun day. Let me know what you are doing on this Saturday.

    Read more on Kalk Bay at Wikipedia

    #samsungs2 #mobilephonephotography #kalkbay #capetown #southafrica
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  • Johan Horak2013-01-15 11:12:00
    Easy Free Photo Taking Tools For Ordinary People

    1) Your cell phone is the best place to start. I prefer a Galaxy phone. With the Galaxy Note my preferred one.

    2) Google+ for simple and effective editing of photos. 

    3) Google+ instant upload makes Cell Phone photos a pleasure. I also use +Dropbox for instant uploads.

    4) I cannot go without It's probably the best browser editing tool around. It has various +Adobe Photoshop tools all FREE.

    5) Organising and editing photos online and offline use 

    6) If you want to go more professional then try the free program.

    7) To batch edit photos I use

    8) Mobile sharing sites with great editing tools and filters +Instagram and   +Streamzoo. I really like streamzoo for many reasons. One is the easy share to other social networks.

    9) At another time I will share some of the great mobile apps I use with my Android phones. One is the HDR Camera. I bought the Pro version of HDR Camera+

    10) My next easy camera will be Galaxy Camera with all the Abndriod goodness of which one is to send photos via WiFi to instant uploads. Cool
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  • Johan Horak2012-04-29 08:05:07
    10 Simple Ideas To Increase Your Google+ Influence

    If you are interested in your personal or business brand then these 10 ideas may make your task easier.

    1) Define your intent.

    Your intent is either to give or to take. And when you want but disguise it by apparent giving it will show.

    You will gain nothing by being fence-sitter either. Say clearly what you like and dislike. ( As an example: I have said I am no liar. I want more people to circle me.

    2. Reply to everyone who mentions your name.

    Check that you get notified, via Google+ settings, when someone mentions your name.


    (Do You Want To Try and Engage With Everyone Mentioning Your Name?

    (Google+ Tip: Managing Notification +Rahul Roy)

    3) Toot the horns of people who reach out to you and people who share great work

    Mention them in posts and connect people who may share an interest but are not aware of it. (My friend +Carra Riley is such a connector).

    Get involved with influencers and share their work (riding coattails

    4) Be Supportive. People are asking questions.

    Have you considered setting up and saving a Google+ search for your niche?

    You can use this search to find interesting people, leave clever comments (giving you credibility, and SEO juice) and assisting people.

    Each of these allow you to increase your reach and influence. And obviously get more people to circle you.

    5) Define your main content categories and publish everyday.

    One original post is enough. There others you can share.

    The idea is that you brand yourself as an expert. If you are serious about branding then add some clever opinion of your own to the link you share.

    If you run out of ideas then read and read. The more you read the more inspiration you'll get.

    Use these ideas to find and share great content using your mobile and app called Zite

    6) Be confident in yourself.

    People will feel your confidence. When you get a compliment accept it with gracefully.

    Here are some great tips on How to Be a Confident Blogger by

    7) People Are Not Interested In Your Problems

    People come here because they want solutions. Give them inspiration. Give them huggs. Help them.

    8) Thank people for being around

    I have said it before; You have the +1 tool. Use it. It's the closest you can get to give someone a thank you kiss. Do it often. Daily.

    ( Why is +1 Like Casanova Gifting?

    I have found the best way for me to catchup in +1s is via my Google+ app on my mobile. It's a lot easier than via my web browser. I find it easier to scroll through various of my circles this way.

    9. Out of sight out of mind

    Be consistent. And spend at least a little time everyday - even if it's just to do +1 kissing.

    10) Circle your major engagers and give them more of your time.

    I use a simple idea by +Bud Hoffman The idea is to promote people from first engagement and as the engage and share more they get promoted to a high engage circle.

    P.S. If you would like to be notified of my posts please make a selection here
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  • Johan Horak2012-08-11 07:50:39
    7 Tips On How To Find Your Old Google+ Posts or Comments

    +Joan Laine asked: Can you give me a tip on how to find a specific old post that I am looking for?

    And I thought more people will be interested in learning how to do it with greater success: 

    1) This is how I find my old posts: search in G+ using your name and some of the terms you used in the post or comment you are trying to find.

    2) Use "word1 word2" if you remember two words you used next to each other. If you cannot then just use word1 word2 without the " "

    3) If you remember another plusser who posted or was tagged mentioned in the post or they made a comment to the post add their name to the search. 

    4) Continue searching different words. Longer strings of possible words. 

    5) +Jaana Nyström suggested: Is it your own post? Then choose 'From you' in the dropdown after you have searched once.

    6) +Mark Traphagen in a post mentioned that if you remember the day and month of the post then add "23 May" 

    If you cannot remember the day then just add the month. 

    7) When you have searched click on the pause button. If you don't click pause posts will continue to scroll past. 

    BTW: I am not good at adding #tags  but by adding it you may find your posts easier in the future. ;-)

    EDIT: The Plussers added some more advice:

    +Kevin von Duuglas-Ittu  you can also use and create recipe that archives all your posts to Twitter #hashtag or Evernote, etc.

    Michael Stuart +Michael Stuart I often use +Jari Huomo tool

    #googleplustips   #googleplussearch   #twt  
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  • Johan Horak2012-10-01 06:20:50
    A calm and colourful Monday to you!

    But be vigilant as there's always a dry thorn bush In between the flowers and calm sea. ;-)

    #mondayflowers   #seascape   #seamonday   #purpleflowers   #naturephotography   #naturemonday   #capetown   #simonstown   #androidography   #androidphotography   #mobilephotography   #mobilography   
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  • Johan Horak2012-08-02 15:20:04
    7 Simple Ideas To Get A Google+ Tango And More Circle Inclusions

    They say it takes two to tango. That makes a lot of sense. Here at Google+ you need more than two to tango.

     *But you have to get off your bum and ask plussers to tango with you.* 

    I just read a nice post by someone who is in only 159 peoples circles. I was the only one how left a comment on his post. He name tagged me. 

    His story should be read by more people. But he needs to do a lot more Plussing work. I don't feel sorry for the guy. If I did I would share a link to his posts. ;-)

    *We all start at ZERO!* 

    But when you are at zero Google+ can be a lonely place.

     That's where you have to get up and ask people for the dance.

    Here are a few ideas that I have picked up over time and from other plussers that will increase the number of people who circle you:

    1) Set yourself a goal. You want to increase the number of people who circle you from zero to a 600 in month one. From 500 to a 1400 in month two. Play around with the numbers. 

    You obviously get more people when you have more people. At 600 you need 20 per day. Now you can start working on it. 

    Plot your success on a graph. And use +CircleCount and their Chrome extension

    2) When you publish a story on a topic use Google+ search to find other people who posted on the same issue and leave an engaging comment at the post. 

    It's not appropriate to leave a link to your post

    When you have commented a few times on the same post then you may feel more comfortable sharing a link to your post.

    The idea to find these publishers with common interests is that they will come and check out your about page and your last post. And they may like it and circle you.

    3) Write a post your topic and search for other post on the topic. Quote the people and +nametag them. They will like it and may even share your post. 

    But again: Never abuse name tagging people. Tag them when you quote them. 

    4) I have mentioned commenting. But as a general remark i want to add that many plussers have shared how leaving great comments is one of the fasted ways to to get people to circle you. Obviously you have to leave great comments.

    5) Share other people's posts. It's important, again, to use search for your topics and then share relevant posts. When you share that post, please, add your own view on the post and thank the person who wrote the post and the person who share the post - if applicable.

     6) You can also get people to circle you when you write engaging posts that get shared. This is not as easy as it seems.

     But go and watch what highly successful plussers like +Jaana Nyström+Amanda Blain, and +Mike Elgan do.

     See if you can find their formula and duplicate it. Not copy what they do. Just apply their formula. 

    7) Some people will tell you that it's not worth your while to ride the coat tails of influencers. I think they make a mistake.

     Influencers can make your life a lot easier than what you think. But you need to become a valuable resource to them.

     Some time ago I wrote a riff *14 Ways To Learn How To Helpfully Ride The Coattails Of Google+ influencers*.

    What other great Plussers have shared on making new friends:

    1)  Go and have a look at +Ellie Kennard's post Attention New Members or Those Whose Experience Here is Less Than Satisfying So Far

    2)  +Chris Brogan published this post December 2011. Get More People to Circle You on Google+

    3) My Google+ Help Posts For Beginners. +Billy Wilson  wrote a great post with many great ideas here

    4) 8 Ways to get circled by +Michael Delgado via

    5) And if you crave for more information have a look at this post by +Melody Lynn  Google+ 101 a.k.a. The MothaLode o' Google+ Info & Resources for Goobies

    Image credit
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  • Johan Horak2012-04-02 11:29:00
    14 Ways To Learn How To Helpfully Ride The Coattails Of Google+ influencers.

    This is a riff on the excellent article by +Tom Treanor. (Please show him support and follow him).

    Let me define Ride the Coattails my Google+ way:

    It's metaphor that refers to the way in which Google+ Newbies can gain influence through their ties to Google+ Influencers. It does not mean that the newbie will get a free ride. No.

    The newbie will have to earn the ride. And this article explains how to honestly and helpfully get a ride.

    See point (12) for the explanation of the riff concept.

    Here are the 14 Ways:

    1. Start Cultivating

    Pick a small set of Google+ influencers that interest you (say 4-6 people) to start with.

    Place them all in one circle. Sincerely comment on their posts or +1 it. It does not help you +1 an odd post by +Melody Lynn and you are clueless about the topic. Mean it!

    I have someone who drops 20 +1's within 30 minutes on me. I am no influencer but this is useless. Check this article by the great Google+ Plusser +Jaana Nyström on commenting. Check the comments for ideas on what works.

    2. Show Your Support

    If believe your followers will benefit then also share your influencers posts. But never just share without you adding your own salt and spice to the story. As a rule I never share just link. SpammyShare is vain.

    Influencers are good social networkers. They will take note of the share. Many will acknowledge it. And may even like and comment if you have added you own clever salt and spice angle.

    3. Become Their Informal (or formal) “Community Manager”

    As a rule newbies follow influencers; these newbies need help and asks a question at the influencer's post. Get in there and give them advice. The influencer and other will take notice and see you as valuable resource.

    4. Connect Them To A Great Resource or Person

    You may notice that an influencer has an issue. You know of another influencer who may help. These two influencers may not know of each other. Introduce them via +name.

    If someone asks a question anywhere on Google+ and you know an influencer who can help then +Name (tag) the influencer at the post and ask them to come and help. This is a great opportunity for the influencer to brand his skills.

    Or the influencer may ask for help and you have an answer. Or you know of another Google Plusser who can help then connect the two.

    5. Cover Their Keynote

    Join hangouts that your influencers present. Summarise your positive view and publish your post tagging the influencer.

    If you have negative things to say. Say it to yourself. And forget about it.

    Or see 10. Again you are doing it because you have learned something genuine; Positive stuff will help your followers and brand the influencer.

    6. Offer Free Consulting To improve Their Business

    Are you a banner or scrap book maker? And you have made a nice one for yourself. Offer to make them one. Use +Google Plus Profile Picture + Banner Maker. It's free and does a great job.

    Also go and see what my friend +Bearman Cartoons is doing offering caricatures.

    You don't have to be an artists. You may have Crome skills like +Valentin Dobroia or presentations skills. You can even create a screen cast video of their images; don't publish it to youtube. it's not yours. No. Just give it to them. If they want it let them publish it.

    7. Review Their Book, Product or Event

    Let's look at an example; +Guy Kawasaki wrote an excellent book everyone on Google+ should read (What the Plus! Google+ for the Rest of Us no aff). Read it and tell people what you have have gained from it.

    I am not saying Guy will give you a ride. But focus on making other people look great - when they are!

    8. Interview Them

    Arrange a one one hangout or ask them to be the expert host or do a private HO and ask them questions relevant to their expertise. Preferably send them the questions before. And it's assumed that you already have some relationship going.

    10. Give Them Honest Feedback

    The other day one of my Influencers was frustrated with Google. I was able to change the perspective of the influencer by giving straightforward advice. My influencer accepted my view, felt better and moved on.

    Influencers are not intouchables they are people like you and me.

    11. Create A Valuable Resource For Your Community

    +Rahul Roy, the man who connects many people and curates great Google+ articles, was asked by +Peter G McDermott if he would run +G+ Library. That's compliment to Rahul.

    Rahul agreed; I know that Rahul is capable of a lot but why not offer your services and assit Rahul. (This is just an example).

    12. Riff Off One Of Their Ideas (not rip off)

    This article is a intended to be a riff of +Tom Treanor's article ( You basically take something and you add your own art to it (I am not suggesting my riff is art).

    His story angle is on general social media and mine focuses on Google+.

    If you find something on Google+ that you like and have another angle on then ask the person if you can riff it. I asked +Tom Treanor.

    13. Become A Customer

    This is straight forward. If you have a need for their services then use it. If they sell a book on Google+ and it's great then buy it and share it. (See .7)

    14. Offer To Write A Guest Post

    On Google+ this is not applicable. (I think). But you can offer to write one on their blog.

    Does this not remind you of the bank balance story?

    By following these ideas you are depositing value into the bank balance of your influencer. One day the influencer will acknowledge your positive balance. Influencer will pay you back more than what you can ever expect.

    Can You Go Too Far?

    +Tom Treanor says yes. +Guy Kawasaki adds that it's an art. All I can say is; if you are not honest you'll be exposed as a fraud.

    Tom share 5 tips that can help you to not go too far. Please read Tom's article at CoppyBlooger here It is his first Article on CopyBlogger. (Well done Tom!)

    Have Fun.

    P.S. +Melody Lynn shared this oxymoron of a quote by Oscar Wild and it think it's appropriate:

    Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about. Oscar Wild
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  • Johan Horak2012-08-05 05:51:10
    Oscar Pistorius: let’s put it to rest the controversy and celebrate his achievement

    I am amazed by people talking about the advantages my friend gets from his bionic legs that they are willing to forget the human who walks on these legs, my friend who came into my house on these legs.

    He told us once and it's in his book: the story of walking on the beach as a boy and noticing that his feet left impressions on the sand that weren't the same as other kids'. "My footprints are different," he told his parents. "No," they replied, "they're just better." 

    His mother would call on Oscar and his brother, "Carl, you put on your shoes, and Oscar, you put on your legs, that's the last I want to hear about it"

    He never thought he had a disability he just thought he had different shoes. 

    From The Washington Post

    "Before another scientific journal, retired sprinter Michael Johnson’s ego or track’s stopwatch police ruin one of the great stories of these Olympic Games, let’s crystallize the emotions of Olympic Stadium on Saturday, about 10:45 a.m., when a man with no legs below his knees began blazing around the track".

    "The crowd of 80,000 roared because they felt happy for Oscar Pistorius, not sorry for him. They rose from their seats in awe, not uncomfortable ambiguity".

    "Would you swap your two legs for Pistorius’s prosthetics to find out?*

    My last question to you:

    Are you more worried about him breaking records because of his advantage or do you enjoy with the world a differently abled person overcoming all odds?

    I get the feeling that you feel sorry for disabled people as long as they don't threaten your ego - your records.
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  • Johan Horak2012-07-12 07:34:24
    South African's Own SUL Please share. We made the hotlist last time

    Independently curated by +Johan Horak That's me. ;-)

    1) Here a list of 97 active people SA people on Google+. 
    2) The list is not exclusive but it's limited to a 100 active people.
    3) The idea is that you share this circle circles. If in public even better.
    4) I have removed 9 inactive people from the list.
    5) Even if you have the circle please update it as there are more people.
    6) Try and interactive with these people as often as possible. Here are great people.
    7) Have fun, engage and share. 
    8) If you are active or want to be more active and you are not on the list let me know.

    Here's a list of things newbies can do to kick start their Google+:

    1) Newbie Advice (Short story)
    2) Add this list of Google Plusser who help newbies by +Jaana Nyström 
    3) 6 Ideas for newbies
    4) F1 Directory on great Google+ post by +Shamil Weerakoon 
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  • Johan Horak2012-07-31 15:38:01
    I Like It When You Plus One Me

    Why are you not doing it?

    Here I am.

    I just left a message at your post.

    I just made a comment after you did.

    I just published a nice post.

    And you saw it.

    You even read it.

    And you left the door open.

    You left without greeting me.

    Does it take time to plus one me?

    Or are you just a little ignorant?

    I had a friend who took an hour or more to wakeup.

    She would not acknowledge us. It was odd. And I called her my friend.

    Greet me with a plus one. It's free. It's easy.

     Share plus ones. Your friends will love you for it.

    Ignorance is expensive.

    Generosity is free and it pays.

     Check how many plus ones you are dishing out


    I am at 25 000. I know that my friend +Jaana Nyström is at many more.

    I have said it before:

     *Most people like flowers. Sharing a plus one is like giving a free flower to a friend. Give out many flowers friend.*
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  • Johan Horak2012-04-20 14:16:18
    Google+ Sharers Circle: These People Like To Share.

    Many people complain that they have many people who placed them in circles but they get very little engagement.

    This is a complicated problem I am not going to try and solve other that giving you a circle who are willing to engage with you.....

    I am making this circle public to show my appreciation to the people who engaged with me and who are sharing my Google+ posts. Some many times, some a few times and others at least once.

    They are not all influencers, many are, some are also new to Google+ but they are willing to share.

    If you want to connect with people who engage via sharing. Here's a great circle.

    I believe if you look after them and they will look after you by sharing your great Google+ posts.

    Have fun

    P.S. If you have engaged with me, as mentioned above, and I have not included you please leave a comment and I will add you.
    P.P.S. I have not included myself in this circle. This is really and truly about other people who share my stuff.

    #circle #cirlcleshare #circleshare #circlesharing
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  • Johan Horak2012-05-02 15:56:46
    I Like This and you?
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  • Johan Horak2012-08-31 08:19:24
    What more can you add to the truth?
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  • Johan Horak2012-06-12 16:17:44
    South Africans Created Their On Google+ SUL (Second Edition)

    After many complaints about the Google+ suggested user list +Mike Elgan suggested countries create their own suggested user lists for Newbies. 

    With the support of many South Africans I have created an active list of Google+ South Africans. I mean active.

    Not dead profiles. I checked them. I know many of them. 

    I am not saying that I have them all. But it's a start. I will accept more. We'll go to a 100. Tops. Not more. Then I will ask +CircleCount to give me the top 100 every second week.

    The plan is:

    1) You also play game and share this circle ;-) 

    2) Ask your circles to add and share it again.

    3) Please nominate people who are active and not on the circle. Or nominate yourself; if you are active ;-)

    4) If you are on the circle but not interested in sharing it please let me know and I'll remove you. 

    BTW: One reason I am keeping this to a 100 or less is I can notify you. If you don't like the notifications please tell me.

    Have fun in the winter sun.

    P.S. Well done to one of the great South African Supporters of the SA SUL Circle:

    +Michael Cowen even added a link to the circle to his about page. That's a kinda guy I like to have in my circles. 
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  • Johan Horak2013-02-25 05:09:19
    A perfect day in Simon's Town

    May your sunshine brightly today ;-)

    Here's why I wakeup before sunrise in Simon’s Town

    #mobilephotography   #mobileography   #androidography   #androidphotography   #galaxys2   #simonstown   #capetown   #seascapephotography   #mondaymorning   #sunrisephotography   #palmtrees   #africaphotosafari  
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  • Johan Horak2012-08-01 15:14:52
    We did not walk here on this day

    But many days we do ;-)

    Reshared text:
    Mother Nature's Power
    Kalk Bay, South Africa
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  • Johan Horak2013-02-09 06:54:12
    I walked past Boulder's Beach Simon's Town this morning

    Even though it's overcast the water looks pretty inviting.

    This beach is very popular with holidaymakers. It's a paid beach and you get to share it with African Penguins.

    #capetown   #capetownholidays   #simonstown   #beachphotography   #africanpenguin   #mobilephotography   #androidography   #galaxys2camera   
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  • Johan Horak2013-01-23 11:57:06
    Check out this fantastic Nelson Mandela sculpture below 

    It consists of 50 ten metre high laser cut steel plates set into the landscape, representing the 50 year anniversary of when and where Mandela was captured and arrested in 1962 (prior to his 27 years of incarceration).
    Standing at a particular point (presumably the spot where the people are standing in Photo #3), the columns come into focus and the image of Mandela can be seen. The sculptor is Marco Cianfanelli, of Johannesburg.

    Via +Linda Victor email
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  • Johan Horak2012-06-14 14:00:04
    6 Quick Guides For Google+ Newbies

    My friend +Melody Lynn asked what would be The Very First all updated comprehensive Google+ guide for newbies? 

    Some of the ideas listed in the comments of that post and a few others I want to share with you today in. 

    Why am I publishing it as a post?

    I wanted a summary of ideas... one place, one post one link that I can add to my about page to share with Google+ Newbies. 

    I am not suggesting the list is complete. Feel free to suggest more. My criteria; try and stick to what +Melody Lynn calls updated comprehensive.

    To me this means that one place or few places where newbies can quickly get an introduction. 

    (You may say that +Shamil Weerakoon's F1 Directory does not qualify as it's not quick. What I like about the F1 Directory is that you can scann it for topics that interest you. And then read it quickly). 

    Here are the six Google+ Guides I want to share today. 

    1) *Great Google+ Video* explaining many Google+ features as suggested by

     +Arvid Bux and created by +Google+ (20 minutes and a must watch ;-))

    2) *Understanding Google+ v2.0* +Gabriel Vasile. (If you want a quick guide you need to go here). 

    3) Google+ Tips, Guides, and Resources as suggested by +Ryan Crowe curated by +Johnathan Chung (as long as it takes)

    4) Want To See the Magic Of Google Plus by +Amanda Blain and suggested by 
    +Angela McBain (a few minutes to read)

    5) Google+ directory The Google+ "F1" Directory by +Shamil Weerakoon It contains a lot of G+ info. (as long as it takes)

    6) *Google+ Help* curated by my friend +Jaana Nyström at (as long as it takes)

    I also recommend....

    Cream of the Crop: I would send Newbies to +CircleCount and suggest they circle as many of these people who publish great stuff (with less than 10 000 supporters). They should visit this page daily as it changes.

    Circling great people is a topic on it's own.

     Have fun
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  • Johan Horak2014-02-18 18:17:04
    I can. Can you?

    Reshared text:
    How goats play king of the hill.
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  • Johan Horak2012-10-06 07:10:55
    A few photos from my walk this morning

    As you know I like taking photos with my Galaxy phone camera while taking a walk around Simon's Town in the mornings.

    As soon as I have them taken and back home I add them to my Instagram galary.

    You'll find me at #instagram @johanhorak. There you'll also find my photo snapping and Google+ friend +Melody Lynn @enjoythemelody;-)

    Have a great Saturday

    #saturdayphotography   #naturephotography   #naturesaturday   #africa   #capetown   #simonstown   #androidography   #androidphotography   #mobilephotography   #mobileography   #beachsaturday   #sunrisesaturday   #sunrisephotos   #sunrisephotography  
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  • Johan Horak2012-09-01 18:44:38
    Sunset shared for SunsetSaturday

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  • Johan Horak2013-07-03 07:31:50
    Yes! It's Winter In Cape Town. Would I rather be anywhere else?

    If you are in Cape Town in winter then you know that most holidaymakers have deserted the place. Why we don't know. But here's few reasons why Cape Townians would choose not to be anywhere else. Do you agree?

    Read the blog post:

     Cape Town: Where would I rather be? Cape Town Blog
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  • Johan Horak2012-08-26 07:46:11
    This Place Is Called Boulders

    A nice and private beach on a sunny day.

    Have fun

    #simonstown #twt #mobilephotography #mobileography #galaxy #ILoveCapeHolidays  
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  • Johan Horak2012-12-23 11:53:36
    It's holidays in Cape Town

    And the family have lots of fun in the sun. I hope you are also enjoying this silly season.

    #simonstown #capetown #southafrica #holidays #mobilephotography #andriodography
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  • Johan Horak2012-12-21 12:39:49
    An African Christmas 

    And you are invited. 
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  • Johan Horak2012-11-29 05:07:48
    Are You Afraid to Publish Here At Google+?

    There are many people who are scared to take the first step. And lots of people have written about this. Recently a friend asked me to assist him.

    Here's my answer:

    Yes it is your journey. 

    You have something valuable to say. And you can but you don't feel confident. You may be putting other people on pedestals...think that they are better than you...that they will judge you. None of this is really true. But if you do believe it then it's true for you.

    You can only break this false believe with practice and by experimenting. 

    Publish concise ideas. Break a large idea into small concepts and build on the idea. See what works and build up steam. Then put it all together.

    Break the ice once. Then again, then again.

    You will feel the anxiety. That's good. Trust in yourself. And break the ice. Continue like a Jack Russel. Never given in to your fears. They are just illusions. But you may not see them as such.

    Nothing can happen to you. People may agree, may not agree, may criticise you. Who really cares. Only our ego cares and the ego keeps you away from being yourself. Don't feel sorry for a cranked ego. Don't feel sorry for an ego keeping you away from being creative.

    Just do it and just have fun.
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  • Johan Horak2012-07-10 06:21:41
    I was pleasantly surprised by a Google Plusser before I went for my morning walk

    It was dark and rainy and I was not sure if I was even going to walk to my favourite beach in Simonstown. 

    I decided to read my my emails and wait for some colour in the sky. One of the emails was from +Tom Rodman. I was one of the first people he met at Google+. And he shared some very kind words with me. 

    How great is that? We talk and talk here at Google+. But Tom decided to write me an email. It's like getting a mail in the post. It has more value. 

    When the clouds part to the sun in winter you realise what friends can do for you with their gratitude; a simple email to say thank you. 

    There are many who are dear to me here at Google+. But today Tom represents you all. ;-) Thanks Friend.
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  • Johan Horak2012-03-19 11:44:14
    Why is +1 Like Casanova Gifting? What I learned when I wanted to kiss a girl a 13 or 15.

    Let me tell you the story. It's a little embarrassing but I got through it. It was my first lesson in social engagement.

    And it's very applicable to my social engagement philosophy here on Google+.

    As a 13 year old schoolboy my family sent me to an all boys school, 8 hours away from home by train. Sunday nights we got on at six and got off at 3 am.

    It was boring. But there were older boys and they shared how they kissed girls and what-not. I was intrigued and never slept. But I was so excited by the idea. I could just imagine the closeness and the soft lips. Goodness! I could not wait.

    But it took me a few more years to be invited to a disco. Yes. That's what we called a dance at that time.

    I saw this good looking girl and asked the unsuspecting soft-lips for a dance. At least I got this bit sorted. But I could not move. My legs were stuck to my hips. I, never before danced and had other plans as well. I was frightened.

    I asked her to walk outside and she obliged. What now? I tried the kiss. I got a smack. And I never saw soft lips again.

    I was sad. My friends made fun out of me. But I am a learner. One day I met the local casanova. And he said to me:

    1) It takes time.
    2) You have to ask her about herself. She will talk. Some more than others.
    3) Hold her hand.
    4) Speak to her regularly.
    5) Be honest. Always. (This was a real casanova).
    6) Buy her flowers.
    7) Take her to the movies.
    8) Tell her how beautiful she looks in the purple dress.
    9) Buy her a small ring.
    10) And then give her a kiss.

    Well. This helped a lot and I got a lot more kisses than smacks.

    This is the same here at Google+.

    Circling someone thinking you'll get the kiss is like me at 14; you won't get anything.

    I believe you have do the following (and I am not saying this has not been said. I just packed it in a kissing story):

    1) +1's are the gifts. Give them out. Like +Jaana Nyström ( sharing +40 000 +1's (She has nearly 40000 followers. I am not saying there's a relationship between +1's and followers. And I am not saying she's chasing no-of-followers. The above post by Jaana shares how you can tally your number of +1's.

    2) Comment on a post is like taking her for dinner.

    3) Sharing a post is like buying her a nice ring.

    4) Doing all of these regularly are like sharing kisses. You'll get it back. You'll be added to public Circles. (My less than 500 followers jumped to more than a 1000 in one week when I changed my engage strategy. I wrote it here (Warning: Selfless promotion because my engagers like it and shared it)).

    5) You'll have to find Casanovas to teach you how to get the kiss and when you do they will return it. Here are some of my Casanovas; +rahul roy, +Jaana Nyström, +Denis Labelle, +Mark Traphagen, +Prabat parmal, +Eli Fennell, +John Hardy, +Al Remetch, +Rehan Ahmad, +Valentin Dobroia, +stephanie wanamaker

    6) +Bud Hoffman shared a very simple circle management idea. I find it very effective.

    May you get all the kisses you deserve. Start with +1's and share them in all honesty.
    Have fun.
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  • Johan Horak2013-01-07 19:32:09
    *The Moon Rising As The Sun Was Setting Over Simonstown*

    In the distance are Hottentos Holland Mountains. Then closer is False Bay. And Roman Rock Lighthouse - just a blimp.

    #androidography  #andriodphotography   #capetown   #sunset   #sunsetphotography   #simonstown   #mobilephotography   #mobilography
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  • Johan Horak2012-09-23 17:11:08
    When It Rains In Cape Town We Visit Wine Farms

    Many people will tell you that you don't need a holiday (vacation) you need Cape Town.

    They make a mistake.

    People who live in Cape Town don't need a holiday.

    Everyday in Cape Town is a holiday!

    Have Fun

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  • Johan Horak2012-09-12 11:36:20
    Long Beach Simon's Town

    and a really funny looking mountain. ;-)

    #simonstown   #capetown   #beachphotography   #mobilephotography   #androidography   #galaxys2photography   #havingfun  
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  • Johan Horak2012-05-10 09:56:41
    The Flawed 3.3 min ComScore Comparison Between Google+ And Facebook

    We know that we cannot compare apples with pears. Why are we comparing time at engaged at Facebook with Google+?

    I suppose we can compare.

     We can compare features. That's good.

     But can we compare time for the average user at FB with time spend at Google+..... **

    *We cannot compare time: Not Today.* 

    It's like comparing your young lemons to my my old lemons.

     They may be similar. But when you start comparing time then you need to get the statisticians involved. And more so when they are at a different stage in the growth cycle.  

    Let's have a look at a general growth cycle (line in red below). 

    You and I know that Google+ is at an early stage on this growth curve. 

    You also know that Facebook is a lot more mature and possibly moving into the early stages of stagnation - or for the purists: slower growth.

     (BTW: Let's not get to distracted by this point. And yes....Facebook can kick into another secondary take-off. That's not part of this argument.)

    During the early phases of growth, *Fermentation* and *Take-Off,* time spend per user is not a normal distribution. The distribution is skewed significantly. See the skewed bell under Google+.

     (More clarity on this later).

     But in the mature phases the distribution of time spend become more normal; (see the perfect bell shape image below the Facebook logo. This is just for illustration. It's not the actual curve). 

    *The Skewed Google+ Bell:* 

    Most of the plus 100 million people at Google+ are new people. They pull the average to 3.3 minutes. 

    1) There are many more people coming onboard than dropping out.

    2) On the 25 of Feb 2012: 95% Of Google+ Users Had Less Than 245 People in Their Circles I believe I am not wrong in saying that the 95% of Google+ users were new at that time. And they skew the numbers. They are stil skewing the numbers.  

    Tongue in cheek: What do you get when you times 950 000 people with a number close to zero? You get a number close to zero. There's your 3.3 minutes.   

     On the other hand; there are a lot of Google+ early adopters who spend many hours, even more than seven hours, at Google+ everyday.

     Your time is not reflected as the average because you - as an early adopter's group - are not a major multiplying factor. There are too few of you. 

    *The Perfect Bell Distribution At Facebook:* 

    If my assumptions are correct then the perfect bell shape of time engaged at Facebook means:

    1) There are as many newbies as there are dropouts. 

    2) When granny and your long forgotten uncle befriend you on Facebook then you should know you are in a mature phase. 

    3) Most peopl e on Facebook are not new. They have been there for years. 

    Let's Move One:

    Statisticians will tell you that you cannot _mix_ facts from a skewed- distribution with a normal distribution.

     *My point: Seven hours compared to 3.3 minutes is a useless comparison. It creates confusion.* 

    There's nothing wrong with the 3.3 minutes engagement time at Google+. It's natures law. You should not feel sorry for newbies. We all started at zero. 

    Can Google+ be made easier? Was Rome build in a day? 

    There's only one message: Engage!


    P.S. I have pinged a few friends. I don't do it often but I respect your view on this.


    Google+ Users Spend 3 Minutes Per Month There, ComScore Tells WSJ
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  • Johan Horak2012-10-02 06:00:32
    I met a family while walking

    May you have a sunny Tuesday friend ;-)

    #africantuesday   #seatuesday   #seascape   #sunsetphotography   #sunrise   #mobilephotography   #mobileography   #galaxys2photography   #androidography   #androidphotography   #capetown   #simonstown  
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  • Johan Horak2012-09-30 10:59:31
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  • Johan Horak2012-09-08 07:51:26
    I had to stop and take a quick photo

    I took this photo with my #galaxys2camera  and then uploaded it to #instagram  where I used the built in filters to play with the photo.

    I have used many mobile phone apps. But Instagram is one of the most simple and easy to use app. And it's a great social image sharing app as well. 

    I am not sure if you know that you can download your photos

    This photo will come in handy for my blog

    Have a fun Saturday and never take anything serious - as this may just be an illusion. Even Eistein said the world is an illusion even though a very persistant one.   

    _"...for us physicists believe the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one."_


    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein 
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  • Johan Horak2012-12-27 07:13:49
    Last night the moon came up as the sun was setting

    #simonstown #capetown #southafrica #mobileography #androidphotography #sunset #moon
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  • Johan Horak2012-10-18 10:07:49
    You are invited to a rugby game at my place

    We play a mock game; All Blacks against the Sprinboks and we allow the Springboks to win.
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  • Johan Horak2012-09-28 09:13:52
    They say you don't need a holiday. You need Cape Town!

    This is how people feel about a holiday in Cape Town. They are doing the right thing. They will get there.  

    Have fun

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  • Johan Horak2012-07-18 07:07:37
    Happiness Is A Sunrise On A Perfect Winter's Day In Simonstown

    My dog pushed me out of bed just before sunrise.

    As I opened my eyes I knew why he did it.

    It was fresh and we drove down to the beach. We like the sunrise before the sun lift its head above the mountains.

    Then we get the sun playing against the clouds. Yes.

    We like small clouds.

    Without clouds we get a boring sunrise.

    With many clouds we get no sunrise. 

    So today: Is a picnic day in the Cape.

    We leave everything and make the best of a no rainy day.

    BTW: The weather is not the reason why I am happy.

    I am very lucky to know that I can be happy everyday.

    I hope you are having a happy day. If you are not happy then just change your mind. 

    #simonstown   #mobilephotography   #galaxys2   #twt   #capetown  
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  • Johan Horak2012-04-26 10:34:11
    A Revolution For The Truth Warning: Only Read This If You Want More Followers

    Many of us believe in the rainbow. We see all the different colours and we justify our existence accordingly. How emotionally correct is this not.

    The rainbow is beautiful. I like it. That’s where I met my lovely wife. LOL. I am joking.

    But really. There’s only true and false

    You cannot be dead or alive at the same time...well maybe if.... you are Schrödinger's cat
    (Thanks for reminding me +Daniel Börresen)

    This implies that there are only two kinds of people at Google+; those who are not afraid to tell the truth or those who are liars. (To quote power user +Guy Kawasaki (BTW: I like riding his coat tails - LOL at liars).

    The problem with the liars is that they will never admit that they are liars.

    Who will ever tell me I am a liar and get away with it. Liars use all kinds of decoys. I know. I have lied.

    Check this's getting better ;-)

    You see liars justify their argument not with yes or no. Not with TRUE or False. No! They say that they want quality engagement.

    What an absolute joke. They say, *I don’t go for quality I go for quantity_.

    Is the cat dead or alive?

    You see when liars use the quality vs quantity argument they are playing:

    1) the morally correct game.

    2) the game of guilt.

    3) the game of the ego.

    4) the deny that they have egos. Because only egos go for quantity.

    This is true. How can it not be true?

    Most (all) of us are run by the ego mind.

    And it’s a guilty mind. But to feel guilty because you are guilty.... and then justify it with a quality argument: (Liars are also Jokers. Okay I know I am not all that well either. But liars take the cake or is it the cat?)

    You see the liars argue quantity engagement.

    Like a lover asks to marry under the rainbow. What a joke.

    Romantic? Yes.

    Lairs believe that quantity and quality are mutually exclusive. They believe they can have quality without quantity.

    Liars why are you at Google+?

    Why are you using social media? If you want quality you are saying you don’t want followers?

    True or False? Or do you now have to justify the dead cat again?

    Liars have you looked at an ice-berg?

    Ten percent of it is quality. 90% of it is junk. I am sure, from your moral high ground, that you will not call the 90% junk. But you just told me you don’t want junk.

    Liars: The law of nature is against your argument.

    You are saying that you don’t mix with the cannon fodder?

    You build walls and castles to protect your elitest status. Let the French get hold of your stiff upper lip. LOL

    Liars do you think J. K. Rowling said she does not want many followers

    Do you think she only wanted quality people to buy her book. Do you think her intentions was to get many or did she just wanted to hide her books in a closet. (You may say to me that this is not an argument).

    Liars if you agree in the true and false principle then wanting one person to read your stuff is not different from wanting a millions to read your stuff.

    I am happy to have many cannon fodder as friends.

    I am one of you.

    And I hope we can become a strong force having cross-border engagement.

    I have no interest in superficial barriers based on colour, creed, intelligence, wealth, accent, spelling (speaking for myself), looks or sex. Nothing.

    I want millions to interact with me. The Truth. Nothing more. But I am willing to start with you.

    The ones that like me will reach the top 10% of my iceberg just because of the nature of the game. Not because I am playing the exclusion game of only quality.

    Liars get out of your false closet and start having fun and join us. Why? Because truthful people don’t have to justify the truth. It's more fun.

    I have a few people who read my previous story on the subject. And they indicated that they are truthful Plussers; They want more followers. Here’s the circle for truthful Plussers.

    I am not excluding anyone. You can also be included. Just say so. Please no fence sitting deadcats. And no liars should try and infiltrate this circle. This is a truthful revolution.


    If you are a truthful plusser and not in this circle then let me include you today. If you know of other really truthful plussers then nominate them by tagging me.

    Have bags of fun. It's a lot easier than anything else and it comes FREE.
    P.S. Liars I am not upset with you. It may just be a lack of definition. A change of mind. Come out and join us.
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  • Johan Horak2013-12-13 11:26:18
    This is my view as I walk the dogs to buy the newspaper

    #simonstown   #capetown   #southafrica   #mobilephotography  
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  • Johan Horak2013-02-28 05:16:58
    The donkey that had enough
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  • Johan Horak2012-09-11 06:26:47
    This morning I was a little late

    The sunrise was earlier than expected. And I decided to go and see of this tree still looks the same. 

    May you have a stunning day friend. ;-)

    #instagram   #simonstown   #sunrise   #capetown   #mobilephotography   #galaxys2photography   
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  • Johan Horak2012-05-30 12:13:02
    What's The Difference Between A Kiss and a +1?

    There's a lot of difference.

    Or is there? I suppose it depends on who you kiss. ;-)

    But I am sure you get the idea. The idea is based on what you can give vs what you want. As a young boy I wanted my first real kiss....

    At Google+ you may want a plus ones on your posts.

    If you know the difference between wanting and giving and when you choose giving then you'll succeed at Google+.

    BTW: When you read this story you may get to know why I am walking around, day and night with a rose in my mouth......

    Reshared text:
    Why is +1 Like Casanova Gifting? What I learned when I wanted to kiss a girl a 13 or 15.

    Let me tell you the story. It's a little embarrassing but I got through it. It was my first lesson in social engagement.

    And it's very applicable to my social engagement philosophy here on Google+.

    As a 13 year old schoolboy my family sent me to an all boys school, 8 hours away from home by train. Sunday nights we got on at six and got off at 3 am.

    It was boring. But there were older boys and they shared how they kissed girls and what-not. I was intrigued and never slept. But I was so excited by the idea. I could just imagine the closeness and the soft lips. Goodness! I could not wait.

    But it took me a few more years to be invited to a disco. Yes. That's what we called a dance at that time.

    I saw this good looking girl and asked the unsuspecting soft-lips for a dance. At least I got this bit sorted. But I could not move. My legs were stuck to my hips. I, never before danced and had other plans as well. I was frightened.

    I asked her to walk outside and she obliged. What now? I tried the kiss. I got a smack. And I never saw soft lips again.

    I was sad. My friends made fun out of me. But I am a learner. One day I met the local casanova. And he said to me:

    1) It takes time.
    2) You have to ask her about herself. She will talk. Some more than others.
    3) Hold her hand.
    4) Speak to her regularly.
    5) Be honest. Always. (This was a real casanova).
    6) Buy her flowers.
    7) Take her to the movies.
    8) Tell her how beautiful she looks in the purple dress.
    9) Buy her a small ring.
    10) And then give her a kiss.

    Well. This helped a lot and I got a lot more kisses than smacks.

    This is the same here at Google+.

    Circling someone thinking you'll get the kiss is like me at 14; you won't get anything.

    I believe you have do the following (and I am not saying this has not been said. I just packed it in a kissing story):

    1) +1's are the gifts. Give them out. Like +Jaana Nyström ( sharing +40 000 +1's (She has nearly 40000 followers. I am not saying there's a relationship between +1's and followers. And I am not saying she's chasing no-of-followers. The above post by Jaana shares how you can tally your number of +1's.

    2) Comment on a post is like taking her for dinner.

    3) Sharing a post is like buying her a nice ring.

    4) Doing all of these regularly are like sharing kisses. You'll get it back. You'll be added to public Circles. (My less than 500 followers jumped to more than a 1000 in one week when I changed my engage strategy. I wrote it here (Warning: Selfless promotion because my engagers like it and shared it)).

    5) You'll have to find Casanovas to teach you how to get the kiss and when you do they will return it. Here are some of my Casanovas; +rahul roy, +Jaana Nyström, +Denis Labelle, +Mark Traphagen, +Prabat parmal, +Eli Fennell, +John Hardy, +Al Remetch, +Rehan Ahmad, +Valentin Dobroia, +stephanie wanamaker

    6) +Bud Hoffman shared a very simple circle management idea. I find it very effective.

    May you get all the kisses you deserve. Start with +1's and share them in all honesty.
    Have fun.
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  • Johan Horak2013-11-25 05:19:26
    Sunny day yesterday

    #simonstown #capetown #sunset 
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  • Johan Horak2012-09-07 13:21:14
    *Lovely Sunny Day In Cape Town* 

    Gino and I went walking today. About 5 ks. We walked from Clove Valley to Muizenberg all along the coastal walk way. Gino wanted to be in the photo as well.

    As I walked I snapped away with my #galaxys2camera  and will be using the photos to create a blog post for holidaymakers who don't know the area.

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  • Johan Horak2012-08-25 05:33:21
    Last Night With Friends At Castle Rock

    The sun was setting behind us and the sky turned colourfully against the mountains across Fals Bay. When Elmarie placed her class of champagne down it matched. And I thought why not....

    Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.
    Albert Einstein

    # #simonstown   #androidography   #galaxys2   #mobilephotography   #mobileography   #twt  
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  • Johan Horak2012-06-28 14:29:02
    This Guy Is a Genius

    via +Bud Hoffman

    Reshared text:
    That would be #awesome :o)
    via: +Randy Fritz
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  • Johan Horak2012-05-22 08:06:44
    15 Ideas Mike Elgan Shared About Google+

    +pio dal cin interviewd +Mike Elgan and here are some of the tid bids from the two hour interview.

    1) You are a multi media journalist. Take your video camera or camera with you and record everything. Cups of you bake bread.

    [The easiest content to generate is a quick video interview. Interview the expert, the baker, the dentist, the builder. Interview happy clients]

    2) Share your own stock photography with your readers. You have no idea what people will enjoy.

    3) Build a community and make friends. [Don't think about making money yet].

    4) If you are not paying for a service you are a product.

    [+Thomas Power did a great talk on this and discussed the value of attention we have given to Facebook and Instagram here].

    5) Always add an image to your post. Google+ is such a visually rich medium. Even if you share a link to another article.

    6) When you post something at Google+ you feel you are posting to someone. There's no fancy trickery necessary.

    7) I try to ignore everything except Google+.

    8) Go and look at a Twitter stream. It's full of external links. It looks like junk.

    9) Find a niche: In the world you have to become the most important guy on it.

    10) Google+ is a social layer.

    11) Google is not a great at marketing Google+. They can learn from Apple.

    11) I would like to see more flying hangouts where you identify people in a common niche and do a spur of the moment hangout.

    12) The greatest thing about Google+ Ghost Town is that you are in it. You are today a grain of sand that will grow into Everest. [Here's graphic I made on the idea]

    13) Google will be Siri on steroids.

    14) Twitter and Pinterest are not social media sites they are micro blogging sites.

    15) Don't hold back. Publish publicly and comment.

    Others on the panel with +pio dal cin and +Mike Elgan were +Yifat Cohen, +Bess McCarty, +Ellie Kennard +Jack C Crawford, +Johan Horak +Jaana Nyström +Meilani MacDonald +Robert Anderson.

    Please share with me your own notes of this great interview.
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  • Johan Horak2013-03-28 17:56:49
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  • Johan Horak2013-02-26 05:12:16
    Morning my friend

    May you take nothing serious.

    Not even this sunrise.

    As it creates expectations.

    And what's an expectation worth in a dream? 

    #simonstown   #capetown   #capetown   #africa   #africantuesday   #mobilephotography   #mobileography   #androidography   #sunrisephotography   #sunrisephotos  
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  • Johan Horak2013-01-17 19:11:01
    This is a deceptively simple philosophy that I have been working on, and refining, for most of my life.
    I am delighted to say that, finally, I have refined it down to its essence sufficiently to share it with a select band of friends who may appreciate its elegance and simplicity.

    Via email from +Linda Victor 
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  • Johan Horak2012-10-22 09:52:09
    "I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots." ~ Albert Einstein
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  • Johan Horak2012-09-10 11:45:47

    Reshared text:
    #15ThingsAboutMe : Cape Town

    1) Cape Town has a flat mountain. It looks like a Table. 

    Table Mountain in Cape Town is believed to be one of the oldest mountains in the world. Standing at just over 1000 metres, it dominates the city's skyline. Table Mountain can be seen as far as 200 kilometres out to sea. 

    2) Cape Town comes with flat trees. They stand but the wind push them in one general direction. 

    3) Our motto is Good Hope. Good hope for Africa.

    4) The idea of the Rainbow Nation could only be born here.

    5) The world’s first heart transplant was performed by Dr Christiaan Barnard in Cape Town in 1967.

    6) Cape Town find it difficult to be a crowded city with huge mountains between and two oceans surrounding us. 

    7) We are at the most South Western Tip of Africa - at Cape Point (We all want to claim two oceans meet here but that's not true. Check out

    8) We don't stop for pedestrians only for whales.

    People visit the Kruger to see the big five but we have huge big sea animals; the Southern Right Whales, the Killer Whales - Orcas, Bryde's whales, Pilot whales  ( and Great White Sharks ( And then the odd African penguins on land but gracious in the water.

    9) Cape Town has the largest bicycle race in the world, The Argus

    10) Cape Town is the second-most populous city in South Africa after Johannesburg. And we know we are better looking - by farrrrrrrrrrrrr!.

    11) Robben island was home to our famous Nelson Mandela. Mandela would look out and see Table Mountain is his beacon of hope. It is 6.9 km west of the coast of Bloubergstrand, Cape Town 

    12) In1652 the Dutch arrived when Jan van Riebeeck and other employees of the Dutch East India Company were sent to the Cape. 

    13) The area known today as Cape Town has no written history before it was first mentioned by Portuguese explorer Bartholomeu Dias in 1488. All knowledge of the previous inhabitants of the region was derived from fossil evidence and from rock art in the area.

    14) Cape Town could have been French speaking if the Dutch and French did not succumbed to the English during the battle of Battle of Muizenberg 

    15) In Cape Town we have a cannon, called the Noon Day Gun, that is fired every day, except Sundays, to signal 12pm/Noon. This is the oldest living tradition in Cape Town. 

    I am running out of numbers now because I started this post with #15ThingsAboutMe  but to conclude; we have lots of great girls in Cape Town who are not afraid just ask +Long You ;-)
    If you have more interesting Cape Town Facts share them please.

    +Johan Horak 

    P.S. We work here but on sunny days we have other plans. 

    Image Credit Mallix
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  • Johan Horak2012-09-08 18:12:49
    Yesterday I went for a photo walk in Cape Town with my dog Gino

    We parked the car. We had water. I had my #galaxys2camera . I decided on the destination. But I was not sure how to get back. Here's the story and the photos of the trip

    Have weekend fun.

    P.S. I like everyday because everyday is like Saturday to me.
    (Image credit
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  • Johan Horak2012-08-10 20:47:18
    Unofficial South Africa Suggested User List Circle

    These are active South Africans at Google+. 

    It's getting really tough to keep this list close to or under a 100 using the current tools available.
    If you are out of this list then it's because you skipped a few days. ;-) Next time.

    In the meantime:

    Share this circle with new South Africans following you.

    Add the circle to your circles and engage.
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  • Johan Horak2012-05-21 17:38:58
    Today You Are A Grain Of Sand At Google+ But Not For Long....

    Others are saying Google+ is a ghost town. During a hangout with +Mike Elgan he said this is the place to be. He continued...

    You may be a grain of sand at the bottom of Everest today but you will not only go to the top of the mountain you can become the mountain.

    This is such great news. Do what you do and do it well.
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  • Johan Horak2014-04-05 09:40:25
    Home Made #HFLC Breakfast

    * Bacon
    * Mayo the Banting way.
    * Avo with blue cheese chives spring onions 
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  • Johan Horak2013-02-05 05:39:06
    Lost, yesterday, somewhere between sunrise and sunset, two golden hours, each set with sixty diamond minutes. No reward is offered for they are gone forever. Horace Mann 

    Where you asleep? Or did you see?

    #simonstown   #capetown   #bouldersbeach   #mobilephotography   #mobileography   #androidography   #andriodography   #africantuesday  
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  • Johan Horak2013-01-09 19:32:57
    "Let sleeping dogs lie." - Charles Dickens

    Credit: pinterest
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  • Johan Horak2012-10-09 13:55:49
    The docile prowler of our Cape Town waters 

    Reshared text:
    This was taken in False Bay just outside Cape Town - You have to hope he's not hungry
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  • Johan Horak2012-09-10 06:27:54
    A Sunny Morning To My Friends

    Have fun from a sunny #Simonstown  where the whales are ready to calf in False Bay and people preparing to walk along our beaches

    #capetown   #citywalks   #mobilephotography   #galaxys2camera   #sunrisephotography   #sunrise   #beaches   #instagram  
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  • Johan Horak2012-08-23 09:02:33
    A Perfect Winter's Day In Simonstown

    #ILoveCapeTown   #ILoveCapeHolidays   #Simonstown   #androidography   #mobilephotography  
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  • Johan Horak2012-08-17 06:38:37
    Slightly Overcast Day In Simonstown

    Other than that it looks like a non rainy day in the Cape.

    I hope you are having fun.

    #simonstown   #mobilephotography   #mobileography   #capetownphotos  
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  • Johan Horak2012-06-21 14:28:22
    Oscar Said To Me Once; We Are All Disabled I Just Don't Have Legs

    Well. That's not exactly what he said. He said, 'I'm not disabled, I just don't have any legs,

    image source:
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  • Johan Horak2012-05-28 12:20:05
    Add Value By Covering A Google+ Power User's Hangout And Gain Influence (Part 1 of 2)

    Part two

    1) If you want to increase your Google+ influence by adding value to hangouts then this post will interest you.

    2) If you want to add value to your hangout then this post will interest you.

    Today I will share with you why long hangouts with influencers gives you an opportunity to --also - gain more influence.

    I will discuss tools you can use to find hangouts with important and influential people, ideas on note taking and sharing, even how you can make short videos on the key points.

    Hangouts are great marketing tools. And many people use hangouts to interview influencers. But there are a few problems.

    Hangouts tend to be take a lot of time. One two to hours tend to be the norm. Even twenty minutes hangouts are a long. Okay........

    ......not for the people having fun while being part of the hangout. I am talking about diminishing returns of people watching it as a replay.

    When you replay a hangout you cannot skim or speedread. You have no clue where are they talking hug-buddy talk or when do they give you insights.

    Lots of people never watch it; even though they may benefit from the information. And the influencer can extend his klout if more people read his insights.

    This is where your note-taking and published as a short post, of less than 500 words, can do give you klout.

    You add value in bridging the communication gap. This is what you can do:

    1) You watch the interview,

    2) You take notes and

    3) record the time during the video when important things are said.

    4) You share the notes as a post to your stream and

    5) You tag all the people on the interview panel, the interviewee and the interviewer.

    By +name tagging these people you increase the chance of them picking it up and sharing it with their stream. If they are truly power influencers your note taking post my go viral.

    Where’s the benefit?

    1) You may benefit hundreds even thousands of people who gain insights they may never have been exposed to.

    2) You benefit the influencer by extending his reach as more people will read his brilliant ideas and insights.

    3) The interviewer plays a critical part and will also benefit from the potential viral nature of his interview.

    4) You are seen as the hero in the story. Everyone, on the list above, like you for taking the time to share great information. And you will may even learn a lot from the experience of watching the hangout.

    5) You have gained may potentially be added to many more circles. And you have gained some trust from the influencer and the interviewee. You have given them all a gift.

    Many people may underestimate power such a gift......

    This gift or rather this principle is called reciprocity:

    As you know:

    Reciprocity is practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit.

    You have just exchanged value for mutual benefit. And people tend to return a favor by giving you attention, circling you; increasing your influence.

    That's if for today. At the same time tomorrow I will publish tips on who to increase your note taking success, all the tools I am using to, the etiquette, the type of images to add to your post and more....

    Until tomorrow then..

    Have fun


    P.S.If you have great ideas on how to increase your influence by helping influencer please let me know.

    #influence #influencers #googleplustips
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  • Johan Horak2012-04-26 12:03:03
    7 Tips On How to use Google+ Images For Brand Building

    1) Be Visual:

    Obvious ;-)
    Add fun, interesting, motivational, inspiring images to your post. Be specific; and focus on images that are improving your brand.

    If you do ladders for homes then focus on that and not on tree ladders. Have a look at +Ladders-Online ;-)

    2) Be generous and reciprocal.

    Setup specific keyword searches at Google+ and share related images that others have shared. +name tag then and thank them.

    3) Only use an image if it's the best. You are the judge. Tip by +Jaana Nyström

    4) Humanise your brand.

    Don't sell. Give and share. Play and have fun. Take of the tie. Add a smile. Stop being a corporate bore.

    5) Include relevant text/logos on your pictures if appropriate.

    Take an image relaying the mood. Add a side bar and add huge text with your hook or slogan. And add a small logo.

    See how I included the Google+ logo to get your attention to the niche I am talking about.

    Here's a graphical blog or Glog tool I use to create these text rich images

    6) Share your images to Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.

    The easy way is to use +Mohamed Mansour extension for Chrome. or have a look at +Rahul Roy's other options

    You'll see this image at my Pinterest board now

    7) Always give images keyword rich file names

    I never publish any image with a name like xc432.jpg. Google likes juice. Keyword juice. Read this article by +HubSpot

    How many times have I not searched for images and found my own. Also with my wife's holiday rental business.

    And have fun.
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  • Johan Horak2013-07-10 10:25:02
    What's The Best Area To Stay In Cape Town?

    Many people want to know.

     I have my own opinion.

    And the answer has to do with the colour of the birds.

    I suppose it's a personal question.

    But if you don't know Cape Town,

    Then the question is asked with an answer expected.

    Even if it's just an opinion.

    If you know Cape Town tell me what's your preferred holiday area and why.

    If you don't know Cape Town then ask me more....

    Read my answers to the question What's The Best Area To Stay In Cape Town? here

    Image credit
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  • Johan Horak2012-08-19 07:26:09
    Check this cool dog swimming with Dolphins in Mozambique

    Received vi +Linda Victor 
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  • Johan Horak2012-08-14 13:24:53
    Here's Some Great Google+ Vanity URL News
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  • Johan Horak2012-08-05 07:13:18
    What does your Sunday look like?

    Here in Simonstown it's ideal Olympic Watching day.

    Under a blanket infront of the TV. 

    With my laptop close to keep an eye on you guys ;-)

    Have a great Sunday.

    #simonstown   #galaxys2camera   #mobilephotography   #mobilography   #phoneography  
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  • Johan Horak2012-07-27 06:43:45
    Morning Friends

    I hope you are having a great day. 

    I'll be working on InboundFox. 

    Later I'll watch the opening of the Olympics.

    And I hope Germany can get all the Sports Ministers together and stop FIFA and And the Alethic bodies from bullying countries when they get Word Cups and similar events.

    #simonstown   #galaxys2   #mobilephotography   #mobilephotograph   #capetown  
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  • Johan Horak2012-07-25 06:08:38
    Morning From A Cold But Sunny Simonstown

    Same beach different clouds ;-)

    #simonstown   #galaxys2   #mobilephotography   #mobileography   #southafrica  
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  • Johan Horak2012-07-20 06:56:47
    The Same Beach And Another Sunrise in Simonstown

    “Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunrise sky.”  Rabindranath Tagore, Stray Birds

    So tell me what does your colourful day look like?

    #twt   #simonstown   #capetown   #galaxys2   #mobilephotography  
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  • Johan Horak2012-07-09 15:37:06
    Google+ Newbie Advice

    At another place you get to kiss your sister, brother, uncles and aunts. And it becomes boring. 

    At Google+ you adventure out and meet new people. 

    It's like a pub with a lot of beautiful people. If you sit in the corner you get ignored. If you go out and engage you get to dance with them.

    The easy way to get started is to circle people. Here's a circle of people +Jaana Nyström  shared today Add these plussers to your circles. 

    Then use Google+ search to find topics you are interested in. Circle these people who post on your interests and comment on your interest.

    But the most important point is to comment and engage with these publishers at their posts. The more you engage the better it becomes.  

    ~And remember to have fun.

    (Shared using #DoShare)
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  • Johan Horak2012-04-22 10:39:21
    6 Unique & Inspiring Ways To Use Google+

    1) Become A Unique Resource:

    You are already an expert. You are unique. Someone said all others are taken. Be yourself. You have a voice. Find that angle and share it with the world - with all conviction possible.

    Find, share and publish resources about your expertise. This include show and teach people how your solution can assist them.

    2) Embrace Your Audience

    To me this means that it's not about you. It's about your audience. What do they need?

    Seth Godin said it pays to be generous. How can you be generous to the people who want to use your services and products?

    3) Ask For Help

    The gift of giving has no limits. And when you ask someone for help you are giving. This is a great way to build relationships with your peers, and your clients.

    Social media (Google+) allows you to easily ask anyone for help. And they respect you for it. And they will remember it when you make a mistake. Be generous and ask.

    4) Be Visual

    With Google+ we see it. Many of the photographers's following grow at rapid rates. Why? They inspire with their images. I don't care what you do: Always add a great image with your post that captures the mood. (Yes it is more work).

    5) Don’t Be Afraid to Be Funny

    People like funny stuff. They like to laugh. It's even good to show that you are vulnerable. Show a funny side. And show that people, can at times, also laugh at you and with you.

    6) Be a Celebrity – Or At Least Be Seen With One

    Many people find this idea way below their moral integrity. But if it works for you then become mates with the influencers. And share the stage with them if possible. Everyone is doing it. Even if they hate to admit it. LOL

    Many people have risen to the top by doing it. Desmond Tutu said, the other day when he got the highest award for a foreigner in Panama, that he rose to stardom (my own words) on the shoulders of others.

    One example: By interviewing greats you'll be seen as a great. Use Hangouts. Start practising on you trusted mates.

    Have fun it's simple.

    This is a riff: See a similar article on on using Pinterest in the Health Industry
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  • Johan Horak2012-09-17 08:10:13
    Lovely Simonstown

    Reshared text:
    Simon's Town sunrise from the cannons... +Gordon Inggs +Johan Horak 
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  • Johan Horak2012-09-07 06:23:46
    Paralympics Fun

    Credit: Off the Leash @Facebook
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  • Johan Horak2012-08-09 06:27:56
    Happiness Is Waiting For The Sun To Rise Over Simonstown

    I hope you are having a happy, bright and colourful Thursday.

    One happiness idea from a friend to friend:

    It's fun to forgive. It's hard to try and show you are right.

    You may just realise that being right is not worth it.

    Being happy is not trying to be right.

    How many times have you fought to show you are right.

    Did you gain anything but pain?

    Being happy is taking second spot because in this
    upside down world second place may just give you
    happiness.  Try it. And let me know ;-)

    Have fun in the sun

    #simonstown   #mobilephotography   #mobileography   #androidphotography  
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  • Johan Horak2012-07-30 06:34:36
    Walking on the Simonstown Golf Course Before Sunrise

    It was a crisp and clear morning after a great family weekend.

    I hope, you, my Google+ Friend had a great weekend and will be having a great day today. ;-)

    It's a lot easier to have fun than to worry. 

    Yesterday I read in the newspaper a story on Mandela and his wife Gracia. Where she said, whatever you do do your best. The Zen guys say, carry water and chop wood

    We can only worry when we have expectations. Just do your best my friend, just chop wood and carry water. Again! As best as you can.  

    This photo was taken with my #galaxys2camera  at maximum zoom. 

    #simonstown   #capetown   #phoneography   #mobilephotography  
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  • Johan Horak2012-07-26 15:32:09
    I Love You My Friend

    Many times I think I am a real cat.

    But I am am not.

    I am just another cat.

    I am am a cat like you. 

    When I see you,

    I think you are a different cat.

    But you are just anther dolphin.

    A cat like me.

    Just imagine we are the same cat.

    Just image.....

    Even the dolphin is a black cat.

    And you think this is serious. 

    The black cat. And the dolphin

    The Same! 

    Who tells the story.............

    The cat or the dolphin? 

    Image credit
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  • Johan Horak2012-07-13 06:49:16
    At Water's Edge In Simonstown

    As I arrived low hanging clouds lighted up in the sun. 
    It's cold but there's some colour in the sky. And it's Friday!

    Dedicated to my Google+ friend +Claude Rieth for looking after me.
    Very kind of you. Have fun today. 
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  • Johan Horak2012-07-12 18:06:28
    Interesting African Image I Got Via Email

    Is it not great to share images via Gmail to Google+?
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  • Johan Horak2012-06-28 09:00:47
    Great Post By +Eli Fennell

    Reshared text:
    Google I/O Just Pwned Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook
    Read on Blogger:

    I'm a fan of the Google brand.  But even if I wasn't, I'd still say this: Google just made Apple's WWDC and Microsoft's Surface unveiling look like last decades' news in a little over two hours.  They also made Facebook look like your grandma's social network.

    This event foreshadowed Google's emergence as the hottest consumer tech company in the market today, if it wasn't already.  Jelly Bean (Android 4.1, as it turns out, but don't let the number fool you, this is no minor update) brought real game changers to the table, from performance enhancements, to better home screen management features, to better web Search, smart app updates (downloading only the updates, not the whole app), Voice Search that brings Siri-like talk back and natural language support, and more.

    The Nexus 7 turned out to be everything rumored and then some.  Asus and Google have created a killer tablet at a killer price ($200 for 8GB, $250 for 16GB) that is certain to give the folks at Amazon cold sweats and nightmares with its high def screen, quad-core processor, NFC support, front-facing camera, and more.

    Google's Project Tungsten was unveiled as the Nexus Q, a tiny round ball with lights that looks straight out of the future and unifies all your home entertainment technologies, integrates with your mobile devices, and syncs everything with Google's cloud, for around $300.  Your songs, movies, and more can now go with you everywhere you go, as well as your friends' content, for a true social multimedia experience in real life.

    Google Play is riding high with more content (more movies, magazines, etc...), Nexus Q support, and basically almost anything you could want under the sun (and then some).

    Project Glass took us for a vicarious ride with a skydiving team in a Google+ Hangout as they wing suited to land on the top of the stadium, scaled down the walls, and biked up to the stage.

    And speaking of Google+, we got some interesting and exciting numbers: 250,000,000 users have upgraded their accounts, with 150,000,000 active users, 75,000,000 daily users, and more users on mobile than on the desktop, showing that Google's emphasis on designing a beautiful new mobile app was well worth it.

    And updates?  You bet.  A new tablet app, and the new Events feature, are both said to become available in Google Play later today (at least this time they didn't piss off Android users by giving it to iOS users first).  Both the elegant tablet app and the new Events feature made Facebook's comparable offerings look arcane by comparison.

    Facebook has never had a decent mobile app for any platform, let alone a true tablet app, and their own events feature is nothing more than a glorified RSVP list compared with the "real time" look and feel of the new Google+ Events.  Point: Google.

    And, of course, as was expected, they showed off the improvements they've been making to Google Maps.  They also took steps to make life a lot easier both for app developers, and their hardware partners.

    All of this was packed into just the opening keynote, leaving one to wonder how many more interesting surprises might be in store for the remainder of the conference.  What's more, none of this was vaporware like the Microsoft "look don't touch" Surface tablet, which I expect will soon be forgotten.  Attendees are all being given a Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, and Nexus Q for their troubles.  Point: Google.

    Oh, Apple, you got Facebook integration?  How adorably 2008.  Retina displays?  All the better to see just how far behind Google you actually are now.  In addition to everything I've mentioned, Google just started letting developers at I/O preorder Project Glass for $1500.  Apple jumped the shark; Google jumped out of a plane.  Point: Google.

    You could feel the palpable excitement at just how much amazing stuff, how much technological wizardry and skillful showmanship was being displayed, the only thing really seeming to be missing was Larry Page himself, who must have been enjoying every minute of the show wherever he was.

    Google I/O has already exceeded my wildest expectations, and I'm sure not alone in saying that.  The only thing that made it even better was the ability to watch it with my friends in a Google+ Hangout.

    Things are about to get very interesting, and Google's opponents will now be playing catch up on nearly all fronts.  Some have asked: can Google really take on all of their opponents and win, while those opponents form deeper and deeper defensive-offensive relationships?  If Google I/O 2012 is any indication, the answer is a resounding: Yes, and without even breaking a sweat.

    In just over two hours, Google put all of their rivals on notice that the ground beneath them was about to turn to quicksand, and probably put about 20 separate industries out of business in the process.

    #io12 #io2012
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  • Johan Horak2012-04-09 12:01:12
    Learn How To Easily Find And Share Great Content At Google+ That Will Promote Your Personal Brand

    Branding yourself - is about being seen as the expert in your niche....

    You want to easily and effectively publish this expert content at Google+ using simple mobile tools and tricks from great Google+ Influencers and Inspiring Plussers.

    How do you do that?

    Today I will share with you how you can find.....

    >> great content and

    >> how to share it easily so that other people like it.

    Note: This strategy is not for everyone. If you just want to have fun sharing nice things then stop reading and have fun.

    If you are serious about branding yourself or your business then this may make it easier.

    Okay! Now that you decided this is what you want let's move on...

    I believe that if you are only sharing other Google Plussers post, here at Google+, it can become a bit bland.

    I am not suggesting you should not share other Google Plusser's stuff. You should! Google Plussers write and share amazing nuggets.

    Just check the great posts that +Rahul Roy shares every week: (And sharing is part of the art of sucking up


    Sharing within Google+ is not good enough! At least not until everyone is on Google+. ;-)

    +++++++++++ How Experts Share From Outside Of Google+ ++++++++++

    >> Let's Look At How Other Google+ Experts Share From Outside Of Google+

    Why not copy my friend +Eli Fennell and the Google+ master +Guy Kawasaki Let's see what they do:

    Eli digs out all kinds of interesting stories. He then adds his own expert angle to it. Eli posts a link to the external article and Google+ publish the link below his story.

    >> Take note:

    Eli does not just publish the link. He publishes his expert view as well. And by adding a few paragraphs of clever content Eli sets himself up as an expert.

    (I am not suggesting Eli is intentionally trying to set himself up as the expert. His naturally getting it done. And we can follow his lead. Check this article by +Eli for example)

    Branding yourself that's what you want; to be seen as the expert in your niche.

    +++++++++++ Guy Kawasaki Push The Barrier Adding Images ++++++++++

    >> Can You Push The External Publishing Barrier Even Further?


    Guy Kawasaki adds an additional and important element to the sharing of external material:

    Always Add Your Own Image Or Video To Your Post

    Guy says, rather than allowing Google+ to pull an image from the outside article publish your own image (or include a Youtube Video) to every post. See Guy's stream It's image rich.

    I agree with Guy when he says, never post all text. And never the image that Google+ suggest (from the external link). It's not always the best image the link brings in.

    Guy manually grabs a picture from the source. (Watch this video by +Tim Moore interviewing +Guy Kawasaki and read his book What The Plus: Google+ For the Rest of Us for more).

    +++++++++++ Examples Of Image Shares ++++++++++

    Here are two images showing the differences when posting an image and when allowing Google+ to pull the image from the source link:

    If I cannot find a good image from the source I find and publish another relevant image to the post. Edit it quickly with the free browser edit tool Pixlr

    +++++++++++ Why Are Image Rich Plussers So Successful? ++++++++++

    If you want to succeed at Google+ then you need to inspire. And I believe that your text or a link comes a poor second to inspirational images. If not inspiration images then at least attention grabbing images.

    Just go and check at +CircleCount's The Cream of the Crop. Most people with skyrocketing follower-growth are image rich content providers; photographers and others.

    I strongly suggest you copy visual Plusser's success.

    Here's another content rich example:

    +Rajini Rao is a 40-something research scientist. Most people will feel intimidated by the research scientist label and because they consider scientists boring (like accountants ;-).

    Go and check how this great Plusser shares science with inspiring images. Even I comment sometimes.


    Now you will add an image or video to every post. ;-)

    Can we move on?

    No. Not yet.

    +++++++++++ Proof is in the Eating: Pinterest ++++++++++

    Income the popular #pinterest.

    The first time I published a relatively popular Google+ post some people saw the post via Pinterest. The influencer (Guy Kawasaki) posted the image to Pinterest and many Pinners took the bait. They came from Pinterest to read a Google+ post. Just ask +Carra Riley (an new friend I made via Guy, via Pinterest)

    What does it mean?

    Great and inspirational images will bring you eyes from many unexpected places. (BTW: See how you can easily integrate Google+ with Pinterest

    Does it sound like a lot of work?

    I said this was going to be easy and effective. And not for everyone.

    This does not mean you'll have nothing to do!

    You'll have to set up a system and stick to it.

    Eventually when it becomes second nature and you'll have fun.

    I have addressed how to be effective.

    Using Your Mobile Effectively Will Add Another Dimension To Your Content Sharing

    +Mark Traphagen reminded me of the *app called Zite *, a clever reader he likes and suggested. But it was, at the time only available on the Mac. I was using Currents and Pulse but wanted Zite.

    >> Why did I want Zite?

    Zite is a clever reader.

    I can be anywhere. And read and share amazing content related to my niche.

    This is what Zite has to say about clever content:

    Your Zite magazine is compiled using automated algorithms that find and deliver articles that have buzz: that is, they're being discussed on websites, blogs, and popular social media services.

    This is very different from my Google Reader setup. In Google Reader I have to choose what I want to read. I may only want to read certain blog topics. Not all. But Google Reader gives me all the articles.

    But Zite learns as you thumb up or thumb down stories. For more read the interesting by +Mark Traphagen on Zite. (And The Best Search Engines Today Aren’t Search Engines)

    *Go and get your Zite app here*

    Now you can start reading great stories on your mobile. And now you can share it with Google+.

    No! Not yet!

    When you share from most mobile apps they either send an ugly looking link to Google+. At best you may get an title and an image. But none of these will inspire your audience.

    +++++++++++ Publish Later From Your Mobile ++++++++++

    This is what I suggest you do when publishing from your mobile.

    It's not easy to type on a mobile, grabbing and editing images, and copy pasting stuff are not easily done on a mobile or grabbing images via a mobile. I leave that to my Mac. Here's a procedure I suggest:

    1) Read your articles on your mobile via zite.

    2) When you find a great story thumbs it up via the Zite app (Zite learn what you like via these actions).

    3) And share it to a Google+ circle (with no followers.) I call my circle publish later.

    4) When you get back to your laptop access this private circle.

    5) Open the article on your laptop browser and write your opinion to go with this external article.

    6) You can now grab images from the article or other and add it to your Google+ post.

    7) Click on publish and see the people read and share your inspiring post.


    Let's summarize:

    1) Add great images (or videos) to every post referring to external sources.

    2) Use tools like Zite to find inspiring stories. There are more places to find interesting stories like Alltop and

    3) “Be the real you because everyone else is taken and replicas don’t sell for as much.” Dan Schawbel

    This was a long story just to shared with you.

    I hope you are having fun

    P.S. While talking about mobiles and Google+ go and read +Jaana Nyström article on giving out +1s The easiest way to read content and share +1s is via the Google+ Mobile App. Try it and let me know.

    #googleplus #gplustips #personalbranding #brandingpersonal #brandingforhumans
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  • Johan Horak2014-03-30 18:43:21
    The Choice Is Ours

    This does not have to be true.

    It's not true for me any longer.

    Happiness ;-)

    Reshared text:
    Le cycle de la vie, en 1 gif ^^
    Cycle of life

    #kid   #humour   #animatedgif  
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  • Johan Horak2013-05-20 08:46:54
    Just A Quick Photo Of A Sunset Dedicated To My Friends

    I was not thinking of sharing it but two of my Google+ friends reached out in a great and very different. And this is for of you but a special thanks to +Jaana Nyström and +Marcel Martens :-)

    Thank you my friends. 

    Have a sun filled day.
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  • Johan Horak2012-11-16 05:24:35
    British to invade the Cape

    Cape Town has recently been ranked best travel destination in the world by 17000 readers of the UK's The Daily Telegraph - ahead of Vancouver and New York.

    South Africa was ranked third-best country after New Zealand and the Maldives.

    #lovecapetown   #capetown   #capetownholidays   #southafrica   #southafricantourism   #capetowntourism
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  • Johan Horak2012-10-31 12:21:58
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  • Johan Horak2012-10-11 09:11:48
    Trying to find a Kommetjie restaurant on Tuesday

    We had to list a holiday home in Kommetjie (a beach holiday village near Cape Town) and decided to go and have lunch and taking photos of the area while doing it. 

    We did a lot more than having lunch in Kommetjie because Tuesdays are an odd day for lunch...

    Here's the photos and story
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  • Johan Horak2012-09-03 16:59:48
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  • Johan Horak2012-08-31 09:15:53
    Samsung Galaxy Camera

    Cool new cameras with Android operating systems. 

    Samsung Galaxy Camera is an Android 4.1 device with a large touch screen on one side, a 21x zoom lens on the other, and networking abilities in the middle. That last point is key: one of the big advantages of smartphones is that you can do something with the photo immediately after taking it -- sharing with friends on Facebook, for example.

    Read more on this new Samsung

    I think I prefer *Nikon's new Coolpix S800c*

    The major reason why I like these phones are auto-upload to the cloud either through WIFI or 3G and 4G or both. 
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  • Johan Horak2012-08-08 07:25:40
    *What a great photo* 

    If you love African wild life follow +Johan Swanepoel ;-)

    Reshared text:
    In my shadow
    For those who are interested: taken against water background and the oof shapes are rocks in the water
    #elephantwednesday  (+Elephant Wednesday )by +Diego Cattaneo +Matthias Haeussler +Louisa Catharine Forsyth 
    #wildlifewednesday  by +Mike Spinak +Morkel Erasmus 
    #hqsppromotion  (+HQSPPromotion )  #plusphotoextract     #canonusers    (+Canon Users ) #elephant   #wildlifephotography  
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  • Johan Horak2012-06-17 07:22:04
    About 15 Kilometers From Our Home in Simonstown

    Thanks +martin shervington ;-)

    Reshared text:
    Cape Point...the very tip of Africa.
    For +Richard Wooding and +Johan Horak 
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  • Johan Horak2012-04-24 12:17:00
    A Story About You! The Google+ Spider At Your Own Web

    Once Upon A Time there was a most beautiful, generous and loving spider the world has ever seen.

    Just for once; imagine you are this friendly, loving and elegant spider.

    You sit right in the middle of your own spider web. And your web increases everyday as you add more brilliant cristal strands to it . You have only one intention and that's to share information while being generous.

    Google+ gives you the structure and foundation for your own spider web. But you add the nectar.

    Your only habit is of giving freely without expecting anything in return.

    And as you add more web strands.... more and more guests come and taste. And more and more get entangled by your charisma and pure intentions.

    That's enough of that. But the story does not end. Not yet.

    I am working on a strategy to show you how you can use Google+ as the center for your social media efforts.

    This story may not be for everyone. I am writing this story for: myself who was never a successful blogger.

    There is an alternative. And I have found mine here at Google+.

    Many bloggers would think I am smoking stuff. I don't need to smoke stuff to be odd.

    But there's a way to do this in good way. But as I say the story does not end here. It will continue another day.

    Have some good spider fun.....

    Remember you don't need to be elegant. Just be a generous spider.
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  • Johan Horak2013-10-24 07:14:26
    Would you like to sit in this chair?

    A home in Simonstown.

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  • Johan Horak2013-02-22 10:46:58
    What more can I say...

    #acim   #identifywiththebody   #wisdom   #spiritual   #spirituality  
    Image source
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  • Johan Horak2012-11-13 10:15:11
    What makes Cape Town unique?


    Is this why Cape Town is unique? #SDiCT

    Photo by ahmed14life • Instagram  
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