Neil Ferree2014-06-07 22:13:22
You Published a New Article to your Blog → Now What?

Except for maybe Mashable or the HuffPost few Blogs post quality content at the pace that +Mike Allton does, so if you're going to clone a model that works, you might as well clone a master vs. an up and comer and Mike is a Master at this Craft.

In this article, Mike explains in pretty good detail the tools, apps and sites he uses to amplify his social microphone so his articles get found, read and shared on the web. If you're following Mike like I do, then you know he's one of the best in the business.

Of particular interest to me is the #12 entry on his use of in his marketing arsenal. As accomplished as Mike is with the HootSuite app (available on Amazon) it comes as no surprise to me that Mike uses like many of us serious content curators do.

To the uninitiated and uninformed the platform may seem complex and a bit cumbersome. I recently sat in on an HOA where the guest had the gall to call a shitty platform which I suspect comes from being ignorant than informed, but too each his own.

The Unofficial Book on HootSuite

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ping +Social Media Marketing Plus 
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-08 00:15:01
    How to Manage Your Social Media Presence

    Using my social link wheel model designed to leverage your web 3.0 social media profiles, the first phase is to find a long tail phrase that poses a question that your target audience is likely to ask Google, Bing and DDG and get your web 3 property to rank on page 1 like this one did in <30 days. It doesn't necessarily have to rank on page 1 above the fold, but its better if/when it does.

    Simultaneously, you should Make Note of Related Search Terms so that your phase two social link wheel content will be semantically relevant so that each new piece of web 3.0 content can improve the performance of the previous content.

    I originally posted this Google SERP showing where this SS Deck got ranked on page 1 of Google, but since I was signed in, the SERP was skewed for personalized results. Whereas this SERP (3 weeks later) is incognito with a page 1 SERP (above the fold) in Position #2 

    My phase 2 web 3.0 content will be a YouTube video highlighting the process and featuring my how to routine used with a few hacks and little known tips thrown in for good measure.

    If you plus 1 this post and leave a comment and include the hashtag
    #sociallinkwheel  I'll see to it that you get an alert when the 3rd and final piece gets added to the social link wheel process and I put a ribbon on it.

    #socialseo   #sociallinkwheel   #contenthub   #jnferree  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-23 14:14:16
    Content Creation Tools by +Pauline Cabrera 

    To ramp up your blogging business, you need to be a little more aggressive with your marketing. BUT you can’t do that alone.

    We all know that blogging takes a lot of hard work, time and effort to do it well.

    So you need to find the right tools to help you get more work done faster, while providing quality content for your audience.

    Here are the various tools, apps and resources that will help you boost your creativity, and make your blog even more awesome.

    Link to Pauline's Toolkit Article
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-26 20:15:38
    We may have lost our Profile Photo  but our custom video thumbnail visual queue is still in place to help our content stand out in the search results
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-30 21:06:35 Analytcis Dashboard

    ◄ Views
    ◄ Visitors
    ◄ Reactions

    Earlier today, +Stephan Hovnanian wrote a LinkedIn article entitled What's more important: traffic, conversion, or conversation

    That got me to thinking about my social media presence on So I popped over to check out my analytics dashboard.

    While the labels are different, the concept remains the same.

    Sure, we need traffic in the first place to convert to sales and generate conversation. But we need conversation to generate traffic. And we need conversion to get people to talk about us

    I also read earlier today that when it comes to eBook Downloads LinkedIn Outperforms Facebook by a Ratio of 75:1

    I visit my GA account to see how many conversions I get from my FB connections vs. my LI connections. If history repeats itself as its known to do, LinkedIn leads are more far more ample than FB is.

    #linkedin   #scoopit   #traffic   #conversion   #leads  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-07-10 01:50:48

    Reshared text:
    Don't jump.
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-28 20:21:18
    Classy and Cute is a Nice Combo
    Especially when its your Daughter
    Doing a Runway Deal at the Dolby
    Way to Go Amanda Riley #ns  

    These Wedding Gowns are OK too!
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-20 13:56:42
    Which Link Shortener Do You Use?
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-14 00:38:40
    Hemingway says My Article is too Hard to Read
    The Goal is to Write for 10th Grade Reading Level

    I say you Sophomore's need to up your Game and you Juniors are good to go so long as this 628 word article reads better than it scores!
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-18 01:28:52
    Convert Your Written Content to a SlideShare Deck

    According to Microsoft +Dave Paradi is a world class Powerpoint expert. The 56 slides in the Deck have 11,000 views in < 1 week and the ½ dozen PPT tips I picked up after my 1st read are going to help me out a lot and they will come in handy for you too!

    I'm still amazed at how fast I can get a SS Deck to command a page 1 SERP so long as you follow a proven Blueprint.

    My last effort only took 6 days

    This version by Dave is a step up! Think Outside the Slide = I like it!

    #slideshare   #slidesharepresentations   #jnferree  

    Ping +Social Media Marketing Plus 
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-12 02:07:37
    +Danny Sullivan asked the questions
    +Matt Cutts provided the answers
    +Mark Traphagen scribed the session

    Don't believe anything you hear and only ½ of what you see (or so they say) but there's definitely some solid SEO golden nuggets herein

    Reshared text:
    Matt Cutts You & A at SMX Advanced LIVE Google+ "Blog"

    UPDATE: Now complete! Session is over.

    Starting in about 5 minutes at 5 PM PDT I will live blog the Matt Cutts "You & A" question and answer session on this post (if the conference wifi holds up). Refresh every few minutes for updates for everything +Matt Cutts reveals (or obscures ;-)!

    #smx   #mattcutts   #seo  


    Danny: Any new announcements?

    Matt: I'll intersperse them between questions.

    Matt and Danny are throwing little hummingbirds into audience.

    Matt: Another aspect of the Payday Loan update will be coming out soon, maybe tomorrow or later this week. Tackles different things than previous rollout. This will go after spammy queries; previous one was after spammy sites. 

    Danny: What happened to meta filter (like Digg before Digg)? Looked like he got hit by Panda, but Google said there was none at the time. 

    Matt: Was not Panda. I have a ton of respect for Matt (the owner). Affected by an algorithmic update, but not Panda or Penguin. Osner's report was good feedback for their engineers. They've been in touch with him. Haven't yet found signals that could help, but they're working on it.

    Owner  was concerned about all the link removal requests he was getting. Cutts said that was not the problem. Google had not told anyone that the Meta Filter site was a problem for their links. 

    Matt: Trying to figure out how to handle reconsideration requests better. Building into templates for recon requests an open space for notes, so that Google can give the webmaster better idea of what he still needs to do. 

    (Matt just beaned a woman with a stuffed hummingbird!)

    Danny: Rolled out Panda 4 and Payday Loans 2.0 on same day. Messed with heads of webmasters who got hit. Why not tell people what hit them? 

    Matt: Fair feedback. What happened was "an interesting indexing situation" where the two overlapped more than they intended. We want to show in GWT things that are actionable. Panda is a long term thing to fix. Also there are 500,000 algorithm things that could affect someone, not just the "named" ones. 

    Danny: Why not a Google "weather" service?

    Matt: We do try to announce large changes. But yes, good feedback.

    Matt: Webmaster Tools check it out: Fetch and render as Googlebot gives better view of what Google actually sees on your site. Much more to come. Over next few months:

     - better robots.txt testing
     - continue to make site moves easier
     - better reports about language version syntax
     - error reporting for apps

    Danny: Penguin update since Oct?

    Matt: I don't believe we have. Probably about time...

    Danny: I get link removal requests for Search Engine Land (for links they spammed into our comments). I tell them maybe you should delete the comment. They say they didn't know it was in a comment. They were depending on a tool that autogenerates emails to the supposed bad sites. You make people do this link walk of shame, but now its a punishment for publishers. Why not just disavow links and leave the publishers out?

    Matt: Point taken, pendulum might be too far on the "link walk of shame." But it's tricky. Want to make sure all the white hat people aren't put at disadvantage because of the bad guys.Wouldn't be fair if they could spam and then get out too quickly.

    Danny: Remember when you said we were going to get kw data back on GWT?

    Matt: We're still working on it.

    Danny: Give us the forever data. You have the machines. 

    Danny: Guest blogging for links is dead, right? Then why are major companies still doing it?

    Matt: Takes time for even large sites to get the memo.

    Danny: Is linkbuilidng just dead at this point?

    Matt: No, it's not dead. People in this room have a different view of the web than avg people. Actually the no-follows on the web is a very small minority of links. 

    (Side comment: "Bing is a perfectly fine search engine" - Danny suggests this as a tag line for Bing!)

    Duanne Forrester wrote that if you know where your links are coming from you're doing it wrong. Matt says that's a bit too far. Matt says his linkbuilding strategy is to post useful things with a unique perspective. Easier to be real than to fake being real. The era of ranking shortcuts is quickly coming to an end. 

    Danny: Video about page w/o links, that it didn't work.

    Matt: Old days engines didn't have links.

    Danny: would it work now?

    Matt: Context of that video was that there are other things to do than just links.

    Danny Author Rank

    Matt: Can't get into that. The long term trend is that we will use that data more. 

    Danny: Aren't you useng that now?

    Matt: I'm a big fan of the idea behind AR. But when is it coming? That's a more difficult problem to solve.

    Matt: We are open to looking at all sorts of signals, but I'm not going to say any particular signal works. 

    Danny: Wouldn't engagement figures be helpful?

    Matt: My experience is that it's noisy, skewed and gets spammed. Not off the table for the far future. but I'm skeptical about it.

    Danny: Are you preferring an https over http?

    Matt: As far as I know there is no preference now. I'm a fan of getting the web more encrypted.

    Danny: expiration of manual actions? 

    Matt: Some penalties have an expiration that's short. Worse ones (black hats) will last much longer, potentially years. But even that has an expiration eventually. GWT no longer allows you to do a reconsideration req if there is no manual action in effect. 

    Danny: Is the KG carrousel gone crazy? It resets after every click.

    Matt: Havent' seen that, will pass it on.

    Danny" Is Google+ dead

    Matt: Google+ is not dead. We are not currently using +1's in general ranking. 

    Danny other social data? Facebook links?

    Matt: We don't have a deal with Twitter and Facebook so we have to try to crawl them like other web pages. If their links are no-followed, we honor the no-follow.

    Danny: Can I reavow a disavowed link?

    Matt: Can, but there's a big time lag. 

    Danny: How do I reavow?

    Matt; Upload new disavow file without the link. But be careful about trying to game that.

    Danny: The future of search in one word?

    Matt: No.

    Danny: Responsive or what for mobile?

    Matt: I tend to like responsive. All will work with Google. Mobile is important. It will be most of your traffic soon. If you aren't thinking about it, you need to now. For example: do your forms have markup for auto complete?

    DAnny: Site speed as a ranking factor. Penalty or better if you're good.

    Matt: More if you're really slow, it will hurt you than a boost for fast sites. 

    Matt: We need to do a better job of reaching out to small businesses and other non-SEOs. 

    Danny: What about neg SEO?

    Matt: We're aware that people worry about it. We try to do the algo so it's not a useful thing to do.

    Danny: Fave SEO tools?

    Matt: Fetch as Google Bot.

    Matt: One of the ideas behind Hummingbird was dealing w/ natural language conversations better. Matt demonstrated a conversational search with multiple questions, using the keyword only in the first query on his Android phone. Very impressive! He got nine questions down, all the way to asking to navigate to the first Italian restaurant shown near the Space Needle. Space Needle only mentioned in first query.

    Works better on mobile now, but getting better for desktop.

    Matt: Links in java script can be crawled and discovered.

    Matt: the future of search in one word: quality

    Danny: why is Buzz Feed killing in the rankings?

    Matt: they actually email us asking why they aren't ranking as well as they think they should! Everyone thinks their site is above average and Google underrates them. 

    Danny: Actions against black hat tactics for YouTube?

    Matt: Our ears are open to that feedback. It takes time to get to everything. There are engineers looking at it.

    Matt: Linkbuilding as a service often tends to be high risk. Every tool and service you've heard at this conference can be beat with your own creativity and resourcefulness in your content. White hat linkbuilding is called "being excellent." Sweat plus creativity.

    DAnny: such a thing as manual benefits? Getting on a Google white list?

    Matt; No. Well, very rare, but there are some sites that would get picked up as a false positive that we manually white list so they don't get hit, but again, very rare. There are no exception lists for Panda. 

    Danny: fave 30 day challenge? 

    Matt: I used to think I hated biking until I biked to work every day for 30 days.

    Danny: Last inspiring words?

    Matt: Get ready for mobile. Reduce mobile friction on your site. 

    Danny: If you could be anything else, what would you be?

    Matt; I owe my wife years of whatever she wants to do! Seriously, there's a lot of evil in the world. I'm drawn to the evil ;-) I mean as trying to solve it. Clark Kent without the Superman. 

    Danny: What would your superpower be?

    Matt: Seeing spam! 

    Danny: That's why the web is ruined for SEOs!

    Matt: I'm just happy being me!

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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-19 13:25:32

    Reshared text:
    Content is not only important for SEO, it is the most essential element that holds the pillars of digital marketing.
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  • Neil Ferree2014-07-04 04:18:44
    Amanda Riley #20 Birthday 
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  • Neil Ferree2014-07-02 02:21:59
    Bing just got a lot better at searching Twitter

    Microsoft added a host of new Tweet-discovery features to its search engine Monday, making it easier for users to find the tweets and accounts that interest them most.

    #bing   #twitter   #search  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-17 12:54:23
    370 days later, this insightful post by +David Amerland is much more clear that it was 1 year and 5 days ago. I think they call that being a little slow on the uptick, but better late than never.

    I discovered this year old post using the semantic search phrase I "borrowed" from +Frank Gainsford by way of a comment that framed his concept of  *semantic search linking* so there ya go!

    Reshared text:
    The Link between Content and Semantic Search

    Content, on the Web, is the data we use to achieve a number of things that feed into the attributes that matter:
    •   Establish a presence (Identity).      
    •   Generate interaction (Trust).      
    •   Define what we do (Identity).      
    •   Establish our credentials (Authority).      
    •   Propagate our message (Trust, again).    
     •   Increase our digital footprint (Authority). 

    Content then is closely linked to Identity, Trust and Authority, three key attributes of the semantic web which semantic search seeks to mine. 

    Excerpt from ( 
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-21 20:27:17
    YouTube A to Z by +Denis Labelle 
    The Ultimate YouTube Toolbox

    Reshared text:
    YouTube Toolbox
    1. YouTube Creators
    . YouTube Creator Academy Video Tutorials:
    Learn the secrets of YouTube creators with the Creator Academy <- click
    What do I need to get started?
    How do I create a technical production strategy?
    How do I build a cohesive channel strategy?
    How do I optimize my content?
    How do I engage with my community?
    How can my videos earn money?
    Looking for new fans?
    5 guiding principles to build your community on YouTube
    Why do thumbnails and titles matter?
    Get your viewers to act using annotations
    How can subscribers help your channel?
    Engage your viewers with a live event
    How do I make money on YouTube?

    . Hook your viewers:
    . Programming One-Sheeter:
    . Optimizing Your Channel One-Sheeter:
    . Community Engagement One-Sheeter:
    . YouTube Production Guidebook:
    . Creator Hub:
    . Playbook:
    . Help Center:
    . Free YouTube Courses:
    . YouTube Help Desk:
    . Get more out of YouTube:
    . YouTube Videos Insights:
    . Reach a global audience:
    . Video Creation Marketplace:
    . Creator-to-creator Help Forum:

    . The YouTube Creator Playbook for Brands:
    More resources ->

    2.YouTube Fan Finder: Grow Your Fan Base

    3. More YouTube 

    4. Official YouTube communities on G+
    . YouTube Analytics:
    . YouTube Google+ Integration:
    . YouTube Creators:

    5. Blogs

    6. YouTube Features:

    7. Circle +YouTube Creators , +YouTube Advertisers 

    8. YouTube Course Pack *
    * you may need to be logged in / registered with Google Partners to view some content. 

    9. One word: YouTube

    10. Exclusive interview with YouTube's CEO, +Susan Wojcicki

    More: All You Need to Create An Awesome YouTube Channel

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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-24 18:33:12
    Top Qualities of a Personal Injury Lawyer in California

    What are the top qualities a personal injury lawyer must have if and when you need to retain a personal injury lawyer in California for you case?

    ping +Glotzer & Sweat, LLP - Los Angeles Injury Lawyers 
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-26 15:30:42
    Did you notice +NOD3x notifications went live last night and now thanks to +Lee Smallwood and his team we can track ALL social engagements in one dashboard. Nicely done Lee!

    Reshared text:
    Notifications are now live!

    Getting the most up to date data on your projects is important, and knowing when that information is available is key. Since launching version 3.0, we've been working hard to bring you the latest productivity enhancements. 

    Notifications appear in app as soon as they are available, so you never have to wait!

    Here are the four notification types:

    Engagement Update
    Profile Update
    New Project Comparison Created
    New Project Update

    You can also review all your notifications in the new Notification Center available by clicking your name in the top left navigation.

    Hope you enjoy, and any feedback you have is always greatly appreciated!

    #nod3xtips   #nod3xhelp   #googleplustools  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-07-10 00:48:29 is Gaining Traction

    It's similar to Xeeme and Zerply social channels only let's you add people to a Twitter list and Like them on Facebook what thet refer to as Collections 

    You can compliment another person by clicking Cool Page, Great Image, Great Bio or just to let them know you're a Fan.
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-24 05:26:29
    Off to Europe for 100 days
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  • Neil Ferree2014-07-07 23:39:01
    Improve your Headline to Dramatically Increase your Traffic

    Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

    Your headline carries words that predominantly appeal to most people's intellectual sphere. Intellectual impact words are especially effective when your goal is to arouse curiosity, and when offering products and services that require reasoning or careful evaluation. The majority of words with emotional impact in the English language fall in this Intellectual category. Intellectual impact words are the most-used of all three categories, and have the broadest appeal to people in general.

    Intellectual impact words are best used to attune copy and sales messages aimed at people and businesses involved in the fields of education, law, medicine, research, politics, and similar fields.

    While not restricted to these groups, by giving presentations which are weighted with Intellectual impact words, your clients and customers will be more positively influenced and you are more likely to attain a more favorable response

    h/t +Rebekah Radice 

    ping +Social Media Marketing Plus 

    #headlines   #analyzer   #jnferree  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-28 00:51:28
    How to Manage Social Media Presence a List

    ◄ Article
    ◄ Video
    ◄ Deck
    ◄ Infographic

    This is the 4th element to the social link wheel model. Now that the SlideShare Deck and YouTube video and Blog Post Article have been crawled, indexed and ranked, this social entry on will help to reinforce the semantic contextual body of work with a focus on the long tail phrase how to manage your social media presence

    #SocialLinkWheel   #socialmedia   #presence   #jnferree  

    ping +Social Media Marketing Plus 
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-30 20:00:29
    Find Out How the World Sees You

    Take the Free Assessment
    Go to:

    h/t +Brandon Schaefer by way of +Jay Baer comp code
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-22 01:20:24
    My 3 Favorite California Girls
    3 Reasons for that Twinkle in My Eye
    ◄ Amanda Riley ◄ Lauren Elizabeth ◄ Alexandra
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-18 20:51:36
    Watch +Christine DeGraff show us how to use Circloscope Premium

    One of the neat features I learned from this intro video is how to add people who attended an event. I've been anxiously waiting for this one!

    Circloscope Premium is only $47 considering how much time we spend managing our Google+ Circles, this tool will pay for itself before the sun sets this evening. 

    #circloscope   #circlemanagement  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-07-01 17:34:03
    One of a Kind Basilica in Barcelona

    Reshared text:
    Barcelona #Spain #Mediterraneo
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-18 20:01:39
    Curated Content plays a big role for B2B Firms

    73% of the respondents report the use of content from third parties into their social media marketing strategy, and 46% of the interviewed plan on increasing their use of curated content this year, and 40% is keeping their usage the same. B2B marketers were more likely to use curated content (78% B2B vs. 69% B2C).

    #curatedcontent   #contentmarketing   #socialmedia  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-18 02:38:44
    Does Your Content Hub Point to the Right Place?

    Actually, my content hub nickname is social link wheel since each of my social profiles sync up and support my G+ Authorship so that when my SlideShare Deck contains an embedded YT video that sits on my WP site and the list contains all of the above social profiles (similar to) the way our About Tab "other profiles" module houses my top socials so that eventually, my Author Rank and the social signals and social shares they trigger collectively will help to establish and reinforce I know my stuff.

    #contenthub   #scoopit   #sociallinkwheel   #jnferree  

    ping +Social Media Marketing Plus 
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  • Neil Ferree2014-07-04 01:45:52
    The Pier
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  • Neil Ferree2014-07-01 23:17:00
    At the ripe old age of 19 my youngest lassie looks pretty fine in this wedding gown as she saunters down the Dolby Theatre Catwalk.

    Well Do Amanda Riley ♥ Well Do
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  • Neil Ferree2014-07-08 16:59:52
    Does your Twitter Header need a tune up to render better on mobile devices? 

    Me too!

    Reshared text:
    Have you checked your Twitter Header on mobile vs. desktop?

    Cropping and overlaps vary greatly. Check this infographic and get a free template here:

    #twittertips   #socialmediatips  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-07-07 00:12:12
    China opened the Quindao Haiwan Bridge, the world's longest bridge over water stretching 26.4 miles. With the opening of the Quindao Haiwan, Louisiana's Lake Pontchartrain Bridge fell to second longest after holding the top spot since it opened in 1956.
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-25 20:26:04
    Your Rich Snippet Head Shot is Your Personal Logo
    Not any more according to +John Mueller

    h/t +Mark Traphagen 
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-08 21:46:05
    How to Grow Your Social Media Presence

    ◄ Create Awesome Content on Your Website
    ◄ Author Awesome Content as a Guest Blogger
    ◄ Curate Awesome Content and Share it via

    Once you create or curate awesome content, your work has just begun. There are many proven tools, tactics, apps and processes you can use to amplify your social content marketing microphone to help get your content found, read and shared by your follower and social connections.

    It's not enough to simply send a Tweet about your new article or video. Nor is it adequate to Pin the feature image of your article to Pinterest. Its incumbent on you to properly package and promote your awesome content to the right social channel with the right introduction and the right call to action if you want your marketing message to resonate with your target audience.

    This simple diagram is an example of how a social link wheel works to help you amplify your social reach on the social web.

    #SocialLinkWheel   #contentmarketing   #contentcuration   #jnferree  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-07-02 23:34:18
    Congrats +Wade Harman on the unveiling of the Relationship Experience Course. I suspect this is the first of many top tier coaching courses from the ex-coal miner.
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  • Neil Ferree2014-07-03 16:25:08
    Excellent Local SEO advice from +Luis Galarza Now that GMB is the new model for local business listings the challenges (citations, reviews and local seo optimization) are more "testy" than ever.

    I learned a tactic by following +Matthew Shuey on how to embed a 5 Star review from my GMB page to my WP site that works pretty well when I'm doing a Hangout with an prospective client. 
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-10 18:04:26
    Hire a VET ◄ Support a VET 
    Support this Harley Davidson Dealer

    ping +Michael Ehline 

    Reshared text:
    Support this dealership......
    Make this go viral.
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  • Neil Ferree2014-07-09 16:33:36
    Say OK Google Who's the Best Lawyer in Alabama

    Google Now is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Google. It is available within the Google Search mobile application for the Android and iOS operating systems and Google Chrome web browser on a PC

    Unless I don't sign into my Google account (which I seldom do) my search results are personalized and so are yours.

    Even though Google pulled the plug on our Authorship profile photo unless I click the globe to hide personalized search results, those Plussers in my Circles get their photo to render like +Charlotte Christian did in this query using Google Now.

    In +martin shervington keynote to +Toyota USA he explained why every business needs to be on Google+ and how the G+ social layer is connected to all things Google.

    ◄ Gmail
    ◄ Drive
    ◄ GMB
    ◄ YouTube
    ◄ SEARCH

    This screen shot is from a query on my PC for the longtail query who's the best lawyer in alabama  and wouldn't you know the same thing only different renders on my Galaxy S4

    #divorcelawyer   #alabama  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-19 18:57:08
    Add people going to an event with +Circloscope 

    It's nice when a tool performs as advertised right out of the box. One of the reasons I upgraded to the Premium version was to be able to find people looking to get 411 on specific topics. In this case, Local SEO.

    I've seen +Stephan Hovnanian host dozens of HOA's on a wide range of topics and his delivery is always top notch. I know guest speaker +Mike Blumenthal is one of the best SME's in the local SEO space.

    I'm stoked that with the new Circloscope tool. I can easily find and add the Plussers who are looking to acquire the best practices in Local SEO and here's the early roster = sweet!

    Link to the If I had a Nickle Local SEO Event

    Link to get Circloscope

    #localseo   #localsearchmarketing   #circloscope   #jnferree  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-25 19:37:03
    When to Post to Google+ according to GPlusData
    In respect of +Stephan Hovnanian my condolences for the death of another Unicorn.

    +GPlusData by +Mediabistro analyzes your posts and renders this table showing the time and day of the week your most popular posts. Looks like I should hit the G+ pause button until Fridays 2PM.

    Link to GPlusData Table

    #besttime   #googleplus   #jnferree  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-10 20:32:27
    The Burning Question: How Can Our Audience Find Us?

    Found this on Feedly. Followed the Influential and Highly Influential Tweeple who Retweeted this excellent article on how to focus your content to appeal to your target audience via the semantic web.

    #influential   #retweet   #jnferree  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-16 16:18:01
    How I Manage My Social Media Presence

    Every 90 days or so, I will Google my name to see which social profiles and web pages Google, Bing and DDG serve up in their search results.

    This gives me a good idea which social profiles my prospective customers are likely to find, click and review before they decide to follow me and/or engage with me on the social web.

    #HowTo   #socialmedia   #presence   #jnferree  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-12 14:54:45
    How to Manage Your Social Media Presence using Content Curation Done the Right Way according to +Guy Kawasaki 

    On Google+, I'm Guy Kawasaki, and Google+ is the core of my social media existence. It is the Macintosh of social media: better, used by fewer people, and often condemned by the experts.

    Unlike other social media profiles I own, no one else ever posts, responds, or comments on Google+ as me.

    My orientation toward Google+ (and social media in general) is what I call the NPR Model.

    My role is to curate good stories that entertain, enlighten, and inspire people 365 days a year. My goal is to earn the right to promote my books, companies, or causes to them just as NPR earns the right to run fundraising telethons from time to time.

    #contentcuration   #socialmedia   #presence   #jnferree  

    ping +Social Media Marketing Plus 
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  • Neil Ferree2014-07-08 00:02:23
    Why Screaming Frog and Scoopit are ideal apps to enhance your social content marketing campaigns

    It takes only a few extra seconds to scan and score a headline to see if it has the right stuff using the AMI headline analyzer.

    If you use Feedly and like I do to curate and share topic relevant content to your top socials, then you know why its critical for you include your Insight with your Scooped article.

    When you have all of your blog post articles by URL in an Excel file, you can quickly link your Insight to precise article for maximum value and appeal for your reader. 

    Screaming Frog will scan your site and provide you with an extended URL for every article and page on your site.

    #screamingfrog   #scoopit   #jnferree  

    Reshared text:
    Just a quick update to our Spider video, as we know there were sound issues on the last one. Hopefully everyone can hear it better now!
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-22 17:13:39
    Which is more important?
    ◄ Your Headline
    ◄ Your Imagery
    ◄ Your Story
    ◄ Your CTA
    ◄ All of the Above
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-24 00:53:13
    There are 322 Social SEO Consultants on Google+
    and there are 2,776 SEO Consultants on Google+

    I suspect this number will increase significantly in the next 12-20 months given the influence Google+ has on social seo and organic rankings.
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-11 15:43:24
    How to Find Like Minded using People in Common Button

    h/t +martin shervington for the early tip on the new button that shows you how many people in common you have other Plussers by simply clicking the double people icon.

    Reshared text:
    New button to click! 
    Just spotted this, I think it may still be either being tested, or rolling out...
    And the hangout icon is now grey, just in case you were wondering. Yes, yes, I know, geeky beyond measure.
    #googleplustips   #newfeature  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-13 01:09:19
    The Best of
    Clever Content on Digital Marketing

    #contentmarketingstrategy   #scoopit   #digitalmarketing   #jnferree  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-12 23:40:02
    5 Ready-To-Go SlideShare Templates

    ◄ Big City
    ◄ Nature
    ◄ People
    ◄ Stats

    Maybe you've seen how effective it is to embed a YT Video into your Slideshare Decks and you want to give this SMM technique a shot?

    Deck with Embedded YT Video

    These 5 ready made PPT templates are generic and flexible enough to help get you started, plus they're free when you sub to Uberflip list.

    #slideshare   #templates  by #jnferree  

    ping +Social Media Marketing Plus  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-30 10:21:12

    Reshared text:
    Welcome to the first chapter of my guide to Advanced SEO.
    In this section you're going to learn some advanced techniques for evaluation and optimization of your website for indexation and accessibility.
    This doesn't just mean accessibility for the search engines but accessibility for humans too. That's why this section covers best practices for both engines and users - with this like installing Google translate to making AJAX crawlable.
    After applying to techniques in this section to your website where most applicable, you should have an exceptionally crawlable and accessible website.
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-13 00:19:05
    The Internet is too long to read ♦ Digital Marketing
    Get your fix of clever content on digital marketing.

    It doesn't happen every day, but when it does, I like it.
    Getting Scooped on the front page of Scoop,it tl;dr
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-23 19:11:15
    Do you put any equity in what your social connections have to say about Brand X before you Buy Brand X? 

    Me too!

    Reshared text:
    A new Gallup survey finds more than half say social media has no influence on what they buy. Expect pushback on the survey in 3, 2, 1....
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  • Neil Ferree2014-07-10 15:48:12
    How to Get Featured on Slideshare

    These 7 Steps are Simple to Follow but not so Simple To Do.

    The Upside is Huge if you can pull it off. I've only made the featured page once on Slideshare and I didn't know about these tactics back in 2012. With 60 million unique views a month, getting your Deck featured on Slideshare is a nice target to shoot for. Give it a shot!

    How to Create a Custom Video Thumbnail

    #slideshare   #featured  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-27 21:31:18
    YouTube Best Practices ♦ Video Thumbnail

    Thumbnails are usually the first thing people see when they find one of your videos. Make sure you've got a strong, vibrant thumbnail that looks great as a small image and conveys the most important information about your video.

    Thumbnails show up in different sizes and formats across YouTube and external sites with embedded YouTube videos.

    When I create a custom video thumbnail, I like to reframe the title of the video so when my video shows up in the SERPs the visual queue increases the likelihood of getting clicked if its in sync with the search phrase the user entered into the Google search bar, like this one;

    How to Manage Your Social Media

    #videothumbnail   #videomarketing   #youtubemarketing   #jnferree  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-08 22:29:24
    This is a good example +Arthur Morehead of how you can share a decent SlideShare Deck via (but) Like I mentioned, the meda type is not the sweet spot. Its the Insight that you get to format to declare the value of the shared content. Albeit, being able to add a deep link to an article relevant to your Scooped content is pretty handy too!

    ping +Social Media Marketing Plus 
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-26 17:56:59
    SEO is Never Dead

    In this presentation, veteran search marketer Marshall Simmonds details the frustrations and risks faced by SEOs today, and highlight the current and future opportunities for SEO and audience development. Presented at the Search Engine Land Summit at SMX Advanced 2014 in Seattle.

    For those in the mention box, notice how this piece uses the technique we've discussed. YouTube video embedded in the SlideShare Deck so you can follow along.
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-19 17:14:12
    Add SlideShare Deck to LinkedIn Profile in 1 Click

    If you use SlideShare to drive traffic to your website and grow your LinkedIn network connections, there's a new and fast way to add a SlideShare Deck to your LinkedIn profile in a single mouse click

    All you have to do is visit your uploads page and hover over a Deck. SlideShare will present you with this add to profile option and with a click of your mouse, the Deck is automatically added to your LI profile.

    If you're looking to better manage your social media you can find and view the Slideshare Deck in the top spot here

    If you're looking for a DiY content marketing system you can find and view the SlideShare Deck in the top spot here

    If you're looking for someone to fill in the blanks on both of the above you can click here and we can talk about it

    #slideshare   #linkedin   #socialmedia   #jnferree  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-29 21:59:31
    Sunday shopping with my girls down at the Redondo Beach Riviera Fair #sunday #redondobeach  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-26 16:03:58
    1,000 Bloggers Survey by +Orbit Media Studios 

    At the end of the analysis, you'll find out 5 ways to statistically stand out above 95% of all bloggers

    Reshared text:
    Survey of 1000+ Bloggers ...and How to Be in the Top 5%
    We asked bloggers how they get the job done. Where, when and how do they write? The findings are fascinating, but also practical. At the end of the analysis, you'll find a of 5 ways to statistically stand out above 95% of all bloggers.

    Full Analysis on +Orbit Media Studios

    Huge thanks to everyone who took (and shared) the survey, including... +Joe Rega +Paul Spoerry +Maria Pia De Marzo +Gill Andrews +Michelle Schenker +Joy Weese Moll +Carrie-Anne Foster +Maverick Style +David Hutchinson +Elisa Csep +Kapil Jekishan +Nico Lindner +Zontee Hou +Davina K. Brewer +Hortense Soulier +Mael Roth +Dorte Møller Madsen +Patricia Wall +Lisa Lee +Luis Galarza +Tam Francis +Aston Reynolds and +Irfan Ahmad

    SPECIAL THANKS to +Lisa Loeffler +Jay Baer and +martin shervington! I posted an images of the "ripples" of your shares on the methodology post. :)
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-25 20:02:43
    How to Hire a World CLass Blogger according to +Neil Patel 

    If you don't have the time to write an epic article every other day for your blog, do what some of the best in the business do, hire a World Class Blogger.

    #worldclass   #blogger   #blogging  

    ping +jan gordon 
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-30 15:33:11
    The #1 Source for Professional Content

    When it comes to eBook Downloads 
    LinkedIn Bests Facebook by a Ratio of 75:1

    Depending on your definition of professional content and your reader's appetite for such content, it looks like LinkedIn is head and shoulders above Facebook, Google+ and Twitter by a wide margin.

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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-18 23:55:24
    Which Rich Media Format Performs Best on Your Site?

    ◄ Audio
    ◄ Video
    ◄ Decks
    ◄ Lists
    ◄ Infographics

    Why try to reinvent the wheel?

    Follow and map and mirror how these top bloggers use rich media to educate, entertain and amaze their audience. Add your special touch to your articles and make your marketing messages matter.

    #TopConent   #TopTalent   #Bloggers   #jnferree  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-10 16:04:06
    HeatSync Dashboard

    If you want to learn to play chess, you don't play against an amatuer, you play against a Master.

    If you want your site to improve, you don't compare your site against a lean content producer, you compare your site against a top performer.

    HeatSync let's you set up a comparison of your website vs. another top performing site of your choice.

    I've been following the meteoric rise of +Ryan Hanley top performing iTune Podcast and HOA series Content Warfare so I have a high benchmark to shoot for in areas where my site needs attention.

    Link HeatSync Dashboard

    I did a more expansive comparison of 10 Social Media Marketing sites using Alexa and SimilarWeb metrics  so I could see how my site compared against some of the top performing social media marketing sites in the business. The results were very interesting in the TOF (top of funnel) metrics;

    ◄ Traffic
    ◄ Duration
    ◄ Page Views
    ◄ Bounce Rate

    Top 10 Social Media Marketing Deck

    If you want to improve your site and increase social media presence, you should track the top performers in your space and imitate their best traits when are where appropriate.

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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-27 16:23:40
    Authorship Profile Photo still Rendering

    I used a 2 different search phrases to see if the Google Authorship profile photos and circle count rich snippets have been removed from the search results both signed in and incognito. (not yet)?

    How to Build a Content Marketing System

    Content Marketing System

    #contentmarketing   #contentmarketingstrategy  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-30 16:56:15
    At least the Google Authorship Byline is still Working

    Then again, depending on if you are signed in vs. incognito or whether the searcher has added you to a Circle will probably influence if Google  awards  you with a Authorship byline or not?

    The next round of tests will try to determine which of our social channels have the Klout to earn an authorship byline or not?

    ◄ SlideShare
    ◄ YouTube
    ◄ Imagery
    ◄ WordPress

    #authorship   #byline   #richsnippets   #jnferree  

    ping +Social Media Marketing Plus 

    You keep showing up in my targeted search queries +Al Remetch how do you do that?
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-20 23:07:07
    Why SlideShare an Integral Part of My Internet Marketing

    ◄ 7 Million Decks are viewed Daily
    ◄ 60 Million Unique Visitors a Month
    ◄ 500% more Traffic than FB, Twitter and LinkedIn

    How to Manage Your Social Media Presence

    #slideshare   #socialmedia   #socialmediatips   #jnferree  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-07-03 21:33:38
    Chasing algorithms is almost never the best use of time.


    Reshared text:

    A quote by +John Mueller who works at Google

    The best way to be resilient with regards to algorithmic changes is to have a truly fantastic site. If you have the choice between making your website significantly better, or tweaking it to follow any new change, I'd always recommend focusing on your website first. Chasing algorithms is almost never the best use of time.

    If you have time to implement new technical details, or if you're doing a redesign anyway, that's probably a good time to add those new elements. 

     see the original post and read the comments there...
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-25 18:56:55
    Google My Business (aka) GMB Replaced G+ Local

    I first heard of GMB via +martin shervington video on how to access this new service offering, I was a concerned the 100+ hours I've spent getting my local profile in sync with the Maps to Places to G+ Local would require another 100+ hours of chasing my tail.

    The GMB Dashboard is pretty clean and straight forward. The Insights that show Visibility, Engagement and Audience metrics looks ok too.

    Internet Marketing Palos Verdes

    #GMB   #LocalSEO   #localsearch   #jnferree  

    ping +Social Media Marketing Plus 
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  • Neil Ferree2014-07-03 21:17:04
    Manage Your Social Media 

    There are over 680,000 Decks on SlideShare when you query the site directly for the phrase manage your social media  

    This would suggest there is a healthy demand for good information on how to manage your social media.

    Google Suggest renders these long tail phrases;
    Searches related to manage your social media
    ◄ manage your social media accounts
    ◄ manage your social media presence
    ◄ manage your social media in one place
    ◄ time to manage your social media
    ◄ manage social media marketing
    ◄ social media experience
    ◄ best social media marketing

    The challenge is to figure out which of these long tail phrases should be added to the editorial calendar based on which ones are most appealing and interesting and top of mind to the target audience? 

    #socialmedia   #socialmediamarketing   #socialmediapresence  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-07-03 20:02:16
    Social Networks vs. Content Networks

    This is what a long format post with valuable content looks like.
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-23 14:34:01
    What is Google Hummingbird?

    Although it’s technically accurate to call Google Hummingbird an algorithm update, this is kind of a misnomer.

    This is because Hummingbird was essentially an entirely revamped version of Google’s search algorithm not just a patch or minor update.

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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-08 22:19:51
    It's a little cooler down here +Al Remetch
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  • Neil Ferree2014-07-01 20:30:39
    Google My Business an Interactive Guide

    h/t +Linda Buquet by way of

    ping +Social Media Marketing Plus 
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-30 17:06:01
    Social Media Etiquette according to Jerry Seinfeld
    We Gotta Be Doing This 2:03
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  • Neil Ferree2014-07-07 23:10:35
    10 New E-Cig Brands Coming to the Market Every Month Sounds like an Exploding Market to Me

    Reshared text:
    Did you know that 10 New E-Cig brands hit the market every month?
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-28 13:46:01
    Like +Stephan Hovnanian said;

    You'll be a smarter customer after reading this piece from +Carol Lynn Rivera  and pick up a few techniques yourself if you're a provider of marketing services

    Reshared text:
    Pain management is expensive
    One of several spot-on challenges that business owners and marketing companies have to overcome. You'll be a smarter customer after reading this piece from +Carol Lynn Rivera , and pick up a few techniques yourself if you're a provider of marketing services. 

    In our "If I had a nickel" hangout a couple weeks ago ( +MaAnna Stephenson made a comment that rings true with this article as well, and I'm paraphrasing here: you might save money in the short term, but you'll pay heavily by the hour to have a consultant fix the problems.

    #webdesign   #onlinemarketing   #marketing  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-19 15:13:34
    5 Basic Content Curation Types according to +Heidi Cohen 

    The examples Heidi shows make it a lot easier to implement than if you try to figure it out on your own.

    The SlideShare Deck she refers to was created by +Nick Kellet on these top content curators which contains the analysis of 70 websites 
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-14 21:40:16
    Best Content Marketing System according to DuckDuckGo. With only 33 images and 17 video rendered in the search results one might expect best is more than just a superlative in this instance?

    #contentmarketing   #contentmarketingstrategy   #ns  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-10 15:21:16
    KPCB Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers

    As one of the lead VC's for Google KPCB knows a thing or two about Internet Marketing Trends. With over 1 million views of this Deck in <30 days is a pretty good indicator this is content worth knowing about.

    #internettrends   #socialmedia   #internetmarketing   #jnferree   #sociallinkwheel  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-24 23:43:08
    Who's Who in B2B Marketing

    Glad to see my friend +jan gordon from +Curatti being acknowledged as one of the Top People and Brands in the B2B Space

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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-26 17:21:20
    The results indicate users are drawn to results with Google Authorship pictures even if they're below the fold  

    And see that little click icon? It means the user ultimately chose that result. So while Google's position is that removing author profile pictures and circle counts doesn't affect clickthrough rates, there's also data to support that it improves clickthrough rates.
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  • Neil Ferree2014-07-11 14:20:42

    Reshared text:
    Deleted Google Author Photos Boost Ad CTR

    However, despite overwhelming support for the idea that Google’s decision was based on authorship photos’ impact on the CTR of paid search ads, some naysayers insisted that this couldn’t be the case. I wasn’t content to leave things at that, so I set about looking for evidence to support my theory – and I’ve found it.

    I love +Larry Kim but I think the data and context here is mangled. First off, you've got one keyword for a niche vertical during a seasonal period (hello Fourth of July). I mean, I hate traffic during holidays because it gets tough to read. So there's that.

    But then ... what if this does happen to be the case? What if reducing the clutter in organic search drove more eyeballs to paid search? Does that mean that the decision was motivated by higher PPC clicks?

    If you ran a business and you found that changing something not only helped the user but made you more money at the same time would you stop and decide not to do it? Because that would tarnish the intent?

    Even if the decision was based on getting more advertising clicks (which, by the way I think is utterly ridiculous - Google plays a far longer are more scary game than this my friends), they're a business. And that just means marketers adopt different ways to outflank their competition using that new environment.

    Never mind that if the change didn't improve user satisfaction then people would use Google less and that would reduce ad revenue far more than what we're seeing here.

    #search   #ppc   #crumplestinfoilforaliving    
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-24 01:08:51
    The Best of in the Digitial Marketing Bucket

    ping +Social Media Marketing Plus 

    #contentmarketing   #digitalmarketing   #jnferree  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-23 22:39:23
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-19 01:13:10
    Top Internet Marketing Sites according to Alltop

    When your Deck makes it to the Featured Page on SlideShare the Visitor count on your website sees a nice spike.

    Same thing only different with Alltop. When you site gets listed on top Internet Marketing News, good things happens.

    #Alltop   #internetmarketing   #News   #jnferree  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-13 14:36:59
    3.6 Billion People are Going to Watch the World Cup
    How Many People will view this Awesome Video?
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  • Neil Ferree2014-07-07 21:48:36
    Personal Injury Attorney FAQ 
    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you are injured in an accident, what questions should you ask  before you retain the services of a personal injury attorney?

    ◄ How much is my case worth?
    ◄ What if I can't afford to pay for an Attorney?
    ◄ Is it necessary for me to talk with an attorney?
    ◄ What should I avoid doing after an Accident?

    #FAQ   #personalinjury   #personalinjuryattorney  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-07-04 18:35:37

    Reshared text:
    Why #SocialVirality is the Lifeline of any Website
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-29 18:01:57
    Interactive Content is (coming soon) to the Plus?

    More than likely if and when Interactive Content becomes available on Google+ it will be via an app.

    DoShare Polls didn't take hold and Links to Drive may be an option. Being able to engage an audience in real-time in a Post appeals to guys like me.
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-22 14:55:39
    Social Networks Are The New Content Discovery Layer

    The way people discover content is clearly changing. In the past we went directly to news sites or entered a topic into Google. This approach does not necessarily find the most interesting and current content.

    There is strong evidence that social is increasingly important, as one person put it on Google Plus the other day I definitely discover through social. If it’s not important enough to be in my stream, it’s not important 
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-19 13:33:29
    Social Media Meets Gamification

    Empire Avenue functions on the premise that the value you create is in the engagement and the interaction you generate.

    h/t +Martin W. Smith 

    ping +Social Media Marketing Plus 

    #gamification   #contentcuration   #contenthub   #jnferree  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-07-02 19:30:28
    Early in the G+ rel=author profile photo rollout, all the SMM gurus declared the best practice model was to use your personal profile head shot versus company logo image to emphasize the "people buy from people" they know, like and trust concept.

    Of course the CTR was higher for those whose rel=author profile photo rendered high in the SERPs. The circle count snippet probably influenced a better CTR.

    I'm glad when I leave a comment on a YT video, my Authorship head shot photo shows up on the channel and in the Stream. I liked my mantra "you are the brand + your rich snippet is your new personal logo" but this too shall pass -- dammit!
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  • Neil Ferree2014-07-01 21:02:34
    YouTube Analytics | Audience Retention

    It only takes a couple of minutes to visit your YT Analytics Dashboard to inspect how well your video is resonating with your viewers.

    In this case, the audience retention is above average which is OK but not as good as some of the (less than 10 minute) videos I've done.

    Lesson Learned = Less is More

    ping +Social Media Marketing Plus 
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  • Neil Ferree2014-07-01 16:39:54
    SMM Super Circle Event

    +Social Solutions Collective is going to create a super circle of anyone and everyone that's rocking social media and digital marketing using Google+

    Every name/page that comments and mentions others WILL be added to our SMM SUPER CIRCLE and they'll share special information and random giveaways and events with that circle exclusively going forward.

    I like this method of building and sharing a Circle of like minded Plussers, in this case, SMM enthusiasts vs. the blue box default circle share version mostly b/c when someone else mentions or recommends you, it tends to have more relevance than any ole nilly willy add me and i will add you back routine ~ yah?

    h/t +Jimmie Lanley for alerting me to this event

    #supercircle   #smm   #jnferree  

    ping +Social Media Marketing Plus 

    Reshared text:
    Our Google+ Social Media Day Event is super simple. We want to create a super circle of ANYONE and EVERYONE that's rocking social media and digital marketing using Google+.

    Every name/page that comments and mentions others WILL be added to our SMM SUPER CIRCLE and we'll share special information and random giveaways and events with that circle exclusively going forward!

    So, comment as your personal profile or your page, and share some of your GO-TO Google+ friends, colleagues and cohorts with us and all who take part. Together we can create one heckuva SUPER CIRCLE!

    And, yes ... we will be drawing several random winners for some great book prizes!
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-25 16:44:19
    Do you know Seth? Did you read his Books?
    If so, way to go! If not, you can remedy that!
    Click here to Enter
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-11 15:29:28
    What is Dwell Time?

    Until a few minutes ago, I equated Dwell Time as Time on Site (Duration) when in fact, its not the same. Read this article by +Neil Patel to learn why its different and how it impacts your SEO and SEM with Google.

    #DwellTime   #duration   #timeOnSite  

    ping +Social Media Marketing Plus 

    See my SlideShare Deck comparing 10 social media marketing blogs using Alexa and SimilarWeb stats to comparing each site on their;

    Total Visits
    Time on Site
    Page Views
    Bounce Rate
    US Ranking

    Link to SShare Deck
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-10 19:52:46
    Who is the Best DUI Lawyer in Charlotte NC

    According to Avvo, the leading Legal Industry Portal, these are the Lawyers with a Superb Rating of 10.0 for the DUI Practice Area.

    #DWIlawyer   #Charlotte   #ns  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-07-01 19:43:22
    I have been crowned trivia master playing Smarty Pins with 10 questions correct. Can you beat me?

    I got a Silver Star - what did you get +Steven Sweat 
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-14 22:04:04
    Rapportive Raplets, Notes, and
    Contextual Gadget to be discontinued

    At LinkedIn, we want to provide a simple and useful experience for members like you. From time to time, we take a closer look at how our features are being used by our members.

    Sometimes that means we decide to eliminate a feature so we can better invest those resources in building new, great LinkedIn products. That’s why we’ve decided to remove Raplets and Notes as of July 31, 2014.
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  • Neil Ferree2014-06-10 15:11:08
    Best SEO Tools for Content Marketers

    Besides being a nice list of SEO Tools for Content Marketers I found this article via Feedly by having Blog in my Content Marketing folder made it easy and fast for me to find, curate and share this piece.

    Content Marketing Tip
    ◄ Install Feedly
    ◄ Visit CM Folder
    ◄ Find 100+ Shared Content (like this one)
    ◄ to your CM Topic Panel
    ◄ Share on your Top Socials
    ◄ Add Your Insight (business prop)
    ◄ Done

    #contentmarketing   #contentcuration   #scoopit   #jnferree  
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