Neil Ferree2011-12-31 02:31:48
Pretty Awesome Indeed
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  • Neil Ferree2014-02-10 13:16:02
    One of the Plussers in this Panel have researched and written about the power our Google+ Headshot has for Personal Branding and Influence.

    The 30+ months I've been active on G+ these are the people I follow and trade ideas with and a few I've HIRL and that's the real prize I'm after.

    #MyConnections   #JNFerree  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-01-03 03:20:12
    My Top 50 People on Google Plus
    According to CircloScope for January 2014
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  • Neil Ferree2013-02-18 23:27:27
    Google has reintroduced the Author Stats into webmaster tools under the Labs section The Tool was removed by Google three months ago due to some bug. You can find it here 

    To enable authorship for your Google+ profile visit following page

    h/t +Rahul Roy for the OP
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  • Neil Ferree2013-12-27 02:57:59
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  • Neil Ferree2013-10-24 22:17:32
    Find out in less than 5 seconds if your Google Plus Brand Page is setup properly and get a grade on your posts, try it for free now.

    50 characters
    1 mention
    #hash  tag
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  • Neil Ferree2013-10-03 23:19:27
    Injury Attorney on Google+ ranked by Followers

    Top 20  #injuryattorney  of 1,413  #PI  attorneys on G+ including;

    +Ehline Law Firm PC California
    +Anthony Castelli Attorney Ohio
    +Glotzer & Sweat, LLP Los Angeles
    +Dolman Law Group Florida
    +David Slepkow Maryland
    +Jonathan Rosenfeld Illinois

    source: GPlusData

    Follower count on G+ is an indicator, albeit not nearly as influential as social shares and comments. Lawyers talking to layers has its merits, but doesn't pay the rent. Getting found and Circled by Bar Owners and Home Owners and Business Owners is a good market to target?

    #injuryattorney   #personalinjury   #caraccidentlawyer   #Pi  
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  • Neil Ferree2013-07-29 20:30:03
    Its pretty obvious I'm a fan and follower of +Mark Traphagen and 49 other Top People on G+ as per my +Circloscope image #top50relevant  

    Not 100% sure the relevancy algo is 100% on the money but its close

    These 50 people and quite a few others have made the G+ experience interesting and fruitful and fun, so thanks to each and every herein
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  • Neil Ferree2012-08-31 22:54:13
    In Honor of Neil Armstrong
    #WinkAtTheMoon   #BlueMoon
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  • Neil Ferree2013-10-24 23:31:24
    Hopefully, this fella will run for Congress!  He's laid back, looks intelligent, and appears to have what most politicians are lacking right now.....
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  • Neil Ferree2014-04-05 00:36:19
    101 Email Subject Headlines that Get Clicked
    [ Free PDF Download ]
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  • Neil Ferree2013-10-30 23:38:29
    Why Getting Added to a Circle on Google+ is so Important

    When someone needs to retain a #personalinjury  attorney one of their concerns or questions will likely be?

    How long does it take to settle my personal injury claim?

    If I hadn't circled +Anthony Castelli the odds of his YouTube video he published 40 minutes ago showing up #2 SERP would be slim + none. Since I do have Tony in a Circle, his rankings is above the fold in my personal search results. If I opt to hide personal search results (ie) click the globe, the SERP's will adjust accordingly.

    Key Take Away
    Do everything possible you can to get your social connections to add you to a Google+ Circle and your page will rank like this one did.

    #addmetoyourcircles   #circlemagic   #jnferree  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-03-11 16:04:08
    Social Shares Content Marketing Mind Map

    Back in 2012 when I originally created this mind map, Google Hangouts were still in their early stage of development.

    Today, Hangouts go hand in glove with any social content marketing strategy, along with Podcasts and Kindle Fire eBook reference guides.

    Its amazing how fast a furious the social content marketing landscape has evolved in a short period of time. 

    #socialmedia   #mindmap   #contentmarketing   #jnferree  
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  • Neil Ferree2012-01-28 02:48:12
    Awesome Indeed
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  • Neil Ferree2013-09-16 14:25:38
    Unofficial Google+ Suggested Users in this case graphic designers

    The suggested categories are subjective but useful and lots of them
    I reference +GPlusData 

    h/t +Nazim Beltran and +Cacoo 

    #socialseo   #socialmedia   #googleplus  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-01-24 22:25:03
    How to make an Animated by +Kelly Dixon 

    The Visual queues we use on our Plus Posts and our Blogs can "come to life" (kinda) using Kelly's techniques. Coolio!

    Reshared text:
    Have you heard the Pinterest news? 
    Here is my tutorial for
    How to Make an Animated GIF

    #GIF   #DIY   #bloggingtips  
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  • Neil Ferree2013-09-14 17:50:54
    The Ultimate Guide to Measuring Google Plus by +Jeff Sauer

    h/t +Martin W. Smith for the perfect timing OP share

    Fast Track Tip
    Step 1 download pdf
    Step 2 see page 10 - why ripples are important

    #socialseo   #socialmedia   #jnferree  
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  • Neil Ferree2013-09-24 15:46:33
    Find out in less than 5 seconds if your Google Plus Brand Page is setup properly and get a grade on your posts, try it for free now.

    h/t +Stephan Hovnanian 

    Your G+ Brand Page is more Powerful than you may have thought?
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  • Neil Ferree2013-11-23 16:41:29
    I just passed 30k marker this week. To many, I'm still small potatoes, to me, its kinda of a big deal. Thanks to you all for being part of my S+YW!
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  • Neil Ferree2014-04-06 17:18:09
    Tier 1 Content Marketing Strategy

    The many moving parts to this tier 1 content marketing system could and should be implemented over time so building your CM system doesn't become overwhelming, else you will bail & fail way too soon!

    Link to Social Shares SEO MindMap

    #contentmarketing   #contentmarketingstrategy   #jnferree   #mindmap  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-03-30 18:18:43
    Bee Keeper in PV

    I had to take a snap shot of this lovely girl who was protecting a few thousand bees that decided to park their hive in the parking lot of the local Sprouts market in Palos Verdes, CA

    She told me the Po-Po was called and wanted to hire an exterminator to rid the parking lots of their visitors BUT she stepped in and halted that bone head decision. 

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  • Neil Ferree2013-04-28 03:07:44
    11 Steps for Optimal On-page Optimization SEO
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  • Neil Ferree2013-12-11 18:39:52
    Very True

    Reshared text:

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  • Neil Ferree2014-03-04 03:19:43
    I was reading another A+ post by +Rebekah Radice where she told us about the headline analyzer tool that rates your blog post H1 Title

    Advanced Marketing Institute

    The best I could conjure up was a respectable 50% rating.

    Give it a shot and see how you do?

    #swipefile   #headline   #analyzer   #jnferree  
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  • Neil Ferree2013-10-14 03:23:29
    Way to go +Al Remetch I need to get my hands on this costume

    Reshared text:
    Hottest Costumes this year. Made with light up tape at car parts dealers and bicycle shops!
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  • Neil Ferree2013-05-08 20:24:46
    Social Engagement how to increase your social signals and social shares

    Reshared text:
    Lawyers - Use Google+ Interactive Posts to Enhance Your Social Engagement
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  • Neil Ferree2013-09-29 01:20:39
    Top Google Authorship Profile (incognito) search results

    I've noticed Plussers with a Vanity URL when you hover over their head shot rich snippet image it will auto populate (suggest) name

    [Sidebar] I can't tag your image +Luis Galarza I don't know if this affects your G+ authority and tagging images using this routine is so rare it probably isn't a big deal • but if it is? ifttt ;-)

    #topplussers   #googleauthorship  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-01-20 21:18:41
    SlideShare has an Alexa of 123 and is one of the Top Social Networks and can drive some nice targeted traffic to your website especially if your SS Decks feeds your audience's needs.

    SlideShare Top 1% Deck for 2013

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  • Neil Ferree2014-02-25 19:01:27
    New Cannabis Hemp Oil MLM Company
    Free Access until March 1st 2014
    Use My Access Code: 9548521

    Hemp VAP with CBD is gonna be pretty huge!
    They expect Vape to be $23 billion market right?
    Drop a Visit to Kannaway 

    #kannaway   #kway   #jnferree   #vape   #vaping #hempmeds    

    I should work up a Hemp VAP Contest for some worthy cause? 

    ping to +Social Media Marketing Plus and +Michael Ehline and +Steven Sweat pondering if and how Hemp VAP will impact Pi cases and awards et al?

    Kannaway MLM message had awesome first 48 hour growth with over 10,000+ sign-ups and tons on the Google+ Hangout I saw hosted by +Billy Funk after getting OK'd by +Logan Lynn Roberts to come to the party ;-)
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  • Neil Ferree2013-03-02 22:54:46
    The Right Brain vs. Left Brain vs. No Brain Quiz
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  • Neil Ferree2013-08-22 23:30:49
    The Title of your YouTube Video is Everything

    earlier today I saw +ReelSEO video recap of their 2013 Summit, one of the expert tips was on how the title of your video is everything and by sitting in on the HOA +David Amerland detailed the guys from +Circle of Legal Trust and how Google Now is providing a near real-time predictive search, it makes sense to me to let YouTube help me come up with a high demand KW phrase to title my next video by testing KW terms in the YT search bar

    In this case, I did the search on a Chrome session signed in and a FireFox session via Incognito. I use the same approach for coming up with a "meaty" H1 Title for my Topics

    #videomarketing   #youtubemarketing   #cmtip  

    Test 1

    Test 2
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  • Neil Ferree2013-10-23 20:40:34
    GPlusData is a Lot Faster then its (beta) version

    Run a few queries that map, model and sync to your content and Google Authorship to see where your profile shows up in their lightening fast search results of the Google+ Profile query

    Looking for a social seo consultant Hit Profile #3

    h/t +Al Remetch for the OP
    and +Luis Galarza for being #1
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  • Neil Ferree2014-01-26 17:31:59
    Dads with Daughters Read This

    ping +Stephan Hovnanian 

    #dads   #daughters  
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  • Neil Ferree2013-10-11 21:34:56
    Website Analyzer compliment of Quick Sprout

    h/t +Steven Sweat and +Michael Ehline for the pointer
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  • Neil Ferree2013-09-29 01:29:43
    Top Google Author Rank Profiles on G+ (incognito) search results

    Using a non signed in status (incognito) these top 2 rows of profiles might be the Plussers that Google recognizes as authors of content that is semantically congruent and relevant to Google Author Rank?

    #googleauthorrank   #author   #rank   #topplussers  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-03-13 16:02:18
    This is an image post +Matthew Shuey 

    I'm trying to figure out how to get the link to my G+ Brand page to render the same way it did in this post +Mike Allton did earlier but I'm having a blonde moment at the moment ;-)
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  • Neil Ferree2014-04-18 01:54:04
    The Impact of a Share

    This is what I was referring to earlier +Rebekah Radice when I replied to your question "What I like most about" Granted, its not only how someone who follows and shares your content via the share engine is the primary goal, but when you nurture a relationship with another Scoopiteer and they share you Scooped story, this is a nice example of how the syndication engine kicks into high gear. 

    As is usually the case, it the Insight commentary that frames the shared Scooped story that makes all the difference in the world - Yah?

    #scoopit   #socialshares   #socialseo   #socialsem   #jnferree  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-02-14 03:24:28
    I still don't get why Jimmy wasn't picked to replace Jay? Kimmel is a kick in the pants and as clever as the come! This Worst Twerk Fail Video is Living Proof How Right I Am!
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  • Neil Ferree2013-09-07 18:54:36
    Gmail Folders

    ♦ Starred Items
    ♦ Color Coded
    ♦ Works Well

    Once you have your social profiles set-up w/ settings adjusted to alert you on new social signals from each social profile w/ Gmail filters set to automatically move the right alert to the right folder and you color code the incomings to suite your fancy, it'll look something like this

    #gmail   #socialsignals  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-02-14 01:01:51
    Top Google+ Profiles for Content Marketing

    Of the 180 million Google+ profiles that GPlusData has indexed there are only 2,061 profiles that contain content marketing

    Link to GPlusData search results

    This number seems extremely low given the impact content marketing has on Google organic rankings or am I missing something?

    #contentmarketing   #GplusData   #jnferree  
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  • Neil Ferree2013-06-10 00:26:50
    Pink Floyd ♦ Shine On You Crazy Diamond #TopTunes  
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  • Neil Ferree2013-10-06 17:13:34
    Google Keyword Blackout by +Rand Fishkin 

    Whiteboard Friday Series

    Embedded video on HubSpot SEO Guru says Google is Abusing its Monopoly Power and what we as marketers can do it about it!

    #mustread   #mustwatch   #scaryshit   #socialseo   #cmtip  
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  • Neil Ferree2013-07-12 20:56:01
    Create a New YT Channel Connected to a New G+ Page
    Create a New YT Channel Connected to an Existing G+ Page
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  • Neil Ferree2013-05-22 21:17:23
    Carlos feat. Rob Thomas ♦ Smooth #TopTunes  
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  • Neil Ferree2013-07-24 13:12:19
    Social Media Image Maker

    Image Specs for Cover Image, Header Image, Profile Image for your Top Social Profiles that will help make you look good for your fans.

    You are provided with all the tools you need to crop, resize, filter and modify your image so that it fits the specific size requirements of each and every platform.

    #imagespecs   #socialimagery  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-03-04 16:49:32
    Social Media SEO Influencers on Twitter

    I'm not sure yet how to use this search query routine into my Twitter marketing, but knowing who Twiiter suggests I follow for the semantic query social media seo sounds like a good. Seeing that I already follow the top influencers for this Twit query makes me think that

    1) I'm on the right track following the right guys
    2) I can clone this Twitter influencer query process

    Social Media SEO Influencers on Twitter
    +Bill Gassett 
    +Mike Allton 
    +Keith Bloemendaal 
    +Jeff Bullas 
    +Martin W. Smith 

    #twittermarketing   #influencermarketing   #jnferree  
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  • Neil Ferree2013-11-08 18:57:14
    Google Plus and Social SEO

    I bet if you ask 10 social "gurus" define social seo you'd get 10 different definitions. 

    I bet the same thing for How to Monetize Social Media Marketing?
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  • Neil Ferree2014-04-07 17:15:46
    Top 8 Social Channels for Business

    Adobe is a credible source (but) labeling Google+ a "niche" player seems to miss the mark with me?

    Expand the Infographic Here
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  • Neil Ferree2013-01-19 02:40:34
    Are you a Google+ X-Person?

    See the Ripple expand over a short 48 period of time

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  • Neil Ferree2013-09-26 14:44:26

    Reshared text:
    Are You a Good PLusser, Helping a Bad Plusser to Succeed?   And Are You Hurting Yourself in the Process?

    Over the last few months there has been a wave of food bloggers posting big beautiful images on Google+.   Normally I would say that was a very good thing!  Unfortunately a number of the those bloggers are only posting their own work.
    The only difference between them and link droppers is the that they are posting large beautiful pics of mouth watering dishes, and the sad truth is most of these offending bloggers are excellent photographers and that makes their images prime to share.

    But before you share that beautiful image, go to that plussers profile page and see exactly who they are.   
    Do they only share their own work?
    Do they share a minimal amount of other plussers posts?
    Are they building they're following without doing any work?

    There's a reason the word Social is in Social Media  and while you're being a good plusser working hard to build your following,  enjoying your time on G+,  building relationships and communities.   Others are just stealing your G+ juice, by not responding or reciprocating.

     Now I'm not saying that they have to share the work of the person that shared their work, it doesn't always work out that way.  But they can thank you using your G+ name, and share the work of other plussers.  

    The good news is, there are many wonderful amazingly talented bloggers  on Google+  So before you hit that share button check out that profile first to see if that plusser is worth the effort!

    Check out my full post on the subject:
    #gplustips   #goodplusser   #askchefdennis  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-02-25 22:14:24
    I know who I think is the cutest of the bunch but then I'm biased ;-)
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  • Neil Ferree2013-03-30 20:19:33
    When +Mark Traphagen says stop the presses I have an E.F. Hutton moment

    Reshared text:
    PageRank, Link Juice & SEO for Google+ Communities.
    Can PageRank save G+ Communities becoming FB link farms?

    ① G+ Communities have PageRank, another Aha! Moment.
    ② Is PR in communities a good thing, or is it a bad thing?
    ③ Automated posts are the perfect recipe for ZERO PageRank.
    ④ Why didn't G make all links in Communities nofollow?
    ⑤ Are embedded links the scourge of G+ Communities?
    ⑥ Most of the best community posts are not embedded.
    ⑦ Pages get a +1 per every member of their community.
    ⑧ Google+ PageRank Hang Out Activity online coming Tues.
    Part 5, of my Google+ PageRank (G+PR) series.
    If new to this series I suggest you read Part 1-4 at the bottom.
    If this series helps you please share it! As I explain why teaching your network about PR & Quality content helps improves yours.

    ① G+ Communities have PR was another Aha! Moment.

        Quality & engagement is something I covered previously as important to acquiring good PageRank. Nowhere is this more apparent & applicable than when we start talking about Communities.

        While analyzing some Google search results-a favorite pass time of mine, or a bad habit, I don't know which-I noticed a link I had shared of the PageRank Part 3, article that outranked my own post and realized that was only possible if the community had PageRank. In other words, if I share my own post (all other things be equal, which they would), my own share should not outrank the same post unless it is getting Google juice from somewhere. 

        Turns out that was exactly right. The community I shared it in, Google Authorship & AuthorRank had a PR3. Realizing this and the implications it could have on posting in communities was quite an, Aha! Moment. Well, why shouldn't they have it? Forums and many other public social groups have PR as well.

        You might wonder if they can give PR as well, or bleed it. Well sure, they would have to be able to, based on basic PR principles. If they can get PR, they also have to give it. Or else you'd just have communities collecting & collecting PR forever till they outrank everything. No, that wouldn't work.

    ② Is PR in communities a good thing, or is it a bad thing?
    The next question though, "is that a good thing, or a bad thing?"

    Won't it just attract more spammers and link dumpers?
    Doesn't that raise red flags to come raid communities for juice?
    And what if G+ Communities turned into Facebook groups?

    Now that would be just awful! I just pulled up an article that said there was 600 million FB groups back in 2010, there are probably billions now. No doubt producing many billions of automated spam posts that nobody reads.

    I still have one of them with a few thousand people that a handful of users just dump automated posts into everyday with HootSuite, or some such nasty spam apps. :-D Ok!--Can somebody please, please, help me out here?! I need to understand exactly, what is the purpose of that???

    "Hello? Anybody in there? Think, McFly! Think!"

        Granted, they're not all bad. I also have good Facebook groups that are regularly used for quality discussions, but in order to achieve that I had to be very proactive about removing spammers & usually just not letting them in, in the first place. I found that if it was a local group, pretty much anyone requesting to join from outside of that area, or anyone with a new, or blocked profile, or anyone with promotions posted all over their wall, were just requesting to link dump. "Thank you, but there are restrooms for that."

        I think PageRanking G+ Communities is pure GENIUS. Imagine, in one fell swoop, <click><PageRank Active> Google has solved the spam problems that could otherwise cost billions of dollars in man power & not to mention wasted bandwidth, hardware storage space & the list goes on...

    ③ Automated posts, perfect recipe for ZERO PageRank.
        While we're talking about automated posts, let me emphasis this specific point for everyone's benefit. Of one thing you can be sure, from everything we know about Google+ and PageRank, it is quite clear that any kind of automated & uninvolved posting of embedded links would be the perfect recipe for draining your PR to below ZERO.

        Now I'm NOT referring to all unattended posting, for example it could be useful to schedule a post of something important if you're trying to get it out at that perfect time of day when most people are active on G+, but you're going to be in a meeting, or travelling in a different time zone, etc. But these should certainly be the exception & not the rule.

        There could even be people who are very active engaging in the social networks, but still use it and then later come back and answer all the replies. So I'm NOT talking about these people. I'm talking very specifically about the millions of people who use it, because they don't have time to social network & they think that will replace it.

        So do yourself a favor here!-Don't do it for me, don't do it for the Communities, don't do it for all the people you're annoying with them & don't do it to stop the epidemic level of social networks pollution.- Stop Using Automated Posts for your selfish self. ;-) <shh...pulling a little psychology here...he, he, he.>

        Truth is, "the king has no clothes" & you might be the last to see it, because everyone almost immediately recognizes the automated posts & few people, if any at all, will comment & discuss on them, because they quickly realize no one's home. FB is at least been clever enough to label them as being from Hootsuite, or whichever App. and that's become one of the clearest spam flags to date.

    ④ Why didn't G make all links in Communities nofollow?
        After seeing the disaster that was Facebook Groups, some people might reasonably wonder, "Why didn't Google just make all the links in Communities nofollow?"

        Well, they did even better than that. They very cleverly gave moderators a choice & that specific choice is, whether to allow embedded links.

        I believe PageRank in communities is an ingenious idea, that once realized will cause community moderators to prevent their communities from turning into worthless link farms & instead make them useful, quality, original content, discussion groups. Frankly from the standpoint of quality & discussions, PR in G+ Communities seems to be the best thing that could have ever been added to them.

         *I'll go even further than that & say, PR in Communities could well become the biggest single factor that will prevent G+ Communities from turning into automated Facebook Link Farms.*

        Remember, Google hates link farms! Nobody uses, or likes them, they plague the natural positive citation concept for which PageRank was invented, the waste volumes of Internet resources & more.

    ⑤ Are embedded links the scourge of G+ Communities?
         *IMHO, embedded links have been the scourge of G+ Communities since they started.* From my personal observation, I'd guess about 70% of them are posted by users (we could almost call them bots) who do not even post an accompanying discussion, or introduction & seldom get involved in anyone else's discussions. "No, I wasn't talking about you." There are of course some really engaging quality content providers that do it & they use them right, but they are more the exception than the rule.

        I can see some people out there screaming while reading this. "How could our beloved +Joshua Berg spearhead a campaign to reduce posting of embedded links in Communities when they're the best thing that's ever happened to SEO in G+?" After all, SEOMOZ says that's the best way to SEO your posts to your blog, among others.

       *Well, I'm not and certainly I would not mind them occasionally in my own communities, only by engaging users who regularly give back to it as well.* But for users who just embed the same links again & again in many different Communities, with no accompanying discussion, or engagement, well that's just littering. So let's get this clear here, OK? "Joshua" is talking about link littering, link dumping & some of the best ways to prevent it. While at the same time we know that, as moderators it can be quite difficult to enforce rules unevenly & sometimes we just have to make decisions across the board for the sake of simplicity. Those will be decisions they'll have to make.

        Of course let's not forget video, YouTube posts, etc. Those have to be embedded, or they won't work period. So embedding links absolutely has many positive aspects.

        Yes, embedded links are good for SEO, that's the whole idea. They provide you the one opportunity to use that precious PageRank juice you've been saving up & send it to your website. Of course everyone can still do it all they want in their own streams (own profile), but in my communities I'm gonna say I'd rather you not do it unless you've earned the privilege through quality engagement & contributions. Certainly not on your first post in!

        I know, some of you are asking, "What are embedded links? When you put a link (any URL) in a post, Google automatically formats (some use the term populates) it & then you see the image of that link and the title and sub-title from that link's Meta Tags, at the bottom of your post.

        There are other ways to make those posts. You can post a picture instead & use the link in your post, but not embedded. It will be nofollow.

    ⑥ Most of the best community posts are not embedded.
        Think of all the most useful & interesting posts that you've seen in Google+ and chances are, most of them were posted with a nice big eye catching picture & not an embedded link. With this series of PageRank articles for example I've posted all of them with pictures, except for the second part that just linked to the first article.

        And why? Well pictures in a post are far more attractive & attention getting and I don't doubt have a higher reader ratio, or what we might call CTR (Click Through Rate).

        What are G+ Communities for anyway? Well, they're for discussion. Am I right? At least that's what I thought. If people want to post embedded posts & their daily blog of animals, or their favorite business statistics, or daily interest rates, stock prices, etc, well they have their own streams they can do that in all day. Then everyone that just loves those kind of posts, can add them to their "BFF Circles".

        Do you think some people actually don't realize that 7 links over from the words Google+ is the word News, where I can instantly see 2,342 articles of the exact topic that's just been proudly announced?

    ⑦ Community link structures analyzed & PR speculating.
        Of course this article would not be complete with out me doing a little analyzing & speculating. It's easy to see how Communities could give away their PR, but where do they get it from? That was a question I poured over quite a bit. Since we know that PageRank is a link based algorithm, the first place we have to start looking is the links.

        While looking at the link structure of the posts, I was surprised by some very interesting observations. I think this is another one of those eye opening moments, but maybe I'm just the last one to realize it. ;-)

        Ready? Dum-ta-da-dum... You don't post in the Community, you're posting in your own stream & there's a kind of link back specifically to the community category it was posted in. Sure we could say that a few different ways & that's not exactly accurate, but what I'm talking about here is the URL (link) structure & also the way the posts show up later in Google Search still addressed specifically to that poster's profile.

        So now we're going to analyze a post of mine posted in a specific community. This post was made to the Google Authorship & AuthorRank community,* which by the way has very good PR. Not just because it is well moderated and has lots of great engagement, but we can also deduce that it's because many high PR users post there. Hmm... Interesting! <eyes light up>

        As we're analyzing this from a search optimizing perspective, I'm starting with how all of the parts show up in Google Search. For example, when we search for the community, "Google Authorship...", the main community link shows up like below. When we search for a specific category, we get what is labeled in the URL as a "stream". When we search for that specific post that went in that community, it shows up as that specific poster's URL.

    First there is a single Community Link that looks like this:
    Header: [Google Authorship & Author Rank - Google+]

    Then there are Category Links that are called streams:
    Header: [Google Authorship & Author Rank - Authorship How Tos - Google+]

    Notice how when the category appears in Google Search, it is titled with the communities name first - then the category title - then Google+. This means the name of each category also has very big implications for the SEO of your community & their topics.

    Do you see how in the example here, several words appear repeatedly, at some point you could also be overdoing that. You probably wouldn't want to name a community, Overused Keyword & then it's category Overused Keyword & then your post, Overused Keyword. So you can see how community category names could be quite keyword important, but you also don't want to end up stuffing.

    This is also relevant because the default community category starts as General Discussion: Now imagine how many billions of posts with the irrelevant words General Discussion there probably are, or going to be.

    Hmm. I predict we're mysteriously going to see a lot of renaming in Communities after this. Not that I've started any other fads that have been going around lately. LOL.

    I also speculate that categories appear to have their own PR by the way they rank differently, which they would. Every post, like every page on the wider Web, also has it's own PR. It's just that the PR Toolbar blanks them out in PR Toolbar so far & only shows PR by the Profile, Page, or Community.

    Then there are the community's Posts:
    Header: [Google Authorship & Author Rank - General Discussion - Google+]

    Each post is URL identified by the poster, not the community, but contains a kind of back link to the individual stream:

    *Note: These URL's however are not labeled the same as all other links.

    This is where I speculate the Community gets it's PR (or Google juice) from. So every time a user puts up a post in a community, they're giving a little of their own PR to that community. This is how the whole principle of PR works, given & received.

    However (this is me speculating again), when a user posts an embedded link with that post in that category's stream, they may be giving away some of the PR from that stream (in other words community) & presumably from their own profile as well. Because in PR links proportionality divide the PR of any page they're posted in. So they'd be spreading the PR of that post between 3, instead of 2.

    In conclusion: Those are just theories and some interested SEO guys will probably want to get more into that, analyzing the link structure & the way PR is passed between them. I think it's safe to say though, those are certainly some of the ingredients in the pudding.

    ⑦ Pages get a +1 per every member of their community.
        While we're analyzing Communities, here's some other interesting details.

        When a business page is made owner of a community, the business page receives a new +1 per every member added to that specific community. But what else could they get? Can they receive Google juice?

        Frankly, we don't know, but I have not seen any perceivable ranking benefit, though it's certainly a great promotion for the business page to appear at the top of a community where everyone can see it.

    ⑧ Google+ PageRank Hang Out Activity online for this.
    Stay tuned for cool stuff in Part 6 coming soon... While writing this I had so much additional interesting stuff, that I decided to start putting it into another post instead. So Part 6 of this G+ PageRank series is on the way.

    People have been asking about a HOA on this where everyone can get a visual of us discussing these things. So Ronnie Bincer has invited Mark Traphagen and I, to do a live event this coming Tues.

    The event details are here:

    ★★★★★ Lastly & importantly, please SHARE this post!

    There's just too much good stuff here to keep to yourself.

    Those that share this series, will also be added to my top circle that I fondly call, My Favorite Sharers & Engagers. From time to time I'll be sharing & promoting this circle of my favorite engaging users as well.

    Pt 1: Is Google+ Page Rank the culprit behind the current ...

    Pt 2: How PageRank in Google+ is Earned. G+ Link Myths...

    Pt 3: Why PR in G+ Matters To You & Your Connections.

    Pt 4: PR in G+ - PageRank is Still Guts of Google Search.
    My disclaimers...
    Some things I write (ie. PR) are facts well known among SEO experts, others are just ideas & opposing theories are all welcome below.
    #pagerank #googlepagerank   #communities   #gpluscommunties   #communityseo   #Gplusseo   #seotips   #googleplusseo more marketing tips at +HousesFast
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  • Neil Ferree2013-12-26 20:31:05
    What I call the La Femme Ferree Hat Trick starring my 3 Daughters Alexandra and Lauren and Amanda Riley Ferree wearing WooPoo Caps and looking happy and healthy and fab and fine on my FB page
  • 20 plusses - 9 comments - 0 shares | Read in G+
  • Neil Ferree2014-01-05 22:11:24
    Celebrating the big 59 with the family... Minus the spoiled Amanda Riley in Hawaii 
  • 19 plusses - 8 comments - 1 shares | Read in G+
  • Neil Ferree2013-11-11 23:27:22
    We could use a few of these Bike Friendly Bridges in West Los Angles 

    Reshared text:
                    A hovering suspension bridge
    for cyclists in bike-friendly Eindhoven, Netherlands
                          That's a great idea. :)
    #suspensionbridge   #cyclists   #bikes   #netherlands  
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  • Neil Ferree2013-09-21 21:38:44
    8 Minute Index on G+

    this is not big news but its the fastest time I've seen one of my G+ posts get indexed and show up in a organic search query

    thanks to +Lee Smallwood and +Eli Fennell and +John Ellis banter ab out how to get the new Google #ToolBar  configured with C\hrome
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  • Neil Ferree2013-10-17 14:09:11
    Kickstarter Knows in 4 Hours if your Idea is Idiotic or Awesome
  • 22 plusses - 1 comments - 2 shares | Read in G+
  • Neil Ferree2014-03-30 13:54:28
    My Kid is too Kool
    Even at 10k Feet
    Especially in Maui

    #SkyDive   #Maui   #AmandaRiley  
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  • Neil Ferree2013-06-05 04:05:36

    Reshared text:
    #chinese   #swimming  
  • 11 plusses - 4 comments - 7 shares | Read in G+
  • Neil Ferree2013-10-09 00:08:45
    How to Organize your Gmail Email 

    It takes time but when you organize your Gmail alerts by social profile and Color Code your Tabs and Train your Filters its easier to engage your social connections in a timely fashion. If you do like I do and install the Rapportive applet your social engagements tend be more fun too!

    #gmail   #email   #socialsignals  
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  • Neil Ferree2013-04-11 19:07:28
    This SlideShare Deck was posted January 2012 ♦ 27,000 views later the term web 2.0 link wheel has morphed from links to shares ♦ the process is still OK but the deployment tactics have changed a lot in 16 months now that rel=author and is alive and well
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  • Neil Ferree2013-08-23 18:33:35
    Mother Nature Pffffffffffffffft

    Reshared text:
     **Volcano - Guatemala.**
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  • Neil Ferree2014-01-10 00:08:48
    Pulp Fiction Dancing Duo

    Reshared text:
    Have a great Friday!
    the weekend is near ☺
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  • Neil Ferree2013-10-17 23:46:39
    3rd Street Promenade | Santa Monica, CA

    This silver dude has been working the Promenade for 20 years. Only hit me up for $2 to get a solo photo with he, me and my girls.

    Don't Mess with Mimes!!!

    Reshared text:
    Don't mess with mimes!
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  • Neil Ferree2014-03-06 22:42:32
    Foxtab for Chrome is My Social Dashboard

    It helps to have a visual que to reference when you're in the heat of the battle to curate and syndicate content to your top social media channels. In this case, I'm talking the Big 10 ♦ Go Buckeyes!

    Feedly RSS

    Link to Foxtab in the Chrome store

    #foxtab   #socialdashboard   #contentmarketing   #jnferree  
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  • Neil Ferree2013-05-08 15:50:54
    Awesomeness from #plussers  

    Reshared text:

            ☺☺☺ Surfing with Whales / Surfando com as baleias ☺☺☺

    @Surfing With Whales | Ride Of The Week Ep 2

    saying Hi... to all #surflovers   #plussers   #animatedgif     #googleplus       #mentor  

    From a goobie, I would like to give my special thanks and respect to this great mentors in Google Plus World: 

    +Guy Kawasaki 
    +Jens Graikowski 
    +Mark Traphagen 
    +Matt Steiner 
    +Miguel Ricardo 
    +Onkar Singh Gujral 
    +Rahul Roy 
    +Ronnie Bincer 
    +Sara McKinley 
    +Shamil Weerakoon 

    not forgetting 
    +Rodney Pike 

    I`m learning everyday ☺
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  • Neil Ferree2014-01-01 02:58:07
    Clever Canuck Texters 

    Reshared text:
  • 17 plusses - 6 comments - 2 shares | Read in G+
  • Neil Ferree2013-08-13 21:16:10
    Milk's Favorite Cookie
  • 19 plusses - 1 comments - 3 shares | Read in G+
  • Neil Ferree2014-04-11 22:50:36
    When did you first start using Gmail?
    My first (saved) Gmail entry was July 7, 2006
    In 2 months my Gmail account will be 8 years old!
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  • Neil Ferree2013-05-01 00:49:24
    What are the many moving parts of Social SEO
  • 16 plusses - 7 comments - 2 shares | Read in G+
  • Neil Ferree2013-06-27 20:28:38
    According to SEO Experts Barry Schwartz + Matt Cutts 

    Content that Gets Shared, Not Linked To is the Low Hanging Fruit and why my mantra is (has been since 2011) is in the not too distant future social shares will become the new seo

    #socialseo   #socialshares  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-04-06 20:49:31
    At the Faire with the Fam
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  • Neil Ferree2013-11-06 23:14:10
    Excellent Google+ Social Marketing Tips by +Jeff Sauer 
  • 17 plusses - 3 comments - 3 shares | Read in G+
  • Neil Ferree2013-08-12 02:39:06
    Why You Need to be Active on Google+ to Grow Your Business #ns  

    Reshared text:
    Our customers are often small business owners who are often stretched for time and resources. The suggestion that they invest time on another social media platform is frequently met with an outright no, and if they are open to the idea, Google Plus just isn't on their radar. This blog was written for our customers to try and show how important it will be for their businesses to engage on Google Plus. My thanks to +martin shervington for kindly letting me link to his excellent articles on Google Plus, and to +Mark Traphagen who made a comment last week about casualties of change that galvanised me to do more to get our customers involved.
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  • Neil Ferree2013-10-17 00:39:59
    Thanks to my friend +Daniel Campbell I just crunched (and saved) 5MG in PNG File Space so when I use these images on my site Google won't get all snippy and whack me for slow page load speed.

    #imagery   #crunch   #tinypng  
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  • Neil Ferree2013-10-01 03:23:12 Organic Ranks 

    Is Social Shares the New SEO?

    ping +Daniel Campbell and +Jeffrey Lapin and Who Dat Saints
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  • Neil Ferree2013-04-20 23:52:05
    Being able to add Google+ Comments to any website opens the door for a lot more social signals to emanate from your G+ Snippet in the form of Comments

    The ratio of +1 signals to Comments on any given G+ post must be 10 to 1 or more (at least on my Stream)

    h/t to one of the best G+ Hounds +Eli Fennell for the OP
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  • Neil Ferree2014-01-02 20:09:07
    Scan your site using Bubble My Page to see what WORDS your site is using most prominently and either double down or append and edit.
  • 18 plusses - 3 comments - 2 shares | Read in G+
  • Neil Ferree2013-04-23 18:00:23
    Excellent find + share +Mike Arnesen on my way to the command center 

    Reshared text:
    Google+ sharing just got real! Check out this post on Interactive Posts and download +SwellPath's Command Center tool to publish them on the fly.
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  • Neil Ferree2014-01-12 21:05:48
    Social Media Marketing World 2014 Speakers

    +Brandon Schaefer put together a fantastic #SharedCircle  on the speakers at this year's 2014 annual event

    This is what the Shared Circle looks like in G+ Circle Mgmt Mode. Its interesting to see who the top social speakers are for this event and good to know I read some of these top social media influencers.

    ping +Social Media Marketing Plus 
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  • Neil Ferree2014-01-01 17:48:59
    Can you be Successful using only Google Plus?

    At the very least, this HO from +Eric Enge Digital Marketing Excellence shows us the new bar +Stone Temple Consulting has set if you're going to host an HOA on G+ 

    I'm not so sure using G+ only but Google Plus MUST be the hub of ones spoke and wheel social footprint and marketing efforts.

    What is a Social Link Wheel? Top 10 SERPs
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  • Neil Ferree2013-12-27 04:45:43

    Reshared text:
    21 Steps To Properly Optimized Your Website For Google Local Search And The New Carousel

    Optimizing your business website and web presence for local search results is the strategy that can really increase your company's customer based and revenue. This is why many entrepreneurs are trying to do everything they can to make sure their prime spot on Google search results.

    Here I share a little post with some strategies you can start implementing right now.

    #localseotips   #localsearch   #googlecarousel   #localsearchmarketing   #googleplustips   #googlepluslocal   #googleplusseo   #seo   #localseo  
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  • Neil Ferree2013-11-18 15:43:51
    Social Media Stats that might Surprise You

    Social Media has overtaken porn as the #1 activity on the Web

    #socialmedia   #stats  
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  • Neil Ferree2013-12-21 00:19:42
    An Epic List of Content Marketing Resources by +Jonathon Colman 
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  • Neil Ferree2013-09-26 23:12:34
    Affordable my @ss

    Reshared text:
    One employer's method in deciding who to layoff because of the effects of The Affordable Care Act

    Interestingly, I learned just today that not only will our health insurance premiums increase 14% starting in January of next year (they already increased 12% this year from the previous) but there will be an additional $600 surcharge to keep me on my wife's policy!

    This was the promise candidate Obama made in to the American people in 2008

    In an Obama administration, we’ll lower premiums by up to $2,500 for a typical family per year….. We’ll do it by the end of my first term as President of the United States. 

    He was either intentionally lying or vastly misinformed. In either case the end result is the same: I am paying more not less under this new plan.

    #obamafail   #obamacarefail   #stopobamacare  
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  • Neil Ferree2013-03-24 00:39:04

    Reshared text:
    Under ground car parking..!! Now Your Vehicle Will Be Safe !

    More ►
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  • Neil Ferree2013-11-24 21:04:35

    Reshared text:
    25 Awesome Social Media Tools Your Business Should Be Using

    While there are many social media tools to manage your business strategy, some certainly make life easier.

    This list of twenty-five social media tools is broken down into five categories:

    Social Listening – always listen first, to find out what and where people are talking about.

    Social Conversation – with so many users and conversations, once can easily loose track what has been said and if a question was answered.

    Social Marketing – to create, manage, optimize and report social media campaigns, easily.

    Social Analytics – understand all the big data, find correlations and define next steps based on the findings.

    Social Influencer – find the most important individuals that engage and/or talk with/about your brand and focus on them – on both positive and negative influencers.

    What social media tool do you love most?

    via +ViralBlog h/t +Ron Sela 

    Read it here:

    Pin the full Infographic:

    #socialmediamarketing   #socialmediatools   #socialnetworking  
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  • Neil Ferree2013-09-03 13:41:39
    Why use Content Curation and Syndication Platform and how it can help your increase online visibility and authority in your niche.

    This is a classic example of how powerful can be.

    In this case, renowned Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney +Michael Ehline added a comment to the 51,000 social signals generated since Aug 28th (5 days) ago. Granted,  most Scoops don't get nearly this level of social engagement, but over time, this is what can happen if you use the right way.

    Visit Mike's for news worthy posts on #personalinjury  news in Los Angeles.

    #scoopit   #contentcuration   #viralmarketing  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-03-19 16:23:03
    Top 100 Triberr Blogs and the Power of the Rich Snippet

    To the search engine bots your rich snippet connects you to your Google Authorship so the SE knows you are the author of your content and that's a good thing. 

    To your fans and followers your is the visual queue that let's them know you are the author and if you've done a good job of establishing the Know Like and Trust factor, the chances of them clicking your authorship head shot probably go up 10 fold.

    Here's who I know like and trust in Top Triberr 100

    +Mike Allton +Lisa Buben +Nick Kellet +Pam Moore +Rebekah Radice +Michael Q Todd +Courtney Engle Robertson +Ian Cleary +Randy Hilarski and +Jeff Sieh 

    Looking at the reach on some of these bloggers would strongly suggest that I need to up my Triberr game - how about you?

    #triberr   #top100   #bloggers   #jnferree  
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  • Neil Ferree2013-09-06 18:59:09
    Google Ranking Factors according to +Moz 

    the thread of opinions and comments reveals insights to take into account so you don't fall trap to #seo  generalizations 

    Reshared text:
    How do SEO Experts Weight Google's Ranking Factors?

    This week's Whiteboard Friday: featuring a pie chart, 128 aggregated opinions, and some homework.
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  • Neil Ferree2013-11-12 20:20:59
    Is SlideShare part of your Social Link Wheel?

    SlideShare has an Alexa of 112 and gets 60 million visitors a month. As with any major web 2.0 property, it takes time to build a following. If you know and leverage the nuances of the slideshare, the number of views your deck gets will literally explode!

    Its rare to get a SlideShare deck to make featured presentation panel but if and when it does, your views, click thru's and followers will grow.

    How to Create a Custom Web 2.0 Link Wheel

    ping +Social Media Marketing Plus 

  • 12 plusses - 10 comments - 2 shares | Read in G+
  • Neil Ferree2013-02-05 17:32:38 via WordPress @ SoLoVo

    this is a mini content synd showing how simple it is to curate to Scoop and synd to in a couple clicks of the mouse

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  • Neil Ferree2013-08-18 02:01:06
    Amy Winehouse was Awesome

    Add to #TopTunes  
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  • Neil Ferree2013-10-09 22:52:37
    How Profile PageRank Flows

    Each time someone re-shares a post, comments on or +1s a post they pass on some of their own PageRank to the user's post that they're engaging on.

    Important to note is that all engagement activity is not created equally: a re-share of a post mentioning the originating author passes more PageRank than not mentioning the author.

    h/t +Lee Smallwood and his posse at +NOD3x 
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  • Neil Ferree2013-09-22 20:13:36
    The Power of Give and Take in Social Media is what it Takes

    A good read from +Ann Tran 

    Reshared text:
    The Power of Give and Take In Social Media

    In social media, it is important to give more than you take, just as in life. The karma effect works magically when we share and promote others.

    #socialmedia   #tips   #socilamediatips   #socialmediamarketing  
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  • Neil Ferree2014-01-04 16:19:16
    5 Star Reviews 

    Having 5 Star Reviews on your G+ Local Listing from clients you've worked with will determine if your G+ local listing rank shows up in the A Spot or not at all.

    Read this article from +Matthew Shuey on how to embed reviews into your website. All the better if your WP sites run on Genesis Framework.
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  • Neil Ferree2013-08-31 18:10:05
    Slice and Dice Your G+ Raw Data

    What Posts on G+ get (got) the most social engagement?

    all my plus

    1) Select the Raw Data
    2) Hit Refresh
    3) Download CSV

    Sort by Reshares (see image) now you know what posts appeal to your audience so why not find sematically similar content and hit the double down button

    #cmtip   #allmydata  
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  • Neil Ferree2013-05-09 20:53:42
    1st time I've seen this do not share outside of Google RED alert on YT

    the best guy I know when it comes to YT video expertise is +Ronnie Bincer and if you know what triggers this do not share alert Ronnie • do tell?
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  • Neil Ferree2013-08-04 17:49:24
    Social Share Map of Google+ on #googleplus  (aka) Will a user see my Google+ Post? 433,000 Views since April 17, 2013 Go Green

    Reshared text:
    Infographic: Will A User See My Google+ Post (new version)

    Yesterday I saw this great infographic from +Jack Stepanyan. 
    ( Because its outdated (incoming stream) I created a new one which even includes the possibility to post to communities.

    I hope you like it. Feel free to share it and have a nice day!

    - - -
    #googleplus   #googleplustipsandtricks   #sharepublic  
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  • Neil Ferree2013-01-20 03:07:43
    Prelim Tests on this Initial Set of Interactive Images look Promising

    Hover Rate 55%
    CTR 10%

    See more 

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